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Sarah Palin: The Republican Choice

Posted by reagantman on March 25, 2012

from Patrick’s World USA

Imagine if the desperate donors who flew to Trenton with bags of money to convince Chris Christie to run saw Palin as the savior of the Republican Party. Imagine if governors like Nikki Haley and Bob McDonnell were willing to risk their political necks to call Sarah Palin before her announcement not to run and pledge their support. Imagine if leaders, both elected and unelected, in the Republican establishment had the foresight to see Sarah Palin as our next great leader. Imagine if the doubters and the shaky in the Republican media threw caution to the wind and became as orgasmic as Ann Coulter is about Romney about Palin.

It reminds you of that song by Louis Armstrong, doesn’t it?

Okay, snap out of it.

Back to reality.

Sarah Palin made the decision not to run based on personal reasons. We can respect that she doesn’t want her family dragged through another round of nonsense in the media. We can respect the fact that she has multiple sources of good income as a result of her hard work and effort in life. We can even go out on a limb and respect the fact that maybe Sarah Palin just never felt the love from the GOP Establishment.

The latest PPP poll shows that Sarah Palin now has a 68% favorable rating. This is higher than the ratings enjoyed by the Republican primary candidates. When Palin was considering a run for president, her favorability ratings were in the 45% range. She had not yet fully recovered from the relentless smear campaign which lasted from her VP run in 2008 to the day she announced she wasn’t going to run.

But once she said she wasn’t going to run, the smoke cleared. It was no longer necessary for her detractors to manufacture lies and promote false doubts about her. Sure, “Game Change” just came out, but that project was financed and launched before she announced she wasn’t running. They have to show it. There are contractual obligations.

With the people now getting a clearer view of Palin without the smoke machine to throw them off, her numbers are returning to what they were when she was first announced as the VP candidate in 2008. By the time she delivers her blockbuster speech at the 2012 GOP Convention in Tampa, she will be respected across the board. Following the speech, delegates and party leaders will be seen wandering the halls scratching their heads asking themselves why they didn’t just get behind her early on and ride her to the top.

Like in 1976, when people were saying “we nominated the wrong guy,” Republicans will take a second look at Sarah Palin and smack themselves in the heads.

This is not to disrespect her decision to not run. This is to disrespect the Republican establishment and the conservative media for it’s shear stupidity in not seeing this a year ago. Had everyone known what many of us in the Palin camp were trying so hard to tell them, and had those who resisted it realized that they were sowing the seeds of their own party’s demise, there could have been a Republican revolution and a Palin revolution to blow the doors off of the convention this summer and ultimately in the general election.

The GOP establishment and the trembling tigers who are too afraid to risk showing bold colors turn wimpily to the pale pastels – moderates dressed as conservatives who will quickly hit the reset button in time to run like a leopard who freaks toward the center for the general election. They think Tea Partiers, people like Rick Santorum, Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh are extremists. Of course they are, when you compare them to Barack Obama.

The liberals are the extremists, you dopes. We’re right. What conservatism stands for isn’t some whacky right wing nut job agenda. It’s about the Constitution. It’s about liberty. It’s about common sense!

If we could just get the Republican Party to understand what we really need to do to fix this country, we could win almost as big of a battle as the one we must win to defeat Obama.

Sarah Palin busted her tail for over 20 years in Alaska. She was a city councilwoman, a mayor, an oil and gas commissioner, a governor and ultimately a vice presidential candidate. She was nearly beaten to a pulp, left for dead by the time she gave her “If I die, I die,” speech following her resignation as governor of Alaska. Then she came back. If what Sarah Palin has been through isn’t vetting enough for the presidency of the United States, then I don’t know what is.

If all the boneheads that refused to see Sarah Palin as the one, if all the boneheads that didn’t support Newt Gingrich, if all the boneheads who didn’t support Rick Santorum and these same boneheads who now support establishment candidate Mitt Romney would have just deemed it so that Sarah Palin was as inevitable as what they are trying to make us believe about their beloved Mitt, Sarah Palin could have and possibly would have been convinced to run.

The mistake of not running Palin is not hers. It is the Republican Party’s mistake. They should have insisted she run. Those guys with the suitcases of money who went to Trenton, they should have went to Wasilla and brought the millions of us who have been supporting Palin since day one with them. It would have been something to see all of us standing on her front lawn chanting “run, Sarah, run.”

If the party and the conservative media had any brains, we wouldn’t be talking about Etch-a-Sketch candidates and brokered conventions. Instead, we would probably be singing “What a Wonderful World” in anticipation of what our nation would look like after a Palin presidency.

