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Prelude to 2012








SRLC 2010






The Reconsider Project

Fox News Reporting: The Fight for Iowa (10 PM ET – Gov. Palin is one of the guests)

Candidate Visits to Iowa (check out September visits and sidebar candidate list)

The Republican dark horse

Video: Mark Levin Jumps On The Reconsider Bandwagon?

Video:  Mark Levin – Sarah,Sarah Palin, Where Are You

Fox News to air one-hour special on Iowa caucuses Friday night

Sarah Palin and the ‘vacuum on the right’

A Late Candidate Whose Chances May Be Improving

Was The “Earthquake” Achieved? 10.3 Total Magnitude on Saturday

Eric Bolling: If Palin Would Be In The Race She’d Be Leading All The Polls

Peg’s Letter to Governor Palin

Psst! Palin’s speech was better

Letters and Rumors and Chuck Heath, Jr.

Video:  PEANUT FOR PRESIDENT SARAH PALIN (speech by 10-year-old girl)

CNN Proclaims “Perry Needs Palin”

A Letter to Governor Sarah Palin

Introducing Sarah “John Wooden” Palin

Rick Scott: Palin has ultimate tea party cred

Palin Reconsidering? (mixed)

Breaking: Sources Tell Dr Gina Louden Sarah Palin Is Reconsidering a Presidential Run

Dr. Gina Loudon & Lee Davis chat about Sarah Palin possibly “reconsidering”

Open Letter of Reconsideration to Governor Palin

Watch Out, Virginia!

Virginia Dems warn: Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin will take control over Virginia

Sarah Palin Supporters Meet Online to Discuss Life After Her Decision

Governor Palin Tried to Call into Grizzly Fest

Sarah Palin: Kingmaker?

*It’s Not That Sarah Palin Should Reconsider, It’s That She Must

Making A Case For Sarah Palin’s Earthquake

Ed Rollins: ‘It’s never too late for Gov. Palin’ to jump into 2012 race

Insiders Say Palin, Christie Can Still Jump in 2012 Race

Crista Huff: Sarah Palin Can Save This Republic

Is It Palin time?  (mixed – last paragraph is usual Huffpoo)

Could This Be the Week Sarah Palin Gets in the Race?

Sarah Palin Impersonator, Fake George W. Bush Crash Conservative Gathering (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin Can Square the William F. Buckley and Rush Limbaugh Rules For a Republican Primary

Waiting for Sarah Palin (monologue)

Audio: Waiting for Sarah Palin

Palin ‘On the Verge’ of Decision on Presidential Bid

The Tea Party needs a Palin candidacy as a unifying force

Gov. Perry All But Invited Gov. Palin to Enter the Race

Media Prattling About Political Candidates’ IQs Is Utter Nonsense

Dr. Gina Loudon on America’s Nightly Scoreboard with David Asman

(Video) Rush on Palin: Dems Know Sarah Palin Can WIN & She Is NOT Afraid of Them

Must-Listen Blog Radio: Roderic Deane Interviews All-Star Palin Line-Up Sunday 11-1 a.m. CT

Patience Paying Off For Governor Palin

Video:   Gen Y TV: Indie Filmmaker Steve Bannon Talks Reality

Palin Waiting Game Could Run Into October

Palin: “Mark My Word, It Is Going To Be An Unconventional Election”

Sarah Palin’s Electability

Palin’s Unintended Stalking Horse?

Am I One Cup of Tea Away from Voting for Sarah Palin? (mixed)

Sarah Palin Says There’s ‘Still Time’ to Get in ‘Unconventional’ Race

The Establishment Thinks We Have No Memory

Former McCain chairman explains why he lobbied for Governor Palin as vice president

So, Who are Bob and Mark?

Ralph Nader praises Sarah Palin

The Death of the Sarah Palin Campaign Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

UK GUARDIAN: Sarah Palin is Republicans’ premium brand

TIME: Palin ‘more interesting to listen to than any candidate’

If I were a politician, I would pray for enemies like Palin’s

Keith Olbermann Defends Sarah Palin!

