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4 Responses to “Sarah Palin’s Books and Media”

  1. Mahesh Arora said

    Congressman Jason Chaffetz from UTAH is writing a bill to crack down on Federal employees who owe millions of dollars in back taxes to IRS. Does that mean Federal employees, beside having a job security, hefty retirement package also have the luxury to NOT pay fair share of federal income tax to IRS and still keep the job!!!! specially employees of this administration!!!

    I think you can resolve this issue by taking it to Washington in a Rally mode.

  2. Rosalyn Haynes said

    Dear Sarah,
    I am a fan of yours and would like to vvolunteer on your camapaign.

  3. William R. Lodge said

    If I were to mail you a copy of your book, America by Heart, would you sign it for my wife RJ? I will enclose all the labels for return postage. Also wher should I mail it to? Office of Sarah Palin PO box 871235 Wasilla, AK 99687

    • Fay said

      William, we cannot respond on Governor Palin’s behalf regarding your request, but that is the correct address. Please keep in mind that she receives a large volume of mail, and there may be a delay in any type of response.

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