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“Breaking It Down with Bristol” – Week 5  (October 23, 2012 By

A Thank You, a Birthday Party, and “What’s Next?” (October 22, 2012 By )

My Last DWTS Dance (October 22, 2012 By

SP FB:   The momentum for this election is not with Obama, regardless of what some in the media might want to think.

Breaking It Down With Bristol Palin – Episode 5

July 12, 2011:  Bristol Palin Makes the New York Times Hardcover Non-Fiction Best-Seller List With No Bulk Orders Reported

*Mark Ballas’ ‘DWTS’ blog: The post-elimination whirlwind

Video:  Chuck Sr and Jr Heath join Hannity Oct. 19, 2012

*SP FB:  New Billy Graham Ad Campaign

Three Striking New Photo’s From Sarah Palin’s Idaho Address

*Bristol Palin Photos (photogallery)

Bristol Palin doesn’t think Jimmy Kimmel is funny at all

PowerUp Live:  Sarah Palin

Joy Dethorne America is missing the boat we need Steve Forbes and Sarah Palin in office. Yesterday at 4:29pm via mobile

Sarah Palin is LIVE ON STAGE at PowerUp Live! The house went crazy!

Happy 22nd Birthday, Bristol Palin

Video:  The View : Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas – The View

Chuck Heath Jr.’s website:

Governor Palin: Outrageous Gas Prices

Like Sister, Like Brother

Video:  Sarah Palin’s Power Up Live! Idaho TV interview 10/17/2012

Video:  Power Up Live Interview Sarah Palin 10-17-2012:

SP FB:  Outrageous Gas Prices Are Such a Good Thing! Really!

Power Up Live! packs Idaho Center

Don Nelson interviews Sarah Palin & Mayor Rudy Giuliani (photogallery)

Promo Video:  Sarah Palin is excited to be at PowerUp Live

Palin Hits Highest Favorability Polling In Two Years At 54%

*Bristol Palin talks ‘Dancing with the Stars’ tension, death threats–death-threats/8850628

Bristol Palin Happy She Improved on “Dancing with the Stars”

*Three Behind the Scenes Photos from My Last Week of DWTS All Stars (October 18, 2012 By

GMA Video:  ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Boots Bristol Palin, Mark Ballas

*’I did the best I could’: Bristol Palin puts on a brave face after being eliminated from Dancing with the Stars

*’Dancing With the Stars’ pro on Bristol Palin playing it safe: ‘You can drag a horse to water…’

‘Dancing with the Stars’: Bristol Palin asks Jimmy Kimmel for an apology

Davis, Palin To Ride Ski-Doos In 2013 Iron Dog,0,2851692.story

*Dancing With The Stars Bristol Palin’s Elimination Was ‘Tough’:  Partner Mark Ballas admits he’s ‘proud’ of her

Mark Ballas: Bristol Palin Wouldn’t ‘Step Out of the Box’ on DWTS  (mixed),,20639669,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines

Bristol Palin, Mark Ballas Say Goodbye on DWTS: ALL STARS

Video:  Eliminated Ballaas Reveals His ‘DWTS’ Prediction

‘Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars’ results recap: Odd team out,0,2236889.story

(Say it ain’t so!) Hope Solo Memoir: ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Is Rigged, Winners Chosen By Judges Not Fans

Video:  Dancing with the Stars Castoffs Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 1

Video:  Dancing with the Stars Castoffs Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 2

Sarah Palin’s Hacker Turned Down by Supreme Court

Jimmy Kimmel apologizes to Bristol Palin for Sarah Palin jokes, almost means it — VIDEO

*Mark Ballas on Bristol Palin ‘DWTS’ Elimination: ‘She Went Down Swinging’

SP FB:  We had a really good presidential debate tonight, and I hope every American is energized to get out and vote in three weeks.

People in the news

Bristol Palin’s DWTS: All-Stars Blog — Time To Rock ‘N’ Roll

‘Dancing With the Stars’ eliminates another all-star

Video:  Mark Ballas talks to ExtraTV about Bristol’s reaction to being eliminated from DWTS

FNC ties ratings record with second Obama/Romney debate

Sarah Palin’s PAC Donates to Fischer’s Campaign

Palin: Debating with the stars

‘Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars’: Bristol Palin, Mark Ballas Voted Off (mixed)

Wow! Bristol Palin SurprisesJudges On Dancing With TheStars

Gosar, Adams, Flake benefit from Palin’s PAC

*Experts,” Without Knowing Sarah Palin’s Actual Diet, Proclaim it Causes Cancer, Heart Disease

Video:  Mr.L: Our Sarah Palin–True North Never Changes

Mr.L: Our Sarah Palin – True North Never Changes – Devito

‘Dancing With the Stars’ Recap: Paula Abdul Doles Out High Scores

*My Fourth Access Hollywood Blog: Time To Rock ‘N’ Roll (October 16, 2012 By

Interesting:  “Palin” means “Again”  – Video:Glory Of Zion International – Palin!!! (starts at 4:52)

*Bristol, Mark Hop to Broken Barriers on DWTS Week 4

Video:  Bristol Palin & Mark Ballas ~ Rock ~N~ Roll ~ 10-15-12 ~ DWTS

Video:  Bristol Palin’s Fourth Dance – Dancing With The Stars

Video:  Bristol Palin & Mark – Rock N Roll – DWTS (Allstars Week 4)

DWTS All-Stars Week 4: Mark Ballas and Bristol Palin’s Cute Rock n Roll Dance (VIDEO)

*Bristol Palin’s DWTS: All-Stars Blog — Time To Rock ‘N’ Roll

Palin seeks more than $22,000 in attorneys’ fees in dismissed lawsuit

Nampa event has Giuliani, Palin

Sarah Palin’s PAC raises $833,900, donates $55,000 to candidates

SarahPAC spends more than $750,000 in third quarter (mixed)

See Sarah Palin video promoting Wednesday’s ‘PowerUp Live’ motivational seminar in Nampa

Palin: Media Roundup for Week Ending October 13th

Get Your Bristol and Mark Vote On!

Jedediah Bila Tweets On Energy, Gov. Palin Retweets It And TexMex Chimes In

SP FB:  You can vote for Bristol & Mark on #DWTS by calling 800-868-3409.

*SP FB:  Waiting for the show to start. #DWTS

*SP FB:  Take a “Happy Days” break today on DWTS before tomorrow’s big Presidential debate!

