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Barnes & Noble:

(signed edition)


* Indicates Palin photo(s) in article

SP FB = from Sarah Palin’s Facebook page


*Sarah Palin: A momma grizzly with a heart of gold   

Palin Speaks at Liberty’s Convocation

Palin Says ‘War on Christmas’ Is Being Waged

Sarah Palin appears at Liberty University, criticizes ‘war on Christmas’

Sarah Palin Delivers A Timely Message At Liberty University Convocation

*Sarah Palin shares the heart of Christmas and her heart for America

*SP FB:  It was such an honor to participate this morning in Liberty University’s final Convocation for 2013!

*SP FB:  Liberty University Convocation (14 photos)

This gracious lady really knows how to stir a crowd!! Always an honor to meet Sarah Palin. (5 photos by Jenny)

Sarah Palin stops in southwest Virginia

*Palin’s Book Tour Going to Liberty U, Billy Graham Library & Monroe, LA

*SP FB:  Heading to Monroe, Louisiana this Saturday December 7th on our “Good Tidings and Great Joy” book tour — hope to see you there!

*SP FB:  Look forward to being back in the “Star City” – Roanoke, VA this Saturday, December 7th.

Sarah Palin to sign books in Monroe

*Sarah Palin in Monroe This Weekend for Book Signing

*We will be in Charlotte, NC, this Friday, December 6th at the Billy Graham Library signing copies of “Good Tidings and Great Joy.”

* SP FB:  Back home in Alaska after a great few weeks on our “Good Tidings and Great Joy” book tour! Had to jump on Todd’s SkiDoo with Trig to eliminate jet lag.

Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas (Signed Edition)

*What I said to Sarah Palin and a report from the frontlines of the ‘Merry Christmas’ culture wars

SarahPAC video:  Celebrating the Season

Billy Graham Library to Host Gov. Palin for Book Signing


Palin: Day 8 of “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Tour 11/20/13

Palin: Day 7 of “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Tour 11/19/13

Video: Sarah Palin, at the Mall of America.

Video: Sarah Palin, at the Mall of America. Pt 1

Video: Sarah Palin, at the Mall of America. Pt 2

Video: Sarah Palin joins Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday 11-24-2013 (sarahnettoo)

November 23, 2013 – NYT Best Sellers:  Combined Print & E-Book Nonfiction –  #13:  GOOD TIDINGS AND GREAT JOY, by Sarah Palin

*Palin book tour swings through TX, OK, AR, KS, and MN before Thanksgiving break

Sheilah Craighead Photography: Sarah Palin “Good Tidings & Great Joy” Book Tour

Gov. Palin on Fox News Sunday November 24th, 2013

*Minneapolis, MN “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Signing (19 photos)

*Thank you, Minneapolis! What a fun, festive crowd tonight at the Mall of America; I want your energy!

*President John F. Kennedy was remembered and honored today in Dallas.

*Snuck out early to the Mall of America with the girls. Tonight’s setup for our final book signing before Thanksgiving break is gorgeous!

*We’ll see you from 6-8pm tonight!

*SP FB:  (2 of 2) Shout out to Kevin Keller and his son Justin (see photo) from last night in Kansas! Justin made a cool patriotic bracelet for Piper, she loved it!

*SP FB: (1 of 2) Shout out to Kevin Keller and his son Justin (see photo) from last night in Kansas! Justin made a cool patriotic bracelet for Piper, she loved it!

*SP FB:   Kansas City, KS “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Signing (12 photos) Signing

*SP FB:  New and old friends gathered in Kansas tonight – including Robert and Shirley Hemenway (see them in the photo) whose son Ron worked for the Chief of Naval Operations at the Pentagon when he was killed on September 11, 2001.

*SP FB: Fayetteville, AR “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Signing (8 Photos)

*SP FB:  Thank you to all the folks in Arkansas who joined us this morning and to the staff at Sam’s Club. You guys inspire me!

