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Titles Beginning With P-Z (JANUARY 2009 – SEPTEMBER 2009)

Pair of lawmakers urge Palin to accept remaining stimulus funds

Palin Addresses Asian Investors (h/tp @Drudge_Report)

Palin administration lays out plan for transportation infrastructure projects

Palin aide cleared of ethics complaint

Palin Alaska’s greatest gift to US: Parnell

Palin: Alaska to stay out of national test

Palin: Alaska tour is thanks, not goodbye

Palin: All Tail, No Head

Palin Already a Bestseller

Palin and Graham deliver food to villages

Palin and Graham off to Russian Mission (Updated)

Palin and Parnell Troubled by Kensington Mine Delay

Palin and the Battle for the GOP’s So

*Palin and the Culture of Liberty

Palin and the Wolves

Palin Announces No Second Term

Palin announces state health care priorities

Palin Appoints Alaskans to State Boards on June 22, 2009

Palin appoints Egan to Senate seat, Dems agree

Palin appoints Janet Woods to state Board of Fisheries

Palin appoints local to Board of Agriculture

Palin Appoints Steve W. Cole to Kodiak Superior Court

Palin appoints three judges

Palin approves of Mat-Su capital budget cuts

Palin asks for Arctic Cat disclosure exemption  (Andree McLeod at it again)

Palin as President in 2012? Local man chosen to lead national effort

Palin as VP pick: ‘high risk, high reward’

Palin attack vicious betrayal

Palin Attacks Blogger For “Malicious Desecration” Of Trig Photo (HuffPo Slant)

*Palin attacks could backfire

Palin attacks shameful

Palin Attends Chanukah 2008

The Palin-bashers

Palin Battles Mounting Ethics Complaints (and Wins)

Palin Brushes Off GOP Gingrich ‘Snub

Palin Bullies: Exposed And Whining

*Palin Calling for Patient-Centered Health Care Reform

Palin calls campaign e-mail pitch ‘great theater

Palin calls divorce report ‘made up’

Palin calls for civil health care discussion

Palin calls news org ‘heartless and selfish’ (CNNPolitics)

*Palin calls VP nomination ‘privilege of a lifetime’

*Palin camp eyed Clinton alliance

Palin cancels East Coast trip, views Yukon River flood damage

*Palin: Can’t have health care reform without medical malpractice reform

Palin celebrates Alaska’s 50th anniversary at home of William Seward in upstate NY,0,3917650.story

Palin challenges rejection of Senate nominee

Palin Claims In-State Gas Line Remains Top Priority

Palin clan helps Idaho GOP hopeful for Congress;_ylt=Atq3vaDJHXypdShOmtzreT39zp54

ΞPalin, Clinton Comics Fly Off Shelves

Palin commissioners, Begich clash on gas line progress

Palin Confidante Says Governor Felt Hampered by Probes

Palin Congratulates Sullivan on Victory

Palin connects with her state’s roots

Palin Continues to Express Serious Concern with President’s Stimulus Package

Palin could pull a Reagan

*Palin criticizes Obama’s Special Olympics remark

Palin: David Letterman ‘pathetic’

Palin declares disaster as Eagle experiences worst flood on record

Palin declares disaster for Interior flooding

*Palin decries ‘death panels’ ahead of Obama speech;_ylt=AgcTnlQsfF9vENYpZIjYJfJ0fNdF

Palin dedicates legislative building

Palin defends ‘out of box’ decision to quit

Palin: Defense cuts are ‘a sign of weakness’

Palin directs agencies to seek stimulus funds

Palin discloses gifts in amended report

Palin Doesn’t Want Stimulus Money for AGIA

*Palin Does the Right Thing

Palin Doll Has Gun, Will Travel,0,2101057.story?track=rss

*Palin draws more than 37 million viewers

Palin Drops Puck For Game 1 (pic)

Palin: ‘Elton pledged his allegiance to Obama’

Palin Encouraged by U.S. Interior Action to Limit Impact of Court Ruling on Oil & Gas

Palin Encourages Alaskans to Get Active for National President’s Challenge

Palin encourages Alaskans to win fitness challenge

Palin endorses Perry in 2010 Texas governor race

Palin Ethics Complaints May Have Connection to Lower 48 Democrats,2933,530620,00.html

Palin ethics complaints rejected

Palin ethics compaints should be kept private says Alaska Rep. Lynn

Palin Ethics Investigator Closely Tied to Democratic Party (thx C4P)

Palinettes lead Republican revival

Palin Fascination, Scorn Shows No Sign of Receding
Even as the No. 2 on the losing presidential ticket, Sarah Palin continues to attract criticism as well as admiration.

Palin fights for bypass mail to help Native villages

Palin files bill to create utility corporation

Palin firm on refusing some stimulus cash

Palin foe gets administration job (from Obama)

Palin Foe Frozen Out of Auction When Identity Revealed (HuffPo slant)

Palin, Franklin Graham, head to villages (video)

‘Palin Gambit’ pays off

*Palin gave a “stirring speech on 2nd Amendment rights” last night in Anchorage at NRA dinner

*Palin gets as close to Washington insiders as Alaska is to, well, Russia

Palin Gets Ready to Take the Stage in Hong Kong

*Palin gets ‘rock-star treatment’ as she says goodbye to multi-cultural crowd

Palin gets the last laugh By BILL O’REILLY

Palin gets tough on Democrats’ health care proposals

The Palin-Gibson Interview and Why It Still Matters

Palin, Gingrich skip values event

Palin gives Democrats health care public option more scrutiny

Palin gives more to charity than Biden

Palin Got It Right

Palin: Government Wants To “Control The People” (audio)

Palin: Government wants to ‘control the people’ (go, Sarah!)