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Sarah Palin and a Brokered Convention

Posted by reagantman on February 17, 2012

The liberals are soiling themselves again over her.

Sarah Palin has been giving some ambiguous answers on Fox News during her rounds on the shows earlier this week. She told Eric Bolling that “I would do whatever I could to help.” On other shows she’s been more content to frame it in the context of whatever she could do to help the conservative cause as someone without a title. She proclaims to love her freedom and not being in the box that a political candidate would have to be in. Is Palin dead set against running so she can keep her other options open or does she have “unconventional” on her mind?

Predicting Palin is like predicting the weather six months out. It simply can’t be done. Asking the question doesn’t necessary answer it. Looking at the dynamics of the Republican presidential race and the vast matrix of opinions that people have about the former Alaska governor, one would tend to rule out her not offering herself as a candidate as part of a fracas that could occur at a brokered GOP convention in August. However, the most telling argument against this line of thinking comes from liberals themselves.

It’s as if liberals have the same senses that animals have before the coming of a tsunami. Smug in their bubbles of manufactured truth and mythical Obamaism, they love the prospect of a second term for our fundamental transformer in chief. One can only picture Glenn Beck doing his imitation of the intellectual with the pipe and smoking jacket to understand how content liberals are as they look at our current field of candidates. Present them with the possibility that Palin could win the GOP nomination at a brokered convention and they fall to pieces.

Just read Politico, The Daily Kos, the Washington Post and other left wing propaganda organs. Notice how the smear machine is ratcheting up again. Do a search on “Palin” on Twitter and see how those who went home and put down their poison keyboards after she announced she wasn’t going to run for president have suddenly pulled out the templates of all the hits on her that they spent over 3 years preparing in advance of what they feared would be their moment of doom: a Palin presidency.

They soil themselves. Their heads spin. They spew green vomit. Nicki Minaj’s exorcism performance at the Grammy awards would have worked much better had she rounded up a bunch of Palin haters and included them as the recipients of the exorcism in her act. Even a skeptic like me would have found the imagery more relevant to her material.

These are the folks who called her dumb and unelectable. Well, riddle me this: how is it possible that people who think Palin is dumb and unelectable now believe she’s methodically using her position with the Fox News Channel to steal the presidency? Intellectual dishonesty rears its ugly head again. Either Sarah Palin is so diabolical and so clever that she is capable of usurping the entire primary process to become the most electable candidate since Ronald Reagan in 1984 or she’s an idiot. Which is it?

Based on the latest liberal diatribes, she’s a genius. They tremble in fear that she will not only offer herself up at a brokered convention, but they believe in the possibility of her winning the nomination that way and sweeping the country the way Reagan did in 1980.

They’re not actually outright saying this. They’re doing everything they can to downplay her again out of fear of this. Instead, they’re trying to convince people that Sarah Palin is a cheap opportunist who is using her position at the Fox News Channel to keep herself relevant. If she’s doing that, liberals, its you she has to thank for helping her out by keeping her name atop the link bar on left wing news and political web sites.

I don’t believe in global warming, but when I’m freezing my butt off there are often times I actually wish liberals were right about it. The same goes here. While it will take a huge circumstantial cascading of grand proportions to put Sarah Palin into the White House, I pray with all my might that the liberals are right to be afraid.

Liberals will always tell you who they fear. Right now, they fear Sarah Palin.

Those who are not liberal or tainted by the mainstream media’s caricature of Palin should clearly understand that Sarah Palin has her hand on the pulse of the American people. She epitomizes and articulates exactly what we are looking for in a great leader. Her choice to not run is a personal decision and one that we all must respect. But, the bottom line is if she did run, she’d kick Obama’s ass and she’d kick it all the way from Washington to Chicago.

Palin would have emerged as the anti-Romney candidate at this stage of the process. Romney would have looked like a fool attacking her. The mainstream media, which has already used all of its arsenal, would be relegated to regurgitating old memes that would eventually wear thin with most mature thinkers regardless of whether or not they agree with Palin on the issues.

Palin still has viability only if a Republican Party that wouldn’t stand up for her when she was so brutally attacked in 2008 and 2009 has a mea culpa and realizes that their downfall will come from not supporting Sarah Palin and the millions of people who stand behind her and who believe in what she believes in. By not grabbing her by the collar the way did with Chris Christie and by not providing the support she needs, the GOP establishment blew an opportunity to take back America the way Ronald Reagan did in 1980. Yes, they treated Ronald Reagan like one of Michael Vick’s dogs, too. But he ran and won anyway.