PALIN: ‘I’d consider future public service or elected office’

Dancing With The Stars Week 4: Vote to Keep Bristol & Mark Dancing

How to Vote for Mark and Me This Week on DWTS!! (October 15, 2012 By )

Video:  Breaking It Down With Bristol Palin – Episode 4

Sarah PAC spending tops $774,000

Sarah Palin: Martha Raddatz let Joe Biden run wild

Video:  Gov. Palin talks to America’s News HQ 10/14/2012

Video:  Chuck Heath Jr and Sr on Fox and Friends 10/14/2012

Mark Ballas’ ‘DWTS’ blog: About that fight

VP Debate: Biden and Ryan both get slammed by Sarah Palin

Video:  Palin Recaps the Debate

Video:  Sarah Palin: Obama did not have the answers tonight

Sarah Palin’s 5 Interviews About the Ryan/Biden VP Debate (5 VIDEOS)

Palin calls Associated Press ‘absolute jerks’  (Megyn Kelly Interview – 10-12-12)

Palin: ‘Biden was sent in as the attack dog’ (Video and Transcript – Hannity Interview 10-11-12)

*Sarah Palin’s debate advice for Paul Ryan   (Interview with Megyn Kelly 09-11-12)

Use of private email accounts by state officials not forbidden, Alaska Supreme Court affirms–Palin-Emails

Alaska court says state officials can use private email

Sarah Palin Uses Colorful Alaskan Metaphor To Blast ‘Musk Ox’ Biden Running ‘Roughshod’ Over Ryan (Cavuto Interview)

UPDATE: VP Debate Ratings Down Big From Palin-Biden 2008; Fox News Tops Coverage

Biden-Ryan debate audience no match for Biden-Palin

Joe Biden-Paul Ryan debate ratings off from ’08 Sarah Palin duel,0,7565344.story

VP debate ratings can’t match Biden-Palin from 2008

*Sarah Palin accuses debate moderator Martha of being too ‘tough’ on Paul Ryan

Palin Proved to Be Formidable Foe in Alaska Debates

Flashback Video:  Sarah Palin: A Better Debater Than You Think

Palin: We Should Have Talked More About Economy in 2008    (O’Reilly Interview)

Video:  Gov. Palin on the Kilmeade and Friends Radio Show

Our Sarah Returns to Alaska

What Keeps Me Going This Week: Deuteronomy 31:6 (October 12, 2012 By

Sarah Palin: Martha Raddatz let Joe Biden run wild

Governor Sarah Palin Talks VP Debates  Palin: Biden Allowed to ‘Run Roughshod’ over Ryan

Video:  Gov. Palin talks to Hannity 10-11-2012

Video:  Gov. Palin talks to Neil Cavuto 10-11-2012

Video:  Gov. Palin talks to Bill O’Reilly Oct. 11, 2012

Sarah Palin’s family in town to promote new book

Gov. Palin chats with Megyn Kelly Oct 11. 2012

Sarah Palin on tonight’s vice presidential debate

C-SPAN: Full Vice Presidential Debate with Gov. Palin and Sen. Biden

Transcript: The Vice-Presidential Debate

Curiosity About Gov. Palin’s Political Future Still Strong (Gotta Love the LSM!)

Heaths End Lower 48 Book Tour: ‘We’ll See You on Down the Trail’

*Bristol Palin’s Secret Weapon Against DWTS Haters

*Sarah Palin asks Joe Biden, ‘Can I Call You Joe?’ (2008)

Sarah Palin revealed by dad, brother in “Our Sarah: Made in Alaska” memoir (mixed)

Sarah Palin on Running for President: ‘I’m Not Sure What the Future Holds’

*Bristol Palin Denies Mother Sarah is Too Thin: She’s ‘Really Fit’ (PHOTO)

*Slim former Governor Sarah Palin working on fitness book

Palin dad, brother will sign book in Richland

Palin Won’t Rule Out Future White House Run

Sarah Palin penning health and fitness book with her family

*Bristol Palin overcomes walk off with aggressive paso doble on ‘DWTS’

*Bristol Palin’s Hair Makeover: See Her Darker ‘Do

*Mark Ballas: Argument with Bristol Palin was a 45-minute talk

Mark Ballas’ reaction to Bristol Palin’s ‘DWTS’ breakdown

*Bristol Palin & Mark Ballas Dish On Their Dancing With The Stars: All Stars Spat

Why ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Matters

*SP FB: The boys are busy waiting for mom and mom/grandma to exit the DWTS   studio!

Did Mark Out-Shoot Me? Cool Footage from the Gun Range! (October 10, 2012 By

**THANK YOU, AMERICA! See 12 Behind-the-Scenes Photos from DWTS! (October 9, 2012 By )

Gov. Sarah Palin:  Midnight runs and caribou dinners

Levin Caller Tiffany RN: ‘Sarah Palin Was Totally Right’ On Death Panels

**’I’m writing a fitness book!’ Sarah Palin hits back as the row grows over her shocking new skinny figure (mixed – lots of photos)


*What The Helio? Last PlaceBristol Palin Survives AnotherWeek  (mixed)

Sarah Palin writes fitness book

Slimming Sarah: Palin Reveals New Passion

Sarah Palin on shocking weight loss: I’m not anorexic, I’m writing a diet book

Sarah Palin to write a fitness book

Sarah Palin on Bristol’s ‘DWTS’ Death Threats: ‘Haters Will Hate Anyway’

Extra Scoop: Sarah Palin Says She’s Writing a Fitness Book

Sarah Palin writing a fitness book

Sarah Palin Is Writing A Fitness Book

Sarah Palin Says She’s Writing a Fitness Book,,20637417,00.html

What do you think about Governor Sarah Palin writing a fitness book?


Bristol Palin, GretaWire: Gov. Palin to Author Fitness Book

‘Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars’: Castroneves, Lachey Voted Off in Week 3

 DWTS All-Stars: Mambo? Hip Hop? Who Will Be Dancing What on Week 4?

*Two ‘Dancing With the Stars’ celebs get the boot

Anderson says Bristol Palin is a ‘genius’ for ‘Dancing With The Stars’ meltdown

Bristol Palin & Mark Ballas’s DWTSFight ‘Swept Under the Rug’,,20637307,00.html

*A Little Perspective about DWTS from Afghanistan (October 9, 2012 By )

Dancing With the Stars Recap: Bristol Palin Assumes Mark Ballas Is “Bummed” to Be Her Partner

*22 Behind the Scenes Photos of DWTS with Bristol Palin (October 8, 2012 By

INTIMIDATION: Dancing With the Stars and Bristol Palin receive white-powder package

Bristol Palin’s DWTS: All-Stars Blog — Redneck Women Get No Respect in Hollywood

*’Dancing With the Stars’: Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas have a falling out

The Task Before Joe Biden

Nice moves: Mark Ballas swoops in for a bear hug with Bristol Palin after Dancing with The Stars rehearsals (mixed)

Video:  Bristol Palin & Mark Ballas ~ Paso Doble ~ 10-8-12 ~ DWTS

*Sold on ‘Sarah’

Bristol Palin speaks on suspicious ‘DWTS’ package

‘Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars’: Investigation on over Bristol Palin package (mixed)

Sarah Palin: Obama needed “his buddy the teleprompter”

SP FB:  Backstage in Bristol’s trailer at #DWTS.

Bristol Palin Brought to Tears at DWTS Rehearsal,,20637124,00.html

Four Ways to Vote for Team Ballin during DWTS Double Elimination Night!

‘Dancing With the Stars’: Bristol Palin slams back at judge’s ‘ghetto comment’

SP FB Note:  Happy Columbus Day.

Governor Sarah Palin ‘shout out’ on her FACEBOOK page about OTR at 10pm interview with her father and brother (Chuck Sr. and Chuck Jr. Heath)

*BRISTOL PALIN: FBI Investigating Suspicious Package at CBS

*Flashback:  About 800 people at Veterans Park in Hoover for Tea Party rally

*’Death panels’ a fact of life in Ontario

Video:  The Heaths talk to Shannon Bream at FOX News about ‘Our Sarah’

‘Our Sarah’ #8 (Kindle) and #10 (Hardcover) on Amazon Best Sellers in Political Leader Biographies  today (Oct 7)

SP FB Note:  Thank you to everyone who has supported my dad and my brother on their book tour!

