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Titles Beginning With A-O (JANUARY 2009 – SEPTEMBER 2009)

ABC Highlights Republicans Questioning Conservative Social Views

*ABC’s Slimy Ambush Interview With Levi Johnston

A.B. Culvahouse Praises Sarah Palin

About Those 2012 Republicans…

Accused Palin Hacker Says Stolen E-Mails Were Public Record

Aces beat Stingrays 3-1, even Kelly Cup Finals at one apiece -Alaska goes to South Carolina with the series square

Aces drop Game 1 of Kelly Cup finals

A Climate of Hate (Caleb)

Admiring Palin (Mixed),0,1424863.story

Afghanistan: Palin, Rove, Rubin, Others Send Letter To Obama

After a year’s respite, lipstick-wearing pig returns to US politics

After Palin, Alaska attorney general wants to target ‘bad faith’ complaints

After Relentless Media Pounding, Sarah Palin Close to Obama in Poll  (Rush Limbaugh)


AG: Palin can appoint an ‘acting’ lieutenant governor

A Host Defends Her Brand

Aide says Palin will OK most stimulus funds

Alaska AG aims to raise profile of subcabinet that Palin formed

Alaska board denies appeal of Palin complaint

ΞAlaska dodges banking collapse

Alaska Export Report

Alaska Fights a Tourism Cold Front

Alaska gov. candidates await Palin move

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin

Alaskan Foreign Policy (The American Spectator)

Alaskan King Salmon vs Shrimp and Grits and She Crab Soup

Alaskan King Salmon and She Crab Soup

Alaskan Newsletter From Governor Palin (March-April 2009)

Alaskan oversees U.S. gas line support (thx @AKGovSarahPalin)

Alaskans Fight Back Against Palin Ethics Complaints

Alaskans ponder a future with increased offshore drilling

Alaska official lays out in-state gas plan

Alaska Pacific University’s 50th Anniversary Week

Alaska Palin Foe Rewarded With Key Obama Post

Alaska personnel board rejects another ethics complaint against Gov. Sarah Palin (AP)

Alaska Pollinator Week

Alaska’s attorney general resigns; was major figure in the Palin Troopergate investigation

Alaska’s conservative young gun reloads in Indiana (Josh Painter)

Alaska’s gorgeous governor a vice president?

Alaska‘s Governor Palin Named IGHL Foundation’s ‘Honoree Of The Year 2009’

Alaskas last chance to bid farewell to Governor Sarah Palin

Alaska’s Left Trying to Stop the Palinator, That’s Like Trying to Stop a Bullet Train with Your VW Bug

Alaska‘s soon-to-be governor shares Palin’s values;_ylt=AsaVibNYm_v0HgNQ3WqLCrR1fNdF

Alaska state senator files letter of intent to run for governor

Alaska, the Stimulus, and Avoiding Pyrrhic Victories (C4P)

Alaska to Rally for Reagan Values:  Sarah Palin Guest Speaker

Alaska honors man from Wapato\

Alaska waiting on Sarah Palin’s plans

Alaska: Wolf, bear hunts increasing moose, caribou

All gas line options up for discussion (by Gov. Sarah Palin)

All remaining evidence to be turned over in Palin email case

Alternative Media: Sarah Palin gets it, the rest of the GOP should follow

American women should support Palin

AmeriCorps Week

Among GOP faithful, Palin’s the (wo)man

Among Republicans, Most Popular GOP Figure Is Palin, By A Mile

An apology is not enough

Anchorage Edition: April 17, 2009

Andrew Breitbart Digs Sarah Palin

An Instructive Candidacy: What Sarah Palin taught us about ourselves.

An invite for Palin

Ann Coulter on Palin’s Resignation (Hannity),2933,530433,00.html

Announcing the Trig Paxson Van Palin National Impact Award

Another Attack on Palin Amounts to Nothing

Another ethics complaint against Palin dismissed

Another ethics complaint against Palin dismissed

Another Ethics Complaint Dismissed (Andrea McLeod’s Sixth)

Another Ethics Complaint Dismissed: Governor Sarah Palin Cleared of Accusations

Another Ethics Complaint Rejected

Another example of why we need a “loser pays” law

Another Frivolous Complaint Bites the Dust! Meg Stapleton Discusses It with Eddie Burke

Another McLeod Ethics Complaint Fails: Officially Found to Lack Merit

*Another Palin first

Another Sarah Palin Ethics Complaint? Meet Her Accuser!

The Anti-Palin Leakers Strike Back (TX4P)

Anti-Palin Vid Firm On NEA Call?

Anti-Palin Vitriol A Sign Of Decay

AP attacks Gov. Palin EVEN in birth announcement of grandson

AP could be acronym for ‘Anti-Palin’ or ‘Attack Palin’

APOC Dismisses Complaint Against Palin Regarding Last Year’s Ballot Measure 4

APOC staff says Palin has disclosed enough

Apology Accepted? Nope (Gretawire)

Apology not enough for anti-Letterman protesters

AP Somehow Equates Jindal, Perry, and Palin to Sanford Affair

Arbor Day

THE SARAH CHRONICLES: Arsonist intended murder at Palin’s church? -Report: Alarm, phone wires cut, fire set at entrance

Ask Newt Premium Preview: On Sarah Palin as a running mate…

Assailin’ Palin: Complaints deluge gov.

Assembly unanimously approves budget for city

As Swine Flu Spreads, Will Sebelius Nomination Remain Stagnant?

Attention Tammy Bruce

Attorney General Talis Colberg Resigns
Governor Palin Accepts Resignation

Auburn Founders Day

Automotive Service Professionals Week

Back home, Palin outlines concerns over stimulus package

Backbone: Palin supports Glenn Beck!

