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Author Archive

An Alaskan Review of “Our Sarah: Made In Alaska”

Posted by traceyporreca on October 3, 2012

Determined to give an honest review and not to allow my friendships with the family influence my review of the book, I found it difficult in reading the first few pages not to notice similarities between what was being described, and what I know of the authors. “Fish out of water” feelings in describing the surreal nature of being thrust into the limelight, and the journey of their lives to this point described in ways I’ve witnessed in person, affirmed this book is truly written from the heart of these authors, not just from memory. Personal connections (and difficulties in the timeliness of my review) aside, I endeavor to review “Our Sarah: Made In Alaska.”

Being “Alaskan” is hard to describe to those outside without the typical clichés – the adventure, the rugged landscape and the people who inhabit it, and the lifestyle. I believe it’s all these things that make it hard to describe what it’s like to live here and become a part of it, but this book has done a very good job of describing the components that make up that pioneer spirit. Every person’s walk through life is different, and every Alaskan’s path is even broader. Not gushing over Sarah Palin’s accomplishments, but rather weaving a tale of their life’s journeys, you are left to the realization that each step in life forms us, shapes us, into who we become. We use these influences to make the decisions that affect ourselves and others. The how’s and why’s of Sarah Palin’s decisions as an individual and political influence are left to the reader – the book is a journey you take with Sarah Palin’s father and brother into who she has become. Not spending a lot of time gushing over Sarah and how exciting it is to be a family member, but more time telling Alaskan stories that build a framework of how Sarah came to be the person she is. This book is as much about living life in Alaska and taking all the best things from it, as it is a telling of how that lifestyle shaped who Sarah Palin is today.

The well-known topics of faith, patriotism, family, and a love of outdoors and sports, are dealt with affection and care. This is not a book that tells you why she is who she is – it’s more a book of discovery. While their writing styles are different, each chapter brings you closer to understanding more about Alaska and the Heath/Palin family.

While I personally know Chuck Sr. better than I do his son, I was surprised at some of the things revealed in this book – stories I’ve never heard and things about both their pasts that led to “ah ha” moments and put things into perspective. One of the things I’ve always enjoyed when being around Chuck Sr. are his stories – his ability to tell any tale. He is one who has a gift for being able to recount an event and not make the listener feel as if he is being told a “fish story,” but rather someone who has a sage wisdom about that of which he speaks. You’re privy to a piece of living history in the stories he recounts. His son is an amazingly good writer and does an excellent job of making this book enjoyable while telling his version of growing up, “Alaska Style” in the Heath household.

If you think you’ve heard it all, and read it all – think again. This book makes the picture clearer than ever before, told by those who lived it and were there, not by those who admire or have their own agenda. It led me to appreciate and understand them, and Sarah Palin, even more.

There will be those Alaskans (and those outside), particularly in the media, who will read this review and others and form their own opinions from the reviews – not the book. The comparisons will come as well as some negative meme, and that is truly unfortunate. As an Alaskan, I ask that you read the book and form your own opinion. We Alaskans enjoy our independence and free spirit – it suits us well. After reading this book you can’t help but have a better understanding and appreciation for the foundation that Sarah Palin’s family and their experiences have given her, and this book is a testament to that.

(Tracey Porreca is an Alaska resident and founder of Alaskans4Palin. Our Sarah: Made In Alaska was provided for review by MNS)

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Palin and Supporters: We Will Restore America – Together

Posted by traceyporreca on October 7, 2011

By now, those of you who support Sarah Palin have heard or read her announcement regarding a potential presidential run. Although I am not surprised, it still gives me pause to see how some are reacting to this news.

Gov. Palin never promised she would run, nor did she ask those of us who support her to create blogs and organize groups in support of a possible presidential run. Being frustrated is understandable. So many of us see the direction this country is going in, especially after the last 3 years of the Obama administration, and many see a Palin presidency as the only solution to that problem. But the ideas and ideals that are ensconced within the essence of a Palin presidency originate from Gov. Palin herself, and she is not going anywhere folks. That same spirit, that same excitement is still there. Gov. Palin has told us all along that you don’t need a title to make a difference. What better way to prove that point at this time?

Our country was founded, and our constitution crafted, by individuals who believed in a citizenry form of government. Palin the citizen feels she can be more effective as that – a citizen. It is no accident she titled her announcement “Restoring America Together.” I for one can’t wait to hear what she has to say about the current field of candidates and any future candidates that might announce. I am anxious to see who she supports. I feel she is a leader and this is how she has chosen to lead at this time – as a citizen.

