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Sarah Palin Reacts to Romney’s Win; Says She Would Vote for Gingrich in Nevada to Even Playing Field

Sarah Palin: I’d vote for Newt in Nevada

Sarah Palin’s PAC raises $755,500 in six months

Palin PAC raises $752,000 in last half of 2011, less than half the amount raised in 1st half–Palin-PAC/

Sarah Palin: Romney’s $17 Million in Ads Bought ‘Some False Narrative’ in Florida (Video)

Video:  (Megyn) Kelly and Sarah Jan. 31, 2012

Sign Grassfire’s petition demanding Holder’s resignation & MRC’s peition demanding media coverage of Fast and Furious!

Sarah Palin PAC fundraising craters (usual Politico spin but with PAC info)

Santorum and the bulletproof glass ceiling: Would we be as understanding of a mom?

Country-club GOP establishment lays down the law to Ron Paul, Sarah Palin, the Tea Party and the conservative movement

Breaking News: Todd Palin joins Gingrich campaign

Palin: It’s a Two-Man Race

Sarah Palin: Vote Newt In Florida Too

Why federal court sided with Sarah Palin against hacker – again

Sarah Palin: It’s naively idealistic for me to think anybody but Newt or Romney will win the nomination

Palin calls on airline to reverse ‘offensive’ prayer cards decision

PICKET: Palin says she would vote for Newt in FLA primary

Palin Rips Michelle Obama

Todd Palin to robo-call for Gingrich; calls Romney campaign ‘pathetic’

Palin: Fed Up With Lies About Gingrich, Reagan

Sarah Versus the ‘Stalinists’: Palin Targets Republican Politburo

Court upholds conviction of student in Palin e-mail hack

The Ruling Class and the Grassroots

Camp Mittens Duplicity on Allen West Worse than Conspiracy: It’s a Habit

Sarah Palin: Enough Is Enough With The Attacks On Gingrich

Video:  Sean (Hannity) and Sarah Jan. 30, 2012

Video:  Andrew (Napolitano) and Sarah Jan. 30, 2012

‘Of Course The Economy is Getting Better…’

FOX News segment with Sarah Palin abruptly cut off

Check out what Governor Sarah Palin is saying about the GOP presidential race!

Hot Air Survey: Pre-Florida

Sarah Palin accuses GOP of ‘Stalin-esque’ attack on Newt Gingrich

Sarah Palin Urges Newt Vote in Florida, Says Gingrich Will ‘Clobber’ Obama


Palin:”Rage Against the Machine…Vote for Newt…Annoy a Liberal”

Sarah Palin: ‘Rage against the machine, vote for Newt, annoy a liberal’ [VIDEO]

Video:  Sarah Joins Jeanine – Jan. 28, 2012

Governor Palin’s Clarion Call: “Rage Against the Machine…Vote for Newt!”

Video:  Sarah Palin with Tom Sullivan 1/28/2012 “Be Tough”

Video:  Tom and Sarah – Jan. 28, 2012

Video:  Tom Sullivan & Sarah Palin January 28, 2012

Iron Dog Announces Todd Palin will Partner with Scott Davis,0,7937300.story

CPAC Birthday Party For Gov. Palin – Join Us in DC 2/10

Governor Palin’s Adviser, Peter Schweizer, Writes President Obama a Letter

Sign up to tweet for the release of Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, who is facing execution in Iran for refusing to recant his Christian faith

Cannibals in GOP Establishment Employ Tactics of the Left
Friday, January 27, 2012

Sarah Palin: “this ridiculous opposition dump on Newt was nothing short of Stalin-esque re-writing of history”

Palin Giving Lessons In How To Give Appropriate Criticism

Palin: Establishment Trying to ‘Crucify’ Newt

Breaking: SARAH PALIN UNLOADS ON ROMNEY and “Cannibals of GOP Establishment”

Palin: Republican Establishment “Trying To Crucify” Gingrich

Jim Wrenn:  Advice to Sarah Palin from an Ardent Admirer re Establishment Republicans and Tea-Partiers re Gingrich and Romney.

Video:  Sarah Joins John Stossel  (discusses SOTU and socialism) Jan. 26, 2012

Alaska Airlines’ Prayer Cards; It’s hip to be offended? Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sarah Palin, anyone? Durst tips hand on what he wants to occur in primary

CPAC Palin Swag

Tony Lee:  Sarah Palin: ‘Teavangelical’ shot caller

VOTE FOR SARAH!  If you were running for President, who would you prefer to endorse you and speak for you?

Sarah Palin in the Fight Again: Calls Christie a “Rookie” on Newt Criticism

Sarah Palin: Chris Christie Got His ‘Panties in a Wad’ After Romney’s SC Loss

Is there a Media Bias Against Female Candidates?

Palin: Christie’s Gingrich attack shows he ‘lacks discipline’,0,5151371.story

Two men plead guilty to harassing Palin’s Alaska lawyers

2 plead guilty to harassing Sarah Palin’s lawyers

Palin Says She Will Formally Endorse, But Not Yet

Video:  Sarah and Sean 1-23-12

Video:  The Five:  Gov. Palin’s remarks about Chris Christie’s remarks

MUST READ! The Grizzly Bear in the Room

Palin On How Much of Primary Is Left: “If You’re Barack Obama, [We] Still Have 54 States to Go”

Sarah Palin: Santorum should stay in the race

Gingrich Credits Palin for South Carolina Surge

Sarah Palin Trumps Nikki Haley, Chris Christie In South Carolina Primary Influence Game

On Sarah Palin, Caucus States, and Latino Voters (Bill Kristol)

Sarah Palin helped Newt Gingrich win in South Carolina. Is Florida now calling? (mixed)

Sarah Palin: Newt Gingrich now GOP ‘front-runner’

Sarah Palin Was Right: Newt Soars

Video:  Sarah’s missing 37 seconds 1-21-2012 Kelly interview

Video:  Governor Palin Talks To Megyn Kelly About South Carolina 1-21-2012

Video: Sarah Palin on South Carolina Republican Primary

Video: Kelly and Sarah 1-21-12

Palin Factor Starts To Emerge in GOP Race (New York Sun)

Video:  Palin Factor Starts To Emerge in GOP Race

Video:  Sean and Sarah Radio 1-19-12

Video: Gov. Palin on Hannity Radio January 19, 2012

Palin: ‘If I had to vote in South Carolina … I would vote for Newt’ [VIDEO]

Gingrich Hoping for Boost From Sarah Palin

Gingrich Is Trying to Make the Most of Palin’s Half-Endorsement

Stage set for bruising battle over how Alaska taxes oil companies

Palin Launches Her Own Version of Operation Chaos, Urges SC to Vote Newt

Rick Santorum Attacks Gingrich’s ‘Harebrained’ Ideas, Romney and Paul’s ‘Scorched Earth’ Campaigns

Palin: ‘Dumb arses’ in media ‘overplayed their hand’ with Gingrich

Palin on Perry: ‘Strong, tenacious, big heart’

Palin says she’d vote for Gingrich in SC primary

Palin returns fire on Newsweek for calling Obama critics ‘dumb’

Sarah Palin Slams Newsweek for Giving Cover Story to ‘TrigTruther’ Andrew Sullivan

Video:  Sean and Sarah 1-17-2012

HBO On Defense: Writer Danny Strong Claims No Agenda Behind Palin Film

Rasmussen: GOP Race Will Go All the Way to National Convention in August

Sarah’s rogue run?

George W. Bush, Sarah Palin endorsements most influential, poll says

Video: Sarah Palin rips Michelle Obama

Sarah Palin Breaks Down What Undecided South Carolina Voters Really Think of the Candidates

Video: Sarah Palin Not Ready To Endorse Yet


Sarah Palin takes it to Michelle Obama

John McCain: Choosing Sarah Palin was the ‘best decision I ever made’

Todd Palin endorses Newt Gingrich

Todd Palin Backs Gingrich

Video:  Jeanine and Sarah Jan. 14, 2012

Sarah Palin says “first dude went rogue” with Gingrich endorsement

Video: Larry the Cable Guy Visits the Palin’s – Only in America

Video:  Mark Levin – I Think Sarah Palin Would Have Made A Tremendous Candidate And I Still Do

Video:  Larry visits Todd and Sarah

Video:  Sean and Sarah Jan. 11, 2012–R0XY

Al Gore,  Sarah Palin and Dr Robert Gates to Speak At the SkyBridge 2012 Hedge Fund SALT Conference

Todd Palin Endorses Newt Gingrich

Sarah Palin on Todd’s endorsement: First Dude went rogue

*Todd Palin endorses Newt Gingrich; Sarah Palin still undecided in GOP race :  First Dude stands behind former Speaker of the House

Bristol Palin leaves Hollywood for her hometown

Todd Palin endorses Newt Gingrich: Report

Pining for Palin

PLEASE SIGN!  ACLJ Petition to Retract Obama’s Unconstitutional Appointments 

Poll Results: Should Sarah Palin Run?

(Thought-provoking satire) Keystone XL Pipeline Obama-Cheney Secret Phonecall Revealed!

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin Announced as CPAC 2012 Closing Speaker

Sarah Palin gets final speaking slot at CPAC

Palin to keynote conservative conference

Bristol Palin Quits Hollywood

Sarah Palin to be closing speaker at CPAC conference

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to Deliver Keynote Speech at CPAC 2012

Tina Fey Brings Back Palin Impression

Sarah Palin Announced As CPAC 2012 Keynote Speaker

Pa. father and son accused of threatening Palin lawyers back in federal court–Palin-Threatened/

Sarah Palin: Mainstream Media and Barack Obama Want Mitt Romney as Nominee

Palin: Will Be Thankful If Bachmann Drops Out And Goes Back To Congress

Bristol Palin: I’m over Hollywood (mixed)

Sarah Palin on Oklahoma Mother Sarah McKinley: ‘I’m All in Favor of Girls with Guns’

Republican race making Sarah Palin look better: GOP presidential candidates making Sarah Palin look better every day.

