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Ross Review: ‘The Undefeated’ is for You

NYPost hypes Jews For Sarah at Palin documentary preview

Des Moines Register: Gov Sarah Palin

TIR Exclusive: Pella Opera House To Host Palin Movie Debut on Tuesday Night

Sarah Palin Film to Premiere in Iowa Next Week

Palin Bus Tour Takes Extended Pit Stop

Sarah Palin…as an Emmy nominee?

Why Sarah Palin Will Run For President In Spite of It All / Late Night Open Thread

Bozell Column: Palin Movie vs. Media Mythology

Bristol Palin Puts Arizona Home Up For Rent – Take A Peek Inside!

TLC nominates ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ for Emmys

Sarah Palin is definitely a candidate … for an Emmy

Michele Bachmann Does not Equal Sarah Palin (good read)

Buy your tickets here for the July 15 premiere of The Undefeated at selected AMC theatres in your area

Sarah Palin’s e-mails reveal the truth (Jack Kelly

Bristol Palin will sign books at MOA

Bristol Palin dancing into Birmingham for book signing

Bristol Palin, Book Signing “Not Afraid Of Life”

Bristol Palin Book Signing (Phoenix)

Bristol Palin Book Signing (MOA)

Bristol Palin signing her new book, Not Afraid of Life, Books-A-Million

Sarah Palin e-mails become poetry book

Letter: Sarah Palin had her facts right about Paul Revere; here, in his own words

Cast a Vote to Bring Sarah Palin Documentary, “The Undefeated,” to Neighborhood Theatres (includes listing of AMC theatres for July 15 rollout)

Palin documentary a conservative nod to the politician,0,5202739.story

Sarah Palin Scores Trademark Status

Governor Palin ahead of the Curve on Concerns of China and Rare Earth Metals; Updated

 It’s Time to Thing Big:  Re-Elect President Palin, 2016

The Massey brothers talk about their (Bristol) Palin project

We Accept John Ziegler’s Bet

John Ziegler: $100,000 Says Sarah Palin Won’t Be Elected President in 2012 (dolt!)

Palin’s emails reveal her kindness, good leadership

Sarah Palin emails: what you’ve found in week one

Author of Palin Hit-Piece Claims to Speak for All Conservative Women

Report: Palin to decide on run next week?

Makers of Palin film scouting Iowa premiere venues

Review: The Undefeated (Rob Port)

Conservative Bloggers Cheer Palin Film

Editorial: Times’ Bias Shows In Palin Email Affair

Palin shoots down report of imminent announcement

‘The Undefeated’ Review: ‘By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them’ (Lisa Mei Norton)

Palin for the defense: A judge can look at a kingmaker

Bristol Palin Calls Her Ex ‘the Gnat’ in New Book

Media’s misplaced priorities (2nd heading from top)–Other-views

 Media Attacks Sarah Palin Out of Fear She’ll Become President

Sarah Palin: America’s Real Frontrunner; Still on the Back Burner?

Susan Brown: ‘American Pravda’ proves unbalanced in scrutiny of Palin

The Post’s Palin witch hunt

Sarah Palin: MSM no longer a respected cornerstone of our democracy (video)

Palin Disputes Report She’ll Decide on 2012 in a Week

Jon Stewart Rips MSM Over Palin Email Crusade

Sarah, Bristol Palin to Get Their Trademarks

Palin Emails: Trig Baby Shower Gifts Donated to Military Families

Sarah Palin Absolutely Crushes All In Latest Hot Air Reader Poll

Palin: ‘I Would Love to Give the White House Fits …’  (video and transcript)

A Film About the Real Sarah Palin

Survey: Among Republicans, Sarah Palin has highest favorability of any potential candidate

Vote for Sarah!  Who do you think has the best sense of humor out of the list below? (scroll down on left)

Barbaric Thoughts:  PALIN EMAILS

Video:  Palin – Napolitano 6/16/2011 interview

A Film About the Real Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin; Why I Refuse to defend her…

Thatcher v. Palin?

Palin emails highlight Alaska Gov. Parnell’s loyalty to her

Bristol Palin puts Arizona home up for rent months after she bought it

Palin email bombshell: Some liberals finally start to feel her pain

Translia Offers Multi-lingual Translation for Readers of Sarah Palin’s Emails

Cast a Vote to Bring Sarah Palin Documentary, “The Undefeated,” to Neighborhood Theatres

Bristol Palin’s Arizona home in Maricopa for rent

Palin’s Emails: What Her Remarkably Lucid Prose Says About the Art of Teaching Writing (mixed)

HURT: Watch out for Mama Grizzly Palin’s bite

Palin best conservative candidate

Bristol Palin Takes Spin as Real-Estate Investor

Sarah Palin’s Emails Show Portrait of a Working Mom

Somebody Finally Finds Dirt in Sarah Palin’s Emails: She ‘Writes Like an 8th Grader’

Glenn Beck’s Jerusalem rally program unveiled,7340,L-4082351,00.html

The new narrative: Sarah Palin has changed, man

Palin vs. the Press

Sarah Palin email bombshell: A lifelong reader, Alaska’s former governor also knows how to write

Why aren’t the details about how Palin governed news?

Palin documentary to premiere in Mpls. at conservative conference

Sarah Palin’s emails: Now in handy Inbox form

Palin Supporters Working on New Analysis of Email Dump

‘Palin 2.0’ – The Mainstream Media’s Attempt to Deny Sarah Palin’s Vindication

Limbaugh on Media’s Email Probe: ‘Palin Did Better in Her Public Colonoscopy Than Couric Did in Hers’ (w/video)

Sarah Palin Documentary, The Undefeated, to be Screened at Smart Girl Summit on July 30th

Palin, Romney get most Ohio dollars in GOP race

Fans of Sarah Palin hijack Twitter feed of Carnegie company

The Sarah Palin email mania backfires on the media

Palin Rises 52% Across 7 Major Polls-The Trending Graph Media Keeps Hidden

Sarah Palin settles in Scottsdale for $1.695M

CNN Poll: Sarah Palin most like Ronald Reagan

Why John Zeigler is Wrong About Sarah Palin’s Eligibility

Why Sarah Palin Must Run in 2012 (Tammy Bruce)

Breitbart: Film Is “Vindication” for Palin

RightOnline Sees Overwhelming Demand from Grassroots for Sneak Peek of Palin Movie, The Undefeated

International Media on the Palin Emails: Well That Was Fun!

Pawlenty: Palin qualified to be president

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore: ‘Leave Sarah Palin Alone’

Palin E-mail Frenzy Reveals Nothing (O’Reilly video and transcript)

Big media hits bottom with Palin emails

Pawlenty: Palin ‘More Than Qualified’ to Be President

Inside New Sarah Palin Documentary Hitting Theaters This Summer

(video and transcript of Hannity/Bannon interview)

Dana Perino: Media Was ‘Disappointed’ Palin’s Emails Did Not Prove She Was Stupid Or Evil

Pursuing Palin

Palin Approval Up Double Digits

The Palin Test

Palin Facebook Ads ‘Liked’ the Most, Study Shows

Hacked-off Sarah Palin supporters infiltrate Twitter feed of media group that put her emails online… and post anti-Obama messages

Alaskans React to Palin Email Release

TRENDING: CNN Poll: Romney at top of the GOP field  (statistically tied with Palin)

The One Sarah Palin E-mail We Cannot Stop Thinking About

Release the Redacted Transcript!

The Sarah Palin Emails Reveal She is Honest & Moral. Left is Bitterly Disappointed

 Sarah Palin Emails on Christian Faith Get Media’s Fire

David Mamet On Sarah Palin: ‘I Am Crazy About Her’

Palin film to screen at conservative confabs

Sarah Palin’s E-mail Etiquette

Palin to Visit Iowa as Bus Tour Kicks Into Gear

SARAH PALIN’S Trig Letter.

Margaret Thatcher did not ‘snub’ Sarah Palin: The truth about the Iron Lady and the former Governor of Alaska

Joke’s on the press corps after Palin email witch-hunt turns up zilch

Palin Emails: About that “Bridge to Nowhere”

Sarah Palin e-mails shows hostility toward Big Oil as Republican governor of Alaska

CNN Research Poll Results

A message to fans of Sarah Palin

Scott Brown’s wife, a journalist, rips coverage of Sarah Palin as ‘sexist’

Sarah Palin emails: Palin rallied staff to keep conservative talk host from feeling ‘put off’

Thoughts on the Palin E-Mails

Palin E-Mails:  Pondering Higher Office

E-mails: Palin worked, joked with staff on day she went into labor with Trig

Sarah Palin fury at Vogue shoot leak

Palin Emails: College Memories

In latest witch hunt against Palin, the joke’s not on Sarah

The Palin Precedent

Thatcher Foundation Responds to the ‘Palin Was Snubbed’ Report Saying, “The Guardian Has Minimal Credibility”

Forget the death threats and find some dirt on Sarah Palin!

The Media didn’t Find the Smoking Gun they were Looking For

‘Trig will be a joy’: Sarah Palin plays God in touching email about her unborn son’s Down’s Syndrome

Letter: Palin preferred

Survey: UK voters want Palin

A Future President Walks Down Memory Lane

Old North Church vicar defends Palin on Revere

Palin Frenzy

Ashton Kutcher Defends Sarah Palin Against MSM’s ‘Repulsive’ Email Crusade

Media attempts to blacken Sarah Palin once again

Thoughts on the Palin E-Mails

Palin emails show engaged leader who sought VP nod

Perpetual Media War Against Palin Exposes Imbecility of Mindless Critics

‘Unflippinbelievable’: The Lighter Side Of The Sarah Palin E-Mails

Sarah Palin emails: The Alaska archive

Palin emails reveal Trig ‘birther’ rumors even before election

Palin resigned as Alaska Governor a year after thinking about quitting

Sarah Palin urged to run for president by leading Democrat

Donna Brazile: Yes, I said Sarah Palin for President

Governor Palin Receives the Same Amount of Scrutiny That a Presidential Candidate Receives Without Any of the Benefits That Come With Being a Candidate

Palin Emails Prove Les Gara is a Liar


NY Sun: On ’sound money,’ it’s Palin-Pawlenty-Paul vs. Romney

Media frenzy over Palin e-mail release was unusual even for her (hmmmm…. crowdsourcing experiment?)