Bad weather stops Palin visit to Valdez

Baier: Purdum’s Vanity Fair Hit Piece Example of ‘Palin Derangement Syndrome’

Ballot Box: Palin’s ‘Crazy’ Move Might Work in Iowa

Banquet displayed Palin hold on conservatives

Barack Obama’s Achilles Heel, Sarah Palin’s Opportunity (C4P)

Barack Obama’s Alaska Mafia Is On The Run And Angry The Spotlight Is On Them (Gary Jackson)

Because Palin sells

Begich battles Palin over stimulus cash

Behind Saturday Night Live’s scenes: Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton, John McCain

Behind The Palin Pull Out

Beltway GOP Shows Contempt for Grassroots; Protest Tonight’s Event

Beltway suddenly becomes more Palin-friendly

Biden proves he’s no Sarah Palin

Big Alaska Looks to Small Nuclear

*Big majority finds Palin’s comments on healthcare plan spot on

Big 3 Nets’ Evening Newscast Audiences Continue HIstoric Current-Year and Long-Term Slides

Big turnout for Palin’s first major speech since 2008 election

Bill O’Reilly Takes On Eminem Over Palin Reference In ‘We Made You’ Clip

Blacks in Government Days

Bloggers Positive About Palin’s Resignation

Blogger who posted Palin divorce rumors resigns from job; TV commentators weigh in


Blogging for England, Palin and St. George

Bob and Mark Call Out the ADN (C4P)

The book of Levi… (a tale of two Obama operatives and their self-seeking tool)  

*The Book of Sarah: A Chronicle of the Career of Gov. Sarah Palin -(Josh Painter)

The Brazos River Valley is Sarah Palin Country

BREAKING: John Kerry (D-Mass) Endorses Palin!

Bridgewater man says sign supporting Sarah Palin taken from his yard

The brilliant strategery of Sarah Palin

British Terrorist Cell Infiltrates C4P? (good read)

*Calling BS on a bogus poll (by Josh Painter)

Calls for 2012 presidential run echo at Alaska Gov. Palin’s annual picnic in hometown

Campaign allure dims post haste

CAMPAIGN ‘08: Planned Parenthood not not behind the effort

Campbell says he backed Palin’s veto of stimulus funds

Can You Handle The Truth?

Carrie Prejean doesn’t have ‘any regrets’ of controversy

Carrie Prejean Stars at Conservative Summit

The Case for Life: Changing One Heart At A Time

Cash for Palin

CBS News Exec Kaplan Advances Palin Distortion

Chance Of A Lifetime: Dinner With Sarah Palin

Chart of the Day: Sotomayor, Palin among top female newsmakers

Chicago Tribune’s ‘The Swamp’ Blogger Likens Palin’s Endorsement of Beck’s Fox News Show to ‘Palin’ Around with Terrorists’


Christie Brinkley vs. Sarah Palin

Chugach Electric announces new long-term natural gas contracts

Chugach Electric Association, ConocoPhillips Sign Gas Contract

Classy Katie Mocks Palin, Rush at Princeton Graduation

Clean Beaches Week

Clinton Backs out, now Palin disinvited to NYC rally

A Closer Look at Sarah Palin’s Legal Fees and Finances (Mixed)

CNN Bozo Accidentally Outs His Source; Palins Threaten LegalActionOn Divorce Smear

CNN poll of Republicans: Huckabee 22, Palin 21, Romney 21

Colorado delegates sailin’ with Palin

* Comic offers a tepid, albeit balanced, biography of Palin

Complaint alleging Palin’s wardrobe at Iron Dog race was conflict dismissed

Complaint over Palin’s mining comment dismissed

(Conflict of interest vanity) Huckabee using his FNC spot to undermine 2012 rival Palin!

Confusion over Palin’s plans

Congratulations, Sarah Palin (Robert Stacy McCain)

Conservative Leaders to Gather for Values Voters Summit

Conservatives 4 Palin (C4P)

The Conservative Revival Begins

Conservative Snobs Are Wrong About Palin
I know Margaret Thatcher. The two have a lot in common.

Consolidated List Of Ethics Complaints Filed Against Alaska Governor Sarah Palin Since August 2008

Consolidate this: Palin uniting 6 utility companies

 Conventional wisdom cannot explain Palin

Could Sarah Palin Become the “Alternate” POTUS?

Couric Advises Against ‘Nastiness’ — In Speech That Mocked Rush, Palin, Rumsfeld, and Miss California

Couric Down Without Palin

Court decision raises doubts about new Alaska offshore drilling

Court Review Ends on Kenai Natural Gas Exports


Critic at Large: Whatever you think of Palin, Letterman was out of line

Critic files another Palin ethic complaint;_ylt=Aloe8gczhgCDdOvh5trQVRt1fNdF

Critics Keep Hounding Palin With Ethics Complaints

Critics must be very afraid of Palin,0,947611.story

Critics Still Focused on Palin Even After She’s No Longer in Charge of Alaska,2933,536481,00.html

Crowds Embrace Gov. Palin

The ‘Cuda Goes To Kosovo (Digital Journal)

he ‘Cuda Goes To Kosovo  (Gary Jackson)

The ‘Cuda Goes To Kosovo (God Bless America!)

The ‘Cuda Goes To Kosovo  (RedState)

The ‘Cuda Goes To Kosovo (SodaHead)

The ‘Cuda Goes To Kosovo (SPIB)

The ‘Cuda Goes To Kosovo (SPWB)

The ‘Cuda Goes To Kosovo (A Time for Choosing)

The ‘Cuda Stops by for Tea (C4P)

*Custom motorcycles, Paul Senior and Palin

Dalton Highway projects funding scaled back

Dan Fagan: Hey, Ethics Charges Against Palin for Wearing Her Husband’s Jacket Are a Great Idea (C4P)

Dan Fagan: Too Blind to See His Own Stupidity (C4P)

Daniel S. Sullivan Named Attorney General (w/audio & video)

David Letterman & Sarah Palin: War of Words,,20284295,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines

David Letterman Apologizes; End of Story?