I believe, as she said on the Bob and Mark show, that she had every intention of running. I do not believe (as some have intimated) that she “knew all along” she would make this announcement. Whatever her reasons for not running, they are hers and we all should respect that. I don’t want Gov. Palin or anyone else going into the office of the presidency simply because she feels it is expected of her by others. This is a Herculean task, running this country. I feel that Gov. Palin is perfectly suited for this position, but only if this is the right time for her and only if she feels this is how she can be most effective.

Those who did not originally support her are rumored to be breathing a collective sigh of relief, but I believe that is also a misplaced response. She has always been a formidable voice, all the way back to her time on the oil and gas commission, as a Wasilla City Mayor, and as our governor. She will continue to be a voice to be heard on the United States political forefront. The discussion regarding Obamacare, the Tea Party, and crony capitalism are just a few of the national dialogues she has enhanced and led. Her intelligence, her willingness to jump in and say and do what needs to be said and done, is still available to us. This is just the next chapter. I for one am excited to see what the next chapter will be. Trust her folks. It’s our time to Restore America, Together.

For more articles like this one, visit Alaskans4Palin

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Alaskans4Palin reviews “The Undefeated”

Posted by traceyporreca on August 4, 2011

Recently, Alaskans4Palin had the opportunity to view a copy of “The Undefeated.” While the film has been available for some time throughout the lower 48, it has not yet been released to Alaskan audiences. Three Alaskans4Palin bloggers traveled hundreds of miles each way to meet in a remote cabin on a dirt road anxious to see this film about our now famous former Governor.

While it is difficult for most Alaskans to remove the lens that makes them automatically suspicious of things coming from outside, we attempted to set it aside for the purposes of reviewing this film. What we found is a fair and accurate record of Governor Palin’s political history.

The film accomplishes what should have been done by the McCain camp in 2008 with the announcement of Governor Palin as his Vice Presidential pick – it details her record, accomplishments, and Alaska girl guts.

As Alaskans, we reminisced about the events of the film: Where we were living, who’s campaigns we were volunteering for, and how we reacted to the headlines at the time. Many of the faces and names are all too familiar to us. Many we have worked with, worked for, or lived down the street from. It paints an all too familiar picture of the establishment GOP versus the true conservative GOP in this state. At times we were reminded of the darker side of Alaskan politics, the “good ole’ boys” and the “CBC”, the backroom deals and the corruption that plagued our state, and in some ways still does. We were reminded of the battle and the headlines brought about by Governor Palin’s time on the Oil and Gas Commission. We were entertained by the personal video clips and photos that were contributed to the project of a much younger Governor Palin in office.

What the film does well is galvanize Governor Palin’s conservative principles with the viewer. The film outlines how these principles have not changed with any office she has held. She has a proven track record here in the state with her staunch conservative views, yet also has always been able to “reach across the aisle” and garner bipartisan support. There will certainly be some in the established Alaskan GOP who likely will not be fans of this film. Using Governor Palin’s book “Going Rogue” as a guide, the film calls out her political opponents on both sides of the aisle regarding the antics that stymied the State.

The film also attempts to explain the frivolous ethics complaints that paralyzed the Palin administration. Prior to leaving on the 2008 vice presidential campaign trail, the film accurately reports that Governor Palin enjoyed a more than 80% approval rating. But when she returned, the Democrats who had been so amiable to working with her, now could not be seen in the same room with her; and the Republicans who were never very fond of her for working against the establishment and winning, had not become any friendlier. Dozens of ethics complaints, filed by only a handful of individuals, kept her administration from accomplishing positive things for the state. Doors that were once open were slammed shut and much of it had to do with these unfounded complaints. Her staff became overwhelmed with the daily struggle to defend the Governor and meet the overwhelming FOIA requests.

With Alaskans at the heart of her decision, she stepped aside, allowing Governor Parnell to take over and complete the agenda items that she had laid forward. Governor Parnell was able to accomplish much in the last few months of what was originally Sarah Palin’s governorship, items we are confident Governor Palin would have been able to accomplish herself had her administration not been mired down by those complaints.

At the time she proclaimed, “Politically, If I die, I die.” She knew that stepping down was not the greatest move for her future political career. In what was one of the greatest displays of self sacrifice witnessed in recent politics, Governor Palin put us, the people of Alaska who had hired her, before herself and before the good of her career. She gave up a stable, well paying job and the security of safely moving up the political line in order to end the political games that were holding the State back from progress.