Having the advantage of hindsight, if you had sent some of those establishment types back in time to 1979 knowing what they know now, they would be grovelling at Ronald Reagan’s feet begging him if he had said he wasn’t running. They didn’t know it at the time, but the GOP establishment would find out later how much they benefited tremendously from simply having the word WINNER written in bold letters next to their party name. As much as the establishment have become the crony capitalists and beltway insiders that we despise today, they owe Ronald Reagan big time for transforming the GOP into a winning brand.

So here we are again. Because they continue to miss opportunities to clean house and represent the grass roots rank and file the way they are supposed to, the party that is going the way of the Whigs is blowing its next great opportunity to save itself. The thinking is not there. Their fear of the unknown or concerns about Palin’s abilities outweigh the realm of possibilities that other candidates simply don’t offer the party. Our country is about to be completely destroyed by socialists, anarchists, progressives, liberals and the Obama agenda. Yet the party still wants to play it safe. They’re happy Palin’s not in the race.

You will hear that any of our candidates can beat Obama frequently. And they can. But you’ll never hear the words “save our country” unless the name Sarah Palin is used in the same sentence.

This is the party that sent a handful of rich donors to try to convince Chris Christie to run while millions of Palin supporters watched as the GOP basically ignored her. This is the party that generated a media frenzy designed to feign mass disappointment out of a few pundits and some establishment donors whose hearts were broken because Christie decided not to run. Meanwhile, the real story was that there were millions of Republican voters who could have been summoned at the snap of a woman’s fingers – and the party wouldn’t even ask her!

This election is about whether or not the American people are willing to have the guts to stand up against the stupidity of big bureaucratic government. If they don’t, we lose no matter what. We can run any of the candidates we have now. If any of them wins, it means we stop Obama. If they don’t, it confirms the oncoming of the thousand years of darkness that Reagan warned us about.

If the party and enough of the rest of us got through to Sarah Palin and decided to go all out for her, the excitement level would be through the roof. Do you see that kind of excitement level being generated by any of the other candidates? Any of our candidates can win. Any of them can lose. This includes Sarah Palin. But lets face it; if she ran and lost it just means that the rest of them would have lost, too.

The American people will be making a democratic decision at the ballot box whether or not they want to destroy their country in November.

This is not just any election. This is it. Bill O’Reilly said:

And right now the President is leading in all the polls against Romney, Santorum or Gingrich. So Americans are basically saying you know what? We’re ok with the nanny state. We want four more years of it. Believe me, if this continues, you’re not going to recognize this country in four years.

Sarah Palin presents the most clear contrast to the liberal agenda. If she was to run and win, it wouldn’t just be another loss for the Democrat Party. It wouldn’t be another “clean ourselves up so we can come back and try it again 4 years later.” It would be a knife to the heart of liberalism.

Liberals know that. Liberals know that once the smoke of the smear machine fades and Palin shows her stuff on the national stage, their memes of her ignorance and inabilities will rest in the grave with the rest of their morally and intellectually bankrupt ideology. Sarah Palin, as Monica Crowley has often said, is an existential threat to liberalism.

She is the garlic. She is the stake. She is the cross. She is the holy water. That’s why liberals squirm so much at the mere thought that there’s even a ghost of a chance that she could be nominated a brokered convention.

Shouldn’t this tell the Republican Party something?

The Republican Party is in trouble. The country is in trouble. Eric Bolling told Palin to her face that she’s got “it” and that she doesn’t even realize she’s got “it.” She has no ego. She continuously refers to herself as “little ole me.” It should be time that the Republican Party wakes up and realizes that the hard road to taking this country back might require doing all it takes to get Sarah Palin to put herself into service at a brokered convention. The reality, though, is that this is highly unlikely.

This is not about pushing a pipe dream or throwing Palin supporters into another frenzy only to be disappointed. We know the chances of this are slim. But this scenario needs to be articulated not just so we can scare the crap out of liberals. We must record for history that if we ever lose this country it will be because we (and by we I mean the entire Republican Party) couldn’t get it through Sarah Palin’s thick skull that she is our best leader – our best hope. Even worse, it will be because we couldn’t get it through our Party’s thick skull.

If the GOP had any sense, they’d drag her out of her house kicking and screaming and demand that she stand before the brokered convention and be voted on. If the delegates had any sense, they’d vote for her. If Palin supporters had any sense, they wouldn’t hold their breath waiting for this to happen. But if it did, what an amazing moment in American history it would be.

