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Archive for February, 2012

Bila: “Main Stream Media Fails to Discredit Palin Yet Again”

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on February 27, 2012

Jedediah Bila appeared on “The Victory Sessions” with host Stephen K. Bannon last night at which time she discussed the release of Governor Sarah Palin’s additional emails.

Ms. Bila recently authored “Outnumbered”, is a FOX News Contributor, and will be hosting “Real News” on the GBTV network.  You can listen to the segment here.

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Palin: Grizzly Fest Winter Summit Message

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on February 27, 2012

Governor Sarah Palin recorded a special message for the February 25th Grizzly Winter Summit and as always, her words were energizing, motivating and encouraging.


The theme of the day was “Sudden and Relentless Reform” with special guests who are committed to real change and exposing crony capitalism.  Special guest segments can be found here.

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In Effort To Save Sinking “Game Change” Hatchet Job, Julianne Moore Now Praises Palin

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on February 27, 2012

As threats, in fact actual cancellations of HBO subscriptions by Palin supporters, a full on rebuttal attack by Palin’s former 2008 election aides, and Senator McCain refusing to even look at “Game Change”. things are looking grim for the hatchet job

The producers has the whole spectrum of the 2008 campaign to focus on-even, well it would be mad to even contemplate liberal Hollywood doing so, the Obama Rev. Wright affair. But no, they chose a conservative woman to focus their movie on

No doubt they did this because they calculated that Palin would be running fro president about now and their hit job would finish off what they perceived as the strongest threat to the object of their affection, president Obama.

How they must have cursed when Palin decided not to run as they are stuck with a hatchet job with  no one to bury the hatchet into.On the other hand they are, inadvertently  giving the pro-Palin movie “The Undefeated an even larger audience than HBO reaches as it was picked up by ReelzChannel  and will run the day after “Game Change debuts to publicity to could never have generated previously.

To compound their miscalculation HBO released a trailer which showed Palin as some sort of gibbering idiot in a semi-c0motose state. Her subsequent address at CPAC, to an overflow crowd showed a person at the top of her game, fully in charge of the situation and herself. A stark contrast to the Aunt Sally HBO presented.

Moore added to the attack by disparaging remarks about Palin at the time of the trailer release: 

“Julianne, 51, told Capitol File magazine: ‘She wasn’t qualified to be vice president. She wasn’t a qualified candidate.
‘I think that became quite evident during the campaign.
‘It was so shocking to me when she resigned the governorship of Alaska when the presidential election was over.
‘I was stunned. I just think that shows such an unbelievable lack of interest in the actual governing.”

But Moore’s handlers have obviously seen the way the wind is blowing, as sympathy for Palin builds up, and her supporters are livid. The further release of another massive batch of Palin’s emails from her time as Governor of Alaska just adds to the impression of a media pile on which Senator McCain labelled as “unrelenting and merciless.”

Enter Moore again but singing a different song. Now we have a strong, capable Palin who was hindered and hampered by evil advisers-a genius in a cage and etc:

Moore,who plays Sarah Palin in what is reportedly an unflattering portrayal of the one-time vice presidential nominee in the upcoming HBO movie,Game Change, now seems to have sympathy  with her. Look at this  sudden reversal as the prospect of a big financial loss for the producers, and a career knock back for Moore (who the media are ludicrously touting as winning an Emmy for her Palin performance) looms large:
“Moore, who tried to mimic Palin by listening to the audio of her book, “Going Rogue,” and sporting her trademark glasses, says, “I do think the situation that she was put in was a completely untenable one.”
The actress explains that Palin enjoyed an “open relationship” with the media when she was the governor of Alaska, but all that changed when she was tapped by Sen. John McCain to be his running mate.
Palin “was suddenly almost in lockdown, where [she] wasn’t allowed to speak to anybody unless it went through the proper channels. They were telling her what to do and how to dress. And how to behave,” Moore tells the New York Post. “So they take a candidate for what she is and what she represents, and they want to make her into something else.”
The former governor of Alaska’s limited knowledge of international affairs at the time, notes Moore, doesn’t mean she’s not smart.
“People did see that she was not as prepared as they would have liked her to be. And they saw it in the various interviews that we all saw,” says Moore, adding however, “I think she’s very canny… And she’s extremely hardworking and ambitious, and would not have reached the place that she reached without ability. You don’t get to be a vice-presidential candidate by accident.” 
Read the rest AT THIS LINK
If, the HBO movie flops the absolute certain comment from the left will be “Low viewing of Palin movie Game Change shows Palin has lost her relevance” which theme is another leftist attempt to marginalise her. Nobody is, or will be fooled, CPAC showed exactly how relevant Palin is, it is the Hollywood leftists in their mad Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS) who are irrelevantnt.
Fair use notice:This website contains copyrighted material, the use of which may or may not have been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. Excerpts of such material is made available for educational purposes, and as such this constitutes ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Act. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this website is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. Original material published on this website may be excerpted and the excerpt reproduced for the purpose of critical reviews. However, such original material may not be reproduced in full on another website or in any manner without prior approval from this website’s owner. In all cases when material from this website is reproduced in full or in part, the author and website must be credited by name and a hyperlink provided to this website.

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Talking to SarahNET Radio Host, Kevin Scholla

Posted by Adrienne Ross on February 26, 2012

By Adrienne Ross –

Kevin Scholla, host of The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla on SarahNET Radio, routinely interviews a variety of people. In that list are Rep. Michele Bachmann; former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich; Rep. Ron Paul; former Senator, Rick Santorum; Jackie Siciliano of Team Sarah; The Undefeated mastermind, Stephen Bannon; and author and Fox News Contributor, Jedediah Bila, to name a few.

I was honored to be a guest on today’s broadcast. We discussed my support of Governor Palin, her future, her true character, my time with her parents while in Alaska, the possibility of a brokered convention, and faith. Kevin also asked me about the Facebook “shout-out” Governor Palin recently gave one of my articles.

Be sure to tune in regularly to SarahNET Radio for all things Palin.

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Bombshell:Newly Surfaced Photo’s Prove The Palin Divorce Story

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on February 26, 2012

These just released photographs are of an ecstatic, clearly proud and loving Sarah Palin greeting her equally proud and loyal husband Todd at the finish of the latest Iron Dog competition in Alaska.

They prove the “Palin Divorce” story is a load of rubbish as Sarah the Palin supporters have stated. Here’s a lovely comment about the gist of this post:

“I love Piper’s as her mom and dad talk and look at each other…she can see the love between them…and you would have to be blind not too..”

Picture with Piper is the third one below

For anyone who is not totally blinded by Palin derangement Syndrome (PDS) a leftist “progressive” blinkered and blinded hater there could be no better image to disprove the ludicrous “Palin’s are getting a divorce’ nonsense the media has been trotting out yet again after the release of another batch of emails.

That Sarah made a joke about “er-getting a divorce” in one email, which she copied to her husband was so obvious that even the disgusting Huffington Post had to create a semi-retraction of the way they first handled the situation.

Not even this photograph will shut up the haters, like the execrable alleged humans at “Immoral Minority” and “PolticalGates” but for anyone else the obvious is right there in front of them-the rest can go rant and  gibber in isolation.

Here are some further pictures from the end of the race.

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McCain Campaign Adviser Defends Governor Palin Against ‘Game Change’ Lies

Posted by Adrienne Ross on February 25, 2012

By Adrienne Ross –

A top McCain adviser has stepped up to defend Governor Palin on the heels of the ridiculous Game Change movie. He also calls out Steve Schmidt and Nicolle Wallace, the sources of the soon-to-hit-HBO hit piece.