Though written and produced outside and despite its limited interviews and filming within the State, the Undefeated has presented Governor Palin in an honest light. It accurately depicts her time as Mayor of Wasilla, as Chairman of the Oil and Gas Commission, and as Governor of the State of Alaska. It accurately describes the political environment Governor Palin returned to following the failed 2008 campaign. Governor Palin is an Alaskan who believes that defeat is not an option. She was raised to believe that she is capable, strong, and able to handle anything that comes her way, whether it be a frigid blizzard, an angry grizzly, or an ordinary politician.

It seems that the future is wide open for Governor Palin. Alaskans4Palin is excited about the opportunities that lie on the horizon for Governor Palin and her family and we are thankful that she remains Undefeated.

Click here to see more from Alaskans4Palin

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Palin Triumphs Over Another Murkowski

Posted by traceyporreca on May 2, 2011

*UPDATE* – Please see the update at the end of this article.

“Planned Parenthood doesn’t empower women, or offer women who find themselves in less than ideal circumstances any kind of real choice. What they offer is not real choice or female health care.”
– Sarah Palin

(Photo courtesy of Adrienne Ross)

On Friday, April 29, members of the Alaska Federation of Republican Women (AFRW) heard from Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski as she came to speak to the delegates. As many of you know, Lisa Murkowski lost the primary election for the Republican seat in Alaska to Joe Miller, but proceeded to mount a controversial write-in campaign and eventually kept the senate seat in the general election. This has been very divisive within the Republican party in Alaska. One of the most divisive components is her stance on Life. The Alaska Republican Party Platform addresses the issue of Life as follows:

“We endorse the Human Life Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Man is made in the image of God; we embrace the sanctity of life from the moment of conception until natural death. We heartily encourage our elected officials to use every legal means to protect the unborn and recognize the worth of even the smallest members of the human race.”

Our senior senator Murkowski recently voted against defunding Planned Parenthood. On her own in her speech to the AFRW, the senator acknowledged her campaign had divided the party, but she stated she hoped we could “all unite” in efforts to strengthen the Republican Party in Washington. An article appeared in today’s “Frontiersman,” the Wasilla newspaper, about the AFRW event. Her comments were very interesting regarding the divisiveness within the party:

She told the group that although she knows that some of them did not agree with her decision to move forward with a write-in campaign to keep her Senate seat, she hopes they can now unite in their efforts to strengthen the GOP in Washington.

“There were people who had been friends for a long time who weren’t able to talk about the campaign because it became as emotional as it did,” she said. “I took a risk, those of you who stayed with me took a risk. I thank you for that. But I also know that that risk caused more than just mild discomfort. It caused some real anxiety. But we have a challenge in front of us as a federation. I challenge you all to figure out how to build on the strengths we have as Republican women in this state.”

While people criticize Gov. Palin for “quitting” office and dividing the state, it is elected officials like Murkowski that are truly divisive. (See here for our position on the quitter arguement.)Mounting a write-in campaign against the wishes of her constituents after losing in the primary has created a rift that many feel will only be closed once she is out of office. Her stance on the Life issue is a major reason why she lost the Republican nomination during the primary to begin with. The Life issue turned out to be the pivotal point in that election and what keeps many from supporting her to this day.

Continuing on in her speech to the AFRW and wrapping up comments, she addressed questions. One delegate to the convention then asked the pivotal question – why did Murkowski NOT support defunding Planned Parenthood? The “Frontiersman” article addresses this question, and Murkowski’s answer:

When one woman in the back of the room asked her why she didn’t support cutting funding for Planned Parenthood, an organization that made more than $900 million in profits last year that the woman considers to be corrupt, Murkowski was clear on her own message there.

“I don’t believe that Planned Parenthood should be entirely defunded,” she said. “The House measure would have been a complete and total elimination of those dollars. I happen to believe that Planned Parenthood does do good things for women in this country, particularly low-income women, and I was willing to put myself behind that position in that vote. That’s my perspective and if people feel differently, they vote the other way. I think we saw that final outcome.”

She was willing to put herself behind that position? “That’s my perspective…” she states. What about what her constituents want? What about the Alaska Republican Party platform?

Contrast this with Gov. Palin. Yesterday, Gov. Palin had the opportunity to speak at the Heroic Media “Heroes Among Us” fundraiser dinner. This speech was attended also by Adrienne Ross, writer and founder of Motivation Truth, a site which supports Gov. Palin. In her speech, Gov. Palin showed that she is a true conservative Alaskan woman who stands by those who adhere to the Alaska Republican Party Platform. Gov. Palin addressed her own decision to choose life, and that of her daughter Bristol as well:

Upon learning that she was pregnant with a child with Down Syndrome, she said, she went through an array of emotions which led her to rely on God’s strength, Who said He would not give us any more than we can handle, yet she remembers saying to God, “I think you over-estimated me this time!” She spent her pregnancy, she so transparently shared, crying out for God’s miraculous touch.