The Day Governor Palin Resigned

The style primary: Palin tops Bachmann in fashion face-off

The Left’s Infatuation with Sarah Palin

Wyclef Jean: Palin is rad, shrewd, cool

Hip Hop Artist Wyclef Jean Calls Palin…‘Rad’, ‘Shrewd’ & ‘Cool’

NY SUN: Sarah Palin, Constitutional conservative, should run

Sarah Palin’s Gift

Palin to Perry, Romney & Bachmann: You are what you wear & how you look

Slideshow:  Ask Sarah Palin! Perry, Romney, Paul & Bachmann – Image counts

A Palin Presidential Run is the Ultimate Debunker

Steve Forbes tells BBC: ‘Sarah Palin is running’ for President

The Palin Pantry Principle or How to Vote Like a Human Being

Don’t count out Sarah Palin

August 29,2008–The Day the Ship Left the Harbor (w/video)

It’s not too late for more GOP candidates: Iowa Republican caucuses scheduled for February

Governor Palin and the Dream

Iowans weigh a possible Palin run

Inside the Palin Industrial Complex: The People Who Thrive on Speculating About Her Presidential Intentions (mixed)

What pundits should be talkig about when it comes to Palin

Sarah Palin’s Pre-Presidential Power

Lieberman Shares His ‘Gift of Rest’

The media and Governor Sarah Palin

Are liberals threatened by strong women?

Todd and Sarah Palin Are My Heroes

Sarah PAC Disses Rove as GOP Keeps Guessing on Palin

Sarah Palin keeps her own counsel about political intentions

The Parallels Between Sarah Palin and Ronald Reagan

Palin thumps Harvard

MILLER: The Palin factor

Mark Levin – Karl Rove and Dick Morris are setting up Sarah Palin

TNA’s Amy Siskind on Fox & Friends discusses a possible Palin Run in 2012

Palin v. Obama (Faith in the American People v. Faith in Government)

The Undecided: How Long Will Sarah Palin Keep Us in Suspense?

TRENDING: Rove’s Palin prediction

‘She Will Run’

McCain: Palin would be “formidable” in 2012

Women of the right (mixed)

Rove on Palin: ‘I think she gets in’

Rove:  Palin will run

Why Palin Can Win

Mark Levin: ‘I believe Sarah Palin will run for president’  (w/video)

The Tide Waits for No One

Walking the Early States is the Path to Sarah Palin’s Nomination

Sarah Palin Presidential Run: Will She Run for Office?

I’m Still Betting On Sarah Palin

Sarah or Michele? ‘Jews for Sarah’ Responds

Palin wants ‘new energy, conviction, passion and candidness’

Whither Palin?

How conservative women – ‘Baby Palins’ – will shape 2012 vote

The Best and the Rightest

Sarah Palin is Smarter Than They Think She Is

5 Lessons Governor Sarah Palin learned from Hillary Clinton’s failed 2008 presidential campaign

“Bachmann” film praises the role of women (including Sarah Palin) in the Tea Party

What Rick Perry’s poll lead could mean for Sarah Palin

Stacy McCain Declares, Palin Not Running

Lieberman book recounts pep talk with Palin

JewsForSarah responds to HEEB inquiry re Michelle Bachmann

What do you think ? Governor Palin ? Is she running ? (also vote in the poll inside this posting)

Dan Riehl:  Why Sarah Palin Needs To Run For President In 2012

More To The Point, Sarah Palin Has Weathered The Left’s Continuous Napalm Shower With Aplomb

There’s Sarah Palin And Then There’s… ???  Cross posted at

The Real Truth About Sarah Palin — Ouch!

Palin to Hannity: I May Run

FOX Video:  Who’s the GOP Frontrunner?

Sarah Palin Overshadows GOP Debate?

Six Reasons Sarah Palin May Be Delaying Her Entry Into the Presidential Race

Will Aug. 29th Be the Magical Day Again? A Look Back At 2008 For Clues To How Palin’s Prez Announcement Might Go Down

Palin Power Coming On Stronger!

The Sarah Palin Revolution Will Be Commercialized

They hate Palin because they can’t control her

Jedediah Bila – Cocktail party lefties talk about Sarah Palin

Why I believe Sarah Palin is running for president

Hard to Tell Where Palin Ends and the Tea Party Begins (and Vice Versa)

QUESTION: Do you know the “3 Rs” Sarah Palin sometimes uses in speeches?

How do you debate people who seek to attack Governor Sarah Palin?