T. Michael Andrews granted Big Hollywood and interview, which can be read in its entirety here. Below, find some excerpts:

The premise of the “Game Change” film is that Sarah Palin cost the Republicans the election in 2008. Do you agree?

I disagree with the premise that Palin lost the election in 2008. The fact of the matter they say that money doesn’t win elections, I say bull. Obama had more money than he knew what to do with. He was very fortunate to ride on a wave of Bush fatigue, a rejuvenated electorate with this hope and change message and more importantly, he had money, which allowed him to tap into deep resources.

What do you think of the McCain aides who helped with making this movie? What’s their motive?

The trouble is this – you lost. It’s easy to blame people. My thought is that you lost as a team y’all have to own up. Like a football team. It can’t be one person’s fault you lost. It can’t be. In my opinion to say that it’s Sarah Palin’s fault for that loss – I disagree with that notion. I don’t know what their motive is in the movie by painting Gov. Palin as the target for the reason of the lost election other than trying to save face.

What do you say to the people who criticize Sarah Palin for not being experienced or intelligent enough to have served as Vice-President of the United States?

People who make those comments have never run for public office. People who sit back and criticize others on intellectual ability have never been in a position to lead. The bottom line is this, the person that the media thinks oughta be the president have no clue. That person does not exist on this planet and the person who thinks they are the smartest person in the world, should never hold a job with a title. I firmly believed the media felt Barack Obama was this person. Three and a half years later, I think even the media believes you need more of a person who can read off a teleprompter to lead a country. To insinuate that Sarah Palin was aloof is ridiculous. To achieve what she has done as a local city councilwoman to Mayor to Governor in Alaska … they somehow misjudged her ability, and especially her intellectual ability.

Read more here.

(h/t Jasmine Velasco)

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Heck Freezes Over Newspaper Headlines: “Newly released Palin e-mails back her account of frivolous lawsuits, legal costs, hyper-scrutiny by left”

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on February 25, 2012

“Newly released Palin e-mails back her account of frivolous lawsuits, legal costs, hyper-scrutiny by left”

This headline is from the Middletown Press Connecticut AT THIS LINK. Too bad that it is only a small town paper but kudo’s to them for being the only paper in america it seems to actually have a truthful headline about the Palin emails and her tenure  as Governor.

The Huffington Post rag only got it right after posting their usual hit piece and had to make a subsequent correction.

As Senator McCain said today AT THIS LINK “Palin has been subject to unrelenting merciless treatment by the media.”

It is so sad that it takes a little newspaper to address the truth, at least in its headline. They should be sent emails of congratulations frankly.

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Sen. McCain Please Do The Right Thing And Condemn HBO’s Palin Hit Piece Update;McCain Does The Right Thing

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on February 25, 2012

UPDATE;Senator McCain does the right and honorable thing and condemns the “unrelenting, merciless” attacks on Palin 
The highly respected and highly principled commentator Adrienne Ross, who writes at her aptly named site “Motivation Truth,” has published a moving call to Senator John McCain. 

Ross asks that McCain, who is respected for his honor and dignity, condemn the HBO hatchet job movie “Game Change”. McCain would have firsthand knowledge, of course, of all the events under scrutiny and could refute what Palin’s team calls utter distortion.

Ross makes her points with dignity and respect, and Governor Palin deserves the same dignity and respect which Senator McCain, who, as very much her mentor, is called on to restore them to her.

From Adrienne Ross at “Motivation Trut”:

Summoning Senator McCain


I have great respect for Senator John McCain. That respect is two-fold. First and foremost, I respect his service to our nation. He is a true American hero, the proverbial “profile in courage.” His strength and heroism in war are undeniable. Second, he was the vehicle through which the nation came to know Governor Palin. Though she had already been making history in Alaska, many had never heard her record, or even her name, until the Senator introduced her on August 29, 2008, in Dayton Ohio. For that, we are most grateful.