David Letterman is a Pig (3rd Update) (Shane Vander Hart)

David Letterman Protest Rally (missed this one by Hillbuzz)

*David Letterman’s Double Standard (Meghan McCain)

David Letterman Slammed For Sex Jokes About Palin’s Teen Daughter,2933,525724,00.html

Days of Remembrance

DC Court Ruling Puts Alaska Jobs & Industry at Risk (thx C4P)

*D.C.’s most exclusive club: Obama, Palin and no reporters

Death-Panel Encore: Sarah Palin’s Testimony

Defends Palin

*Delegation to Obama: No “rash actions” on Arctic policy

Democrats trying to turn Palin into Quayle

*Dem Strategists: Sarah Palin Is The New Rush Limbaugh

Dennis Egan sworn in as Juneau’s senator

Designer of Sarah Palin’s glasses turns to next projects

Despicable Attack On Sarah Palin By Rapper Ignored By Media

Did Sarah Palin Diss Bill Clinton?

Did Sarah Palin Supporters Swing the NOW Election?

DiNicola used Palin to belittle Christians and their values

Dinner with Palin part of charity auction

Dinner with Palin part of charity auction;_ylt=AhuA79wvDGvybf.VGFx0Tsr9zp54

Dilikes Noshes quote, likes Sarah Palin #tcot #spwbt

Dinner with ex-Alaskan gov Sarah Palin goes for $63,500 on eBay

Does Palin Have a Political Future?

Does Sarah Palin need two terms?

Do-nothing legislature: ‘It’s all Palin’s fault’  (Josh Painter)

Don’t Let Your Enemies Define You

Don’t Lie About Our Sarah

Down Syndrome: Sarah Palin’s Brave Choice

Dowd and others still fear Sarah Palin

*Draft Palin Effort Begins In A Denny’s In West Haven

Dress Like Sarah Palin Website Scores Golden Dot Award

Dr. King and Governor Palin: March On!

DSCC Anti-Palin Attack Ad FAIL

Dutch Harbor Remembrance Day  (Gov. Palin’s Proclamation)

Dutch Harbor Remembrance Day: State Flags Lowered on June 3, 2009

Eagle battered as stubborn ice jam backs up Yukon River; disaster declared

Editorial: Sarah Palin, author

Election watchdogs weigh Palin comment

El discurso de Palin en la Casa Seward de Auburn

El Voto Hispano y Sarah Palin

Empowering women

The endlessness of Jack Kemp

*Enough of the Palin-bashing!

Enough Palin bashing

Eternity Road: Obama’s Nemesis Is Citizen Sarah

Ethicsgate” Video back up! Obama Operatives Behind Palin Legal Harassment and “Ethics” Charges

*Estimates show Palin assets top $1 million

Ethics Complaint on Apparel Dismissed (14th with no violations)

Ethics complaint filed against Palin

Ethics complaint filed against Palin for PAC work

Ethics complaint against Palin dismissed

Ethics complaint filed against Palin for PAC work (more details)

Ethics Complaint No. 20 for Palin (On the Record),2933,533020,00.html

Ethics Complaint on Apparel Dismissed – 14th Ethics Complaints filed with no Violations

Ethics Complaints Against Governor Palin Constitute a Pattern of Harassment (Ron Devito)

Ethics Complaints Against Palin Dismissed; Sun Rises In East

Ethics complaints ‘ridiculous’

Ethicsgate: Obama and the dems direct links to the effort to destroy Sarah Palin

Even Palin’s detractors don’t stoop this low

Events in Palin’s political career

Events in Palin’s political career (AP – a little slanted);_ylt=Agq2fbTWNKfLUOzTfMRqYZL9zp54

Everybody Expects…the Liberal Inquisition!

Ex-Alaska atty gen wins mayoral election

Exclusive Interview with Sarah Palin by Human Events

Exclusive: Oval Office Watch – Wednesday, September 9

Exercise is Medicine Month

Ex-Governor Judy Martz at Peace With Lord, Legacy

Experts: Sarah Palin may surprise you

Exposing and Disarming Palin Divorce Rumor (includes pictures)

Exxon, TransCanada to meet with Alaska lawmakers

*Face of a GOP Serious About Good Policy? How About Sarah Palin?

Fairbanks North Star Borough Senior Recognition Day

Fairbanks residents appointed to gas authority

Fairbanks residents bear the cold to see first outdoor junior league game (Palin dropped the puck)

The Face of Democrat Insanity (RedState)

The Face of Democrat Insanity  (Gary Jackson)

The Face of Democrat Insanity (SPIB)

The Face of Democrat Insanity  (SPWB)

The Face of Democrat Insanity  (A Time for Choosing)

*The Faith of Sarah Palin (by Julian Lukins)

*Fan pays $63,500 for dinner with Palin

Fans Push Palin for President in 2012

Fantastic Friday With The Palins

Fan wins dinner with Sarah Palin (video)

The Fashion Looks of Sarah Palin,29307,1853356,00.html

The fashion of Sotomayor, Palin, Hillary, Michelle

The Fate of Alaska’s Joan of Arc

FBI says Palin isn’t under investigation

FBI squashes rumors of Palin investigation


*FEC dismisses complaint over Palin clothing

*FEC: Spending spree to dress Palin was legal

*The Female Force Series: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton & Gov Sarah Palin

Feminist decries treatment of Clinton, Palin during election

Fifteenth Ethics Complaint Dismissed

Finally, A Truth Why Sarah Palin Resigned!,_a_truth_why_sarah_palin_resigned!.thtml

*The Final Push

Fire David Letterman campaign takes root; protest planned over comment on Sarah Palin’s daughter

*The ‘First Dude’ in his element

*Fiscal Conservatism and the Soul of the GOP

Fishery Council Appointments Approved by U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke

Fishing Week

Flag Day (Gov. Palin’s Proclamation)

Flood warning on for Russian Mission; Palin visits Tanana

Florida study: Sarah Palin hurt by a focus on her looks

Fmr. Bush aide disputes ‘Palin warning’

Following Up On Soros, CREW, Palin, and Obama (SPIB)

Following Up On Soros, CREW, Palin, and Obama (SPWB)

Forget Bush, not Reagan (Michael Reagan)

For Jesse Griffin (Gryphen) and the Alaskan bloggers, the game has changed.

