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McCain ReElection Campaign

Adviser: Palin to give ‘meaty’ speech  (McCain/Palin rally)

After Rising to Fame on McCain’s Coattails, Palin Tries to Save His Political Life

Brown plans McCain campaign trip

Leave Sarah Palin, and John McCain alone!

McCain and Palin: Reunited and Feeling Good (OTR Transcript),2933,590022,00.html

McCain and Palin Reunite, Part 1  (OTR)

McCain and Palin Reunite, Part 2  (OTR)

McCain anticipates ‘a very nice reunion’ with Palin

McCain emphasizes ties to Palin

McCain, Palin rally: Live video from Arizona (h/tp @vaserlan)

McCain, Palin Team Up Again in Arizona

McCain/Palin together again, in Tucson (good read)

McCain, Palin to visit Mesa’s Dobson High

McCain, Palin will campaign together again in March

McCain reunites with Sarah Palin, takes stage in Tucson

Orwell was wrong: They do not love Big Brother

Vid: Palin Power (Tucson and Mesa events)

Video:  Palin:  McCain’s “gonna win”

Palin & McCain Together Again Friday (Webcast Info)

Palin back onstage with McCain,0,4300225.story

Sarah Palin coming to Tucson on March 26 n

Palin draws crowd at McCain rally

Palin gives McCain campaign a boost

Palin On McCain: ‘Send The Maverick Back’ (Mesa AZ)

Palin shines in support role with McCain (Tucson rally)

Palin to campaign for McCain in March

Palin to join McCain at Ariz. rallies this week

Palin top draw in reunion with McCain

Rush defends Sarah Palin’s choice to campaign for McCain(video)

Sarah Palin and John McCain reunite and vow to stop Obama agenda

Sarah Palin and John McCain, Together Again (mixed)

Sarah Palin campaigns for John McCain

Sarah Palin raising cash for John McCain

Sarah Palin to campaign for Senator McCain in Phoenix


Why John McCain Deserves Our Respect

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