However, I have a bone to pick with him. HBO has shamelessly orchestrated the Palin hit piece known as Game Change, which is set to air next month. Its original purpose seems to have been to derail a Palin presidential run, as it was assumed she would be a candidate at this time. That, obviously, is not the case, but HBO’s characterization of her is no less demeaning, dishonest, and frankly, disgusting. In fact, former senior adviser and spokesperson, Meghan Stapleton, called it “sick,” and other staffers also denounced it as pure “fiction.”

My issue with Senator McCain is that he remains silent while those he trusted continue to blame Governor Palin for the horrible campaign they ran. They need a scapegoat, so they’ve chosen her, and they’re willing to sell their souls to the devil in the effort.

Mark Whittington writes:
The movie is based on a poorly researched book by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin, and it was criticized at the time of its publication by Howard Kurtz, then a media reporter for the Washington Post, and the New York Times for its overreliance on unsourced “deep background” interviews that were difficult to verify.

Two of those sources have been revealed, according to the Los Angeles Times, as Steve Schmidt and Nichole [sic] Wallace, John McCain campaign operatives widely regarded as being responsible for McCain’s defeat in 2008. The suspicion is Schmidt and Wallace are attempting to shift the blame for the debacle on Palin.

Schmidt and Wallace will obviously do what they do. Their despicable behavior is nothing new, but McCain could certainly stop it in its tracks with just one word–or at least slow it down. Instead, he is saying nothing. Therefore, these two little rascals are making him look even worse than they are attempting to make the Governor look. If she was really as bad as they say she was, what does that say about Senator McCain, since he’s the one who picked her? These two miscreants are not only doing a disservice to Governor Palin’s name, but they’re calling into question Senator McCain’s leadership capabilities.

The Senator did say this:
It’ll be a cold day in Gila Bend, Arizona, when I watch that movie.

Well, that’s fine, but surely he has seen the trailer by now, or read about it, or heard about the decent members of his 2008 election staff who have spoken out against the lies in this movie in which Governor Palin is depicted as mentally unstable, unprepared, and unintelligent.


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Palin: Obama Has No Energy Plan

Posted by Dr. Fay on February 24, 2012

Sarah Palin

From Governor Palin’s Facebook Page:

Obama’s Anti-American Energy Policies Invite the Next Crisis

by Sarah Palin on Friday, February 24, 2012 at 12:36pm ·


President Obama doesn’t have an energy plan. He has an energy speech that he continues to give regardless of the facts or his obvious failures. He likes to take credit for actions initiated by the last administration (without telling you that he’s reversed or stymied many of those successes).We should not be surprised by his detached attitude about America’s pain at the pump. He’s not interested in lowering the price of gas because exorbitantly high gas prices are one of his campaign promises. In September 2008, candidate Obama’s Energy Secretary in-waiting said: “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.” That’s one campaign promise they’re working hard to fulfill!


President Obama notes that instability in the Middle East causes short-term spikes in the price of oil. But that is precisely why we should take every opportunity to drill here and drill now to lessen our dependence on these dangerous foreign regimes. President Obama’s lack of action simply invites the next oil crisis. It’s as if the White House is purposefully making us more dependent on foreign countries – from running up an unsustainable debt that must be financed by foreign debtors, to constantly apologizing and walking on eggshells around dictators who control oil supplies.


When it comes to our energy security, the only thing holding us back is the lack of political will. We have the resources, the ingenuity, and the manpower. And we need the jobs! Any economic recovery will be hampered by these rising gas prices. And I guarantee the rising prices will only get worse and will halt job growth further.


We must never forget that energy development, job creation, and national security are inextricably linked. Access to affordable and secure energy is the key to economic growth, which is the key to job growth. Securing a stable domestic supply of energy will lead to a more peaceful and prosperous America – an America that’s not subject to the whims of dictators who can cut off energy supplies or shut down the Strait of Hormuz to exports passing through.