*Palin greeted by 20,000 enthusiastic supporters

Palin hailed in visit to western Alaska (AP)

*Palin hails polar bear decision

Palin Hairdresser: NYT Was Lying About “Hair Thinning” Claim

Palin: ‘Harsh political climate’ hampered Colberg

*Palin has active Web following

Palin has arrived in Auburn

Palin has strong record

Palin has the potential to win in 2012

Palin Haters NOW Mad at Juneau Tourism and Outrage Over Little Piper’s Lemonade Stand

Palin Headed To Indiana

Palin headed to Long Island after Auburn visit for Founder’s Day

Palin heads to villages with Franklin Graham and Samaritan’s Purse Christian group

Palin hears first-hand rural Alaska’s concerns

Palin helps NY town celebrate Alaska anniversary

Palin hits Eagle; Evacuations in Kwethluk

*Palin Hints At Independent Conservative Movement

Palin hints at more national political focus

Palin hits Big Apple

Palin hits Notre Dame for recognizing Obama

Palin holds lasting appeal

Palin Honors Operation Denali (great pics)

Palin Honors Veterans on Memorial Day -Alaska Veterans’ Cemetery Established

Palin, Huckabee Lead 2012 GOP Hopefuls

Palin: ‘I am not a quitter; I am a fighter’ (some CNN spin)

*Palin: Iditarod ‘puts Alaska on the map’

Palin: If We’re Going to Take Stimulus Funds, Use Them Properly

Palin in Fairbanks for Memorial Day ceremonies, bill signings

Palin in New York to raise money for autism

Palin in ‘review process’ for new Alaska attorney general

Palin in Time 100

Palin is a Feminist who Feminists love to hate

Palinism: Calling the RINO bluff

Palin is way out of Goodman’s league

Palin keeps low profile after surprise news PIC

Palin keeps the heat on!

Palin leaving office early could help her significantly in 2012

Palin links resignation to ‘higher calling’

Palin Joins National Council For A New America

Palin joins national GOP group

Palin joins nation’s elite at exclusive dinner

Palin joins upstate party tomorrow

Palin keeps low-profile after surprise news

Palin lands in Eagle to survey ice, flood damage

Palin lashes out at Obama’s health speech

Palin lays groundwork for 2012 presidential bid


PALIN LEADS POLLS! The Coming of the Second American Revolution

Palin leaving, but Alaska gas pipeline will go on

Palin left us 2 legacies; what comes next? (mixed)

Palin, Letterman exchange zingers

Palin: Letterman ‘pathetic’; nutroots ‘buffoons'” at Texas for Sarah Palin, #TX4P at

Palin Likely to Be a Part of National Council

Palin links Tiller, Long slayings

Palin Maintains Stance on Stimulus Funds – Favors Local Control on Building Codes

Palin makes board appointments

Palin Makes Dems Cry “Uncle” On Death Panels

*Palin ‘Media Malpractice’ Documentarian Thrown Off USC Campus

Palin meets Down syndrome parents

Palin Meets Paul Sr.

Palin Meets with Israeli Ambassador

*Palin mentor: “She has that magic”

Palin names Schmidt as succession choice

Palin names Sullivan attorney general

Palin News Article Database (Freerepublic)

Palin: Obama Administration Trying to ‘Control the People’

Palin: Obama’s fiscal policies are designed to “control the people”

Palin office accuses opponents of ‘wanting their hands held’

Palin: Only sensible stimulus funds, please

Palin on Prejean (SPB)

Palin On Prejean

*Palin on stimulus

*Palin on stimulus: ‘More dependence on Washington’

Palin on the Edge (Don Surber)

Palin Op-Ed Blasts Obama:A Prelude to 2012?

Palin opts out of test standard for education

Palin Orders Flags Lowered for Gonzales

Palin Out, But Not Down

Palin owes tax on per diem, state says [after review requested by Palin -see paragraph 12]

Palin PAC brings in another $200,000 since resignation

Palin PAC role called a conflict…

Palin PAC seeks end-of-term boost (UPI)

Palin: PAC To Help Others, Not Boost Self PAC To Help Others, Not Boost Self

Palin pans fake Planned Parenthood e-mail campaign

The Palin Paradox: Is Being Bright Enough?

Palin, Parnell to Travel to Western Alaska

Palin Pays for Travel Expenses

Palin pick called ‘high-risk, high reward’

Palin’ piece misattributed

Palin pick is 2nd female Supreme Court judge

Palin planning Auburn visit

Palin Plans to Stay in Politics, Stump for Republicans and Democrats

Palin pleased by court’s decision on Alaska LNG export terminal’s-decision-on-Alaska-LNG-export-terminal/

Palin Power

PALIN POWER   Sarah Palin has Rocked the Political Landscape   CBS Poll now Tied

The Palin Prayer

Palin praying for captured Ft. Richardson soldier


Palin proclaims today Dutch Harbor Remembrance Day

Palin promises to keep on tweeting

Palin promises to maintain national political presence

Palin Promotes Three Army Guard Soldiers

Palin Proves Conservatives Can Fight Pop Culture and Win

Palin Proves The Problem With Journalism Is Maureen Dowd

Palin, Publisher, President?

Palin Pulls the Political Ripcord

The Palin question Obama does not want to answer

*Palin questions Obama sending $2 billion to Brazil

Palin Ready to Defeat Obama

*Palin Reduces Budget By Nearly A Half Billion Dollars

Palin Reduces FY2010 Spending Plan

Palin rejects $28.6M in federal stimulus funds

*Palin related to Princess Di, FDR

Palin reports gifts: Gun case, statue

Palin resignation costs Alaska taxpayers thousands (but saved it millions)

Palin responds to Obama on ‘Death Panels’

Palin Responds To Sen. Kerry Joke: “Why The Long Face?”

Palin requests federal disaster declaration for flood areas

Palin Resignation: A Family Choice? (TIME),8599,1909252,00.html

Palin resignation turns national eye on Fairbanks

Palin resigns as governor; leaves plans secret

Palin resigns, blasts press, ‘starlets’

Palin responds to Letterman’s sexual slurs, calls him “pathetic”-

Palin returns and recuperates

Palin returns to work, defends decision to resign

Palin Right, Pundits Wrong

Palin Rips Letterman: His Jokes Are “Perverted”

Palin’s Advocacy: The Turning Point in Health Care Reform Debate (h/t C4P)

The Palin Saga – Democrats Winning By Any Means

Palin’s AG choice comes with credentials

**Palin’s Alaska hometown crowd: “She thumped ’em”

Palin’s a Tweeter

Palin says Alaska needs new ethics policy;_ylt=Ap5A2IJbCCl4lT.Gl7J4OPL9zp54

Palin says Alaska Permanent Fund supports selling Sudan-related holdings

Palin Says Alaska Tour “Is Not Farewell”

Palin says ethics complaints led to resignation

Palin Says Her Focus Is Fighting Cap-and-Trade

Palin says Obama’s health care plan is ‘evil’;_ylt=AvG3BVMcYuoKY.Y7wz1pB.10fNdF

Palin says she’s content with resignation

Palin says she’s not leaving politics

Palin Says She Can Outrun Obama in Race

Palin’s Been Quiet, Let’s Make Stuff Up

*Palin’s Bridge To Hong Kong (WSJ)

