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There may be more recent links to news about Governor Palin’s views on Healthcare on our Latest Palin News page, where they are posted first.



Go Sarah! Sarah Palin calls Pelosi a dingbat and comments about other liberals on Hannity

Palin dominates

Ouch!… Palin Slaps Down Bob Beckel On Death Panels


Sarah Palin Calls Nancy Pelosi a “Dingbat” on Hannity

Video- Sarah Palin ‘Nancy Pelosi Is A Dingbat’

SARAH PALIN: Obama is lawless, naive, selfish, short-sighted

LIB SICKOS go ballistic after PALIN tweets against Obamacare


Video:  Palin: ‘Nancy Pelosi is a dingbat’

Sarah Palin: Nancy Pelosi a ‘dingbat’, ‘perfect spokesperson’ for radical left

Sarah Palin Calls Nancy Pelosi a Ding-Bat

Sarah Palin: We Won’t Recognize America If Obama Is Reelected


On Fox: Sarah Palin ‘Tends To Agree’ With The Term ‘Treachery’ To Describe Today’s Ruling

Sarah Palin feeling ‘optimistic’ after ruling

Palin: ‘ObamaCare’ a harbinger of things to come, if Obama is re-elected, you will no longer recognize the country you love (June 28, 2012 OTR  – Video & Transcript)

Palin thanks Supreme Court, calls health care ruling a ‘big bleeping deal’

Sarah Palin Posts Angry Tweet About Supreme Court Obamacare Ruling

Palin Thanks the Supreme Court

Sarah Palin on Obamacare: If Obama is reelected Americans won’t recognize the country they love

Sen. Barrasso weighs in on Palin’s renewed ‘death panel’ claim

Limbaugh, Palin Revive ‘Death Panel’ After ‘Obamacare’ Decision (mixed)



On The Five, Sarah Palin Takes On Health Care Ruling, Bob Beckel And George Stephanopoulos

Sarah Palin: “Nancy Pelosi Is a Dingbat” (Video)

Palin: Congress Should ‘Rescind’ Obamacare Mandate Tax

Sarah Palin to Mitt Romney: Repeal Obamacare (vote in poll!)

Poll:  Do You Agree With Thursday’s Health Care Ruling?

Video:  Gov. Palin talks to Hannity – June 29, 2012

Video:  Gov. Sarah Palin on The Five – June 29, 2012

Palin: “Nancy Pelosi is a Dingbat”

Palin Leaves Beckel Speechless on “Death Panels”

Sarah Palin: Obama Acting in Lawless, Naive, Selfish, and Short Sighted Manner

Video:  Gov. Palin talks to Greta – June 28, 2012

Obama “said (the individual mandate) wasn’t a tax.”

Sarah Palin: ‘Thank God’ for SCOTUS

Life’s a Tripp: episodes three and four, in which Bristol Palin would like to erase half of Tripp’s DNA

Sarah Palin On ObamaCare Ruling: ‘Obama Lies; Freedom Dies’

Thank You, Scotus

@SarahPalinUSA:  Obama lied to the American people. Again. He said it wasn’t a tax. Obama lies; freedom dies.

Palin, Like Reagan, Led the Fight Against Socialized Medicine

They Just Can’t Get Over Sarah Palin

Sen. Barrasso weighs in on Palin’s renewed ‘death panel’ claim

“Death Panel” Three Years Later
 Monday, June 25, 2012


Sarah Palin Doubles Down on Obamacare-Death Panels Charge

Sarah Palin was right

Palin: Birth-Control Controversy Epitomizes Obamacare’s Folly

AP Wrongly Claims Palin’s Figurative ‘Death Panels’ Contention ‘Now Widely Debunked’

Curse you, Sarah Palin, for killing the death panels

“Comfortcare” – What Obamacare Will Bring

Obamacare: So Sarah Palin was right all along…

Obamacare Sneak Peak: Sarah Palin Was Right

Mendte: Maybe Sarah Palin Was Right About Death Panels–Palin-Emails/

Gingrich: Sarah Palin was right on death panels (Debate video)

Sarah Palin: “President Obama is Lying”

Sarah Palin: Barack Obama Is Lying

June 3, 2011 – Palin: ‘I Have Hope We Can Turn Things Around’: Former vice presidential candidate weighs in on 2012 field, Medicare debate

Palin Fires Shot at Romney at Bunker Hill

Palin Slams “RomneyCare” in Massachusetts

Palin defends Ryan’s Plan

Palin: Pelosi Telling a “Tight-Faced Lie” on ObamaCare Waivers in Her District…

Palin: Pelosi Tells a ‘Lie’ on Obamacare Waivers!