From Wasilla to Texas: Heaths Reunite with Old Friends

Ballas’ ‘DWTS’ blog: Perfecting our paso

What Keeps Me Going This Week: 1 Chronicles 16:34 (October 5, 2012 By

*New DWTS “Paper Moose” Controversy (October 4, 2012 By

*My Second Access Hollywood Blog (October 4, 2012 By

Bristol Palin’s DWTS: All-Stars Blog — A Surprise For Week 2!

The Heaths’ Our Sarah Interview Roundup – Oct. 5, 2012; UPDATE: Heaths Talk to Greta

After Slamming Palin, NY Times Excited for Up Coming Obama Death Panels

Jester2939 (commenter) account of the Dallas, TX ‘Our Sarah’ book signing in Dallas, Texas

Brody File: Sarah Palin’s family (video)

Sarah Palin’s Family Offer Intimate Insight in Upcoming Book

Interview with Our Sarah Authors Chuck Heath Jr. and Sr.

Sarah Palin’s Brother Chuck Heath, Jr. Promotes Our Sarah

*Sarah Palin warns of coming fight from the Obama camp

Famous Moms and Daughters

*CBS EMERGENCY Suspicious Package Targeted Bristol Palin

*Dancing With The Stars’ Bristol Palin Receives ‘Suspicious’ Package

*Mail scare for Bristol Palin on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Video:  Chuck Heath SR. and JR. join Greta Oct. 05, 2012

OTR Video:  Uncut: The story behind ‘Our Sarah: Made in Alaska’

Uncut: The Story of ‘Our Sarah’ by

*Governor Sarah Palin’s father and brother join us tonight ON THE RECORD at 10pm/ET!

SP FB:  Here’s my brother Chuck talking to the Great One…

Mark Levin with Chuck Heath JR Oct. 05, 2012

*The Caliber of Sarah Palin

Chuck, Jr. Recaps Georgia, Will Be on Levin and Greta Tonight

*Dancing With the Stars Scare: Bristol Palin Target of Suspicious Package—Again!

Palin Warns: Obama Camp Will Not Go Down Without Swinging; Will Pull Something

Bristol Palin calls Carrie Ann Inaba’s ‘DWTS’ comments ‘ghetto, laughable’ (Video)

Bristol Palin: Carrie Ann’s comment ‘was pretty ghetto’ on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Video:  Bristol Palin: I Don’t Think Julianne Moore Portrayed My Mom Well

Palin praises Romney, warns Obama camp ‘won’t go down without swinging’

SP FB:  A major Obama scandal is about to break…

PALIN tells GRETA: Obama dishonest and divisive over race

Palin: Obama plays ‘chameleon,’ doesn’t have any core convictions, can’t defend his record (OTR Video and Transcript)

Video:  Palin: An inept, divisive, dishonest president exposed

Video:  Gov Palin Joins Greta Oct. 4, 2012

GOVERNOR SARAH PALIN goes ON THE RECORD at 10pm tonight — here is what she posted on her Facebook Page

Governor Palin’s Big Brother Breaks Down Presidential Debate

2012 Colorado debate: Sarah Palin: ‘I almost felt sorry for him’

Former Obama czar: ‘We need death panels’; Conservatives: So, Palin was right?

‘Dancing With the Stars’: Did Bristol Palin deserve to be slammed by judges for her ‘redneck’ routine?

Bristol Palin says her mom is too busy for DWTS

Video: Palin Rips Obama for Not Having “His Buddy, the Teleprompter” at Debate

John O’Sullivan: The Revenge of Sarah Palin

Heaths Get the Our Sarah Treatment at Talladega Speedway

Death Panels and the Revenge of Sarah Palin

Video:  Gov. Palin Joins Hannity Oct. 3, 2012

Video:  Gov Palin Joins Neil Cavuto Oct. 3, 2012

Thank You, America! (October 3, 2012 By

*Sarah Palin’s father and brother pen book about life in Alaska filled with hunting, sports,0,7926403.story

*Sarah Palin’s father and brother pen book about life in Alaska filled with hunting, sports

DWTS Second Week’s Dance: Quick Step (October 2, 2012 By

SP FB:  Bristol and Mark thank all you awesome supporters for voting again Monday night to keep them in the competition!

Sarah Palin for president?


Some Ohioans wish Sarah Palin was running for president

Sarah Palin and John Maxwell to headline Southeastern University Forum

‘Dancing With the Stars’: Did Bristol Palin deserve to be slammed by judges for her ‘redneck’ routine?

‘Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars’: Bristol Palin has more support from Sarah

Judge in Alaska tosses lawsuit against Sarah Palin, says she can recover costs from activist

Sarah Palin to Speak at Southeastern Forum

An Alaskan Review of “Our Sarah: Made In Alaska”

Our Sarah Tours Alabama

Bristol Palin: my mom and I are redneck women  (vote for Bristol and Mark in poll)

*Will Bristol Palin dance another week?

Bristol Palin & Mark – Quickstep – DWTS (Allstars Week 2)

*Bristol Palin’s DWTS: All-Stars Blog — A Surprise For Week 2!



DWTS Second Week’s Dance: Quick Step (October 2, 2012 By

Anti-gun crybabies horrified that Bristol Palin shot a moose … a paper moose (Posted at 8:04 am on October 2, 2012 by Twitchy Staff)

*Yup this is where BP took me yesterday

All That Really Matters  (October 2, 2012 By

Trolls slime Bristol Palin for ‘Redneck Woman’ dance

“Redneck Woman” Bristol Palin & Mark Ballas ~ Quick Step ~ 10-1-12 ~ DWTS

The Phone Number to Use for Mark and Me – Week Two (October 1, 2012 By

“Breaking It Down With Bristol” – Week Two (October 1, 2012 By

Dancing With The Stars, Vote for Bristol Palin Tonight!

Winning an Emmy by Gaming the Truth


All those cha-cha-cha moves have paid off! Bristol Palin looks slender at Dancing With The Stars rehearsals

Video: Breaking It Down With Bristol Palin – Episode 2–3Is

Mark Ballas’ ‘Dancing With the Stars’ blog


Video:  Chuck Heath Sr. is Kevin’s guest

Bristol Palin Takes Dancing Partner Mark Ballas to the Gun Range

Limbaugh: Sarah Palin Was Right On ‘Death Panels’

Bristol Palin Drops Jaws with New Figure on Dancing with the Stars

DWTS First Week’s Dance: The Cha Cha (September 28, 2012 By

@AGUGrizzlies: Chuck Heath Jr Talks To @KevinScholla About New Book

*Poll: Sarah Palin is Most Attractive Politician, Bill Clinton Second (mixed)

Bristol Palin Loses Tremendous Amount Of Weight: What’s Her Secret?