Palin’s church to reopen Sunday

Palin’s Dereliction of Politics Over Principle

Palin seeks “bullet” gas pipeline for in-state use

Palin sees off snowmachine racers, including husband, Todd

*Palin Sends Postmaster General Letter Expressing Concern Over Rate Increases

Palin’s favorite store forced to change its name

Palin’s former deputy mayor creates calendar of 2012 GOP ‘front runner’

Palin’s gone but her e-mail and gift issues live on (usual ADN slant)

Palin’s governorship will end in Fairbanks where it began

Palin: ‘Shame on the AP’

Palin’s Hideaway: San Diego

Palin Shines in New York

Palin Showing Her ‘Serious Side’ With Obama Critique

Palin Shuns Interviews to Focus on Alaska

*Palin’s Iditarod

Palin-signed Xbox gets million-dollar eBay bid

Palin signs ATG bill…

Palin signs bill for stopgap Guard benefits

Palin Signs Bill Honoring Former Judge – The Thomas B. Stewart Legislative Building

Palin signs boating safety, teacher salary bills

Palin signs charter school bills

Palin Signs Disaster Response  Agreement – State and FEMA Help for Flood Recovery

Palin signs domestic violence bill

Palin signs domestic violence bill

Palin Signs Domestic Violence Legislation House Bill 63

Palin signs legislation improving automobile child restraint requirements

Palin signs stillbirth certificates bill

Palin signs 2 bills in Southeast

Palin signs vets cemetery bill into law

Palin’s Keys to Victory 2012: Insurgent, Outsider, and Populist

Palin’s Kodiak Visit

Palin Slams ‘Bogus’ Ethics Complaints

Palin’s Legacy: Week One

Palin’s Legal Costs

Palin’s “Mad as Hell” Speech

Palin’s message has receptive audience

Palin’s message: share history with your children


Palin’s new career

Palin’s Next Assignment (Peter Roff)

Palin’s No Bumpkin

Palin’s office details complaint costs (thx C4P)

Palin’s office: Ethics complaints ‘ridiculous’

*Palin’s Office Issues Cease and Desist for,2817,2347247,00.asp?kc=PCRSS03069TX1K0001121

Palin – ‘Some things never change’

*Palin’s online army marches on

Palin Sought to End Her Isolation (Dick Morris)

Palin’s PAC gets $732K, former SF mayor says she’s a genius

Palin’s PAC Raises $700,000+

Palin’s PAC Raises $700,000+ Since Late January

*Palin’s People Power

Palin’s picnics begin today

Palin spokeswoman criticizes unauthorized biography

*Palin’s Popularity Soars in Alaska

Palin’s promising future in the GOP

Palin’s Replacement of Spokesman Clearest Sign of 2012 Run Yet

Palin’s resignation hardly a curtain call

Palin’s Resignation Announcement

Palin’s rural advisor wins praise

Palin’s star still shines despite shabby treatment

Palin’s Successor Talks to Exxon, TransCanada about Gas Pipeline

Palin Statement on George Tiller

Palin stepping down this month (CNN)

Palin Sticks to Her Guns in WSJ Op-Ed — Says ObamaCare Would Give Government ‘Life-and-Death Rationing Powers’

Palin Still Popular (On the Record),2933,533521,00.html

Palin’s Triumph Over Letterman Is a Victory for All Women (HuffPo?)

Palin Supplemental Gift Disclosure Information

Palin suggests cutting state spending to substitute $250 million from federal stimulus funds

Palin Supporter

Palin supporters help with legal fees

Palin supporters hope to derail Sebelius

*Palin supporters make a formidable army on the Internet

Palin supports Senate bill to restore missile defense

Palin Surveys Flood Damage

*Palin v. ObamaCare

Palin’s wardrobe legal

Palin’s Wasilla picnic draws a crowd

Palin’s Swipe

Palin’s WSJ Op-Ed bullseyes Obamacare

The Palin Sympathy Effect

Palin Takes Aim at Fey, Couric, Kennedy

Palin takes a stand against Federally Mandated Building Codes

*Palin takes on Obama (good read)

Palin takes on the Beltway in upstate New York (Hot Air) – Video:-

Palin taps Fairbanks student for University of Alaska Board of Regents

Palin target renounces care rationing

Palin: The hunter and the hunted:  Alaska governor seen as a political threat to some

Palin: the moderate choice?

Palin the odds-on favorite GOP choice for 2012

Palin to appoint third Alaska Supreme Court justice

Palin to appoint third Alaska Supreme Court justice

Palin to become thorn in the sides of Obama and Pelosi?

Palin to begin permit process for in-state gas line

Palin to campaign for incumbent in Georgia Senate race

Palin to feds: Alaska is sovereign state

Palin to hit East Coast event — or not

Palin to make 3rd Supreme Court pick

Palin to pay for 10th trip for family

Palin To Resign, Focus on Presidential Run

Palin to sign budget bills

Palin to skip White House Correspondents Dinner

Palin to speak about China in debut speech in Asia

Palin To Stump For Conservative Democrats

*Palin to support 24-inch bullet pipeline to North Slope µ

Palin to unveil power plan for Alaska Railbelt

Palin tours Fort Yukon

Palin to visit upstate New York community

PalinTracker: Quoting Reagan, a Speaking Gig, an eBay Auction

Palin versus GOP;_ylc=X3oDMTB0YzhjdjhwBF9TAzIxNTExMDUEZW1haWxJZAMxMjQ0NDI5Mjg5

Palin vetoes include some stimulus money

Palin Visits Flood Devastated Communities

Palin vs. Biden

Palin v. Sebelius? “Team Sarah” Organizes Against Obama Pick

*Palin Vs. Kerry (And

Palin warns of ‘death panels’ again

Palin Was Against “Death Panels” Before She Was Against “Death Panels”

Palin Waves Off Prez Talk, Hints at Bigger Role

*Palin welcomes TV chopper group

Palin: ‘We Told You So’

ΞPalin: We Won’t ‘Sell Our Birthright’ for Federal $

Palin will appear in parade

Palin will not make Auburn’s Founder’s Day celebration

Palin will work with Nat’l Council

Palin Wins (WSJ)

Palin Wins Kansas Presidential Straw Poll

Palin: With past values, GOP should look to future

Palin won’t attend Reagan library event

Palin won’t visit SoCal’s Reagan Library

Palin won’t visit SoCal’s Reagan Library

Palin wraps up term with bears, bills, travel and tweets

Panel nixes complaint against Palin

Panicked Over Palin (Bill Kristol)