The moment Trig was born, as he melted in her arms, she knew God had answered her prayers. He changed her world then, and he continues to inspire, as she watches him greet every day with applause–literally. “Trig is the light of our life,” she said.

She then shared Bristol’s story–yes, less than ideal circumstances once again, but Bristol found strength to do the right thing. Both mother and daughter embraced life, believing in God’s strength–and not taking counsel from those who choose to believe that women are not strong enough to handle the challenges they face. “Choosing life may not be the easy path, but it is the right path,” she declared.

And then the governor addressed the Planned Parenthood issue:

Contrast this to Planned Parenthood, which the Governor called out for all its corruption and dedication to abortion. Planned Parenthood, she said, doesn’t show other options. “What they offer is not real choice.” She went on to state that the federal government has no business subsidizing such an organization, particularly when we have a major fiscal problem on our hands. America gives $1,000,000 taxpayer dollars to them every day, and Governor Palin emphatically said, she doesn’t want her money paying for the abortion of a child. We will not stop until not one cent goes to Planned Parenthood and funding abortion, she vowed.

She spoke at length about Lila Rose, whom she presented with the Heroes Among Us Award. Governor Palin praised Lila for being passionate about life, for exposing Planned Parenthood for its illegal activities, and for fearlessly speaking out on this issue. She compared Lila’s work to that of human rights activism. “She’s using her voice to defend the voiceless,” the Governor said. Unlike what you hear in the media, Governor Palin is not intent on making herself the focus. Much–if not most–of her speech was dedicated to praising this young woman whom she respects greatly.

Upon receiving the award, Ms. Rose immediately called attention to Governor Palin’s own heroism, stating that she is a hero to all women. Heroic Media defines a hero as “someone who makes great personal sacrifices for the benefit of others.” Yes, both Governor Palin and Lila Rose qualify.

Sarah Palin is unabashedly, unequivocally Pro-Life and is not afraid to stand up and tell the world. Many here in Alaska respect that greatly.

As for Sen. Murkowski – she was elected to be a voting delegate at the AFRW convention, and was to attend the second day of the convention and vote. However, she sent a proxy in her stead and did not show. Who knows why? Maybe it had to do with the hard question she was asked by that delegate about Planned Parenthood, a delegate who later defended that question to a handful of Murkowski supporters in attendance. Maybe it was the conversation she had with another delegate in the hall, an ardent Joe Miller supporter, who let her know that we will not forget where she stands and how she votes on this and other issues. Or maybe it was the huge truck that someone hired which circled the AFRW venues both days. On this truck was a very large billboard picture of an aborted fetus, along with photos of Sen. Murkowski and Sen. Begich (AK Democratic Senator), showing that they really do vote the same, and Murkowski’s votes and stance are far from Pro-Life and the Alaska Republican Platform. Everyone in attendance saw this truck, as did Murkowski, her name and face alongside the aborted fetus.

Have no doubt – Sarah Palin is the true conservative Pro-Life Alaskan. Murkowski, not so much.

UPDATE: I have received many comments through this blog, facebook, and email, and I’d like to address those. The focus of this article is Life and how two Alaskan women choose to support that Life. The focus of this article is not who attended the convention, or who some think should have attended, nor is it about a picture that some found offensive. I am offended that I have no true Republican representation from my Alaska Senator. I am offended that a sitting senator, who herself admitted has divided the state’s party, spoke at our convention. I am offended that this same senator has chosen not to defund Planned Parenthood, against our party’s platform. Even if federal dollars are not going to be used by Planned Parenthood for abortion services (which I believe they will), the mere fact that this organization exists to kill children is appalling. Are you saying it’s ok to fund an organization that performs thousands of abortions as long as they use the money we give them to buy dixie cups instead? Why is our federal government, that is bleeding profusely from every pore, funding any kind of organization like this? That was the point of my article. Senator Murkowski knows that the issue of Life is one of the strongest platforms our party stands on, and yet she chooses to fund an organization that is the biggest offender of this. She does not represent me. I appreciate all the ladies who were in attendance at the convention and their comments, but please look in the mirror and ask yourself where you stand. Do you stand with the Alaskan Republican Party and the principles upon which it stands? I’m tired of Republicans rolling over and compromising their principles in order to “get along” with everyone. Sarah Palin was correct when she said the GOP has the fighting instincts of sheep. Remember what our guest speaker Gisela said? We must stand up and not back down. We have to stand for what we believe in. And as I see it, Sen. Murkowski stood for what she believes in when she voted the way she did, and Sarah Palin choose to stand by her principles when she gave birth to Trig and continues to speak out about Life to this day. I’m glad Gov. Palin was not in attendance and chose instead to send a beautiful message to a much wider audience. Well done, Sarah Palin.

