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UNSORTED 8 (MAY 2012 – AUGUST 2012)

*Todd Palin Steps Into the Spotlight forStars Earn Stripes

Stars Earn Stripes:  All Videos

Todd Palin Talks about Stars Earn Stripes, Fishing, Van Halen and More! (August 10, 2012 By )

America’s Sweetheart once again: PALIN at 53.5% approval

Sarah Palin: Obama’s lecturing on civility is ‘nauseating’

*Todd Palin America’s Newest Action Hero

‘Next time I go to war, I want Todd Palin on my side’

Todd Palin: One Man Army

FOX Video:  Palin on the veepstakes (Hannity – 08-09-12 )

Video:  Governor Palin with Sean Hannity — Aug. 9, 2012

*Celebs prove their mettle in new boot camp reality TV show Stars Earn Stripes

WaPo Would Have ‘Certainly’ Credited Palin Had Steelman Won

*Sarah Palin: Her batting average is still pretty high

*Ted Cruz, Scott Walker to speak at GOP convention but Sarah Palin’s role still a mystery

*Celebs prove their mettle in new boot camp reality TV show Stars Earn Stripes

Video: Todd Palin is here! A SarahNET Radio special presentation.

Todd Palin on haters: ‘I don’t let them drag me into their mud’

Todd Palin Discusses “Stars Earn Stripes,” Gov. Palin’s Future, and more on SarahNET Radio – Devito

Honoring Teachers (Specifically Mr. Howell from 9th and 10th Grade!) (August 9, 2012 By

*I Have a Great Hiking Buddy (August 9, 2012 By

SP FB: Support Sandy Adams in Florida’s 7th Congressional District

*Sarah Palin + Republican National Convention = ?

*Sarah Palin + Republican National Convention = ?

GOP asking for trouble if Palin doesn’t speak (mixed)

Mountain vs. tea party, Zell Miller vs. Sarah Palin

*Sarah Palin’s winning streak ends with Missouri’s Steelman (mixed)

SP FB:  Congratulations to Todd Akin on his win.

SP FB:  Bristol makes such an important point in this post!

Not Getting the Memo (August 8, 2012 By


K Street Republicans’ war on Palin

Media Message: Judge a Woman by the Height of Her Shoes, not the Height of her Character

Exclusive: Dick Cheney offers insight on VP selection process, addresses Palin criticism (Hannity Video and Transcript – 08-06-12)

*Secretary Sarah (mixed)

Social Conservatives Demand Prime-Time Slot At GOP Convention!

Steelman’s Not Done Yet (And Neither Are We)

Romney, GOP: Call 9-1-1 and ask for Sarah Palin

GOP picking a nominee for Missouri’s Senate race

Cheney: McCain’s process was a mistake, not Palin

7 things to watch in Tuesday’s primaries

*NY SUN: Palin is leading voice for constitutional conservatism

Excellent Read:   ‘Worse Than Palin’

‏@SarahPalinUSA:   Bristol makes such an important point in this post! Being in favor of the traditional definition of marriage… 

*Scarborough on Palin: ‘Why wouldn’t you let her speak at the convention in prime time?’

Bristol Palin on DWTS presser: ‘The hate was theirs, not mine’; Twitter attacks Sarah

Palin clout helps shape the Senate

SP FB:  ”I encourage Show Me State patriots to get out and vote for Sarah Steelman tomorrow…”

*Can Sarah Palin Win the Gold With Republican Endorsements?


*Reince Priebus hopes Sarah Palin speaks in Tampa

*This is your last chance to take a stand with Sarah Palin and the Tea Party Express

Looking back in Fairbanks — Aug. 7

Bristol Palin’s Dancing With the StarsGoal Is to Not Gain Weight,,20618581,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines

*’My goal is not to gain any weight’: Bristol Palin’s says she’s planning on keeping trim on Dancing With the Stars all-star edition (mixed)

Cheney Seeks to Clarify Sarah Palin ‘Mistake’ Remark

*Sarah Palin: Mama grizzlies united (mixed)

*Tea party focused on coming GOP Senate primaries

Cheney Revises and Extends on Palin

ABC, Newsweek praise SARAH PALIN’S record in Senate picks

Shocker From ABC’s Jonathan Karl: ‘Sarah Palin Is 4 for 4 on Her Senate Endorsements’

Eleanor Clift Shocker: ‘Sarah Palin Will Be a Force at the Republican Convention’


Stars Earn Stripes Official Website (w/photos and videos)

PALIN visits Omaha, meets Senate cand. Deb Fischer (Photos)

Palin On a Roll With Endorsements

Palin visits Iowa for Rastetter dinner

Video:  NBC Stars Earn Stripes Premiers Monday August 13 8-10pm ET only on NBC

*Terry Crews,Todd Palin and Brent Gleeson Profile: NBC Press DAY 2012

(call for help) How much more ‘outside’ does Palin need to be?

Bristol Palin talks ‘DWTS,’ says reporters are like hyenas (Video)–says-reporters-are-like-hyenas-Video/8761206

Sarah Palin visits Bruce Rastetter party in Hubbard

*Palin’s endorsement tour rolls on

**Palin’s Surprise Iowa Visit


At rural blueberry patch, Palin rallies supporters for Steelman

Tea Party and Palin win again!

*Sarah Palin stumps for Sarah Steelman

**Palin visits with Fischer, charms hunters at Cabela’s

Sarah Palin visits Bruce Rastetter party in Hubbard

Video:  Sarah Palin’s speech at the Steelman Rally/BBQ Aug. 3, 2012

*Sarah Palin: Senate kingmaker

*Sarah Palin stumps for Sarah Steelman

Palin Lays it on Line for Steelman in Missouri

Video:  Sarah Palin campaigns for Sarah Steelman

*Sarah Palin lunches in La Vista with Fischer

Sarah Palin Stops in Missouri to Stump for Sarah Steelman  (w/video)

*Palin hopes to extend winning streak with Missouri endorsement

∞Video:  Palin for Steelman pt1

Video:  Palin for Steelman pt2

*At rural blueberry patch, Palin rallies supporters for Steelman

Sarah Palin campaigns for Sarah Steelman in Missouri,0,1999869.story

When will new thinking arrive?

Sarah Palin Helping Steelman Campaign In Missouri

Video:  Sarah Palin appears at Sarah Steelman event

The Parallels of Sarah Palin and Sarah Steelman

*At a Cass County farm, Palin campaigns for Steelman

Video:  Sarah Palin campaigns for Sarah Steelman

Video:  RNC’s Reince Priebus disagrees with Cheney, Gov. Palin was the right pick!

On Second Thought, Camping and Baby Bottles (August 3, 2012 By

On Second Thought, Episode 13 “Raider and a Ring” (August 3, 2012 By )

Romney can’t ignore Sarah Palin in 2012. The Tea Party champ is more politically relevant than ever (mixed)

Palin endorses Adams, records robocall for Flake

Palin: Cruz Win Is a ‘Victory for Tea Party Conservatives’


SP FB:  Kirk Adams for Arizona’s 5th Congressional District

Noah Green: That evil Sarah Palin is stealing all of the Huckster’s Chick-fil-A credit, or something



BRENT BOZELL: Now it’s the TV critics versus the Palin family

*The Palins Versus the Critics

Video:  Rush: “Pure and Simple. Sarah Palin Was Not The Mistake On That Ticket.”

