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Archive for November, 2011

Tebow and Palin

Posted by villagejack on November 30, 2011

It is absolutely amazing what a hole has been created in my political  life and I assume every other Palinsta. Before Sarah announced her  withdrawal from the race, I would watch all news and speculate on how a  particular story would help or hurt her candidacy. It was interesting to watch the Republicans come and go, knowing when she jumped in it would change the whole game plan for all of the candidates.  When Bachman won Iowa the media said that would be the death knell of  Palin. When Perry jumped in he was the next Conservative to assume the  mantle of the next best thing the party could throw at Obama.  Speculation in the media had him the “perfect candidate” until stories  began circulating about his cronyism. Now he has faded and Cain has  stepped up to the plate for his turn and with the spotlight turned on his past he too, is starting to fade . Newt has moved into the lead and may have some staying power.

So after Palin opted out, it  seems the party will abdicate to Romney or Gingrich, a presidency seems destined to take Obama out, but without real and imaginative change in the direction of the country. With Palin still in the race it is like  watching Tim Tebow in a football game. Every football critic in the  country said he was too slow, had a horrible throwing motion, could not  read super fast NFL defenses and on and on. But they all discredit his  mindset and motivational techniques that are second to none, except  Sarah Palin. Sarah has that same aura in the political arena. Its  almost like you can’t put your finger on any one single thing they do  differently but you know they do and you are just happy to be part of  their lifestyle.

Sarah, it is time to make life interesting again, and just like Tebow you have fans that know you can change the game for the good of the country.

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Conservatives4Palin To Run “Reconsider” Ad for Sarah Palin in Iowa

Posted by Dr. Fay on November 29, 2011

This is the television ad  that Conservatives4Palin will be running in Iowa beginning Wednesday, January 30, to raise some momentum for Governor Palin there in the hope of encouraging her to run for President.  Ian Lazaran, an editor at C4P, spoke by phone to Neil Cavuto about the ad campaign yesterday.

Our hope  is that Governor Palin will prayerfully reconsider a run for President and will act according to God’s guidance.  We would not want her to disobey Him, but if He does have an open door for her at this time, we pray that she will not miss it.



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Media Dredge Up Discredited Blood Libel Against Gov. Palin

Posted by Ron Devito on November 29, 2011

ABC’s Diane Sawyer on November 15 resurrected the blood libel leftists tried to foist on former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin after deranged gunman Jared Loughner shot Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle (“Gabby”) Giffords and 19 others, killing six. Sawyers’ false linkage of Gov. Palin to the shooting aired on 20/20. CNN’s Piers Morgan last week jumped on the bandwagon. While Giffords’ husband Mark Kelly explicitly said Gov. Palin was not responsible for the shooting, he claimed she was “irresponsible.”

Here are some facts as they pertain to this shooting:

  • Loughner never saw SarahPAC ad which contained 20 cross hairs representing the 20 districts in which sitting Congressmen and women were “targeted” to be voted out. The campaign known as “Take Back the 20” was highly successful: 18 out of the 20 candidates Gov. Palin endorsed were elected.
  • Loughner did not like or watch the news.
  • Loughner did not listen to talk radio.
  • Loughner had a years-long personal obsession with Giffords.
  • Loughner was known by many in his circle to be mentally unstable.
  • Loughner was a leftist and probably would not have been positively predisposed to Gov. Palin.

Gov. Palin addressed the blood libel in a video and a Facebook Note:

Sarah Palin: “America’s Enduring Strength” from Sarah Palin on Vimeo.

Here are some facts as pertain to the SarahPAC ad:

See: All Cross Hairs are Equal, But Some are More Equal than Others

Facts on “target” and “targeting”:

  • The word “targeting” has been used in political campaigns by both Democrats and Republicans since time immemorial.
  • “Target” and “targeting” are key words used in sales. Salesmen and women target prospects. Their commissions are based on hitting certain targets.
  • “Target” is often used synonymously with “goal.”
  • Politics and sales share much in common, hence the use of similar terms in both disciplines.

Facts about Gov. Palin and her political advocacy:

  • Gov. Palin has never advocated, supported or promoted vigilante or mob justice.
  • Gov. Palin has always advocated following established legal and political processes.
  • Gov. Palin has on numerous occasions condemned the use of violence to achieve political objectives.
  • Gov. Palin has on numerous occasions said that our arms (weapons) are our ballots.
  • Gov. Palin is a responsible leader who knows and understands her words influence others to action. Gov. Palin has never and would never encourage or counsel anyone to break the law or engage in unethical acts.

