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Blood Libel

Aaron Klein – Attacks on Tea Party, Gov. Palin are baseless

ABC: Palin Faces Record Number of Death Threats

ABC’s Cheap Shot at Palin

After Blaming the Right for Arizona Shooting, Some in Media Won’t Let Go, Analyst Says

Alan Grayson faults Sarah Palin for shooting in fundraising email 

American expatriate starts petition to indict Sarah Palin for inciting violence 

Americans View Sarah Palin as more Sincere and Believable after Watching Speech

America’s Enduring Strength
Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Arizona Massacre Prompts Political ‘Cheap Shots’

As AZ Shooting Story Unfolds, Media Already Blames Tea Party/Gov. Palin 

Attacks on Sarah Palin; Someone needs to read Left Wing their Miranda Rights 

Barbara Walters: Don’t blame Sarah Palin for Tucson, Arizona and Gabrielle Giffords shootings (with poll)

Barbara Walters: ‘I’m feeling bad for Sarah Palin’ (with video)

Before banning ‘crosshairs,’ CNN used it on Palin, Bachmann  

Benyamin  Korn Defends Sarah Palin’s Use of ‘Blood Libel’ Term on MSNBC’s ‘Last Word’

Benyamin Korn: Editorial Made Several Incorrect Assumptions (second letter down)

Benyamin Korn in Ha’aretz defending Sarah Palin

Benyamin Korn on radio defends Sarah Palin’s ‘blood libel’ use

Benyamin Korn:  Why Sarah Palin was right to call it a ‘Blood Libel’

Breaking: Democrats Plotted to Blame Tea Party for Slaughter 

Caroline Glick – ‘The Aim of Blood Libels’

CBS poll: 57% of Americans reject ‘Palin did it’ media spin on Arizona massacre

CNN fanned the flames of hostility to Gov. Palin

Commentary – More on Gov. Palin and the term ‘blood libel’

Daily Kos ‘Bull’s-eyed’ Giffords for Defeat

Debra Saunders Scolds Roger Simon for Tying Palin to Giffords Shooting


Dershowitz – ‘Why J Street Attacked Sarah Palin’

Did Palin enhance her chances?

The Difference Between Surveyor Symbols and Crosshairs

Disarm the language police

Dozens of Twitter users call for Palin’s death

Ed Koch Commentary: Reflections on Sarah Palin By Ed Koch

Ed Koch – ‘Sarah Palin has defeated her critics’

Exclusive: Alan Dershowitz Defends Sarah Palin’s Use of Term ‘Blood Libel’

Franklin Graham defends Palin

Franklin Graham Defends Palin on Arizona Shootings

Franklin Graham Statemnet on Accusations Against Sarah Palin

Glenn Beck reads email from Sarah Palin

Graham Warns against Blame Game in Ariz. Shooting

Hounding Palin, just like they hounded Begin (

Huff Po Caught Scrubbing Site of Post Describing a Drone Airstrike on Palin’s House…

HuffPo’s Jihad Against Sarah Palin

Hypocrisy of left on display

Hizzoner Ed Koch – ‘Sarah Palin has defeated her Critics’ – will appear on JEWISH Independent TALK RADIO, 1-23-11

If the nation’s political mood is angry, um, who’s responsible for that?

Instapundit:  January 12, 2011

Is Arizona Shooting Rampage A Result of Immigration Discord? Liberals Blame Palin! 

It’s On: Pawlenty Jabs Palin Over ‘Crosshairs’

Jewish Forward – ‘Was Sarah Palin Actually Blood Libeled?’

Jewish Week – Sarah Palin Is Right … A Blood Libel

Jews Don’t Own Exclusive Rights To ‘Blood Libel’ Neither Do They Want To

Jews for Sarah Palin debates ex-CEO of Jewish Democrats

JewsForSarah on msNBC – ‘Blood libel’ is appropriate

‘Jews for Sarah’ Rally Around

Jews for Sarah Palin responds to Dick Morris in Yated Ne’eman

Journalists urged caution after Ft. Hood, now race to blame Palin after Arizona shootings 

J Street Attacked Sarah Palin But Not Fellow Leftists and Democrats Who Abuse the Language of Jewish Suffering (Alan M. Dershowitz)

Katherine Kersten: Liberals were at their worst after tragedy

Keith Olbermann Misrepresents CNN Poll to Tie Sarah Palin to Tucson Shootings 

Left wingers jumped the gun on Tucson shooting

Letter: Palin, others deserve apology 

Liberal media were eager to tie tragedy to Palin

Look who else put ‘bull’s-eye’ on Giffords

Loughner and the Violent Rhetoric in the “Communist Manifesto” 

Matthew Yglesias disgustingly and inaccurately tries to politicize the Giffords shooting 

Media’s Palin Bash-Fest Not Playing Among the American People

Michael Moore, Jane Fonda, Kathy Griffin: Shameless Trifecta Exploit Tucson

More Than a Metaphor: Real Violence By Obama Supporters

New York – Statement By Assemblyman Dov Hikind in defense of Sarah Palin’s use of the term “blood libel”

Now Sarah Palin is ‘an honorary Jew!