What Keeps Me Going This Week: Proverbs 3:5 (September 28, 2012 By )

Video: Sarah and Todd Palin Enjoy a Weekend with the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series

Judge Strikes Down Lawsuit Claims Against Palin

A Real American Girl (September 27, 2012 By

Bristol Palin’s Slim-Down Secret That Works for Everyone

Congrats to the Winners of our “Nowhere But Up” Book Giveaway! (September 27, 2012 By )

Two Left Feet, But Dancing Anyway! (September 26, 2012 By

Bristol Palin’s Dancing With The Stars: All-Stars Blog: Two Left Feet, But Dancing Anyway!

Video:  Bristol Palin & Mark – Cha Cha – DWTS  (Allstars Week 1)

Video:  Bristol Palin’s First Dance – Dancing With The Stars  by ABCDWTS

Video:  Dancing With The Stars All Stars: AfterbuzzTV Hostess Suri Serano with Marc Ballas

Our Sarah Rochester, NY Book Signing Details

Before the Show (September 26, 2012 By

‘DWTS’ latest news: Pamela Anderson, Bristol, Val Chmerkovskiy and Kelly Monaco (Video)

How Bristol Palin Shed Weight Pre-‘Dancing with the Stars’

Who’s That Girl? Bristol Palin

Bristol Palin’s Weight Loss: ‘DWTS’ Contestant Debuts Slimmer Figure (PHOTO)

SP FB:  Thanks so much to everyone who voted for Bristol last night!

Bristol Palin’s Amazing Weight Loss: How She Did It!

Bristol Palin Reveals the Secret to Her Newfound DWTS Confidence,,20632961,00.html

*Sarah Palin Roots for Bristol, Says No to Joining ‘DWTS’

HBO Movie Mocking Sarah Palin wins big at Emmy Awards

Sarah Palin shares photos of family hunting, lefties spew vitriol

Bristol returns to ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Video:  Chuck and Chuck JR. Heath – Our Sarah on F&F 9-25-2012 PT 2 of 2

Bristol Palin’s Dancing With The Stars: All-Stars Blog: Two Left Feet, But Dancing Anyway!

‘Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars’: Bristol Palin Explains Her New-Found ‘Confidence’

Sarah Palin lives in the mind of Julianne Moore

‘Dancing With the Stars: All Stars’ premiere: Sarah Palin shows up, Kirstie Alley kisses Tom Bergeron

SP FB:  Todd and I and our family hope for peace and joy on this biblical holy day of Yom Kippur.

Guest Blogging at Access Hollywood (September 25, 2012 By

 Video:  Chuck and Chuck JR. Heath – Our Sarah on F&F 9-25-2012.

*SP FB:  Tripp surprised his mama backstage at DWTS tonight.

Video:  Bristol the Pistol on ‘Dancing With the Stars ~ All-Stars’ #TeamBristol ~ 9/24/12 ~ Cha-cha-cha

“Breaking it Down with Bristol” (September 24, 2012 By

SP FB:  Chuck Heath, Jr.:  In light of today’s huge news events in the Mid-East, our Hannity appearance tonight has been postponed until later this week.

Video:  Bristol Palin, Gilles, Melissa, etc. DWTS Sunday RehearsalsS1578 (Arriving) – Brisol at 1:34

Video:  Exclusive Bristol Palin & Mark Ballas Leaving Rehearsal

Gov. Palin Proud Wife, Sister, Daughter and Mama

*Mystery Solved: Why Sarah and Todd Palin Were in Las Vegas Last Week

Julianne Moore Receives Emmy for Misleading the Public About Governor Palin

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas DWTS Rehearsal Vide

*SP FB:  Here’s another photo of the girls out hunting a few weeks ago near Fairbanks in our 40-degree crisp autumn air.

*SP FB:  Bristol goes from joining Willow, Todd and buddies looking to fill the freezer a few weeks ago in the wilds of Alaska to the wilds of LA on the dance floor tonight!

If only Romney could be more like Palin he’d have a chance

Bristol Palin Breaks Down DWTS Expectations on SarahNET Radio – Devito

SP FB:  My brother and my dad (the two Chuck Heaths) will be on Hannity tonight to discuss their new book.


Bristol Palin Breaks Down DWTS Expectations on SarahNET Radio – Devito

The Phone Number To Use to Vote for Mark Ballas and Me!! (September 23, 2012 By )

Palin to Romney-Ryan: ‘Go Rogue’: “America desperately needs to have a ‘come to Jesus’ moment…”

Sarah Palin: America Desperately Needs a “Come to Jesus” Moment

PALIN to ROMNEY: America’s children are counting on you

Resisting the New iPhone 5  (September 21, 2012 By )

What Keeps Me Going This Week: Romans 15:4 (September 21, 2012 By )

How to Vote for Us on DWTS (September 21, 2012 By )

Team Ballin voting information

Sarah Palin’s Father – Brother Coming To Mid Columbia For New Book Signing

Bristol Palin: I’ve Grown Up a Lot Since My First Time on DWTS,,20630633,00.html

Heaths Write About ‘Our Sarah’

Our Sarah – Media Update

Bristol Palin Makes Her Return on the All-Star Season of ‘DWTS’ and Says “I’ve Grown Up A Lot”


Sarah Palin has a question for Obama

‘Drill, baby, drill’

Palin: If Our Fearless Leaders Insist On Waving The White Flag, Then Bring Our Troops Home

White House on new apology tour?

PALIN: Obama is apologizing for our 1st Amendment rights

Video:  Gov. Palin joins Hannity Sept, 20, 2012

@AGUGrizzlies: Awesome Pro #Palin Band! The Voters (@TheVotersMusic)

Sarah Palin Calls Author Joe McGinness a ‘Stone Cold Manipulative Liar’

Obama campaign: Romney using ‘failed playbook’ of Sarah Palin, Joe the Plumber

Sarah Palin Reviews a True Crime Book

Flynn: Romney’s 47% gaffe is chance to ‘grab the pulpit’ via media

*Our Second Day of the Moose Hunt (September 19, 2012 By

Sarah Palin’s writing skills

Chuck Heath, Jr.:  Events Schedule for ‘Our Sarah’

SP FB:  A new book by my father and brother…

*Old School (September 18, 2012 By

‘Til Moose Does Us Part? Not So Fast! (September 18, 2012 By )

Justin Bieber’s Mom: Pregnant at 17, Advised to Abort (September 18, 2012 By )

Governor Sarah Palin exposes “former neighbor” Joe McGinniss as a liar again.


Palin questions critical biographer’s past crime reporting as new evidence comes to light

Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston custody case closes in Alaska

Alaska custody case between Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston over son closed

Governor Sarah Palin — new book by her father Chuck .. and her brother Chuck

How I Really Feel About Levi’s New Baby (September 17, 2012 By )


Did My Old Neighbor Condemn an Innocent Man? (September 17, 2012 By

This Is America? Make Fun Of Sarah Palin We’ll Give You An Award, Do An Anti-Islam Film You’ll Be Investigated

Video:  Palin’s Invitation to PowerUp Live

PowerUp Live October 17

“Our Sarah”: Open Window to Heath and Palin Lives, Times – Devito



Sign the Petition to Stop Funding Middle East Terrorists

Sign the petition to stop the shut down of pro-life pregnancy centers

Palin: ‘Obama administration dropped the ball’ in the Middle East  (Hannity Video and Transcript – September 13, 2012)

Poll:  Do you support Q3?  (right sidebar)

Bristol Palin Talks ‘Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars’ and Levi Johnston’s New Baby: ‘I Sent Him Flowers’

Sarah Palin: Obama “can’t see Egypt and Libya from his house”

Sarah Palin for AZ Senator? Ally Miller LOVES the idea.