Sarah Palin emails: An outpouring of support after Trig’s birth,0,6286903.story?track=rss

Sarah Palin emails: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Alaska firefighters,0,4741696.story?track=rss

Scrutinize the president, not Palin (mixed)

Palin emails show top Alaskan lawmaker blamed for Trig Palin rumors

Sarah Palin e-mails: Trig’s birth, the press and Tina Fey

Setting the Record Straight: About the Hard-Working Governor Behind the Emails  (Posted on June 11, 2011 )

Sarah Palin Doc Gets Limited Theatrical Release on July 15

Thatcher Aide Denies Palin Snub Report

American Way: Sarah Palin email frenzy backfires on her media antagonists

Did Palin change? or was the media hell bent on trying to destroy her? Is this the media’s finest moment? or most disgraceful?

CBS shocker: Palin e-mails show Palin “angling” for VP slot

Palin received death threats after 2008 nomination

Palin’s Email Show A “Long Lost Palin” – Cue The PDS

Attention C4P Readers: We Need Your Help Tracking Down Governor Palin’s Emails – Update

Media Hypocrisy in the Review of Governor Palin’s Emails

Director of The Undefeated Stephen K. Bannon to Serve as Guest Host on Liberty Speaks Sunday, June 12th from 4 to 5pm PDT on KABC 790AM and via national podcast

Is Gov Palin getting a “media colonoscopy” or is this good journalism?

Vote in Gretawire poll:  What do you think of the NYT and Wash Post hiring help to go through Palin emails? (scroll down on left)

Sarah Palin Tweets Support For ‘Undefeated’

Sarah Palin Movie, ‘The Undefeated,’ to Be Released in AMC Theaters (Video)

Video:  Sarah Palin movie trailer

Sarah Palin asked God for guidance over Alaska state budget

The best of the Sarah Palin emails

UK newspaper joins media frenzy over Palin e-mails

The Guardian:  Sarah Palin emails: live blog (with spin) Sarah Palin emails: live blog

No big bombshells in Palin’s e-mails

The Note:  Sarah Palin Emails: Live Blog (with spin)

News Outlets Pounce on Palin E-Mails

Are the Mainstream Media Enameling Sarah Palin With Teflon®?

Long-lost Sarah Palin surfaces in emails (mixed with spin)

Instead Of Reviewing Sarah Palin’s E-Mail, The Media Should Investigate…

Palin, Paul Revere, and Republicanism

Palin e-mail bombshell: Sarah is “Team Edward,” Todd is “Team Jacob”

Video:  Speculation Surrounds New Palin Film (Hannity interviews Bannon)

Breaking news: Still no news whatsoever from Palin e-mails; Update: “No big bombshells”

Rush Limbaugh Slams Media’s Slobbering Over the Palin Emails, but Complete Disinterest in Digging into Obama

Palin emails rush

Sarah Palin documentary to be released July 15

Video: Wasilla Car Race (w/Willow Pallin)

Palin Tells Aides:  ‘That Gasline Must Be My Priority’

Conservative media figures rip NYT, WaPo for asking readers to help ‘investigate’ Palin emails

Palin adviser: Read the emails

Journalists Being Journ-O-Listy: “Operation: ZOMG! Get Palin!” Has Begun

Behold The Mainstream Media Eating Its Own Anti-Palin Bile – A Running List of Headlines

Alaska releases Sarah Palin e-mails (media frenzy ensues – PDS gone wild)

Palin Ties Obama in Key Swing States: OH, NC, NV, MO, PA

The Best Response to the Palin E-Mail Craziness

Palin Docu “The Undefeated” at AMC Theatres July 15

The Official Movie Poster for “The Undefeated”

Setting the Record Straight: About False Quotes Attributed to Governor Pal  (Posted June 10, 2011)

Retraction Request: Politico Fabricates Palin Quote in New Hit Piece

Vote YES!  Do you think Sarah Palin should run for president?

Documentary on Sarah Palin takes sympathetic approach

Another “WTF” Obama Foreign Policy Moment*

Thursday, June 9, 2011!/note.php?note_id=10150203463153435

Blogs Follow Palin’s Road Trip

Poll: Voters Like Palin-Trump 2012 Ticket

New Polls Show Sarah Palin’s Path to Victory in 2012

Palin Scolds Media for Seeking ‘Scuttlebutt’; Posts Video of Tour

Ed Rollins’ Attacks On Sarah Palin Get Ugly

Sarah Palin film to get nationwide release

Palin chief hits back at Bachmann adviser

Poll Shows Palin Leading GOP Field

Video:  Hannity: I’d vote for Palin in a Heartbeat

Video:  Can’t Vote for Palin Because She Had a TV Show?

Poll: Palin leads GOP pack

Romney, Palin lead the way

The American Spirit (Unfortunately Missed by the MSM)  – Posted on June 08, 2011

Video:  American Foundations

Palin can ‘snap her fingers’ for money, run and beat Obama, warns GOP expert

 5 Best Piper Palin Antics

Calabrese: Palin gets Revere right–Palin-gets-Revere-right

Palin documentary: 2012 game changer (Pamela Geller)

Sarah Palin’s chief fires back at Michele Bachmann’s strategist

Palin Leads w/ Tea, and that is Key

More on the Sarah Palin movie: A producer’s perspective


Will the Real Sarah Palin Please Stand Up?

A Sneak Peek of the New Palin Documentary

‘The Undefeated’ Review: Doing the Job the Corrupt MSM Won’t (John Nolte)

Palin on the big screen (Jordan Fabian)

EDITORIAL: The media ride of Sarah Palin


Mainstream Media Is Not Reporting On Incredible Trend in Palin Poll Numbers

Palin the Undefeated (Jim Geraghty)

Michele Bachmann Unleashes Surrogate To Smear Sarah Palin

 Video:  Can’t Miss Moment:  Joy Defends Palin

Sarah Palin’s Media Relations (FOX News Watch – w/video)


Palin Closer to Presidential Run After Bus Tour? (Hannity video and transcript)

New Palin Film, ‘The Undefeated,’ Getting Rave Reviews

Slideshow:  Politicians Who Love Bikes

‘The Undefeated’ Review: Doing the Job the Corrupt MSM Won’t (John Nolte)

Roger Ailes: ‘Palin’s So Smart She’s Got the Press Running Up the East Coast Behind Her Bus’

Indie Sarah Palin flick could alter the 2012 political landscape (Rob Bluey)

“The Undefeated:” Documentary Seeks to Reset Conventional Wisdom on Palin (Tony Lee)

Experts back Sarah Palin’s historical account

The Paul Revere Trap: An obvious act of cruelty from Sarah Palin.

The Undefeated: The Movie I Wish Hillary Had Made (Amy Siskind)

Iowa Gets Ready for Palin

You know how Sarah Palin said Paul Revere warned the British? Well, he did. Now, who looks stupid? (Andrew Malcolm)

Setting the Record Straight: About Paul Revere’s Ride…  Posted on June 06, 2011’s-historical-account

Palin: ‘The Truth Is That Obama Is Lying’

Palin: Is “The Undefeated” Running for President?

What Does Not Kill You Will Make You Stronger. Palin Emerges Stronger

Palin: I Didn’t Mean to Step on Romney’s Toes During Campaign Rollout

Sorry Libs… Sarah Palin Stands By Her Correct Version of Paul Revere’s Ride (Video)

Governor Palin on “Fox News Sunday” with Chris Wallace on June 5, 2011

Gov. Sarah Palin’s June 5, 2011 Chris Wallace interview pt 1 of 2

Gov. Sarah Palin’s June 5, 2011 Chris Wallace interview pt 2 of 2

Exclusive: Sarah Palin on U.S. Economy, National Bus Tour (FNS Transcript)

The Power Of Palin (Teri Christoph)

Palin’s record takes center stage in ‘The Undefeated’ (Jedediah Bila)

Palin:  The Movie (Kathy Kiely)

Sarah Palin Denies Chris Wallace’s Charge That She ‘Messed Up About Paul Revere’ (w/video)

“Undefeated” Palin: Authentic, American, Exceptional — Game on!  (Palmela Geller)

‘The Undefeated’ could be a game-changer for Sarah Palin (Matt Lewis)

Palin Talks Policy and Politics

Palin Criticizes Burdensome Regulations, Debt

Sarah Palin defends her take on Paul Revere’s ride

Palin: Fiscal Crisis No ‘Bump in the Road’

The Undefeated: A Review (Karen Allen)

Palin Gives Media A History Lesson, Revere Warned British And They Retreated

Commentary: Sarah Palin for U.S. president? (good read)

No Decency – Andrew Sullivan attacks Sarah Palin child (again)

Andrew Sullivan Uses Palin’s Child as Partisan Political Prop … Again

Sarah and Goliath (Part 2)

Think Progress Flubs Revere History in Zapping Palin

Obama vs. Palin: Who’d You Rather…

Sarah Palin: “President Obama is Lying”

Sarah Palin and the Politics of Winging It (mixed)

Howard Dean Warns Fellow Dems: Palin Could Beat Obama…

The “Bus” Stops Here — How Palin Is Driving the GOP

The Palin pile-on: Media loathe spotlight they themselves place upon prominent figure

Lloyd Marcus: Gunfight At DC Corral: Palin vs Obama.

Still rogue, Palin embraces media (good read)

Governor Palin Gives the Media a History Lesson on Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride

Sarah Palin: Barack Obama Is Lying

Governor Palin’s Appearance on “Hannity” on June 3, 2011’s-appearance-on-%22hannity%22-on-june-3-2011

June 3, 2011 – Sarah Palin on ‘Hannity’:  Former Alaska governor on bus tour, Trump meeting

June 3, 2011 – Palin: ‘I Have Hope We Can Turn Things Around’: Former vice presidential candidate weighs in on 2012 field, Medicare debate

June 3, 2011 – Is She Running?: Sarah Palin on potential White House bid, Mitt Romney

 ‘One Nation’ tour: an instinctive and smart tactician bides her time

Alaska to release 250 pounds of Palin emails, some may touch on family matters

Palin Fires Shot at Romney at Bunker Hill

Palin Slams “RomneyCare” in Massachusetts

Sarah Palin Hands Out Copies of the Constitution to Massachusetts Residents

Palin Opposes DREAM Act

Romney, Palin Lead GOP Race, Pawlenty Third, Gingrich Fades

Media chase Palin, and her sway grows

National Poll Finds Close Race for GOP Presidential Nomination in 2012

Levin to the rescue: Radio host “sick and tired” of pundit’s Palin smears

Sarah Palin Turns Down Invitation to NH Debate

Sarah Palin Bashes Obama’s Job-Killing Fishing Regulations While She Pets Lobster in New Hampshire

Kelly Ayotte has coffee with Sarah Palin

Reading Palin’s gov. e-mails has a cost (mixed)

Sarah Crashes Mitt’s Party

Limbaugh, Levin Diss Krauthammer on Palin

Palin postcards (bus tour slideshow),0,2324901.photogallery

No Police Escort for Sarah Palin in D.C.