Former Gov. Palin & Star Parker to Kick Off Campaign

Former president’s son to speak on what Reagan would do today

Former Lt. Gov. H.A. “Red” Boucher dies at 88

Former U.S. Attorney Wev Shea: State Must Defend Palin (Joseph Russo)

For Palin fans, a team of their own: The Alaska governor drew a lot of women into the political conversation, and they’re trying to keep it going.,0,7114794.story

Frank Rich Calls Out GOP for Racism, Dishonestly Links Sarah Palin to Birthers

FReepers find latest AP smear job smells like a rat

Free Sarah Palin, Part II: No media at her big SoCal speech

The Friday Line:  Ranking Republican Leaders

*Friends, foes cash in on Palin

Frivolous Complaints Continue to be Dismissed

*Frivolous Ethics Complaints? You Betcha!

*From Governor to Super Star  µ

From the state GOP convention: Sarah Palin’s new lawyer

*Frustrated, Palin to quit oil panel job

Full-Service Palin Site:

Further Reaction To Palin’s Resignation

Game On: Anklebiters File Frivolous Ethics Complaint Against Governor…(C4P)

Gift of the Season? 2009 Palin Calendar Tops Best Seller List

Gingrich camp: Plagiarism claim ‘silly’

Gingrich: Palin won’t be future GOP leader [little does he know!]

Gingrich says Palin has head start in 2012

Gingrich sees no harm in Palin’s use of his words

Gingrich spokesman says there is zero issue with Palin speech

Give Palin commonsense credit Give Sarah Palin a break


*Glenn Beck on Palin Legal Attacks

Global Food Alaska Days

God and Sarah Palin

Going to extremes for a dinner with Palin

GOP chairman calls Palin one of party’s leaders


GOP Woes and Social Conservatives

Go, Sarah!

*Governor Accepts Half of Stimulus Funds: Alaska vows to be part of the solution, not the problem

Governor Acknowledges Action on Stimulus

*Governor Announces Alaska’s Exports Remain Strong Alaska’s 2008 exports at $3.6 billion

Governor Announces Board Appointments

Governor Announces Board Appointments

Governor Attends Pt Thomson Luncheon To Express Her Appreciation for Project

Governor Calls Obama’s Cuts ‘Outrageous’

Governor Calls Obama’s Cuts ‘Outrageous’

Governor Congratulates Alyeska Pipeline

Governor Congratulates TransCanada on FERC Order

Governor Declares Disaster for Interior Flooding Event

Governor Dismayed by Court Ruling on Off-Shore Drilling

Governor Expresses Support to Salazar

Governor Hails Drilling at Point Thomson: First Well Drilled There Since 1983

Governor Highlights Accomplishments of Legislative Session

Governor Hopeful for Budget Agreements

Governor Issues Statement on Planned Parenthood Donations

Governor Lauds Fed Coordinator Selection

Governor Lauds Kensington Mine Ruling – A Gold Mining Project Near Juneau

Governor Makes Board Appointments

Governor Makes Board Appointments

Governor Makes Board Appointments on June 26, 2009

Governor Opposes Waxman-Markey Bill – Controversial Fed Climate Change Legislation

Governor Orders Flags Lowered for Former Lieutenant Governor Boucher

Governor Palin After North Korean Nuke Test: “Why Consider US Missile Program Cuts Now?”

Governor Palin Announces Appointments

Governor Palin Announces No 2nd Term No Lame Duck Session Either  (pics)

Governor Palin Appoints Members of Transportation Task Force (KTVA Anchorage)

Governor Palin Appoints Members of Transportation Task Force

Governor Palin Comments on Dismissal of Charges Against Stevens

Governor Palin Concerned with Postal Rate Increases

Governor Palin Directs Filing of New Kensington Brief $300 million mining project would create hundreds of jobs

Governor Palin Discusses Legislative Session

Governor Palin Fights for AMWR

Governor Palin Helps Disabled In Westchester By Attending An Autism Speaks Event

Governor Palin Honors International Excellence in Alaska

Governor Palin Honors International Excellence in Alaska: North Star Awards (Ron Devito)

Governor Palin Introduces Michael Reagan (Audio Transcript): Following is the..

Governor Palin Lauds AGIA Progress -Commissioners Urge Senator Begich to Adopt a Bipartisan Approach

Governor Palin Lauds Congressional Firearm Provision

*Governor Palin Leads The Opposition To Obama

Governor Palin Media Database

Governor Palin Meets U.S. Pacific Air Force Commander

Governor Palin Not Invited to Speak at Wasilla High’s Graduation

Governor Palin: Obama’s Change is as “Predictable as Alaska’s Winter Snow”

Governor Palin Orders Flags Lowered: for Constitutional Convention Delegate

Governor Palin Presents Purple Hearts to War Heroes (Ron Devito)

Governor Palin Pushes to Expand Alaska’s Gas Output To Lower 48, Alaska & World

Governor Palin Receives IGHL Award for Defending People with Special Needs

Governor Palin Requests Federal Disaster Declaration – 2009 spring floods one of worst seasons on record

Governor Palin Requests Preliminary Damage Assessment from FEMA Teams will evaluate loss and set the stage for federal disaster declaration

Governor Palin’s Budgets: Pointing Out the Obvious (That She’s Got A Stellar Record)

Governor Palin’s Interview with Sean Hannity at IGHL Gala  (Ron Devito)

Governor Palin’s Introduction of Michael Reagan Complete Transcript (Palin’s Accomplishments)

Governor Palin Signs House Bills At Kenai and Soldotna Chamber Luncheon

Governor Palin Signs Boating Safety Bill in Wrangell

Governor Palin Signs House Bill 106 (VPSO program)