Dear Hot Air, What Did Palin Ever Do to You?


Donnie Johnston: Palin Towers Over Weak GOP Field

Video:  Jeanine and Sarah Jan. 07, 2012

Exclusive Interview: Bristol Palin and Tripp: We Belong in Alaska

Video: Sarah Palin Has No Regrets, Reveals Which Candidate MSM & Obama Want to Face

Pa. men accused of threatening Palin

Bristol Palin ‘over’ Hollywood, moves back to Alaska

A Palin Victory Doesn’t Depend On a Date

Video:  Sean and Sarah 1-4-2012

Video:  Bret and Sarah 1-3-2012

Palin on ‘Draft Sarah’ Campaign

Neil and Sarah Jan. 03, 2012

Sarah Palin Loves Tim Tebow Video Robert Littal Presents BlackSportsOnline

Alleged Palin stalkers plan to plead guilty

Bristol Palin ‘over’ Hollywood, moves back to Alaska

Brian Lerch – Kate Obenshain

‘We belong in Alaska’: Bristol Palin gives up her Hollywood life and moves back home with Mama Grizzly (mixed)

Pa. men accused in Palin case plan guilty pleas

Palin On Michele Bachmann: It’s Not Her Time

Sarah Palin Likes Santorum, Won’t Endorse Him, Not Bachmann’s Time, Huntsman Should Get Out, Draft Palin Write-Ins A Possibility (VIDEO)

Palin says critics should ‘just shut up’ about possible Trump third-party bid

An earthquake for Palin

Speculation builds about Big Oil tapping Alaska’s gas reserves

Budget slashed for federal gasline coordinator’s office (Pipelinegate continutes)

Sarah Palin To Donald Trump Critics: ‘Shut Up About It’

New Ad Urges Iowans to Caucus for Palin


Group Runs Sarah Palin ‘Vote Rogue’ Ad in Iowa

Palin allies run TV ads in Iowa

GOP may end up turning to Palin

Sarah Palin: If I were campaigning for president…

AP Wrongly Claims Palin’s Figurative ‘Death Panels’ Contention ‘Now Widely Debunked’

Palin Tells Candidates to Read Her Book

Obama P.R. site Politico, which fixated endlessly on Sarah Palin’s wardrobe, ignores FLOTUS’ over-the-top clothing, jewelry and meals

Sarah Palin’s Earthquake: Iowa Radio Ad: Vote Rogue

Obama, Palin lineage traced to Cape minister

USA Today/Gallup poll: Most Admired women of 2011

Media Matters Attacked Palin For Clothing Costs, Defend Michelle Obama

Same Politico Obsessed with Palin’s Wardrobe Ignores First Lady’s Pricey Duds

Iowa, you must think of our nation’s future!

PolitiFact gives Palin an F but they are the one’s who are wrong.

Sarah Palin: I’m so pro-Tebow!

Sarah Palin Loves Tim Tebow Video Robert Littal Presents BlackSportsOnline

Sarah Palin group buys ads in Iowa urging voters to caucus for her (mixed)

Iowa Radio Ad Encourages Voters To Caucus For Palin

Not authorized by Sarah Palin: Vote Rogue

It begins: Radio ad asks Iowans to caucus for Palin

Independent group urges Iowans to “vote rogue” – for Palin (CBS News – Mixed)

10 years of OTR at 10pm: Going to the North Slope with Governor Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin’s Earthquake: Iowa Radio Ad: Vote Rogue

Sarah Palin’s Earthquake Ads for Iowa

If They Build It [in Iowa] Will She Come?

ElectionsMeter: Sarah Palin More Popular Than Mitt Romney, Republican Party

Elections Meter:  Popularity Map

Sarah Palin’s Christmas message

Behind the Smears of HBO’s “Game Change”

(Vote FOR Sarah!) Elections Meter: Sarah Palin politician in Poll – public opinion online

(Vote for Sarah!) 2012 Republican Straw Poll – Round 2

Sarah Palin releases a Christmas message to everyone by Andrew Malcolm –

Respect Her Decision – Ask Her to Serve

Merry Christmas! Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Hanukkah Monday, December 19, 2011

An Independent Group Will Be Running More Palin Commercials In Iowa/Open Thread

Sarah Palin’s IOWA Earthquake – 5 COMMERCIALS (Video)

Sarah Palin – Commercial #5 – The Bear

Sarah Palin calls Obama’s Christmas card with Bo ‘odd’,0,260145.story?track=rss

Game Change Trailer: HBO Documents McCain-Palin Victory … Oh Wait!

Sarah Palin: “Not Too Late” To Jump In Race For Presidency

Palin: It’s Not Too Late For Someone to Jump In

Governor Palin on FOX Business with Eric Bolling 12-19-11 (SP-EB-12m19d11y)

Rush Limbaugh – Palin Is Only Five Letters That Would Be Easy To Write In, P.A.L.I.N

Sarah Palin in talks for ‘Alaska’ Season 2

Sarah Palin: I’m not ethusiastic about any candidate yet

Schuylkill man to plead guilty to harassing Palin attorney,0,3370020.story

Palin’s Pick is Not Presidential

Governor Palin on FOX News 12-18-11 (sp-sb-12m18d11y)

Brokered Convention – How Sarah Palin Or Jeb Bush Still Win The Republican Nomination In 2012

New 2012 Rules Mean Sarah Palin’s Dark Shadow Looms Over the GOP (mixed)

2012 Republican Race: The Field May Not Be Closed

Reconsider Movement: NebraskAttitude: Sarah Palin’s IOWA Earthquake – 3 COMMERCIALS (Video)

How well do you know Sarah Palin? A quiz.

Sarah Palin’s absence slidelines tea party

NebraskAttitude: Governor Palin, If Not You, Who? (by Shelly Dankert)

High oil prices leave Alaska flush (due to 2007 ACES tax passed by Gov. Palin)

Sarah Palin and Mark Burnett Pitching Reality Show About Todd Palin

Curse you, Sarah Palin, for killing the death panels

Judge rejects plea deal in Palin case

Judge scraps plea deals in Palin-related phone harassment case

Portrait of a Rogue, Painted Roguishly

Judge rejects plea deal in Palin harassment case

Gov. Palin’s Plan to End Insider Trading

Pushing Back Against “The Big Lie” – The “Irrelevant” Edition

We Do Not Know

Palin: Congress, it’s time to stop lining your pockets (Sarah Palin Op-Ed)

The Concerned: Without Sarah Palin, wild GOP race has become a circus

“Comfortcare” – What Obamacare Will Bring

Tim Donovan:  What I Miss About Sarah Palin Not Running Is The Battle

2012 Republican Race: The Field May Not Be Closed

Could Sarah Palin Still Get in the Race?

Yahoo News Is Asking The Question, Could Sarah Palin Still Get Back In The Race

(Vote for Sarah! ) If the election were today, who would you vote for? ~Sharyn

(Vote for Sarah!) The Republican race has narrowed down to two candidates, maybe prematurel (scroll down for poll), even so who would you vote for?

Indianola vs. Osawatomie – A Tale of Two Speeches

Palin Warns GOP Candidates: Quit Attacking Each Other and Focus on Obama (Hannity Video and Transcript – December 7, 2011)

Sarah Palin: “Barack Obama Is a Phony & America… Is Not Going to Put Up With That” (Video)

Palin Endorses Trump Debate, Urges Candidates to Join

Perhaps Palin could rock the vote

Sarah Palin: Barack Obama is a phony!

Sarah Palin on the GOP Candidates (December 7, 2011)

p-b-12m7d11y (Sarah Palin on FOX Business with Eric Bolling – 12/07/11)

Sarah Palin on Hannity Calls President Obama a Phony; Will Support GOP Nominee

Palin Won’t Endorse Before Iowa Caucuses

PODCAST: The Meaning of Sarah Palin’s Iowa TV Commercial (with C4P promotional article)

PODCAST: The Meaning of Sarah Palin’s Iowa TV Commercial (direct link to Podcast)

“Sarah Palin” sightings in Bismarck

Double Standard: Madonna to Perform at the Superbowl

Rush: Media Invested In Tim Tebow Failing. It’s The Same Thing With Palin, Ergo It’s Trump’s Turn. – Rush Limbaugh – Fox Nation

Video:  Rush: Media Invested In Tim Tebow Failing. It’s The Same Thing With Palin. Ergo It’s Trumps Turn.

Anyone But Bachmann

Herman Cain gets Borked

Leading Without a Title

Did You Ever Wonder: What if Palin Had Run?

Non-Candidate Palin Beats Gingrich and Romney in Latest Hot Air Poll Plus a Write-in Blow-out in Another

Stop Telling Palin Supporters What To Do

Video:  Stop Telling Palin Supporters What To Do

Palin: Santorum GOP candidate with ‘ideological consistency’

Results for 3-Way Question in Hot Air December 2011 Survey: Palin 44% Gingrich 42% Romney 14%

Hot Air Presidential Survey Results (December 2011)

Governor Sarah Palin on Sean Hannity’s Radio Show 12-2-2011

Palin: I Know What Cain Is Going Through (Hannity 12-01-11 transcript)

Video:  Mr Levy, You Called Me A Palin Drone, Ok Then I’m Voting For Sarah Palin I…

Palin ‘Run’ Ad Runs in Iowa (VIDEO)

Ian Lazaran Speaks With LaDonna Hale Curzon of Sarah Palin Radio About the Iowa Ad

Hot Air Presidential Survey: December (includes Sarah Palin!)