Facts about Gov. Palin, Conservatives and Violence:

  • Gov. Palin and members of her family have been targeted for violence numerous times in these past three years. Prior to announcing her decision to not seek the GOP nomination in 2012, threats, death wishes and hate speech against Gov. Palin were routine on Facebook and Twitter. Even post-announcement, haters still make threats.
  • The Undefeated begins with a montage of some of the most hateful and violent rhetoric that has been directed at Gov. Palin and her family. This hateful imagery and rhetoric was so disturbing that the theater version of the movie would have had an NC-17 rating if ran uncut.
  • Tea Party rallies and other conservative events are self-policed, sanitary and conducted in compliance with the law. I have yet to hear of an arrest made at a Tea Party rally.
  • Leftists are responsible for most violence and the threats of violence. This was going on with the “Occupy” protests in cities throughout the country. Violent confrontations with police, rapes, sexual assaults, and destruction of private and public property were staples of “Occupy” protests. Occupy protesters have gone on record as wanting to firebomb businesses, burn cities down, and one has expressed a wish that 9/11 would have occurred 911 more times.

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Reconsider ‘Reconsider’; Updated

Posted by Adrienne Ross on November 28, 2011

By Adrienne Ross –

In light of recent discussions and the Reconsider movement designed to convince Governor Palin to reconsider her decision not to run for President, seen most notably in an Iowa television ad and Fox News interview, I posted the following on Conservatives4Palin:

Conservatives4Palin is a community of people with one goal. That goal is expressed quite clearly in the name of our site. We are conservatives who stand for Governor Palin. We stand for her efforts to impact America. And we stand for the principles that she personifies. We were never a Draft Palin site, and our support of her never hinged on whether or not she chose to be Commander-in-Chief. In other words, our support comes with no strings attached. This, perhaps, is what separates us from the fans of many public figures. We, to be clear, are not fans. We are supporters who choose to be here. We do what we do out of respect for what Governor Palin represents. We do it with our hearts and our talents, and it is our pleasure.

Having said that, while we have the same goal, we don’t always agree on what that looks like. Nothing has made that more clear to me than this Reconsider movement that has surged. Until recently, I have kept my feelings to myself, as I really didn’t want to get caught up in the daily discussions on the topic. However, I will remain silent no more. Yes, I will be respectful, but silence isn’t the answer. I have strong feelings on the subject, and it’s time to put them out there. The chips will fall where they may, and I’m fine with that.

Like everyone who knows who Governor Palin is, who respects her common sense, who values her wealth of experience and plentiful accomplishments, I wanted her to run for President. It took some time for me to wrap my brain around her decision not to do so. But it was necessary that I reached that point. It was the healthy, respectful thing to do.

So hear my heart in this.

At her core, the Governor is a person of deep faith. She did not make her decision lightly, which we all should know, especially since many were quite vocal about how long it took her to make that decision. Because I know her character, I know that she sought God’s direction in this. Nobody wants her to fulfill her purpose more than she does, nobody has been impacted by this process more than she has, and nobody labored in prayer concerning this more than she did. Through that intense seeking, she found her answer: not now. As I see it, repeatedly asking her to reconsider not doing something she obviously believes God has directed her not to do is disrespectful–albeit well-intentioned–and shows a lack of understanding of how she operates. She is simply not going to disobey God to please people. That’s not who she is. Now, I believe things could change in a heartbeat, but not because of people trying to force her hand. If she chose to get in the race, it would be because that’s the direction she feels God has led her. Man’s efforts in this regard are futile. She already knows what we want, and she has thanked us for believing in her, but this decision was bigger than we are.

Some have said, “If she didn’t like the Reconsider movement, why hasn’t she addressed it? She hasn’t done anything to stop it.” I beg to differ. She said she wasn’t running. She said more than once she has no regrets. She said her supporters should respect her decision. What more could she possibly say? Why should she have to say she’s not reconsidering? She never said she was. I believe that up until now she has said nothing about the movement specifically because she recognizes that she would spend every waking moment saying the same thing she’s already said, and it wouldn’t change a thing for some people. Some would still think she’s flashing symbols, plotting maneuvers, and about to drop the bomb–metaphorical, of course–any moment. I’m sure she appreciates every guesture, but I also think we should truly respect her decision, not just in word but in deed.