*Palin Finds Nothing Succeeds Like Success

Video:  Sarah Palin Flexes Political Muscle Again!6CAC4BBB-AF16-4DF5-B498-C1D8BDE6BF2F

Video: Gov Sarah Palin on Your World 8-1-2012

Sarah Palin endorses Kirk Adams for Congress in AZ-05

Mike Huckabee, Barack Obama, Sarah Palin and more in this week’s top gainers in political pages

Palin: People are tired of business as usual (‘Your World’ Video and Transcript – 08/01/12)

*Sarah Palin and Bill Clinton May Be the Real Stars of the 2012 Election (mixed)

Palin: GOP Establishment Embraces ‘Status Quo’  quo/2012/08/02/id/447372

Palin on Cheney calling her VP run a ‘mistake’: ‘Everybody misfires once in a while’ [VIDEO]

*Greta: About Those People Claiming Sarah Palin Cost John McCain the Election

Levin on the Texas Senate Race: I Didn’t See a lot of Her Critics Down There


Supreme Court Unexpectedly Upheld Regulatory Elimination of Down Syndrome (August 2, 2012 By )

*Unbiased Expert: Palin Helped McCain

Chick-fil-A restaurants become rallying points for supporters

‘Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day’ sets record, restaurant chain says

Palin to Cheney: Careful where you aim

*Neil Cavuto Talks Tea Party Politics With Sarah Palin


Paradigm shift: Sarah Palin takes Texas

*Texas sized GOP U.S. Senate Nomination captured by Cruz – Shows Palin Power

Levin takes issue with Cheney for Palin criticism, questions Portman as VP

**Sarah Palin On Motherhood: “Enjoy Every Single Moment”

Sarah Palin to Campaign for Steelman in Kansas City MO

Palin says after she eats some Chick-fil-A, she’s coming to Iowa

*Sarah Palin to campaign Friday for Senate candidate Steelman

Palin to campaign in Missouri for Steelman

*Sarah Palin coming to Kansas City for Steelman event

NYTimes: ‘Sarah Palin-blessed’ victory reshapes Senate GOP

Sarah Palin: DNC cracking me up with idiotic strategy of having Elizabeth Warren at convention with her Marxist views

Palin pounces on Cheney over VP comments

Palin on Cheney Criticism: He Misfired

Sarah Palin Thumps Dick Cheney For Believing Lamestream Media Tripe (Video)

Tea Party Aims to Apply Its Touch to the Senate G.O.P.

QUIGLEY/THE HILL: GOP-E in panic as Palin takes Texas

Palin records robocall for Steelman

Sarah Palin Gives Out Her Best Motherhood Advice

Video:  Gov Sarah Palin on Your World 8-1-2012

Ted Cruz Wins TX Primary, Tea Party Wins Again, and Palin 4 for 4

Hating Palin

Sarah Palin proves she’s all about “mom stuff!”

Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann Wedding Officiated By Obama Billboard Banned

Mitt Romney, don’t follow Dick Cheney’s advice,0,4413519.story

Palin On Cheney’s “Mistake” Comment: “Everybody Misfires Once In A While”

Palin fires back at Cheney: ‘The mistake would have been not answering the call’ to be VP (OTR Video and Transcript – 07-31-12)

Video:  Gov. Palin Says Her Attendance at Convention Is in RNC’s Hands

SP FB:  Congratulations to Ted Cruz!

It’s Eat Mor Chikin’ Day!

Tuesday’s Palin Power Contradicts Mouthpieces at The Daily Beast


Video: Governor Palin Talks To Greta Van Susteren – July 31 2012

What PALIN sacrificed by agreeing to be McCain’s VP pick

Report: Dewhurst Campaign RoboCalls Falsely Claiming Support From Sarah Palin

Help Chuck Heath, Sr. and Chuck, Jr. Choose Book Tour Cities

Getting sick and tired of K Street Republicans’ war on Palin

K Street Republicans’ war on Palin

MARK LEVIN: Dick Cheyney wrong to attack SARAH PALIN


McCAIN to CHEYNEY: I’m proud of Sarah Palin, of job she does

§§Audio:  Gov. Sarah Palin Endorses Martha Zoller for Congress

Palin: Robocall & Facebook Support for Zoller

SP FB:  Vote Tomorrow: Martha Zoller for Congress (GA-9)

SP FB:  Texans, I urge you to get out and vote tomorrow for Ted Cruz

CNN: The Stupid Network

Palin’s Qualifications to Serve in White House Should Not Be Questioned

POLL: Despite endless attacks, PALIN’S approval ratings rise

Video:  Sen. John McCain response to Cheney’s Palin Swipe


Tea party’s Cruz looks poised for Texas triumph

Sarah Palin Qualified. Period.

Liz Cheney Disagrees With Father On Palin, Calls Her ‘More Qualified Than Obama And Biden’

Liberal MSM Double Standard: CNN attacks Governor Palin with Pink’s “Stupid Girls” Bumper Music … And They Wonder Why They Have No Ratings

CNN: Playing ‘Stupid Girls’ Ahead of Sarah Palin Story a ‘Poor Choice’ (mixed)

CNN Insults Palin with ‘Stupid Girls’ Intro During Segment

Governor Palin more influential among Texas Republicans than their own governor

Do the Gun Poll and Defend Your Second Amendment Rights! (no contribution necessary)

Video:  Momma Grizzly


RELEASE:  Palin’s Qualifications to Serve in White House Should Not Be Questioned

Russell Brand’s joke about Sarah Palin receives backlash on Twitter

Dancing with the Stars – Season 15 Cast Announcement

Promo video for DWTS All Stars

Gallery for DWTS All Stars’Dancing+With+the+Stars+All-Stars’/G4173

Bristol Palin: I Do It All for My Son

Palin: I’ll Decide on Convention This Week

Bristol Palin on ‘DWTS’ gig: ‘I might as well have fun’

‘Dancing With the Stars’ all-star cast

Cheney on Palin

Pamela Anderson and Bristol Palin create a buzz as new DWTS cast

Dick Cheney: Picking Sarah Palin for VP Was ‘A Mistake’

Et tu, Cheney? Cheney disses Sarah Palin on ‘This Week’; Media now fawns over Cheney

Pamela Anderson, Bristol Palin Among ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Blast from the Past

Sexist media lapdogs: CNN plays ‘Stupid Girls’ as intro to Sarah Palin at Chick-fil-A story

CNN Plays ‘Stupid Girls’ Before Story About Sarah Palin Visiting Chick-Fil-A

Author: ‘Bitter America’ loves West and Palin, not Obama and Romney

SARAH PALIN: Great speech for TED CRUZ campaign in TX

Sandra Fluke defends Sarah Palin against Russell Brand

Palin Hits 53% Poll Approval Rating Bests Obama/Romney;Media Still Quoting Year Old Polls

Guess Who Was Spotted at Chick-fil-A? (July 28, 2012 By


Worthless Has-Been and Nominal “Comedienne” Viciously Smears Teenage Girl in Desperate, Continuing Search for Relevance

Palins Show Support to Chick-fil-A With Texas Visit

FULL SPEECH: Sarah Palin campaigns for Ted Cruz

Dancing With the Stars: Bristol Palin Clashes With TV Critics: “I Like to Provide for My Son”

*Palin Jabs at Perry While Rallying for Cruz

‘Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars’ cast announced: Bristol Palin, Pamela Anderson, Apolo Ohno return to the dance floor

Palin revs up crowds for tea party favorite Cruz

Bristol Palin back for another bout on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