Palin, Others Slam ‘Corrupt’ Pelosi Healthcare Waivers

Gov. Sarah Palin on Pelosi district’s Obamacare waivers: ‘Seriously, this is corrupt’

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

America – Be Heard or Brace for “Transformation”
Friday, March 19, 2010!/notes/sarah-palin/america-be-heard-or-brace-for-transformation/372793148434

The Asterisks of Health Care Reform

Bart Stupak: ObamaCare Is A Death Panel For Children

BREAKING: Palin Takes on the Baucus Bill

Canadian Comedian Fails Miserably In Trying To Embarrass Sarah Palin

Canadian view: Critics, not Palin, ignorant in health care ruckus

Cancer Screenings – Rational Advice or Rationed Care? (Sarah Palin)

Come on, DNC, Take Your Best Shot! (Red Diva)

Concerning the “Death Panels” (Sarah Palin)

The ‘Cuda Driving The Debate Fm Facebook – This Time On Tort Reform

‘Death Panels’ Revisited

How Sarah Palin helped defeat ObamaCare’s deceptive advertising.

Death Panels? Sarah Palin Was Right

DEATH PANEL TO OBAMACARE: We’re Pulling the Plug

Defending Palin’s ‘Death Panel’ remark

Defends Palin, says ‘no’ to health reform

Democrats call Sarah Palin a liar

DNC Targets Sarah Palin On Facebook

Don’t Give Up

Fact-checking Obamacare Summit (Sarah Palin – Friday, February 26, 2010)!/notes/sarah-palin/fact-checking-obamacare-summit/325582403434

Fighting the Good Fight by Bill O’Reilly (agrees with Sarah on healthcare reform)

Fox News Poll: Palin Going (Not So) Rogue

The free market does not apply to politicians

Gingrich: Palin concerns about euthanasia warranted

Good Intentions Aren’t Enough with Health Care Reform (Sarah Palin)

Governor Sarah Palin …: Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers about Governor Palin…facebook…health care..(Gretawire).

It’s on: Palin vs Pelosi (Hot Air)

Health care bill passage triggers erruption from Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and John Gambling

Healthcare Lotto, Anyone?

The Left Attacks Sarah Palin to Distract Their Base

Leftist Elites Trash Sarah Palin For…Being Kind

Lies, Damned Lies – Obamacare 6 Months Later; It’s Time to Take Back the 20! (Sarah Palin – Thursday, September 23, 2010)!/note.php?note_id=433315368434

Long shot to stop Obamacare?

Looks like Sarah Palin was right (and correct) about “Death Panels” after all

Midnight Votes, Backroom Deals, and a Death Panel (Sarah Palin)

More on what’s bad about ‘Obamacare’

No Health Care Reform Without Legal Reform

Not only are there death panels, but Democrats want to make sure they can never be killed

November is Coming

Obama & Organizing for America sweating Palin, call her dangerous, try to raise money off her book tour

Obama and the Bureaucratization of Health Care by Sarah Palin (Sarah Palin)

Obamacare = Stray Dog, So Says President (Sarah Palin, Saturday, January 30, 2010)

Obamacare: Passage Will Mark New Low in Political Ruthlessness (If passed, Sarah Palin’s “death panels”will be real.)

Obama now pleading for money to fight Sarah Palin

Obama’s Permanent Campaign Attacks Sarah Palin

Obama’s Stunning Admission

Obama’s US health care reform is “evil”: Sarah Palin;_ylt=Aq5D3BmTwqQYtKIMO5.lItB1fNdF

Palin: Baucus Bill Creates ‘Perfect Storm’ for Raising Health Care Costs

Palin: Can’t have health care reform without medical malpractice reform

Palin Death Panel Comment, She’s Not Backing Off

Palin decries ‘death panels’ ahead of Obama speech

Palin gets tough on Democrats’ health care proposals

Palin gives Democrats health care public option more scrutiny

Palin: Health Care Vote a “Clarion Call” to Action

Palin: I told you so!

Palin: “I Won’t Back Off” on Death Panels

Palin lashes out at Obama’s health speech

Palin Makes Dems Cry “Uncle” On Death Panels

Palin: ObamaCare 2.0 “Perfume on a Pig” (great pic)

Palin offers calm critique of Baucus bill (Politico – mixed)


Palin: “Out of touch Congress sounds clarion call”

Palin Power: Sarah Palin Turns the DNC into Prissy, Flaky, Lying High School Girls… “No BFFs on Facebook, ‘K?” (video)

Palin’s Advocacy: The Turning Point in Health Care Reform Debate `        aq87

Palin responds to ‘lie of the year’ charge

Palin Takes a Health Care Stand

Palin takes on Obama

Palin v. ObamaCare

Palin: Who will get left behind in ObamaCare?