Sarah Palin Mum On Endorsement Even as Supporters Hold Out Hope She Will Reconsider

Forbes: America’s Favorite Politicians in 2011 (Sarah Palin #1 in Yahoo searches) 

‘Write In’ Sarah Palin Campaign Under Way: And Why Not?  If That’s Who You Want, Go For It!

Sarah Palin still untried

Video:  Mr.L on Sarah Palin Reconsider Ad

TV spot to air in Iowa urges Palin to reconsider candidacy:

TV Ad In Iowa Urges Palin To Reconsider (mixed)

New Ad Urges Sarah Palin To Join Presidential Race


Third-party Palin

Palin fans divided on Reconsider movement

Obamacare: So Sarah Palin was right all along…

Pro-Palin group to run ads in Iowa

I Miss You, Sarah.

Hmmm…  Hannity’s panel sounds off on newly released  Pro-Palin ad (11-29-11)

Supporters Buy Ad Urging Palin to Run

New Political Ad Includes Plea To ‘Run Sarah Run!’

Video: The “Run Sarah Run” ad has arrived  (Mixed) 

Father, son accused of harrassing Palin’s lawyers

Stephen K. Bannon Speaks to GoPink Conference About Governor Palin & “Throw Them All Out”

Stephen K. Bannon at Project GoPink Conference, 2011

Top 10 Most Influential Conservative Women in America


Hucks: Palin Fairest Fem-Con Of All?

Conservatives4Palin Runs Television Ad Urging Sarah Palin to Reconsider (w/video)

New Ad Encourages Sarah Palin to Enter the 2012 Race

Hearing reset for men accused in Palin case

Supporters unveil video urging Palin to reconsider, run for president:

Pro-Palin Group Releases Ad to Roll in Iowa: Run Sarah Run! –  Video 11/28/11

Ian Lazaran Talks To Neil Cavuto

C4P-Sponsored Iowa Television Ad:  The Challenge

Video:  Fox & Friends Talk About C4P’s Upcoming Iowa Ad

The Media Can’t Bring Themselves to Detach Palin from Giffords

American Thinker: Tebow, Palin, and the Pain of Remorse (Update: Broncos Win in OT)

Pro-Palin Group to Launch Iowa Ad

TV ads to run in Iowa encouraging Palin to reconsider


Pro-Palin Group to Air TV Ad Urging Her to ‘Reconsider’ a 2012 Bid

Sarah Palin Supporters to Run Ad in Iowa Urging Her to Reconsider Decision Not to Run for President

M.JOSEPH SHEPPARD’S “A  POINT OF VIEW”: The Real Grifters Were Palin’s Media Critics Who Are Now “Irrelevant”

Piers Morgan Amazed Sarah Palin Hasn’t Called to Apologize To Gabby Giffords

Wooing Hollywood with Alaska money

Tebow, Palin, and the Pain of Remorse

Sarah Reconsider ad to air in Iowa


TV Ad Asking Sarah Palin to Reconsider On Tap in Sioux City

Kathryn Jean Lopez: Candidates explain why they choose life

Penn. man acknowledges harassing Palin lawyers

NOW Exploits NBC’s Humiliation of Bachmann to Trash the Right, Rush Limbaugh

Pro-Life Sarah Palin: Not Just Talking the Talk but Actually Walking The Walk

We Now Have The Resources To Run The Palin Reconsider Television Ad In The Sioux City, Iowa Market Next Week

How Sarah Palin’s followers are rebranding for the future

The Power of Sarah

Governor Palin’s Campaign Against Crony Capitalism Beginning to Yield Results

*Was Bristol Palin’s Reality Show Canceled?

Who Will Sarah Palin Endorse?

A Personal Thanksgiving Reflection by Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin’s Name Still Resonates In America

Who Are The Inspiring Leaders?

Second Palin stalker to plead guilty to harassment

Sarah Palin Facebook post:  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Exclusive: Sarah Palin’s Thanksgiving Message

Obamacare Sneak Peak: Sarah Palin Was Right

Palin vs. Fox News?

Gabby Giffords Special Ruined by Gratuitous Attack on Sarah Palin, Tea Party

Pennsylvania man to plead guilty to phone harassment involving Palin lawyer

Palin stalker to plead guilty, leave state

Man to get probation over harassment of [Palins and their] attorney,0,1334744.story

Gingrich May Have Inside Track on Palin’s Endorsement (but is he a poster boy for what she rails against?)

Anyone But Bachmann

Michelle Bachmann’s Total Lack of Class

Palin Supporter: Bachmann Campaign Making ‘Shameless’ Palin Attacks

Palin-Bachmann Rancor Heats Up Below the Surface

Grit, Tenacity and Fortitude vy Steve Bannon

The “Reconsider” Iowa Television Ad Is Now Complete

American Needs Sarah Palin

Gov. Palin’s Office Responding to Letters Gov. Palin’s Office Responding to Letters

QUICKclip: Eric Bolling still pines for a Sarah Palin candidacy

Tebow, Palin & the Logic of Thanksgiving

WSJ: Palin Attacks Corruption In Washington D.C.

Palin nails Obama for his reluctance to condemn Occupy movement crimes

Palin-Hate in Industrial Strength Form

Palin fans hoping ex-Alaska governor will reconsider 2012 presidential run

Palin in 2012 Iron Dog

Sarah Palin: Congress Rife With ‘Entrenched Corruption’

Sarah Palin: How Congress Occupied Wall Street

Palin on GOP Field: ‘It Will Come Down to Romney vs the Non-Romney’

Palin Talks Tough on ‘Occupy’ Movement and Obama’s Reluctance to Step In (Hannity Video and Transcript – 11-17-11)

Video: Sarah Palin on Hannity 11-17-2011 Part 2

Sarah Palin:  How Congress Occupied Wall Street (WSJ Op-Ed)

Video:  Sarah Palin on Hannity 11-17-2011 Part 1

Park Police: Suspect arrested in WH shooting might have spent time at Occupy DC protests

Diane Sawyer Again Links Tea Party and Sarah Palin to Rep. Giffords’ Shooting

OTR Video: Palin’s Take: 2012 GOP Field

Sarah Palin: The Reluctant Candidate

Sarah Palin on 2012 Presidential Race Part 1

Sarah Palin on 2012 Presidential Race Part 2

Sarah Palin On The Record 11-15-11 (P_G11m15d11y)

‘Going Rogue’ Reveals Palin Paradigm

Palin to Cain: ‘Be candid’ on allegations

Sarah Palin denies campaign to silence activist who complained about traffic–Palin-Lawsuit/

Drain the Swamp

FOX News Claims Gov. Pain Will Reveal Her 2012 Pick Tonight

Fox News: Gov. Palin to Reveal 2012 Pick on Greta Tonight

(We hope she reconsiders.) Who in the list below is most likely to get endorsed by Governor Sarah Palin? (Gretawire poll)

There’s No Conflict in Respecting Palin’s Decision Not to Run and in Asking Her to Reconsider

Palin’s “Crony Capitalism” Mantra Gets “60 Minutes” Boost

Breitbart’s Big House

Throw Them ALL Out

Consideration of Reconsideration

The Wonk Who Slays Washington

The Reconsider Project

Candidate Visits to Iowa (check out September visits and sidebar candidate list)

History on the Run: Corruption, Stevens and Palin (November 15 Event)

Top 10 Liberal Hit Jobs

The Republican dark horse

Fox News Reporting: The Fight for Iowa (10 PM ET – Gov. Palin is one of the guests)

Video: Mark Levin Jumps On The Reconsider Bandwagon?

Video:  Mark Levin – Sarah,Sarah Palin, Where Are You

If You Love Freedom, Thank a Vet! Friday, November 11, 2011

Fox News to air one-hour special on Iowa caucuses Friday night

Fire Eric Holder Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sarah Palin calls for Eric Holder’s immediate resignation

Sarah Palin and the ‘vacuum on the right’

Favorite Sarah Palin Photos Slideshow

A Late Candidate Whose Chances May Be Improving

Sarah Palin ~ Occupy the White House ~ The Fat Cats

Video:  Sarah Palin ~ Occupy the White House ~ The Fat Cats

Was The “Earthquake” Achieved? 10.3 Total Magnitude on Saturday

Eric Bolling: If Palin Would Be In The Race She’d Be Leading All The Polls

Peg’s Letter to Governor Palin

Corporate Cronyism

Palin: Corporate Crony Capitalism

Psst! Palin’s speech was better

Palin reminds Occupy protesters: Obama gives the fat cats their cat nip

Letters and Rumors and Chuck Heath, Jr.