Palin says she’s not planning Senate run in Ariz.

ABC15 talks to Sarah Palin at Sky Harbor (w/video)

Men and women of the National Park Service and Foundation

Golden Egg Breakfast – Portsmouth, NH – 6/3/11

Yankee Fisherman’s Cooperative – Seabrook, NH – 6/2/11

With Friends Like FOX News Palin Is Better Off With Her Enemies

Fox Ups The Ante Against Governor Palin

Slideshow:  Palin Bus Tour Hits Philly

Video:  Piper Pipes Up

Palin: Piper Sorry For Pushing Photog (w/video)


’Can Sarah Palin Really Defeat Barack Obama?  ‘You Betcha’

Sarah Palin Confirms House Purchase in Arizona

Sarah Palin confirms house purchase in Arizona

Palin pays visit to Portsmouth, Seabrook

Piper Palin shares her mom’s hot and cold attitude toward the media (w/video)

Piper Palin is officially having the best vacation ever

How Is Piper Palin Coping With Her Mom’s Frenzied Tour?  (w/video – mixed)

Palin Visits Boston, NH In Bus Trip (w/videos)

Images: Sarah Palin Visits Boston, NH

Obama administration suddenly likes Palin wildlife management strategy

Quoted: Piper Palin speaks out

Palin dismisses Geithner on debt ceiling (w/photogallery)–just-after-romney-announcement/2011/06/02/AGu6vWHH_story.html

Palin stops in Cromwell

Palin Attends Clambake in Seabrook

Palin Weighs In on Debt Ceiling Debate

Palin’s Tour Has Media In The Palm Of Her Hand

John DiStaso’s Granite Status: Exclusive: Palin to host Seacoast clambake

Hot Air Candidate Survey Results: June Edition

Palin’s whirlwind tour could rain on Romney

Sarah Palin Confirms Tour Will Go National

Media wonders: Could Palin be manipulating us?

Palin: End All Energy Subsidies

Piper Palin Blocks Reporter From Sarah Palin On Bus Tour (VIDEO)

Iowa Primary: Palin Highest Favorables; Romney, Gingrich least Favorable

Media Dilemma: Palin in New Hampshire Thursday During Romney Announcement

Book Excerpt: ‘Bring Her Down’: How the American Media Tried to Destroy Sarah Palin

How Sarah Palin wound up in Baltimore,0,3715820.story?track=rss

Chasing Sarah: The Boys Behind the Bus

UK Media:Hey, Maybe Sarah Palin Isn’t As Dim As We Were Told….

Video:  Sarah and Donald

Video:   Shushannah Walshe on Chasing Palin

Video:  SNEAK PEEK – Donald Trump on Palin Meeting: She’s Misunderstood and Highly Underrated

Video:  Uncut: Palin: ‘We Have Heady Days Ahead’

Palin ‘On the Record’ from Her Tour Bus – the Entire, Uncut Interview ttp://

Roger Simon: You can laugh at Palin … But you do so at your own risk The Marietta Daily Journal – Roger Simon You can laugh at Palin But you do so at your own risk

Sarah Palin Tames the Media – Now it’s ‘Boys behind the Bus’

Sarah Palin plays the media like a violin: Her turn now

Sarah Has the Liberal Media on a String

Photo Gallery: Palin’s One Nation Tour Day Three

Sarah Palin In Jersey City (w/video)

Palin meets with Fox News officials

Adorable Piper Is the Where’s Waldo of Palin’s Bus Tour

Sarah Palin Takes Manhattan (and Jersey City)

Palin mum on plans during visit to NJ sites

Palin: ‘The Fire in the Belly Is Still Raging’ (w/videos)

Palin headed for Boston, maybe today

How is Sarah Palin Paying for Road Trip? (w/video)

Palin to Visit S.C. as Part of Early-State Trifecta

Palin: ‘I’m Not the Conventional, Status Quo Politician … the Last Thing I Worry About Is the Mainstream Media’ (On the Record video & transcript)

Vote for Sarah!  2012 Presidential Preference Poll  at The Free Enterprise Nation

Palin visits Trump in NYC while on her motor tour

Matt Lewis: Palin’s bus tour causes media bickering on Twitter

Sarah Palin mystique finds new life

Sarah Palin, Donald Trump split a pepperoni pizza at Famous Famiglia in Times Square

Media complains that Palin caravan puts reporters at risk

New Afghanistan Development Dangerous to NATO

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tonight – Gov Sarah Palin ON THE RECORD at 10pm from inside her bus!

Sarah Palin wants to terminate all energy subsidies, including ethanol

Todd Palin on possible 2012 campaign: ‘This family has been tested’

Palin: Eliminate All Energy Subsidies

Palin’s visit to Dillsburg coffee shop: A mocha and a ‘mob scene’

Sarah Palin livens up a Dillsburg coffee shop\

Twisted into Pretzels: Press Pursues Palin in Philadelphia

Palin Visits Trump In NYC While On Her Motor Tour

Palin Hits Pause on Bus Tour for Meeting, Dinner With Trump

Sarah Palin to the media: Come and get me

Palin winding through New England

Palin confident she could beat Obama

Palin Tricks Reporters

UPDATE(2): Sarah Palin visits Gettysburg (w/video)

Sarah Palin Punks Press as Tour Begins Third Day

Slideshow From Palin’s Biker Rally

Palin to news media: Catch me if you can (w/ video)

Sarah Palin bus  tour comes to Phildadelphia

The Morning Line: Sarah Palin’s Road Show

Palin Makes Memorial Day Visit To Fort McHenry (w/video)

 Many spend day searching for Palin

Video:  SNEAK PEEK — Sarah Palin: I Don’t Think I Owe Anything to the Mainstream Media

Video:  053011 greta2

Video: Palin in Gettysburg

Sarah Palin tour heads to New England

TRENDING: Crowds wait and wait and wait for Palin (more sour grapes media)

On the Road, More or Less, With Palin

Sarah Palin Stops in Rosslyn, Begins Bus Tour

Vote for Sarah! Who would be the better presidential candidate? (scroll down on right)

Palin to Visit Iowa as Bus Tour Kicks Into Gear

TRENDING: Iowa-bound Palin: Republican presidential field will change

Palin’s Road Trip

Sarah Palin revs up bus tour with stops at National Archives, Mount Vernon and Baltimore,0,3373379.story

Palin makes stop at Washington’s Mount Vernon

Sarah Palin covertly visits D.C. sites (mixed)

Greetings from the road in Maryland! (Posted on SarahPAC May 30, 2011)

Our Charters of Liberty at the National Archives  (Posted on SarahPAC May 30, 2011)

SarahPAC:  Share Your Memorial Day Photos

Palin Family Tours Washington ‘Incognito’ (mixed – media sour grapes)

Sarah Palin & LTC Allen West at Rolling Thunder

Sarah Palin rolls into Washington on a Harley

Sarah Palin swarmed at first bus tour stop (Willow wasn’t there)

George Will’s savage attack on Sarah Palin shows GOP establishment is desperate–savage-attack-on-sarah-palin-shows-gop-establishment-is-desperate-122819569.html


The National Archives – Washington, DC 5/30/11

Palin Swings By National Archives As Presidential Plans Remain Mystery ttp://

Sarah Palin Visits National Archives, Insists Bus Tour Isn’t for Campaigning

Governor Sarah Palin … today

Video:  Sarah Palin at Rolling Thunder XXIV, May 29, 2011

Video:  Raw Video: Palin Starts Tour in DC on Motorcycle

Palin Takes Part In Rolling Thunder Ride (w/video and photogallery)

Palin Rides Motorcycle Through DC

Palin kicks off weeklong tour of Northeast at Rolling Thunder motorcycle ride

Is Palin readying a run?

Rolling Thunder Vets: Sarah Palin Is A Real American (VIDEO)

Memorial Day brings out presidential hopefuls

Rush: Obama Is ‘Easily Beatable’ … His Record ‘Indefensible’

Hill: Palin Is GOP Nominee If She Runs (mixed)

SarahPAC:  National Monuments – Washington, DC 5/29/11

Of the People, By the People, For the People  (Posted on SarahPAC May 29, 2011)

Rolling Thunder – Washington, DC 5/29/11 (Posted on SarahPAC  May 29, 2011)

Sarah Palin Revs Up Presidential Campaign At Rolling Thunder Ride-Along

Sarah Palin On A Motorcycle At Bus Tour Launch (PHOTOS)

Palin rides Harley and fuels 2012 suspicion

Vote for Sarah to”bring it on!” Do you want Sarah Palin in or out of the 2012 GOP primary race?  (scroll down to bottom center)

Raw Video: Palin Rides Motorcycle to Pentagon

Andrew Sullivan Shocks Chris Matthews: Palin Can Beat Obama as the ‘Principled’ Tea Party Candidate

Photos:  Sarah Palin & Family Ride In Rolling Thunder – 2011

Andrew Sullivan: Palin Can Beat Obama

Photos:  Sarah Palin rides at Rolling Thunder

John McCain: Sarah Palin Can Beat Obama In 2012

McCain: Palin can beat Obama

Palin kick-starts bus tour on back of motorcycle

Born To Run

For Palin, a Short Ride With Lots of Rumbling

Palin Appearance at ‘Rolling Thunder’ Feeds Election Speculation Fury

PHOTO: Palin on the back of a motorcycle

Video:  Sarah Palin Joins Rolling Thunder

Sarah Palin Rolls into DC on a Harley

Get ready for the rumble

Michael Shear:  @sarahpalinusa arrived to a mob of bikers and reporters wearing a black harley davidson helmet and got on a big bike

Bristol at #RollingThunder (Twitpic tweeted by supporter)

Gov. Palin at the Rolling Thunder Rally (Twitpic tweeted by supporter)

At Rolling Thunder, Waiting for Palin

Following Sarah Palin’s bus tour

Sarah Palin’s “Learning” Tour: A Revolutionary Road Trip? (mixed)