Palin Wins (WSJ)

Panicked Over Palin (Bill Kristol)

Palin Derangement Syndrome – Yukon Edition

PDS On Display – Sarah Palin Used Canadian Health Care As A Child….And Paid For It

Phone lines in Congress jammed from health care calls

*Prelude to 2012: how did Democrats let Sarah Palin destroy health care reform w/ Facebook?

The President’s One-Man Death Panel

Response to the President’s Health Care Speech

Response to the White House

Sarah Palin and Death Panels: A Brief History (Weekly Standard)

Sarah Palin: Bart Stupak, give us a break. You caved man!

Sarah Palin: Cancer Screenings: Rational Advice or Rationed Care?

Sarah Palin Cheers Obamacare Protesters On; Raises Questions about Military Coverage

Sarah Palin: Concerning the “Death Panels”

Sarah Palin: ‘Death panels’ may be in final healthcare reform bill

Sarah Palin Decries Senator Reid’s “Midnight Hour” Push for Obamacare

*Sarah Palin Defines the Health Care Debate

Sarah Palin: Good Intentions Aren’t Enough with Health Care Reform

Sarah Palin got it right the first time

Sarah Palin got it right the first time

Sarah Palin: Healthcare Vote Will Awaken a Sleeping Giant

Sarah Palin Implores Union Members To Break With Leadership On Backroom Deal

Sarah Palin: Midnight Votes, Backroom Deals, and a Death Panel (Transcript)

Sarah Palin: Midnight Votes, Backroom Deals…Death Panel (Summary Points)

Sarah Palin: Midnight Votes, Backroom Deals, and a Death Panel: The Continuing Constitutional Crisis

Sarah Palin: Need More Transparency in DC

Sarah Palin: ObamaCare Full Of Stray Cats and Dogs…or something…So Says The President

Sarah Palin: Obamacare = Stray Dog, So Says President

Sarah Palin: Obamacare = Stray Dog, So Says President

Sarah Palin: Obama Has Snookered You Again America!

Sarah Palin on Harry Reid’s Unrepealable Death Panel

Sarah Palin on health care

Sarah Palin on PelosiCare

Sarah Palin Outs Darth Vader

Sarah Palin Outs Darth Vader

Sarah Palin posted this video on Facebook on November 12, 2009: Don’t Copy Europe’s Mistakes: Less Government Is the Right Way to Fix Healthcare

Sarah Palin: Reiterates about “Death Panels”

Sarah Palin’s family used socialized medicine?

Sarah Palin’s Response To The Passage Of Pelosicare

Sarah Palin’s Cancer Screening Concerns, Death Panels Alive And Doing Fine In The UK

Sarah Palin’s Death Panels: In BOTH Reid & Pelsoi’s Health Care Bills (Pages Provided)

Sarah Palin Sounds the Alarm on Obamacare: “KILL THE BILL tonite”!

Sarah Palin’s Response To The Passage Of Pelosicare

Sarah Palin: Statement on the Current Health Care Debate  (Free Republic)

Sarah Palin takes on Harry Reid and his backroom deals to get ObamaCare passed

Sarah Palin, tea parties, and death panels in 2010

Sarah Palin Warns About Rush to Pass Healthcare Bill

Sarah Palin welcomes defected Democrat

Sarah Palin will single-handedly bring down Obamacare using only Facebook to do it

Some Useful Commentary on the Health Care Debate (Sarah Palin)

Statement on the Current Health Care Debate (Sarah Palin)

Sarah Palin: Statement on the Current Health Care Debate  (Free Republic)

Sarah Palin Spoke The Truth About Death Panels: Of Course The Government Will Ration And Deny Care

Sarah Palin will single-handedly bring down Obamacare using only Facebook to do it

Someone Owes Sarah Palin an Apology

Some Useful Commentary on the Health Care Debate (Sarah Palin)

Statement on the Current Health Care Debate (Sarah Palin)

State-Run Media Red-Faced Over Palins Canadian Doctor Visits

A tale of two professors and Sarah Palin on Obama’s ‘death panels’

Tax increases under the health care bill

Too Big to Reform

Troubling Questions Remain About Obama’s Health Care Plan (Sarah Palin)

2012 Field Reacts to Healthcare Passage

Video: Obama budget director Peter Orszag boosts Sarah Palin ‘deal panels’ claim

With a Stiff Spine America Must Stand Against Obamacare (Sarah Palin –
Sunday, March 14, 2010)


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