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Author Archive

Mickelson, Tebow and Palin

Posted by villagejack on February 13, 2012

If any golf enthusiast predicted that Phil Mickelson would beat Tiger by 11 strokes in the final round and win the Pebble Beach golf tournament they would have been banished to playing in the rough for the rest of their lives.

Conversely, every sports critic in the National Football League said Tim Tebow would “never ”
be an NFL quarterback and would probably be relegated to being a fullback or linebacker.  Then he went on to get the Denver Broncos into the playoffs and beat Pittsburg in the first game.  You critics are going to be really surprised in the 2012 season.

When Sarah Palin dropped out of the Republican primary race most of her liberal and status quo pundits were quick to say “good, she is going to the sidelines forever”.  Then she wins “Woman of the Year” award from Clair Booth Luce Institute, followed by the most rousing speech of the CPAC Convention with the following comment ‘she believes the Republican convention might end up being brokered”.  She said the latter with a knowing smile on her face. All during the speech the crowd was yelling USA, USA, USA and run, Sarah, run.

If Phil and Tim can do the improbable, is it possible the Convention would turn to Sarah and then  she goes on to win the Presidency.  All  three people are noted for their great moral character and reflect a change America really needs.

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Tebow and Palin

Posted by villagejack on November 30, 2011

It is absolutely amazing what a hole has been created in my political  life and I assume every other Palinsta. Before Sarah announced her  withdrawal from the race, I would watch all news and speculate on how a  particular story would help or hurt her candidacy. It was interesting to watch the Republicans come and go, knowing when she jumped in it would change the whole game plan for all of the candidates.  When Bachman won Iowa the media said that would be the death knell of  Palin. When Perry jumped in he was the next Conservative to assume the  mantle of the next best thing the party could throw at Obama.  Speculation in the media had him the “perfect candidate” until stories  began circulating about his cronyism. Now he has faded and Cain has  stepped up to the plate for his turn and with the spotlight turned on his past he too, is starting to fade . Newt has moved into the lead and may have some staying power.

So after Palin opted out, it  seems the party will abdicate to Romney or Gingrich, a presidency seems destined to take Obama out, but without real and imaginative change in the direction of the country. With Palin still in the race it is like  watching Tim Tebow in a football game. Every football critic in the  country said he was too slow, had a horrible throwing motion, could not  read super fast NFL defenses and on and on. But they all discredit his  mindset and motivational techniques that are second to none, except  Sarah Palin. Sarah has that same aura in the political arena. Its  almost like you can’t put your finger on any one single thing they do  differently but you know they do and you are just happy to be part of  their lifestyle.

Sarah, it is time to make life interesting again, and just like Tebow you have fans that know you can change the game for the good of the country.

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Sarah’s new Rogue position

Posted by villagejack on October 7, 2011

Here is a suggestion for the new Palin era.

Palin has 3.2 million plus Facebook friends.  She also has over 650,000
Twitter friends.

With that kind of base she could go to CNN and suggest that they give her the news hour that begins at 8PM, opposite O’Reilly who has about 3 million viewers.  She would replace Anderson Cooper who only has 800,000 viewers. CNN would not only be competitive with the biggest name in cable news, but would become relevant, fair and balanced and Sarah would continue her rogue image!

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Coulter, Ingraham, Christie and Obama

Posted by villagejack on September 9, 2011

What do these four people have in common?  They are all attorneys.  As individuals, most attorneys are very interesting and provocative, but because of their association with the legal profession, they are also in contact with people who tend to compromise their moral standards or are in fact, unethical or criminal. Lawyers are frequently involved with various public institutions to the exclusion of private business.  They see the free market enterprise system through the prism of the law.  They are enamored with the law being the vehicle that is all- important and not focusing on the creativity of the individuals that make this economy work.  Law is simply an adjunct to the free market capitalist system that helps the process.  It is not the force that actually creates the markets.  That is left up to the individual Americans whose entrepreneurial spirit guides them to want to be next Ford, Gates, or Jobes. Most do not achieve that goal, but it remains the reason the country is exceptional.


 If you are grounded in the legal profession as these people are, then you can only see the benefits of the law and not the incredible hindrances that are created by government, regardless of which party enacts the policies. Throw Karl Rove in the mix and you begin to see what Sarah is talking about. It’s the reason Obama has no political advisors on his staff from private industry.  A class of people who believe they are entitled.  Entitled to what? 