Palin may announce candidacy at Sept. 3 Iowa Tea Party event

Palin 2012: More “method” than “madness”? (video)

Is S.C. GOP set to go rogue? State may abandon front-runners for Tea Party

Ivy League Advice for President Sarah Palin

“We Are All Sarah Palin Now”

Will Palin Announce Candidacy At Iowa Tea Party Event?


Texans Head to Iowa to Support Palin

Iowa Politics Insider: No write-in effort under way for Palin

Guest column: Can Sarah Palin shake up the GOP? (excellent read)

What President Palin Would Not Do

If Palin Is Unelectable In 2012, So Are All The Other GOP Candidates

Palin: ’2012 can’t come soon enough’

So Why is the Palin Army so Strong?

Why Sarah Palin Will Be the Next President of the United States

Gearing Up for Palin 2012

Palin Again.

Sarah Palin’s Grace Under Pressure

TRENDING: Bristol Palin optimistic about mom’s 2012 run

Supporters hope new Palin documentary pushes her into race,0,7096318.story

Palin raises profile, $$$, contributor base (mixed)


Palin to reveal decision on WH bid by late summer

Rabbi – Sarah Palin is hated for all the right reasons

Sarah Palin is Hated for all the Right Reasons

Is Sarah Palin Ready to Announce Nomination Decision? (mixed)

You can forget about Sarah Palin as a Republican candidate, if you want to look silly by fall (Andrew Malcolm)

When Should Sarah Palin Announce Her Candidacy? –

The Extraordinary Sarah Palin (Dan Riehl)

Sarah Palin: A Politics With Humanity

Sarah Palin Confident of 2012 Win

What do you think ? Governor Palin ? Is she running ? (also vote in the poll inside this posting) by Greta Van Susteren

Van Susteren thinks Palin is in

President Palin or President Limbaugh?  Either Way Chuck Todd Loses

Sarah Palin in Newsweek: “I can win”

Sarah Palin: ‘I can win’ presidential race

Sarah Palin’s (Newsweek) Cover Shoot

Sarah Palin on 2012 presidential election: ‘I can win’, Republican field is ‘not yet set’

Newsweek:  Palin Plots Her Next Move

Why I accepted Ziegler’s bet

Donna Brazile:  Yes, I Said Sarah Palin for President

It’s Time to Thing Big:  Re-Elect President Palin, 2016

Why Sarah Palin Will Run For President In Spite of It All / Late Night Open Thread

T-shirt sales indicate Palin vs Obama in 2012

Sarah Palin ‘is’ America!

Waiting for Sarah

Why Palin Can Win

It’s clear that liberals are afraid of Palin

GOP Waits on Perry, Palin, Giuliani for 2012

We Accept John Ziegler’s Bet

John Ziegler: $100,000 Says Sarah Palin Won’t Be Elected President in 2012 (dolt!)

Report: Palin to decide on run next week?

Palin shoots down report of imminent announcement

Palin for the defense: A judge can look at a kingmaker

Palin Fundraiser, Home Purchase Fuels Speculation of 2012 Run

Sarah Palin:  My goal is to make sure that President Obama is not reelected in 2012 (w/videos)

Palin on 2012: “The fire in the belly, that’s there.”

Sarah Palin Slams Obama on Israel, Wants ‘Redneck Woman’ to Be Her Ringtone

Flashback Video:  Sarah Palin – Redneck Woman

Palin: “I Do Have The Fire In My Belly”

What Is ‘The Tragedy of Sarah Palin’?

 Palin Has the ‘Fire in Her Belly’ for Possible White House Run, But … (OTR Video and Transcript – May 19, 2011)

Sarah Palin ‘Still Seriously Considering’ Presidential Run | Hannity  (video and transcript) Sarah Palin ‘Still Seriously Considering’ Presidential Run | Hannity 

FOX News Video: Will Palin Jump Into Presidential Race? Part 1

Sarah Palin rips Newt, seriously considering 2012 run

Sarah Palin can still win the GOP nomination 

Palin: Tea Party patriots sound a bugle for Sarah to lead the charge to the WH

Will Sarah Run?

And They’re Off: Palin Reemerges While Bachmann Readies White House Bid

Sarah Palin, Leader Of The Pack – OpEd (Lloyd Marcus)

Is Sarah Palin The Real GOP Frontrunner?