Video:  PEANUT FOR PRESIDENT SARAH PALIN (speech by 10-year-old girl)

You Tube:  Audio of Governor Palin’s robocall – Sarah Palin endorses Todd P’Pool

Sarah Palin’s First Visit to Disney and her Caribou Stew

Sarah Palin At Victory Dinner 11-03-11 Part 1

Sarah Palin -Occupy the White House, The Fat Cats

Sarah Palin gives keynote speech at RPOF Victory Dinner 11-03-11

Sarah Palin Comes To Tupelo 10-22-11

Sarah Palin Extraordinary Women Conference10-8-2011 (full speech)

Sarah Palin – Lynchburg 10-8-11  part 1 (of 8)

Palin St. Charles Oct 7-2011 Part 7  (of 10)

Palin endorses Todd P’Pool in race for Kentucky attorney general

Palin Says Wall Street Protesters Seeking Bailout

CNN Proclaims “Perry Needs Palin”

Palin reminds Occupy protesters: Obama gives the fat cats their cat nip

Palin backs Ohio Issue 2 in Facebook post

*Updated With Videos: Palin Slams “Entitled” #OccupyWallStreet

Palin Backs P’Pool for Kentucky Attorney General (AUDIO)

Palin endorses P’Pool

A Letter to Governor Sarah Palin

RPOF Palin dinner raises ton of cash

Introducing Sarah “John Wooden” Palin

‘Proud former union member’ Sarah Palin joins home-stretch campaign to uphold SB 5

Support Ohio’s Issue 2 and Kentucky’s Todd P’Pool Next Tuesday Friday, November 4, 2011

Palin endorses KY GOP candidate for Attorney General

Palin Slams “Entitled” Occupy Wall Street Protesters…

*Photos: Palin keynotes RPOF’s Victory Dinner at Disney

Sarah Palin: Don’t Let Obama Blame George Bush for “The Fiasco They Created” (Video)

*Rick Scott: Palin has ultimate tea party cred

Palin: Don’t Let Obama Blame Bush For The ‘Fiasco That They Have Created’

Sarah Palin On Occupy Wall Street: They Should Be Occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (Video) | Politicons

*Photos – Video – Media Roundup: Governor Palin At The RPOF Victory Dinner in Florida

Defending Iron Dog champs to race with new partners

*Palin targets ‘crony capitalists,’ Occupy Wall Street and Obama in same speech: Former Alaska governor speaks to Republican ‘Victory Dinner’ at Walt Disney World,0,3892070.story

*Sarah Palin talks politics at GOP fundraiser

Palin slams Occupy Wall Street protesters during Fla. appearance; says they want a bailout

Sarah Palin loves Walt Disney World

Sarah Palin gives keynote speech at RPOF Victory Dinner 11-03-11

Palin Reconsidering? (mixed)

Breaking: Sources Tell Dr Gina Louden Sarah Palin Is Reconsidering a Presidential Run

Dr. Gina Loudon & Lee Davis chat about Sarah Palin possibly “reconsidering”

Open Letter of Reconsideration to Governor Palin

Sarah Palin Documentary Arrives

Watch Out, Virginia!

Governor Brewer: “Governor Palin Would Be An Insightful And Fearless Ally [Throughout The Battle That Was To Come]“/Open Thread

Virginia Dems warn: Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin will take control over Virginia

Appomattox woman’s surprise: styling Sarah Palin’s hair

Timeline: Key events in Alaska’s quest for another pipeline boom,0

Sarah Palin Supporters Meet Online to Discuss Life After Her Decision

Governor Palin Tried to Call into Grizzly Fest

Flying Wild Alaska Star Says Todd Palin Is ‘Awesome’

Poll:  If Palin runs independent, would you vote for her?

Palin’s endorsement is worth 5 Bidens

The Palin Movement By the Numbers – Can You Feel the Power?

Orlando Jones Apologizes for Advising Liberals to ‘Kill Sarah Palin’

Comedian Orlando Jones Defends His Tweet Calling for the Murder of Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin: Kingmaker?

Orlando Jones slammed for tweets calling on liberals to ‘kill Sarah Palin

*It’s Not That Sarah Palin Should Reconsider, It’s That She Must

*Don’t Step on Her Blue Suede Shoes: Gov. Sarah Palin Rockin’ & Rollin’ in Tupelo

Officials: Palin visit great for local economy

Making A Case For Sarah Palin’s Earthquake

Video from Gov. Palin’s Tupelo Event

Sarah Palin comes to Tupelo

In Elvis’ birthplace, Palin wears blue suede shoes

Elvis’ birthplace, Palin wears blue suede shoes

Palin’s Prayer: Former Alaska governor gives religious testimony

GOP Primary by the Books  (Going Rogue has sold over 4 times more copies than rest of current GOP field combined)

Daily Beast: Governor Palin’s “Going Rogue” Has Outsold Barack Obama’s “Audacity of Hope” Even Though the Latter Was Released Three Years Before Going Rogue

American Crony Capitalism Brings Jobs to Finland Friday, October 21, 2011!/note.php?note_id=10150340167778435

The Undefeated (with Going Rogue: An American Life Audio Book) (Walmart Exclusive)

Palin Disapproves of ‘Pettiness’ in GOP Debates (Hannity Video & Transcript – October 20, 2011)

Hannity Video: Sarah Palin on GOP Candidates, Part 1

Palin: ‘Ironic’ That Obama Praised for Gadhafi’s Demise

Sarah Palin Talks to Hannity on 10-20-2011

Sarah Palin To Speak At Florida Fundraiser

AP Exclusive: Brewer touts immigration law in book

Sarah Palin to speak at RPOF Nov. 3 “victory dinner” fundraiser

Arizona governor’s book details immigration fight

Sarah Palin To Hannity: The Left Is Being Hypocritical When It Comes To Gaddafi

Palin Praises Ron Paul For Foreign Policy Position On Libya

Sarah Palin to headline Republican Party of Florida’s fundraising dinner

Palin-mania touches close to home; Shawn Ramsey styles ex-governor’s hair, and sister Shana Canada sings for her

Mendte: Maybe Sarah Palin Was Right About Death Panels–Palin-Emails/

State wants more time to release remaining Palin emails; says it could be February, at soonest–Palin-Emails/

Palin on debate:  Wanted more substance, Newt did best

Contentious Debate Didn’t Yield GOP Front-Runner, Palin Says

DECKER:  Newt’s Surge – GOP disarray benefits former speaker, starts talk of Gingrich-Palin ticket

Palin: Gingrich won the debate

Bristol Palin Turns 21 [PHOTOS]

Former Governor Sarah Palin ‘On the Record’

Governor Palin on “On the Record” with Greta Van Susteren on October 18, 2011 (Posted on October 18, 2011)

Video Governor Palin Talks to Greta Van Susteren 10-18-2011

OTR Video:  Palin’s Take: The Debate and the Candidates

Palin: We’re Still Looking for the Candidate Who Will Rise to the Top, Be the Frontrunner … Gingrich Would Clobber Obama (OTR Video and Transcript)

Palin biography lacks credibility

Palin: Gingrich Would Clobber Obama

Sarah Palin Praises Newt Gingrich, Goes After Rick Perry

Palin Set For Christian Women’s Meeting In Miss.

How Will Bristol Palin Celebrate Her 21st Birthday? By Going Caribou Hunting!

Palin Set For Christian Women’s Meeting In Miss.

Anyone But Obama? Be Careful What You Ask For


Palin movie free showing (Moravia, IA)

Author next door stoops low in quasi-bio of Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin’s Earthquake Promo

Poll:  Whose Endorsement Would Be Most Valuable?

Whose Endorsement Is the Most Important?

Tammy Bruce: No GOP Candidate Is Worthy of Sarah Palin’s Endorsement

2012 Electoral College Map Shows Realistic 3rd Party (Palinite) Victory Path

Palin: Facebook Political Views Change from Republican to Conservative (Updated)

Palin Exposes Problems in GOP by Not Running

Why Governor Palin Was Right on “Arab Spring”

Where Gov. Palin Leads We Shall Follow

(Video) RUSH At His Best: Dems Know Palin Can WIN…Means What She Says..NOT Afraid of Them

Moving Forward

The aftermath of Sarah saying NO

After Six Months in Iowa, a Sarah Palin Mega-Volunteer Comes Back to North Texas

For Sarah Palin Supporters

Sarah Palin Highest Favorables for Primary: Did Rubio Force Sarah Out of the Race?

PalinTracker: Not Running, but Still Kingmaking

Sarah Palin to Judge: I Need MORE Protection … from My Stalkers!

Is Sarah Palin really out of the race?

Can You Feel the Earth Move Under Your Feet?

Video:  Mr.L: We Are All Kingmakers Now

Sarah Palin, the ‘We The People’ President – Encouragement and Observations from England

Final Gallup Poll Shows Governor Palin With the Highest Favorable Rating Among All GOP/GOP-Leaning Independents Other than Giuliani

Sarah Speculation

Audio: WABC Interview with Joe Miller from Jerusalem regarding Palin, Israel’s strategic importance

More Powerful Than You Can Possibly Imagine

No GOP Candidate Is Worthy of Palin’s Endorsement

Letter to Governor Palin

Parker on Palin: Failing to understand God

Gingrich: Sarah Palin was right on death panels (Debate video)

Ruling party`s mayoral candidate meets Sarah Palin in Seoul

C4P Reader Survey Results – Overwhelming Majority (73%) Still Support Governor Palin

Palin Takes ‘Crony Capitalism’ Fight to South Korea

*Sarah Palin visits South Korea, takes aim at elites

Video:  Sarah Palin’s Earthquake – Phone Calls to Bob & Mark in Alaska

Palin Hits Familiar Themes in Seoul Debut

Palin Says Growing Chinese Army Not ‘Necessarily’ Good

Sarah Palin Says US Due for a Woman President

Sarah Palin: US due for a female president

Joe McGinniss unconvincingly wraps himself in Bob Woodward’s cloak

Larry the Cable Guy visits the Palins

Video:  WABC 10 10 2011 09 05 02 – Joe the Cable Guy talks about meeting the Palins

Full Video: Sarah Palin’s Speech At ‘Defending The Republic’ Event In St. Louis

The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla: Jackie Siciliano of Team Sarah joins Kevin

The Aftermath of Sarah Saying NO

Sarah Palin speaks in St. Louis 10/7/11 PART 1

Sarah Palin speaks in St. Louis 10/7/11 PART 2

Sarah Palin speaks in St. Louis 10/7/11 PART 3

Sarah Palin speaks in St. Louis 10/7/11 PART 4

Palin says it’s time to “reload for America”

