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Archive for March 23rd, 2011

Benyamin Korn: Sarah Palin’s Foreign Policy Echoes Reagan’s

Posted by Dr. Fay on March 23, 2011

Benyamin Korn, director of Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin and has more to say about the Palin Doctrine in this excellent article at JewsForSarah.  For background, see his original article at the New York Sun.

A Foreign Policy Doctrine Echoing Reagan’s

Posted On March 22 , 2011

Original essay by Benyamin Korn

(Benyamin Korn, former executive editor of the Philadelphia Jewish Exponent, is director of Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin and

A Republican former governor, solidly pro-Israel, is running for the White House, but mocked by the pundits for allegedly lacking foreign policy expertise – yet ends up time and again being proved right on the major international issues of the day. Thinking Ronald Reagan?

Try Sarah Palin.

Nearly one month ago, the incumbent GOP vice presidential candidate became the first major American political figure to call for imposing a no-fly zone over Libya. Finally, in the past week, Palin’s idea was adopted by – in quick succession – the Arab League, the UN Security Council, and President Obama. Finally this week allied ordnance began striking Moammar Qaddhafi’s forces. Let’s hope it’s not too late.

Libya is just the latest major foreign policy challenge where Gov. Palin has confounded her detractors and demonstrated that, just as with Reagan, good instincts and a sound worldview are what count when a leader’s telephone rings at 3:00 a.m.

The Palin Doctrine –

allies should be supported,

dictators reviled,

terrorists hunted down

and enemies defeated

We call it the Palin Doctrine. It’s based on the principles that allies should be supported, dictators reviled, terrorists hunted down and enemies defeated. It also means the western world will not stand by at the bloody repression of a democratic revolution.

These notions might be self-evident to some, but they’re not to President Obama, who cannot bring himself even to utter the words “Islamist” and “terrorist” in the same sentence. One of his top intelligence officials actually told Congress last month that the Muslim Brotherhood is a “largely secular” organization. Ms. Palin, by contrast, denounced as a “shame” the administration’s offer to the Brotherhood of a seat at the table of power in Egypt’s newly evolving system.

Last week Governor and Mr. Palin were in New Delhi where she delivered the keynote address at a high-level political conclave. As the first visit to south Asia by a potential 2012 GOP contender, her attention was welcomed in a democracy justifiably concerned about the unstable behavior of Pakistan, its nuclear-armed neighbor to the northwest, and a China rapidly arming, under a regime where state capitalism and rigid control of political power go hand-in-hand.

The Palins’ stopover in Israel likewise came at a critical moment. In the wake of the Itamar massacre and the renewed rocket attacks on Israel from Gaza, Gov. Palin expressed only solidarity, even wearing a Star of David during her tours. She promised to return soon for a longer visit.

Contrast that with the behavior of Mr. Obama, who has yet, as President, even to visit the Jewish state, pays only lip service to the threat of ceaseless Palestinian incitement, and has returned to carping about the “illegitimacy” of Jews building houses where they already live.

Most important for the long term, Mrs. Palin has extensive experience administering energy policy, and proven success in tough negotiations with the giant energy firms, and the former Alaska governor always links U.S. security interests with “responsible development” of America’s abundant fuel resources.

The president’s most effective critic recently declared that his “war on domestic oil and gas exploration and production has caused us pain at the pump, endangered our already sluggish economic recovery, and threatened our national security.” In her India address Mrs. Palin chastised the White House aversion to energy development as a form of “social engineering.”

Jimmy Carter’s foreign policy was marked by indecision, weakness, and a the abandonment of long-standing U.S. Allies. The resolute Reagan Doctrine of peace through strength restored America’s standing in the world and brought down the Soviet empire without firing a shot. Barack Obama’s foreign policy is looking more like Carter’s every day. And Sarah Palin’s looks more and more like Reagan’s.

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Palin camp refudiates media’s checkpoint mendacity

Posted by joshpainter on March 23, 2011

– by Josh Painter
One of Gov. Palin’s top aides has stated that she was not turned away at a checkpoint crossing into Bethlehem, as the lamestream media has widely reported:

SarahPAC Treasurer Tim Crawford told POLITICO on Tuesday that “Gov. Palin was never scheduled to go to Bethlehem.”

“They had always planned on viewing Bethlehem from the Separation Wall,” Crawford said of Palin’s visit to Israel with her husband, Todd. “They did that, then drove past the checkpoint on the way out.”

“Their guide is not licensed or insured for tours of Bethlehem,” he added.

