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Archive for March 22nd, 2011

Sarah Palin is a Threat to More than Just the Establishment Here at Home

Posted by reagantman on March 22, 2011

-cross posted from Shining City On a Hill

Sarah Palin’s trip to India and Israel is a great opportunity for her to boost her foreign policy credentials, solidify future potential alliances, learn more about the issues by engaging directly with the movers and the shakers and develop relationships which will be important to her should she become president. But, it’s also an opportunity for those who are enemies of America to size up a potential opponent; and if you are a Muslim extremist bent on establishing Sharia law worldwide, Sarah Palin represents a serious threat.

Because liberalism and elitism in both major political parties here at home are protecting their own interests, not enough is being understood about the role Palin would play on the world stage should she become president.

Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher experienced the same issues along their ways. They were seen as lightweights from the uneducated classes that couldn’t fully grasp the complexity of things like détente, global interconnection, the complexities of intelligence gathering and the concessions that had to be made in order to keep people safe – even if it meant toning down rhetoric or letting a domino country or two fall. They couldn’t grasp the complexity of these things not because they were unintelligent. It was because they didn’t accept the premise behind these things in the first place.

While opponents of Reagan on both sides of the aisle saw a cavalier cowboy who would say something inflammatory enough to cause the Soviet Union to go to war with us, they operated from the premise that we could be scared but the Soviets were too cold to fear us. Reagan knew defeating the Soviet Union wasn’t going to come from pressing the button and throwing the planet into World War III. He knew that defeating them required us to have a set of convictions and be willing to stand up for those convictions in much the way a child stands up to a bully.

You can put all the greatest political, intellectual, military and diplomatic minds in the country into a room and have them overanalyze any issue. In their great complexities and in their deep thinking rooted in years of education and research, you will find one difficulty with their methodology. “We win, you lose” is too simple a concept for them to grasp.

This is not to say people shouldn’t be educated and shouldn’t analyze problems. This is to make the point that in any competition or conflict, the ultimate underlying meaning is winning is everything. One never wins out of weakness or fear, but rather out of primal brute strength. Calling out an “evil empire” or demanding that its leader “tear down this wall” may sound provocative to “trembling tigers” that are comfortable in their positions of power on what is now becoming a rocky boat, but it’s a language better understood in international power politics than it is in our domestic language of civil debate.

You earn the respect of your enemy when you demonstrate the ability to stand up to them and defeat them. Getting together, holding hands and singing Kumbaya may work in the feel good confines of Berkeley, but it’s a completely foreign language to forces outside our bubble of Constitutional democracy. The only language they understand is force; and if we don’t speak to them in that language, they won’t understand us.

Force can be defined as political, economic or military. But the fact of the matter is you don’t communicate with people who are using triggers, detonators and suicide bombers by calling a meeting.

There are too many people in America who don’t understand that there are millions of Muslim extremists throughout the world who want to destroy us. There are too many people in America that don’t understand that these people are already in the process of establishing a world caliphate. If we wait for the “plane to hit the building” this time around, it may be too late.

Once again, it’s not the complexities of the situation that disqualify people like Palin the way the elites would have us believe; it’s her unwillingness to accept the premise that really drives them nuts. Just as it was with the Soviet threat, the idea of peaceful coexistence or curling up into a ball and only attacking them if they attack us are still being seen as viable options against Muslim extremism. Coexistence and isolationism didn’t get us out of the Cold War; and these will not prevent a worldwide caliphate either. “We win, you lose” is the only way to stop them.

When it comes to the language of international power politics, you must remember that the world does not operate under a civil democracy where disputes are settled in courts. It’s a wild frontier out there with armed maniacs willing to die for Allah. It’s not about being scared of them. It’s about understanding their language so that we can communicate with them. Their language is brute force. Until we learn to speak that language fluently, we will always have problems relating to a world that doesn’t relate to us through our prism of civility and a naiveté that assumes they value life the way we do.

Sarah Palin understands the language of international power politics. She’s fluent in it. When she uses mama grizzly imagery, she is talking about the primal condition of nature. Here in America, we are civil human beings. But out there in the world, a lot of those people are just animals.

The elites and the liberals in America may worry that she will rock their little boats and upset their little apple carts, but they can take solace in the fact that this country will still be a familiar enough place for them to survive in if she does win the presidency. One cannot say the same should Obama win a second term.

Watch how we react when the electricity goes off or if there is no food in the store. They say you can’t release domesticated animals into the wild because they won’t survive. Well, we humans better realize that we, too, have been conditioned like domesticated animals. Our problem is we are spoiled as a nation. See those folks over there in the Muslim world? The extremists don’t have that problem.

Americans are easily distracted by Charlie Sheen, Jersey Shore or Desperate Housewives. While entertainment is fine, let’s not short change ourselves on keeping an eye on our country. Many are caught up in the pop culture and get their news in sound bytes from a very biased media.