Palin to run as independent? ‘Not out of the realm of possibility’

PDS found Palin, Palin didn’t find PDS

Sarah Palin’s Address at the Reagan 100 Weekend Celebration – pp 19-27 of  YAF publication Libertas, Fall 2011 edition

*Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin: Defending the Republic

Reports of Palin’s Political Demise Exaggerated

Family Values Group: Palin Will Help GOP in 2012 Election

McCain vet Charlie Black: Nicolle Wallace’s Palin claim ‘bizarre’

Sarah Palin Speaks to Thousands at LU

Palin says it’s time to “reload for America”


Palin Will Still Be the Cause for the Next Big Media Driven Maelstrom of the Election

Getting Ready for Sarah Palin’s Hill City Visit

Palin blasts Obama in visit to St. Charles

Sarah Palin Criticizes Obama, Media in St. Charles Event

*Photogallery of October 7, 2011 St. Charles MO event:

Sarah Palin’s Earthquake

Ain’t Too Proud to Beg? Draft Palin Movement Launches on Facebook

Sarah Palin: not retreating, just reloading

Sarah Palin says criticism of Hank Williams Jr. is “disgusting”

Rick Santorum Reaches Out for Sarah Palin Endorsement

Sarah Palin to Address 10,000 Women at Christian Conference

A Canadian’s Profound Thoughts On Sarah Palin and the Road Ahead

How much would an endorsement from Palin matter? (mixed)

Palin: 5 Reasons She Will Remain Relevant

Palin Supporters Are A Force To Be Reckoned With

Video:  Governor Palin on Hannity Show — October 6 2011

Palin Explains Decision Not to Run for President: I Can ‘Wake Up Americans to What Is Going On in Our Country’ (OTR video and transcript)

Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck to Speak in St. Charles

The Sarah Palin “not-running” announcement came during Mark Levin’s radio show

Palin says no 2012 bid

Gingrich Reaches Out to Palin, Would Like Endorsement

Palin’s Not Running: ‘I Can Be More Effective’ Helping to Elect Others

Video:  Sarah Palin Talks About Not Running on the Bob and Mark Show

The Palin movement isn’t retreating, it’s reloading

Pitch-Perfect Palin

Sarah Palin Talks About Not Running on the Bob and Mark Show

The Next Chapter: Following the Maverick

Restoring America Together

OTR Video: Palin:   Why I’m Not Running t

Gov. Palin’s 10/05/2011 Greta Van Susteren interview

Statement on 2012 Decision Wednesday, October 5, 2011!/note.php?note_id=10150321133893435


Regarding Sarah Palin: “Tell ‘Em You’re With Tina Fey”

Gretawire: Could Governor Sarah Palin be running for President ?

“Still a Possibility:” Sarah Palin May Enter The Race

Christie Out.  Palin In?

Yes, Virginia, There Is A Path To The WH For Sarah Palin

*Christie’s out, Is Palin In?

With Christie out, all eyes turn to Wasilla

What Can We Do To Help Governor Palin Right Now?

Christie Takes a Pass; A Palin Decision Forthcoming

Christie says ‘Not My Time’–All Eyes Now on Palin

Housing shortage forces VUL college students from temporary homes

Brewer book gets endorsement from Sarah Palin

Hank Williams’s ESPN Appearance Canceled Over Obama Remark (He Should’ve Kept to Palin Rape Jokes)

Video: Hank Williams JR- “The McCain-Palin Tradition”

Bristol Palin heckler gets threats; apologizes

Keep an Eye on Wasilla: Is Palin Nearing a Decision?

The Fighter

Sarah Palin-affiliated law firm made early-state deadline inquiries

Jerusalem Post Editor: Israel’s Real Friend is Sarah Palin

Lt Gov Kathleen Kennedy Townsend (RFK’s oldest child) and Governor Sarah Palin ! CHECK THIS OUT !

Palin pens foreword to Gov. Brewer’s book

MORNING JOE: Sarah Palin Is MUCH Smarter Than Rick Perry

Herman Cain, Sarah Palin at Liberty on Saturday

Palin provides foreword to Brewer’s book

Todd Palin A Modern Day Gary Cooper and a Man’s Man

*What Works for Sarah Palin – Less Time in Front of Media Before the Primaries?

October Hot Air Straw Poll: Support For Rick Perry Collapses

Heart Sarah Palin in this poll and voice your support of her!

Poll:  Could Palin Beat Obama?

Why Gov. Palin Stands With Israel

What Sarah Palin Really Said About A “Drop Dead” Date

SIGN ACLJ’s Petition to Secretary of State Clinton – Call on Iran to save Christian pastor

Why Erik Erikson’s childish anti-Palin hatefest on September 30th is a major problem for the Republican Party at large

Sarah Palin Can Eat 50 Eggs

Townhall Poll:  My favorite presidential pick for October 2011

JOEL POLLAK: Why Sarah Palin could be 1st Jewish president

Joel Pollak on Anthony Weiner, Andrew Breitbart, and Why Sarah Palin Could Be the First Jewish President

Sarah Palin returns fire at Fox News commentators

Palin Goes after FOX News

Total Dominance! Red State Straw Poll: Sarah Palin 52.4% Herman Cain 21.4% Ron Paul 10.2% Rick Perry 7.3%

Sarah Palin The Rogue: Book Sales Less Than Robust in First Week

Palin clarifies ‘flavor of the week’ Cain remark

The Book Sarah Palin Need Not Fear

Sarah Palin on ‘Freedom Watch’ with Judge Napolitano on 9-29-2011

Erick Erickson Finally Explodes

Poll: Hot Air Candidate Survey -October

‘I Apologize’: Bristol Palin’s Bar Heckler Buckles Under Negative Media Coverage (Plus: Bristol Responds)

Lawyered! Palin-defamer Joe McGinniss and Random House are in hot water

Sarah Palin: To run or not to run

Letters from readers: A Palin stamp

Sarah Palin Says She’s Holding Her Cards Close

Bristol Palin heckler turned out to be a Hollywood talent manager

Sarah Palin biography gets lukewarm response

Sarah Palin Defends Herman Cain Comments , Talks 2012 Plans (VIDEO)

L’shanah tovah! Happy New Year! September 28, 2011

Now He’s Blaming Europe Wednesday, September 28, 2011

AFA Action Alert:  Iranian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani faces execution anytime from Thursday onwards after refusing to renounce his faith.   Take action here:

Palin: I never said Herman Cain was the flavor of the week

Palin heckler’s apology statement an understatement

Palin: Wait a While Longer

The Rogue’ sells 6,000 copies in first week

Palin to Obama: Stop ‘poking our allies in the eye’

Just To Clear Things Up (Tuesday, September 27, 2011)

Sarah Palin: You Could Say Herman Cain Is the Flavor of the Week (Video)

FOX Video:  ‘Maverick’ Palin vs. ‘Quasi Reality’ Show

Palin: GOP Infighting Playing Into ‘Liberal Handbook,’ Problem Is Obama’s ‘Socialist-Leaning Failed Policies’  (OTR video and transcript – 09/27/11)

Exclusive Interview: Sarah Palin’s Brother Chuck Heath Speaks Out Against Random House / Joe McGinniss Book

Hollywood Heckler Apologizes to Bristol Palin

 Exclusive: (Steve Bannon) Interview with Chuck Heath 1 of 5

Exclusive: (Steve Bannon) Interview with Chuck Heath 2 of 5

Exclusive: (Steve Bannon) Interview with Chuck Heath 3 of 5

Exclusive: (Steve Bannon) Interview with Chuck Heath 4 of 5

Exclusive: (Steve Bannon) Interview with Chuck Heath 5 of 5

Linked to on Gov. Palin’s Facebook page:  A Bear of a Problem for Obama

Audio:  Exclusive Interview: The Common Man – Chuck Heath

Poll:  Would Sarah Palin Make a Good President?

Gov. Palin to Discuss Leading World out of Crisis in South Korea

Sarah Palin Documentary To Be Shown In Ida County (Iowa)

Facebook Poll:  “Should Conservatives Find a Better Candidate to Be the GOP Nominee Than Mitt Romney?”!/questions/235909039791971/

*Palin ‘on the Verge’ of a Decision About Presidential Run

Rick Perry’s stumble gives Sarah Palin, Chris Christie and even Ron Paul a second chance

Palin Lawyers Warn Publisher of ‘The Rogue’ Not to Destroy Documents Ahead of Possible Lawsuit

Not a ‘Threat’: Palin Lawyer Gives McGinniss, Random House Legal Notice

September 2011 Primary Preference Poll of RedStaters  Description of Poll here:

Sign and Share this petition to Stop the Fed Takeover of the Internet!

Ed Rollins: ‘It’s never too late for Gov. Palin’ to jump into 2012 race

Insiders Say Palin, Christie Can Still Jump in 2012 Race

BREAKING: Gov. Sarah Palin Sends Letter to Crown/Random House, Warns Not to Destroy Documents Ahead of Potential Defamation Suit

Sarah Palin Threatens to Sue Rogue Book Publisher

Letter from Palin’s attorney to Crown Publishing regarding McGinnis book

Juicy Sarah Palin Revelation

Crista Huff: Sarah Palin Can Save This Republic

NPR, MSNBC, Current TV Fleeing From Anti-Palin Random House Hoax Bio; McGinnis Claims Cover-Up

Joe McGinniss’ book on Sarah Palin not among top sellers

Is It Palin time?  (mixed – last paragraph is usual Huffpoo)

Bristol Palin Trounces a Middle-Aged Moonbat

Could This Be the Week Sarah Palin Gets in the Race?