Parody president, not Sarah Palin

Pawlenty surprised by Palin announcement

Payback for Alaska’s Palin

PBS’s Bonnie Erbe Reiterates Her Palin Derangement

Point Thomson Expansion Leases Returned

Peggy Noonan: Reagan Conservative to Obama Liberal

Petrash: Grandma attenuates Obama’s high hopes

*Pew: Palin is the most popular Republican (Don Surber)

Phoned-in Palin attack FAIL -In which Politico urinates on our legs and tells us it’s raining. (Josh Painter)

Photos of Governor Sarah Palin on the Job for Military Families (Why Mommy Is a Republican)

Photos:  Marching for Babies

Piper Selling Lemonade

Playground Safety Week

Point Thomson Appreciation Luncheon  (Gov. Palin’s Speech)

*Polar bear expert barred by global warmists (Sarah Palin was right!)

Politicians, insiders, others turn to tweets,0,285467.story

Politico Picks Most Unflattering Photo of Sarah Palin to Put on Front Page

Politico Reports Palin’s a Thud at NRSC Dinner, all Others Say She Was a Hit

Politico:  Why Trig Has Divided America

Politics part of Palin-hack jury selection

*Poll: 55% of Republicans think GOP should be more like Palin

Poll of GOP “insiders”: Palin ties for seventh as pol with brightest future

POLL: Palin’s numbers dip

Poll: Palin’s support still strong among GOP

Poll: Romney, Palin tie for 2012 GOP prez nod

*Poll:  Sarah Palin is the future leader of the GOP

Polls favor Palin for President

Polls Show Palin Retains Support

Poll: Virginia Voters Prefer Palin to Obama

Poll:  What’s Next for Sarah Palin?

Polynesian Flag Day

Potential candidates weigh running in 2010

The power of Sarah Palin

Praised by group, she’ll be Palin around with NYers

Preparing for Alaska

Presidential Suite

President Obama Urged (by Sarah Palin and others) to Properly Resource War Effort in Afghanistan

President Palin’s First 100 Days

Pretty in Politics: Sarah Palin vs. the Laws of Power

Private Dinner for Five with Sarah Palin (Winning bid for dinner with Sarah Palin is $63,500.00. Bidding ended at Sep-18-09 17:27:00 PDT)

Pro-Palin Web site clashes with Fairbanks representative (hit piece on C4P)

Prophecy for Sarah Palin by Steve Strang (founder of Charisma Magazine

Prosecutor says he would not have approved trip for Johnston

Protestors on Broadway don’t seem satisfied with David Letterman’s apology to Sarah Palin

Psst! Your Handlers Are Showing, Levi

Putting Alaska First: A Newsletter from Alaska Governor Sarah Palin

*The Reagan/Palin model for leadership

*The Quayling of Sarah

*Questions about Couric get filmmaker cuffed



Quote of the Day (April 16, 2009) (Josh Painter)

Quote of the Day (June 3, 2009) (Josh Painter)

Quote of the Day (June 17, 2009) (TX4P)

Rabbi: Palin a Staunch Friend of Jews

Racers pause for photo with governor (Photo)

Randy Sheridan: Palin’s pain may turn to power

Reactions to Palin’s Speech from the Left and the Right (Including Audio of Rush Limbaugh)

*Reading, and Mocking, the Palin Profile So You Don’t Have To (NRO)

Reason # 773 Why I Love Sarah Palin

Redefining ‘Palinism’

Rep: Sarah Palin Never Called Jon Gosselin

RETURN OF SARAH PALIN (Bill O’Reilly),2933,478525,00.html

Running Alaska


Record 25 apply for Supreme Court

Republican insiders see value in Sarah Palin’s move

Republican Party Leaders go to a Pizza place!

*Republicans Have Obama Playing Defense (Fred Barnes)

Republicans Want Sarah Palin to Stay in Spotlight

Republican Video Fight: Mitt Romney Runs from Bears, Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin

Resignation day arrives for Alaska Gov., Palin’s future unclear

Resigning may be Sarah Palin’s smartest career move.

Respondents agree with Palin’s stimulus decision

Respondents approve of AG pick

The Return Of Sarah Palin – With Audio

*Rick Joyner says God endorses Sarah Palin for President

Rick Perry says some GOP governors don’t measure up

RICK’S PICK (Inside the Beltway by John McCain (contact)

The Right Needs to Play as Dirty as the Left (John Hawkins)

Roger Stone: Palin Made The Right Move


Romney’s Image Improves; Palin Well Regarded by Republican Base

Romney’s Stock Rises with Public, but Palin Reigns Among Republicans

Ronald Reagan on Socialized Medicine (Gary Jackson)

Roses for Sarah

Rules for Being Sarah Palin

Ron Paul attacks Sarah Palin as ‘country club’ Republican

Runner’s World Claims Circ Victory

Runner’s World Slideshow of Sarah Palin Photos

Running Enthusiast Sarah Palin (Photo)



Rush Goes On the Record with Greta Van Susteren, Part One transcript & video link) (

Rush Goes On the Record with Greta Van Susteren, Part Two (transcript & video link)

Rush Gushes over Sarah Palin in Greta Interview

Rush Limbaugh On GOP Listening Tour “They Hate Sarah Palin”(Audio)

Rush Limbaugh: Palin’s Powerful Ally

Rush Limbaugh: “Sarah Palin’s Future Is Bright”

*Rush Limbaugh: “They hate Palin”; Sarah Palin Conservative Standard

Rush talking about Palin (M4SP)

Ruth Marcus on Sarah Palin   [Ramesh Ponnuru]

Safe Boating Week

Safety Month (Gov. Palin’s Proclamation)

Salacious Coverage of the Palin Family — Some Thoughts (Ron Devito)

*Salmon Fishing in SoHo

Sanford sends Palin consolation gift in hockey bet

Sarah Agonistes (Washington Times)

Sarah and the Almost Son-in-Law From Hell (mixed)–x-a20090904sep04,0,7005236.story

*Sarah and the Death Panels

*Sarah ‘Barracuda’ Palin and the Piranhas of the Press

Sarah causes a stir in Auburn, New York (Josh Painter)

Sarah Hits the Campaign Trail for Chambliss

SARAH PALIN: Selects Washington Speakers Bureau for Exclusive Representation

Sarah Palin: Like her or hate her, she’s on the way up–Like-her-or-hate-her-shes-on-the-way-up

Political Analysis: The Palin Effect

The Revenge of Levi (a few good points)

(Levi’s Lies) Quoted: Levi Johnston Questions Palin’s Hunting Cred

*Sarah Palin vs. Dr. Death

Sarah Is Unafraid To Bear It All

Sarah of Liberty

ΞSarah Palin (Ann Coulter)

Sarah Palin (Bio)

Sarah Palin (Citizendium)

Sarah Palin (Conservapedia)

Sarah Palin (Wikinfo)

Sarah Palin (Wikipedia)

*Sarah Palin Africa Story a Hoax

Sarah Palin agrees to come to Auburn June 6 for Founders Day (thanks, WMIAR)

Sarah Palin: A Leader Without A Party

Sarah Palin: America’s “It Girl”

*Sarah Palin: America’s Last Great Hope?