There are some who believe that Governor Palin didn’t mean a thing she said on October 5th. They believe she has intended all along to run and is just playing a game with people, making some strategic political move. That, too, isn’t who she is. Yes, she’s savvy, and holds her cards close to her vest, but she’s not stringing us along. We, of all people, should know that. I believe it’s time we take her at her word. It’s time we come to understand that she really is the person we have said she is. She is not the typical politician. She is a woman of integrity. We say it, but do we believe it?

Many people got involved to make the Iowa television ad a reality. It was a well-done ad, though something I did not support. I feel it would have been perfect before she made her wishes known. Now, however, I believe it simply fuels this insistence in people to get the Governor to do something she has told us she isn’t going to do. That concerns me. Disagree with me if you will, but I find that kind of insistence unhealthy. I believe that our money could better be spent supporting the Governor in other ways. I’m sure SarahPAC could use the finances. I’m sure that money could be saved to donate to the candidate Governor Palin endorses, if she chooses to endorse. Now, I don’t pretend to speak for her, but I find it hard to believe that she would feel comfortable with people pouring their hard-earned money, during such difficult times, into something she has stated she is not going to do. Of course, people are free to do what they want with their own money, but I can only imagine the Governor cringing at this. We can agree to disagree, but that’s my humble opinion, based on her principles. So while the ad states that it was authorized by C4P, the truth is C4P is made up of various people with various perspectives, and judging from my communications with the C4P staff, as well as reading C4P comments, we are not all on the same page with this.

Conservatives4Palin has been fortunate enough to be considered among the cream of the crop in all things Palin. With that status comes a certain responsibility to act responsibly. As far as I’m concerned, any decision to engage in never-ending Make Palin Reconsider efforts is not acting responsibly, not on the Governor’s behalf and not on behalf of the people who have found us worthy of their time and attention. Therefore, I deem such efforts to be a violation of the trust placed in us. This is why I have chosen to publicly post my perspective on this highly-charged issue.

And highly-charged it is. Too often those who have voiced disagreement with the Reconsider movement, those who have decided to simply take the Governor at her word, are branded as non-supporters or deserters. Be sure to check a person’s track record before those kinds of accusations. I am certain that my record speaks for itself. I am indeed for Palin. It is because I am that I feel so passionate about this issue. I feel drawn to showing her the respect that she deserves, trusting that her 2012 decision was one of the most difficult ones she’s ever had to make. I am committed to standing by her side in whichever direction she takes. She is certainly not done making an impact, taking a stand against corruption in government, and fighting for the future of America. Therefore, I am certainly not done supporting her. I have said since 2008 that as long as she remains on the right side of right, wherever the road leads, I will travel it with her.

While I knew that this would be an article that would cause some people annoyance, I hope all have heard my heart in this. I have great appreciation for the many people who have invested themselves into their support of Governor Palin. I trust that as we observe the roads God takes her–or doesn’t take her–down, we will honor her decisions, we will respect one another even when we passionately disagree, and we will continue to be for her. For me, part of that process is taking her at her word, focusing on what I can do to promote what she’s committed to now, and watching the mighty impact we will make. Now, that is the kind of earthquake that will do her proud.


I added the following update as a result of the plethora of comments over at C4P. It’s been a lively debate.

Update: There have been many comments made, quite passionate ones, concerning this article. Some have been most respectful, others not so much. Nonetheless, that’s what sometimes happens when people begin to discuss issues that matter most to them. I love passion, though passion tempered with respect is preferable, and I thank those who demonstrated that.