Why should they set the stage and determine who the winners are.  I truly like Coulter’s columns and will continue to read them but I will not take her ordaining a professional attorney/politician to be our next president and question the intelligence of Palin.   Is it any wonder Coulter, Ingraham and Rove can’t stand Palin, while adoring Christie?  Palin represents the entrepreneurial spirit of this country.  She is coming into her governing positions with the knowledge of what makes this economy drive the engine.  She did not come from a legal background.  Why is Reagan held to such high esteem by Americans?  Reagan, a sports writer and broadcaster (sound similar to the mama grizzly?) was a populist president who went around the entrenched government/corporate (mostly lawyers) and made his appeal directly to the average American.  Why,  he wasn’t even endorsed by the Republican hierarchy.  Palin is setting the stage for exactly the same kind of campaign.  Why,  she is not even endorsed by the Republican hierarchy!


 It is refreshing to see the column in the NYT by Anand Giridharadas stating what has been obvious to the Palin followers for three years. He writes that Sarah Palin does have ideas that are clear to the working men and women of this country.   Wait, is this intellectually challenged woman (LSM cliché) actually appealing to a majority of people that might get her elected?  Would it not be great to have a president go into the White House without owing a favor to a union, or a corporation, a lobbyist, a party boss, a self-important media personality, or anyone else except the Tea Party, who only wants the president to abide by the Constitution and balance the budget?  As Giridharadas clearly states, Sara’s ideas cross the political divide. Coulter, how do you respond to this challenge to your statements about her lack of intellectual curiosity?  Game on.

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Rep.Waters, The Hell bound Tea Party and Palin

Posted by villagejack on August 23, 2011

A letter posted August 21 in our local paper said a small group of neighbors in this central Florida area were starting a movement to counteract the Tea Party. This group will be called “Rebuild the American Dream”. The next day, Congressman Maxine Waters of California said “Tea Party party members should “go to hell” and I am going to show them the way.” She was speaking to a group called “Rebuild the American Dream”.  Coincidental?  No, just go to the website “Rebuild the American Dream” and voila, what appears is not a local group website, but a professional page put together by liberal socialists. The grass-roots Tea Party formed to start fighting both Republicans and Democrats who were spending our American way of life into oblivion.

The American Dream group is no local grass-roots organization, although that is what they want you to believe.

No, the American Dream folks were made possible by Planned Parenthood, MoveOn.Org, Progressives Org, Green for All, Living Liberally, Code Pink, Daily KOS, and The Agenda Project were just some listed of the total 80 organizations noted on the site. If this group was formed to continue building the American dream with those sponsors, you know what their agenda will be, “tax, tax, tax  as we know better how to spend your money then you do“. With liberals, all you need to do is follow the money to find out what is the real agenda.  Don’t believe the words that come out of their mouths.

In Sarah’s case just listen to what she says to know who she is and what she will do. Isn’t that refreshing?

President Obama, remember earlier this year when you condemned conservatives for what turned out to be their non-role in Congressman’s Gifford’s shooting incident? Would you please advise Democrat Congressman Waters to be more civil in her direct role in sending all of us Tea Party members  to hell? It would be nice if you did it publicly so we would know you are fair and balanced.  If you can’t get Waters to apologize, maybe you could intercede with God on our behalf?

We can’t wait for Sarah’s address to the Iowa Tea Party.  With fodder like Waters setting the stage, throw in Biden’s favorable comment on China’s abortion policy,  and with her tongue in cheek delivery style, she is going to have a field day!

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Comfortable Articulation Describes Palin

Posted by villagejack on August 14, 2011

Comfortable Articulation describes Palin 

Contrast this statement from Obama on cut, cap and balance vs. Palin’s 

Obama:  The Administration strongly opposes H.R. 2560, the “Cut, Cap and Balance Act of 2011.” Neither setting arbitrary spending levels nor amending the Constitution is necessary to restore fiscal responsibility. Increasing the Federal debt limit, which is needed to avoid a Federal government default on its obligations and a severe blow to the economy, should not be conditioned on taking these actions. Instead of pursuing an empty political statement and unrealistic policy goals, it is necessary to move beyond politics as usual and find bipartisan common ground.

Did we all fall asleep after he said “restore fiscal responsibility”.

Palin: We’re beyond Cut, Cap & Balance. Now we’re telling Congress, cut the crap and balance!  Of course, the audience at the fair went wild with laughter.

 She makes the following statement: “I’m just saying that candidness, not fearing so much what the interpretation is going to be when it comes to the comments and positions you’re articulating but just speaking from the heart”  quoted at 2012 Iowa State Fair.