Video: • Texans Line Up for Sarah Palin • 11/20/13 •   (iizthatiiz)

Video:  • “Good Tidings” for Tyler, TX • Sarah Palin • 11/20/13 • (iizthatiiz)

Palin: Day 6 of “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Tour 11/18/13*Sarah Palin to close Liberty University’s Fall 2013 Convocation series

*Gov. Palin: Go Colorado! Scrooges: put that in your pipe…

*Sarah Palin is in Arkansas and there are still politicians excited to have their picture made with her

*Famous Face Comes to Fayetteville

Sarah Palin stops in Oklahoma to sign new Christmas book (video)

Sarah Palin stops in Oklahoma to sign new Christmas book (video)

Sarah Palin signing books in Tyler (video)

*Sarah Palin Brings Book Tour to Tyler

*Hundreds of East Texans line up early to catch Sarah Palin in Tyler

*SP FB:  Some of you have asked for that Peanut Butter Carb Bar Recipe that Kathy Young gave me last night. Here’s Kathy’s recipe:

*SP FB:  Here’s yet another example of why I wrote “Good Tidings and Great Joy.”

*SP FB  Face Time with Trig

*SP FB:  (first photo) The girls surprised me in the book line last night for Trig to do some FaceTime with me from Alaska – sweet little visit amidst a sweet setting in Oklahoma.

*SP FB: Edmond, OK “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Signing (12 photos)

*SP FB:  O! K! Last night in Oklahoma, Kathy Young (see above) shared her “The Best Peanut Butter Carb Bar EVER” recipe with me – sounded so good we almost ate the Christmas card it was written on!

*SP FB:  Captured happy productivity behind-the-scenes before the book event.

*SP FB: Tyler, TX “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Signing (11 photos)

*SP FB:  Thank you, thank you, Tyler, Texas! Great to be back to see many whom I’d met at the Oil Palace after my pro-American Energy speech.

*SP FB:  A big Texas thanks to Rafael Cruz, Senator Ted Cruz’s father, for hosting us last night with other SarahPAC supporters. It’s inspiring to hear Rafael’s full-throated defense of American exceptionalism.

*SP FB:  Click the link below to read a fine response to Cher. And enjoy this pic of my brother Chuck’s beautiful wife and daughter.

First Female WH Press Secretary Calls for Bashir’s Firing

*An Open Letter To Cher…

Report: Sarah Palin Cancels Interview With Matt Lauer Over Martin Bashir Slur

*Plano Book Signing (Photogallery – jen119)

*Palinista Posts Unique Photos from Plano, TX

Today I saw Sarah, Guardian Angels, Good Tidings

*Exclusive Letter—Palin PAC to MSNBC: When Will Bashir Be Disciplined?

Kurtz Blast MSNBC Bosses’ Handling of Bashir’s Scat Rant

*Sarah Palin Book Signing – “Touched By An Angel”

*SP FB: Pensacola, FL “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Signing  (11 photos)

*SP FB:  Had a great time meeting Floridians in the Panhandle last night! Thank you, Pensacola, for sharing your Sunshine State Christmas spirit with us!

*SP FB: The Villages, FL “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Signing (11 photos)

*SP FB:  Met some awesome Floridians and inspiring members of our Greatest Generation yesterday at The Villages.

*Hundreds Line up for Sarah Palin (Pensacola photogallery – 17 photos)

*Hundreds turning out to see Sarah Palin and Oliver North|mostcom

Sarah Palin at Books-A-Million (w/video)

*Palin: War on Christmas ‘Tip of Spear’ in Battle to Transform America

*Gov. Palin Meets Rush!

*Visit to the EIB Network Studios  (9 photos)

*SP FB:  I caught another ‘behind-the-scenes’ for you! Life in the digital age on the book tour. Here’s Rush Limbaugh’s studio…feel free to caption this one for me!