Have no illusions. We know the chances of this happening are slim. But they are not none. Bring on the brokered convention.

cross posted at Patrick’s World USA

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The GOP With and Without Palin

Posted by reagantman on December 19, 2011

Having started a new job and trying to keep up with a side business that can be a headache sometimes, I’ve not had much time to blog or do my BlogTalk radio show. But, I also have to admit that without Sarah Palin in the race, there’s not much that I can add to what the great folks out there in the blogosphere are saying. My motivation for blogging was to add mine as another supportive voice for the Palin cause. Without Palin in the race, there’s not much for me to do really.

This leads me to something that I was thinking about for the last couple of weeks. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one thinking about it as Conservatives4Palinpoints out. They picked up on an interview of Tea Party Express leader Amy Kremer by MJ Lee where Kremer says:

The grassroots conservative movement has yet to throw its support behind a Republican presidential candidate because “we don’t have the female Ronald Reagan running — and that’s Sarah Palin,” said Amy Kremer, chairwoman of the Tea Party Express.

“We haven’t engaged in presidential politics yet because the movement hasn’t coalesced around anybody, so we’re just sitting back and waiting,” Kremer added.

For the past few weeks, I have been struggling with my own dissatisfaction over the direction of the Republican Party and the Tea Party. This is not to say that they’re not working to unseat Obama or that they have stopped pushing for limited Constitutional government. The troubling part to me is that neither the GOP or the Tea Party have one leader that they can coalesce around.

The Tea Party has always prided itself on being a leaderless movement. Until now, the Tea Party has been united despite not having a leader. But now that the Republican Party doesn’t have a clear leader, the Tea Party like the rest of the conservative movement has been a movement divided by candidate preferences even though it remains staunchly anti-Obama and anti- big government.

There’s nothing wrong with people choosing their own candidates. But, we all know people who were in lock step with each other about Sarah Palin who are now backing a different candidate than we are. The person who may have shared my thoughts, quoted my articles or retweeted a link as a sign of agreement may today be the person who is arguing Rick Perry or Rick Santorum when I may be thinking about backing a different candidate.

It’s so odd and so surreal to think that if I strongly backed another candidate or even leaned toward another candidate that people who I once locked arms with might argue with me. This doesn’t mean we’re still not friends or that we won’t end up uniting again to go up against Obama next year. But, again, it’s just so odd to not have that tying thread which Sarah Palin was to us all.

Because of Governor Palin, I have made some very awesome friends on here. I hope to continue those friendships into the future, Palin or no Palin, because I am convinced that there is still greatness left in America as evidenced by the mere existence of these people.

While we will all tend to disagree from time to time, we all recognize that America would be a better place if Sarah Palin led us back to that shining city on a hill and put an end to not only the national nightmare that is Barack Obama, but put an end to business as usual in Washington. Sarah Palin was a two for one special: someone who could destroy the Democrats and liberalism while cleaning up and reforming the Republican Party at the same time. Sudden and relentless reform? You betcha!

That’s why everyone on the left and in the GOP establishment were just crapping their drawers at the mere thought of her running. They knew that at the snap of a finger, millions of us would have poured out of the woodwork. It would have looked like a scene from Braveheart. There would have been pundits asking where all the Palinistas came from?

We’ve been here the whole time. We built an army over the past three years. We would have gone to war for Governor Palin. There would have been no sacrifice too great to demotivate or deflate us. The world was about to see something they haven’t seen since the Reagan revolution.

Which leads me to this. What was the Republican Party before Sarah Palin became a national figure? What is the Republican Party now that she’s not running?

Before Palin, the Republican Party was a mess. It had lost its way having become drunk on the Potomoc water. It never fought or spoke out loudly enough in advance of the housing and financial crisis. The principles of conservatism weren’t being adhered to or spoken of much in the halls of Congress.

While Sarah Palin remained a potential candidate following her run for vice president in 2008, we were a strong party. We took back a swath of seats not only in Congress, but in state houses and state legislatures across the country. America was hopeful again because we knew Obama couldn’t push anymore of his economy busting stimulus and health care craziness through Congress anymore.

Now that Sarah Palin isn’t running, the Republican Party is becoming a mess again. You can put eight Republicans in a room and all eight of them will pick a different candidate for president. Republicans know what they want. Conservatives know what they want. If what they want was up on that stage last night, they’d be behind her. Instead, they’re all trying to find pieces of what they want in each candidate and are ultimately going to end up going with the least common denominator.

The Republican nominee selection process is not so much about choosing the best person, it’s about choosing the least worst person. The 2012 election will be a referendum on Obama, not a coronation of Romney, Gingrich, Perry or anyone else.