*Bristol Palin Takes On Press Over Return To Dancing; Says She’s Not ‘Homophobic’

*Bristol Palin: Why I Signed Onto Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars

Sarah Palin visits Chick-fil-A, civility and new tone ensue on Twitter

Sarah Palin Is Right: We Shouldn’t Surrender “Blue” States

*Palin Wows The Woodlands  (w/photogallery)

Mark Levin rips Kathy Griffin for her Willow Palin hate fest

Sarah and Todd Palin join the Chick-fil-A non-boycott

SP FB:  Dan Bongino speech  mentioned at the Ted Cruz rally in Texas

Mark Levin rips Kathy Griffin for her Willow Palin hate fest

Palin among top conservatives turning out for Cruz in Texas

‘DWTS’ brings back Kirstie Alley, Bristol Palin

Bristol Palin to Return to ‘Dancing With the Stars’

*‘DWTS’ All-Stars: Anderson, Palin, Alley, Lachey

Past rivals return to ‘Dancing’ for new season

UPDATE 1-Bristol Palin returns to ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Sarah Palin speaks at Ted Cruz campaign event

*SP FB Wall Photos:  Sarah and Todd at Chick-Fil-A

*Video: Sarah Palin Speaks in The Woodlands for Ted Cruz (w/photos)

*Sarah Palin stumps for Ted Cruz

Romney’s Best Convention Strategy – Let Sarah Palin Speak

DWTS Announcement: I’m on All Stars! (July 27, 2012 By


Selling Out Sarah Palin

*Inner Tube: Todd Palin says he did reality show for charity, plus other TV news

Video: Jedediah Bila Says Sarah Palin Should Speak at the Republican Convention

Sarah Palin: Tampa decision is days away

‘Sarah Palin’ Stripper Hired for GOP Convention: Family Values Conservatives Are ‘Best Customers’?

Poolside in L.A., Sarah Palin pushes her hubby’s TV show

Sarah Palin in awe of husband Todd’s feats on ‘Stars Earn Stripes’

Palin: I’ll Decide on Convention This Week

“Stars Earn Stripes”…wimps need not apply! :)

Support Chick-Fil-A: Great Chicken, Great Values (July 26, 2012 By

Breitbart on Palin understanding that “culture is upstream of politics”

Sarah Palin: Chick-fil-A is Victim of Chicago Thuggery

Stars Earn Stripes – Pushed to Their Limits

*ABC News: PALIN has a ’stellar primary endorsement record’

Sarah Palin: ‘Bad guys don’t follow laws’

Palin, DeMint to Headline Cruz Rally in Houston

Sarah Palin to stump with Ted Cruz

Sarah Palin Tells Vulture That Her Family Does Reality Shows to ‘Live Life Vibrantly’ (mixed)

On Second Thought: Episode 12 – First Love, Then Mar (July 26, 2012 By )

On Second Thought: Episode 11 – Grin and “Bear” It (July 26, 2012 By

Palin to Rally for Cruz in Texas; Dewhurst’s Desperation Showing

Stars Earn Stripes:  About the Show

Stars Earn Stripes Cast:  Todd Palin

“Forget Chuck Norris, We Got Todd Palin!”  (July 25, 2012 By

*Sarah Palin outshines stars at NBC press tour party

Palin to Texas for Cruz

Zoller Gets Sarah Palin’s Endorsement; Collins Responds

Palin endorses Zoller

Sarah Palin Turns Heads at NBC Party in Beverly Hills

*Todd Palin Claims Win Over ‘Lame-Stream’ Media With NBC’s ‘Stars Earn Stripes’

Sarah Palin endorses Martha Zoller in 9th District race

Sarah Palin endorses Martha Zoller in bitter 9th District primary

Palin appears in ad for Ted Cruz for Senate – Texas

Sarah Palin To Campaign With Ted Cruz in Texas

Leno Cheap-Shots Palin With Juvenile Stripper Joke

Palin Says Chick-fil-A is Victim of Chicago Thuggery

Todd Palin explains why he’s on NBC, home of ‘Saturday Night Live’

Sarah Palin Speaks on Colorado Shootings

Governor Palin: “Restricting More of America’s Freedoms When It Comes To Self-Defense Isn’t The Answer”

Setting the Record Straight (July 23, 2012 By )

Bristol Palin Claims Son Used Different F-Word

Georgia: Martha Zoller Gets Sarah Palin Endorsement

Bristol Palin, Showrunner Say Child Used Other F Word

New Steelman Ad Hits Brunner, Highlights Palin Endorsement

Bristol Palin Sets the Record Straight on Her Son’s ‘F-Word’

Newt Gingrich: Sarah Palin should speak in Tampa

110,000 Views of the #IBuiltThis Video!! (July 24, 2012 By

Did You See This? Three Heroes of the Movie Massacre (July 24, 2012 By

On Second Thought: Episode 9 – Iron Dog and Hair Aspirations (July 24, 2012 By )

Robert Ringer: “RINOsaurus Rex” fears being upstaged at the convention

Liberals, media attack Bristol and 3-year-old Tripp Palin for something he didn’t even say

o Speak at RNC Convention – Devito

I Built This:  The Video

*Trig with his big sister

Did Bristol Palin’s Son Tripp Call Aunt Willow A Gay Slur On Reality Show?

Sarah Palin lookalike stripper to woo Republicans in Tampa Bay

Palin Endorses Jeff Flake In AZ Senate Race

Sarah Palin gets out the vote for Ted Cruz

Palin endorses Flake in Arizona US Senate race

Sarah Palin endorses Flake in GOP primary

*Arizona: Sarah Palin Endorses Jeff Flake

Romney’s Tea Party Test: Who Will Speak at His Convention?–20120723

Palin endorses Jeff Flake in Arizona

Business owners, Bristol Palin hit back at the president with ‘I Built This’ video

 Palin video: “Mr. President, I Built This!”

Governor Palin Weighs In on Working Mothers In New York Magazine

Brilliant, conservative, proven-leader Sarah Palin deserves respect

Palins offer condolences to victims of Aurora tragedy

Video:  Gov. Sarah Palin Speech Belleville Michigan; July 14th, 2012

Video: Senator Jim DeMint joins Greta

Built This: The Video (July 20, 2012 By

Did I Take the President’s Words Out of Context? (July 20, 2012 By


Mourning (July 20, 2012 By )

‘Our Sarah: Made in Alaska’

I Built This, Mr. President” (July 19, 2012 By

McCain on Piers Morgan Tonight: Palin ‘Was the Right Choice’

McCain irked by blowback over Palin remark

Palin Endorses Steelman in MO

Governor Palin: Obama’s ‘Shovel Ready’ Stimulus

*Sarah Palin Deserves to Deliver Game Changer Speech at GOP Convention

CBS Boosts Jimmy Kimmel Trashing Palin as ‘Crazy Moose Lady’

Official C4P Video of Palin Michigan Speech

John Zeigler | Self-promoting crap weasel doesn’t want Gov. Palin to speak at RNC

No, Sarah Palin Did Not Cost McCain the Presidency

Kevin Scholla Talks to David Martin, Producer of Bristol Palin: Life’s A Tripp

McCain: Palin Was a ‘Better Candidate’ Than Romney; Update: McCain Clarifies Statement

Jeffrey Lord: Team Mitt Disses Governor Palin


The Atlantic Pushes the “Palin is Irrelevant” Meme in Wake of “No Invite” Newsweek Story

Mr. L: Gov. Palin Leads while Gov. Christie Lords

Laura Ingraham Demands Palin Be Invited to Convention; Update: Gingrich Agrees

Palin snubbed by GOP convention?