As I finalize my comments on this particular thread, let me clarify something that many people obviously missed. I never said Governor Palin would never be President. What I stressed was that any change for 2012 would be the result of Governor Palin’s believing she’s been led in that direction, not people trying to force her hand. It would come because she felt, through prayer, that she was to take that path. I never said I didn’t want her to be President, and I certainly never said I was so very excitedly throwing my support behind someone else. I, like every common sense American who knows her record and principles, want her to be President. More than that, however, I want her to obey the leading she receives. If those two things collide, great. If not, so be it. I will take her at her word, respectfully. I trust God to do whatever He chooses to do. As for me, I will do what I’ve been doing for three years now–supporting her and consistently praying that His will be done for her and her family, as many other supporters have been doing. As I’ve said more times than I can count, big things are in store for the Governor. She will fulfill her destiny, and whatever that is, I’m all for it. But an ongoing Reconsider movement, as far as I’m concerned, isn’t the answer. It won’t change her mind. But God…well, again, He can do anything. If you didn’t get that from the article, you missed my point. If you got it but still don’t like it, well, it is what it is. We will have to agree to disagree.

Onward and upward.

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The Tebow-Palin Connection

Posted by Adrienne Ross on November 28, 2011

By Adrienne Ross –

An insightful, inspiring article about the similarities between NFL wonder, Tim Tebow, and tea party wonder woman, Governor Sarah Palin, can be found at American Thinker:

Tim Tebow is really annoying to certain people in a Sarah Palin sort of way. Whenever Tim or Sarah shows up, an uncomfortable feeling accompanies him or her, and it’s called conviction. One definition for “convict” is “to impress with a sense of guilt.” That is precisely what Tim Tebow and Sarah Palin are guilty of: impressing shame and remorse upon America that it would prefer to avoid.

The Palin family has been mocked and derided for many reasons, including baby boy Trig, born with Down Syndrome. This past spring, after former Gov. Palin posted a birthday tribute to her son, former Wonkette writer Jack Stuef called Trig a “magic intellectually disabled baby prop.” Stuef questioned “Trig’s parentage, implying he was conceived in incest, and used the R word.” Stuef has since apologized and said he regretted using the word “retarded,” but he stands by his criticism of Palin.

By approving of and promoting policies that destroy innocent human life, the left is hateful enough. However, when a conservative public figure “chooses” life, what emanates from hate-spewing liberals amounts to a new level of vitriol.

That rage is evidenced by liberal reactions to Sarah Palin, who celebrates the life of a child whom some liberals would deem a disposable burden on society. Palin said it so well in a 2011 Thanksgiving tribute to Trig when she shared:

Through Trig, I see firsthand that there is man’s standard of perfection, and then there is God’s. Man’s standard is flawed, temporary, and shallow. God’s standard lasts an eternity. At the end of the day, His is what matters.

And what about that pesky Tim Tebow? In 1987, Tim’s mother Pam chose to grant her son the gift of life. Pregnant and suffering from a life-threatening infection, Pam Tebow, a missionary with her husband Robert to the Philippines, was told that her and Robert’s child would be stillborn. Rather than take the advice of her doctor and abort, Pam Tebow chose to trust God.

Both mother and baby survived, and today, much like Sarah and Trig Palin, Pam and Tim Tebow both pose a problematic contradiction to one of the strongest arguments abortion advocates use when arguing to justify disposing of the unborn.

To this day, 24 years after proving the doctor wrong, starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos Tim Tebow remains downright annoying. Every time he makes an appearance on the football field, without opening his mouth, the abortion survivor takes all the fun out of the sport. Why? Because pro-choice America is forced to look into the face of a strapping miracle child whose mother put his life ahead of her own.

To make matters worse, not only did the Tebow family allow the child to be born, but they then did the unthinkable and raised him to be a devout Christian.


Not only does abortion survivor Tim Tebow live, but as a staunch follower of Jesus Christ, he is a source of double-conviction in a godless world where devotion to sports often supersedes commitment to God.

Based on the left’s reaction, seems Trig Palin and Tim Tebow are huge thorns in the side of pro-choice America. So are their mothers, who, if they’d only exercised the right to choose, would have made life a lot more comfortable for those who would rather avoid dredging up past mistakes.

Read the full article here, which includes comments by two people voicing their utter disdain for Tim Tebow’s unabashed faith. It seems they would rather he hide it in a corner. I can’t help but wonder why it bothers them so much. Perhaps this article hits the nail right on the head.

(h/t Nicole Coulter)

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Crony Capitalism – Part Deux

Posted by Roderic Deane on November 27, 2011

Last week, I talked with Peter Schweizer and Stephen Bannon about Peter’s new book, “Throw Them All Out!” Peter’s book is a huge eye-opener to the legalized graft that exists in Washington, D.C. provides a definition as follows:

graft [noun]

1. the acquisition of money, gain, or advantage by dishonest, unfair, or illegal means, especially through the abuse of one’s position or influence in politics, business, etc.

