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Energy Independence


There may be more recent links to news about Governor Palin’s views on Energy Independence on our Latest Palin News page, where they are posted first.

Environmentally Sound Energy Independence

The Palin-Bolling Proposal To Lower Gas Prices

Dear America, Our Orwellian President Fails on Energy
Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Gov. Palin: Obama ‘terrifyingly naive’ about energy production

Video:  Sarah and Eric – The Five – April 17, 2012

Palin’s “Paying At The Pump” Was “2nd Most Watched Show In All Of Cable TV”

Full video of Palin/Bolling ‘Paying at the Pump’ now up at SPIB

Video:  FOX News Special: Paying at the Pump with Eric Bolling and Sarah Palin

Governor Palin’s Closing Argument On Her Fox News Special “Paying At The Pump”

Video:  Eric (Bolling) and Sarah

Eric Bolling’s Solution For High Prices at the Pump

Sarah Palin Opens Eric Bolling’s Top Secret Envelope For Solving America’s Gas Pump Problems

‘Paying at the Pump’ repeat broadcasts

Palin: We are all suffering under Obama (Hannity Video and Transcript)

CAN’T MISS: Sarah Palin & Eric Bolling Special ‘Paying At the Pump’ TONIGHT at 10pm ET!


Video: “Paying at the Pump” (via SarahPalinAK)

“Paying at the Pump” Solutions to Relieve Pain at the Pump Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Barack in Sarah clothing (Don Surber)

Obama’s Anti-American Energy Policies Invite the Next Crisis
Friday, February 24, 2012

Video- Palin: Obama “Is Manipulating The Domestic Supply Of Energy,” Leaving Us “Enslaved To Foreign Countries And Their Sources Of Energy”

U.S. needs a long-term energy policy

Whose Baby is “Drill, Baby, Drill”?

Sarah Palin Big Win! over Administration: White House caves on off-shore oil drilling in Alaska

Sarah Palin discusses energy policy

Governor Palin: “[Obama] Is Doing All That He Can to Manipulate the US Supply of Energy”

Mark Levin – How Palin knows more about oil than Obama

Gov. Sarah Palin’s 5/6/2011 interview with David Asman

Video:  Mark Levin: Palin The Only Candidate Who Understands Oil


FOX News Video:  Sarah Palin Blasts Obama’s Energy Policies

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

AGIA Gas Pipeline Project Report

AK Governor Sarah Palin’s High-Energy Week  (Ron Devito)

The Alaska Gasline Inducement Act (AGIA) website

Alaska Gov. Palin invited to ND oil convention

Alaska official lays out in-state gas plan

Alaska’s Energy Resources – Obama just doesn’t “get it”

Alaska’s Energy Resources – Palin Is Right and Obama Is So Wrong

Alaska’s Energy Resources – What are we waiting for?

Alaska Steps Forward Towards Energy Security (Sarah Palin)

Alaska Steps Forward Towards Energy Security
Wednesday, February 10, 2010!/note.php?note_id=294855963434

Alaska to get Sarah Palin’s dream gas pipeline throughCanada

Alaska Gov. Palin rejects funds for state energy program


All gas line options up for discussion (by Gov. Sarah Palin)

Another side of Sarah Palin: financial guru (Tabassum Zakaria)

Architect: Gov.Palin right to reject energy stimulus

As gas price rises, so does value of Palin’s energy expertise

Better to Post Late Than Never: Gov. Palin on Energy

Billions of gallons of oil in North Dakota, Montana

Black Gold: Alaska oil profits high, despite Palin-era taxes (ACES working as intended)

*The ‘Cap And Tax’ Dead End (Sarah Palin)

Chugach Electric announces new long-term natural gas contracts

Chugach Electric Association, ConocoPhillips Sign Gas Contract

Could $5-Per-Gallon Gas Be What Palin Needs?

Court Review Ends on Kenai Natural Gas Exports

Dakota Oil Fields of Saudi-Sized Reserves Make Farmers Drillers

Domestic Drilling: Yes, We Still Believe (Sarah Palin)

Drill (by Sarah Palin)

Energy code overreaches: Rules best decided by local government (Gov. Sarah Palin)

Don’t Give Up

Drill baby drill? Environmentalists betrayed as Obama steals Sarah Palin’s energy policy (Video)

Energy, living within means top Palin’s priorities

The EPA has gone rogue, not Sarah Palin

Exxon, TransCanada announce deal to “work together” (thx C4P)

Fairbanks residents appointed to gas authority

Forward-looking Sarah Palin talks to Wolf Blitzer about natural gas pipeline

The $4-Per-Gallon President
Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Frustrated, Palin to quit oil panel job

Further Proof of the Need for Energy Independence

Governor Palin Pushes to Expand Alaska’s Gas Output To Lower 48, Alaska & World

Gov Palin Called It: Obama Loans $10 billion & Soros Invests $811 Million In Petrobas

Gov. Palin’s In -State Gas Pipeline Plan  Funding Plan

HistoricAgreement Moves AGIA Forward Governor Applauds Private-Sector Alignment

House approves big cut in Alaska taxes on oil profits: Estimates show bill could cost state $8 billion over 5 years.