While Palin remains a voice for our philosophy, without power she cannot stop the party from returning to business as usual once Obama is defeated. We will all breathe a sigh of relief when Obama is ousted in the election. But it will only be then that the real fight will begin. If we sit back and allow the Republican Party to return to business as usual, we’re screwed.

When you see Tea Party patriots like Nikki Haley and Christine O’Donnell endorsing Mitt Romney, it makes you scratch your head. The Tea Party is a leaderless party, but all movements eventually seek out a leader whether consciously or unconsciously. Palin would have become that leader. Without her, they wander in the wilderness. The discipline isn’t there. There’s nothing wrong with Republicans supporting Mitt Romney (he is a Republican after all). But when Tea Party members do it, it makes you wonder if the lights went out and now everyone is just bumping into each other.

I don’t want to sound like I’m not supportive of Governor Palin’s right to make her own career and family decisions. There is always a day down the road for her to come back into political life if she so chooses. And, if she so chooses, we will be there for her. Yet, one can see what’s been happening since she decided not to run. It’s not her fault. It is what it is. But, without her running, we’re just falling apart.

We can do the self improvement stuff without her. We can do the grassroots stuff without her. But, we can’t run this country without her. There are rare times in history when great leaders come into existence and this is one of them. We pray that someday Sarah Palin recognizes her greatness and takes the helm of a ship that is in dire need of a top notch captain.

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Renew, Restore and Reconsider

Posted by reagantman on November 10, 2011

from Patrick’s World USA



When they turn the pages of history
When these days have passed long ago
Will they read of us with sadness
For the seeds that we let grow
We turned our gaze
From the castles in the distance
Eyes cast down
On the path of least resistance


Conservatives4Palin has posted a Reconsider Project Ideas Open Thread on their website. The Palin movement is bubbling right now with calls for Governor Palin to reconsider running for the presidency. There are some stinging realities to overcome if this discussion is to result in a concerted final effort to get her to reconsider, but there is a good argument for going through with this effort nonetheless.

In order to get to this good argument, this writer has to be blunt and will for the sake of this post express strong feelings and sentiments that are deeply rooted in this blogger’s firm conviction that Sarah Palin is the one we’ve been looking for. Anything written is written with all of the love and all of the most due respect that I have for the Governor as a leader and a potentially transformational political figure.

Here are the facts. Sarah Palin has made a decision that she believes is best for her and her family. Leaders make decisions, stick to those decisions and act on those decisions no matter what. Major primary filing deadlines have passed or will be passing shortly (Florida and South Carolina or already closed). There are millions of Americans who were looking to her to run and help save the country, and these people just don’t see any alternative even with Palin out of the race.

Here are the analyticals. Our country is being destroyed by Barack Obama, the Democrat Party and the progressive movement. Whether you believe it is intentional or simply because of bad policy and mistaken assumptions, the fact remains that the country’s moral and economic foundations are collapsing. There is no one in the Republican field right now who offers us that much more beyond a simple defeat of Obama. While most of the candidates could potentially stop the bleeding by beating Obama, our troubles are so deep that it will take a decade or more to recover without radical relentless reform and the psychological optimism that would come from a leader who would continue to be a daily reminder of where we need to go. None of what the candidates are offering does that.

Here is what we want to say to Sarah Palin but won’t because we care about her and respect her right to make decisions about her own life. For three years, we all busted our asses – including her – to fight the socialism and the president’s agenda. Although Governor Palin has always said its not about her, the fact remains that she is our leader, our voice. We are doing it for her and our country, and we will continue to fight for our country even if it means having to tell Governor Palin over and over again that we need her.

She has always been the point person for everything her supporters believe. We are her supporters because her words and her political philosophy are ours. We fought the smear campaign against her, promoted her to a media-brainwashed nation and quite frankly I think we won that battle. She in return acknowledged that we had her back and she in return fought hard for the cause using her position as a public speaker, Fox News analyst and writer to push back on the liberal onslaught. She gave us the hope and motivation to carry on even when the winds were howling in our face and the snow was holding back the foot that’s slow.

We kept on. We kept on because we believed that there was no one else in America who could help us save this country. We don’t want to throw it all on her shoulders. We would never vote for her and say go get em while we sat back home watching sports and eating Bon Bons the way we did when George W. Bush was president. We dropped the ball. We assumed the grown ups would always win.

The days of assuming that the person we voted for was going to do it alone or that the grown ups would always be in charge are over. We let Bush get smeared alone. We didn’t blog, tweet or Facebook about the impending financial crises. We were asleep at the switch. We learned our lesson with the election of Obama. We woke up because a woman from Alaska came down here and told it to us like it was and from that point forward we willing to give our all for her.

