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Trig Trutherism

Sarah Palin Slams Newsweek for Giving Cover Story to ‘TrigTruther’ Andrew Sullivan

Andrew Sullivan Uses Trig As Political Prop To Attack Palin For “Using Trig As Prop”

Discovery Channel debunks Trig Trutherism

HuffPost bans ‘Trig Truthers’

Sarah Palin’s pregnancy: What I saw

Shame on the Trig-truthers’ Sarah Palin hate (very mixed)

“Trig birtherism” and McCain’s choice of Palin

Trig Palin is Sarah Palin’s Son

Trig Trutherism: A response to Andrew Sullivan

Trig Trutherism debunked …

‘Trig Trutherism’ Laid To Rest By Reasonable Reporters

Trig Trutherism: The definitive debunker

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