Sarah Palin is a Serious Viable Legitimate for President 2012

Governor Palin’s letter for SarahPAC direct mail effort

Palin 2012? Game on!

Sarah PAC sending direct mail on 2012

SarahPAC nationwide direct mail effort!/TheFix/status/70164162201919488

Video:  Tammy Bruce – The Fact That The Machines Are So Desperate To Get Palin Not To Run

Why Sarah Palin scares them

Right, Left Analyses of Polls Miss the Mark for Possible Palin Presidential Run

Sarah Palin’s Secret Success

Waiting for the Sarahcuda or Someone Like Her


Palin outlines doctrine for use of force, picks new foreign policy adviser

Gov. Palin Hires New Foreign Policy Adviser

Five Reasons Not to Count Sarah Palin Out for 2012

Sarah Palin Stepping Out

Complaints aside, Sarah Palin dominates GOP media landscape

Answer: Maybe it’s because the Mainstream Media image of Palin as a fool is a myth.

Palin 2012: Will She, Won’t She? (mixed)

Sarah Palin keeps getting everything right

Palin’s silence concerning her candidacy driving some nuts’s_silence_concerning_her_candidacy_driving_some_nuts.html

Limbaugh Sees “Vast” Conspiracy “To Destroy” Palin

Palin supporter gets attention in Iowa

Palin Fan in Iowa Says He Works Alone

A.B. Culvahouse: The Man Who Vetted Sarah Palin

Is This Palin’s Secret Weapon in Iowa?

Five Reasons Not to Count Sarah Palin Out in 2012

Video:  Sarah Palin on ‘Hannity,’ Part 1:  Former Alaska governor on potential 2012 bid, Donald Trump

Video:  Sarah Palin on ‘Hannity,’ Part 2:  Former Alaska governor on potential 2012 bid, Donald Trump

New Palin Web Site Has Pundits Buzzing

Sarah Palin’s website sparks White House buzz

Video and Transcript of the Tax Day Tea Party Speech in Madison, Wisconsin Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Palin Website Rekindles Presidential Speculation

Sarah Palin Challenges GOP Establishment: “We’re Here, We’re Clear, Get Used To It!”

DECKER: Palin power: Fight like a girl

‘Game on!’: Sarah Palin top challenges to Obama in Wisconsin Video & transcript

Sarah Palin Has the Mojo

Video:  Sarah Palin’s Campaign Kickoff (unconventionally, is what we think)

DECKER: Palin power: Fight like a girl

‘Game On, Mr. President!’ – Mama Grizzly out of hibernation

Sarah Palin To Obama: GAME ON!

Gov. Palin to President Obama: ‘Game on!’ (Updated)

Sarah Palin:  Game On!

Fired Up

Sarah Palin to Madison, WI: “The 2012 election begins here”

Palin in Madison: Veni, Vidi, Vici

Sarah Palin redraws the electoral map: “The 2012 election starts here” in Madison, WI

Sarah Palin Goes Where The Battle Is

Gov. Palin to President Obama: ‘Game on!’ (Updated)

Governor Palin to President Obama in WI: Game on!; Updated

‘Game On, Mr. President!’ – Mama Grizzly out of hibernation

Sarah Palin Steps Into Wisconsin, Points to Left Field, and Hits a Grand Slam

Sarah Palin to Obama: You ignored us in 2010, but you cannot ignore us in 2012! (w/video)

Sarah Palin to GOP: ‘Fight like a girl’

Palin Wows Wisconsin Tea Partiers With Blistering Speech; To Obama: ‘You Ignored Us in 2010, You Cannot Ignore Us in 2012′

Palin returns with feisty, anti-establishment speech (Reuters – mixed)

What Governor Palin May…Or May Not Be Thinking

Top Ten Reasons Why Sarah Palin is Running For President

I will go to hell and back for Sarah Palin

Flashback:  Palin’s Potential Path to the White House Parallels Obama’s

In Defense of Sarah Palin (Again)

Elites Way Off on Palin Electability: Part 3 – Components of Victory Part A

Elites Way Off on Palin Electability: Part 2 – The Agreement of The Big Five

Elites Way Off on Palin Electability: Part 1 – The Floor

Bachmann in? Good for….