*SP FB:  Mega dittos from the EIB network headquarters in Florida! Got to meet one of my heroes today, Rush Limbaugh.

Awesome seeing so many great vets, active duty military, and their family members in Fort Benning last week. We honor their service and thank them for protecting out freedoms!

Video: “Good Tidings and Great Joy” at Fort Benning, GA

*SP FB:  Heading to Alaska’s little sister state of Texas tomorrow. We love Texas & hope to see our Sheeran cousins, aunts & uncles there!

*SP FB:  School cancels Operation Christmas Child over lawsuit threats

*SP FB:   Naples, FL “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Signing (10 photos)

Flyer for SarahPAC fundraising reception in Dallas 11-19-13

*American Grizzlies: Candid Photos from Gov. Palin’s Wausau Good Tidings Stop

Oprah Gets Called Out! (November 17, 2013 By

*SP FB:  Great enthusiasm and insistence on a united team effort to protect the heart of America was in Naples!

Governor Palin Inspires a Young Alderman at Wausau, WI Book Signing

Sarah Palin book signing coming to Pensacola, FL (w/video)

Sarah Palin coming to Pensacola

Palin, North split by the book(stores):  Conservatives scheduled to sign new books separately in Pensacola at the same time

Sarah Palin:  Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas

Sarah Palin coming to The Villages Nov. 18

Details released for Palin booksigning at Barnes & Noble Monday

*Palin fans are happy campers at Naples book signing event

*Sarah Palin visits Naples Barnes & Noble (protest signs misreported – referred to Obama)

*Sarah Palin book signing draws hundreds, supporters and protestors (signs referred to Obama, not Palin)

Video: Sarah Palin book signing in Naples Florida 11/16/13

*I Dream of Sarah’s Eyes. My Experience in Naples, Florida 11/16/13.

Video: • “It Was A Fan Frenzy” for Sarah Palin in Naples, FL • 11/16/13 •

*Sarah Palin draws hundreds to book signing

*SP FB: For information on all the upcoming book tour stops, please click here:

*SP FB:  See you in Florida today and on Monday!

*SP FB: Fort Benning “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Signing (14 photos)

*SP FB: Great folks at Fort Benning – we honor you! Thanks for taking the time to visit with us last night.

Palin: Day 4 of “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Tour 11/15/13

Palin: Day 3 of “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Tour 11/14/13
Palin: Day 2 of “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Tour 11/13/13

*Levin Condemns Women’s Groups’ Silence on MSNBC Host Attacking Palin

‘Ignore the Politically Correct Scrooges’: Sarah Palin Tells Christians to Stand Up for Their Faith Against Atheist Activists

*Sweet Surprise at Mom’s Book Signing  (November 14, 2013 By Bristol Palin) 

Exclusive: Sarah Palin On Obama Administration: “I honestly cannot think of a policy that is working.”

*Palin: I Compared Federal Debt to Slavery to ‘Make a Point’

*SP FB:  My daughter catching some shut eye between events… warm under her Duck Dynasty blanket.

Sharpton’s Rebuttal of Governor Palin Proven as Nonsense

*SP FB: Fort Campbell “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Signing (11 photos)

SP FB: *Thank you, Fort Campbell! God bless our active duty military and their families!

*Wisconsin City Sells Out of Palin Book After Visit

*Wausau, you are amazing! So enjoyed meeting with you yesterday. Thank you again for the great welcome and the delicious curds!

*Palin Book Tour Heads to Heart of Battle Between GOP Establishment, Tea Party

Al Sharpton Blasts Sarah Palin for Making Debt-Slavery Comparison

Video: “Good Tidings and Great Joy” in Wausau, Wisconsin

SP FB:  Thank you, Wausau! It was great to visit with so many patriots yesterday. Thank you for letting me wish you a Merry Christmas!