This may at first seem like not a big deal, but it’s crucial to an educated citizenry in a democracy that people know that someone like Sarah Palin is out there discussing real threats to our country and raising alarms regarding our current leadership while the media lies about her, distorts her image and doesn’t cover the substantial stuff so they can get us to believe that she’s a lightweight. It’s also dangerous to not know that Muslim extremists are looking to impose Sharia law on the whole world while the media paints a picture of them as just a bunch of terrorists who can’t do much more than blow up car bombs while steering us away from the “M” word.

This is serious, folks.

The lame stream media won’t touch the Palin Doctrine or call Muslim extremism what it really is. They’re afraid people might start listening to Palin and take her seriously.

The media lives a double life of lies by propping up the incompetent president they helped get elected while desperately hiding the truth about Palin’s strengths, qualifications and message because they know these could get her elected in 2012 at the expense of their poor chosen one. Listen to Sarah Palin’s 2008 VP acceptance speech and check that against Obama’s message of hope and change. Is what we have going on right now in America and in the world the hope and change that some of you voted for?

Don’t kid yourselves. Muslim extremism is as dangerous as communism was back in the Soviet days. Resist the urge to watch the Tina Fey version of Sarah Palin play back in your head when reading this or any other article that is trying to break through the fabric of a lying media. They want you to doubt her. They want you to fear her. Unless you’re a Muslim extremist, those fears are unfounded.

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Sarah Palin: Four early indicators why the “Mama Grizzly” still growls

Posted by Devonia Smith on March 22, 2011

From an almost overnight birth of political stardom, today, Sarah Palin’s meteoric rise continues. Some think her staying power  has proven she is as  unstoppable as a “Mama Grizzly”.

Sarah Palin made her debut in national politics with her acceptance speech for the GOP Vice Presidential nomination as running mate with John McCain in 2008.  In the first speech, applause lines offer  indicators about which Palin ideals  had enough appeal to capture, keep and  grow the loyalty of millions. Since that speech,  Palin’s name has remained in the forefront of national politics – echoes of her voice remain an American victory roar;  and no one has yet to  silence one tweet. Fact:   No  matter how hard poor Weiner, and others, tried to get Sarah to shut the “tweet” up, Palin would not, has not and will not.

In retrospect, the top four lines of Sarah Palin’s first national speech
may explain what appears to have become a political ascent no one can “repudiate”:

4. “God bless America!”: A phrase that speaks of patriotism, love for America and love for God is not to be taken lightly in its value nor  power – if your life, as Sarah’s … Continue reading at

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Palin has Purim dinner with Netanyahu

Posted by loricalabrese on March 22, 2011

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin wrapped up her visit to Israel Monday by visiting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his family. Palin and her husband, Todd met Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara Netanyahu at the Prime Minister’s official residence in Jerusalem.

As reported, the meeting was personal as the couples had the Purim dinner and discussed the Book of Esther.

Purim is the most festive of Jewish holidays, a time of prizes, noisemakers, costumes and treats. The Festival of Purim commemorates a major victory over oppression and is recounted in the Megillah, the scroll of the story of Esther.

The Israel National News reports, “Palin, who is known for her uncompromising support for the State of Israel, told Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, that she was received warmly by the Israelis and also told them all about her tour of the country, which included seeing sites in Jerusalem (such as the Kotel) and the Dead Sea. In most places, Palin saw firsthand the atmosphere of the holiday of Purim, and the Netanyahu couple told the potential candidate for President of the United States all about the Book of Esther and the traditions of Purim.”

It was noted how they greeted each other warmly and enjoyed each other’s company.

Before leaving, Palin signed Netanyahu’s residence guestbook…

“Such an amazing country! G-d bless you. May our connection continue to grow and strengthen.”

As published on

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IBA Reports On Sarah Palin’s Visit To Israel

Posted by Gary P Jackson on March 22, 2011

Video courtesy PalinTV

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Official Photos/Video: Sarah Palin Meets Benjamin Netanyahu

Posted by Gary P Jackson on March 22, 2011

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL – MARCH 21: In this handout image provided by the Israeli Government Press Office, Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (2L) and her husband Todd Palin (L) meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) and his wife Sara Netanyahu March 21, 2011 in Jerusalem, Israel. Palin began a private visit to Israel yesterday and is planning to tour holy sites. (Photo by Amos Ben Gershom/GPO via Getty Images)

By Gary P Jackson

Official photos and a short video report detailing Sarah Palin and her husband Todd’s visit with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara.

Palin, who is known for her uncompromising support for the State of Israel, told Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, that she was received warmly by the Israelis and also told them all about her tour of the country, which included seeing sites in Jerusalem (such as the Kotel) and the Dead Sea. In most places, Palin saw firsthand the atmosphere of the holiday of Purim, and the Netanyahu couple told the potential candidate for President of the United States all about the Book of Esther and the traditions of Purim.

Before leaving, Palin signed the Prime Minister’s residence guestbook and wrote: “Such an amazing country! God bless you. May our connection continue to grow and strengthen.”

We are pleased that Sarah Palin is affirming the United States’ solidarity with Israel, something our current President can’t seem to be bothered with.


Sheya … Photos

The Right Scoop … Video

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