Sarah Palin, a modern Cincinnatus?

*Sarah Palin: Anchorage Republican Lincoln Dinner


*Sarah Palin and Barack Obama enter Oxford Dictionary of Quotations

Sarah Palin & Mark Levin (Moms 4 Sarah Palin)

Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney, It’s War

*Sarah Palin and Princess Di (Genealogy Chart)

Sarah Palin and Red State

Sarah Palin and the Alinsky Treatment

Sarah Palin and the Death Panels

Sarah Palin and the Dirty Leftist Tactics

Sarah Palin Backs Miss California– Rips “Liberal Onslaught”

Sarah Palin: Beautiful, classy and fearless (promote Sarah – vote and comment)

Sarah Palin (Wikiquotes)

Sarah Palin And Diaz Sr. – A Political Odd Couple On Health Care—a-po.html#ixzz0OgvT2EQR

Sarah Palin and Jeb Bush Poised to Lead Town-Hallers

Sarah Palin and Mark Warner and A NEW NATIONAL HOLIDAY

Sarah Palin, anointed by God

Sarah Palin At High Noon (Lloyd Marcus)

Sarah Palin: Barack Obama’s Nemesis

Sarah Palin: Beautiful, classy and fearless (take the poll)

Sarah Palin breaks silence on border debate

Sarah Palin Called GOP Leaders Before Quitting (Anklebiter gave ABC info)

Sarah Palin Calls Levi Johnston a Liar

Sarah Palin celebrates history, beauty, strength of CNY (with photo gallery)

*Sarah Palin, Comic Book Hero

Sarah Palin: Concerning the “Death Panels”

Sarah Palin: Conservative Feminsim and the Future

Sarah Palin: Conservative of the Year
by Ann Coulter

Sarah Palin Declares her Independence (Gary Jackson)

Sarah Palin Defends Miss California

Sarah Palin defends Miss California

Sarah Palin Defends Miss Calif. Prejean

Sarah Palin Dominates Google’s Year-End Zeitgeist

Sarah Palin doubles down on ‘death panels’

Sarah Palin: Dumb like a fox

Sarah Palin Endures Jokes by Barack Obama

Sarah Palin Fans In Connecticut Hold On To Hope,0,1849046.story

Sarah Palin: ‘Fighter… next fish run’

Sarah Palin fighting against the decline of American values

Sarah Palin for Vice President: An Interview

Sarah Palin Didn’t ‘Plagiarize’

Sarah Palin – Fighter (Lisa Graas)

Sarah Palin Fires Back (Mike Huckabee)

Sarah Palin for President campaign begins

Sarah Palin: From running mate to Time’s runner-up
In considering her for Person of the Year, the magazine calls the Alaska governor ‘a one-woman rescue team for the Republican ticket.’,0,5175056.story

Sarah Palin gearing up for Hong Kong speech. But what will she talk about? (media speculation)

*Sarah Palin hands over power in Alaska (good read),0,970489.story

Sarah Palin has a point, for once

Sarah Palin Has Captured Our Imagination

Sarah Palin helped singer gain fame

Sarah Palin honored by NRA with special Alaska-themed assault rifle


Sarah Palin Hot Topics (Newsmax)

*Sarah Palin immortalized as comic book character

Sarah Palin in downtown Seneca Falls Friday

Sarah Palin Inspires African Women To Run For President (Gary Jackson)

Sarah Palin is a nice enough person, but…” (Randy Evans)

Sarah Palin: in the state spotlight
A special online section of the Juneau Empire

Sarah Palin Is Correct (Again)

Sarah Palin is Here (Tidbits and Treasures)

*Sarah Palin is not a Racist!

*Sarah Palin is not going away,25197,24891752-5013948,00.html

Sarah Palin is Right

Sarah Palin Is Right This Time – MarketWatch Columnist Jon Friedman Says Her Kids Are Not Fair Game, Same As Obamas

*Sarah Palin is “some dummy”

*Sarah Palin is still alive and well in Alaska – And she will not go quietly into the night. (Josh Painter)

Palin Is Still A Target (nice photo)

Sarah Palin Is Still Right About Those Death Boards

Sarah Palin Joins GOP Listening Tour Says Minority Whip Cantor

Sarah Palin Joins Rudy Giuliani At Yankees Game

Sarah Palin Joins Walk for Autism

Sarah Palin, Karl Rove, And The Boss Support Obama (only IF)! (Weekly Standard)

Sarah Palin: Kim Jong is Il, Which Means That Cutting US Defense is Sick

Sarah Palin Lexicon

Sarah Palin: Libertarian of the Year 2008

ΞSarah Palin lives what she preaches, and that’s a good thing..

Sarah Palin-Liz Cheney 2012

Sarah Palin makes a funny (joke)–Politics-Examiner~y2009m6d26-Sarah-Palin-makes-a-funny

Sarah Palin Making Sense: The Little Rock Soldier Murder Isn’t Getting The Same Attention As That Of Tiller

*Sarah Palin Maintains High Profile Despite Remote Location

Sarah Palin: Michael Steele ‘bold and courageous

Sarah Palin Needs to Help Conservative Bloggers So We Can Make Stuff Up, Too

*Sarah Palin: Not a quitter, a fighter, but politically speaking, ‘if I die, I die. So be it.’