Palin had invite to bike rally

Now, Sarah Palin to ‘participate in veterans’ Rolling Thunder bike rally’

Sarah Palin to tour historic sites

Rolling Thunder Confirms Palin Invite; Andrea Mitchell Demonstrates Journalistic Incompetence, Bias (Updated)

Reactions Mixed Over Palin Moving To Scottsdale

Andrea Mitchell is Wrong…Sarah Palin is Welcome at Rolling Thunder

Anti-Palin Books Proving to Be Commercial Flops

Sarah Palin now the favorite for the Republican nomination for president

Government According to President Palin

Video:  Interview: Steve Bannon, the Man Who Brought Sarah Palin’s Story to the Screen

Frank Bailey Grinds An Axe with Palin Book

Rolling Thunder to Keep Focus on Troops Despite Palin’s Appearance

Palin Hits the Road: ‘It’s Imperative We Connect With Our Founders’

Yes, Palin was invited to Rolling Thunder

Palin welcome in Arizona neighborhood, media less so

Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney lead Republican field

Palin 2012 just got more likely

NY Sun supports Sarah Palin, mentions Benyamin Korn

Sarah and Esther

Kyle Massey’s Mother Blows Off Bristol Palin Rumors

GOP presidential hopefuls shift on global warming (see last paragraph)

Sarah Palin Movie Falls Prey to Godwin’s Law

When It Comes to Governor Palin, Not Knowing Isn’t Not Happening

Obama’s Strange Strategy: Borrow Foreign Money to Give to Foreign Countries

Friday, May 27, 2011!/note.php?note_id=10150193243058435

SarahPAC:  Watch the “One Nation” bus tour video

Video:  One Nation

Sarah Palin rolls into D.C. — on a motorcycle?–on-a-motorcycle/2011/05/27/AGHDGfCH_blog.html

Rolling Thunder Riders Praise Sarah Palin’s Participation in Rally

Dana Loesch Interviews Palin Documentary Filmmaker Steve Bannon (Video)

Social Media Ranker – Rise in Support Matches Polling Data Rises

Vote for Sarah!  RedState Poll: Last Call: May 2011 Primary Preference Poll

Sarah Palin, Leader of the Opposition

I think Gov Palin is running ….

Fox News: No Change In Palin Status

One Nation Bus Tour (get updates here)

Greta: try THIS poll!!  Which ticket would give President Obama a biggest challenge in November 2012?

Sarah Palin and her ‘One Nation’ bus tour, coming to a town near voters soon

Restoring the Good in America!

Posted on SarahPAC on May 26, 2011

Palin Hits the Road: ‘It’s Imperative We Connect With Our Founders’

Gallup:  Romney, Palin Lead Reduced GOP Field for 2012

Hannity Takes Palin Tell-All Author to the Woodshed: ‘You’re Full of Crap!’ (w/video)

Sarah Palin makes DWTS finale

IT’S ON… Sarah Palin to Hit The Road On Memorial Weekend

Palin’s “Exploratory” Campaign: A Nationwide Bus Tour

Palin to Embark on East Coast Bus Tour

Palin to embark on bus tour this weekend

Sarah Palin’s All-American Road Trip

Gallup Poll: Palin Within Two Points of Romney For GOP Nomination…

POLL: Should Sarah Palin Run for President?

SarahPAC:  Getting ready for the tour

One Nation Tour

Reports: Palin tour to hit New Hampshire

Reports: Palin is settling in the lower 48

Sarah Palin Likely To Announce A Run For President — Would You Vote For Her? (Vote YES!)

Video:  ‘The Undefeated’ Preview of Sarah Palin’s New Movie

Pollsters Say Palin Can’t Win, Their Polls Say Otherwise

Signs Grow That Palin May Run

Sarah Palin Buys Home in Arizona

Video:  From Alaska to Arizona:  Could Sarah Palin Be Relocating?

*Update* Sarah Palin Arizona House…… (30 Pictures) *Video TOUR Update

HillPundit: Obama hubris, Bibi pride, JStreet slides, Palin’s rise

NC by PPP: Poll Sample worsens, Improvement for Palin 49%, Obama 51% w/ Recrunched #s

‘The Undefeated’: Creepy ‘Journalist’ Who Moved in Next Door to Palin Family Freaked Over Upcoming Movie by John Nolte

Palin of Arizona (mixed)

Palin, Pawlenty Stand to Gain with Others Dropping Out (mixed)

Is Sarah Palin prepping a presidential run? (mixed)

Sarah Palin Feature Film to Premiere in Iowa This Summer

Hannity Transcript:  Palin Whistleblower Defends Tell-All Book

Netanyahu speaks as America’s patriarch. Sarah Palin prepares to enter.

Palin movie coming to theaters this summer

Palin’s Secret Weapon: New Film to Premiere in June

Media takes Palin bias to new level

Palin Leads Texas Primary, even W/ Huckabee

“Conservative” Tucker Carlson tries to destroy Sarah Palin…again

Palin’s statement is a reflection of modern feminism

Even the Daily Kos Pollster Shows Governor Palin Has Cut Obama’s Ohio Lead By 38% and Palin Leads the GOP Field in Texas

Palin 48.5%, Obama 48% in Ohio (Palin 51-49% W/ Assumptions)

Wonkette blogger who made fun of Trig Palin quits

Writer Who Started “Trigs Crew” Phenomenon Out at Wonkette

This Could Be It: Sarah Palin Buys A Home In Scottsdale?

Note to the Daily Caller: Private tweets don’t make a public story

Don’t talk to strangers, Palin edition (mixed)

Sarah Palin, Friend of Israel

Sarah Palin Tell-All  Sparks Investigation and Allegations of Deceit

Bristol Palin Swears Off Dating, Baby-Making?

Fox News Executives Dispute Quote About Palin

The myth of Sarah Palin’s stupidity

Sarah Palin Hits David Gregory’s Best Curveball Out of the Yard

Sarah Palin Moves into Statistical Tie for Lead in Wide-Open GOP 2012 Field

Fox News Executives Dispute Quote About Palin

Sarah Palin’s aides push back on new book

Christian and Jewish Leaders Respond to Obama’s Attack on Israel

How Politically Damaging Was Obama’s Middle East Speech? [also Karl Rove on Palin 2012]

Barack Obama’s Disregard for Ally’s Security Begs Clarity Monday, May 23, 2011!/note.php?note_id=10150189806913435

Sarah Palin tweets congrats to Alaska Aces for beating Kalamazoo Wings

From Alaska to Arizona — Could Sarah Palin Be Relocating?

Top Hebrew paper: ‘Palin Slams Obama, Supports Israel’

Palin slams Obama, supports Israel,7340,L-4072339,00.html

This Had to Hurt… Sarah Palin Lectures Obama on His Anti-Israel Plans Too (Video)

PollInsider Q’s

Sarah Palin’s House in Arizona

Pictures of Sarah Palin’s Rumored Scottsdale House

Palin Fundraiser, Home Purchase Fuels Speculation of 2012 Run

FOX News Video:  Sarah Palin’s Take on Israel, 2012

Report: Sarah Palin May Have Purchased Home in Arizona

Sarah Palin:  My goal is to make sure that President Obama is not reelected in 2012 (w/videos)

Palin on 2012: “The fire in the belly, that’s there.”

Sarah Palin Slams Obama on Israel, Wants ‘Redneck Woman’ to Be Her Ringtone

Flashback Video:  Sarah Palin – Redneck Woman

‘We, the People, need to rise up and take a stand for Israel’ – Sarah Palin defends PM Netanyahu

Video:  Governor Palin on Justice w Judge Jeanine May 21 2011

Gallup:  Palin’s support differs little by region and between liberal/moderate versus conservative Republicans; her support is higher among younger Republicans and low-to-middle socioeconomic class

Gov. Sarah Palin’s May 21, 2011 Jeanine Pirro interview

Gov. Sarah Palin’s May 19, 2011 Greta Van Susteren interview

Gov. Sarah Palin’s May 18, 2011 Hannity interview

Gov. Sarah Palin’s May 18, 2011 Eric Bolling interview

Sarah Palin’s 5/11/2011 interview with Martha MacCallum

Gov. Sarah Palin’s 5/6/2011 interview with David Asman

Sarah Palin — Hannity 4/19/2011 interview

Palin: “I Do Have The Fire In My Belly”

Writer Who Started “Trigs Crew” Phenomenon Out at Wonkette

JewsForSarah is proud co-chairman of – Israel Day Concert & Rally • Sunday June 5 • Central Park

Pro-Life Group Accuses MTV of Pro-Abortion Agenda for Yanking Group’s Ads

FOX NEWS BOSS DEFENDS PALIN: People Say It Was Truly Pathetic That I Gave Chris Matthews His Start On Television

What Is ‘The Tragedy of Sarah Palin’?

Five Things to Know About Track Palin’s New Bride,,20496353,00.html

Palin’s Busy Day on Twitter

Roger Ailes Rips Chris Matthews Over Sarah Palin (VIDEO)

Track Palin Marries Britta Hanson, High School Sweetheart in Cold Alaska Ceremony (Photos, Video)

Sarah Palin Son Track Gets Married!

Our Entire Raw, Unedited Interview with Former Gov. Palin (OTR Video – May 19, 2011)

SarahPAC video:  Governor Palin on “On the Record” with Greta Van Susteren on May 19, 2011

 Palin Has the ‘Fire in Her Belly’ for Possible White House Run, But … (OTR Video and Transcript – May 19, 2011)

Palin: White House’s Decision to Invite Common Lacked ‘Class and Decency and All That’s Good About America’ (OTR Video and Transcript – May 11, 2011)

Palin to Obama – This Time, Let Netanyahu Use the Front Door

Palin defends Ryan’s Plan

Sarah Palin’s Son Track Gets Married!,,20496049,00.html

Sneak Peek: Former Gov. Sarah Palin ‘On the Record’

Palin: Schwarzenegger’s Conduct ‘Disgusting, Embarrassing’

Palin: Pelosi Telling a “Tight-Faced Lie” on ObamaCare Waivers in Her District…

Palin: Pelosi Tells a ‘Lie’ on Obamacare Waivers!

Hannity Poll: Who would you like to see run in 2012?