For more articles by Tracey Porreca, please see Alaskans4Palin

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Alaska’s Republican National Committeewoman Addresses Attacks Against Trig Palin

Posted by traceyporreca on April 23, 2011

I was approached today by Debbie Joslin, Republican National Committeewoman for the State of Alaska, and friend of mine. She is also a friend of Sarah Palin and has known her for a long time. We started discussing the recent “Wonkette” article (see here)and Debbie mentioned she was writing an article to address it. I offered to share it with our readers and she accepted. Debbie has a lot of personal experience with this subject, as you will read. I’m so pleased to share this with all our readers. Thank you, Debbie, for this heartfelt article.

Debbie Joslin
National Committeewoman for Alaska
Republican National Committee
April 22, 2011

The recent attacks on Trig Palin remind me of something my brother frequently says: “People who call names aren’t very smart.” My brother Danny is 50 years old and in many ways is like a child; he is developmentally disabled. He grew up with neighborhood bullies calling him a “retard” and other such names. When I was a kid, I stood up for my brother against those bullies.

Today I have a few words for the “progressive elitists” who are treating Trig Palin the same way Danny was treated. These juvenile diatribes may be aimed at Trig Palin, but many of us take them personally. These attacks against Trig are a slam against everyone who has a developmental disability and those who love them. If you disagree with something Sarah Palin says, attack her ideas, not her toddler.

I feel like I know Trig a little; I held him as an infant, and I know his mom. Sarah Palin sent me an encouraging note after my own son, Isaiah, died at one month old from complications of Trisomy 13 (Patua Syndrome). Children with Trisomy 13 are profoundly disabled; learning to speak and to walk are huge achievements. So, between my brother, Danny, and my son, Isaiah, I have license to speak on this subject.

As an adult, I have been with my brother in public and had “grownup” men in expensive suits say rude things and act disgusted at having to sit close to my brother on an airplane. I have had people who were certainly old enough to know better treat my brother with contempt. I have experienced the loathing the left has for those who are developmentally disabled. In 1999, doctors urged me to abort my disabled son or leave him to die after birth.

I was at the Republican National Convention in 2008 when Sarah Palin’s family joined her on the stage. I might add that John McCain’s family was on that stage too. Barack Obama also had his family on the stage of the Democratic Convention. Out of all that, Trig is a “prop”? I cried that night when I saw Trig being held by his parents. I cried for my brother and my own son and for all of the other people (yes, they ARE people!) who have been treated like second class citizens in this country. I cried because my own parents were ashamed of my brother. I was –and still am- so happy for Trig because he has parents who cherish him and recognize his worth. I cried because I felt hope that the days when people were judged to have worth only if their IQ was socially acceptable, seemed to be coming to an end.

Was I wrong? Is it still cool to call someone a retard? I hope not. But, in case I am wrong, remember what my (very smart) brother says: “People who call names aren’t very smart.”

To read this and more articles, please visit Alaskans4Palin.

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Bristol Palin’s book due out in June

Posted by traceyporreca on April 15, 2011

Bristol Palin, daughter of Gov. Sarah Palin, is now a published author! Her book titled “Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far” is due to be released June 21 and can be preordered now. It will be available in hardcover, Kindle, and CD audio versions. Amazon gives this description:

Product Description

She is as polarizing and nearly as popular as her mom, and now millions of fans of Bristol Palin, daughter of former Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, will hear what life is really like for this twenty year old single mother of a two year old boy. For the first time, Bristol shares the intimate behind the scenes drama in her life, from growing up in Alaska to coming of age when her mother begins to rise in the political landscape, from dealing with a teen pregnancy in the spotlight of the Republican National Convention to coping as a single mother when her relationship with her baby’s father crumbles publicly, not once, but twice. The tabloids have had a heyday with Bristol and yet she’s never spoken at length to the press about any of these high profile events, including how she maintained her composure when she faced criticism and even threats of physical violence as a contestant and finalist on Dancing with the Stars. An advocate for young girls everywhere Bristol will delve into all of these topics and more. From body image to the Tea Party, how does one very young woman under the glare of an often nasty media spotlight handle the pressure without losing her mind, her faith, and her friends?