*SP FB: Wausau, WI “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Signing (13 photos)

*SP FB:  Check out this story Bristol highlighted on her blog for another example of what liberty-loving Americans are up against this Christmas! (Talk about political correctness run amok!)

*Hundreds line up to see Palin at Walmart (with video)|mostcom&nclick_check=1

Sarah Palin hosting book signing on Fort Campbell

Sarah Palin to stop at Fort Campbell on book tour

Sarah Palin coming to Fort Benning

*Large Crowds Greet Sarah Palin In Wausau Today

*Sarah Palin Book Signing (photogallery)

*Sarah Palin makes book signing stop in Wausau

*Palin signing new book during Walmart stop

Hundreds turn out for Palin Wis. book signing

*Sean Duffy for Congress: Gov. Palin Wausau Stop Sold Out, Tons of Fans

*Palin: Democrats ‘Scurrying Like Little Rats’ for Political Cover

*Listening to the beautiful Wausau West High School Christmas CD at our book signing right now in a Wausau, WI.

*O Little Town of Bethlehem: Overflow Crowd Extends Palin Signing for Hours

‘Chief’ Mahaney retreats, Sarah Palin brings defense of Christmas to Columbus: Ohio Politics Roundup

Sarah Palin draws crowd to Bethlehem Township Barnes & Noble book signing

They Came to Adore Her: A Night in Bethlehem with Sarah Palin’s Fans (snarky – especially the pic – but with info)

Sarah Palin at Woodland Mall to promote Christmas book (w/video)


MSNBC’s Sharpton Sees Racial Tinge in Palin’s ‘Slavery,’ But Not Biden’s ‘Chains’

Palin Book: ‘Ignore’ the ‘Lamestream Media’

*SP FB:  Captured “Glam Palinesque” dinner on the road.

*SP FB: Grand Rapids, MI “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Signing (9 photos)

*SP FB:  What an honor! This photo from the Grand Rapids book signing is of a wonderful 95-year-old World War II vet who gave me a signed copy of HIS own book!

*SP FB:  See you tomorrow in Wausau, Wisconsin!

*Good Tidings and Great Joy Book Tour (Slide Show of Bethlehem PA Book Signing by Oliver Ditch)

Governor Palin Starts Book Tour With a Flurry of Interviews

*SP FB: Columbus, OH “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Signing (12 photos)

*SP FB:  Thank you to the beautiful people of Columbus, Ohio!

*Exclusive: Sarah Palin Remembers a Time When Democrats Embraced Faith

*Sarah Palin’s Coming to Town

*SP FB:  Bethlehem, PA “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Signing

*SP FB:  Good morning! Here’s another example of “political correctness” run amok – it’s another move to ban free expression of faith – this time military chaplains were banned from saying “Jesus.”

*SP FB:  See you tomorrow in Grand Rapids, MI!

*SP FB:  See you tomorrow in Columbus, OH!

SP FB:  Had a wonderful time in the beautiful town of Bethlehem, PA, this evening! Thank you to everyone who came out to the book signing and to the great staff at Barnes & Noble.  

*SP FB:  Catching up with friends in NYC today! JW Cortes sang the national anthem at Veterans Day celebrations yesterday including at Madison Square Garden.

SP FB:  Supporters of commonsense conservatism (& also critics) should read this. Tony Lee hits the nail on the head in covering the facts and the commenters in response to the article are candid and profound in sharing their thoughts.

*Sarah Palin starts ‘Good Tidings and Great Joy’ book tour

Palin fans come early, stay late for book signing in Bethlehem Township:   Hundreds of Palin fans come early, stay late for book-signing in Bethlehem Township. (w/video),0,5044041.story

Sarah Palin to visit Naples on ‘Good Tidings and Great Joy’ Book Tour

Sarah Palin launches book tour in Bethlehem, Pa.