Sarah Palin ‘Still Seriously Considering’ Presidential Run | Hannity  (video and transcript) Sarah Palin ‘Still Seriously Considering’ Presidential Run | Hannity

FOX News Video:  Sarah Palin Rates 2012 Candidates

FOX News Video: Will Palin Jump Into Presidential Race? Part 1

Palin blames media, Gingrich for candidate’s Medicare flap

MSM Fail: Week after ‘Atlantic’ Concern-Trolls Palin Supporters, Gallup Has Her in 2nd Place

Sarah Palin rips Newt, seriously considering 2012 run

Palin to Media Claiming Newt’s “Food Stamps” Comment is Racist: Actually, You’re The Ones Being Racist…

Sarah Palin: Schwarzenegger’s behavior showed ‘bad character’

Palin, Others Slam ‘Corrupt’ Pelosi Healthcare Waivers

Sarah Palin can still win the GOP nomination

Palin: Tea Party patriots sound a bugle for Sarah to lead the charge to the WH

Will Sarah Run?

Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin jump to top in new Gallup poll

Palin on the latest round of ObamaCare waivers: ‘Unflippinbelievable’ and ‘corrupt’

Sarah Palin leads latest Gallup Poll

Couric Fails at CBS, But Liberals Defend Her ‘Gravitas’ With…Palin-Bashing Interview

Palin Hatred Explained: They’re intellectuals, aren’t they? Do not confuse them with facts

And They’re Off: Palin Reemerges While Bachmann Readies White House Bid

Sarah Palin, Leader Of The Pack – OpEd (Lloyd Marcus)

Is Sarah Palin The Real GOP Frontrunner?

Sarah Palin is a Serious Viable Legitimate for President 2012

Governor Palin’s letter for SarahPAC direct mail effort

Adrienne Ross: “Why Isn’t Sarah Palin Getting Credit For President Obama’s Changed Position On Oil Drilling?”

Gallup:  With Huckabee Out, No Clear GOP Front-Runner (but see Polls for Palin)

John McCain and Sarah Palin together again as you’ve never seen them before

Palin 2012? Game on!

Gov. Sarah Palin on Pelosi district’s Obamacare waivers: ‘Seriously, this is corrupt’

The Facebook Primary: Palin Most Liked, Huntsman Lags

Sarah PAC sending direct mail on 2012

SarahPAC nationwide direct mail effort!/TheFix/status/70164162201919488

Todd Palin:  The Model Political Spouse (mixed)

Mike Huckabee Out; Sarah Palin In? (ContributorNetwork) POLL: Whose Fans Are Most Organized? Palin, Cain or Paul? (Vote for Sarah!) Trump, Palin Offer Each Other Support

Who’s likely in for the straw poll

Video:  Tammy Bruce – The Fact That The Machines Are So Desperate To Get Palin Not To Run

Palin’s positions

POLL: As 2012 GOP Respond, Who Benefits Most From Huckabee’s Decision Not To Run?  (poll bottom left has Gov. Palin at 59 %)

Who Benefits If Huckabee Doesn’t Run?

Gov. Palin ‘Tweets’ Israel Independence Day greeting

Dunn’s Little Father/Daughter Story Kinda Falls Apart… Update

Sarah Palin Big Win! over Administration: White House caves on off-shore oil drilling in Alaska

Why Sarah Palin scares them

Mike Huckabee withdrawal helps Sarah Pailin get back in the race for president

Sarah Palin joins Gov. Nikki Haley in labor fight

Bristol Palin in Hollywood: “We’ll Take Good Care of Her,” Says New Disney Star Roommate

Alaska Investigates Former Palin Aide for Keeping Her Emails (mixed)

Kim Kardashian has words of wisdom, advice for Bristol Palin

Video:  Palin Raps Common, the White House

Removing the Boot from the Throat of American Businesses Wednesday, May 11, 2011!/note.php?note_id=10150178359343435

Sarah Palin: Obama’s not in the catbird seat for 2012

Sarah Palin on the Boeing dispute

Youth for Palin gaining strength as a conservative force

Right, Left Analyses of Polls Miss the Mark for Possible Palin Presidential Run

Media Buzzards Offer Up Another Palin Post-Mortem

What People Liked About Sarah Palin

The Lies of Sarah Palin (book review)

Do Palin and Romney Represent a GOP Income and Education Divide?

Chris Matthews: Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin ‘The Greatest Impression Ever’

Will Another Bristol Palin Reality Series Impact the 2012 Odds for Sarah? (mixed)

Bristol Palin Says She Had Corrective Jaw Surgery

Palin Catches Up With other Reps in Virginia vs Obama, Nationally

Palin’s Overall Gallup Favorable Rating Among Republican and Republican-Leaning Independents Hits a High Mark for the Year

Gallup – Romney leads GOP among elites, Palin working class

Gallup Shows Romney Supported by the Elite, Palin by the Working Class

Sarah Palin’s Secret Success

Bristol Palin scores reality series on BIO Channel

Sarah Palin, Fox, Daily Caller, rip Michelle Obama’s invite to rapper Common for poetry event

State probes possible wrongful use of emails (anklebiters fighting each other)

Sarah Palin wins restraining order against father-son pair

Palin’s restraining order for Penn. man extended

Bristol Palin Secures New Reality Show on BIO

BIO Channel Greenlights Bristol Palin Docu-Series

Tina Fey portrays Palin again, Darrell Hammond plays Trump on

Just what has Bristol done to her face? Sarah Palin’s daughter unveils her Hollywood makeover on red carpet

Hearing set in Palin stalker case

Liberal Media Concedes Governor Palin Would Have Made The Exact Same Decision As Obama on Bin Laden, Only Faster

Waiting for the Sarahcuda or Someone Like Her

Sarah Palin discusses energy policy

Governor Palin: “[Obama] Is Doing All That He Can to Manipulate the US Supply of Energy”



Gov. Sarah Palin’s speech on military policy (vid & transcript)

Mark Levin – How Palin knows more about oil than Obama

Jews for Sarah Palin profiled in Tablet magazine

Jew for Sarah

Gov. Sarah Palin’s 5/6/2011 interview with David Asman

The Top 10 Tea Party Bloggers You Need to Read

Bristol Palin Talks Milestones & Morals

Where Is Governor Sarah Palin?

Video:  Samaritan’s Purse – Sarah Palin – Birmingham Tornado Relief

Anatomy of a JournOList Smear: Whoopi Spreads Corrupt MSM’s Anti-Palin Narrative to the Popular Culture


Sarah Palin a Modern Cold War Hero in the Making

The Palin Foreign Policy Doctrine

Tweet Of The Day – Sarah Palin

Palin to Both Parties: Vote Against Raising Debt Ceiling

Video:  Mark Levin: Palin The Only Candidate Who Understands Oil

Palin Speaks In Point Clear (w/video)

Charity group’s video shows Sarah Palin visit to tornado-damaged Birmingham

Sarah Palin talks of Trig as she praises familes of special needs children in Baldwin County (Clear Point AL)

Bristol Palin talks single parent struggles (w/video)

Rob Long: Sarah Palin, Right Again (about Pakistan)

Sarah Palin: “Show The Photos” (mixed)

Palin and Graham will visit storm-damaged areas in Alabama today with Samaritan’s Purse

Video: Palin speaks to Exceptional Foundation

Palin speaks to Exceptional Foundation: Helps raise money for special needs (w/video)

Kevin Jonas, Bristol Palin, Ciara at Candie’s Foundation Gala (Photos)

Tribute to the Troops with Governor Palin

Palin: There are serious questions that demand answers

Governor Palin Will Visit Storm-Damaged Areas in Alabama Tomorrow

Sarah Palin to speak at Exceptional Foundation fundraiser

Palin Praises Troops: ‘They Know Freedom Isn’t Free’

Palin Questions Pakistan’s Aid to bin Laden

Palin: Obama’s Approach to Libya ‘Ill-Defined’

Palin outlines doctrine for use of force, picks new foreign policy adviser

Sarah Palin Skips Big DC Event for Pro-Life Fundraiser

Sarah Palin Speaks Only to KMPH News in Lemoore

Sarah Palin Changes Foreign Policy Team, Hires Peter Schweizer

Gov. Palin Hires New Foreign Policy Adviser

Governor Palin’s Tribute to the Troops at Colorado Christian University – May 2 2011

In Colorado, Sarah Palin hails bin Laden’s death, praises troops:

Sarah Palin:  I love Paul Ryan’s plan!

MSM Uses Palin’s Own Children as Political Weapons Against Her

Palin speaks to friendly Central Valley crowd,0,7710127.story?track=rss

Nina Dobrev, Mila Kunis & More: Whose Hair Looks Best At White House Correspondents Dinner? Vote!

Tribute to the Troops with Sarah Palin

Frivolous Lawsuit Filed Against Sarah Palin, AP Fails Reporting Story

Palin receives warm welcome at West Hills

Sarah Palin Speaks at South Valley College      Video:

Another Frivilous Law Suit filed against Governor Palin

Best Dressed: Bristol Palin Rocks It At White House Correspondents Dinner MSNBC After-Party

Sarah Palin’s Shoes Out-Glitter Bristol Palin

Palin decries water restrictions at Calif. college (mixed)

A Grateful Nation  Sunday, May 1, 2011

Palin Decries Water Restrictions At Calif. College

Palin speaks to crowd of 1,800 in Lemoore

Palin takes DC

Governor Sarah Palin and the media (all of them! (Gretawire)

Sarah Palin fundraiser tickets for Baldwin County Exceptional Foundation on sale


WHCD — pre dinner garden party pics

Hells No: The treachery of empty promises.

Sarah Palin Shines at DC Media Events

Daylife:  Bristol Palin at the White House Correspondents Dinner 2011 Palin

Palin at WHCD Brunch Round-Up: Update III

Palin Passes on D.C. Dinner; ‘Chooses Life’ Instead

Sarah Palin boasts choosing anti-abortion fundraiser over White House Correspondents’ Dinner (snarky headline)

Kyle Massey Working on Some Kind of Project with Bristol Palin  (video)

2011 White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner

Palin Skips WHCD For Anti-Abortion Fundraiser (mixed)

Pictures and Twitter Report of Palin at the MSNBC After-Party

Video:  Democrat Martin Frost Effectively Concedes Palin is Right About The Oil Industry

Palin’s Star of David

Video:  Sarah Palin at the 2011 White House Garden Brunch,AAAAAETmrZQ~,EVFEM4AKJdQtJLv7zbMPiBGChHKnGYSG&bctid=925235843001



Sarah Palin is surprise guest at White House Correspondents’ weekend parties



Don’t forget to vote for Sarah in the April Town Hall Presidential Straw Poll today before it closes!