Sarah Palin: President Obama dropped the ball, adopted a foreign policy of appeasement

Palin: Obama Using Video as ‘Red Herring’ for Policy Mistakes

Sarah Palin: Obama Is ‘Promoting Democracy’ In Nations That Do Not Share Values With ‘Civilized Societies’

Awesome: Sarah Palin nails Obama again

Palin to Romney: Hit Obama Harder

Mark Ballas: Tristan Would Be the Best DWTS Partner for Bristol

Palin in top form: Yoh, Obama grow a “big stick” on foreign policy dude

After ‘big stick’ rebuke, Palin goes after new stimulus  (mixed)

Bristol Palin sends Levi Johnston’s new baby flowers ‘from Tripp’

What Keeps Me Going This Week: 2 Thessalonians 2:16-17 (September 13, 2012 By

Video:  Palin: ‘President Obama dropped the ball’

Video:  Gov. Palin talks to Hannity Sept. 13, 2012

SP FB:  President Obama is clearly revealing his rapid loss of any grip on the economic and security issues…

Bristol Palin Wishes “the Best” to Levi Johnston and His Newborn Baby Girl Breeze Beretta

Romney, Palin Slam Obama on Libya and Egypt Attacks

Palin: ‘You Either Get Free Stuff or You Get Freedom’

Palin: Romney needs to get ‘severely aggressive’ on Obama (O’Reilly Video & Transcript – 09-11-12)

Sarah Palin: Romney needs to be “severely aggressive” in making this about Obama, not just his policies

Palin on Romney: Obama’s ‘Gimme’ voters win if Americans vote for ‘free stuff’

Palin on Obama’s Libya response: He ‘can’t see Egypt and Libya from his house’

Palin feigns surprise that John Kerry knew her name

Sarah Palin’s Family Offer Intimate Insight in Upcoming Book

Sarah Palin to Mitt Romney: Make attacks ‘personal’

Palin: ‘If Obama Doesn’t Have a “Big Stick” to Carry, Maybe It’s Time for Him to Grow One’

*On 9/11, Remembering and Thanking (September 11, 2012 By

Sep. 8th 2012: Steve King says Palin correctly identified death panels – Clay County Debate, Spencer IA – 9/8/12

SP FB:  How’s that Arab Spring working out for us now?


Conservatives are rumbling- another great interview of Palin

Video:  Palin: Romney needs to get ‘severely aggressive’ on Obama

Video:  Sarah Takes on “The GOP Establishment” ~ Sarah Palin with O’Reilly ~ 9/11/12

*SARAH PALIN: Let’s remember our men and women in uniform

SP FB:  We remember that eleven years ago today nearly three thousand of our fellow Americans were killed by evil men….

SarahNET Radio To Partner With SixSeeds TV To Promote Bristol Palin’s Journey On ‘DWTS: All Stars’

Introducing a Weekly Interview with SarahNet Radio! (September 10, 2012 By

Sarah Palin beats Paul Ryan in marathon time

Sarah Palin: Choice In This Election Comes Down To ‘Free Stuff Or Freedom’

Sarah Palin: Obama is the antithesis of consistency, especially with our military

Liberals Still Threatened by Governor Palin’s Substance

Vote! Should Barack Obama Be Impeached? 


Sarah Palin: John Kerry ‘diminished’ by ‘pot shot’

Sarah Palin: The DNC is a bunch of ‘bunk’ again tonight

Sarah Palin Dismisses Kerry’s DNC Joke About Her: ‘How Does He Even Know My Name?’


I guess Palin was right, after all

‘Dancing With The Stars: All-Stars’ Most Challenging Routines, According To The Cast (VIDEO)

Video:  DNC rewind: What wasn’t in Obama’s speech?

Video:  Gov. Palin – Hannity Sept. 07, 2012 interview

Polls Point To Tied Electoral College Election Decided By Palin-ite Tea Party House

Gov. Palin: DNC speeches “a bunch of bunk”

Gov. Palin with Cavuto Sept. 06, 2012

Sarah Palin on Final Day of DNC: A Bunch of Racist Bunk! Plus John Kerry’s Swing and a Miss!

Where’s the Dignity, Democrats? (September 6, 2012 By

Students Worried about Debt Should Follow Palin’s Example

What Armstrong, Palin and others didn’t say

Sarah Palin, Advocacy, Quotes, and Narratives

Now Palin Gives Obama the Empty Chair Treatment

*Starting Rehearsals for Dancing with the Stars! (September 5, 2012 By

Todd Palin wins $40 K for his charity; Eve Torres compliments the Palins

Fine Finishes and First Words – Todd and Trig Palin

*Todd Palin Wins $40K for Armed Services YMCA Alaska on Stars Earn Stripes Finale – Devito

Full Episode of ‘Stolen Intelligence’ Grand Finale

NEWS/”Sweet” Sarah Palin Praised By Female Wrestling Champ: “A Really Lovely Woman”

Stars Earn Stripes Recap: The Season One Winner Is…

DNC exec likens PALIN to Lord Voldemort; Mitt a ‘right-winger’

DNC Executive Director Compares Sarah Palin to Lord Voldemort, calls Romney an extremist

Sarah Palin: Strongest Vote Winning Vice Presidential Candidate in Recent History

*Moose Hunting (September 4, 2012 By

*Cute Photo of Tripp  (September 4, 2012 By

NBC/WSJ Poll: PALIN most positive impact of recent VP picks

PALIN tweets ‘empty booster seat,’ knocks Obama leadership

Stars Earn Stripes: Finale and Winner Crowned

Sarah Palin Ran a Faster Marathon Than Paul Ryan

LA Times Pushes the ‘New York’ Palin Slam Ratings Meme

Who won ‘Stars Earn Stripes’?

Stars Earn Stripes Finale LIVE: Final Mission – Harbor Demolition (9/3/12 Recap)

America’s most attractive politicians: Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin head scientists’ list of sexy statesmen (but there’s no place for Paul Ryan)

SP FB:  Looking forward to the Season Finale of “Stars Earn Stripes” tonight …

‘Stars Earn Stripes’ Todd Palin: ‘Our minds think we’re 20, but our bodies remind us that we’re not’

Gallup Neglects To Mention That Its Own Polling Showed That Governor Palin’s Speech in 2008 Polled Better Than Obama’s Speech in 2008

Sarah Palin’s heart and soul – true conservative American Convention

Mark Ballas Says I’m More “Confident” and “Ready to Shake It” (September 1, 2012 By

My New DWTS Publicity Photo Causes Controversy… Of Course (August 31, 2012 By

Dean Cain: Todd Palin ‘Was An Animal’ On Stars Earn Stripes

Stars Earn Stripes:  Rapid Detonation (Full Video of Episode 3)

Sarah Palin: Sometimes our politicians just need to admit they were wrong

@SarahPalinUSA:  You can support @MiaBLove’s “love bomb” at .