Eight Legit Reasons Why Sarah Palin is the Only Logical Choice to be Our Nation’s Next Vice President

Mittens Throws The Election…. Report: Mitt Romney Bans Sarah Palin From GOP Convention

Sarah Palin talks economy, Obama

Palin PAC Doubles Quarterly Cash

Sarah Palin talks economy, Obama with excited crowd at Belleville tea party rally

On Second Thought: Episode 8 – The Iron Pup Can Wait  (July 16, 2012 By )

What does Sarah Palin Think about Condoleezza Rice being Vice President? (July 16, 2012 By

Full Video:  Sarah Palin at Patriots in the Park

Earth To Romney: What The Hell Are You Thinking?

NEWSWEEK: Will Romney invite Palin to GOP convention?

Romney’s Palin Problem: Where’s Her Convention Invite?

*Sarah Palin PAC amps up cash haul

Sandy Adams lands Palin endorsement

Palin: Condi More Qualified to Run Country Than Obama

Palin says Pelosi ‘one paranoid politician’ over saying Romney wanted boos from NAACP


Sarah Palin says 2012 is race between the party of big government and party of big freedom (w/video from livestream)

Watch Sarah Palin speaking in Michigan

Palin PAC raises more money in 2nd quarter

*Sarah Palin Speaks At Tea Party Gathering In Michigan

Massive Crowd for Sarah Palin in Michigan: Says Election is Between Party of Big Government vs Party of Big Freedom! **UPDATED

Sarah Palin brings positive energy, message to tea party faithful

SarahPAC Has A Strong Second Quarter

*’Stars Earn Stripes’ Photo Gallery

Palin: Condi Rice “Would Be A Wonderful Vice President”

Palin endorses Rep. Sandy Adams in GOP primary race against Rep. John Mica

Palin endorses Adams in GOP primary for Congress

Steelman Proud of Palin Comparison

Palin: Romney campaign ‘can’t hold back’ and ‘has to take the gloves off’ against Obama (OTR Video and Transcript – July 12, 2012)

OTR Video:  Palin sizes up Solyndra loan program’s ‘success’

Florida: Sandy Adams Gets Sarah Palin Nod

Palin says Pelosi ‘one paranoid politician’ over saying Romney wanted boos from NAACP

Sarah Palin: Condoleezza Rice would be ‘wonderful’

Video:  Gov. Palin talks to Greta – July 12, 2012

Gov Sarah Palin goes ON THE RECORD at 10pm tonight — we will find out what she thinks about the Sec of State Condi Rice rumors ….

Governor Sarah Palin Endorses Conservative Sandy Adams for U.S. House

‘Stars Earn Stripes’ star and Iraq War veteran ‘impressed’ by Sarah and Todd Palin

Media Notices Palin/Steelman Similarities

On Second Thought: Episode 7 – I Shouldn’t Have Hit Willow with the Refrigerator Door (July 12, 2012 By Bristol Palin)

What’s the Theme Song to Life’s a Tripp? (July 12, 2012 By Bristol Palin)

The Russian Air Force Can See Sarah Palin’s House from their Bear Bombers

Reagan Is Gone – Is Sarah Palin America’s Next ‘Great Cheerleader’?

Sarah Palin on How Obama’s Tax Plan Will Affect Small Businesses

Romney Surrogate Sununu Dismisses Governor Palin’s Advice, Says ‘Base Is On Fire’

SARAH PALIN on SEAN HANNITY SHOW, 7/10 (transcript)

Sarah Palin: Romney has to get through the filter of the lapdog media

Countdown to November: Promising poll numbers for Romney (Hannity Transcript and Video – July 10, 2012)

FOX Video:  Palin: ‘This is the election of our lifetime’

BELLEVILLE: Patriots in the Park event to feature guest speaker Sarah Palin

Willow Run Tea Party: Sarah Palin to ‘give ears to our voice’ during Saturday event (mixed)

Sarah Palin Blames Media ‘Manipulation’ For Romney’s Polling, Warns Voters Are ‘Wiser’ This Time

Abby Huntsman Reveals Her Dad ‘Cringes’ Over Clip Of Himself Introducing Palin (CNN PDS)

Governor Palin Talks To Sean Hannity on Foxnews – July 10 2012

Sarah Palin: Mitt Romney Hurt By Media ‘Manipulation’  (HuffPo spin at end)

Confession: I’m Not the Cool Parent I Thought I’d Be (July 10, 2012 By Bristol Palin)

Palin: The Polls Will Change As Romney Gets His Message Out (Video)

A threat is a threat no matter what it’s called

Sarah Palin: “He Made Things Up in His Books… It Should Be No Surprise That Obama Makes Things Up Today” (Video)

Palin Decimates Obama And ‘His Media Lap Dogs’

Sarah Palin to address metro Detroit tea party event

Palin: Romney Needs To Remind People “That His Private Bank Accounts Are Not The Problem” With Economy

SARAH PALIN: Dem attacks on Romney ‘insanely hypocritical’


On Second Thought: Episode 6, How Do I Get Tripp to Behave?


Video:  Gov. Palin talks to Hannity July 10, 2012

Detroit News: SARAH PALIN keynotes Saturday Tea Party rally

Mr.L: Palin vs. Christie & the Difference Between Serving & Lording

Palin’s Effect on Women vs. Obama’s Effect on Black-Americans

*“Bristol Palin: Life’s A Tripp” Episode 5 Photos (July 9, 2012 By Nancy French

*The Truth Behind Tripp’s Hair (July 9, 2012 By Bristol Palin

Palin to address Mich. event Saturday

Palin to speak to tea party event Saturday in Belleville

Patriots in the Park

Two Pennsylvania men sentenced for harassing Palin’s lawyers

Book Giveaways: “Not Afraid of Life” and Many More! (July 8, 2012 By Bristol Palin)

Alaska Road Sign Hacked (July 8, 2012 By Bristol Palin

Study shows Palin treated differently by media to Biden as VP candidate in 2008

*A Controversy I Didn’t Expect: Ole Miss vs. Mississippi State (July 8, 2012 By Bristol Palin)

Palin Haters Not Exclusive to Left

Romney Campaign “Hires Palin Basher” No Way To Win 3 Million Palin Supporters

Habitual Palin-Basher to Get “Bigger Role” In Romney Campaign

He’s Definitely a Riot (July 6, 2012 By Bristol Palin

Willow Palin- Daughter of Sarah Palin

NBC’s ‘Stars Earn Stripes’ Debuts Explosive Poster

Study shows Palin treated differently by media as vice presidential candidate than Biden

Happy Birthday, Willow! (July 5, 2012 By Bristol Palin)

On Second Thought: Episode 5, Ms. Palin Goes to Washington (July 5, 2012 By Bristol Palin)

Why Ayotte Should Step Up in Defense of Governor Palin

Lee Greenwood Sings “God Bless the USA” at Palin Rally – Video 2008

Celebrate These Words Today! (July 4, 2012 By Bristol Palin

Celebrating America, Palin Style Tuesday, July 3, 2012

‘Stars Earn Stripes’: Todd Palin and Mark Burnett discuss the NBC show’s ‘operatives’


Go Sarah! Sarah Palin calls Pelosi a dingbat and comments about other liberals on Hannity

Governor Palin’s Executive Accomplishments

Governor Sarah Palin’s ExecutiveAccomplishments (download or print)