About the Author

Bristol first entered the national spotlight when her mother, former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin was selected to be John McCain’s running mate in the 2008 Presidential election. Bristol traveled the country alongside her mother, father and siblings on the campaign trail. After giving birth to her son Tripp, and becoming a single teen mother in 2008, Palin became a spokesperson for the prevention of teen pregnancy and other teen issues. As an advocate for the protection of life, Palin wanted to share her story with other teens who may one day face a similar situation. Palin also acts as Teen Ambassador for The Candie’s Foundation, to prevent teen and unplanned pregnancy. As part of her campaign, Palin recently guest starred as herself on an episode of ABC Family’s teenage drama The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Palin resides in Alaska with her son and family.

Alaskans4Palin congratulates Bristol on this new journey in her life!

This and many more articles can be found at Alaskans4Palin

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Proof Palin Is Living Rent Free In Obama’s Head

Posted by traceyporreca on March 29, 2011

Robert Gibbs, former white house press secretary, left that position recently to the cheers of conservatives and clear-thinking individuals who were tired of his side-stepping or simple refusal to answer the most basic of questions. Who gave him another thought? Who cares where he goes, right? Well, now you should care, because it looks like facebook is seriously considering hiring Mr. Gibbs for a high level position within its organization.

For all the left’s humanitarian, anti-capitalist talk, this latest step by someone within the tight inner-Obama circle sure smacks capitalistic to me. Articles citing facebook’s upcoming positioning as a public company, and Gibbs desire to be in a position to cash in on this with a high figure salary and ability to direct certain messaging, sure sounds capitalistic. Don’t fool yourself into thinking Mr. Gibbs is doing this for the common good. So why then – why would he leave a position where he had the ear of the entire nation (via our lamestream media) and free reign to run amuck over free speech? I don’t believe he’s left the white house at all. I believe the white house and president Obama still have full control over Mr. Gibbs.

Sarah Palin is undoubtedly in Obama’s head, rent free, 24/7. Our lefty media reports on her every step through the slanted prism of the socialist white house agenda. Via facebook, Sarah Palin has been able to direct her message to her audience, an audience hungry and thirsty for the truth and a clear vision of the future through the eyes of someone who understands our founding principles and our exceptionalism. I can just see it now – a white house staffer standing outside the office of the president, dreading the fact that he has been chosen (via a game of papers/scissors/rock) to be the one to approach our leader and tell him, “She’s posted to facebook, again.” Obama’s shoulders fall as he looks over her latest assault to his national transformational agenda. And then, it hits him.

“We have to figure out a way to control her message. We need to figure out a way to control – facebook.” I find it more than ironic that the very medium that Sarah Palin has used to relay her message is the one that a senior white house official, after leaving the white house, is now being considered for as a senior executive.

Facebook is currently a private company that is looking to go public. I cannot see what facebook and Mark Zuckerberg find appealing in hiring Gibbs. I certainly would not consider him a social guru. In fact, I find him to be one of the least appealing people I’d want to be stuck in a social situation with. What corporate board would seriously want him guiding their message? Somehow I just don’t see him as a part of what could potentially be one of the largest and most lucrative corporate boards in America. His only real claim to fame was being white house press secretary, and he wasn’t all that good at that. He was only good at side-stepping and dodging.

Still thinking this scenario is a stretch? Gibbs is also reportedly planning on helping with Obama’s re-election campaign (see here). Do you seriously think he won’t use a position at facebook to assist his buddy in his bid for re-election? There is a bigger agenda here, and I believe the white house is looking to take control of facebook and Sarah Palin’s message, via positioning Gibbs as a senior executive. Do you really want Gibbs in control of your social experience? Yes, Sarah Palin is living rent free in Obama’s head and if we’re not careful, Obama could be in control of much more.

(See more articles by Tracey Porreca at

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Alaska’s Energy Resources – Palin Is Right and Obama Is So Wrong

Posted by traceyporreca on March 20, 2011

Today Sarah Palin sent out a tweet and a link regarding ANWR, the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge:

Obama’s so wrong on energy/scary wrong on oil;AK alone w/billions bbls & trillions cu ft of nat gas.(Other states, too)

The link was to an article titled “IBD/TIPP Poll: Americans Back Offshore, ANWR Drilling.” In this article was a poll showing that the majority of Americans support drilling. The only holdout seems to be our administration hiding under the skirts of environmentalists.

I posted two previous articles in this series (here and here) concerning our need to drill in Alaska now. Gas has risen 20 cents a gallon in the two weeks since I first started this series. So, are you ready to drill yet? How bad does it have to get?