Governor Palin Signs Power Cost Equalization Bill

Governor Palin’s Letter Re Disclosure Exemption

Governor Palin’s Interview with Sean Hannity at IGHL Gala

NewsGovernor Palin Snubs Washington Insiders At Senate-House Dinner (US News)

Governor Palin’s Press Archive

Governor Palin’s Speech in Augusta

Governor Palin’s Release Concerning the Parental Notification Bill

Governor Palin Statement on attacks against Carrie Prejean

Governor Palin Statement on George Tiller (SarahPAC)

Governor Palin Statement on Governor Sanford

Governor Palin’s Travel Plans Up in the Air; Blame Mother Nature

Governor Palin’s Victories Against Ethics Complaints,2933,525468,00.html

Governor Palin Surveys Flood Damage in Interior (official statement)

Governor Palin Thanks Appointees for Public Service

Governor Palin 12. Enemies 0. (Ron Devito)

Governor Palin Vetoes Spendulus Waste

Governor Palin Visits [Flood-Ravaged]Tanana

Governor Palin Visits Tanana

Governor Palin Welcomes International Diplomats

Governor Pays Tribute to Fallen Marines

Governor Safeguarding Student Loans – Signed Legislation That Will Avert Disruption

Governor Salutes Seward’s Vision

“Governor Sarah Palin”

*Governor Sarah Palin and the CPAC Straw Poll

*Governor Sarah Palin is a Fiscal Conservative

Governor Sarah Palin Named Honoree for IGHL Gala

Governor Sarah Palin’s Proclamations

Governor Sarah Palin’s Statement Contrasting Obama and Steele

Governor Sarah Palin to Sign House Bill 172

Governor Sarah Palin – Women in American Politics

Governor Says “There You Go Again”
to Salacious Nature of Recent Reporting

Governor’s Chief of Staff Releases Statement (thx Gary J.)

Governor schools PHS students on legislative process

Governor, Senate Democrats Agree on Dennis Egan for District B

Governor Signs House and Senate Bills: House Bill 137 and Senate Bill 57

Governor Signs House Bill

Governor Signs Legislation Strengthening Child Safety Requirements

Governor’s Legislative Office Releases 2008 Citation Praising Ross

Governors Place Wager On Eve Of Kelly Cup Finals

Governor Palin tours Auburn

Governor Palin Visits ANG in Kosovo
on a Peacekeeping Mission

Governor’s reaction regarding Letterman’s apology

Governor Sarah Palin Visits Task Force Arctic Eagle Soldiers in Kosovo

Governor Signs Senate Bill, Resolution

Governor Views Flood Zone as Emergency Teams Respond

Gov. Palin visits Auburn beauty school

Governor Visits Haines and Skagway

The Governor Who Came To Dinner: Did The GOP Snub Palin?,8599,1903421,00.html

Gov Mourns Loss of Ft Richardson Soldier – First Lieutenant Brian N. Bradshaw

Gov Palin Fights Back (GretaWire)

Gov. Palin Helps Disabled In Westchester, L.I.

Gov. Palin: Obama’s Economic Policy is “Backwards”; UPDATE: Audio of Gov. Palin’s Speech (C4P)

Gov. Palin Offers Support to Family of Captive Soldier  (TX4P)

Gov Palin on Notre Dame’s Decision to Honor Obama (C4P)

Gov. Palin on the Death of George Tiller (C4P)

Gov. Palin on Time Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People” List (C4P)

Gov. Palin Pitches in to Help Military K-9 Outreach (Josh Painter)

Gov. Palin Reimburses Alaska $8K for Family Trips (FOX)

Gov Sarah Palin Responds to Senator Kerry’s “Missing” Joke … Hey John, Why the Long Face

Gov. Palin returns to work

Gov. Palin’s Appearances in Indiana Reflect Her Values and True Persona

Gov. Palin’s future depends on Alaska’s economy

Gov Palin Signs Boating Safety Memo with Coast Guard Admiral

Palin Speaking In Anchorage On Thursday The 27th

Gov. Sarah Palin’s Leadership Produced a 2010 Budget That Spent Less Than the 2009 Budget

Gov. Palin’s March-April Newsletter


Gov. Palin tours Tubman House in advance of Saturday’s big day

Gov Palin Ventures Out (Gretta)

Gov. Palin Visits Stennis Off Alaska

Gov Palin Welcomes Int’l Delegation to Celebrate 50 Years of Alaska

Gov. Palin will finally get to New York this weekend

Gov. Sarah Palin Celebrates Hanukka and Honors Mumbai Terrorist Victims

Gov. Sarah Palin Celebrates Hanukka and Honors Mumbai Terrorist Victims

Gov. Sarah Palin: Follow Your Heart

Gov. Sarah Palin: “Some things never change.”

*Gov. Sarah Palin:  Star Power

Gov. Sarah Palin to appear on Hannity tonight (TX4P)

Gov. Sarah Palin To Visit Southern Indiana

Gov Sarah Palin Weighs In On Notre Dame Scandal (Gateway Pundit)

Grassley defends Palin, sort of

Grassroots Webathon Day 4: Team Sarah Joins the Fight

Grassroots Webathon Day 7: Wrap-Up (C4P)

Grassroots Webathon to Retire Governor Sarah Palin’s Legal Debt (Sarah’s Web Brigade)

Grassroots Webathon to Retire Governor Sarah Palin’s Legal Debt (SPWB MySpace)

Grassroots Webathon to Retire Governor Sarah Palin’s Legal Debt (SPWB)

Grassroots Webathon to Retire Governor Sarah Palin’s Legal Debt (SPIB)

Great Quotes

Greer group has surprise meeting with Sarah Palin during trip to Wasilla


Gun rights advocates honour Palin with a custom made

The Guy Behind the Palin Pick

HALPERIN’S TAKE: 10 Reasons Sarah Palin Won’t Seek Re-Election

Happy Birthday! Feb.11,0,1505467.story

Happy 4th of July from Alaska!