*Sarah Palin not under FBI investigation, agency spokesman says,0,7018263.story

Sarah Palin on American Chopper

Sarah Palin Onboard the Stennis (Military Photos)

Sarah Palin 1, Levi Johnston 0

Sarah Palin on Hannity Tonight for “Told ya so” Interview

Sarah Palin: one visit, two messages

Sarah Palin on Her Political Future: “If I die, I die. So be it.” (ABC vid)

Sarah Palin on Obama’s Disastrous Economics: “Told Ya So” …Warns About Socialism (Video)

Sarah Palin on quitting

Sarah Palin on the Move…

Sarah Palin On The Obama/Notre Dame Scandal

Sarah Palin on Women in Leadership & Women’s Rights

Sarah Palin Op-Ed: Bearing Up

Sarah Palin Op-Ed:  The ‘Cap And Tax’ Dead End

Sarah Palin Op-Ed:  “Shovel ready or digging a hole?”

*Sarah Palin: Our “Queen Esther” for VP (June 6, 2008)

Sarah Palin Outsmarts the Left (Peter Ferrara)

Sarah Palin Packs Up Governor’s Mansion

Sarah Palin plans to play role in uniting U.S. right (Toronto Star)

Sarah Palin….Poised To Become America’s First Female President…..A Book Review (Gary)

Sarah Palin, political genius

Sarah Palin Poll Results

Sarah Palin “present day Esther? by Mark Arnold

Sarah Palin Press Coverage (Thx RMLN)

ΞSarah Palin Proves She’s No George Bush

Sarah Palin quits… but she’ll be back  (Daily Telegraph)…-but-shell-be-back.html

Sarah Palin Rated Solid for Re-Election as Alaska Governor

Sarah Palin:  Recent Decisions Inside the Beltway Are Not in Nation’s Best Interests

Sarah Palin Rips AP, Photo of Marine Published Against Family Wishes

SARAH PALIN: Selects Washington Speakers Bureau for Exclusive Representation

*Sarah Palin: The Rise of the Renegade (Bernie Quigley)

Sarah Palin’s a Brainiac, by Elaine Lafferty

*Sarah Palin’s Address at the Special Olympics

*Sarah Palin’s Alaska – Newly Discovered Oil Reserve: Equivalent To 30% World’s Supply 83 Billion Barrels

*Sarah Palin’s Ancestry: Solid New England: Vice Presidential Candidate Has Multiple Mayflower Lineages

Sarah Palin’s “Death Panel” Mantra: Like it or Not, this Woman’s Influence on the National Stage is Now Crystal Clear (mixed)

Sarah Palin’s designer clothes sent back into the closet

Sarah Palin’s father and father-in-law will stump for GOP congressional candidate Ward

Sarah Palin’s “flight suit moment”

Sarah Palin- links, from the beginning

Sarah Palin look-alike
Denise Reuter has some things in common with Palin

Sarah Palin: ‘Never Apologize For Our Country!’

Sarah Palin’s Finest Hour

Sarah Palin’s “Funny Shoes” Are at the FIT Museum

Sarah Palin’s Future Still Looks Bright to Some GOP Insiders

Sarah Palin’s guest stint on SNL proved beneficial

Sarah Palin’s Hairdresser Speaks

Sarah Palin- links, from the beginning

Sarah Palin look-alike
Denise Reuter has some things in common with Palin

Sarah Palin:Recent Decisions Inside the Beltway Are Not in the Nation’s Best Interests.

Sarah Palin Responds to Obama’s Healthcare Address

Sarah Palin shocker a boon to her lieutenant governor (thx @yrtv):

Sarah Palin – Shocking Contrast to Daily Obamanations

Sarah Palin Showered With More Gifts From Tri-State

Sarah Palin’s Indiana speech: “You can see Russia from Alaska”

Sarah Palin Slams AP for Publishing Picture of Dying Marine (Newsbusters)

Sarah Palin Slams Barack Obama in New York

Sarah Palin’s Letter to the Alaska Congressional Delegation
Re: Economic Stimulus Legislation

Sarah Palin’s light at end of Newt’s tunnel

*Sarah Palin’s magic

Sarah Palin’s New Interview: Did Tina Fey and Katie Couric exploit her?

Sarah Palin Snubs Washington Insiders at Senate-House Dinner

Sarah Palin’s shop not Out of the Closet

Sarah Palin’s Son Track Stars in Iraq

Sarah Palin: Sovereignty for Alaska

Sarah Palin spotted in the Finger Lakes

Sarah Palin starting to look good (a mix, but somewhat supportive)

Sarah Palin Still a GOP Superstar

*Sarah Palin Still a Viable Candidate? You Betcha!

*Sarah Palin Still Desirable

*Sarah Palin Stimulus Money Rejected  (good read)

Sarah Palin Supporters Want David Petraeus to Complete Dream Ticket

Sarah Palin takes low-key return to the road

Sarah Palin Tapes Guest Spot on American Chopper (eNews video)

Sarah Palin Tells People to Thank a Veteran on 9/11’s Anniversary (Newsbusters)

Sarah Palin: the bear necessities

Sarah Palin: The Best is Yet to Come

*Sarah Palin:  the face of the GOP?  (TX4P)

Sarah Palin the Fighter (Gary Jackson)

*Sarah Palin, the Jeb Bush of the 2010 Cycle?

Sarah Palin — The Last Republican Standing?–_the_last_republican_standing?page=2

Sarah Palin: The New Updo…

Sarah Palin: The Power of the Pit Bull

*Sarah Palin – The 2009 TIME 100 Finalists

*Sarah Palin To Appear On American Chopper

Sarah Palin to Attend Auburn’s “Founder’s Day”–founder-s-day-/

Sarah Palin to participate in Westchester autism walk

Sarah Palin Tops Google’s Global Zeitgeist 2008

Sarah Palin to Run for Re-Election as Alaska’s Governor?

Sarah Palin to Speak at Reagan Library

Sarah Palin Tribute [Video] – GONE VIRAL

Sarah Palin turns 45 today. How are you celebrating?

Sarah Palin: TV’s Newest Chopper Mom

Sarah Palin tweets ode to mama grizzlies

*Sarah Palin #24, Hillary Clinton #34 On “World’s Most Beautiful Politicians” Survey

Sarah Palin 2013: A Look Ahead

Sarah Palin: Unpredictable Success

(Lots of Links) Sarah Palin Visits New York State


Sarah Palin was right about Alaska reserves

Sarah Palin – What People are Saying


*Sarah Palin: Why She Drives Female Liberals Crazy

Sarah Palin: Workouts, Style and Outfits

Sarah Palin wows the crowd at Founders Day in Auburn

Sarah Palin: Why Does She Matter?

Sarah Palin – Wonder Woman …….?