Sarah Palin Impersonator, Fake George W. Bush Crash Conservative Gathering (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin Can Square the William F. Buckley and Rush Limbaugh Rules For a Republican Primary

Is Kyle Massey angry about Bristol Palin reality show?

Anti-Palin books bomb

Waiting for Sarah Palin (monologue)

Audio: Waiting for Sarah Palin

Bristol Palin taunted by 47-year-old man

Poll: If your primary were held today, who would you vote for? (Palin/Christie included)

Levi Johnston and Sarah Palin Book Debuts Bomb (mixed – last paragraph mostly spin)

Bristol Palin’s Camp Fires Back

Palin ‘On the Verge’ of Decision on Presidential Bid

The Tea Party needs a Palin candidacy as a unifying force

(Please Sign!) Petition:  Time Warner Board and HBO Management:  Fire Bill Maher

Want to Know Why Hollywood Conservatives Stay In the Closet?  Meet the Bully Who Heckled Bristol Palin

Gov. Perry All But Invited Gov. Palin to Enter the Race

Bristol Palin shocked at reaction to her widely-circulated fight at West Hollywood bar

Poll: Was Bristol Palin out of line to engage in her bar fight? (beneath photo)

Levin Hammers Palin Slime Merchant McGinnis Over Big Government Investigative Report

The Mark Levin Show – excerpt 09/22/11 (about Breitbart investigation of McGinnis book)

Media Prattling About Political Candidates’ IQs Is Utter Nonsense

Dr. Gina Loudon on America’s Nightly Scoreboard with David Asman

(Video) Rush on Palin: Dems Know Sarah Palin Can WIN & She Is NOT Afraid of Them

Breitbart, You Magnificent Bastard! You Read Their Book!

Must-Listen Blog Radio: Roderic Deane Interviews All-Star Palin Line-Up Sunday 11-1 a.m. CT

Patience Paying Off For Governor Palin

EXCLUSIVE Chuck Heath, Jr., Brother of Gov. Palin, Respoinds to McGinnis, Random House: ‘One Lie After Another’

Methods Of Palin Book Author Draw Ire (mixed)

OMG! Hollywood Liberal to Bristol Palin: ‘Your Mother’s a Whore. She’s the Devil.’ UPDATE: Gay Trig-Truther Loves Levi

Sarah Palin’s Hairdresser Debuts in TLC Reality Series Big Hair Alaska

Watch Bristol Palin Confront Verbally Abusive Heckler

Random House Doubles Down – Defends Anti-Palin Literary Hoax

Video:   Gen Y TV: Indie Filmmaker Steve Bannon Talks Reality

Palin Waiting Game Could Run Into October

Author of Deceitful Deals? Joe McGinniss, Sarah Palin and Jeffrey MacDonald

Palin: “Mark My Word, It Is Going To Be An Unconventional Election”

Video:  The Nature And The Level Of The Assault On Sarah And Her Family Is Disgusting Beyond Imagination

Random House on Sarah Palin’s Privacy: A Tale of Two Press Releases

Joe McGinniss Jumps The Shark With Palin Book

Unlike ‘Tawdry Gossip’ About Sarah Palin

Random House ‘Rogue’ Scandal Update: McGinniss Confirms, Griffin Fumes, ‘Hooker’ Responds

Sign the petition to Stand with Israel: Veto Palestinian Statehood at UN!

SHOCK: Some Claims in McGinniss Book May Not Have Been Exhaustively Documented, Corroborated

Palin raises cash ‘on the verge’ of big decision

Two plead not guilty to harassing Palin attorney,0,1916372.story

She’s still got it! At 42, Danish supermodel Helena Christensen could give her younger counterparts a run for their money (Sarah Palin look-a-like?)

SarahPAC: With time running out before Palin’s decision, send money

Explosive Email Shows Anti-Palin Author McGinniss, Random House Likely Published Literary Hoax

*Bristol and Tripp Have Lunch (photos)

Palin 47% Obama 47%: Turnaround & Why Marist Poll Is No Fluke

SarahPAC: Palin ‘on the verge’ of deciding if she will run for president (mixed)

Sarah Palin’s Electability

Palin’s Unintended Stalking Horse?

Todd Palin enters 2012 Iron Dog snowmachine race

New McClatchy-Marist Poll Has Bad News For Barack Obama, Good News For Sarah Palin

Palin: The President Is Essentially Lying About His Tax Proposal

Sen. Lieberman prays with Sarah Palin

Am I One Cup of Tea Away from Voting for Sarah Palin? (mixed)

Poll:  Who would you vote for in a head-to-head primary race?

NRO Poll:  Is there still time for Sarah Palin to run in 2012? (scroll down center column)

Sarah Palin Says There’s ‘Still Time’ to Get in ‘Unconventional’ Race

Video:  Sarah Palin on ‘Hannity’ Part 1

Video:  Sarah Palin on ‘Hannity’ Part 2

Video:  Rhetoric of Class Warfare

‘Shock poll:’ Palin trails Obama by 5 points in new national poll

Mike Tyson, Greta Van Susteren and … Me

The Establishment Thinks We Have No Memory

Former McCain chairman explains why he lobbied for Governor Palin as vice president

Wasilla salon famous for Palin’s up-do gets own reality TV show; airs Tuesday

‘The Rogue’: Pummeling Palin with trash talk

Letters: Lay off cheap shots against Palin

Video:  Fox News Civil War! Van Susteren and Carlson fight over Palin! (title misleading)

Well that didn’t go well …

 Sex, drugs, and politics: New Palin book sparks controversy

Tucker Carlson still does not get it

Greta Van Susteren, Tucker Carlson feud on Fox over Palin story

So, Who are Bob and Mark?

American Way: Decency abandoned as author Joe McGinniss plays the race card against Sarah Palin  (mixed)

Ralph Nader praises Sarah Palin

Editorial: Palin bio revels in art of cheap shots

Palin’s worst critics have no decency

Palin exposé gets withering review

How Palin Haters Help Palin (first few paragraphs mixed)

Greta Van Susteren: Tucker Carlson’s a ‘pig’ for Palin story

Respecting women is a good idea for men

Read this: Roberto Donna; Sarah Palin; Toronto film festival

The Death of the Sarah Palin Campaign Has Been Greatly Exaggerated


McGinnis Never Actually Asked Glenn Rice If He’d Had Sex With Sarah Palin

UK GUARDIAN: Sarah Palin is Republicans’ premium brand

TIME: Palin ‘more interesting to listen to than any candidate’

NY Times reviewer trashes new hit-book about the Palins

IfI were a politician, I would pray for enemies like Palin’s

Keith Olbermann Defends Sarah Palin!

Bristol Palin Goes Crab Fishin’

Nancy French on Co-Writing Memoir With Bristol Palin

The Day Governor Palin Resigned

Glenn Beck’s Despicable Attack on Sarah Palin and her Family

Palin Leading Obama In West Virginia 45%-42%/Dan Riehl Is An Hero

Governor Palin’s Free Market Populism Bests the Boys’ Crony Capitalism

Lloyd Marcus: McGinniss Book About Palin: Yet Another Attack on America

RUBES: The REAL Sarah Palin Haters

New Sarah Palin tell-all biography tells us more about ourselves (mixed)

The End of Palin Derangement Syndrome? (mixed)

Will Joe McGinniss’ ‘scathing’ expose actually help Sarah Palin?

Super creepy Joe McGinniss on Today Show promoting his slimey “book”

The style primary: Palin tops Bachmann in fashion face-off

Paris TN: Paris TN native helps write book with Bristol Palin

The Left’s Infatuation with Sarah Palin

Wyclef Jean: Palin is rad, shrewd, cool

Hip Hop Artist Wyclef Jean Calls Palin…‘Rad’, ‘Shrewd’ & ‘Cool’

Sarah Palin is defended by ‘lamestream media’

Joe McGinniss’s Attempt to Smear Palin Backfires; Media Ridicules His Book

Audio: Mark Levin – I Actually Hope Sarah Palin Gets Into This Race Now

Sarah Palin on “The Bob & Mark Show” in Alaska at 930am PST 9/16/11?

Todd Palin Defense Fund Update

‘This Neofascist Fantasy’

TRENDING: New book on Palin blasted as ‘lies’

New York Times trashes Palin book

Livin’ It Up at the Hotel Sarah Palin

Palin: Debate validated tea party; no drop-dead decision date

Stephen K. Bannon discusses the mendacious book by Joe McGinnis, and puts it in proper perspective

Do NOT tell Governor Sarah Palin about this ! Wait until you see THIS “crony capitalism”

The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla: Benyamin Korn, founder of Jews For Sarah

The Todd Palin Legal Defense Fund

Sarah Palin Could See This Guy From Her House

Crony Capitalism on Steroids from GE to Solyndra Wednesday, September 14, 2011!/notes/sarah-palin/crony-capitalism-on-steroids-from-ge-to-solyndra/10150295067853435

Todd Palin Slams Joe McGinniss While Sarah Criticizes Obama:

Sarah Palin Book Won’t Affect Her Decision To Run In 2012: ‘She’s Resilient,’ Says Political Analyst

The Hill’s Bizarre Presumption About a Governor Palin ‘Endorsement’ of Rick Perry

Only One Republican is Shaping the Debate

GOP Candidates Endorse Governor Palin

Karl Rove: Palin Is The Only One Who Can Beat Obama

Sarah Palin totally gets it

SarahPAC asking for support as Palin decides whether to jump in the race

Palin says debate pushes back her decision on running in 2012

ND Tea Party Official “Pretty Convinced” Palin Will Enter Presidential Race

On HPV, Palin Makes First Overt Attack on Perry

5 Clues in Sarah Palin’s 9/12/11 Greta appearance that she’s running for president

Palin: The Problem With This Country Is People Are Afraid to Call Members of Their Own Party Out on ‘Crony Capitalism’ (OTR video and transcript – September 12, 2011)

Palin Calls Out Perry on HPV Vaccine

Nick Broomfield’s Palin hit film falls flat  (mixed)

Sarah Palin runs half-marathon incognito in Iowa

OTR Video:  Palin vs. Obama’s Jobs Plan

Palin takes aim at GOP presidential candidates

Palin slams Perry on ‘crony capitalism’

Palin turns a Lemon into sweet lemonade…

Gov. Sarah Palin goes ON THE RECORD tonight at 10pm/ET!

