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One Response to “SARAH PALIN PACS”

  1. Bill Kohm said


    I am a concerned 76 year old senior citizen and I can’t believe the mess our politicians have gotten our country into.

    The old saying that really fits President Obama, the Democrat and Republican Parties and how they run our country is true, “If it isn’t broken, fix it till it is”. Our system and how we govern is really broken and it seems like a very simple thing fix.

    Forget the Line Item Veto Bill which our President wants, instead of this, pass one new bill. That new bill should be, “Every proposed new bill must stand on its own and no-one can attach anything to it”.

    This would eliminate a need for a Line Item Veto, and eliminate our corrupt buddy,buddy system and all the Pork Barrel crap that goes with it.

    Simply put, “If a proposed new bill is not good enough to stand on its own, then it is not good enough enact into law.

    If you and your Tea Party followers would push this agenda, I think you would solve so many of our ill ways.

    I’m not Joe the Plumber, but I am Bill the concerned Senior Citizen.

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