PDF File

Happy Mother’s Day, Governor Palin

*Hard 10 months

*Hating Sarah Palin – and Us

Heath, Palin stumping for Ward

*Heffer:  Media Downplays Sarah Palin’s Popularity (by Josh Painter

Help erase Sarah Palin’s legal debts

Help Terminal Man Find Palin’s Plane (?!)

Here’s where residents can catch a glimpse of Alaska’s governor

“Hey Alaska, wanna swap governors?”(Don Surber)

Hey, Geoffrey, Let Me Show You Real Plagiarism; UPDATE: Palin’s Attorney Demands Removal of Story; Letter Included *

Highlights From Gov. Palin’s Lincoln Dinner Speech

“High Risk, High Reward”

‘Hinterland of reality’

Hiring freeze will affect about 200 Juneau jobs

Historical Perspectives (C4P)

Hockey Mom Sarah Palin Cheered At StL Blues Game

The hockey mom’s message

*Holy Moly Is Right: Palin on American Chopper

Hope and change: GOP even with Dems in party affiliation for first time since 2005

*Hope, Change, & Lies: Orchestrated “Grassroots” Smear Campaigns & the People that Run Them [Updated]

How about a 2012 ticket of Sarah Palin and Dana Perino?

How Auburn reeled in one of biggest fish in U.S. politics – Sarah Palin

How Dare Sarah Palin Give a Speech in Indiana!

How Her Mind Works by Mark McKinnon

*How John McCain came to pick Sarah Palin by Jane Mayer

*How Low Can Sarah Palin Bashing Go?

*How Palin Beat Alaska’s Establishment

How Palin Will Defeat Obama

How Sarah Palin Rope-a-Doped All-Too-Many Liberals

How to cook a political poll

How to Dress Like Sarah Palin

Huckabee, Limbaugh concerned by third-party talk surrounding Palin

Huckabee Says Palin Still A Strong Candidate

HuffPo’s Geoffrey Has Come Undone over Palin (TX4P)

Humor cultures and another reason why Conservatives love Sarah Palin

Huntsman Strategist (he has political ambitions): Palin, Limbaugh Will Be Downfall GOP

*If it Comes Down to Sarah Palin or Joe Klein Bet on Palin Every Time


If Obama Can Come to School on September 8th, Gov. Palin Can Come on the 9th


If Only Congress Had Listened to Sarah Palin (Josh Painter)

If She Had Stayed, Palin Would have Won 2010 Election in Alaska

*I’M A RUNNER: SARAH PALIN,7120,s6-243-410–13221-1-1X2X3X4-5,00.html

I’m Coming After MSNBC for Calling Sarah Palin the Poster Girl for Racism

I’m ‘saddened’ by ‘vicious attacks’ on Palin, McCain says

I’m Sarah: From Catching Fish to Commander in Chief (includes video)

In a league of her own, Palin swings away at Couric,Fey, and Kennedy

An Inconvenient Truth About The “Death Panel”

In era of Obama, no new Reagans allowed by Jonathan Falwell

In Health Care Debate, Sarah Palin Smoked Out the REAL Barack Hussein Obama

Inheriting Palin’s Pipeline Ambitions (Mixed)

In pseudo-flap, Mitt makes amends with Sarah

*Inside Politics Weekend: Palin press

The interesting similarities between Ronald Reagan and Sarah Palin

International Scholars Study Gov. Palin (C4P)

In Texas, Gov. Perry Crows About His Endorsement by Palin

ΞIs mysterious website tipping off McCain’s VP?

In-State Gas Line Remains Top Priority

Iowa Republicans Ask Palin to Dinner

Iron Dog snowmobile race loses primary sponsor

Is Alaska big enough for celebrity Palin?
Is Governor Sarah Palin Still the Frontrunner for GOP Nominee for President in 2012? Poll Before Governor Bobby Jindal’s Speech Says She Was; Now it is Certain

Is Gov. Palin New York bound?  (Josh Painter)

Is mysterious website tipping off McCain’s VP?
Page suggests this GOP figure will complete party’s ticket

I Spent this Morning with Sarah Palin in Auburn, NY (includes pictures)

Is Sarah Palin an American Version of Esther?

*Is Sarah Palin a Plus for Women?


Is Sarah Palin (Implicitly) Pro-Choice?

Is Sarah Palin running for prez? On LI, nobody’s saying no,0,4798031.column?track=rss


It’s Obama, not Palin, who cannot govern

It’s On: Palin Backers Shoot Back at Romney With “Bear” Web Ad

It’s Time for David Letterman to Go! (A Time for Choosing)

It’s Time for David Letterman to Go! (Gary Jackson)

It’s Time for David Letterman to Go! (SPWB)

I Will Always Love Sarah Palin

I Will Never Regret Supporting Sarah Palin!

‘Jane Roe’ arrested at Notre Dame, plus Sarah Palin weighs in

Jeri and Fred Thompson kick off Team Sarah this Saturday.

Jindal, Palin still on GOP leaders short list for 2012

*The Joan of Arc of Alaska politics

JOHN BALOGH: Support voiced for Palin

John Kerry Bombs With Sarah Palin Joke

John Kerry joke: Sarah Palin should go missing, not Mark Sanford

John Kerry Joke: Too Bad Sarah Palin Didn’t Go Missing

john kerry’s sarah palin joke (amusing Kerry photos)

John McCain Offers Words of Encouragement to Resigning Palin

John McCain picks Alaska’s Gov. Sarah Palin as his VP

John McCain Picks Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as Running Mate

John McCain Picks Sarah Palin as Running Mate,,20222457,00.html

John Zeigler:  John Ennis Thinks I’m “A Dumbass”: A Point by Point Response

John Ziegler : Reaction To My Palin Interview Proves The Point

John Ziegler’s Exclusive Interview With Sarah Palin

“John Ziegler’s exclusive radio interview with Governor Sarah Palin”

Journo pays for criticizing Palin; loses dinner bid

Judge hearing Palin e-mail case recuses himself

Judge hears arguments on Palin’s use of personal e-mail in official business

Judge rules in favor of Palin’s use of personal e-mail

Juneau awaits budget items

Judge rules in Palin e-mail case

Juneau Resident Attempts to Close Down Piper Palin’s Lemonade Stand (Joseph Russo)

June 8, 2009 Synopsis of Governor Palin’s Accomplishments

Juneteenth Day (Gov. Palin’s proclamation)

Just Don’t Call Me Sarah Palin (Actually, Please Do!)