Various Further Photo’s From Gov. Palin’s Day in New York City

Palin: Day 1 of “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Tour 11/12/13 (Updated)

Palin: “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Media Blitz Roundup for 11/11/13 (Updated)

Good Tidings Tour Rocks Bethlehem, PA

Only On Brody File: Sarah Palin Warns America: Kicking God Out of Society Will Lead To Ruin

*Gov. Palin Greets Bethleham, PA and Meets Emily Awesome Again

*Rare Glimpse Into Sarah’s Turning Point in Her Faith. Jake Tapper Interview 11/12/13.

*Sarah Palin draws crowd to Bethlehem Township Barnes & Noble book signing (with photogallery)

Video: Sarah Palin Interview with Jake Tapper (November 12, 2013)  (AbsolutelyDefinite)

Video:  Governor Palin talks with CNN’s Jake Tapper about her faith

*Sarah Palin knocks Chris Christie’s ‘extreme’ look, Pope Francis’ ‘liberal’ views (CNN interview with Jake Tapper)

*SP FB:  Had a great visit with “Fox and Friends” this morning in NYC! Thank you, Brian, Steve, and Elizabeth! Here’s a behind the scenes glimpse from this morning.

*SP FB:  Once we read Todd Starnes’ coverage of one school district’s move to add a mathematical equation to a school choirs choice of songs, I knew we had to visit the community of Wausau, WI, to encourage the good citizens there to keep up the good fight!

*Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin schedules book tour stop at Woodland Mall

Meeting Sarah Palin in Columbus

*AGU:  Sarah Palin is coming to Bethlehem, PA!—Tuesday–November-12th.html?soid=1103629101939&aid=3PM6c8rTg-Q

Video: Sarah Palin Signs Good Tidings And Great Joy books Bethlehem, PA (sarahnettoo)

Video:   • Jay Sekulow with Gov. Sarah Palin • ACLJ radio • 11/12/13 •

SP FB:  I’m looking forward to being on Fox & Friends this morning.

SP FB:  “Good Tidings and Great Joy” goes on sale today! We’ll head down soon to beautiful Bethlehem, PA, for our first book signing and continue on from there.

Debt and Slavery

Video:  • Sarah Palin takes the Curvy Couch with Fox & Friends • 11/12/13 •

FOX Video: Nov 12  Sarah Palin on ObamaCare, GOP’s future, new book  Former governor of Alaska on ‘Fox & Friends’

Video:  • Sarah Palin Resists “The War On Religious Freedom” • 11/11/13 •

Video: ‘Obamacare’ The Big Lie Defined by Sarah Palin – Sean Hannity – Fox News – 11-11-13

FOX Video: Double standard for Americans celebrating Christmas?  Sarah Palin talks new book ‘Good Tidings and Great Joy’

*Palin: Christie ‘Flirtin’ with Disaster’ on Second Amendment Stance

Video:  • Sarah Palin brings Mark Levin “Good Tidings & Great Joy” • 11/11/13 •

Sarah Palin brings Mark Levin “Good Tidings & Great Joy” • 11/11/13

‘Good Tidings and Great Joy’ E-Cards

Video:  Sarah Palin One-On-One With Matt Lauer on Obamacare Rollout Debacle – Today Show – 11-11-13

Video:  Sarah Palin FULL Interview NBC Today Show. Sarah Palin Matt Lauer Interview

@jaketapper:  Interviewing @SarahPalinUSA tomorrow about her new Christmas book + more. What would you ask her? Use #PalinQs

Jake Tapper solicits interview questions for Sarah Palin; Twitter keeps it classy

*SP FB:  Building Homes for Heroes (4 photos): I met some wonderful veterans in the green room at FOX who are part of an organization called Building Homes for Heroes

*SP FB:  Behind the scenes with Sean Hannity. Tune in tonight at 10pm ET on FOX.

*Looking forward to talking to the Great One Mark Levin on @marklevinshow tonight!

@marklevinshow:  Sarah Palin is on the show today. Don’t miss it!