@SarahPalinUSA: Please join me and Jim DeMint in supporting Dan Bongino for U.S. Senate. You can show your support for this great… 

Palin to Romney: Time to ‘Quit Preaching to the Choir’

*DWTS’ Mark Ballas: Why dancing with Bristol Palin is ‘awesome’

Paul Ryan not nearly the TV draw Sarah Palin was

*Palin canceled on Fox?

Without Sarah Palin, a ratings dive

*Cute Hat, Cute Boy (August 31, 2012 By

Gov. Palin:  Please remember our troops

Video:  Preview of  ’Stolen Intelligence’ (Finale of ‘Stars Earn Stripes’)

When It Comes to TV Ratings, Ryan Is No Palin

Ted Cruz says Sarah Palin’s endorsement was ‘game-changing’ in his Senate win

GOP stars Palin, Giuliani and Forbes to appear at Idaho Center Oct. 17

Sarah Palin: Biden should skip Ryan debate  (mixed)

Video:  Paul Ryan Uses Sarah Palin’s Speechwriter

Sarah Palin: Fox Canceled My Convention Interviews

*Sarah Palin: 90% media in ‘tank’ for Obama

Paul Ryan not nearly the TV draw Sarah Palin was


Sarah Palin Weighs In: What Can Romney and Ryan Expect After the Convention?

Sarah Palin: I’m glad Paul Ryan’s speech was about big ideas

Ryan’s Convention Speech Draws Fewer Viewers Than Palin

Paul Ryan’s RNC speech draws 17 million fewer viewers than previous GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin in 2008

Ryan’s no Palin in the ratings

CURL: Palin still isn’t afraid to ‘rage against the machine’ (mixed)

*As Paul Ryan takes center stage, Fox News nixes Sarah Palin interviews at RNC


Hannity interviews Sarah Palin 8-30-2012

Sarah Palin Offers Sagacious Advice to GOP Ticket – Neil Cavuto – RNC Convention – 8-30-12

Minus Palin, Convention’s TV Ratings Plunge

RNC Ratings Night Two: Networks Lose 17 Million Viewers Compared To Night Two Of 2008 RNC

Flashback:  FNC Wins With Top Rated Convention Broadcast in Cable History

Viewership down from 2008 Republican convention

Megyn Kelly interviews Sarah Palin Aug. 30, 2012

Sarah Palin ‘glad’ Yahoo fired David Chalian

Fox News Responds To Sarah Palin’s Facebook Post On Cancelled Fox Appearances

***UPDATE: MYSTERY WORD SOLVED*** Sarah Palin gives her thoughts on tonight’s speeches

Alaskans Reflect on Sarah Palin’s Run for the Vice Presidency Four Years Ago (mixed)

Quotes that weren’t: The truth behind common passages

“That Woman’s Speech” Thursday

*Todd Palin Rapidly Detonates His Path to Third Stripe on Stars Earn Stripes – Devito

Fox cancelled all my scheduled interviews tonight…God bless John McCain. … And happy birthday, my friend.

Sarah Palin’s Sweet and Classy Birthday Wish for John McCain

SARAH PALIN to MARK LEVIN: ‘The left will stop at nothing’


Palin: U.S. On “A Path Toward Fewer Freedoms And Orchestrated Chaos”

Sarah Palin gives her thoughts on tonight’s speeches

Video:  Megyn Kelly interviews Sarah Palin Aug. 28, 2012

Video: Sarah Palin Endorses Kirk Adams

Election Night in Arizona, Kirk Adams Releases New Ad

Palin: Voters Must Break Addiction to Obama ‘Hope-ium’

Palin Spends First Day of Republican Convention in Arizona

‘Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars’ adds final contestant

‘DWTS’ star Bristol Palin’s stunning makeover after weight loss, plastic surgery (mixed)

‘Stars Earn Stripes’: J.W. Cortes encounters Good Samaritan and fellow former U.S. Marine in New York City

*Sarah Palin: Dems addicted to ‘hope-ium’

Palin makes Arizona stop as candidates work to shore up last-minute support (w/video)

Palin: ‘November cannot come soon enough’  (Hannity Video & Transcript – August 28, 2012)

Palin Hints at Formation of Third Party

From Goldwater To Palin: Memorable GOP Convention Moments Of The Past

Civics 101 — a lesson in checks and balances  (mixed)

@marklevinshow  Scheduled guests tonight: Sarah Palin@7:30pm est & Richard Morudock @8:30pm


Palin-Endorsed Candidates Gosar and Flake Win Respective Arizona Primaries

Sarah Palin Stump Speech for Kirk Adams in Gilbert, Arizona

CRIST 2008: PALIN more qualified than OBAMA to be president

Crist 2008: Sarah Palin more qualified to be president than Barack Obama

Vigurie: Palin SHOULD be GOP ‘mystery speaker’ in Tampa

*Sarah Palin Should Be the ‘Mystery Speaker’ at the GOP Convention

Floor fight: Grass-roots activists battle attempt to rig GOP convention delegate rules Updated: Party bosses offer olive branch; “tense,” “dynamic” situation; Palin: “direct attack on the grass-roots”

SP FB:  Had a great time today in Gilbert, Arizona, at a rally for Kirk Adams.

PALIN: Fight GOP-e attempts to rig convention delegate vote

*Sarah Palin campaigns for Kirk Adams in Gilbert

*Photos: Adams Campaign Rally 8/27/2012  (photogallery)

*Sarah Palin speaks on Gilbert candidate’s behalf (w/photogallery)

*Daylife Photo:  Governor Palin and Trig arrive for Kirk Adams rally

*Daylife Photo:  Governor Palin serves lunch to guests at Kirk Adams rally in Arizona

Gov. Palin talks to Hannity Aug. 27, 2012

Famous misquotes: What Neil Armstrong, Sarah Palin didn’t say

@sdelikat3tv:  Sarah Palin stumping for Kirk Adams in 11th hour push

*Sarah Palin skips GOP convention to campaign for Kirk Adams in Gilbert

Rogue Romney Blogger Attacks Sarah Palin Using False Information, Refuses to Answer All Calls to Retract

*Isn’t He the Cutest? (August 27, 2012 By )

Romney Supporters Falsely Ascribe Conspiracy Theories to Governor Palin

Vote for Palin and Cortes!  Stars Earn Stripes  Pick Your Pair:  Cast your vote for the celebrity/operative pair you think has what it takes to win it all.

Sarah Palin: Todd Akin Should ‘Take One For The Team’

As Republicans converge on Tampa, Palin heads to Ariz.

Is Palin Making Her Move? Will She Be THE One to Topple the House of Cards?

Earthquake Movement:  ”Take a Stand”

*PALIN backs MITT, but says 3rd party is ‘historical possibility’

Sarah Palin to campaign with Kirk Adams

Sarah Palin says a third party option not out of the realm of possibility

*Sarah Palin still grabs limelight, even away from GOP convention (mixed),0,1153290.story

Sarah Palin Refuses to Gloat

SP Facebook:  I’m traveling to Arizona to join Kirk Adams and other commonsense conservative candidates at a rally on Monday at Joe’s Farm Grill in Gilbert, Arizona.