2. a particular instance, method, or means of thus acquiring gain or advantage.

3. the gain or advantage acquired.

Of course, there are other definitions of the word “graft”, but we’ll go the definition that suits us.

Peter Schweizer talked about a number of ways that Washington politicians take advantage of their positions and use inside knowledge to enrich themselves. His book talked about insider-trading, land acquisitions based on inside knowledge, the power of campaign contributions and lobbying efforts to sway legislation to one’s advantage. What’s really sad is that most if not all of the examples cited in his book are perfectly legal. Why, you ask? Because the people that make the laws exempt themselves from that which is enforced against us, their lowly constituents.

Since Schweizer’s book has come out, Congressional hearings have been scheduled after an outcry within Republican Max Baucus’s district. Calls for his immediate resignation after disclosures in Schweizer’s book have forced him to capitulate to these demands. He has scheduled Congressional hearings this December about insider-trading in Washington as an alternative to his resignation. The big question will be whether of not any of these hearings will really effect change.

Oh, I suspect that we’ll see a few Representatives and their staffers get slaps on the wrist, but I seriously doubt that we’ll see meaningful changes until the full scope of the problem becomes known and reported on. Mainstream media is hesitant to report on examples of this legalized graft for fear of losing access to inside sources of information so vital to their jobs.

What we know is that there is a symbiotic relationship between Congress, the mainstream media and what I’ll call Big Lobby. It is the lobbyists’ money that everyone is beholden to. It forms the basis for everything else that leads to legalized graft because it is the conduit through which all information flows.

To be fair, there are certainly other instances of legalized graft that don’t go through the network of Big Lobby, but those instances still involve insider information that Congressional leaders are privvy to. Case in point is Dennis Hastert, the former Republican Speaker of the House. He was privvy to information about the path of a new highway near certain property that he owned. The path of the highway changed and miraculously ran near or through some of his property. You all know what has happened in our communities when a new highway is built to ease congestion into and out of our cities. These highways become the new growth areas and anyone holding property rights at or near an interchange can see huge gains in the value of their land as developers clamor to acquire them.

The truly scary part about all of this is that Washington, D.C. sets the stage for every other level of government, including state, county and local. The major difference is that as politics become more local in scope, the effects on us as individuals are more apparent and measurable. When a United States Congressman takes advantage of his or her position, it is often manifested in areas outside of his or her district and outside the scope of local news reporting.

Our Framers felt very strongly about citizen legislators that would bring the concerns of their constituents to Washington. As we’ve all become part of the “information age”, we now have access to information that extends far beyond local issues. In addition, our legislators no longer deal in information unique to their local districts. As citizens, we must recognize the different world that we live in and adjust accordingly.

Our Framers gave us tools to adapt our founding principles. That doesn’t mean that we cast aside those principles, it only means that we have the ability to address current times and continue to maintain those principles. What we’re seeing today is an abomination of those principles. It’s time to go back to the drawing board and reign in the explosion of extra-Constitutional laws and activities that were never meant to be there in the first place. As Sarah Palin likes to put it, now is the time for sudden and relentless reform. Otherwise, our Constitution will cease to have meaning in our society and we will once again become subject to the powers that be in some far-off place.

Today, that place is Washington, D.C.

You can listen to the show HERE.

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Coming Economic Collapse:Palin’s Wisdom Not Running 2012 To Be 2016 Saviour

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on November 25, 2011

If this article “Beginning of  New Credit Crunch, Trouble Ahead for Global Economy”  at “Market Oracle” is even half correct in its economic analyses, then the points made will have a massive impact on the American political structure over the years ahead.

But let there be no doubt, the U.S. economy is going to get a lot worse in the years ahead.
Just because you have a job today does not mean that you will have one tomorrow.
Just because you have a nice car and a big home today does not mean that you will have them tomorrow.
We all need to try to become a lot less dependent on “the system”, because “the system” is failing.
A whole lot of trouble is coming.
You better get ready.

The financial analysis which supports these conclusions is measured, not hysterical or histrionic, and fact based and well worth reading and considering.