This time it was going to be different. This time, a president Palin was going to have an army on the ground throughout her administration keeping the media in line and promoting the cause friend to friend, house to house. That’s what it was like when Reagan was president and that’s what it was going to be like again!

Then she broke our hearts by not running. Yes, we respect her decision. I know she asked how her supporters who trusted her on everything else would question this one decision. Well, let me explain why. When you are as humble as Sarah Palin; when you are not able to see yourself the way others see you; and when you just don’t know how much this really means to so many people, it doesn’t make you a bad person nor should she not have the right to make a decision her future or her family. Her problem is she simply is not seeing her own greatness.

Does she really think that there’s someone else out there that can give us the optimism and the hope that she can? Does she really believe that any of the other candidates can succeed in renewing and restoring America like she can? We don’t need a title? She doesn’t need a title? Someone needs a title. We’re doing it for each other. This is our country. Governor Palin represents our country and we are its citizens.

Karen Allen at PalinTwibe sums up how she feels and although she doesn’t speak for all Palinistas, many (including this writer) can relate to what she wrote.

I know where I am at the moment – nowhere. Truthfully, I feel a little like a woman without a country, destined to float the seas with no news of my homeland. This isn’t a “Woe is me, Palin left us, waaaaah” kind of feeling. It’s a “I don’t recognize this political scene” feeling.

None of the other candidates represents our vision of our country the way Sarah Palin does. This thing is a shining city on a hill that is the beacon of freedom for the rest of this God forsaken world. We are the unique bearers of a historical calling to be an example to the rest of the world how great free people can be. Sarah, it’s your country. We want you to have it. We know you can take the best care of it.

You don’t trust something as huge and as in danger as America is to just anyone. This is not about someone digging up something stupid from Palin’s past or smearing her in the media. This is not about stupid sound bytes in a 90 minute debate. This is not about people on the Left getting their panties in a wad. Screw them. They don’t really like our country anyway. This is not about shackling yourself to a job that the media and the political class will curse you over for the next 8 years. This is about history remembering the first woman president for saving it the way Lincoln and Washington did.

So if we grab Governor Palin by the shoulders, shake her and beg her to reconsider, it’s not because we’re trying to be disrespectful. It’s not because we’re trying to invade her life. It’s not about what the people in the Palin army have sacrificed to support her. This time was not wasted. It made our lives better and the movement goes on. This is about America.

Maybe having statues erected to you, airports named after you and having your name mentioned amongst the greats doesn’t appeal to someone with a servant’s heart. Maybe having access to all the world’s secrets, having planes and staff at your beck and call or being called Madame President doesn’t appeal to someone like Sarah Palin. That’s fine. But ask yourself one thing: where will America end up if she doesn’t lead it? There’s the good argument for reconsidering.

It may be a sisyphusian effort. Some may say we’re wasting our time. But, we should go forward with a reconsideration movement even if it doesn’t change Governor Palin’s mind. History must record that if the day comes when America as we know it no longer exists that we didn’t just give up on Sarah Palin. “If we fail, at least let our children and our children’s children say of us we justified our brief moment here. We did all that could be done.”

Renew, Restore and Reconsider or lest we say a farewell to kings.

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Moving Forward After Grizzly Fest

Posted by reagantman on November 2, 2011

from Patrick’s World USA

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to Saturday’s Grizzly Fest, it’s worth your while to listen to it here. Sarah Palin supporters are finding their way forward after her decision not to run for the presidency. Roderic Deane and Nicole Coulter co-hosted the broadcast which focused on organizing for the year ahead. The push will be on to get common sense Constitutional conservatives elected to Congress. Sarah Palin, who was instrumental in helping get candidates elected in the 2010 midterms, will once again be active in getting more elected in 2012. The program was broken up into three segments with three sets of panelists who discussed various aspects of the future of the Palin movement.

Panel 1: Success of the Movement So Far – 2-3 p.m. ET

Tammy Bruce, conservativeradio host and author
Jedediah Bila, conservative columnist and author
Josh Painter – blogger, creator of Texans for Sarah Palin
Tami Nantz – blogger outreach coordinator of
Smart Girl Politics, founder of Moms4SarahPalin

This panel will discuss the historic nature of the Palin movement, both in the blogosphere and in organizing, and the impact Palin supporters had on the historic 2010 midterms. Plus, what potential we have to make a difference in 2012.