NY Assemblyman defends Gov. Palin’s use of term ‘blood libel’

NY Jewish Week – Sarah Palin Is Right … A Blood Libel

Op-Ed: Blame real inciters, not Palin and Tea Parties (Benyamin Korn)

O’Reilly Video:  Murder in Arizona and the Gross Exploitation of It

Palin Calls Out Media for Implicating Her in Tucson Shooting, CBS Has Amnesia

Palin derangement syndrome now eclipses Bush derangement syndrome

Palin is Still the Israel of American Politics’

Palin: It’s ‘Irresponsible … To Apportion Blame’ For Arizona Rampage (mixed)

Palin responds to critics: ‘Acts of monstrous criminality stand on their own’

Palin staffer:  Using tragedy to score political points ‘obscene’ 

Partners in Blood

Pat Buchanan Defends Sarah Palin in Heated Debate with Liberal Bill Press – Video 1/14/11 (w/video) 

Pawlenty defends Palin, saying after shooting, she was ‘falsely accused’

Piling On: Reuters Dispatch Wants to Tame ‘Tough Political Rhetoric’ (All From Right), Recycles Long-Disproven Myths

Place the blame where it belongs: on Loughner’s parents not Sarah Palin

‘Political Vultures’

Politics and tragedy: Shameful abuse of the dead

Politicizing An Horrific Tragedy

Poll: ‘Americans View Palin as More Sincere and Believable After Watching Speech’

Politico’s persecution of Sarah Palin [Reader Post]

Rabbi Shmuley – Sarah Palin has a right to use ‘blood libel’

The real hatred and vitriol is coming from the Left, not Sarah Palin

Recent media exposure for JewsForSarah

Remember How The Left Said Palin’s Career Was Over Because of Her Post-Tucson Speech? Poll Shows It Helped Her Among U.S. Voters

Rep. Ackerman’s refudiation of J Street “A good step, but …’

Rush Limbaugh on Palin: Savaging Sarah to salvage Obama 2012

Sarah Palin and the Coward’s Song

Sarah Palin Death Threats Increasing After Tucson Shooting

Sarah Palin finds an, unh, amen corner in Israel

 Sarah Palin in E-Mail to Glenn Beck: “I Hate Violence”

Sarah Palin Is Right — We’re Looking At A Blood Libel

Sarah Palin is right to use the term ‘blood libel’ (Jerusalem Post)

Sarah Palin’s Claim: What Is ‘Blood Libel’? (TIME),8599,2042176,00.html#ixzz1B1FIoYU4

Sarah Palin shares her condolences on the Tucson, Az. shooting

Sarah Palin’s Speech Helped Her

Sarah Palin to Glenn Beck: “I hate violence”

The shame — and hypocrisy — of CNN

The shame and hypocrisy of the New York Times

Shootings: Accountability  

Sick, twisted triggerman responsible, not Palin or political rhetoric

Smear Campaign Diminishes Victims

Speaking from Experience regarding “Blood Libel”

Statement of Jewish American for Sarah Palin regarding Gov. Palin’s use of term ‘blood libel’

A Tale of Two Speeches: Sarah Palin and Barack Obama on the Tragedy in Tucson (John Zeigler)

They Broke Begin, but Won’t Break Palin (Benyamin Korn)

Three Exculpatory Facts the MSM Continues to Overlook in the Arizona Shootings 

Top 10 Unhinged Reactions to the Arizona Shooting (Plus Hanoi Jane)

Tucson a Media Test Run for Obama’s Reelection 

Tucson Arizona Shooter Had Satanic Shrine in Backyard

Tucson shooting: Obama pays tribute to victims  (statement by Dr. Gina Loudon)

Tying Palin, tea party to shooting is wrong

Unbelievable: Democrat Group Using Gifford’s Shooting For Fundraiser!

Video (audio): Benyamin Korn Interviews Adrienne Ross

Video:  Dennis Prager: Palin Use of “Blood Libel” was Appropriate; They Owe Her an Apology

Video: Exclusive: Sarah Palin on ‘Hannity’ (January 17, 2010)

Video:  Sarah Palin – America’s Enduring Strength (in HD) 12th Jan 2011

Video:  Sarah Palin: “America’s Enduring Strength”

Video: Quit Making Things Up: Inciting Violence

Was Sarah Palin Actually Blood Libeled?

What Happened to the Who, What, When, Where and Why of Journalism?

YouTube Video Calling for Palin’s Death Spurs Outrage

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  1. […] friends at SPIB have put up a comprehensive set of links relating to the attack on Gov. Palin over her use of the term ‘blood libel.’ (Superb […]

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