It is interesting to note that many of the experts quoted don’t have a dog in the hunt, i.e. they are either not connected with making money from financial sales or, if they are connected with the retail side of the finance industry, they would be expected to be promoting the sunny optimistic aspects-which they clearly are not.

If the projected economic downturn happens at anywhere the level posited then it could put in place a massive sea change in the American political scene. If the economy stays at the current level there is just enough activity, allied with the incumbents ususal advantages to see President Obama re-elected.

 His margin of victory would depend on who the GOP selects of course. If Romney then Obama should have a comfortable win as conservatives stay at home, if Gingrich it could be very close and similar to G.W. Bush’s re-election margins against Kerry.

If before the 2012 election the economy turns down further then whomever the GOP nominates will more than likely win. However even in such an economic environment the margin would be close with Virginia/Colorado/Ohio/N. Carolina/Florida all having to return to the Republicans.

But whoever wins in 2012 will, according to the Market Oracle economic outlook, be faced with a disastrous
financial environment. If Obama, the re-election good will 
“honeymoon” would be one of the shortest ever seen. 

If the Republican, the honeymoon would be longer but, as has been seen with elected governments in Europe, would end sooner or later. Then with the previous, and subsequent then current, orthodox, administrations being seen as failures, the public will be ready to look for alternatives.

There are two. The Keynesian, Krugman, money printing alternative is not included in this scenario as it will have been utterly discredited. The first alternative is a new third party. 

It is entirely possible that a populist with a large personal fortune, a Bloomberg or a Trump could create a viable third party and there is a viable electoral college path to victory for such a creation. 

The actual chance for such a victory is, in reality very low given the historic attachment many have to the two major groupings, and it would take at least two campaigns to achieve a majority.

The second, and more realistic alternative is for a populist, who already has a substantial measure of public support and who has managed successfully in an administration framework, to lead the GOP into the 2016 election. 

It would not matter if there was a Republican president elected in 2012, as by 2016 they would be discredited, and either would not run in 2016 or would be defeated in the convention for re-nomination. The party would, sensibly, realize that a re-nomination would lead to a disastrous electoral result.

With an massive recession, the Democrat’s discredited, a Republican president in a similar situation, the public ready to embrace a true conservative with proven experience, the wisdom of Palin not running in 2012 but being the new Cincinattus (or Washington or de Gaulle) in 2016 with be apparent to all.

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From Joseph to Squanto and God’s Amazing Provision

Posted by Dr. Fay on November 24, 2011


Everyone is familiar with the Biblical story of how God used Joseph’s being sold into slavery and his subsequent rise to second iin command in Egypt as a way to save his family from famine. A less well-known story involves a young Native American named Squanto, who was captured and sold into slavery in Spain, from where he traveled to England and learned to speak English. Squanto eventually came back to America to find his tribe wiped out and lived through a series of events that eventually placed him at the new colony of Plymouth, on the site of the very spot where he grew up. Half the Pilgrims had already been wiped out during the previous winter. Squanto taught them how to plant corn and where to look for food in the streams and ocean. God used his friendship and kindness to help the Pilgrims survive in their new homeland.

Had God not brought to pass this sequence of events that helped the Mayflower Pilgrims survive, American history would not have been the same.  A list of distinguished Mayflower descendants reveals that 8 of our former Presidents, ( FDR, the Bushes, Grant, Taylor, Garfield, and the Adamses) and a potential future President (Sarah Palin) are Mayflower descendants.  Other noteworthy descendants are poets Emerson, Bryant,  and Longfellow;  author Noah Webster, and actors Reeve, Van Dyke, Eastwood, and Crosby.

Eric Metaxas tells this amazing story of God’s provision in his well-researched book, Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving. Here are excerpts from his interview with Terry Meuuwsen on The 700 Club:

(Announcer) The time is 1621. The place is the sight of a deserted Indian village now inhabited by bone-weary pilgrims, the survivors of two incredibly difficult years in the New World. The scene is what would become known to many as the first Thanksgiving. The story of how God rescues a 12-year-old Indian boy sold into slavery in Europe and implants him in the middle of this pilgrim adventure is as powerful and history-changing as that of Joseph in the Old Testament.