For Palin, the Time Is Now

Palin and Huckabee sent aides to RNC meeting on 2012

Reince Priebus meets with 2012ers’ representatives

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

Andrew Malcolm: Something to Ponder for 2012 

Another bad sign for Democrats: Sarah Palin is popular in liberal San Francisco 

Barack Obama becomes best paid president after making £3.5m in first year in office… but Sarah Palin brings in £8m–Sarah-Palin-brings-8m.html#ixzz0lJWw2lb3

Barack Obama Vs Sarah Palin: Basketball / Election, who will win?–Election-who-will-win 

The Battle Begins for 2012 GOP Contenders

Bayou Buzz: The race is on, and Sarah’s a runner 

The Betfair Contrarian: Why Sarah Palin will win the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination

Biden on The View: ‘I Like Sarah Palin’

Before you count Palin out, 

Bristol Palin: ‘I Think My Mom Would Be Great’ as President

CAPITAL CULTURE: Palin candidate, pundit, celeb? (mixed) 

CBS: 71% don’t want Palin to run for president (Hot Air’s Response) 

Column: Like her or not, don’t underestimate Palin

The continuing appeal of Sarah Palin

A Decade Of Opinions: What Readers Said In Our Year-End Polls 

Dems Raising Cash Off…Palin’s Wink? 

Dennis Miller says Palin could be President 

Despite Latest Narrative, Governor Palin is Presidential Now

Division Bell II: The McCain-Palin Dichotomy 

Don’t discount Sarah Palin’s Canadian connections (h/tp C4P) 

East Coast Races Impact All Americans  (Sarah Palin) 

EXCLUSIVE: The Two Men Who Could Make Palin’s Presidential Run Official, and the Shocking Truth about Todd Palin!  (w/poll)

A Few Thoughts On the 2010 and 2012 Elections 

Feuding Aside, McCain Has ‘Great Affection’ for Palin  

The Fix: Why Sarah Palin keeps skipping CPAC

For Palin, Path to Primary Victory Goes Through Mountain West … 

Friday Line: Ranking Republican Leaders (mixed) – h/tp C4P –  

Getting Sarah Palin’s Paradigm 

Good for Sarah!

GOP wants to stop Sarah Palin in 2012, Politico reports; Palin calls story ‘crap,’ reporters ‘jokes’ Governor

Palin: A Year as a Titleless American

Governor Palin will announce her presidential campaign on February 6th, 2011…not this year  (HillBuzz)

Gov Sarah Palin Said: “We Are Not Retreating, We Are Advancing in Another Direction.” 

Guess What? Only 29% of Registered Voters Considered Obama Experienced Enough to be President in August of 2007

HACKETT: The next Ronald Reagan? Sarah Palin follows in the Gipper’s large footsteps

History Repeats Itself: Palin and the Alaska GOP  

Hoffman and Palin: ‘Get Back the Soul’ of the GOP   [Robert Costa] 

How to shatter the ‘highest, hardest’ glass ceiling 

Ideology trumps party for Palin  

If Any Republican Wins, Then They’ve Attracted Independents! (Limbaugh transcript – check out midpage photo) 

In Defense of Sarah Palin (WSJ)

Interview of the real Sarah Palin 

Iowa group: Palin won’t speak at November event 

Iowa lawmaker predicts Palin run for White House 

It’s Her Party Now (TIME),9171,1977121-1,00.html

Joe Biden Admits He ‘Likes’ Sarah Palin on ‘The View’ (VIDEO)

John King: Sarah Palin can win Iowa caucuses

John Ziegler is wrong on Sarah Palin

Judge isn’t ready to toss suit against San Carlos for prohibiting Sarah Palin billboard

Judge rules San Carlos must OK Palin sign

Judge’s ruling may allow a big ‘Palin for President 2012’ sign to rise in San Carlos

Kerry fundraising letter: Defeat Sarah Palin and Tea Parties

Lieberman: Sarah Palin Can’t Be Underestimated

Man Up, Obama, or Make Way for President Palin: David Reilly

Marie Antoinette Syndrome and Sarah Palin

McCain argues for 40,000-troop surge, says Palin would be a “great” potential candidate 

McCain says Palin remains strong [formidable] force in the GOP

McCain very “proud” of Palin

Mike Huckabee’s Loss is Sarah Palin’s Gain

My New Sarah Palin Commercial

Nation needs Sarah Palin

New Jersey, Virginia Choose Governors as Palin Stumps in N.Y.;_ylt=AleQ6fgr1hufqexw1UAITLp0fNdF 

New Rankings: Palin’s major (SRLC) speech shakes up southern rankings.