President Obama repeatedly claims that there is no “silver bullet” to lower gas prices. But, in fact, we do have proof that the promise of future drilling does lead to immediate price relief as oil producers plan to expand their production.


So what are Obama’s solutions? As luck would have it, they coincide with subsidizing his friends and campaign donors. What a fortuitous coincidence in an election year! While you’re paying $5-a-gallon for gas, President Obama has been picking “winners” and “losers” in the free market. He’s decided that conventional resource development that produces the fuel we use to drive our cars and power our economy are “losers.” His “winners” are the bankrupt green energy companies that his campaign donors invest in. Unfortunately his real “losers” are the American public who are once again hit with massive gas prices (at least those who can’t afford luxury electric cars like the Obama-subsidized Volt that gets 40 miles per battery charge, or like the Obama-subsidized Tesla that turns into a “brick” when the battery completely discharges and then costs $40,000 to repair.)


What are the real solutions? Well, whether you support Newt in 2012 or not, he makes a lot of sense in this video, which is why President Obama targeted it for mockery yesterday. Newt is right that we need to “stop bowing and start drilling.” And not only can’t a gun rack fit in a Volt, but the government will take away our pick-up trucks when they pry the steering wheel “from our cold, dead hands.” Newt explains in this video some commonsense, pro-American solutions to the problems President Obama causes with his terrifyingly naïve assault on U.S. energy production.


With just the stroke of a pen, President Obama could lead us in the direction of real energy security and reduce our oil imports threatened by Iran’s threats to shut down the Strait of Hormuz. Here are just a few commonsense measures we can do right now, and most of them don’t require any new legislation or regulations:


Open Alaska to drilling. Billions and billions of barrels of U.S. crude (and hundreds of trillions of cubic feet of clean natural gas) sit untapped up here in the far north, my friends. We have the TAPS pipeline and infrastructure; we invite the development! Open ANWR. Think of how much safer and secure we would be if we had done this decades ago.


Build the Keystone Pipeline. President Obama doesn’t understand we live in a land woven with untold miles of pipe to carry safe energy supplies to protect and prosper America. Common sense dictates we need another one now to secure our energy future. It is key. It is the Keystone. If we’re worried about instability in the Middle East, it makes no sense to shun safe and reliable oil from Canada. Obviously, China understands this, and we should too.


Drill for natural gas. Natural gas is the future. It’s clean, it’s green, and we’ve got lots of it. Whether we use it to power natural-gas cars or to run natural-gas power plants that charge electric cars – or ideally for both – natural gas can act as a clean “bridge fuel” to a future when more renewable sources are available.


There are many more steps we need in order to establish a true energy plan to secure our future. But these three steps, plus increased resource development in the Lower 48 and reversing President Obama’s nonsensical, knee-jerk, anti-American energy shut down of off-shore developments would create hundreds of thousands of jobs as millions of barrels of oil every single day would flow under American control, and lessen our dependence on the Persian Gulf.


It’s time our country had a real energy plan that includes a genuine all-of-the-above approach that doesn’t ignore conventional resource development. We need the jobs, we need the energy, and we need the security.


– Sarah Palin

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Palin: Here We Are

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on February 24, 2012

Recently posted to Sarah Palin’s Facebook page:

Pelosi asks “Where are the women?” against the HHS mandate? Kim Daniels & Helen Alvare proudly say “Here we are”!

The above is in reference to the government mandate for religious organizations to provide contraception and related services, i.e. abortion, to employees even if it is a violation of conscience.  Governor Palin then referenced an article entitled “Here We Are” from the The National Review.

Like countless other women, we’ve been closely following the Obama administration’s attempt to compel religious institutions to provide contraceptive coverage in violation of their beliefs. And like countless other women, over the past several days we’ve heard House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and others repeatedly ask those who oppose the contraceptive mandate, “Where are the women?”

Here we are.  More

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