Video:  Senate, House seats up for grabs in 2012

Video:  Gov. Palin on ANHQ Aug. 25, 2012

Rush: Sarah Palin is A Net Plus For Republican Party (video)

Five things to watch at the Republican Convention

An Open Suggestion to The RNC (send Palin to Charlotte)

Tampa Newspaper, Mayor Crudely Slur Sarah Plain

*Republican Convention: Most Memorable Past Moments:  Sarah Palin Bonds With Hockey Moms

From One Direction and Mila Kunis to Audrina Partridge and Bristol Palin, the stars inspiring the latest hot baby names

*’Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars’ Put on Their Ballroom Best for Cast Portraits (Photos)

*’Dancing with the Stars All-Stars’: Bristol Palin, Drew Lachey and More Official Cast Portraits

Poll:  Which “DWTS” all-star will get your vote?

‘DWTS’ Producers Hope Kyle Massey Wins Final All-Star Slot

Why PALIN will be even more important if ROMNEY wins

Palin: Third Party Candidate an Option in Mo. Senate Race

Reading Palin




Video:   Mark Levin interviews Reince Priebus. Claims Palin was invited to speak.

Katie Couric: ‘We Have Not Heard Back From Palin’s People’ About Her Coming on My New Show

I Forgive You, Wayne Brady (August 23, 2012 By

SP FB:  Paul Gosar for AZ-4

SP FB:  Ted Yoho for FL-3

*Dancing With the Stars All-Stars: First Photos!

*’Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars’: Bristol Palin, Mark Ballas Get Goofy And More Photos  (w/photogallery)

*PICS: See Bristol Palin, Pamela Anderson in Costume for DWTS: All-Stars

*Bristol Palin and Pamela Anderson set to samba again as they return for Dancing With The Stars All-Stars

*Bristol Palin’s “Dancing With The Stars” Outfits

After-Birth Abortion? (August 23, 2012 By )

Sarah Palin takes the initiative

Sarah Palin: Todd Akin Has Got to Go (Video)

Palin Suggests Third Party Candidate To Stop Akin In Missouri


Palin backs thirty party option in Rep. Akin ‘legitimate rape’ controversy: ‘The status quo has got to go’  (OTR Video and Transcript – 08-21-12)

FOX Video:  Palin’s take: The politics of ‘legitimate rape’

Sarah Palin: Todd Akin should withdraw or we’ll run a third party for Senate in Missouri

Don’t Blame Sarah Palin for Missouri

BREAKING: Sarah Palin Endorses Rising GOP Star Ted Yoho for Congress

State lawmaker [establishment candidate] defeats Palin pick in Georgia runoff

Video:  Governor Palin’s 8/21/2012 interview with Greta


SARAH PALIN on GRETA: I’d support 3rd-party Missouri run

They should have listened to Sarah Palin


Palin endorses Bongino in Md. Senate race

Maryland US Senate candidate nabs Palin, DeMint endorsements


Wayne Brady apologizes for Trig Palin joke

*Todd Palin Rappels, Shoots Way to 2nd Stripe on Stars Earn Stripes

Video:  ”Stars Earn Stripes” Contestants Nickname Todd Palin “Rambo”

Stars Earn Stripes: Todd Palin survives by shooting straight (mixed)

*The Goliath Project – The Moment of TRUTH in Tampa

Sarah Palin’s ‘Palin For President’ is Going After the GOP Nomination

Looks like Governor Sarah Palin gets to say “I TOLD YOU SO”

GOVERNOR SARAH PALIN goes ON THE RECORD at 10pm tonight – tune in!

Video:  Stars Earn Stripes : Search and Destroy

Video:  Stars Earn Stripes : Amphibious Assault

Palin endorses Fla.’s upset winner Yoho

For My Facebook Friends Who Hate Twitter (August 21, 2012 By )

[VIDEO] Wayne Brady Apologizes For Trig Palin Joke[VIDEO]-Wayne-Brady-Apologizes-For-Trig-Palin-Joke.htm

*Sunday School Stud (August 19, 2012 By

Why SARAH PALIN should speak at RNC: 20 of her best quotes

Let Sarah Speak: The 20 Best Quotes from Sarah Palin

 SIGN the Citizen’s Petition to Rein in the Environmental Protection!  Agency

*SP FB:  Trig truly is a blessing.

WAYNE BRADY apologizes and SARAH PALIN responds

Trig Palin Humbles Hollywood

Full Video:  Stars Earn Stripes Episode 2:  Search and Destroy

Paul and Palin Top List of Speakers Missing From GOP Convention

Lying liar Stephanie Cutter doubles down on Soptic lies; bashes Giuliani, Palin to defend idiot Biden | Twitchy

Stephanie Cutter: Giuliani Should Consider Palin Endorsement Before Attacking Biden

Navy SEALs PAC Rips Liberal Website for ‘Gutless’ Comment

2008 REDUX? Will ROMNEY’S liberal staff shut up RYAN?

Paul Ryan’s Toughest Opponents Will Be Romney’s Liberal Staff

Campaign sparks VP flashbacks

Please join MAFPAC and Sarah Palin for this important cause!

Former Congressman Slams Palin and Ryan

Earthquake Billboard Ads

Group Buys Billboard Space for Palin Ads in Cedar Rapids

Petition:  Don’t Let The Republican Establishment Stop Sarah Palin From Speaking At The Convention

*Petition supports Sarah Palin America’s Heartland speech at GOP Convention

*Romney’s Best Convention Strategy – Let Sarah Palin Speak

*Romney should heed Palin’s ‘Light Our Hair on Fire’ rally cry

*Sarah Palin Deserves to Deliver Game Changer Speech at GOP Convention

Why Isn’t Paul Ryan Getting the Sarah Palin Treatment?

Pitiful little men: Press secretary Carney, Axelrod defend Biden by bashing Sarah Palin

The WSJ Columnist Who is Still Clueless About Palin’s Russia Comments

Flashback: Wall Street Journal 2008: Compared to Bill Clinton, Sarah Palin is an Executive Giant

Running Alaska

Bill Clinton on Palin: ‘Resilient,’ Like Me, Don’t ‘Underestimate’ Her

Video:  Amphibious Assault – Full First Episode of  ’Stars Earn Stripes’

Robin Roberts, Praying for Us as We Pray for Her (August 17, 2012 By )

McCAIN won’t throw PALIN under bus: ‘She beat Biden’ in ‘08

∞McCain: Palin would have ‘added a lot’ to 2012 presidential race

Add your name to the ACLJ brief to defend the Ground Zero Cross from removal by atheists #ProtectTheCross

Big-name no-shows for the GOP, Dem conventions

Video:  Cindy McCain on Sarah Palin and film, “Game Change”

Palin: ‘Chains’ comment should be ‘nail in the coffin’ for Biden


‘Stars Earn Stripes’ Co-Star Todd Palin Is ‘An All-Alaskan Man’, Dean Cain Says

Dolvett Quince Dishes About Stars Earn Stripes And His Friendship With Todd Palin


Barack Obama Dismisses Palin’s Suggestion to Dump Joe – Will Keep Biden on Ticket

NYPD Officer Cortes on ‘Stars Earn Stripes’: “It’s all about giving back to our troops.”