Panel 2: The Restoration Agenda – 3-4 p.m. ET

Steve Bannon,
film producer and radio host
Jackie Siciliano, coordinator of Team Sarah
Stacy Drake, editor at Conservatives4Palin
Whitney Zahnd, Illinois O4P coordinator, blogger, and part of the Central Illinois 9/12 Project

This panel will identify the main themes we relate to as Palin supporters, and how we can continue to make these issues front and center going forward in 2012 and beyond.

Panel 3: Future of the Grassroots Movement  4-5 p.m. ET

Peter Singleton, Iowa O4P coordinator
Janne Myrdal, North Dakota Tea Party Caucus
Thomas Schmitz, California O4P coordinator
Kristen Hendershot – Alaska resident, O4P coordinator

This panel will discuss the “boots on the ground” aspect of the Palin movement, and how we can continue to deploy for good causes.

The Palin army remains a well networked force for change in America. Even though Sarah Palin is not running, the group is sticking together in order to move forward with the work necessary to save the country. The values, the ideas and the political philosophies of the people who came into the Palin movement were already there. Without a leader to rally around, many have been wandering leaderless in the wilderness since Ronald Reagan left the national stage. As Tammy Bruce said, “each of us became Ronald Reagan” after his passing.

We didn’t know each other before Governor Palin was chosen to be John McCain’s running mate. This writer remembers the weeks prior to his announcement of her. It was a dismal time. Coming to grips with a GOP presidential nominee who was speaking over the crickets at his sparsely attended rallies in the face of the impending socialist onslaught which the Obama campaign represented was probably the lowlight of my political life.

In the days leading up to McCain’s announcement, this blogger was having conversations with his friends about the end of America as we knew it and about the end of conservatism as a major political force. As bad as things are now – and as depressing it is to consider that Sarah Palin will not be president in 2012 – it is still better than it was then. There is a future ahead of us because Sarah Palin reignited the conservative movement and the army that formed from her inspiration is a political phenomenon that one rarely sees in American politics.

In the past three years, I have raised one question a number of times. Is it 1964 or is it 1976? The answer is obvious. It’s 1964. What Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan did for the conservative movement in 1964 was done again in 2008 by Sarah Palin. She, as Reagan did, took a dying brand of conservative and revived it. She renewed it, and now we are on the process of restoring it.

This restoration now falls on our shoulders. Because Sarah Palin was nominated to run as VP, we all met. Since 2008, we have all become politically active – many of us for the first time. The internet exploded with pro-Palin and conservative blogs and websites. I spoke with Jedediah Bila for the first time as a result of a BlogTalk Radio show that April Liesel was doing at the time. I was invited to be on another show and that’s how I met Thomas S. Schmitz. These people inspired me to start my own BlogTalk Radio show and it was my honor to have had all three of these people on as guests.

Roderic Deane had me on his show. I’ve been on Dr. Gina Loudon’s show and she has been on mine. I’ve had Ron Devito, Stacy Drake, Whitney Pitcher, Adrienne Ross and Jackie Siciliano as guests. I could go on and on, but the point is that all of us have had the same experiences. We have gotten to know each other through our devotion to the ideals of Sarah Palin and because of our participation in the Palin movement.

It brings me back to the “old days” at Team Sarah where I would correspond with Thomas S. Schmitz, Ron Devito, Adrienne Ross and so many others. During the height of the smear campaign against Sarah Palin, we got most of our information from each other. Rather than take mainstream media accounts of  the lies, rumors and innuendo at face value, we researched. We looked deeply into the smears and found clear cut facts that showed how false and misleading they were.

Conservatives4Palin became an instrumental site in debunking the lies and the myths of  the anti-Palin movement. While the Left was concentrating on why Sarah Palin couldn’t be president, we were out there exposing them as the lying sacks they are. We’ve taken on many established journalists and media personalities and their credibility has suffered for it. Yes, we – a rag tag army of volunteers, many of whom were not professional journalists – destroyed Pullitzer prize winners and other highly recognized journalists who chose to toss their journalistic integrity aside in order to defecate all over themselves out of fear that Palin might actually become president.

We stood tall. We were the Patriot missiles of the blogosphere. Palin smears were being shot down left and right. There were many days when Politico would post their daily hit on Palin in the morning and by early afternoon it was debunked on Conservatives4Palin and blogs across the Palinosphere.

Josh Painter’s Texans for Sarah Palin was also a big go-to site. His Quotes of the Day posts were instrumental in keeping all of us Palinistas informed about what we were all writing and saying about her. So many ideas came from our interaction with each other. It was there we were able to see what was being said and written about Governor Palin. If you wanted links to truthful articles and posts about her, you went to Texans for Sarah Palin.