At that Fair, did you also notice she made the following statement and I paraphrase:  What has the Federal Education Department done to improve the education of our children?  Why is this Department necessary… should be a state’s responsibility?”  While they are looking for what expenses to cut, has Obama, or for that matter any other Republican candidate, articulated their position more clearly on that expenditure? 

She doesn’t use a teleprompter.  She doesn’t speak legalize.  She doesn’t parse her words.  Her message is straightforward, to the point and one the average American can understand but is not  for consumption by the inside the beltway LSM columnists.  The latter just cannot fathom why someone who speaks so directly with her easy style  is so well accepted by the public. If only they would not be so enamored with words and more accepting of a person who leads, the media could again become the 4th estate.  The “fourth estate” is used to emphasize the independence of the Press, but in America the 4th estate has become the 4th department of the Obama administration.  They are enamored with his words, while his actions lead us further away from what made America exceptional.  That is why the new online media is assuming the role of the 4th estate.

It is also why the new media follows Sarah Palin with raw conviction.  They know she will not disappoint and the timing of her candidacy announcement will strike fear in Obama’s reelection aspirations.

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Palin vs. Romney and Perry

Posted by villagejack on August 10, 2011

With all due respect to the other candidates, the Republican race will come down to the Liberal Republican, Mitt Romney, the Moderate Republican Rick Perry and the Conservative Republican Sarah Palin. Only the MSM would exclude Palin while promoting candidates who are marginally different than Obama. Candidly, the MSM will also downplay Palin so the wobbly kneed Obama would not face alone the force of her campaign. Contrast Palin walking out on the stage waving to the crowd, going to the lectern, looking directly into the faces of the public, and stating her position clearly, without equivocation and without a teleprompter. Now, Obama would bounce up the steps with his little jaunty style, and walk up to the podium, ask for the teleprompter to be turned on, and then state “I have put in place economic measures that will become noticeable in 2013. These hope and change programs are what you elected me to do in 2008, but because of the recession given to me by Bush, I needed to adjust my timetable. In order for me to complete the transition, you will need to trust me to deliver on my promises”.

We now know the hope and change policies Obama sold to the public and the MSM are simply words with no substance They were spoken by an individual with no track record and who was given credence by the co-conspirators at the MSM . His record is now open to anyone who cares to see what he has done and it amounts to nothing. Obama will be defeated in 2012. He has made his own bed.

We now must turn our attention to who will be the next President of the United States. It will be a Republican and the only question is which one of the three, Palin, Perry or Romney will be our choice.

By default, MSM will want Romney elected. Of all Republicans he fits most nicely into what their core values are: Bigger government. Just 5 years ago he was for public health care. But, now says he is against it, although he will say he won’t increase taxes, he comes from the progressive wing of the party and we simply don’t know how he will react under pressure. Unlike Palin, Romney has not faced the prospect of having a poll, or the MSM, or a loud chorus of opposing views challenge his value system. Conservatives are not sure what his value system really is as he changes it frequently depending on which way the wind is blowing. Palin has faced every possible missile thrown her way and will still stick her face in the middle of a union rally, or question the value of all subsidies, let alone the corn subsidy and interject her position right at crucial time of the vote on the debt ceiling. She is amazing and fearless, but isn’t that what we expect from a leader? Where was Romney except to say he was against the debt vote after it was made. Big Whoop. Mitt…..if you are going to be a leader, be a leader, and don’t criticize de facto. Ok, so vote for Romney only if you want to take a chance on the newest version of hope and change.

Rick Perry is another story. Unlike Palin where we know what she has for breakfast, Perry is relatively unknown nationally and we need to see what went on in Texas to look into his soul. If he does announce, and if he has a chance in the early primaries against Palin, he will be treated with kid gloves by the MSM.  The MSM will continue their onslaught against Palin, but fortunately this time around, she will not be muzzled by campaign managers. Perry was the anointed one by Bushes. They have had their differences since the appointment, but there should be no illusions about his moderate background. Remember the Bushes who #1 said he wouldn’t raise taxes but did and then #2 spent our money at a pace not seen before Obama broke all records. That is the inherited template for Perry. You need to look no further then noting the fact the debt in Texas increased under Perry. Sounds like he was doing some heavy spending even in the good times enjoyed by Texans. Perry’s template calls for taxing and spending, hmmm, sounds similar to someone we do know.

Palin is the logical choice to champion a change from this disastrous course we are now on and you will not see a better exposition of this then to watch the movie “The Undefeated”. This movie shows this incredibly strong individual in full charge of setting her agenda in Alaska. The agenda brought 80% approval ratings compared to our current incumbent’s 40%. She reduced spending although the income was increasing! Can you imagine what could have been done in the last three years with Palin in charge. Our AAA rating would still be intact.

