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Palin E-Mail Frenzy

Barbaric Thoughts:  PALIN EMAILS 


Palin Divorce Email Was Tongue in Cheek, Says Aide

*Bombshell:Newly Surfaced Photo’s Prove The Palin Divorce Story

Sarah Palin Emails Reveal Divorce Jokes, Exhaustion, and Trouble With Levi Johnston

Sarah Palin Aide Says She Was Joking About Divorce

Lamestream Media Wears Egg on Their Face via the Huffington Post

The Dry Wit of Sarah Palin (photo altered)

Relentless scrutiny pushed Palin to exasperation (mixed)

Palin before resignation: I can’t take it anymore

Palin email does not prove she wanted a divorce

State of Alaska releases last Sarah Palin emails

Alaska releases additional Palin emails

Sarah Palin’s e-mails reveal the truth (Jack Kelly

Fox News Nails Jon Stewart On MSM’S Palin-Weiner Hypocrisy

Editorial: Times’ Bias Shows In Palin Email Affair

Media’s misplaced priorities (2nd heading from top)–Other-views

 Media Attacks Sarah Palin Out of Fear She’ll Become President

Susan Brown: ‘American Pravda’ proves unbalanced in scrutiny of Palin

The Post’s Palin witch hunt

Jon Stewart Rips MSM Over Palin Email Crusade

Palin Emails: Trig Baby Shower Gifts Donated to Military Families

Palin emails highlight Alaska Gov. Parnell’s loyalty to her

Palin email bombshell: Some liberals finally start to feel her pain

Translia Offers Multi-lingual Translation for Readers of Sarah Palin’s Emails

lin’s Emails: What Her Remarkably Lucid Prose Says About the Art of Teaching Writing (mixed)

Sarah Palin’s Emails Show Portrait of a Working Mom

Somebody Finally Finds Dirt in Sarah Palin’s Emails: She ‘Writes Like an 8th Grader’

The new narrative: Sarah Palin has changed, man

Palin vs. the Press

Sarah Palin email bombshell: A lifelong reader, Alaska’s former governor also knows how to write

Why aren’t the details about how Palin governed news?

Sarah Palin’s emails: Now in handy Inbox form

Palin Supporters Working on New Analysis of Email Dump

‘Palin 2.0’ – The Mainstream Media’s Attempt to Deny Sarah Palin’s Vindication

Limbaugh on Media’s Email Probe: ‘Palin Did Better in Her Public Colonoscopy Than Couric Did in Hers’ (w/video)

Fans of Sarah Palin hijack Twitter feed of Carnegie company

Dana Perino: Media Was ‘Disappointed’ Palin’s Emails Did Not Prove She Was Stupid Or Evil

Pursuing Palin

The Palin Test

Hacked-off Sarah Palin supporters infiltrate Twitter feed of media group that put her emails online… and post anti-Obama messages

Alaskans React to Palin Email Release

The One Sarah Palin E-mail We Cannot Stop Thinking About

Release the Redacted Transcript!

The Sarah Palin Emails Reveal She is Honest & Moral. Left is Bitterly Disappointed

 Sarah Palin Emails on Christian Faith Get Media’s Fire

Sarah Palin’s E-mail Etiquette

SARAH PALIN’S Trig Letter.

Joke’s on the press corps after Palin email witch-hunt turns up zilch

Palin Emails: About that “Bridge to Nowhere”

Sarah Palin e-mails shows hostility toward Big Oil as Republican governor of Alaska

A message to fans of Sarah Palin

Scott Brown’s wife, a journalist, rips coverage of Sarah Palin as ‘sexist’

Sarah Palin emails: Palin rallied staff to keep conservative talk host from feeling ‘put off’

Thoughts on the Palin E-Mails

Palin E-Mails:  Pondering Higher Office

E-mails: Palin worked, joked with staff on day she went into labor with Trig

Sarah Palin fury at Vogue shoot leak

Palin Emails: College Memories

Left Wing Media Scrum Fails To Dig Up Dirt On Palin (mixed)

Emails: Gov. Palin a Hard-Working Public Servant

In latest witch hunt against Palin, the joke’s not on Sarah

The Palin Precedent

Forget the death threats and find some dirt on Sarah Palin!

