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February 2011 Is Reagan/Palin Appreciation Month (Updated)

Posted by Sarah Palin Web Brigade on January 29, 2011

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our SPIB authors and other members of our blogging community have declared February 2011 to be Reagan/Palin Appreciation month.  See our announcement and Josh Painter’s summary of related efforts.  Also see Devonia Smith’s article about our and other online efforts.  Here on SPIB, we will be celebrating President Ronald Reagan’s legacy and Governor Sarah Palin’s accomplishments with flashback and other articles and videos throughout the month of February.  Please join us in the celebration by signing our February Proclamation:  



SPIB articles from Reagan/Palin Appreciation Month (oldest at bottom):

REAGAN FLASHBACK: Ronald Reagan’s Faith

REAGAN FLASHBACK: Year of the Bible, 1983

PALIN FLASHBACK: Palin’s farewell speech (Full transcript)

REAGAN FLASHBACK: The Legacy of Ronald Reagan

PALIN FLASHBACK: Michael Reagan: ‘The others don’t have the passion that Sarah Palin has’

Giuliani Easily Wins “Vote For A Vice-President For Palin”Poll Amongst Experienced Potential Candidates

Left Drops The Mask-They Hate Palin & Other Leading Republicans Because They are Deeply Christian

ALIN FLASHBACK: Palin joins nation’s elite at exclusive dinner

What Sarah Palin Means to the World

Four-Time Iron Dog Winner Todd Palin and 2008 Iron Dog Winner Eric Quam Place Second in 2011 Iron Dog Race

Anti-Palin (“Fading Star”) MCClatchy Press Ignores Polling History “Carter 65% Reagan 31%”

If The USA Was Run By President Palin Offshore Drilling Could Make Alaska World’s 8th Largest Oil Producer

PALIN FLASHBACK: Sarah Palin begins to Twitter

Imagine if President Palin were doing this

Allen West Landslides “Point Of View” VP For Palin Poll “Sure I’d Consider VP Slot”

PALIN FLASHBACK: Palin center of attention at big GOP dinner

Sarah Palin: Girly men don’t ride the Iron Dog!

PALIN FLASHBACK: Alaskan Stands Up For Sarah’s Accomplishments

Gallup Poll Of 1.326 Republican Supporters On Moral Values;Palin/Huck 47% Romney/Newt 13%

Gov. Palin to speak in India next month

How Ronald Reagan Handled Libya

PALIN FLASHBACK: Palin ‘grateful’ for top spot

Palin: Here’s to Libya’s freedom

Palin responds to Facebook account speculation

Which version of Sarah Palin are you going to believe?

Patrick Roberts: Palin takes another important step toward 2012

Sarah Palin: Here’s to Libya’s Freedom

Nebraska’s Heineman: Sarah Palin ‘absolutely’ qualified to be POTUS

March Is “Dana Milbank Free Month” Following His “Palin Free Month”

Todd Palin sheds dress slacks for Iron Dog race

Sarah Palin: Iron Dogs Roarin’

PALIN FLASHBACK: News: Governor Sarah Palin Visits Task Force Arctic Eagle Soldiers in Kosovo

Media Makes Themselves Look Even More Silly With Their “Anyone But Palin” Campaign

Ronald Reagan-Remarks on the Air Traffic Controllers Strike

PALIN FLASHBACK: 1995 Iron Dog Win: Interview with Sarah and Todd Palin

Video: Sarah Palin’s Full Remarks At Q&A In Long Island, NY

Dave Westlake Reads Sarah Palin’s Letter To Union Workers In Madison Wisconsin

Gallup: Americans Say Ronald Reagan Is the Greatest U.S. President

Video: Sarah Palin at the Long Island Association

Todd Palin and Eric Quam – Iron Dog Team #11 – They’re Off!