Karki: The only one calling Obama and Pelosi to account is Sarah Palin.

Kathy Griffin’s Date Night With Bristol Palin’s (Fame-Hungry) Ex Fiance,2933,538738,00.html

Katie Couric Speech At Princeton Mocks Sarah Palin And Rush Limbaugh

*Keeping Up with Governor Palin*DeiVsbK6678jH*YMQ25e5phoWVHCIGRkJi8BIZqRyEtOL0zvb9W6BmckwQuNnLa/keepingUpWithGovPalin.pdf

Kerry Keeps After Palin (more Dem lies)

Kerry, moveon,org still worried about Sarah Palin

Kerry working on Palin retort

Kiwanis Week

Kristen Cole’s Press Release Regarding Leak of Ethics Violation Information (on

Kristol: A Contrarian Take

Kristol: Liberal Media and GOP Hacks vs. Palin (the weekly Standard)

Kristol: Two More Contrarians on Palin to stream Palin’s farewell address, Parnell’s swearing-in Sunday

Ladies, If Sarah Palin Ever Makes Sense Again on Issues Impacting Women, We Must Move More Quickly to Support Her (Palin detractorsupports Palin on women’s issues)

Land Exchange Has Gov Palin’s Support – Izembek and Alaska Maritime Refuges

Last-minute compromise sealed deal for Egan on state Senate seat

Laura Ingraham: Sarah Palin is the Only Republican with Star Power

Lawmakers Await Possible Palin Vetoes

Lawmakers await possible Palin vetoes on bills from session

Lawmakers (blinded by $ signs) appear to have votes to override Palin

Lawmakers predict confirmation for new AG

Lawmakers reject Ross as AG in historic vote

Lawyer says Palin has no legal issues

Lawyer seeks Palin e-mail records

Leading Through Example: Governor Palin Signs 9 Bills & Honors Veterans

Leashing Sarah in Four Acts (Josh Painter)

The Left attacks who they fear: Sarah Palin–Politics-Examiner~y2009m6d15-The-Left-attacks-who-they-fear-Sarah-Palin

The Left is Still Hating Palin

Leftists not straight when it comes to Palin

Left Sees Palin As Threat to Agenda

The left’s gallery of cretins

The Left’s Perpetual War To Destroy American Values

Legislators challenge Palin LG appointment

Legislators plan to let Troopergate lie

Legislators mum on Palin’s stimulus plan

Legislature to take up Palin stimulus veto

Letterman Apologizes to the Palin Family (Shane Vander Hart)

Letterman Battle Over  – But War on Sexism and Misogyny Continues

Letterman’s faux apology

Letterman’s Mea Culpa (Sean Hannity’s Blog)

Letterman symbolic of national coarseness

Letter: Palin will set country right

Letterman Takes Full Blame; Palin Accepts Apology Despite Acceptance Of Apology, Plans Tuesday Afternoon Protest (CBS TV)

Letter: Palin, Bachmann reflect what’s needed in nation

Letter: Sarah Palin deserves praise, not criticism

Letter: So, why is Dowd so stuck on Sarah?

Letter to and about plagiarism

Levi Johnston Breaks His Silence (wonder how much they paid him)

Levi Johnston Dead Beat Dad Of The Year (Gary Jackson)

Levi Johnston Dead Beat Dad Of The Year (SPIB)

Levi Johnston Deadbeat Dad of the Year (SPWB)

Levi Johnston: Gay Pin-Up Boy? Fine By Me!

Levi Johnston Hunts Stardom in Los Angeles (agent Tank Jones is Obama operative),,20285906,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines

Levi Johnston [another tool of the left]: ‘I didn’t think it was going to get this rough’

Levi Johnston should not be our trusted source on Sarah Palin

Levi Johnston’s Mom Says Families Not at War,,20278816,00.html#facebook_comment

Levi Johnston: What Does He Really Want & How Should He Get It?

Levi the Liar

Liberal Conspiracy to Frame and Defame TeamSarah: Busted! By Bill Collier

Liberals’ criticism borders on sadism

Liberals take Palin out of context…again

Libertarian heads up Fire David Letterman effort

LI dinner has Palin watchers eyeing her next campaign,0,2493935.story

*The Light Side of Sarah Palin

Limbaugh Says Don’t Count Palin Out for 2012 (CBS)

List of ethics complaints filed against Alaska Gov. Palin

Local Man Hears from Palin Family

Local nurse named to Council on Emergency Medical Services

Local will dine with Palin

Locke OKs 2 for fishery council

Long Face’s Rep Responds to Criticism Over Palin Joke, “If They Think He’s Afraid of a Strong, Smart Woman, They Sure Haven’t Met His Brilliant Wife”…

The Long Goodbye

*The Long Knives for Governor Palin

Lt. Gov. Response to Palin’s Announcement

Lunch: The Usual Suspects Today — But Sarah Palin Was Here Last Night!

Lynn introduces bill on ethics complaints

Maher: Palin Would Kill Indians From a Helicopter

Make A Difference

March for Babies

Marci Klein – Part III (on Sarah Palin)

*Margaret Thatcher And Sarah Palin-More Alike Than One Thinks

*Marginalizing Sarah Palin (Bill O’Reilly)

Marion man makes a point with Palin

Mark Sanford in Sarah Palin’s out (they wish)

Matthews: ‘Is Sarah Palin a Poster Girl for Racism?’