Poll ends today!  When will Sarah Palin announce her candidacy for President?

Tying Palin, tea party to shooting is wrong

Palin on raising the debt ceiling: ‘Hells no!’

FOX News Video:  Sarah Palin Blasts Obama’s Energy Policies

Palin on Trump-Obama-Birther Controversy: Media Trying to Make ‘Curious Americans Sound Kind of Crazy’ | On the Record (video and transcript)

Palin to christen Lemoore community college arena

What if Poll Bias were reversed? The case for weighting.

She Who Shall Not Be Named

North Carolina 2012: Obama 52%, Palin 48% (W/ Flawed Indy Data). Palin 51%, Obama 49% Speculative

Nevada 2012: Palin 50.1%, Obama 49.9% or Palin 42%, Obama 46.5% (W/O Assumptions)

Sarah Palin heads to Lemoore’s West Hills College

Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck charge Obama released birth certificate to distract from Ben Bernanke’s news conference

Five Reasons Not to Count Sarah Palin Out for 2012

Sarah Palin Stepping Out

Here’s HBO’s Sarah Palin: ‘Game Change’ begins

Palin Growing 10 Times Faster Than Rivals on Social Media [Analysis]

Rabidly Biased Politico Promotes Anti-Palin Lunatics

OTR Video:  Palin: Make Up Your Mind, Mr. President

America Deserves Libya Explanation Tuesday, April 26, 2011!/note.php?note_id=10150165452518435

Hah! Sarah Palin Gets a Parting Shot In on Lib Hero Katie Couric (Video)

Who’s Playing Bristol Palin on HBO? This Girl!

Complaints aside, Sarah Palin dominates GOP media landscape

Palin protestors shameful

Answer: Maybe it’s because the Mainstream Media image of Palin as a fool is a myth.

Sarah Palin vs. Rainy Days and Mondays

Palin Launches Blistering Attack on Obama’s ‘Leadership’

Sarah Palin and the Vanishing Sphere

Shame on the Trig-truthers’ Sarah Palin hate (very mixed)

LA Times Columnist Calls Sarah Palin a ‘Special-Needs Case’

The Left’s Conspiratorial Hatred for Sarah Palin is Truly Unprecedented

Unbridled, Vitriolic Hatred for Sarah Palin Continues Unabated (Rush Limbaugh transcript) The Left’s Conspiratorial Hatred for Sarah Palin is Truly Unprecedented  (Rush Limbaugh transcript)

Trig Trutherism: A response to Andrew Sullivan

The Sarah Palin E! True Hollywood Story is too ‘fair’

Los Angeles Times Editorial Refers To Sarah Palin As A ‘Special-Needs Case’  (mixed)

Sarah Palin on cover of Libertas (Young America Foundation’s official publication)

Sarah Palin: Right On The Money Regarding The Fed

Left Seeks to Discredit Palin

NY Sun:  How about sending Palin to the Fed?

Economists Agree, Sarah Palin Was Right About Fed Policies

Palin 2012: Will She, Won’t She? (mixed)

Sarah Palin keeps getting everything right

Palin’s silence concerning her candidacy driving some nuts’s_silence_concerning_her_candidacy_driving_some_nuts.html

Limbaugh Sees “Vast” Conspiracy “To Destroy” Palin

Andrew Sullivan Uses Trig As Political Prop To Attack Palin For “Using Trig As Prop”

Bristol Palin invited to big annual D.C. social event

Sarah Palin for the Fed?

Happy Easter Sunday, April 24, 2011

Trig’s Crew: Wonkette Unifies Right and Left to Declare Children Off-Limits

‘Sarah Palin for the Fed?’ –  Editorial of the NY Sun

2012 Iowa Caucus Poll (Sarah at 32 %) – scroll down on right

3 Reasons Why Wonkette Self-destructed by Publishing a Hit Piece on Trig Palin

Palin supporter gets attention in Iowa

Advertisers boycott Wonkette over Trig Palin post (43 of them so far)

The Price Of Taking On Trig Palin

‘Trig Trutherism’ Laid To Rest By Reasonable Reporters

“Trig birtherism” and McCain’s choice of Palin

Trig Trutherism: The definitive debunker

Sarah Palin’s pregnancy: What I saw

Trig Palin is Sarah Palin’s Son

Wonkette post mocking Trig Palin drudges up Journolist

Sarah Palin Comes Storming Back With Eye on 2012

Sarah Palin to speak in Lemoore on May 1

Palin Fan in Iowa Says He Works Alone attacks JewsForSarah, and we respond; plus letters!

A.B. Culvahouse: The Man Who Vetted Sarah Palin

Is This Palin’s Secret Weapon in Iowa?

More Companies Pull Ads From Wonkette After Trig Palin Post

Arena should be ready for Palin appearance May 1

No Laughing Matter — From Wonkette to Louis CK, Attacks On Sarah Palin and Her Son Trig Are Despicable

Leftwing Hatred Targets Sarah Palin’s Son

Five Reasons Not to Count Sarah Palin Out in 2012

Wonkette mocks Trig Palin, defends it, and doubles down (Updates)

Video:  Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin addresses Wisconsin


The Internet’s Understandable Fury Over Wonkette’s Trig Palin Birthday Post

Sarah Palin: “We are flat broke. It makes absolutely no sense to capitulate”

Liberal Website Wonkette Disgracefully Attacks Trig Palin On His Third Birthday

Twitter Power:  Mock the MSM and Watch Them Launch Phony Attacks Against Sarah Palin

HuffPost bans ‘Trig Truthers’

Sarah Palin Slams Obama: “He Has Lied to the American Public and We’re Saying Enough Is Enough” (Video)

Papa Johns, Huggies, Vanguard Drop Ads on Blog Attacking Trig Palin

Video:  Sarah Palin on ‘Hannity,’ Part 1:  Former Alaska governor on potential 2012 bid, Donald Trump

Video:  Sarah Palin on ‘Hannity,’ Part 2:  Former Alaska governor on potential 2012 bid, Donald Trump

Hot Air Candidate Approval results

Gallup Poll:  Sarah Palin Leading Among Republians and Republican-Leaning Independents

Blaska’s Blog looks for adults among the Sarah Palin protesters to speak up for civility

Palin: Fresh Breeze In Wisconsin

New Palin Web Site Has Pundits Buzzing

Sarah Palin’s website sparks White House buzz

Happy Passover Monday, April 18, 2011!/note.php?note_id=10150158908938435

Video and Transcript of the Tax Day Tea Party Speech in Madison, Wisconsin Sunday, April 17, 2011

Palin to speak at yet another Heroic Media-sponsored event

Madison Tea Party Full Round-Up

Incoherent Lunatics Scream at Sarah Palin in Wisconsin

New Palin Website Rekindles Presidential Speculation

Sarah Palin gives PAC website a new look

Palin Rolls Out New Website

Sarah Palin’s New Website Is Up

PalinTracker: Into the Breach!

Sarah Palin in Wisconsin: Wit, Clarity, Coherence

Sarah Palin Challenges GOP Establishment: “We’re Here, We’re Clear, Get Used To It!”

DECKER: Palin power: Fight like a girl

‘Game on!’: Sarah Palin top challenges to Obama in Wisconsin Video & transcript

Sarah Palin Has the Mojo

Video:  Sarah Palin’s Campaign Kickoff (unconventionally, is what we think)

Palin a hit at tea party rally in Madison

Wisconsin Unions Desperately Try to Silence Sarah Palin

DECKER: Palin power: Fight like a girl

Sarah Palin Delivers Fiery Speech in Wisconsin

Palin, protesters heat up rhetoric at state Capitol

‘Game On, Mr. President!’ – Mama Grizzly out of hibernation

Sarah Palin To Obama: GAME ON!

UPDATE: Links To Major Commentators:22 Million Watch Palin’s Wisconsin Speech,15,000 At The Event: Video Here

Gov. Palin to President Obama: ‘Game on!’ (Updated)

Sarah Palin:  Game On!

Fired Up

Sarah Palin to Madison, WI: “The 2012 election begins here”

Palin in Madison: Veni, Vidi, Vici

Sarah Palin rocks Madison

Sarah Palin redraws the electoral map: “The 2012 election starts here” in Madison, WI

Sarah Palin Goes Where The Battle Is

Palin Speaks at Tea Party Rally in Madison

Wisconsin Tea Party Featuring Sarah Palin; Update: Video Link Added

Palin Unloads On Congressional GOP

Palin: ‘All Aboard’ Obama’s ‘Bullet Train to Bankruptcy’

Photogallery: Sarah Palin in Madison, April 16, 2011

POLITICAL BESTSELLERS — April 17, 2011–april-17-2011/2011/04/15/AFhYYRkD_blog.html

Pictures of Sarah Palin at the Madison Tea Party

UPDATE: Links To Major Commentators:22 Million Watch Palin’s Wisconsin Speech,15,000 At The Event: Video Here

Gov. Palin to President Obama: ‘Game on!’ (Updated)

Governor Palin to President Obama in WI: Game on!; Updated

Sales For Sarah Palin’s Second Book Spike Unexpectedly

AP Already Launching Deceptive Attack Against Palin’s Successful Wisconsin Appearance

Did CBS Falsify Rally Footage to Favor Union Protesters?

Palin rallies Madison tea party crowd

Photogallery:  Palin rallies Madison crowd

‘Game On, Mr. President!’ – Mama Grizzly out of hibernation

Snow In Her Hair: Sarah Palin Rallies The Troops In Wisconsin

 Palin Book Sales Spike

Sarah Palin to union members: Hey, folks, Gov. Walker is trying to save your jobs!

Palin To Obama: “You Bow And Kowtow To Our Enemies And Snub Our Allies”

SARAH PALIN – ANDREW BREITBART Join Thousands of Patriots at Madison Tea Party (Live on UStream) …Update: Thugs Heckle Sarah Palin …Update: Sarah to Obama, “Mr. President, Game On!”