PALIN FLASHBACK: Palin Hearts Reagan: How Gov. Sarah Palin Benefited from Choosing President Reagan as a Role Model

KTUU Live-Streams Iron Dog, Gov. Palin’s Tweets Herald Race Start

Astonishing Results To Date For “Vote For Your Choice For Palin’s Vice President Poll”

Palin-Centered Analysis Of Wisconsin.Palin As FDR’s Heir

PALIN FLASHBACK: Sarah ‘Barracuda’ Palin and the Piranhas of the Press

Sarah Palin to WI public workers: Don’t ‘kowtow to union bosses’ who use you

Sarah Palin: Union Brothers and Sisters: Don’t Be Led Astray


Conservative Girl with a Book: A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

Palin Nears 3 Million Facebook Members-$1 Billion Campaign 2012 Fund A Certainty

Long Island gets personal with Palin

Gov. Palin: Obama’s the King of Debt (Updated)

Oliver Ditch: Sarah Palin’s Family Photo from Alaska

PALIN FLASHBACK: Transcript: Sarah Palin’s Resignation Speech

Sarah Palin Crushes All Comers In American Spectator Straw Poll

Post CPAC Straw Poll: Sarah Palin And Allen West Are “Winning The Future” … Big Time!

Sarah Palin: Ineluctable

Sarah Palin: A Better Debater Than You Think

Media Silent As Palin Landslides 3 Major Grass Roots GOP Polls.All 3 Polls In One Place +Analysis

Governor Palin Dominates American Spectator & HotAir Straw Polls

REAGAN FLASHBACK: Margaret Thatcher: Reagan’s Leadership, America’s Recovery

PALIN FLASHBACK: Chuck Heath: I taught Sarah to shoot and butcher a moose … Washington won’t scare her

POLL:Vote For Your Choice For Palin’s Vice President 2012

Gov. Palin’s caution over embracing the ‘New Egypt’ is justified

Leftist Kos Pollster PPP (D) Shows Palin Gains 5 Points On Obama In Last Month

Political Genius Donny Deutsch Tells Clueless Piers Morgan”Palin Will Never Be Elected As She Can’t Win N.Y/Ca/Pa” (Just Like Bush)

‘Sarah Palin again stomps the Hot Air Presidential field by a wide and comfortable margin.’

Governor Palin Wins National Review’s CPAC Straw Poll

PALIN FLASHBACK: Fred Malek, Sarah Palin and the Case for Loyalty

1996 Is Not 2012. Palin Is Not Bob Dole.Obama Re-election Not A Historical Certainty.

PALIN FLASHBACK: Sarah Palin’s a Brainiac

“New Jefferson Era” Is A Start. New Madison Era, Under Palin 2012, Is The Culmination

Sarah Palin: The Truth Behind the White House’s Budget Spin

Only One Winner From CPAC-Sarah Palin Who,Once Again,Demonstrates Unique Political Skills

Yahoo Has Obama/McCaskill Activist Pick VP Running Mate For Palin.PDS At Berserk Level

Teens flock to California church to hear Bristol Palin

Obama honors Sarah Palin’s short ‘n’ tweet advice on Iran (video)

PALIN FLASHBACK: Sarah Palin Draws Strength from Scripture

Gov. Palin to TIME Mag: Retract your lies and apologize

Sarah Palin Hires Michael Glassner as Chief of Staff

James Carafano: Reagan’s Military Buildup a Model for Secure Defense

PALIN FLASHBACK: ‘Going Rogue’ Palin trumps best sellers in first week

Sarah Palin hires chief-of-staff

Video: Sarah Palin on Egypt and the Tea Party

Governor Palin Hires Chief-of-Staff

Palin: Happy Birthday Sarah!

PALIN FLASHBACK: DID YOU KNOW? The Ancestry Of Sarah Palin

Polling Palin: A True Unknown In Alaska

Happy Birthday to Governor Palin

Whitney Pitcher: 47 Reasons Governor Palin Is Qualified to Be President

A gathering army…

A Birthday Wish to Sarah Palin, Fellow Reaganite

Happy Birthday, Governor Palin!

Part II: Governor Palin’s Policies and the Black Community

PALIN FLASHBACK: Welcome Back, Dad

On Sarah’s Birthday; Announcing The First Annual “Create An Artwork Depicting Sarah Palin Contest”

All Right Wing Bloggers/Pundits/TV Personalities From The Bush Years Are Redundant Unless Palin Supporters & Should Join Olberman

Sarah Palin Continues to Inspire and Fascinate America and the Rest of the World: A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

Santorum: Politico article ‘is garbage’

An email from SarahPAC’s Tim Crawford

REAGAN FLASHBACK: Reagan’s Legacy: Our 25-Year Boom

If Huckabee’s Reported PAC Closure Means He’s Out Then The 40% Palin/Huck Poll Support has Only One Place To Go