For those of you sitting on the environmental fence, worrying about our furry friends and pristine lands, don’t fret. I have a little goody for you! A friend posted this on his website and I thought it might help you understand just what we’re talking about here, when we talk about drilling in ANWR, the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge:

This is the best presentation on ANWR I have seen. I would like to add a little more information.

A new pipeline across Alaska isn’t required since the location for drilling in ANWR is about 160 miles from the North Slope Prudhoe Bay pipeline where it would be connected. Second, the wildlife loves the pipeline since it is heated and provides a shelter during the worst times during the winter.

Maybe another question should be asked.

FIRST do you know what ANWR is?

ANWR – Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Now, a comparison

And some perspective?



(it’s in the “ANWR Coastal Plain”)



And they are right these ARE
Photographs of ANWR



Do you remember the map? The map showed that the proposed

Drilling area is in the ANWR Coastal Plain Do those photographs look like a Coastal plain to you?





Here are a couple of screen-shots from Google-Earth:

As you can see, the area where they are talking about drilling is a barren wasteland.

Oh? And they say that they are concerned about the effect on the local wildlife ?

Here is a photo (shot during the summer) of the “depleted wildlife” situation created
by drilling around Prudhoe Bay.

Don’t you think that the caribou really hate that drilling ?

Here is that same spot during the winter:

Hey, this bear seems to really hate the pipeline near Prudhoe Bay*

*The Prudhoe bay area accounts for 17% of U.S. Domestic oil production







The above information is courtesy of my friend Ron, who asked that this be shared to show the truths about ANWR and drilling. You can see this on his website here.

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BBC Interviews Alaskans4Palin for Story on Palin

Posted by traceyporreca on March 7, 2011

BBC Interviews Tracey Porreca and Nina Stone

About a month ago, I was contacted by a representative of BBC Newsnight. Their representative said they were coming to Alaska during the Iron Dog race time period, and they were looking for individuals to interview, both supporters and detractors. I’ve been asked to participate in interviews before and usually declined. There have been too many instances where friends were misquoted and statements taken out of context for me to feel comfortable in this forum. However, after much discussion and many questions on both sides, I agreed to be interviewed, along with another Alaskans4Palin author, Nina Stone. This morning, I received notice that the show will air this evening and was forwarded links, some of which are included here.

I’m not sure how much of our interview portion is used but I’m sure it’s not much. They had not pre-arranged an interview with Gov. Palin and since they were able to speak with her, I’m sure the majority of the interview will be with her and her parents. I do know both of Sarah Palin’s parents were interviewed, as well as other supporters, and Gov. Palin herself. I give you what I have now. An 8-minute version will air on World News America at 7pm ET tonight on BBC America. The full online version, which I will make available here when I can, will also be available online sometime after tonight’s on air program. Please watch so that you can get a glimpse of how Gov. Palin is represented in other countries.

Testing Alaskan support for Sarah Palin as US president
– Interviews with two detractors and two supporters, myself included

Will Sarah Palin run for president and can she win?
– Synopsis of interview, text with video clips

Newsnight’s Interview with Sarah Palin
– Transcript of Sarah Palin’s interview with Jackie Long of BBC Newsnight

Newsnight interviews Sarah Palin’s parents
– Transcript of interview with Chuck and Sally Heath

Click here to view more from Alaskans4Palin

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Polling Palin: A True Unknown In Alaska

Posted by traceyporreca on February 11, 2011

I read the article below titled “Polling Palin: The Unknown Unknown” and it made me think about why I started this blog (Alaskans4Palin)in the first place. I was asked by someone outside Alaska why it was that so many people in Alaska did not approve of Sarah Palin. I’ve heard this argument before, but was surprised to hear it from this particular individual as he was a Palin supporter and surely (I thought) he would know the truth. It was in the conversation that followed that I realized even those outside Alaska who support her, really believe we Alaskans, don’t. Why is that? Well, it has to boil down to two things: The media, and the polls.

Most conservatives are aware of the term “Lamestream Media” (LSM) and it has become synonymous with the vicious attacks by the media on Sarah Palin. Yet, it is these same outlets that feed the misinformation conservatives are hearing regarding Sarah Palin’s Alaska supporters. Don’t believe it! We have 3 mainstream papers up here – that’s it. They’re all left leaning publications. We have Associated Press, Reuters and other national and international representatives here, but again, they tend to lean left. And who do you think feeds all the misinformation to those outlets outside Alaska? These very organizations. That is who is creating and giving the false message that Alaskans just don’t support Sarah anymore. I won’t give you examples of this because you all have your own left leaning, propaganda spewing local newspapers to verify my account. Besides, the article below gives a great explanation of how the media is culpable in the misinformation that guides many poll responder’s decisions.

