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Tea Party Events






After More Than A Year, CBS ‘Early Show’ Does First Full Story on Tea Parties

Alaska movement takes root in Palin’s hometown

An Alaskan Woman, the Jewish State

BLANKLEY: Palin delivers sparkle, warmth

Brew ha-ha (liberal media attacking National Tea Party Convention)

Broder: Sarah Palin — take this populist with a pitch seriously

Conservative activists plan to endorse Assemblyman Chuck DeVore in Senate race

Democrats and the Media Try to Discredit Sarah Palin & The Tea Parties by Painting them as Violent Racists

Democrats Targeting Tea Partiers to Distract Voters From Disastrous Health Care Overhaul (Hannity March 26 Transcript),2933,590063,00.html

GOP operatives crash the tea party

Great People on Tea Party Express

Liberals Launch Downright Nasty New Attacks on Tea Party Movement (Hannity Transcript),2933,590373,00.html

Media Boobs Want to Know: Is Sarah Palin the ‘Leader’ Of the Tea Party Movement? (Lloyd Marcus)

Michelle Obama vs. Sarah Palin? (Hannity Transcript),2933,585380,00.html

MSNBC Mocks ‘Controversial’ Tea Party Convention and the ‘Funny Outfits’ of Attendees; Lefty Schultz to Anchor Palin Speech

The National Review: The Palin Revolution Re-cap

The Palinator

Palin Delivers Sparkle, Warmth (HuffPo!)

Palin Fear

Palin Garners Tea Party Support (WSJ)

The Palin message, distilled

Palin: Out with the ‘In’ Crowd

Palin Responds to ‘Run, Sarah, Run’

Palin’s Notes, Obama’s Teleprompter, and the Increasingly Stupid Media

Palin’s Only Trick

Palin Speaks: ‘How’s that Hopey-Changey Thing Working Out for Ya?’

Palin’s TEA Party: ‘Ready for revolution’ (mixed)

Palin: Tea Partiers “Have to Pick a Party” (mixed)

Palin Tea Party Notes

Palin to allow media to cover Tea Party speech

Palm ‘pilot’ Sarah Palin soars on right wing and a prayer

Pic of the Week: Sarah Palin hand notes

The Power of Sarah Palin’s Hand

Reid Mocks Palin After Searchlight – With Video

Retraction Request: Roger Ebert

Ronald Reagan Would Have Supported Tea Party Movement, Says Son

Sarah of the Flint Hills

Sarah Palin & Tea Party Movement Stand Alone As “Voice Of Reason”

Sarah Palin displays her pitch-perfect populism

Sarah Palin: Authentic and on the Money

Sarah Palin Isn’t Cooperating

Sarah Palin Plays Chess

Sarah Palin says women are the driving force behind the Tea Party movement

Sarah Palin’s family participates in local tea party

Sarah Palin’s father, brother coming to Tea Party event in Hoover

Sarah Palin’s palm cheat-sheet steals her show (WaPo)

Sarah Palin’s Redneck Teleprompter

Sarah Palin’s side trip

Sarah Palin: Talking to the hand

Sarah Palin teams up with Americans for Prosperity

Sarah Palin, the Videogame (what will they think of next?)

Sarah Palin to headline San Antonio Tea Party event

Sarah Palin to speak May 1 to activists in Clarkston (MI)

Sarah Palin Treated as Political Equal of President?

Sarah Palin: “We Need a Commander in Chief Not a Professor of Law”

Senator Reid pokes fun at Gov Palin – check out the video

Stop pickin’ on Sarah: Obama stumbles, too (Montreal Gazette)

Super Sunday!!!

Sweet tea anyone?

Tea Partiers Go Big With Fundraising Campaign to Rival

Tea partiers push back after bad week

Tea Partiers use Fox to deliver ‘palm message’ to Palin

Tea Pariers Send “Go Sarah” Palm Message on Fox & Friends

Tea Party demands good behavior

Tea Party marches to tunes of a conservative black singer (Guardian UK)

Tea partiers vow revenge over health care overhaul, hope to kick out those who voted yes

Tea Party Movement Poised for Strong Start in 2010

Tea Party moves from margins to mainstream in US politics (UK)

Tea party rally upbraids ‘gangster government’

There’s Something About Sarah

The Tea Party, Sarah Palin and mutiny

Very bright moron Nate Silver’s advice to Sarah Palin

Video: Feinstein used hand notes in 1990

A Warning to the Tea Partiers: They’re Trying to Provoke You (Rush Limbaugh Transcript)

WATCH: Palin Urges GOP-Tea Party Merger, Re-Commits To Convention (HuffPo – mixed)

3 Responses to “Tea Party Events”

  1. Judy said

    I am trying to find out information regarding the May 1, 2010 speaking event in Clarkston, Michigan. Thank you in advance for any information regarding this speaking event.

  2. Linda Weber said

    SARAH! You GO GIRL! KICK BUTT! got a question for you, please help clarify. I had heard some time ago that you were coming to Topeka on Apr 2 Tea Party Express, but I cannot find ANY updated info. I’ve got the day off and wish to be there. please help! Thank You, our precious girl, you speak for us! I am a ’53 Marine Mom/daughter/Navy daughter, and old school, and just mad as hell at these Commies. My good friend is having a teaparty in Louisburg/Paola Ks on the 10th on the square. If I could I’d run for something, so instead I’m speaking up a whole heckuva lot and getty pretty lippy about it! Thanks bunches and God me with you and your family!

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