Palin dominates

Ouch!… Palin Slaps Down Bob Beckel On Death Panels


Sarah Palin Calls Nancy Pelosi a “Dingbat” on Hannity

Video- Sarah Palin ‘Nancy Pelosi Is A Dingbat’

SARAH PALIN: Obama is lawless, naive, selfish, short-sighted

LIB SICKOS go ballistic after PALIN tweets against Obamacare

Governor Palin’s Executive Accomplishments


Video:  Palin: ‘Nancy Pelosi is a dingbat’

Sarah Palin: Nancy Pelosi a ‘dingbat’, ‘perfect spokesperson’ for radical left

Sarah Palin Calls Nancy Pelosi a Ding-Bat

Sarah Palin: We Won’t Recognize America If Obama Is Reelected


On Fox: Sarah Palin ‘Tends To Agree’ With The Term ‘Treachery’ To Describe Today’s Ruling

Sarah Palin feeling ‘optimistic’ after ruling

Palin: ‘ObamaCare’ a harbinger of things to come, if Obama is re-elected, you will no longer recognize the country you love (June 28, 2012 OTR  – Video & Transcript)

Palin thanks Supreme Court, calls health care ruling a ‘big bleeping deal’

Sarah Palin Posts Angry Tweet About Supreme Court Obamacare Ruling

Palin Thanks the Supreme Court

Sarah Palin on Obamacare: If Obama is reelected Americans won’t recognize the country they love

Sen. Barrasso weighs in on Palin’s renewed ‘death panel’ claim

Limbaugh, Palin Revive ‘Death Panel’ After ‘Obamacare’ Decision (mixed)



On The Five, Sarah Palin Takes On Health Care Ruling, Bob Beckel And George Stephanopoulos

Sarah Palin: “Nancy Pelosi Is a Dingbat” (Video)

Palin: Congress Should ‘Rescind’ Obamacare Mandate Tax

Sarah Palin to Mitt Romney: Repeal Obamacare (vote in poll!)

Poll:  Do You Agree With Thursday’s Health Care Ruling?

Bristol Palin’s ‘Life’s A Tripp’ replaced by ‘Dance Moms’ reruns

On Second Thought: Episode 4  (June 30, 2012 By Bristol Palin)

Video:  Gov. Palin talks to Hannity – June 29, 2012

Video:  Gov. Sarah Palin on The Five – June 29, 2012

Palin: “Nancy Pelosi is a Dingbat”

Palin Leaves Beckel Speechless on “Death Panels”

Sarah Palin: Obama Acting in Lawless, Naive, Selfish, and Short Sighted Manner

Video:  Gov. Palin talks to Greta – June 28, 2012

Obama “said (the individual mandate) wasn’t a tax.”

Sarah Palin: ‘Thank God’ for SCOTUS

Life’s a Tripp: episodes three and four, in which Bristol Palin would like to erase half of Tripp’s DNA

Sarah Palin On ObamaCare Ruling: ‘Obama Lies; Freedom Dies’

Thank You, Scotus

@SarahPalinUSA:  Obama lied to the American people. Again. He said it wasn’t a tax. Obama lies; freedom dies.

Palin, Like Reagan, Led the Fight Against Socialized Medicine

They Just Can’t Get Over Sarah Palin

Sen. Barrasso weighs in on Palin’s renewed ‘death panel’ claim

“Death Panel” Three Years Later

VOTE! Should Obama be impeached?

On Second Thought: Episode 3 (June 27, 2012 By Bristol Palin)

Massey Brothers Have No Beef With Bristol Palin Despite Lawsuit

Sarah Palin’s Alaska Videos

‘Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp Recap: Bristol Feels She’s ‘Failed As A Mom By Picking Worst Dad For Tripp’


Tuesday TV pick: ‘Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp’

Anti-Palin Snark Contradicts Reporter’s Point

Sarah Palin Doubles Down on Obamacare-Death Panels Charge

Hollywood Honors Julianne Moore for Her Politics

*How Can I Compete With This? (June 25, 2012 By Bristol Palin

On Second Thought: Episode Two (June 25, 2012 By Bristol Palin

Bristol Palin brings drama on new reality TV show

‘Stars Earn Stripes’ puts Todd Palin and others in boot camp

‘Stars Earn Stripes’ sends Todd Palin and others off to reality TV boot camp

We’re all radicals now

ISRAPUNDIT: Sarah Palin’s impressive resume (Short version)

Video:  Bethenny on Sarah Palin

Bethenny Talks Woman-to-Woman with Gov Palin

Sarah Palin’s Resume


The Sarah Palin Factor Revisited

Sarah Palin’s 902 “Power Relationships” Uncovered By Investigative Firm.”Higher Than 99% Of Power People”

Sarah Palin relationship map – Muckety


Bristol Palin Life’s a Tripp Sneak Peek: Why Does She Think She Has “Failed as a Mom”?

*Todd Palin & Terry Crews Brave Military Training For Stars Earn Stripes

Jesus Loves Trig, This I Know (June 22, 2012 By Bristol Palin

Mediaite Ranks Sarah Palin as America’s Top TV Pundit and Influencer

2012′s 20 Hottest Conservative Women In The New Media

The Brilliant Mr.L’s View On Palin 2016

#ThatWoman, the Irrelevant One, is #1 TV Pundit

Gov. Palin Defends Laura Bush

On Second Thought: Episode One (June 21, 2012 By Bristol Palin

Former Child Stars Lay Claim to Bristol Palin’s New Reality Show

Power Grid:  TV Pundits (Sarah’s #1!)

Afraid of Her, MSNBC Perpetuates the Black Legend of Sarah Palin

Live Blogging ‘Bristol Palin – Life’s a Tripp’ (details but with negative spin)

Bristol Palin defends mom during reality show premiere

*Bristol Palin: I won’t have sex until after marriage

Bristol Palin: This Time I’m Not Having Sex Until Marriage

Bristol Palin: No more sex until marriage

Why I Did a Reality TV Show (June 20, 2012 By Bristol Palin)

Sarah Palin promotes daughter’s new Lifetime series

Sarah Palin defends her silence on Mitt Romney

‘Stars Earn Stripes’ puts Todd Palin and others in boot camp,0,3708565.story

Bristol Palin’s show ‘Life’s a Tripp’ at center of lawsuit filed by Kyle Massey and family

Gov Sarah Palin joins in .. speaks out about the unjust criticism of Former First Lady Laura Bush

Did Palin send McCain’s campaign ‘into a deadly political tailspin’?

SARAH PALIN: I’d vote for Mitt, or – ANYBODY. BUT. OBAMA.

Hannity, Sarah Palin Question Lack Of Outrage About Obama’s Immigration Policy ‘Power Grab’

Todd Palin joins military-themed reality show  (mixed)

‘Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp’ premiere – Sarah Palin ‘is definitely not the next Kris Jenner’

Bristol Palin’s Ex Boyfriend Kyle Massey Sues ‘Life’s a Tripp’ Producers (the two never dated)

Sarah Palin wouldn’t blink in voting for Romney, she affirms it’s ANYBODY. BUT. OBAMA.

Sarah Palin: Obama’s Former Students Got Ripped Off (Video)

Gen. Wesley Clark Co-Hosts New NBC Game Show Starring Todd Palin

Video:  Palin Hannity June 19, 2012

NBC’s ‘Stars Earn Stripes’ enlists Gen. Wesley Clark., Todd Palin, Dean Cain, more — EXCLUSIVE

*PIC: Bethenny Frankel Meets Sarah Palin!