So, let us look at polling and break it down into two parts: Polling in Alaska, and polling regarding Sarah Palin. Polling in Alaska is notoriously difficult. An article in the New York Times discusses general difficulties with polling in today’s modern age, which are compounded in Alaska by the challenges of polling in a geographically, culturally, and technologically diverse state. The state is 1/5 the size of the entire lower 48 states, and yet has the smallest population. Culturally widely diverse and technologically challenged in many ways, this state does not lend itself to the typical polling methods. New York Times’ “The Uncanny Accuracy of Polling Averages Part IV: Are the Polls Getting Worse?” breaks the difficulties down into five critical areas:

1. Response rates to all types of polls are decreasing, as Americans become more aggressive about screening their phone calls.
2. Many young Americans — and an increasing number of older Americans — rely primarily or entirely on their mobile phones, which many pollsters do not call.
3. The proliferation of “robopoll” firms like SurveyUSA and Rasmussen Reports may in and of itself be a problem, or may exacerbate the other problems.
4. An increasing number of voters are most comfortable speaking a language other than English, and are unlikely to complete surveys unless the interviewers are trained in their native tongue.
5. Internet polling has yet to really mature.

All of these arguments are exacerbated in Alaska. Everyone screens their calls – don’t you? Many in urban Alaska already use cell phones. As technology advances, many rural Alaska villages are seeing residents whose first phone ever is a cell phone – there is no regular phone service in many of these places, at least not in individual homes. I’ve participated in a robopoll and even though I am very active in politics, I wanted to hang up on this thing 2 minutes after it started, as I’m sure many do. Alaska is very very diverse in both language and ethnicity. The Anchorage School District, for example, has students who speak 60+ different languages. Often their parents speak no English and rely on these young children to translate for them. I doubt seriously this would include a political telephone poll. And finally, the internet. I write this to you from a satellite link internet service because there is no internet in most of Alaska, and it is horribly slow and intermittent so even if internet polling does mature, I will probably get “timed out” before I can complete the questionnaire.

So, that leads me back full circle to the article on polling that brought about this post. We have established that polling in Alaska is fraught with difficulty, so let’s talk about polling in regard to Sarah Palin. “Polling Palin: The Unknown Unknown” is very good, and speaks for iteself. Here is an excerpt:

“The most difficult polls to read into this early are those associated with Sarah Palin. While supporters will claim bias in polls, non-supporters will be overly-excited about the supposed dislike of Sarah Palin.

The key thing to remember about polling is information changes minds quickly. Reality is, of all potential candidates for 2012, Palin has the greatest opportunity to greatly improve her standings, especially given that expectations for her have been set so low.

Sarah Palin is what I like to call “An Unknown Known.” While everyone knows who she is, opinions of her are mostly derived from media accounts of her, rather than by her own actions and words. If you poll 1,000 people about Sarah Palin, you have a built in percentage who follow her closely and like her, you have a percentage who may or may not follow her closely and loathe her, and then you have “the 70%” the vast majority of people polled will be those who pay attention to politics 2 weeks a year and all other information comes from soundbites and brief media reports, not by a regular interest in politics (non political junkies).

The 70%: Most people polled about politics are not politically active or interested. When their information is derived from the media and soundbites, their opinion is skewed by the media. Most media reports about Palin reflect a common theme that she is “divisive” and “controversial” and “fringe” and “unelectable.” Therefore, the end result is that is what people know about Sarah Palin, and it negatively effects polling outcomes. This is not to say that the polls are inaccurate when they show Palin with low favor-ability and election poll numbers. Indeed, they are accurate because it takes a snapshot of the public’s perception at that time (even if that perception is crafted by the media). But that is what creates the opening for people to change their minds about her.

While I will discuss polling data on Sarah Palin on this site, it should be noted that she will likely have the biggest upside in long-term polling data, should she run for President in 2012. Where she currently sits poll-wise should be considered the bottom. People who like her or support her now (with all the negative media reports out there) are unlikely to be deterred. The question is, how moved people are when (and if) they see Palin run and actually see her…”

So folks, what else can I say. If you hear that Alaskans don’t support Sarah Palin, don’t believe it. It is as manufactured as the rest of the lies they “report” about her. She has a great deal of support from those who know her best – Alaskans.

To read the rest of the New York Times polling article, please follow this link.

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