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Obama Bus Tour to copy Palin’s – Not!

Posted by villagejack on August 8, 2011

Obama is heading out for places known in the Midwest on a bus. They say he was enamored with Sarah Palin’s bus tour earlier this year and would like to replicate that ride.

For the fun of it, lets list the reasons why this tour will be nothing like hers:

1) Obama is using taxpayer funds for this “non-political” jaunt. Palin paid for her own tour. Non-political? Who is kidding who, with major stops in Iowa and other early election states, this is strictly political. Why should we pay for what is obvious to everyone, except this arrogant President. Voters in each of those states should let him know that we don’t want to pay for his reelection.

2) Obama’s tour is planned. Palin did not release her itinerary because she wanted to visit with people without the press or negative crowds influencing who and where she went. Obama will lay it out so the union organizers will have their crowds in tow.

3) Palin’s bus featured the Constitution , the Flag and other ennobling historical American icons that spoke to what made this an exceptional nation. We have not seen the Obama bus, but the news is it will be painted with an ACORN logo. A statement that reads ‘What can your government do for you? There will be no historical American icons. A United Nations flag however will be displayed prominently. A long, very legal, disclaimer that says “I am not responsible for anything”. Another slogan posted “If you do not pay any taxes, you are my people”. Oh, and of course, the obligatory “Send money”

4) Like the current financial woes we are all experiencing resulting from this mismanaged administration, you will need to stay clear of this bus or you will end up under it. Get ready for the second coming of the Palin Bus. It will be in your neighborhood soon!

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What Would Palin DO (WWPD)? Boeing in South Carolina

Posted by villagejack on August 7, 2011

Most people living on the East coast do not recall the aerospace recession that took place on the West coast in the late 60’s. The recession was very hard on a lot of people, especially those living in and around Seattle, the headquarters for Boeing. It was estimated that Boeing needed to lay off approximately 60,000 of its 110,000 people in that Northwest area in a relatively short period of time. People could not find a job anywhere. Unlike our current administration, Boeing had to take these extreme measures in order to insure the long term viability of the company. Without managing its spending there would be no employment for anyone let alone those people who had already lost their jobs. It did and the company came back and it has grown to be one of America’s great companies who export their products around the world. Fast forward to this year where Boeing is trying to open a plant in South Carolina where the labor costs are significantly less than they are in the Seattle area. Boeing must still compete with foreign companies and must control their costs. However, Obama has asked the National Labor Relations Board of the Federal Government to file a lawsuit against Boeing for trying to make this move, saying they are doing it to avoid the union in the Northwest. This kind of government intervention in our private enterprise system is what forces our U.S. companies to ship jobs overseas. If Boeing cannot choose where and when to produce its product in the U.S in order to be competitive, then they seek lower costs overseas. How would Sarah Palin react if she were President? Of course we don’t know and don’t presume to speculate on what would be her course of action, but you know she would be on the side of our free enterprise system. Instead of having her NLRB (if she let that department survive!) she would probably let the company and the unions work out their own differences without the heavy hand of government intervention. Boeing, under Palin, would be free to open their plant and hire workers! What a novel idea that would be……creating jobs without a tax payer bailout. 2012 cannot come soon enough. Run Sarah, Run!

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Palin and Tea Party – joint terrorists?

Posted by villagejack on August 5, 2011

The Tea Party meeting that I attend starts off with a Pledge of Allegiance, followed by singing a patriotic song. The president discusses who the upcoming speakers will be, i.e. a House member or a Florida politician or a law officer, you know your basic radical types. The speaker is then introduced who will talk on a particular subject in the news, i.e. the turnpike, health care immigration issues, taxes etc. and then they open it up for questions and we go home. Now, granted, I don’t attend every meeting, so I assume they are not planning some terrorist activities on the nights I don’t attend, but I have been assured it is not the case.

On the other hand, if I attended a meeting of ACORN, or Planned Parenthood, or a meeting of Chicago community organizers, or any number of organizations founded by Saul Alinsky (the groups that helped Obama form his political ideals) it would probably be more exciting……exciting in the sense that the American way of life, as we know it, is wrong and needs to be changed.

The concept of terrorism may itself be controversial as it is often used by state authorities like Vice President Biden and Democrat Congressman Mike Doyle to delegitimize political opponents. The Tea Party is getting hit with how the media and other government officials have characterized Sarah Palin these past 3 years. Remember this January when she was immediately called a terrorist for her use of “in the crosshairs”. But I don’t see her or the Tea Parties leaving the scene anytime soon.

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