Bristol Palin to Huckabee: Back off

Romney advisor: Sarah Palin ‘poisoned the well’ (Updated)

@SarahPalinUSA:  Bristol’s new show “Life’s a Tripp” premieres tonight on the Lifetime channel at 10pm/9c! I think people viewing… 

Mike Huckabee, the Scold (June 19, 2012 By Bristol Palin

Todd Palin among those competing in NBC’s reality series ‘Stars Earn Stripes’

Daily Caller Whines That ‘Increasingly Irrelevant’ Palin Hasn’t Endorsed Romney – Update

Bristol Palin’s new show to focus on son, boyfriend, family

Video:  Palin – RightOnline Conference: Matt Drudge

Peeved Mike Huckabee Scolds Bristol Palin After She Stands Up Appearance On His Radio Show

Mike Huckabee criticizes Bristol Palin, declares her ‘fair game’ from now on (mixed)

*Bristol Palin tells Sean Hannity she still hasn’t ruled out running for office

*Sarah Palin’s Warning to Young People: There’s a reason it’s not called FUNemployment

Sarah Palin Rocks Right Online

Sarah Palin Talks about the Birth of Citizen Journalism Started by Matt Drudge

Sarah Palin can’t help it, she’s still running against Barack Obama  (mixed),0,4077777.story?track=rss

LA Times: ‘Palin Can’t Help It, She’s Still Running Against Barack Obama’

Please SIGN the Petition to Free Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani  To: The United States Senate

Palin Movie Empty Theater war cry of left reveals MSM conjob by Conor Friedersdorf

‘The SWAT-ting must stop’: Sarah Palin defends the freedom to blog at RightOnline

‘Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp’ review (mixed)

*Sarah Palin’s “Fabulous” High Heels

To All The Dads Who Braid Hair (June 18, 2012 By Bristol Palin

Hillary Clinton Supporter Defends Gov. Palin on SarahNET Radio – Devito



Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin Keynote Speech at Right Online 2012 … Palin Gives the MSM Hell For Not Vetting Obama in 2008

Sarah Palin On The Media: “Rage Against The Machine”

Palin takes jabs at media over president’s drug use, dog consumption

Sarah Palin talks to Right Online 2012

Someday Bristol Palin Might Decide She’s Interested In Running For Office (mixed)

PALIN: Media had no money to vet Obama, spent it in Wasilla

Governor Palin at RightOnline Conference: Matt Drudge and the Rise of the Citizen Journalist

Everything I’ve been Writing About Can Be Summed up in a 36 Minute Speech

Tell Congress and the Department of Justice that You Support Voter ID Laws

Sarah Palin and Michelle Malkin ROCK RightOnline in Las Vegas!


Governor Palin’s Speech at RightOnline 2012 (Posted on June 16, 2012)

LVRJ News Video:  Sarah Palin addresses conservative bloggers at the RightOnline Conference

Governor Palin’s Exceptional Speech to New Media at RightOnline Conference

Major Media Reports On Palin’s “Fiery Speech” At RightOnline Conference Plus Video

Sarah Palin Rocks Right Online

Governor Palin’s RightOnline Keynote

Video: Governor Sarah Palin Keynotes Right on Line 2012

Video:  Sarah Palin at RightOnline 2012

Sarah Palin Praises New Media; Mocks Old Media and Obama at RightOnline

Sarah Palin to Right Online: ‘Reload with insiration’

Sarah Palin Ridicules Obama and the Media at ‘Right Online’ Event in Las Vegas

Video:  Sarah Palin Mocks Obama for Eating ‘Fido’!

Full Speech: Sarah Palin at Right Online 2012

Palin salutes ‘new media’ at Venetian conference

Sarah Palin gives a pep talk to conservative bloggers at the Right Online conference,0,4660711.story

Palin rallies conservative bloggers to avoid repeat of 2008, but makes no mention of Romney

Governor Palin: Obama ‘Pandering’ on Immigration

Palin is sporting a huge Mogen David

Video:  Governor Sarah Palin keynote at Right Online 2012

*Palin assails Obama, media, ‘permanent political class’




Bristol Palin in 2028?

Bristol Palin won’t rule out a political run

Bristol Palin Sued for Defamation

Bristol Palin Sued For Defamation By Heckler

Legal woes for Bristol Palin’s reality show?

Sarah Palin and “Hating Breitbart” Headline Right Online in Las Vegas


*Palin to headline RightOnline conference in Las Vegas

Man files suit against Bristol Palin, TV network

Op-Ed: Man sues Bristol Palin after calling her mother a whore

Photo:  Bristol Palin with Sean Hannity

Bristol Palin Won’t ‘Shut Out Completely’ Possibility Of Running For Office In Hannity Interview

Video:  Bristol Palin talks new reality show

Bristol Palin interview with Hannity

Bristol Palin Cries About Being Alone with Son onLife’s a Tripp,,20603541,00.html

Bristol Palin cries about being alone with son on her new reality show

*Bristol Palin Being Sued by Bar Heckler!

Celebuzz photogallery of Bristol Palin Photos (primarily from reality series)

Bristol Palin reality show sparks hate, profanity on Twitter


“Life’s a Tripp” on Hannity Tonight! (June 14, 2012 By Bristol Palin

No, Obama Didn’t Eat Him (June 14, 2012 By Bristol Palin

Video:  Bristol talks to Hannity

Fox & Friends Video:  Bristol Palin on life in the spotlight

Bristol Palin ‘excited’ for people to learn the truth about her life in new reality show

Bristol Palin Sued by Bar Heckler

*Bristol Palin’s ‘Life’s a Tripp’ promises down home Hollywood fun (mixed)

Poll:  Who was to blame for the ugly confrontation between Bristol Palin and Stephen Hanks?

*Bristol Palin sued for defamation by bar heckler

Support Sarah in this poll:  Tell Romney your VEEP choice

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Left? Bristol Palin draws strength from God, prepares for reality show debut

Bristol Palin sued for defamation by bar heckler

“Progressives” Go Ballistic After Bristol Palin Gets Her Own Reality Show…

BRISTOL PALIN  Sued By Bar Heckler

Bristol Palin Attacked in Bar, Told ‘Your Mother is the Devil’ (VIDEO)

Bristol Palin Living Large In LosAngeles: See A Sneak Peek Here

Bristol Palin reality series to premiere June 19

Governor Palin and Bristol: Praying for Robin Roberts

PALIN 2007: Our leaders need to secure and defend the U.S.