PALIN FLASHBACK: Sarah Palin: A Star Is Born in the GOP

Governor Palin’s Interview with The Brody File

Palin Gains 11 Points In Head To Head With Obama. Support Up 100% Rass Vs CBS Poll

GOP Voters 8 Poll Aggregate; Palin/Huck 35.3% Romney 18.8%.Message Is Clear, A True Conservative Is Wanted

Sarah Palin’s Presidency: The Dream Team

PALIN FLASHBACK: Sarah Palin’s Acceptance Speech at the 2008 Republican National Convention

(Sarah Palin) & The Liberal Psyche

MSM Beating The Jeb Bush “12 Drums. Picking The GOP Candidate Again? Palin Supporters Have Other ideas.

What do you mean she’s the next Reagan?

Palin: Governors will initiate economic recovery process

Palin discusses her attendance at CPAC

Roar and Response Video

Tammy Bruce: Hey World, What A Steel Fist in a Velvet Glove Looks Like

Sarah Palin Walks The Paths And Rides The Trails Of Ronald Reagan

PALIN FLASHBACK: I’m a Runner: Sarah Palin

UPDATE; Now 26,NRO Touts Jeb Bush [Media Adds Three More-Now 25 G.O.P “Presidential Candidates ” Subject Of Silly Speculation OR AN “ANYONE BUT PALIN” CAMPAIGN?]

Palin On A Horse At Reagan Ranch/Obama On A Bicycle. One Is A Picture Of A Leader, One A Metroxexual

PALIN FLASHBACK: The Faith of Sarah Palin

Personal Thoughts on Reagan’s 100th Birthday

Gov. Palin Visits Reagan Country (via

Media Adds Three More-Now 25 G.O.P “Presidential Candidates ” Subject Of Silly Speculation Or An “Anyone But Palin ” Campaign?

Video: Reagan Superbowl XLV Tribute

Gov. Palin at Ronald Reagan Ranch

A Wonderfully Stirring Tribute to a Great Man

Sarah Palin: Obama Let The 3 a.m. Call On Egypt Go Straight To His Answering Machine

Happy 100th Birthday, President Reagan!

Palin: Obama’s 3 a.m. call went to answering machine

Threats Against Governor Palin Lead to Military Fundraiser Cancellation

Tucson shooting fears reason event featuring Sarah Palin canceled

Ronald Reagan’s Pro-Life Legacy

PALIN FLASHBACK: GOP leaders assert anti-abortion stance

Hellooooo SPI!

Ronald Reagan’s Legacy Lives On: A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

Trudeau’s Doonesbury All Wrong-Boomers Don’t Want Storylines With 20 Somethings-We Want The Original Characters-Zonker Etc And Want Palin Portrayed Positively!

CBN Interviews Governor Palin at Reagan Ranch

New York Times Misrepresents Palin at Reagan Celebration

Congressman Paul Ryan Didn’t Deny Palin Is The Nominee & He’d Take The VP Spot With Her

Margaret Thatcher: A Tribute to Ronald Reagan
Gov. Palin: “Our Time of Choosing…Glory or Shame”

Palin Is Reagan’s Heir & Gains Covering Of His Mantle Of Greatness With Soaring Speech At Reagan 100 Event

Live: Gov. Palin’s Reflection on Reagan’s Time of Choosing

N.Y. Times Adds Three More To GOP Candidates List-Now 22!

C-span To Cover Sarah Palin’s Address At The Reagan Ranch 100th Birthday Celebration Live Tonight

PALIN FLASHBACK: Sarah Palin’s Reagan Qualities

Egypt Crisis Flopping About; Let The 2012 Election Be A Question Of Leadership-Obama’s Carter Style or Palin’s ReaganismREAGAN FLASHBACK: A Time for Choosing

Republicans Poll Confirms Recent Trends;Palin 1st Place &15% Ahead Of Romney With Combined Palin/Huck Support

The Fix: Gov. Palin explains why she won’t attend CPAC

ABC News: Palin Turns Down Coveted CPAC Keynote Speaking Slot

“A Poem For Palin Contest Update#2:Haiku Submitted By Famous Blogger “Smitty” Of “The Other McCain” Fame

WashPost Adds Fred Karger ? [UPDATE#3]To GOP “Candidate” List Of [NOW 19].Don’t Miss Your Chance for 15 Minutes Meaningless Speculation Fame