Sarah Palin Is Going To Do What A Obama Couldn’t,Get Elected To Two Terms

*Don Lemon: Watching Palin’s transformation

Governor Palin’s Second Book Returns to the Top 15 Even Though It Was Released Almost a Year Ago

Kyle Massey on Living With Bristol Palin and His ‘Hero’ Tripp

Governor Palin to Talk to Greta After GOP Debate

Ten Years Ago Sunday, September 11, 2011!/note.php?note_id=10150290768668435

MUST GO VIRAL Ground Zero Memorial FLASH SINGING of Amazing Grace When Bloomberg Spks

Sept 11th Blog Tributes to Victims- Project 2996

TAKE ACTION: Write to Governor Sarah Palin and ask her to run for president.

Lloyd Marcus:  Liberal Media Believes Palin/Tea Party Supporters Toothless Racists

Rick Perry Cut Sarah Palin Off in 2008

Kudos to Sarah Palin for Exposing the Sleazy Bipartisan Corruption Problem in Washington

Jan Brewer’s Facebook “Presidential Straw Poll” — Who do you support?!/questions/10150275574736126/

Poll: At this stage of the game who ( at this point and time) give your vote to for the Oval office?

Sarah Palin on ‘America Live’ Sep 9, 2011

Sarah Palin on ‘America Live’ Aug 18, 2011

Sarah Palin’s right to choose (mixed)

Sarah Palin on Obama jobs speech: ‘He kind of plays us all for fools’

Palin: Obama ‘Plays Us All for Fools’

Governor Palin on “America Live” with Megyn Kelly on September 9, 2011 (Posted on September 09, 2011)

More Shocking Revelations About That Fox News Sarah Palin Poll

Palin knew Revere better than Obama knew Lincoln

Obama Trails Palin By 14 In N. Carolina Indies &Palin Gains 5 Points In Rasmussen Nationwide

Does Perry see Palin as a threat?

Palin Supporters Are Now Fair Game

Palin the Pushover

Bristol Palin’s Son is Star of New Show

Some of Sarah Palin’s Ideas Cross the Political Divide

Palin knew Revere better than Obama knew Lincoln

Governor Sarah Palin running news !

And the loser is….Michelle Bachmann: Thoughts on the GOP Presidential Debate

Mark Levin praises Sarah Plain’s speech

New Video Game ‘Slaughters’ Beck, Palin, O’Reilly

The Massey Brothers: Bristol Palin’s Son Steals The Show

Christie Cheerleaders Coulter and Ingraham Attack Sarah Palin

A GOP Debate, an Obama Speech, and Sarah Palin

Video game targets tea party ‘zombies’

Sarah Palin Praises Documentary THE UNDEFEATED: ‘Powerful Film About Alaska’s History’ and Efforts to ‘Tackle Political Corruption,’ Says it Will ‘Open Some Eyes’

Ann Coulter to Sarah Paln:  fish or cut bait

Governor Palin – Fit for a Long Presidential Run

About That FOX News Poll

Perry’s egghead, FOX’s pollster (Hmmm…)

Fox News war on Sarah Palin

Video Game Allows Players to Slaughter Sons of Bitches ‘Tea Party Zombies’ Palin, O’Reilly

Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham Knock Sarah Palin – Agree That Ryan, Christie and Romney Show Promise (Video)

An Open Letter to Sarah Palin Asking Her to Save America from the Cocktail Party and the Leftists it Enables

Stripping Them Bare: Coulter and Ingraham Represent the Party of DC

Sure, Sarah, We Won’t Tell ‘Em To Go To Hell (Wink Wink)

The Palin Uncertainty (w/video)

NY SUN: The Sarah Palin riposte to labor’s boss, Jimmy Hoffa

Union Maid

*The People’s Palin

EXCLUSIVE: Palin’s surprise visit delights bride and groom

10 clear clues in Sarah Palin’s New Hampshire Labor Day speech that she is running for President

Welcome, Union Brothers and Sisters Tuesday, September 6, 2011!/note.php?note_id=10150285058673435

Palin Warns Tea Partiers of Disunity as Her Decision Looms

Fear and Loathing in Manchester: Palin Offers No Sympathy for the Media Devil

Palin:  Run Into Danger

*Sarah Palin won’t commit — but is still the life of the Party

Sarah Palin Runs Surprise Half Marathon

LIVE: Sarah Palin at Manchester Tea Party Rally

Hoffa vs Palin – a stark contrast in class.

*In N.H., Romney, Palin show differing Tea Party approaches

Governor Palin’s Speech at the Tea Party Express Rally in Manchester, New Hampshire (Video) Posted on September 05, 2011

Tea Party Express Rally – Manchester, NH – 9/5/11 (Posted on September 05, 2011)

Hawkawye Granite (Posted on September 05, 2011)

Puritan Backroom Restaurant, Manchester, NH – 9/4/11 (Posted on September 05, 2011)

Palin, not even in the race, draws double the size crowd as Romney

FULL SPEECH: Sarah Palin at Tea Party Rally in New Hampshire


TRENDING: Palin: The tea party whisperer  (w/video)

MUST READ:  Assessing the Palin Nation (w/video)


Sarah Palin warns against Tea Party infighting

Palin’s Attack on ‘Corporate Crony Capitalism’ Spotlights Gap in GOP Field

Will the Real Crony Capitalist Please Stand Up?

Sarah Palin Finishes Second In Iowa Run

Tea Party Express V: The Ex-Russian, Palin And The Black Patriot – OpEd

*Sarah Palin runs unannounced in Iowa half-marathon | Iowa Caucuses

Sarah Palin set to attend Tea Party Express Rally in New Hampshire

Palin takes stage to wild cheers

Palin Is Running, but in a Half-Marathon

Sarah Palin – Tea Party of America Event – Indianola, IA

Peter Singleton – C4P Gathering

*First Draft of Her Story: Sarah Palin Announces What a Future Presidential Campaign May Look Like

Palin’s Pressure on Perry

Palin Shines Through the Rain

*Sarah Palin is running in Iowa

Sarah Palin ‘likely to jump into race’

Candidate or not, Palin remains fierce Obama critic

Sarah Palin Lays Out Economic Plan in Iowa, Silent on 2012 Bid [VIDEO]

Sarah Palin criticises Obama and Republican rivals

Governor Sarah Palin is running! (firsthand account)

*Governor Sarah Palin is running!

Sarah Palin Attacks the Political Class, Crony Capitalism at Tea Party of America Rally in Iowa

Governor Palin’s Speech at the “Restoring America” Tea Party of America Rally in Indianola, Iowa (Video and Transcript) Posted on September 04, 2011


Perry is their governor, but these Texans back Palin

Palin: “Polls are for Strippers and Cross Country Skiers”

Video: Film Director Steven Bannon Discusses Sarah Palin and ‘The Undefeated’

Palin Rails Against ‘Crony Capitalism’ and ‘Career Politicians’

Root Causes:  In Iowa, Sarah Palin Lays Out a Governing Philosophy that Should Worry Both Sides of the Aisle

Kevin DuJan:  FUN PROJECT: Gather up good photos of Governor Palin sitting at a desk to be photoshopped into Oval Office pictures

Feisty Sarah Palin, mum on 2012 bid, promotes plan for change

‘There’s room for more candidates’: Palin excites supporters in Iowa… but still won’t say if she’s running for president until end of September

*Photos:  Sarah Palin headlines Iowa tea party rally

*Sarah Palin gives a rousing non-campaign campaign speech in Iowa (w/ photos & video)

Video:  Sarah Palin @ The Tea Party of America Rally Indianola, Iowa September 3 2011

Palin On Politicians And Crony Capitalism: “I’m Not For Sale”  (w/video)

Sarah Palin rocks Iowa: ‘The status quo is no longer an option’

Sarah Palin Lays Out Her Views in Tea Party Speech, Without Formally Announcing 2012 Candidacy

*For Sarah Palin, the game is still on (mixed)

*Sarah Palin attacks Obama in Iowa, but doesn’t declare (w/photogallery)

*’Run Sarah Run!’ Will Palin Heed the Call?–20110903

Sarah Palin: Let’s Have an Adult Conversation

*Palin says ‘room for more’ in GOP race

*Sarah Palin meets the faithful on eve of Iowa tea party rally (w/photogallery)

*Palin meets diehard supporters on eve of big speech

Tea Party of America’s “Restoring America” event Saturday at the Indianola Balloon Festival Grounds in Indianola, Iowa – 9/3/2011 (Posted on September 04, 2011)

*The Machine Shed Restaurant, Des Moines, Iowa – 09/02/2011 (Posted on September 03, 2011)

*Sarah Palin thrills Iowa crowd, stays mum on presidential plans,0,6550290.story?track=rss

Iowa Tea Party rally organizer Ken Crow eats crow over Palin drama

Palin supporters fan out across Iowa, building “grassroots network”

*Palin greets supporters at Iowa restaurant

Video:  Sarah Palin Meetup Iowa

Astonishing NRO Poll Of 17000+ Palin Leads Perry By 24 Points

NRO Poll: Who is the better conservative standard-bearer?