The account relayed by Crawford contradicts stories from the British press, which widely reported that Palin had intended to visit Bethlehem before turning around at the checkpoint.

By “the British press,” Andy Barr means The Guardian, which can be counted on to ignore facts and make things up to crank out a story which will fit the expectations of its “progressive” readers. The left wing rag wrote Monday that Gov. Palin “apparently had second thoughts about crossing an Israeli checkpoint.” The story was widely regurgitated on leftist blogs in the U.S.

Had any of these intellectually incurious “journalists” and bloggers bothered to read accounts of her visit in the Israeli press, they would could have learned the actual facts, as the Jerusalem Post reported Sunday:

“Palin expressed regret that she would not be able to visit Nazareth or Bethlehem during her brief stay in Israel, but promised that she would soon come back for longer.”

But that’s probably too much to ask of a group of people with access to the Web, a leftist agenda, and total disregard for the truth.

Cross-posted from Texas for Sarah Palin

– JP

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Greatest Honor,Tribute To My Late Grandfather’s Struggles To Build A Future-Vote For Palin

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on March 23, 2011

Like so many others I am sure one of my greatest regrets in life looking back was not talking enough with my grandparents about their early life and challenges. But when you are a teenager it is natural of course to look forward and be self-absorbed and, as much as your grandparents are a pleasure, one may not look to them to often beyond the birthday cards, with the ten dollars inside.

But now when I have reached a stage in life where I am putting all the family photo’s in albums, a massive task, and a challenge to memory as to dates, and “who is that standing next to my Aunt?” the early photos from my parents collection have brought me up with a start.

My great grandparents emigrated to Manchester England from Riga in Latvia, basically a large peasant family with little education, into what Milton Friedman so correctly called, in describing his own family’s sojourn, “a poverty to aspire to.” Some of their children branched out to Nyack, New York, where they established a pharmacy.  One jumped ship in Australia and became a mule driver in World War One before settling eventually in the Bronx, but my grandfather began a career as a professional boxer in Manchester under the ring name “Alf Mansfield”.

Here he is as a young man who had become so accomplished that he got on a cigarette card.  He fought a number of times for the world championship, about which I knew nothing until he made a recording of his early life just before he passed away. 

His greatest achievement was in almost winning the world title from the immortal Jimmy Wilde as shown in the picture from 1919. Unfortunately he pulled a Billy Conn, and ahead on points, he went for the knock-out, which was mistake, against “The Mighty Atom” as Wilde was known, and suffered the same fate that Conn did doing the same thing against Joe Louis.

My grandfather had a long career trying to support his family. He eventually went blind, as in the picture with my mother and aunt, through detached retinas, which was a price working class men paid, and worse, for a boxing career in those days when there were 15+round bouts and referees were not so quick to interfere when a boxer was being badly beaten.

In considering the struggles of my great-grandparents and grandparents, and the opportunities that eventually presented themselves down the generations in America (two of my sons have doctorates and a third is preparing for one), I can’t help but reflect that all they achieved came almost entirely through self-effort. It was this impulse by immigrants to do the best they could for their family and their country, unimpeded by state dictate and bureaucracy, that made America great. 

It is this spirit of gritty determination that I see in Sarah Palin, in her prescription for a renewal of the American spirit through limited government, and through engendering self-reliance, and in her determined spirit, in which I see echoes of my grandparents. This new clarity of vision leads me to believe the greatest honor I can pay to the struggles of my forebears is to see those struggles come to bear the fullest fruit under a government led by someone, e.g., Sarah Palin, who personifies their culmination.

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Pawlenty & Mondale-Minnesota twins? Brothers? Same Election Result? Call Palin Stat.

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on March 23, 2011

Which is which?

With both these look a likes  from Minnesota- its too much of a coincidence not to get the same result if Pawlenty is (somehow) the nominee. Mondale, of Norwegian descent, was nicknamed “Norwegian Wood” as he was the stiffest candidate until Gore. 

With Pawlenty aiming for that title, the similarities pile up unnervingly. 

Of course nothing is more unnerving to conservatives than this map of the last presidential result with a candidate from Minnesota. Just imagine all the red states from 1984 blue in 2012 and all the blue, well the one blue state, (perhaps) red.

With Pawlenty all but a declared candidate, frankly the GOP can do better thanks, and instead of having a female VP like Mondale chose, a female presidential candidate would avert a “Minnesota twins” disaster.

Original Post At: M.Joseph Sheppard’s “A Point Of View”

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