PALIN FLASHBACK: Todd and Sarah Palin – Walking the Walk

Media Adds Huntsman [UPDATE NOW PATAKI] To GOP “Possible Candidate” List Of [NOW]18.Don’t Miss Your Chance for 15 Minutes Meaningless Speculation Fame

Heritage Foundation: The Classical Virtues of Ronald ReaganMitt Romney: Sarah Palin Would Be A Great President

Maddow explains why she fell for Palin/Egypt hoax

National Enquirer Report Chelsea Clinton’s Marriage On the Rocks-Media To Give It same Credence They Gave Todd Palin “Hooker” Story-Yeah Right.

First Annual “A Poem For Sarah Palin ” Contest Attracting Magnificent Entries #1

Ignore Sarah Palin Month Doesn’t Last a Day

Yippee ki yay, liberals! It’s Sarah Palin Month on Telegraph Blogs!

Sarah Palin Wins January Straw Poll Decisively

Doh! Dana Milbank breaks own moratorium on day one

PALIN FLASHBACK: How Palin Beat Alaska’s Establishment

Governor Palin’s Policies and the Black Community–Part I

REAGAN FLASHBACK: President Ronald Reagan’s First Inaugural Address

Politico makes things up, blames Reno reporter

Hotline: Gov. Palin outraises Mitt Romney, rivals at year’s end

Senator Schumer: Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader? A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

Media Adds Huntsman To GOP “Possible Candidate” List Of 17.Don’t Miss Your Chance for 15 Minutes Meaningless Speculation Fame

PALIN FLASHBACK: The Most Popular GovernorFirst Annual “A POEM FOR SARAH PALIN” Pro-Am-& Youth Categories Competition

February 2011 Is Reagan/Palin Appreciation Month

Dana Milbank FAIL: Sarah Palin OWNS February


Also see:

Reaganomics Vs. Obamanomics: Facts And Figures


9 Responses to “February 2011 Is Reagan/Palin Appreciation Month (Updated)”

  1. […] February 2011 Is Reagan/Palin Appreciation Month (Updated) […]

  2. […] February 2011 Is Reagan/Palin Appreciation Month (Updated) […]

  3. […] February 2011 Is Reagan/Palin Appreciation Month (Updated) […]

  4. […] Palin supporters, as many of our bloggers declared it a month of celebration.  About 30 blogs, including SPIB, recognized a Reagan/Palin Appreciation month.  A number of other blogs followed […]

  5. Sarah Palin has proven to be an athletic, powerful, astute, photogenic and wealthy woman. Since her selection as a vice-presidential candidate in 2008 and her loss, she has capitalized on her national recognition and visibility to create a media personality and earn millions of dollars.

    Despite her success, her achievements as a businesswoman/politico have been criticized or ignored by both Republicans and Democrats. A bigger issue is why women generally have not celebrated her success. It is understandable that fat, old media men are befuddled by her use of power, and the ilk of Matthews, Beck and O’Reilly are understandably threatened by an attractive, aggressive woman who has amassed wealth and power without asking for or needing their blessing.

  6. d hutchinson said

    Please show support for Sarah.
    I ordered some of those t-shirts from the Hometown Family Restaurant today. Asked if they had sold very many, she said 30. I ordered 4 and she said “Oh, bless you!” I was only going to order 2 but am glad I changed the quantity. I would like them to sell a bunch so they know we support them standing up to the ankle-biters. I explained to her there are people paid to monitor articles about SP and wreak havoc, she was totally taken aback by that. She couldn’t understand why they would bother going to a website that supported Sarah if they didn’t support her themselves. I told her about the lawyers and investigators who descended on Alaska to dig up dirt immediately following her VP nomination. She was dumbfounded and had no idea. Please consider buying some shirts from them. Maybe if enough do, it will be in the news again.
    The website reference:

  7. Tina said

    I’ve linked to this post here: Why Sarah Palin Makes Us Proud: Gumption Thank you!

  8. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Sarah Palin News , Sarah Palin News , Allen Roth, Ron Akin, mikeswebpage and others. mikeswebpage said: Sarah Palin- February 2011 Is Palin/Reagan Appreciation Month: WP_SLIDESHOW_IMAGES = { loa… @mikes_web_page […]

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