Charlie Rose – Sarah Palin (2007)

Bristol Palin and son to have their own Lifetime reality series

Why I’m Not on Twitter (June 12, 2012 By Bristol Palin

Time for a Bristol Palin hatefest on Twitter

Name This Dog: And the Winner Is… (June 13, 2012 By Bristol Palin

Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp Season 1 Pictures

Praying for Robin Roberts (June 12, 2012 By Bristol Palin)

Did You Catch the Good Morning America Segment? (June 12, 2012 By Bristol Palin

So, It Wasn’t Just a Fluke: Exposing Planned Parenthood in New York (June 7, 2012 By Bristol Palin)

Palin: Photos from the IDBAA Conference in New Orleans

Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp picture gallery

#Palin Gets Standing Ovation At New Orleans Bakers Convention Photo Shows Her Looking Great

2012 IDDBA Show Highlights

GMA Video:  Bristol Palin on Standing Up For Mom, Reality Series

Bristol Palin Says Reality Show Will Present Her as a ‘Grounded, Normal Mom’

Bristol Palin & her Mom Share Mutual Support

Bristol Palin: I’m just not that Hollywood type of person

Bristol Palin says ‘Life’s a Tripp’ viewers will see ‘the real Bristol’

Live With Kelly: Bristol Palin “Life’s a Tripp” Interview

Bristol Palin Will Be on ‘Live! with Kelly’ on ABC at 9 AM EST

Tea Party, Americans for Prosperity, Sarah Palin [Her Supporters] and Strong Leadership Win in Wisconsin

Regarding Sarah, Part 1  (quotes)

MONA CHAREN: Wisconsin revealed strength of the Tea Party

One man’s challenge: 50 courses in 50 states in 50 days–50-courses-in-50-states-in-50-days?instance=popular

Sarah Palin Answers Viewers’ Questions; Shuts Down Possibility of Being Part of a Romney Administration

Sarah Palin: ‘Absolutely Out Of Whack’ For Obama To Say Private Sector Is Doing Fine

Sarah Palin slams Obama: ‘Private sector doing fine’ remark ‘absolutely out of whack’ and ‘out of touch’

Gov. Palin about 2016: Anything is a possibility

Palin Talks Independents, Democrats Not Happy With Obama Policies

Father-and-son duo that stalked  Sarah Palin sentenced to probation for harassing her family lawyer

Sarah Palin won’t rule out possibility of third political party

Video:  Palin ANHQ [American News HQ]  June 09, 2012

No Surprise: Steve Schmidt Now Buddies with the Obama Administration – Updated

Plouffe Discusses His New Partnership With Steve Schmidt

ET “Moore Assured of Emmy For Palin Portrayal”; Of Course,Hollywood Wouldn’t Miss Another Palin Bashing Opportunity.

GOP must not condone rogue machinations of ruling class

2 men sentenced in Palin lawyer harassment case

Father, son get probation for harassing Palin attorney

2 men sentenced in Palin lawyer harassment case

2 men sentenced in Palin lawyer harassment case

Sarah Palin to appear on Greta tomorrow night, Fri. 10pm ET

Palin Breaks Through 52% Support Level In Latest Poll

Sign the Life At Conception Act Petition!

Sarah Palin Reacts to Wisconsin Recall; Says She Has No “Sympathy” For Tom Barrett

Sarah Palin for Vice President of the United States.

Palin: Wisconsin Voters Understand “Austerity Is A Good Thing”

Palin relishes Walker victory over Wisconsin union ‘thugs’  (mixed),0,1193672.story

Sign this injunction form demanding the removal of Elena Kagan from the Supreme Court!  (no contribution necessary)

SARAH PALIN: On D-Day, God bless those who sacrificed

NY SUN: Palin’s outreach to labor to join the conservative cause

Hinge of Labor

Congratulations, Gov. Walker! (June 6, 2012 By Bristol Palin

Sarah Palin: No I Don’t Feel Sorry For Tom Barrett – He “Tried to Fool the Public” (Video)

Palin:Obama’s absence in Wisconsin shows president’s ‘goose is cooked’ in November (OTR Video & Transcript – June 5, 2012)

Sarah Palin: ‘Obama’s goose is cooked’

Sarah Palin Sits Down With Greta Van Susteren

FLASHBACK: Sarah Palin in Wisconsin, “Get Used to It”

Sarah Palin On Wisconsin: “Obama’s Goose Is Cooked”

Palin’s 2012 Picks

GOV. PALIN ON GRETA (Video): ‘Obama’s goose is cooked’


Congratulations to the People of Wisconsin (Posted on June 06, 2012)

Governor Palin Discussing the Wisconsin Recall on Fox (Posted on June 06, 2012)

Gov. Palin talks to Greta June 5, 2012

Gov. Palin talks to Neal June 5 2012

* @jackiesic’s write-in for Governor Palin in New Jersey:

Sarah Palin commits to keynote address at Right Online conservative conference

Name This Dog: Here are the Top Three Options! (June 5, 2012 By Bristol Palin )

Send A Message To The Supreme Court: NO ObamaCare!

Watch this Rand Paul video and sign the Life At Conception petition!


*Sarah Palin Will Be The Keynote Speaker At Right Online This Year

*We Need Puppy Name Suggestions! (June 4, 2012 By Bristol Palin)

*Sarah Palin to rally conservative online army

Right Online Speakers

Right Online Agenda

Register for Right Online Conference June 15-16 in Las Vegas

*Praying, Tripp Palin Style (June 4, 2012 By Bristol Palin)

AUDIO: Steve Bannon traces roots of ‘false narrative’ on Palin

Podcast: Tracing the Roots of Main Stream Media’s ‘False Narrative’ on Gov. Sarah Palin | Tony Lee

FLASHBACK: Sarah Palin saves Rick Perry’s butt in 2010 vote

I  Guess Rick Perry Forgot About Needing [Begging] Sarah Palin to Save His Campaign in 2010

Palin Stalkers Released

Drill baby drill: Sarah Palin talks oil drilling and Keystone with John Stossel

§§ How Should We View Ourselves? (June 2, 2012 By Bristol Palin

Video:  Palin: Obama Doesn’t Have an Energy Policy

AKgasman Thanks Gov. Palin for Her Petro Tel Point Thomson Plan

Say NO to LOST! (use custom links to send a tweet to key senators)

Veepstakes: Conservatives (Still) Prefer Palin

Gas Myths (airs SATURDAY at 3PM & 10PM on FNC)

Is Sarah Palin the GOP’s New Political King (and Queen) Maker?

Interesting speculation about why McCain picked Sarah Palin

Exposing Planned Parenthood (June 1, 2012 By Bristol Palin

VIDEO: Sarah Palin, Wisc., 2011: ‘The 2012 election starts here’

Bristol Palin in the spotlight again

The Producers Theory of Sarah Palin

*POLITICO: Palin is defining new role with Senate endorsements

*Camping The Other Night (May 31, 2012 By Bristol Palin

Governor Palin is a ‘Significant Player’ Says … MSNBC and Politico

VIDEO: Heck Freezes Over – MSNBC/Politico Credit “Significant” Palin With Cruz’s Remarkable Result In Texas

Poll Shows Overwhelming Support For Sarah Palin to be Mitt Romney’s Vice President: What it Means

BERNIE QUIGLEY: Palin is rebuilding conservatism in America

Why Can’t They Leave Palin Out Of It?

Ted Cruz: The Sarah Palin phenomenon

Cruz into a Runoff

The Promo for “Life’s a Tripp” – My New Show on Lifetime! (May 29, 2012 By Bristol Palin

Dangerous Sarah Palin Stalker Released From Prison Pending Sentencing


*Today at the Park (May 28, 2012 By Bristol Palin)

*ABC News Allows Ted Shpak To Lie About Sarah Palin on Memorial Day, Again

Down syndrome and abortion, Bristol Palin, and me (plus a book giveaway)

For the “Welcome Homes” that Never Happened (May 28, 2012 By Bristol Palin)

Bridges Are Burning

Hatch Scores Tea Party Points With Palin Endorsement

*Bristol Palin on Bill Maher: ‘I think he’s a joke’

Palin Takes to Facebook to Honor Vets Ahead of Memorial Day

*Memorial Day and Rolling Thunder Friday, May 25, 2012

Conservatives, Remember Who You Are

Dear Mrs. Couric, In Your Dreams!