Governor Palin to Give ‘Rousing Closing Address’ at New Orleans Investment Conference

Chris Matthews, Who Linked Palin to Giffords Attack, Skips Shooting at Conservative Organization

Video:   NYPD Officer J.W. Cortes talks Todd ‘Rambo’ Palin on Fox & Friends

Sarah Palin to speak at New Orleans conference, Oct. 24–27

Thanks to Gov. Palin, The Democrats are Stuck with Uncle Joe

Don’t Ever Say Sarah Palin Isn’t A Smart Political Operator…

Palin: Biden drags down Obama ticket, should be replaced with Hillary  (OTR Video and Transcript)

SARAH PALIN: Obama should DUMP BIDEN for Hillary

**One Man Army Todd Palin Saves First Mission on Stars Earn Stripes


‘Biggest Loser’ Dolvett Quince challenges Todd Palin on ‘Stars Earn Stripes’ (mixed)

Palin not speaking at Republican convention?

Excluding Palin from the GOP convention: Big mistake? (mixed)

Will Romney Learn from the Palin Debacle?

With Paul Ryan, Romney Rejects Gender Politics In Favor of Sound Ideas

Palin: Romney “Has A Responsibility To Take Gloves Off” Against Obama

Sarah Palin: “It’s Only Just Begun – We Have the Next Few Months to Suffer Through Lies of the Obama Administration and Campaign” (Video)

Sarah Palin: Obama/Hillary Clinton Ticket Would Have ‘Darn Good Chance Of Winning’

Mom on Fox Last Night (August 15, 2012 By )

Lolo, Gabby, and Trashing Good Role Models (August 14, 2012 By )

Let Sarah Speak! Do Your Part To Help Sarah Palin Get A Speaking Slot At The Republican Convention

Sign the Let Sarah Speak!  petition

JOIN THE RESISTANCE! Say to Obama and his regime:  “NO, YOU CAN’T! WE WON’T LET YOU!” Unfit for Command

Video:  Gov. Palin – Greta interview Aug, 14, 2012.flv

Video:  ”Romney Is Coming Out Swinging” Sarah Palin Chats With Greta 8/14/2012

Video:  Palin takes on Biden’s ‘chains’ of fear  (OTR – 08/14/12)

Dan Riehl Doesn’t Want Palin to Speak at the GOP Convention

I Don’t Want Palin At The GOP Convention

GOP Establishment Could Learn From ‘Stars Earn Stripes’ Participants

Atlanta’s Dolvett Quince talks about NBC’s ‘Stars Earn Stripes’

You Don’t Have to Agree on Issues to Get Along (Thanks, Louis Van Amstel!) (August 14, 2012 By )

Stars Earn Stripes: Go, Dad! (August 14, 2012 By

OK! Magazine, Check Out a Real Photo of my Brother (August 14, 2012 By

‘Dancing with the Stars’ Pairings: Bristol Palin and Kirstie Alley Get Past Partners

∞Sarah Palin “Wholeheartedly” Supported Husband Todd’s Role on ‘Stars Earn Stripes’

* ‘Stars Earn Stripes’: Nick Lachey and Eve Torres show their grit

SP FB:  ‘Stars Earn Stripes’: Nick Lachey and Eve Torres show their grit

SP FB  Looking forward to watching “Stars Earn Stripes” tonight at 8pm (7pm c) on NBC!

*Unbelievable!  Nobel laureates call for end to TV’s “Stars Earn Stripes”

Sarah Palin:  Why I Support the Ryan Roadmap    Let’s not settle for the big-government status quo … 

Palin Power! Zoller Leads Collins Ahead of Next Tuesday’s Runoff For Georgia’s 9th District

Palin’s Absence From Convention May Expose Rift

Ballroom matchups: ‘Dancing With the Stars’ pros, all-star pairings revealed

Comedian Wayne Brady Booed for Telling Trig Palin Joke at Roseanne Roast

Palin Won’t Speak at RNC, Will Mobilize Grassroots Instead

It’s Official: Sarah Palin WILL NOT Be Speaking at RNC Convention in Tampa

Bummer: Sarah Palin will not be speaking at the RNC this year

*Announcement: My Professional Partner on DWTS is… (August 13, 2012 By


White House Already Using Palin Against Romney/Ryan

McCain: Ryan Reminds Him of Palin Choice


Palin: Romney/Ryan Provides a Strong and Prosperous Vision for America

Video:  Governor Sarah Palin Discusses the Romney/Ryan Ticket ~ Aug. 12, 2012

On ‘Stars Earn Stripes,’ fame finds a foxhole

*Sarah & Todd talk about reality limelight (snide intro)

*Military missions for celebs ‘could not have been more realistic’

Palin Vows to Protect Ryan From What Happened to her in 2008

Palin will not speak at Republican convention

PALIN NAILS IT! ‘Media are prostituting themselves’

2010: Palin was 1st top conservative to back Ryan’s roadmap

Video:  McCain: Paul Ryan an ‘excellent’ VP choice:  GOP senator sees a new generation of leadership (08/12/12)

McCain leads GOP support of Ryan, calls choice ‘excellent’ and ‘bold’:

McCain says Ryan a bold choice, as was Palin


Sarah Palin to media on Paul Ryan: A lot of us ‘will have his back’


Video:  Byron York – When Palin spoke people would cheer

Habitual Palin-Basher to Get “Bigger Role” In Romney Campaign

SARAH PALIN tells FOX: ‘I’m all in for Romney and Ryan’

Video:  Gov. Sarah Palin appeared with Shannon Bream Aug. 12, 2012

Video:  Will the Tea Party unite behind the Romney-Ryan ticket? Perspective from former VP nominee Sarah Palin (08/12/12)

Will the Tea Party unite behind the Romney-Ryan ticket?  Perspective from former VP nominee Sarah Palin

Palin: McCain Campaign Staff Didn’t Have My Back Against Media Attacks in 2008

Sarah Palin: We’ve got Paul Ryan’s back and will call out the media for their lies and distortions

Book Giveaway For Our Sarah: Made in Alaska

Help Chuck Heath, Sr. and Chuck, Jr. Choose Book Tour Cities

Audio Version:  Our Sarah: Made in Alaska


Byron York ‘On the Record’  (talks about SP at about 5:49 min.)

Give Palin the microphone

Parnell:  Changes proposed to ACES will restore legislation’s original intent

Palin accuses media of ”prostituting” itself to gain access to Obama campaign

SP FB:  Congratulations to Mitt Romney on his choice of Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate.

Buzzfeed Uses Vice Presidential Selection to Bash Sarah Palin

*Oh The Happy Memories; “CNN; Private Plane From Alaska Lands In Ohio” August 2008

Praying for Mitt Romney’s Running Mate Paul Ryan (August 11, 2012 By )

Democrats Should Stop Despicable Ads Against Mitt Romney, Allen West (August 10, 2012 By

Palin: “Vote for Sandy Adams” Robocall

Governor Palin’s Message to District 7 Voters in Florida

Palin slams Obama, media for lack of ethics over super PAC ad (Hannity Video and Transcript – 08/09/12)

Full Sarah Palin interview on Hannity

Sarah Palin accuses media of ‘prostituting’

Palin: Obama Should Fire Cutter, Carney, Gibbs And Others

Palin: Obama Speeches on Civility Are ‘Nauseating to Me’

Sarah Palin: “It’s Only Just Begun – We Have the Next Few Months to Suffer Through Lies of the Obama Administration and Campaign” (Video)


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