The Media didn’t Find the Smoking Gun they were Looking For

‘Trig will be a joy’: Sarah Palin plays God in touching email about her unborn son’s Down’s Syndrome

Letter: Palin preferred

A Future President Walks Down Memory Lane

Palin Frenzy

Ashton Kutcher Defends Sarah Palin Against MSM’s ‘Repulsive’ Email Crusade

Media attempts to blacken Sarah Palin once again

Thoughts on the Palin E-Mails

Palin emails show engaged leader who sought VP nod

Perpetual Media War Against Palin Exposes Imbecility of Mindless Critics

‘Unflippinbelievable’: The Lighter Side Of The Sarah Palin E-Mails

Sarah Palin emails: The Alaska archive

Palin emails reveal Trig ‘birther’ rumors even before election

Palin resigned as Alaska Governor a year after thinking about quitting

Palin Emails Prove Les Gara is a Liar

Media frenzy over Palin e-mail release was unusual even for her (hmmmm…. crowdsourcing experiment?)

Sarah Palin emails: An outpouring of support after Trig’s birth,0,6286903.story?track=rss

Sarah Palin emails: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Alaska firefighters,0,4741696.story?track=rss

Scrutinize the president, not Palin (mixed)

Palin emails show top Alaskan lawmaker blamed for Trig Palin rumors

Sarah Palin e-mails: Trig’s birth, the press and Tina Fey

Setting the Record Straight: About the Hard-Working Governor Behind the Emails  (Posted on June 11, 2011 )

Gov. Palin’s Emails Spark New Spin

Lifson: Are the media enameling Sarah Palin with Teflon®?

Palin Emails Should Help Her Politically; Media Falls on Its Face Again (Updated)

Corrupt Washington Post Hires Disgraced Former Palin Staffer As E-Mail “Expert”

American Way: Sarah Palin email frenzy backfires on her media antagonists

Did Palin change? or was the media hell bent on trying to destroy her? Is this the media’s finest moment? or most disgraceful?

CBS shocker: Palin e-mails show Palin “angling” for VP slot

Palin received death threats after 2008 nomination

Palin’s Email Show A “Long Lost Palin” – Cue The PDS

Attention C4P Readers: We Need Your Help Tracking Down Governor Palin’s Emails – Update

Media Hypocrisy in the Review of Governor Palin’s Emails

Is Gov Palin getting a “media colonoscopy” or is this good journalism?

Vote in Gretawire poll:  What do you think of the NYT and Wash Post hiring help to go through Palin emails? (scroll down on left)

Sarah Palin asked God for guidance over Alaska state budget

The best of the Sarah Palin emails

UK newspaper joins media frenzy over Palin e-mails

The Guardian:  Sarah Palin emails: live blog (with spin) Sarah Palin emails: live blog

No big bombshells in Palin’s e-mails

The Note:  Sarah Palin Emails: Live Blog (with spin)

News Outlets Pounce on Palin E-Mails

Are the Mainstream Media Enameling Sarah Palin With Teflon®?

Long-lost Sarah Palin surfaces in emails (mixed with spin)

Instead Of Reviewing Sarah Palin’s E-Mail, The Media Should Investigate…

Palin e-mail bombshell: Sarah is “Team Edward,” Todd is “Team Jacob”

Breaking news: Still no news whatsoever from Palin e-mails; Update: “No big bombshells”

Rush Limbaugh Slams Media’s Slobbering Over the Palin Emails, but Complete Disinterest in Digging into Obama

Palin emails rush

Palin Tells Aides:  ‘That Gasline Must Be My Priority’

Conservative media figures rip NYT, WaPo for asking readers to help ‘investigate’ Palin emails

Palin adviser: Read the emails

Journalists Being Journ-O-Listy: “Operation: ZOMG! Get Palin!” Has Begun

Behold The Mainstream Media Eating Its Own Anti-Palin Bile – A Running List of Headlines

Alaska releases Sarah Palin e-mails (media frenzy ensues – PDS gone wild)

The Best Response to the Palin E-Mail Craziness

Reading Palin’s gov. e-mails has a cost (mixed)

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