Sarah Palin Steps Into Wisconsin, Points to Left Field, and Hits a Grand Slam

Video:  Governor Sarah Palin Madison 041611

Sarah Palin to Obama: You ignored us in 2010, but you cannot ignore us in 2012! (w/video)

Sarah Palin to GOP: ‘Fight like a girl’

Palin Wows Wisconsin Tea Partiers With Blistering Speech; To Obama: ‘You Ignored Us in 2010, You Cannot Ignore Us in 2012′

Palin returns with feisty, anti-establishment speech (Reuters – mixed)

Dueling Rallies Set For Downtown Madison Saturday: Palin To Appear At Tax Day Rally (event will be livestreamed on

Video:  Dueling Rallies Set For Downtown Madison Saturday

Sarah Palin praised by Gov. Mary Fallin

Video:  Promotional for Governor Palin’s Oklahoma City Women of Joy Event

As Palin Heads To Madison For Tea Party, Lefties In High Gear, Planning Disruptions and “Joking” About Violence

Anybody But a Woman?

Trump the Frontrunner? Not So Fast

Stalker ‘threatens to rape Palin’s daughter’

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin urges women to live lives of faith, joy and purpose

Palin Heads to Wisconsin Tea Party Rally, Left Already ‘Joking’ About Violence

‘E! True Hollywood Story: Sarah Palin’ to Include Misinformation From Palin Rival

Sarah Palin Slams Obama on Profoundly Disappointing Libya Speech  (w/video)

A Jews for Palin Shabbaton (mixed)

Sarah Palin’s stalker’s vile threats to her family:  Restraining order issued

Having Met Todd Palin …

 Is this the picture that proves Sarah Palin did give birth to baby Trig?

Palin scheduled to speak at Saturday Madison rally

Sarah Palin to speak at Madison rally, local organizer says

Trademarks for Sarah, Bristol Palin head to approval

Local teen a political maven? You betcha

Report Shows Sarah Palin’s Stalker Threatened to Rape Her Daughter…

Sarah Palin claims teenage ‘stalker’ Shawn Christy threatened to rape her daughter: report

Sarah Palin coming? You betcha

 Violent Far Left Palin Stalker Threatens to Rape Her Daughter

Sarah Palin heads to Oklahoma?

Tina Fey supports Sarah Palin presidential campaign

Sarah Palin — Stalker Threatened to Rape My Daughter

What Governor Palin May…Or May Not Be Thinking

Top Ten Reasons Why Sarah Palin is Running For President

Why Christian Women Are Sporting Jewish Jewelry

I will go to hell and back for Sarah Palin

Flashback:  Palin’s Potential Path to the White House Parallels Obama’s

In Defense of Sarah Palin (Again)

Pelosi Proves Palin’s Point

Come hear Gov. Sarah Palin speak • JewsForSarah shabbaton • Apr. 29-30, Bethesda, MD

Even the Daily Kos Pollster Shows Obama Only Winning 50% Against Palin in a Democrat Party Stronghold

Challenging the Leftist Domination of the Jewish Community

2012 GOP Hopefuls Weigh In On Budget Deal

Elite’s Way Off on Palin Electability: Part 3B – The People

Video:  3-5-11 Sarah Palin and Judge Jeanine Part 1 of 2

Video:  3-5-11 Sarah Palin and Judge Jeanine Part 2 of 2

Oil industry gripes about taxes but still makes money

Tina Fey says Sarah Palin impersonation backfired

More media silliness … this time Governor Sarah Palin (Greta van Susteren)

House Republicans, Mike Huckabee Blink on Budget Showdown, Sarah Palin Says Don’t Retreat

Palin Slams Obama’s ‘Appalling Action with Our Troops’

Sarah Palin Tells GOP ‘Don’t Retreat’, Other Potential 2012 Presidential Candidates Disagree  [separates the Mama Grizzly from the boys]

Palin’s Former Spokesperson Returns to Anchorage TV

The Tea Party Enthusiasm for a Government Shutdown

Professor’s research ruffles former Palin spokesman

FOX News Poll:  Palin leading among Tea Partiers

The 2011 TIME 100 Poll,28804,2058044_2060338_2060292,00.html

SPIB Poll:  When Will Sarah Palin Announce?

McCain Says Palin Would Be ‘Very Competitive’ 2012 Candidate

Sarah Palin to be subject of tabloid documentary

How three times more parents are naming baby girls Palin after former Alaska governor

Bristol Palin earned her $262,500, foundation head says

Team Bristol Fights Back, Insists Big Payday “Not Out of the Ordinary for a Celebrity”

Foundation: Bristol Palin worth $332K compensation

Tina Fey: My Sarah Palin impression hurt ’30 Rock’

Sarah Palin Coming To Point Clear

Hot Air April primary results: And the winner is… (Sarah Palin!)

Palin offers praise for Ryan’s budget

The narrative not mentioned – marginalizing Sarah Palin

Save Our Ship, Sarah

Essay on feminist conservatives cites Sarah Palin

Rethinking Sarah Palin For President

A Young Woman’s Choice

Vote in the April Townhall/Hot Air Presidential Straw Poll!

(Sarah Palin Wins!) The Presidential Straw Poll Mar. Results!/pages/The-Townhallcom-Presidential-Straw-Poll/114013445328868?sk=app_6165549526

Here’s What YOU Need To Be Our Next GOP President

MEGHAN MCCAIN: I Expect My Family And Sarah Palin To Be Nothing Short Of Crucified By HBO’s ‘GAME CHANGE’

FLASHBACK: What We Were Saying One Year Ago About Obama’s Failed Energy Policy Wednesday, March 30, 2011!/note.php?note_id=10150142243663435

Elites Way Off on Palin Electability: Part 3 – Components of Victory Part A

Elites Way Off on Palin Electability: Part 2 – The Agreement of The Big Five

Elites Way Off on Palin Electability: Part 1 – The Floor

Polling Palin: An Unknown Known

Bachmann in? Good for….

For Palin, the Time Is Now

Public Policy Polling: Uhhhh-nalysis

GOP 2012 hopefuls united against Planned Parenthood funding

Governor Palin’s Statement to the SBA List Regarding Planned Parenthood

Video:  Carter The Second and Reagan The Second

On Israel, Jerusalem, Palin is far wiser than Obama

Did Palin Zone Out on Obama and Israel? Nope.  (mixed)

Praise for Sarah Palin in ‘belly-’o-the-beast’ HuffPost

House approves big cut in Alaska taxes on oil profits: Estimates show bill could cost state $8 billion over 5 years.

Proposal to ditch pipeline may fall to wayside

Setting the Record Straight on State’s Film Production Tax Credit Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Palin Rumor Mill Turns Out April Fools Joke

Sarah Palin, Donald Trump Winning the GOP 2012 Blog Primary

William Kristol walks back his criticism of Sarah Palin

Video:  Benyamin Korn Talks to Bill Kristol About Governor Sarah Palin

Sarah Stateswoman

Palin: Obama Doctrine Is Still Full of Chaos and Questions | On the Record (Video and Transcript)

FOX News Video:  Palin on Obama’s ‘War’

TIME: 140 Best Twitter Feeds,28757,2058946,00.html

Full List:  140 Best Twitter Feeds,29569,2058946,00.html

Sarah Palin,28804,2058946_2059021_2059005,00.html

Geraldine Ferraro, Sarah Palin, and the Death of Dignity

Tips for a Trip to the Top

Bill Maher Exposes the Hypocrisy of Contemporary Feminism | Red Eye

Sarah Palin Has More Facebook ‘Likes’ Than Any Republican Presidential Hopeful

Among GOP Hopefuls, Sarah Palin Winning Social Media Race

Elites Way Off on Palin Electability: Part 1 – The Floor

Sarah and Sarah

Analysis: Palin takes own tack in presidential prelude (mixed)

Sonakshi Sinha ‘finds ally in Sarah Palin’

Pure Class: Sarah Palin extols Geraldine Ferraro’s accomplishments

Sarah Palin on Geraldine Ferraro: I stood on her shoulders

FOX News Video: Sarah Palin Talks About Geraldine Ferraro

Flashback: Ferraro’s Last Interview – A Trailblazer Meets Palin

On the Passing of Geraldine Ferraro Saturday, March 26, 2011

Obama’s World and Palin’s

Headlines Today Video: ‘India’s diversity is facinating’ Part 1

Headlines Today Video: ‘India’s diversity is facinating’ Part2

Is Palin Really “Losing Ground”?

Palin and the Media: A Dying Fish or Media Flip-Flop (excellent positive media roundup)

Sarah Palin Hits Back at ‘Annoying Little Mosquito’ Bill Maher

Palin: We’re either in it to win it, or …

Gallup poll shows there’s a GOP gang of four, and everybody else,1,6896351.story

Ed Harris To Play John McCain To Julianne Moore’s Sarah Palin In HBO’s ‘Game Change’

Palin Scores on the World Stage, Does India and Israel in One Stride

A good question about Gov. Palin’s ‘apology’ question in Israel

The Left Doesn’t Get Palin’s “No-Apology” Tour in Israel

Palin Visits Netanyahu’s Residence

Video: IBA Reports On Governor Palin In Israel – March 21 2011

Sarah Palin touches down in Israel; set to meet with Prime Minister on Monday

Sarah Palin sports Star of David necklace during Israel trip

Palin at Kotel tunnel: Israel too apologetic

Meet Sarah Palin’s Israel Tour Guide

Does Palin’s Visit to Israel Suggest Presidential Run?