NYT Shocker: Sarah Palin ‘As Big a Celebrity as Princess Di’ (Newsbusters)

The Numbers within the Numbers

Obama’s failings know no bounds

Barack Obama to Meet Billy Graham (Note remark about Sarah Palin)

Obama Versus Palin

O’Connor: Is Sarah Palin La Niña or Sirocco wind?

Out of office, Palin reaching new heights as media superstar

Palin bobble head dolls hot item at city nostalgia store (mixed)

Palin is a ‘Formidable Force,’ McCain Says

Palin/Bachmann in 2012?

Palin, Bachmann teaming up against GOP?

The Palin conundrum (Jerusalem Post)

Palin: Fox gig doesn’t close the door to 2012

Palin goes rogue in New York

Palin ‘Going Rogue’ in Upstate New York

Palin Headed to Iowa?

Palin Hearts Reagan: How Gov. Sarah Palin Benefited from Choosing President Reagan as a Role Model

Palin, Huckabee, Romney Dominate GOP 2012 Field

Palin impressing everyone everywhere

Palin is framing the debate. “my common sense v your bullcrap”

Palin is much more than a punchline

Palin Is No Puppet

Palinism is Reaganism

Palin: It’s not Romney’s turn

The Palin-ization of Politics


Palin meets with Cathy Bailey in Louisville

Palin Motivates Mothers to Launch Their Own Political Campaigns

Palin now as popular as Obama

Palin on the Rise; Obama is Old News

The Palin Palimpsest

Palin: Planting the Seeds of 2012 in Iowa? (ON THE RECORD Transcript),2933,579696,00.html

Palin Power in Action

Palin PR Coup: Campaign in the Northern Marianas? (Adam Brickley)

Palin returns to Iowa for GOP’s biggest fundraiser

Palin robocalls urge Virginians to ‘vote your values’

Palin/Romney: Who Is Winning?

Palin’s first 2012 event

Palin should not be dismissed so readily

Palin Stays One Step Ahead of the Political Class

Palin’s Turning Point

Palin To Address SRLC 2010

Palin, Tea Party supporters grab NY victory

Palin: The Next Oprah, Or Next Oval Office Occupant?

Palin the populist

Palin throwin’ haymakers

Palin to speak at Southern Republican Leadership Conference

Palin stop in Iowa? Aide says it’s unlikely 

Palin up, Obama down

Palin The Rino-Fighter!

Palin throwin’ haymakers

Palin, Visible and Vocal, Is Positioned for Variety of Roles

Palin vs. Obama reality

Palin: Will Weigh Constraints of 2012 Run.

Fiorina: ‘I Share Sarah Palin’s Values’

Predictions For Palin in 2010

President Obama To Sarah Palin: Where You Lead I Will Follow!

Princess Palin, Conservative Royalty, Show Her Power Once Again PAC Supports Candidates Who Are ‘Responsible to the People’

Reichley Column: Sarah Palin is definitely no fool

Republicans Eye the Tiger of Populism (great pic!)

The Republicans’ war on Palin

Rogue Stars Rising

Romney praises Palin’s passion

Rove to Palin: Get Ready

Rubio on Palin: ‘I can’t think of anything her and I disagree with’

Rush Limbaugh to Fox News: Sarah Palin fit to be president

Sarah Palin: Al Gore wrong to call me ‘denier’

Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich: The Visionary and the Hack

Sarah Palin: A politician that can’t be bought

Sarah Palin as GOP nominee in 2012? Don’t laugh it off (mixed),0,6693977.story

The Sarah Palin Bombshell

Sarah Palin calls out Obama for his “Credibility Gap”

Sarah Palin Charging $100K for Iowa Speech? Not Exactly. (Newsweek)

Sarah Palin coming to Austin

Sarah Palin considered presidential candidate for 2012

Sarah Palin Defends Reality TV and Future Political Career, Invokes Ronald Reagan

Sarah Palin Delivers The Real State Of The Union Address

Sarah Palin Drops The Hammer: “President Obama You Have A Credibility Gap”

Sarah Palin: Dumb Like Reagan?