(Metaxas) So I did all this research, and I always had this thing about I wanting to go as deep as I could. I wanted to find the primary documents. So I would read different versions of Squanto that people had written over the years. And then I went to the source documents thinking, “Where did they get this story from?” So I read the original documents, which are obviously written in the 1620s and 1630s, and I was absolutely dumbfounded by what I read. When you read this, you realize that what happened is not really reported. I mean this was an out-and-out miracle. If there’s such a thing as a miracle, this is a miracle. And I’m a believer, and I said, “This was God’s hand in American history.” I had never heard this story.

First of all, I had no idea that any white man came to the coast of New England before 1620. I just thought the Pilgrims came, and that was the first time Englishmen came to this place. Well, it turned out I was wrong. There were many traders who would come from England and other places, and they would come down the coast of Maine and Massachusetts, and they would trade with those Indians. So those Indians knew of the white man. And it just so happens that around 1612, a trader, a Captain Hunter, came to the coast of Massachusetts and was trading with the Indians. And he was obviously a very bad man, because when the Indians came down trustingly to trade with him, he knocked them over the head, took them to the ship, threw them in the hold of the ship, took them across the Atlantic, and sold them into slavery in Malaga, Spain. This, of course, was a nightmare. And to hear about that, I just was so disturbed.

And then it just so happened – and again, this is all documented, I’m not making this up – monks in Spain, men of God, bought him, and it seems, from what we know, treated him well. Obviously he was well exposed to the Christian faith; these were monks, and I only assume that being monks they shared the faith with him. But somehow it seems that they made it possible for him to get up to England. Now, this is 1615. He went from Spain to England — just think of an Indian from Massachusetts coming all the way across the ocean and then going up to England so that he could somehow get a ship back across the Atlantic. This is like being on the moon and saying, “So when’s this ship going back? I’d like to get back.” There were no ships.

So, he worked in a stable as a stable boy for a family called Slaney, and, again, this is all documented, and he was with them for five years until a ship going back to the coast of North America could be found, another trading ship. So it’d be about 1618, I think. And in that time, of course, he had learned English and he had lived in London. All these years I imagine that he was dreaming and hoping and probably praying that he could come back to his family after ten years of exile and slavery. And so, miraculously, a ship is provided. He becomes the translator on the ship. They’re going to use him to translate. He gets all the way back, again, against odds we can’t even dream of, comes to the coast of Massachusetts, runs to the place where he was raised, and his entire tribe has been wiped out by disease, probably small pox. You talk about heartbreak. It’s a nightmare to get all the way there after ten years, and then…

When something that horrible happens, it’s very hard to get God’s perspective on it. And we don’t know if he was a Christian. But he went to live with a neighboring tribe, briefly. But we forget that he had as much in common with the neighboring tribe as he did with the English people. He was not one of theirs. So after a short period of time, he went to live in the woods by himself, which is so heartbreaking.

Meanwhile, you cut to 1620, and a band of Pilgrims in a little boat comes across the Atlantic, trusting God is leading them. They land and experience horrors that we can’t even dream of today. And these were faithful, faithful Christians, trusting God every moment of the day. Fifty percent of them perished, died. I mean, it’s a horror when you think about it. And so they got through their first winter, as we know the story, and you can imagine that they were probably questioning, “Lord, how could You have taken us this far?”

And it just so happens that he grew up on the very spot where they had settled. This was his home that had been abandoned, and now he was back in his village, and they basically adopted him. He had no place to go. They became his family. And he knew everything there was to know about how you plant corn. That’s the famous story about planting corn with the fish as the fertilizer – how to plant the gourd around the corn so it goes up the cornstalk. He knew how to get eels out of the streams, out of the muddy streams. He knew where the lobsters were and where the fish were. He knew everything. And the Lord used him truly miraculously. I mean, if you really think about it, it’s too much for us to understand.

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Happy Thanksgiving 2011!

Posted by Sarah Palin Web Brigade on November 24, 2011

Our celebration of Thanksgiving dates back to 1621, when the 52 Mayflower survivors joined with about 90 members of the Wampanoag tribe,  including Chief  Massasoit,  in a feast of celebration. This was the Plymouth colonists’  first harvest after a very rough winter, in which half of those who had originally boarded the Mayflower had died.   There were 3 days of feasting and sports, which were described by William Bradford and Edward Winslow.  The original reports tell us that the Wampanoag men provided 5 deer, and that the governor sent 4 men out to hunt fowl (waterfowl and wild turkeys.)  The other food mentioned in these two reports is meal from the Indian corn they had harvested, but Bradford wrote in Of Plymouth Plantation about “salad herbs”, grapes, plums, and berries (including strawberries) being plentiful in the natural environment.