Bristol Palin reality series to premiere on June 19

So How Many Babies with Down Syndrome Are Actually Aborted? (May 25, 2012 By Bristol Palin

Drama, Tears & That Altercation AtThe Bar! Bristol Palin’s NewReality Show Reveals Her Life AsA Single Mom

Palin Pulverizes Obama

Video:   Mr.L: Did Tea Partiers Throw Sarah Palin Under the Bus Over Hatch Endorsement?

Mr.L: Did Tea Partiers Throw Sarah Palin Under the Bus Over Hatch Endorsement?

Did Tea Partiers Throw Sarah Palin Under the Bus Over Hatch Endorsement?

Sarah Palin Endorses Orrin Hatch For Another Term

Cruz Goes Up With Palin Ad

Bullied Conservative Teen Fights Back

Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars’: Bristol Palin, Kelly Osbourne considered (mixed)

Conservative Teen Opens Up About ‘Vile, Vulgar’ Reaction To Her Video On Gay Marriage

Bristol Palin vs. ‘Teen Mom’ Coming to a TV Near You (VIDEO)

*Bristol Palin’s Lifetime reality series about family and motherhood to premiere June 19

Bristol Palin reality show to debut June 19

Palin’s support for Orrin Hatch is not new

“Teenage Political Maverick” — Madeleine McAulay — Fox and Friends — 5-23-12

*Bristol Palin blogs about South Carolina union leader hitting Gov. Nikki Haley piñata

*Bristol Palin reality series to premiere June 19

Levi Johnston is ‘penniless and living with his mother after squandering $1million on guns, boats and cars’

Hatch Scores Tea Party Points With Palin Endorsement

Palin bucks ‘tea party’ candidate in Utah, endorses Hatch for seventh term

How Orin Hatch wooed Sarah Palin, and the conservative base

Gov. Palin’s statement endorsing Sen. Orin Hatch for re-election

Mark Levin defends Palin, explains his own Hatch endorsement

Palins Take on ‘Union Boss Thuggery’

Bullying in the Name of Tolerance: the Nikki Haley Edition (May 23, 2012 By Bristol Palin



Sarah Palin: Mitt Romney Needs to Defend the Free Market and His Record at Bain Capital

*Bristol Palin’s reality show, ‘Life’s A Tripp’, to debut on Lifetime June 19


Sarah Palin’s full interview with Hannity

TRENDING: Palin endorses Utah’s Hatch in Senate race

Bristol Palin reality show set for June 19 on Lifetime  (mixed)

Chris ‘I Lost On Jeopardy!’ Matthews: ‘Palin’s Briefing Papers Have the Weight of a Comic Book’

Bristol Palin To Get Reality Show; Stacy McCain Content With Surreality Show

Palin blasts ‘absentee’ president’s ‘crony capitalism on steroids’ in ObamaCare PR campaign (OTR Video & Transcript)

Sarah Palin announces endorsement of Orrin Hatch for US Senate

Sarah talks to Greta May 22, 2012


“Mr. Balanced Budget” for Utah May 23, 2012

“Mr. Balanced Budget” for Utah (Posted on May 23, 2012)

Congratulations to Deb Fischer (Posted on May 15, 2012)

Ted Cruz for Texas (Posted on May 14, 2012)

Congratulations to Deb Fischer (Posted on May 15, 2012)

Mourdock For Indiana (Posted on April 27, 2012)

Sarah Palin: Obama Spending $20 Million to Promote ObamaCare “One of the Stupidest Things I Ever Heard of”

Gov. Palin on Greta & She Endorses Orrin Hatch

New Ted Cruz Ad Features Sarah Palin

Political Wire Blames Palin for Automated Robocall Dialing

Sarah Palin Concerned Romney and the GOP Elite Don’t Have the Guts to Fight

I’m No Victim (May 22, 2012 By Bristol Palin)

Video:  Sarah talks to Hannity – May 21, 2012


Palin slams Romney’s ‘one-sided ceasefire’ against Obama

“The Fighting Instinct Of Mr. Snuffleupagus”

Whoops! Sarah Palin Accidentally Robocalls The Wrong State  (sabotage by Perry operatives?)

Sarah Palin tells Kansans to vote … in the Texas Senate race

Perry, Palin offer dueling Senate endorsements

Sarah Palin does robocall for Ted Cruz in Texas

Palin endorsement of Cruz may lead to Texas GOP Senate run-off

Palin sells Maricopa home (mixed)

Being camera-ready counts for a lot, studies find,0,6301848.story

Sarah Palin Talks 2012 With Sean Hannity

Sarah Palin Endorses Ted Cruz For Senate In Texas

Palin robocalls for Ted Cruz in Texas

Our Crisis

Video:  Sarah Palin Call: Ted Cruz Is A Conservative You Can Trust

Sarah Palin Call: Ted Cruz Is A Conservative You Can Trust

Noam Chomsky:  Sarah Palin Right About ‘Hopey Changey’ Stuff

§§Reading the North

Breaking: Sarah Palin does a robo-call for Ted Cruz

The Sarah Palin Factor Revisited

Conservative blogosphere’s defense of Palin in ‘Game Change’

Hannity Special: McCain Camp Didn’t Vet Obama; Palin Thought That Was a Mistake

BEAU, JOE & O:  Slips Seem To Run In The Family

Same-sex ‘marriage’ advocates threaten Bristol Palin and her family with death

Ted Cruz on SP Radio: Phones Lit Like Christmas Tree after Palin Endorse

Palin Still ‘Spark’ for Underdog Candidates


MATTHEW DOWD, ABC NEWS: What Palin can teach Obama

What Palin Can Teach Obama About Seizing the Moment

Gov. Palin on Greta’s Show Tonite!  Is Our Government Out of Control?

Danny Strong Lies Again – claims ‘minimal conservative backlash’ to ‘Game Change’

Noted MSNBC mocker of Sarah Palin’s intellect doesn’t do so well on Jeopardy

Is Sarah Palin’s political clout underrated?

SarahPAC:  Time to Fire Barack Obama!

Sarah Palin–the Galileoan Expo Eraser

Rev. Al credits Sarah Palin for ‘picking GOP winners and losers’

S.E. Cupp Takes On The Daily Show Co-Creator For Saying Palin’s Praying ‘Does Scare People’

Noam Chomsky – Sarah Palin was right about Obama

Rush: ‘The only war on women… is the GOP Elite war against Sarah Palin’

VIDEO: Club for Growth credits Palin in Fischer’s Nebraska win

TV GUIDE: A look at Bristol Palin’s new reality show

Palin Power

Palin-endorsed Deb Fischer wins Nebraska Senate primary; will face Bob Kerrey in November

Sarah Palin’s Latest Triumph? Deb Fischer Wins Nebraska GOP Primary (gets 2010 stats wrong)

State of Daniel: Three Reasons Why Gov Palin is Still Relevant

*We Need The “Palin Effect” In Texas For Ted Cruz

First look: Bristol Palin and three-year-old son in promotional photograph for new reality show Life’s a Tripp

McCain adviser: Palin was ‘high risk, high reward’–694923/1?csp=34news#.T7Q96-j2Zqw

Palin’s Golden Endorsement Touch

A ‘sensible’ newspaper would demand that Obama produce his records

Bristol Palin sells Arizona home for profit

Sarah Palin: This Liberal’s New BFF  (mixed)

Congratulations to Deb Fischer  Wednesday, May 16, 2012


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