*Crowd chants ‘run, Sarah, run’ as Palin arrives at Iowa restaurant

*Palin greets supporters at Iowa restaurant

Palin Says ‘There’s Room for More’

*Governor Palin Arrives at C4P Meetup in Suburban Des Moines; Update: Pictures and Details Added

@Amanda Coyne  In indianola, tea party of am setting up sound, dark side of moon rolling through farm fields. Palin’s bus serving as sentry.

*Palin will up the ante but not announce run in Iowa speech

Sarah Palin and the Tea Party of America Fiasco

Sarah Palin to blast Obama, defend Tea Party

Sarah Palin Planning Labor Day Appearance in Manchester

Palin visiting N.H., again on heels of Romney event

Typo mars Sarah Palin’s New Hampshire event

A possible Achilles’ heel to Perry’s conservative armor

Palin to Rip “Crony Capitalism” in Iowa Speech

Sarah Palin’s Saturday Speech Will Be a ‘Full Throated Defense of the Tea Party’

Sarah Palin Confirms Participation in Tea Party Debate (unverified)

Report: Sarah Palin To Participate In CNN Debate (unverified)

C-SPAN will broadcast entire Iowa tea party rally live

GOP hopefuls will face off in CNN Tea Party Debate

ABC News: Palin’s speech in Iowa will be tea party rallying cry

Palin Adds New Hampshire to Labor Day Itinerary

After confusion, Palin back on the program for Iowa rally

Palin Moves Puzzle Some Fans (mixed)

Controversial Documentary on Sarah Palin “THE UNDEFEATED” Released On Demand this Weekend

Palin Will give Iowa Speech

Hot Air Candidate Survey: September Edition

O’Donnell out, Palin in for tea party rally – for now (mixed – Ken Crow is a Perry supporter)

Sarah Palin to go to South Korea

Sarah Palin to Speak in South Korea in October

Why Did Ken Crow Make Such a Mess Out of the Iowa Rally?

Indianola ‘Clusterf**k’ UPDATE: Iowa Rally Organizer Trashes Palin to NBC News? UPDATE: Palin Blames O’Donnell?

Sarah Palin:  Forbes World’s Most Powerful Women #34

Photogallery:  Sarah Palin:  Forbes World’s Most Powerful Women #34

Sarah Palin to visit South Korea

Palin Will Attend Iowa Rally After O’Donnell Is Disinvited (Again)

*UPDATED: Iowa tea party made three changes at Palin’s staff’s request

Palin Camp to Iowa Tea Party Group: You’re ‘Lying’

*Speculation Continues About Palin’s Political Future

Governor Palin Will Speak At A Labor Day Tea Party Rally In Manchester, New Hampshire (Update)

Report: Palin headed to New Hampshire after tea-party speech in Iowa this weekend

*Sarah Palin: Master media manipulator – The Fix – The Washington Post

Vote in poll:  Sarah Palin has just announced that she will be featured at a major Tea Party event in NH. Looks like she might be running for POTUS

Palin’s Saturday Speech Still On, Tea Party Founder Says

*Sarah Palin Appearance at Tea Party Rally in Iowa ‘No Longer Confirmed’

Palin’s Participation in Iowa Rally “On Hold”

Sarah Palin’s Pac confirms Labor Day speech NH Tea Party rally

NY SUN: Sarah Palin, Constitutional conservative, should run

Sarah Palin’s Gift

*Sarah Palin to Attend Labor Day Tea Party Rally in New Hampshire

*TRENDING: Palin to New Hampshire (again) in Labor Day schedule shuffle

TIR Exclusive:  Palin to Fly to New Hampshire Following Iowa Appearance

Palin Backers Use Film to Spread Message Ahead of Iowa Speech

A Palin Presidential Run is the Ultimate Debunker

Steve Forbes tells BBC: ‘Sarah Palin is running’ for President

The Palin Pantry Principle or How to Vote Like a Human Being

Don’t count out Sarah Palin

Iowa tea party group cancels O’Donnell speaking appearance

Photos: Reality TV crew films Bristol Palin and son in L.A.

O’Donnell dropped from Tea Party event; Palin to appear

Palin as Reagan in Today’s Media Age?

Christine O’Donnell will speak before Sarah Palin at Iowa tea party rally Saturday

August 29,2008–The Day the Ship Left the Harbor (w/video)

It’s not too late for more GOP candidates: Iowa Republican caucuses scheduled for February

Governor Palin and the Dream

Palin movie opens in Tyler, draws crowd (w/video)

Op-Ed: The Palin Doctrine: For Israel?

Palin Tweet

*Life’s a Tripp for Bristol Palin and her young reality show co-star as her son tries to push his own buggy (mixed)

Palin to Perry, Romney & Bachmann: You are what you wear & how you look

Slideshow:  Ask Sarah Palin! Perry, Romney, Paul & Bachmann – Image counts

*Bristol Palin And Son Tripp Shoot Reality Show In Hollywood

*Bristol Palin Films a Scene for Her New Reality Show (Photos)

*Iowans weigh a possible Palin run

Tea Party Express kicks off nationwide tour in Napa

*Sarah Palin Documentary, The Undefeated, Now Available For Preorder | Politicons

Sarah Palin Likes This Video

Iowa Politics Insider: Palin event switches site to handle crowd

In Honor of Todd Palin

Governor Palin and the Return of Jacksonian Foreign Policy

Inside the Palin Industrial Complex: The People Who Thrive on Speculating About Her Presidential Intentions (mixed)

PPP Ohio: Governor Sarah Palin Highest In Favorablilty Ratings: A Key Finding

ANDREW MALCOLM: Sarah Palin’s 4-point plan on Libya

Another Facebook “Polling”

What pundits should be talkig about when it comes to Palin

*Sarah Palin’s four-point plan on Libya

Sarah Palin’s Pre-Presidential Power

Sign the petition to New York City Mayor Bloomberg to allow clergy to participate in the 9/11 memorial

Bristol Palin & Tripp Get Down & Dirty

Lieberman Shares His ‘Gift of Rest’

On the Future of Libya Thursday, August 25, 2011!/note.php?note_id=10150274863408435

Tea Party Group Releases Ad Promoting Palin Iowa Speech

Chicago Tea Party: See You In Iowa, Sarah Palin‏:  Free Road Trip: Restoring America Rally featuring Sarah Palin

Video:  That Uncontrollable Woman

Palin to make Iowa stop on Sept. 1

Karl Rove: Sarah Palin needs a thicker skin

Karl Rove Says Sarah Palin Is Thin-Skinned… 3 Times 2 Minutes (Video)

New Book “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere” Will Take Readers Someplace Amazing

Poll:  Will Sarah Palin Run for the Republican Presidential Nomination?

The media and Governor Sarah Palin

“Game On!” Palin Says in Iowa Radio Ad

*TRENDING: Palin blasts 2012 speculation but applauds…

Palin keeps her powder dry

Sarah Palin’s Sept. 3 Speech Will Be ‘Major,’ but Will It Be the Big One?

Are liberals threatened by strong women?

Todd and Sarah Palin Are My Heroes

Sarah PAC Disses Rove as GOP Keeps Guessing on Palin

Sarah Palin keeps her own counsel about political intentions

Sarah Palin embraces the Tea Party – New SarahPac video



The Parallels Between Sarah Palin and Ronald Reagan

Mark Levin pretty sure that Sarah Palin won’t announce on September 3rd

Palin thumps Harvard

Iowa Tea Party Organizer: Palin Will Make Major Announcement at Indianola Rally (Updated)

Palin stalkers arrested

Setting The Record Straight: Wrong & Misleading (Posted on August 23, 2011) /

*Will Palin be in by Labor Day? ‘I doubt it’

MILLER: The Palin factor

Mark Levin – Karl Rove and Dick Morris are setting up Sarah Palin

TNA’s Amy Siskind on Fox & Friends discusses a possible Palin Run in 2012

Palin v. Obama (Faith in the American People v. Faith in Government)

The Undecided: How Long Will Sarah Palin Keep Us in Suspense?

Fun poll to vote in: Sarah Palin for President

Poll:  When do you think Sarah Palin will annouce as a candidate for the Presidency?

Restoring America Event

*TRENDING: Rove’s Palin prediction

‘She Will Run’

*Tea Party Group Launches Iowa Radio Blitz for Palin Event

McCain: Palin would be “formidable” in 2012

Women of the right (mixed)

Palin Announcement on September 3rd Looks More Likely

HILLBUZZ on Jewish Talk Radio: Identity Politics & Sarah Palin

Jewish Tea Party of NY: 1st event this Weds. eve, Staten Island

FBI arrest affidavit unsealed in Palin harassment case

Rove on Palin: ‘I think she gets in’

Political Insider: New Palin video features State Fair

Sarah Palin and family threatened

*Rove:  Palin will run

3 year old SARAH PALIN!!!

Poll:  What do you think about Sarah Palin possibly running for President in 2012?

Video: Someone Like You (Song for Sarah Palin)

Palin Keeps an Eye on Iowa (w/video)

Bristol Palin Debuts New Tattoo During Lunch With Kyle Massey (w/photogallery)

Mark Levin: ‘I believe Sarah Palin will run for president’  (w/video)

The Tide Waits for No One

*Bristol Palin Debuts New ‘T’ Tattoo,,20521555,00.html

*Walking the Early States is the Path to Sarah Palin’s Nomination

Palin Releases Video Highlighting Iowa Trip

Sarah Palin confirms ‘Extraordinary Women Conference,’ overflow available

Iowa Passion



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