Sarah’s Half Up-Do

*Sarah, She’s Got “It”

Sarah’s Smackdown

Sarah the survivor

Sarah, Todd Palin: FOX’s guests


Satire on Palin Spiteful

Saving Face by Not Overriding Palin’s Veto?  (C4P

Schultz: Palin ‘Nothing But Political Slime’ (Newsbusters)

Score One for Sarah Palin on the Healthcare Reform Death Panels

Scottish American Day

*Seeing Chukchi

See Sarah Palin Run

Senator Palin?

7 challenges ahead for Palin

7 things Sarah Palin must do now

Sexism and Sarah Palin

She Is Being Called … (Ron Devito)

“She may not be dumb, but her blogging isn’t smart”

She’s A Dynamic Lady\

SHE’S BAAACK: Sarah Palin: Shame on the Associated Press for Ignoring the Wishes of a Grieving Family.

Shocker! Parent Offers Daughter Car To Dump Scuzzy Boyfriend

SHOOTIN’ TOOL (Alaska Ear)

Shovel-Ready Health Care

Shovel-Ready Health Care

Sisters touched by Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s visit to Auburn

69% of GOP Voters Say Palin Helped McCain

Silver Star Day

Sisters touched by Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s visit to Auburn

SNL Producer Marci Klein Talks About Sarah Palin

‘SNL’ Producer: Sarah Palin ‘Most Confident Person I’ve Ever Met’

So I Am Now a “Handler” for Showing Good Manners at a Social Event?

Some early reaction to Gov. Palin’s weekend in New York (TX4P)

Some of the week’s blogging on Sarah Palin  (Josh Painter)

Some Republican leaders prefer not to discuss Sarah Palin (jealous?)

Sorry folks, Sarah Palin is (partly) right

The Source of Ethics Complaints Against Sarah Palin

*Sourdough leans

A speculation concerning sarah palin

*Staff infection: Allies rip Palin team

Stand-On-Principles Hero Palin Vs. Øutlaw Øbama

State Agencies Respond to Villages
Along the Lower Yukon River

State appeals ruling that halted Juneau access project

State Granted Intervention in OCS Lease Sale Litigation


State Legal Opinion on Senate Appointment

Statements from Sarah and Todd Palin on Letterman’s “Jokes” (Ron Devito)

State pays federal retirement to ATG members

Steele to Palin: ‘Come on In. The Water’s Nice.”

Stevens back in Alaska, honored by UFA

Stevens, Palin address fisheries

Stimulus funds begin to trickle into Alaska (managed well by Palin)

Stimulus  Money: Sarah  Palin Hails Review Process

Stingrays strike first in Kelly Cup Finals

Stop picking on Sarah Palin’s daughter

St. Paul‘s Counsel for Sarah Palin, Part I

Strong earthquake jolts Anchorage, Alaska; USGS says magnitude is 5.4

Student charged with hacking Palin

Suppressed reports vindicate Palin polar bear policy (TX4P)

Supreme Court candidate withdraws from two cases

*The Tale of the Polls

A Tale of Two Churches

A Tale of Two States

Target Alaska: Gov. Palin Pushes SDI

Tasteless: Olbermann Guest Invokes ‘Special-Needs’ Children to Bash Palin

T. Boone Pickens and Sarah Palin (Topics of the Day)

Tearing up the rulebook

Teeth Of The Barracuda The hockey mom strikes back

Thanks to Sarah Palin African Women Vying for Presidency

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sarah Palin

*Texas for Sarah Palin (Josh Painter)

Texas Gov. Perry says Palin to campaign for him

*Thank You, Sarah Palin,_sarah_palin

Thousands Expected at Palin’s Power Hand-Over

Today’s Celebrity Birthdays February 11, 2009,0,4231284.story

2009 Tesoro Iron Dog underway

Tai Chi and Qigong Day…

Teen Mom Palin Successfully Completes High School

There’s a bear in the woods (remix)

‘This lady is the real deal’ (Josh Painter)

Thousands throng Palin Anchorage picnic

Thousands walk for autism awareness in Purchase, Palin stops (and walks)

*A Time for Choosing (Gary Jackson)

*A Time for Choosing (Gary Jackson)

Time Magazine Photo Shoot

‘Time 100’ Contributors Include Ann Coulter on Palin, Glenn Beck on Limbaugh

The TIME 100: Sarah Palin by Ann Coulter,8599,1895349,00.html

TIME’s Interview with Sarah Palin: ‘It’s All for Alaska’,8816,1908983,00.html,8599,1908983,00.html

Tip Off: Palin Joke Goes Wrong

Today, I Love Sarah Palin



Too weird to check: Palin advisor wanted her to donate to … Hillary?

TOMMY DE SENO: Sarah Palin Points the Way For Us All

‘Too Bad’ Sarah Palin Didn’t Go Missing, Sen. Kerry Jokes: Senator Kerry made another Republican joke. This time it was aimed at Sarah Palin.

Top 7 Myths, Lies and Untruths About Sarah Palin (comments)

TransCanada gets OK to work with federal regulators

The trashing of Sarah Palin

Trig Palin has divided America (no, just shed light on the divide)

Trust in the works for Palin defense (Frontiersman)

The truth about the NOW election

20,000 Turn Out to See Sarah Palin in Upstate New York (Gateway Pundit)

20,000 Turn Out to See Sarah Palin in Upstate New York (includes Video)

Two Charts That Tell You Why Palin Is The Fave To Get The GOP Nomination In 2012

2 from Palin’s ‘inner circle’ resign from Parnell administration

Two more complaints against Palin dismissed  (Josh Painter)

Two More Ethics Complaints Dismissed Proving Accusations Lack Merit

Two more ethics complaints filed against Palin after resignation

*2008 Election:  Pollster Report Card


*Two Victories for Sarah Palin

*PDF File:

2012 candidates in two sentences

Ultimate PDS: David Gregory Grills Sen. McCain About…Sarah Palin

University wrong to place prestige above principle

University Wrong to Place Prestige Above Principle (Palin Weighs In) (Boston Herald)

Unlike so many politicians today, Sarah Palin is real

Upset Over Sarah Palin’s Turkey Video

Un-Vanity Fair (Bret Baier),2933,529632,00.html

Uncertainty hovers over Alaska’s stimulus share

The upshot on Sarah Palin’s up-do

US healthcare battle turns nasty

US will head toward socialism under Obama: Palin Feature Story on Sarah Palin

Use Your Head: Palin Derangement Syndrome (Glenn Beck),2933,536700,00.html

U.S. to keep Bush administration rule on polar bears

*Vancouver, WA company debuts Palin/Clinton comics

VIDEO: Sarah Palin and Trig

‘The View’ Attacks Palin’s Letterman Response; Behar Backs Palin…Kind Of.