The Palins visit the Netanyahus

Sarah Palin visits Western Wall,7340,L-4045160,00.html

Palin Toured Kotel Tunnels

Sarah Palin calls for stronger Indo-US ties

Stalker wrong-footed as Palin goes on world tour (mixed),people,news,stalker-wrong-footed-as-sarah-palin-goes-on-world-tour#ixzz1HBosBFqX

Sarah Palin arrives in Israel, set to meet Netanyahu

Sarah Palin Tours Holy Land With Knesset Member & Obama Critic Danny Danon

The Eagle Has Landed… SARAH PALIN Arrives in Israel – Visits Wailing Wall

Sarah Palin arrives in Israel, set to meet Netanyahu

Potential White House contender Sarah Palin lands in Israel

Guess who’s coming to Israel for Purim

Palin coming to Israel? You betcha! (h/tp J4S)

Sarah Palin arrives in Israel during festival of Purim

India says no to US request on Sarah Palin

Palin’s ‘pioneer’ message links to (legal) immigrants’ experience

Sarah Palin’s Potentially Inclusive Message In India

Palin Speaks Out on the U.S.-Backed Mission in Libya, Israel, Bill Maher … and a Being ‘Tempted’ to Run in 2012 | On the Record (March 23, 2011 Transcript)

On the Record Video:  Palin Reflects on Libya, Trip to Israel

On the Record Video:  Palin and the Vicious Double Standard

Sarah Palin to the Ritz: You betcha I’ll be around in 2012

TIME’s glowing account of Gov. Palin’s performance in India

Palin’s Passage to India: Talking Libya and China,8599,2060415,00.html

Sarah Palin elicits smiles in Naples|topnews|text|Home

Pawlenty: Palin Is A Remarkable Leader, More Qualified Than Obama

Former Governor Sarah Palin – ON THE RECORD at 10pm (live)”

A Foreign Policy Doctrine Echoing Reagan’s

Crowd awaits Sarah Palin in Naples

After Vulgar Palin Attack, NOW Finally Tells Maher to ‘Cut the Crap’

NOW Refuses to Condemn Maher’s Vulgar Palin Attack

Sarah Palin keeps low profile during visit

Palin picking pro-life group over ‘nerd prom’

Palin rips Obama energy policy as ‘social engineering’

Sarah Palin asks judge ‘not to give stalker her address’

Sarah Palin asks judge ‘not to give stalker her address’

Photos:  My Vision of America

My Vision of America (transcript)

Sarah Palin dines with Israel’s Netanyahu

Palin stays mostly out of sight for Israel visit

Palin promises to come back for a week

Sarah Palin pulls out of Bethlehem visit

Sarah Palin, in Jerusalem, affirms her support for Israel,1,292068.storyVideo: Sarah Palin says Israel shouldn’t apologize, should pray at Temple Mount as she visits Western Wall

Israel National News report of Sarah Palin’s visit

Sarah Palin Visiting Israel

In honor of the festival of Purim, comedienne Adrianne Tolsch

Flashback: What Does Sarah Palin Read Her Daughter From the Bible?

Video: Introduction To Sarah Palin’s Speech In India

Video: Part 1 of Sarah Palin’s Speech in India “My Vision of America”

Video: Part 2 of Sarah Palin’s Speech in India “My Vision of America”

Video: Part 3 of Sarah Palin’s Speech in India “My Vision of America”

Sarah Palin: America and India are a testament to the positive force of human aspirations (transcript of Sarah Palin’s India Today Conclave speech)

Video: Governor Palin’s Speech at the India Today Conclave

Sarah Palin’s speech keeps delegates spellbound at India Today Conclave 2011

India Today videos of Sarah Palin’s speech

India Today coverage of Sarah Palin’s India speech

Palin says India-US ties are key to world’s future, warns of China’s rise in New Delhi speech

LIVE—- SARAH PALIN SPEECH IN INDIA (Video) …Update: Sarah Palin Says – “It’s Time A Woman Became President of the United States”

India’s Sarah Palin Hour (WSJ – mixed)

Palin, in India, Still Mum About 2012

God’s gift to Sarah Palin

Palin Doctrine Emerges as Arab League Echoes Her Demarche on Libya

PPP:  Usual top four potential Republican primary contenders in a statistical tie

Palin’s low-profile, high-impact advisor (mixed),0,7732201.story?page=1

I’m very excited to visit India: Sarah Palin

The $4-Per-Gallon President Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rush Limbaugh – An Open Letter To Sarah Palin

Palin to speak at Heroic Media event in April (mixed)

Rush to Palin critics: Obama is destroying the FREAKING COUNTRY!

What’s the Problem with Palin? (Limbaugh transcript)

Snubbed: Sarah Palin Left Off Newsweek’s “Women” List

Sarah Palin Happy To Provide Job To Actresses

GOP nomination rules could help Palin in 2012

Sarah Palin Left Off Newsweek’s “Women” List

Be her guest (SPAlaska premieres in India)

Palin Jets to India and Israel This Weekend (The Caucus)

Top Sarah Palin Aide Unmasked: Rebecca Mansour Comes Out Of The Shadows (mixed)

NYT, There You Go Again Friday, March 18, 2011!/note.php?note_id=10150114865173435

Sarah Palin to visit Israel, meet Netanyahu, Danon

Video:  Sarah Palin, Judge Napolitano 3/11/11


Julianne Moore Will Play Sarah Palin but Who Should Play John McCain?,,20472632,00.html

HBO to film ‘Game Change’ in Maryland

Palin and Huckabee sent aides to RNC meeting on 2012

Reince Priebus meets with 2012ers’ representatives

Sarah Palin Talks Wisconsin Union Battle, Julianne Moore Playing Her in HBO Movie | Hannity (video and transcript)

Sarah Palin says Wis. union leaders acting like ‘thugs’

Sarah Palin on Lent: “Catholic baptism and catechism classes have stuck with me”

Palin responds to NPR scandal

FOX News Video:  GOP Victory in Wisconsin? Sarah Palin Weighs In, Part 1

FOX News Video:  GOP Victory in Wisconsin? Sarah Palin Weighs In, Part 2

Sarah Palin Rips Michael Moore’s Union Hypocrisy on ‘Hannity’ (w/video)

Sarah Palin: Unions must tone it down (mixed as usual)

Sarah Palin Tweets Newsmax Story on Obamacare Waivers

Whatever you think of Sarah Palin, she’s got box office appeal

The return of “drill, baby, drill”? (mixed)

Sarah Palin to visit India later this month

Guest writer John Phillips: For Republicans in 2012, it’s Sarah Palin or another big fat L

Sarah Palin To Skip First GOP Presidential Debate

Palin to speak at conference at Liberty

Sarah Palin: Not Afraid of Jon Stewart! (mixed)


-Thanks to Palin, hibernation of conservative feminism is over

-Tim Crawford: No Decision On Base For Palin Campaign

Hot Air poll: March primary survey results

-Sarah Palin to speak at Lynchburg women’s conference–ar-890767/

-Palin would base campaign in Scottsdale (see update)

Newsnight interviews Sarah Palin’s parents

Newsnight’s Interview with Sarah Palin (transcript)

Will Sarah Palin run for president and can she win?

-As gas price rises, so does value of Palin’s energy expertise

-Could $5-Per-Gallon Gas Be What Palin Needs?

-Palin Says ‘No!’ on Cutting US Aid to Israel

-Palin Says “No” to Cutting Israel Aid

Left Decries Palin’s Stalker… Or Not

-Sarah Palin will be a featured speaker at Lynchburg women’s conference,0,922186.story

Testing Alaskan support for Sarah Palin as US president

Sarah Palin on Cutting the Budget, Reforming Entitlement Programs | O’Reilly Factor (video and transcript)

-How he survived Dana Milbank’s month without Sarah Palin

-I survived my month without Dana Milbank

-Sarah Palin On 2012: “You Run the Race To Win The Race”

BBC:  Inside the Palin family home (w/video)

-Palin to speak at May fundraiser in Lakewood

-Sarah Palin: Obama Naive, Anti-Oil Agenda Must Be Stopped

Palin tells Obama to stop kowtowing to Mexican President Calderon

Palin backs Walker, says fire fleebaggers

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer attends Iditarod sled dog race

-Family Matters: Palin and Her Parents

Sarah Palin Speaking At Colorado Christian University This May

UPDATED: No record of FBI nabbing Palin stalker

Christy makes uneventful [?] Alaska visit

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Visiting Alaska, Takes In The Iditarod Start In Anchorage And A Denali Flightseeing Tour

Photogallery:  2011 Iditarod Start

Alaska – Dinner, Iditarod & Mt. Mckinley

Tailgate party sends Iditarod on the way

Governor drops in on Alaska

Brewer goes to Alaska to see Palin, dogs

Brewer goes to Alaska to see Palin, dogs

Brewer on whirlwind Alaska trip

Flashback:  Palin wows women, even a Democrat

Palin Not Happy Tea Party Candidates Compromising

Sarah Palin not happy about Tea Party candidates compromising on budget cuts

Sarah Palin gun stalker collared by FBI

-Mark Levin on Christie vs Palin – March 4 2011

-Why America Will Stay on Top Eminent historian Paul Johnson on Sarah Palin, the tea party, and ‘baddies’ from Napoleon to Gadhafi.

Sarah Palin defends U.S. aid to Israel on Fox w/ Judge Jeanine

UK oddsmaker – Betting Sarah Palin wins 2012 GOP nomination

The Betfair Contrarian: Why Sarah Palin will win the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination

Video:  3-5-11 Sarah Palin and Judge Jeanine Part 1 of 2

Video:  3-5-11 Sarah Palin and Judge Jeanine Part 2 of 2

Sarah Palin on the First Big Move for the Palin Camp in 2011

Palin Effect: NRA Female Rolls Surge 20%

Event information about Sarah Palin and daughter in Oklahoma City area

Sarah Palin’s family moments now on a TV show (SPAlaska premieres in India on Monday)

Media simultaneously savaged Sarah Palin, protected Barack Obama

Poll: Obama Loses Entire Evangelical Community

Sarah Palin to Bill O’Reilly:  Don’t interrupt!

Sarah Palin, daughter to speak at faith-based events in Oklahoma City area

NRA Credits Sarah Palin for Boost in Female Membership

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to speak in Point Clear in May–Palin-Alabama/

FOX Business Video:  Sarah Palin on Obama’s Role in Unions

FOX Business Video:  Sarah Palin on States Taking on Spending Cuts

-Sarah Palin Trademark Application Refused for Now

-Mike Huckabee’s attack on Natalie Portman… and Sarah Palin?

Video: How Sarah Palin Would Slash the Budget

Palin clarifies statement on Supreme Court ruling: ‘I wasn’t calling for any limit on free speech’

Breaking News: Sarah Palin Denounces Obama’s DOMA decision (to NOM)

Sarah Palin Denounces Obama’s DOMA Decision

Bristol Palin to Write About Dancing with the Stars in New Memoir,,20470023,00.html

Bristol Palin Signs Book Deal, Plans to Release Memoir This Summer

Bristol Palin has book deal

Bristol Palin signs deal for ‘intimate’ book

Life After Dancing: A Book From Bristol Palin

Bristol Palin signs book deal

LETTER: Sarah Palin looks prophetic now

BBC News Meeting Sarah Palin at Alaska Iron Dog snowmobile race

Sarah Palin to Chris Christie: “Real Courage is cutting when you have a surplus – like I did”

Sarah Palin ticket coming with Paul, West, Cain?:  Readers rank top picks for Republican nomination (WND)



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