sarah palin for president

SarahPalin: Glenn Beck Hit Nail on Head with CPAC Speech

Sarah Palin has “replaced the tobacco industry” as Public Enemy No. 1 in Democratic fundraising

Sarah Palin Is Always Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin is Now the GOP Establishment (mixed)

Sarah Palin is on a Roll

Sarah Palin is reloading

Sarah Palin is Now the GOP Establishment (mixed)

Sarah Palin: Launching Campaign in April? Exclusive Details on When and Where! (w/poll)

Sarah Palin Makes a Move…or Two

Sarah Palin, New Moon and more Signs for 2012 (ugh, just poll numbers, pleeeez)

Sarah Palin Strikes Back

Sarah Palin: GOP Kingmaker

Sarah Palin Has Rehabbed Her Image: Now What?

Sarah Palin Is One Tough Mother

Sarah Palin is superstar

Sarah Palin is unstoppable (mixed)

Sarah Palin Looking Into Making Florida Senate Race Endorsement

Sarah Palin makes more sense than Democrats—141/?partner=yahoo_feeds

Sarah Palin: Mike Huckabee made ‘horrible decision’

Sarah Palin must choose her battles carefully

Sarah Palin on Sean Hannity’s Radio Show 01/28/10

Sarah Palin owns Barak Obama

Sarah Palin’s Call to Arms

Palin ‘Scares the Hell’ Out of Progressives

Sarah Palin’s certain path to election 2012-Update

Sarah Palin’s father-in-law sounds off on possible 2012 presidential run

Sarah Palin’s GOP shakeup (mixed)

Sarah Palin Slams Obama’s SOTU

Sarah Palin Speech To GOP In New Orleans: Let Presidential Election Begin

Sarah Palin still an American political heavyweight

Sarah Palin takes center stage in politics, but what of 2012?

Sarah Palin, the “Amiable Duncess,” Continues to Enrage the GOP Establishment

Sarah Palin, the conservative who wont go away!\

Sarah Palin: The Shadow President. Obama: State-Run Media’s Favorite Harvard Elitist.

Sarah (Palin) Smile

Social conservative group invites Palin to Iowa

Something to ponder for 2012: Sarah Palin’s ahead of where Obama was 30 months before his nomination (good read)

Speculation on 2012 Sarah Palin Run Already Raging

Steele talks Palin (w/vid)

Stop the music: Drumbeat grows louder for Palin to endorse Brown

10 serious questions for Mitt Romney

That Sarah Palin Video: Beware of the Mama Grizzlies (TIME),8599,2002932,00.html#ixzz0tI5I4XYQ

This News Boosts Sarah Palin In My Esteem

Time will polish Palin’s mettle (Lancaster EagleGazett)

Today’s Clear Winner: The Palin Movement

Top ten GOP presidential hopefuls for 2012 (ANALYSIS)

Top 10 Republicans of the Decade | No. 6: Sarah Palin

Transformation to Palin is a Fey accomplishment

Truman, Ike, Reagan: next up, Sarah Palin?

 Tea Party Inc. Triumphs in S.C. and Utah, Even Beating Strom Thurmond’s Son

Truman, Ike, Reagan: next up, Sarah Palin?

‘2010 rising karma: Palin, Perry, Romney, William Daley. Palin will be nominee.

2012 prelude: GOP hopefuls go online

UK oddsmaker – Betting Sarah Palin wins 2012 GOP nomination

Underestimating Sarah (Taylor Marsh)

Ventriloquist’s Dummy or MSM Nightmare?

Wake Up Black America:  Sarah Palin One Year Later

Weatherproof Wants to Replace Obama Billboard with Palin Billboard

What the Hoffman Endorsement Says about Palin & 2012

What We All Can Learn From Sarah Palin

Where is Michele Bachmann headed? (Palin/Bachmann 2012?)

Why does Sarah Palin Scare the living Daylights out of the Left?‘ (mixed) 
Why I like Sarah Palin

Why Gov Palin Chose SRLC over CPAC

Why Sarah Palin Will Be President in 2010

Why Sarah Palin Will Win in 2012 (HillBuzz)

Why Sarah Palin Would Make a Good President

Would Rep. Steve King endorse Sarah Palin in 2012?

Zogby: Sarah Palin Front Runner For 2012 GOP Nomination


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