*Virtue and Sarah Palin

A Visit from Sarah Palin; How Auburn Pulled It Off (WMIAR)

Volunteer Week

Wait to have sex, Palin’s daughter tells U.S. teens

Wake Up, GOP! Liberals Fear Sarah Palin Because the Voters Love Her (Limbaugh)

Wanda Sykes Hits a New Low At WH Correspondents Dinner

A War Between Two World Views

Warning: Gov. Palin’s Authenticity May Cause Onset of PDS

Washington Unplugged: Palin “Wants To Be President”

Wasilla, Alaska Governor’s Picnic (nice blog, Tracey)

Weary Palin Sought to Regain Control

Webathon: The week that was (TX4P)

WETZSTEIN: Teen virgins possible

Welcome to the Palinoshpere (Josh Painter)

Well-Dressed Woman: FEC Deems Palin’s Shopping Sprees Legal

We Will Go To Hell And Back For Sarah Palin

*What Can 2009 Tell Us About 2012?

What Is a Twibe?

What I Saw at the 9/12 March: “Sarah Palin was without a doubt the unsaid queen of the 9/12 March.”

What is ‘the center’ in Powell’s political dictionary? (Josh Painter)

What Next for Sarah Palin?

What Sarah Palin must do next

What’s Fair Game With Sarah Palin?

What She Stands for (C4P)

What’s next for Sarah?

What’s Next for Sarah Palin?

What the Conservative Republicans Think

ΞWhat They Feared In Reagan, They Now Fear In Palin

What to Do with Sarah Palin?

When Liberal Women Attack

When politics, pucks intersect

Where In The World Is Sarah Palin?

Where’s the Line?

White House Correspondents’ Dinner: Wanda Sykes Knocks Sarah Palin Over Abstinence

White House Correspondents Dinner 2009 ~ History, Write up and Video’s

White House ‘dirty tricks’ torpedo Palin (Mixed Bag)

White House resignation: Van Jones out: Score one for Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, other Republicans targeting WH aide.

Who are the anti-Palin leakers? (TX4P)

*Who Are the World’s Most Influential People in 2009,28757,1883644,00.html/time/specials/packages/article/0,28804,1883644_1883653_1883949,00.html

*Who Do Republicans Trust? Survey Says: Sarah Palin

ΞWho is Sarah Palin?

Whoops: Attack on Obama in NY Post wrongly attributed to Palin

Who is afraid of Sarah Palin?

Who Is Calling Whom a Quitter?

Who’s Scared of Sarah Palin . . . And Why

Who’s the Country Club Republican, Dr. Paul?

Who’s the Palin Leaker from the McCain Campaign?

Who Wears the Pants in the Republican Party

Who Would Want To Run For Office?

Who Wrote Dreams and Why It Matters

Why Are So Many People So Critical of Sarah Palin?

Why do they hate Carrie Prejean?

“Why do they hate Sarah Palin?”

*Why her popularity is undimmed by Marjorie Dannenfelser (Team Sarah Co-Founder)
*Why I Love the Guv

Why Im Bullish on Sarah Palin s Prospects

ΞWhy I support Palin (and no, it’s not just to get on Michael’s nerves)

Why Is The Left Afraid Of Sarah Palin? (John Hawkins)

Why I support Palin (and no, it’s not just to get on Michael’s nerves)

Why Obamacare Will Fail and the Media Will Fail to Notice Its Flaws

Why Palin Quit

Why Sarah Palin Is So Freaking Awesome Reason #24: Track!

Why Sarah Palin Scares Democrats

*Why Sarah Palin Should Not Leave The Room

Why Sarah Palin Threatens The ‘Establishment’

Why Should Republicans Take Advice From John Weaver?

*Why Some Conservatives Dislike Palin (Ron Devito)

Why the Elitist Hatred Toward Palin?

Why the GOP elite despises Sarah Palin

Why the Left is Trashing Sarah Palin … Fear!

Why the powerful despise Sarah Palin

Why They Hate Her, the Angelina Jolie of Politics

Will Palin Lead the Tea Party Express Into D.C?

Will Palin side with McCain or Simcox?

Will someone please teach AP how to Google!

With Joe Biden, There Is No Such Thing As “Undisclosed”

*With Sarah Palin, Barack Obama Shows Rod Blagojevich How Pay -For-Play Is Done!

With Sarah Palin, Barack Obama Shows Rod Blagojevich How Pay-For-Play Is Done! (Gary)


*Women in American Politics – Governor Sarah Palin

Women in the News

Women of the GOP Weekly Round-Up

Women’s advocate: ‘Give Sarah Palin a break’

Women’s Health Week

Wonkette & Co. Continue Jihad Against Trig Palin

Wonkette Attacks Trig Palin as ‘Cheap Prop’, Links More Grotesque Photoshops!

Wonkette Goes After Trig Palin Again

Wonkette Goes After Trig Palin Again

WorldNetDaily Search results for “Sarah Palin”

*Yawn, the Anonymous Sources Again (Shane Vander Hart)

Yes America, Sarah Palin IS smarter than President Teleprompter

*Yes, Wee Ones. Sarah Palin is THAT Awesome.

Yet Another [Ridiculous] Ethics Complaint Filed Against Sarah Palin

You betcha, Palin’s coming to Auburn

You betcha: Sarah Palin schedules visit to Auburn

You can see Kim’s missiles from Fort Greely (Josh Painter)

“You don’t go back to coach”

Your Saturday Night Smile, Courtesy of Sarah Palin

Ziegler: Conservatives Who Criticized Palin Are ‘Traitors’ Who Should Be ‘Ostracized And Punished’


UNSORTED 10 (MAY 20-12 – AUGUST 2013)


UNSORTED 8   (MAY 2012 – AUGUST 2012)

UNSORTED 7   (JANUARY 2012 – MAY 2012)


UNSORTED 5   (JUNE 2011 – AUGUST 2011)

UNSORTED 4   (FEBRUARY 2011 – JUNE 2011)


UNSORTED 2   (APRIL 2010 – OCTOBER 2010)


Titles Beginning with A-O   (JANUARY 2009 – SEPTEMBER 2009)


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