Bradford speaks of a “small harvest” that year, and indeed the harvests were small until the communal system in which all the fish and game and crops were put into a common store was abolished in 1623.  As was also experienced in Jamestown a few years earlier, there was little incentive to work under these conditions.  After Bradford gave each family its own plot of land and a free market system was established, the colonists exerted far more effort, and the harvests were far more bountiful.

However, let us not forget the purpose of that first Thanksgiving feast, which was to thank God for the harvest.  Joseph Farah puts it succinctly in his article:

But it wasn’t just an economic system that allowed the Pilgrims to prosper.  It was their devotion to God and His laws. And that’s what Thanksgiving is really all about. The Pilgrims recognized that everything we have is a gift from God – even our sorrows. Their Thanksgiving tradition was established to honor God and thank Him for His blessings and His grace.

Another interesting perspective on Thanksgiving is that it may have been inspired by the Jewish festival of Sukkot:

Thanksgiving, as in giving thanks, is a very Jewish thing to do. According to tradition, Jews are to give thanks 100 times each day. We are to give thanks before we eat, for having food, and after we eat, for having been able to have food. Each morning the traditional liturgy includes thank-yous for such simple acts as standing up and having the strength to get through the day.  One more Jewish link is found in our Scripture: The initial Thanksgiving feast was probably based upon our fall thanksgiving festival of Sukkot (Tabernacles).

This year, as we face harsh economic times brought on by corruption in government and experiments in socialism, let us not forget the lessons learned by the early colonists.  And let us not forget to be thankful as the Pilgrims were for all that God has provided for us in this great land of freedom and opportunity.


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Palin’s Thanksgiving Message

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on November 23, 2011

Just moments ago, Sarah Palin posted a link to her Facebook page which in turn led to an exclusive Thanksgiving message that was published by The Brody File.  In this message, Sarah openly discusses her many blessings including Trig.


From the Brody File:

Sarah Palin has sent The Brody File some personal Thanksgiving reflections. She talks movingly about her young son Trig. It is truly a heartfelt letter that gives God all the glory.

As for Trig, Palin is showing that while there are some people who just talk the talk when it comes to being pro-life she actually walks the walk too.



A Personal Thanksgiving Reflection by Sarah Palin:

On Thanksgiving, my family’s traditions will reflect the loyal, active, robust, big family life that shaped me. We’re so fortunate to be together to share the making of another year’s memory. In these late autumn days with temperatures dipping to 20-degrees below zero, we’ll brave Alaska’s biting cold to run and skate and ride – just because we can, and for that I am so thankful. Life in America’s Last Frontier is not an easy living, but it’s a good living. Here in Alaska, where I’m never without inspiration, an optimistic pioneering spirit still permeates, and harsh conditions force us out of self-centeredness and towards community – often in order to survive.

This need for selflessness – and the blessings that come with it – sharpened for me almost four years ago when I was given the gift of broader horizons, clarified priorities, and more commitment to justice and compassion for my fellow man who faces challenges and fears. I was granted this through a gift that arrived in a tiny, six-pound, awe-inspiring bundle. We named him Trig.

I know America’s potential for goodness, thus greatness, because I see it every day through my son. Nothing makes me happier or prouder than to see America’s good heart when someone smiles at my Trig. I notice it happens often in airports. Often a traveler passing by does a double-take when they see him, perhaps curious about the curious look on his face; perhaps my son momentarily exercises an uncontrollable motion that takes the passerby by surprise. Perhaps, as an innocent and candid child announced when she first met Trig, they think “he’s awkward.” But when that traveler pauses to look again and smile, and maybe tells me what a handsome boy I have, I swell with American pride. I am so thankful for their good heart. They represent the best in our country and their kindness shows the real hope we need today.

I am thankful that, as in so many areas of life, the bitter people who say bitter things about someone facing challenges are so outnumbered. There have been stinging criticisms, even from people still screaming that Trig should never have been born, but we know those critics may be the loudest and most malicious, but they’re not the majority.   More

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