Matthews on Palin: It’s “paranoid” to think big government leads to controlling the people (Hot Air)

Maybe She Doesn’t Want To Be President

May 18 2009 Synopsis of Governor Sarah Palin’s Latest Acoomplishments (Ron Devito)

May 31 2009 Synopsis of Governor Palin’s Accomplishments (Ron Devito)

McCain aides trash Palin (anonymously) in Vanity Fair. What else is new…

McCain Appears to Have Picked Sarah Palin as VP Nominee

McCain deserts Palin again on oil drilling in Arctic refuge

McCain downplays Palin report

*McCain Gives a Nod to Sarah Palin in Speech to Heritage Foundation

*McCain has only kind words for Palin

McCain: Palin not a quitter (The Hill)

McCain: Palin to be `force’ in Republican Party

McCain says resigning Palin will still play Republican role

McCain Shakes Up Race By Picking Sarah Palin for VP

ΞMcCain Should Pick Sarah Palin for VP

McCain’s Palin pick: ‘High risk… reward’ (with video)

McCain staffers push back on Vanity Fair’s Palin profile

McCain staffers with names stand up for Sarah Palin

* McCain taps Alaska Gov. Palin as vice president pick

*McCain vetter: Palin nailed interview

McLeod Has a Meltdown; Personnel Board Denies Appeals of Dismissed Ethics Charges Against Gov. Palin

Medical Laboratory Professionals Week

Meeting Piper Palin & Sarah Palin’s Peeps at Wasilla Parade!

Meghan hearts Eminem’s Palin-mocking video (Josh Painter)

Memorial Day Proclamation by Governor Sarah Palin

Men’s Health Awareness Week

The “Messiah” Versus The Real Sarah Palin

A Methodical Sarah, on the Move

Michelle wears $588.00 sneakers to a food pantry.

Military Appreciation Day

*Military Order of the Purple Heart, Governor Palin, Senator Begich, Alaskan State Officials and DOC Join Together to Establish New Program for Alaska’s Wounded Warriors

Misreading Sarah Palin

Miss California is the Left’s new Sarah Palin

Miss California’s father: Palin called to offer her support

*Mitt Romney: Obama ‘is learning on the fly’ (see his remarks about Sarah Palin)

Mitt Romney, the Beltway GOP, and the Meaning of Evansville

Moderate Republicans Also Favor Sarah Palin

Money-Grubbing Smear Merchants Rex Butler and Tank Jones Target Governor Palin

More HuffPo Horse Hockey (Josh Painter)


*The Morning After: Records Fell When Sarah Palin Spoke; Her Criticisms of Obama Proved “On the Money”

Morning Fix: A Sarah Palin Rebound?

The Most Important Number in Politics Today

*The Most Popular Governor

Most respondents agree with Palin’s decision to reject federal funds

*Out of Alaska

MSM Member Praises Sarah Palin?

Ms. Popularity
Sarah Palin may not have won the election, but she’s a fave of Google users

Much Ado (Undue) about the Palins of Alaska

My prediction about Sarah Palin

Nancy Pelosi, and the Democrats (& media’s) Female Trouble

National Black Republican Association Newsletter Tribute To Palin Edition

National Day of Prayer

National Transportation Week

National Trails Day

‘Never Again” by Sarah Palin

New Capitol annex to be named after late Judge Stewart

New PFD Trustee board member

*New poll: Palin remains popular in Alaska

Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin and Jon Voight — yes, Jon Voight — go after Pres. Obama:

New York newspaper mistakenly attributes Obama slams to Palin

The New York Stock Exchange’s Sarah Palin Shrine

Nick Tucker confronts Palin about rural Alaska

9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling allows Beaufort drilling

Nobody Boos a Nobody (Fred Malek)

Nobody Boos A Nobody by Fred Malek (RedState)

Noemie Emery on who is showing grace under what?

North Korea Testing Missiles….and Obama (WMIAR)

No surprise:  Anti-Palin AP snubs Bov. Palin (TX4P)

The 900 pound gorilla in the health care debate

Notes in the Margin…

Notre Dame Controversy: Governor Palin Weighs In (WMIAR)

Notre Dame Update: Palin Weighs In (WMIAR)

Now this is an example of hypocrisy

Now This Is Woman’s Work (Newsweek)

NRCC Invites,Then Disinvites Sarah Palin to Speak at Monday’s Dinner in D. C.

Nuggets of Truth In ‘Death Panel’ Rhetoric (Palin Derangement Syndrome yet he admits she’s right!)


Obama Neck and Neck with Romney and Palin in New 2012 Poll

Obama’s country vs. Palin’s nation

Obama’s Death Panels

Obama shares spotlight with Palin at Alfalfa Dinner

Obama Sibling Identity Thief and Stalker

*Officers Handcuff Documentary Filmmaker (Zeigler) at Katie Couric Journalism Award Event

Official Iron Dog Site/Iron Dog News

Older Americans Month

One and a Half Cheers for Interior Secretary Salazar


One name, multiple projects

On Gov. Palin, Ordinary Barbarians, and Blazing the Trail

An  opera  about  Sarah  Palin? You betcha!

Open Letter From Palin’s Lawyer, Thomas Van Flein

Options Abound for Palin After Alaska Governorship

Orange County: Meet Sarah Palin

The Other Shoe Never Dropped. Sorry Palin Haters.

Our Sarah (Scholar)

*Our view: Abuse of ethics complaints turns good law into bad politics

*Out of Alaska, Palin’s star shines

*Outsider: Where Is Sarah Palin Going Next (TIME),8599,1909442,00.html?

Overflow tickets being sold for Palin’s Ind. Trip


UNSORTED 10 (MAY 20-12 – AUGUST 2013)


UNSORTED 8   (MAY 2012 – AUGUST 2012)

UNSORTED 7   (JANUARY 2012 – MAY 2012)


UNSORTED 5   (JUNE 2011 – AUGUST 2011)

UNSORTED 4   (FEBRUARY 2011 – JUNE 2011)


UNSORTED 2   (APRIL 2010 – OCTOBER 2010)


Titles Beginning with P-Z   (JANUARY 2009 – SEPTEMBER 2009)



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