Video: “Sarah Palin Took Matt Lauer To The Cleaners” – Rush Limbaugh • 11/11/13 •

Palin Slaps Down NBC Spin as Matt Lauer Hopes People ‘Forgive’ President’s ObamaCare Lies

Governor Palin Pokes Fun at Matt Lauer Ahead of Monday’s TODAY Appearance

Sarah Palin on Christie, GOP: ‘No Ronald Reagan on the scene today’

Watch Sarah Palin flay Matt Lauer on ‘Today’ Slaps down NBC spin on Obamacare, GOP’s future

Video: Campaigning For Christmas – Sarah Palin – The TODAY Show – 11-11-13

Watch Sarah Palin flay Matt Lauer on ‘Today’ Slaps down NBC spin on Obamacare, GOP’s future

Sarah Palin honors spirit of Christmas in ‘Good Tidings and Great Joy’  (excerpt from book)

*SP FB:  *Celebrating vets this Veterans Day on the TODAY Show!

*SP FB: Veterans Day on the TODAY Show

*SP FB:  From backstage of the TODAY Show with my hair girl/assistant Willow!

*SP FB:  I look forward to being back in Grand Rapids this Wednesday and hope to see you there so I can wish you an early Merry Christmas!

*SP FB:  It will be great to be back in the Buckeye State on Wednesday!

Palin: Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition Roundup

*Palin: China Will Be ‘Foreign Master’ if America Doesn’t Resolve Debt Crisis

*Palin: Americans Shouldn’t Have Faith in ‘Arrogant’ Church of Big Government

Will Sarah Palin have a second act? (some snark)

Gov. Palin Talks To USA Today

*Palin: Big Government Trying to Be America’s ‘Church’

Fox: Gov. Palin to be on Hannity Veterans’ Day; Unverified – CNN Live Tuesday 4 EST

*SP FB:  Look forward to being back on the TODAY Show set tomorrow morning!

*Sarah Palin tells Iowa conservatives it’s time ‘to stiffen our backs’

@TODAYshow:  Monday on TODAY: @SarahPalinUSA joins @mlauer for a live in-studio interview; she’ll also sit down with @klgandhoda

SP FB: We are looking forward to kicking off our “Good Tidings and Great Joy” book tour in “Christmas City, USA” – Bethlehem, PA – this coming Tuesday, November 12.

*SP FB:  Looking forward to heading out on the first leg of our “Good Tidings and Great Joy” book tour!

*SP FB:  First Leg of the “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Tour

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin Begins Book Tour Next Week

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania? Nice Touch, Mom!  (November 5, 2013 By )

*SP FB: Tomorrow we will announce the details  of our upcoming “Good Tidings and Great Joy” book tour scheduled to start November 12th in the beautifully named Bethlehem, PA.

SP FB:  “Good Tidings and Great Joy” goes on sale on November 12, but you can pre-order a copy at Amazon

Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas Hardcover by Sarah Palin (Author)

SP FB:  Thank you to all the Wausau, Wisconsin, residents who showed up to protest a wrongheaded school directive against Christmas carols. Wausau showed that there is power in unity as we battle against Scrooges who want Christ out of Christmas.

SP FB:   Yesterday I posted an article about how school officials in Wisconsin told their choir director to scale down the “Jesus” songs in their Christmas program.

SP FB:  A Silent Night in Wausau on Monday? Bet not. Can’t wait for parents to take this on.

About the book:  Good Tidings and Great Joy:  Protecting the Heart of Christmas By

Gov. Palin’s third book will be released October 29

Sarah Palin Writing Book to Defend ‘Christ’ in Christmas

Sarah Palin: New book is a ‘legalese’ on how to ‘protect the heart of Christmas’

Cover of Sarah Palin’s new book revealed


  1. […] including links to additional articles, videos, and Governor Palin’s Facebook posts, see our Good Tidings and Great Joy Book Tour and Latest Palin News […]

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