If Wishes Were Fishes – Obama’s Scary Energy Policy

*Keeping our energy options open (by Sarah Palin)


LETTER: Sarah Palin looks prophetic now

Maynard invites Palin to visit coal mine

McCain Vs. Palin For The GOP’s Soul (IBD)

Mr. Caribou, maybe you need to take one for the team.”

Now is the time for Alaskan offshore oil drilling to begin

NYTimes Reports on Alaska Gasline Deal

9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling allows Beaufort drilling

Obama halts US drilling in Chukchi Sea

Obama’s False Promise on Offshore Drilling

Obama plays dog to Sarah Palin’s Pavlov


Obama Talks While China Drills

Obama Taps Former Palin Official [Opponent] As Coordinator For Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline

Offshore Drilling in Alaska Could Create 50,000 New Jobs Per Year

Oil giant Exxon Mobil says it has started drilling operations at Point Thomson in Alaska

Oil Industry Booms — in North Dakota

Oil industry gripes about taxes but still makes money

Oil Rebounds – Governor Urges Continued Fiscal Restraint

On Natural Gas and Global Warming, Sarah Palin Has A Point

*One more time on federal energy funds (by Sarah Palin)


Palin commissioners, Begich clash on gas line progress

Palin Congratulates TransCanada on Order from Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Palin defends massive pipeline project (thx SarahPalin_News)

Palin defends natural-gas pipeline strategy

Palin defends $26 billion Alaskan natural gas pipeline

Palin: Dollar woes show need for energy independence

Palin Encouraged by U.S. Interior Action to Limit Impact of Court Ruling on Oil & Gas

Ξ Palin Energy Plan Receives High Praise

Palin: It’s time to ‘drill, baby, drill’

Palin leaving, but Alaska gas pipeline will go on

Palin left us 2 legacies; what comes next? (mixed)

Palin mum on possible pipeline partnership

Palin offers concession on gas taxes, blasts Portfolio article

Palin on AGIA, Letterman & GOP

Palin sees gas drilling as step to curb global warming,0,3824210.story

Palin’s Successor Talks to Exxon, TransCanada about Gas Pipeline

Palin Stokes Debate Over Obama’s Energy Plan

Palin successor vows continuity in Alaska energy

Palin to begin permit process for in-state gas line

Palin Urges Salazar To Expand OCS Oil,Gas Production

Palin vows energy independence

Palin mum on political future

Palin on Oil Drilling: “Yes, We Can!” *CBS) Palin on Oil Drilling: “Yes, We Can!”

Palin pushes energy help for Southcentral

Palin’s Pipeline Counters Natural Gas Cartel

Palin Urges Obama to Discuss Gas Pipeline
with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Palin urges building $4B natural-gas line for Alaska

Palin: White House, Congress blocking use of ‘God-given’ U.S. energy

Pipeline, Not Pipe Dream: Credit Palin

Proposal to ditch pipeline may fall to wayside

The Real Sarah Palin Story Of The Past Week: Energy Independence. (Gary Jackson)

Sarah Palin: Drill!

Sarah Palin: Domestic Energy is Key 3/25/10 (Midland TX event)

Sarah Palin Hammers Obama Over His Continued Lack Of Coherent Energy Policy 

Sarah Palin Has the Energy Answer
The drill, drill, drill Alaska governor will be a powerful weapon in this election.

Sarah Palin is at it again, exposing Team Obama  

Sarah Palin leads on domestic drilling when it’s hard; and the rest of the GOP?

Sarah Palin On Natural-Gas Pipeline And Dangers Of Obamanomics

Sarah Palin: Obama Naive, Anti-Oil Agenda Must Be Stopped

Sarah Palin’s Alaska – Newly Discovered Oil Reserve: Equivalent To 30% World’s Supply 83 Billion Barrels

Sarah Palin Schools Obama On Sound Energy Policy, Promises Major Address To The Nation

Sarah Palin’s Energy Policy Speech in Toledo

Sarah Palin Showing Barack Obama And The Democrats How It Is Done (Again)

Sarah Palin’s Natural Gas Pipeline: A Dream Moving Forward As TransCanada Announces Open Season

Sarah Palin’s Pipeline Protects U.S.


The Sarah you don’t read about!

Schooling Obama on domestic drilling

Seeing Chukchi

Senate approves Palin critic to head Alaska gas pipeline office (article contains misinformation) 

TransCanada-ExxonMobil Agreement Moves Alaska Gas Pipeline Project Forward

TransCanada FERC Filing Proves AGIA Works *

TransCanada gets OK to work with federal regulators

2009 April Environment & Climate News: Palin Energy Plan Wins High Praise

TransCanada and ExxonMobil to Work Together on Alaska Pipeline Project

TransCanada files open-season plan for proposed gas line

US Energy Dept Reveals Strings Attached – Asks States to Comment

Washington Post Op-ed: The ‘Cap And Tax’ Dead End (Sarah Palin)

What Senators Kerry and Boxer Got Wrong About Energy and Cap-and-Trade (Heritage Foundation)

Will SarahPalin Make Alaska a Leader in Renewable Energy? htt://



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