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Fire Eric Holder
Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gary P. Jackson Compares Governor Palin and Barack Obama on Terrorism

Governor Sarah Palin fires .. via facebook

It’s War, not a Crime Spree (Facebook)

Marcus Tullius Cicero & Sarah Palin: The Philosophy of Survival (h/tp Gary Jackson)

Note to Obama…Stay Focused!

Palin Calls Out Obama for Failed Approach to National Security

Palin praises halt in Gitmo transfers to Yemen, slams Obama counter-terror strategy

Palin: ‘Second Holocaust’ if Iran gains nuclear weapons

Palin talks about Facebook note

Palin: US Needs a Leader, Not a ‘Law Professor’

President Obama To Sarah Palin: Where You Lead I Will Follow!

Sarah Palin Condemns Obama’s “Law Professor” Approach to Terrorism

Sarah Palin Crushes Barack Hussein Obama Junior

Sarah Palin: It’s War, Not a Crime Spree

Sarah Palin: “Moving” Gitmo to Chicago “Very, Very Odd Strategy, DC”

Sarah Palin on Obama’s handling of the Underpants Bomber and the War On Terror

Sarah Palin: Relocating Terrorists’ Trial Doesn’t Solve Problem of Civilian Courts vs. Military Tribunals

Sarah Palin: Stay Focused People! Moving The Terror Trial Doesn’t Fix The Problem

Sarah Palin: The Shadow President. Obama: State-Run Media’s Favorite Harvard Elitist.

Stay Focused: Relocating Terrorists’ Trial Doesn’t Solve the Main Problem  (Facebook)

Video:  Sarah Palin National Security Experience

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  1. […] out on numerous occasions regarding national security. You can find her policy positions here and here. She believes in peace through strength and not using the military unless our interests […]

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