The numerous blog posts and articles coming from our side washed out and pushed back all the hit pieces. Without us, the internet would have been filled with lies about Sarah Palin with no rebuttal. It was on Team Sarah that I met Gary P. Jackson who publishes A Time For Choosing. His readers would hit the comment boards on articles about Sarah Palin to correct the record. It was war with the Left and the media. The Leftists were rumored to have been paying bloggers to leave negative comments about Palin on articles. We were real people, defending her for free.

All of this work does not go for naught just because Governor Palin is not running. Today, the movement is strong. There is no reason for it to stop working toward fixing America’s problems.We can’t just pack up and go home now. It’s time to move forward and finish the job. Governor Palin needs to know that although we are greatly disappointed by her decision, we respect it. She also needs to know that if we continue with our work, we want her to consider running in the future. We will continue to fight for the ideals that she represents with a suddenness and relentlessness that will be necessary to bring about the needed reform.

In the third segment of the Grizzly Fest broadcast, the panelists addressed the future of the grassroots movement. The segment started off with a call to Sarah Palin’s brother, Chuck Heath, who spoke about campaigning for candidates in 2012. The panel discussion was moderated by Peter Singleton. The discussion was geared toward what Organize4Palin will be doing going forward.

Peter Singleton nailed the whole thing when he said this:

We have formidable adversaries – the left, the media and the crony capitalists. They all work together. They are all opposed to our core values of free markets, constitutionally limited government and individual liberty.  However, the vast majority of the American people agree with us on the issues. Despite the fact that we are the majority of the American people, we could never establish an enduring electoral coalition that can restore the balance between the government and the people that the founders envisioned.

As I see it, there are three reasons for that. First of all, the Republican Party stands for Constitutional conservative values and has a great platform. Much of the Republican establishment does not and it appears to be aligned with the other side… Second, the mainstream media has immense influence in shaping voters’ views. Third, on the practical sense, the Left has much better voter data bases and data bases on their activists, and they have mobilized their much smaller percentage of the population vastly better than we have mobilized our much larger share.

We all know that our country is in grave peril and that we are at a tipping point economically, politically [and] socially. That’s not the bad news. The bad news is the left and the crony capitalists – who work together by the way – have a playbook they’re working off of and they’re planning to take advantage of this looming crisis. And, we must mobilize. This is a call to action. We must mobilize and now or lose our freedoms and lose those freedoms forever.

Janne Myrdal talked about the power of one. Kristen Hendershot talked about traveling and being politically active. Thomas S. Schmitz talked about how the world is changing and how we don’t live in a top down movement anymore. He talked about it as being a bottom up world now. He pointed out that whoever has the strongest ground team wins. “We’re the real leaders,” he said.

America is not going to be restored by the faculty lounges at Harvard, Princeton and Yale. America’s not going to be restored by the permanent political class; its not going to be restored by panels of experts and entrenched out of touch party machines. America is going to be restored by people listening to this show.

Schmitz talked about building the the ultimate ground team to affect elections. Emphasizing “boots on the ground” and “fingers on the keyboard,” he encouraged listeners that we have to be empowered, confident, bold and prepared for action. He said it was important that we be an engaged citizenry.

Dr. Gina Loudon came on at end of show. “Conservatives never had the verbiage to define the narrative.” she said. “That is what Sarah has led on and that as what the governor has really become a beacon for in this country. That is what all of us continue to be a part of.”

As we move forward, the Palin movement can continue to be a strong advocate for pushing the Republican Party back to its platform and holding their feet to the fire. Defeating the forces of socialism and crony capitalism is the calling for those of us who want to fix the Republican Party and fix the nation.

Listen to Patrick’s World USA tonight at 11pm ET 8pm PT on Blogtalk Radio. My guest is Thomas S. Schmitz who was a panelist on Grizzly Fest.

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My Take on Grizzly Fest ’11

Posted by reagantman on October 28, 2011

-from Patrick’s World USA

Listen to Grizzly Fest on Blog Talk Radio

Sudden and Relentless Reform Begins Now

When I wrote Palin Exposes Problems in GOP by Not Running, it was originally written as a stand alone piece – my analysis of how glaringly obvious the weaknesses in the Republican Party were when they are not shrouded by the light of a potential Palin presidency. Roderic Deane graciously invited me to discuss the piece on his BlogTalk Radio show as he and others were organizing Grizzly Fest ’11.

Since I am spending tomorrow with my son, it’s highly unlikely I will be able to listen to Grizzly Fest live or participate in the forums. I will be certain to listen to the podcast at my first opportunity. This is an important online summit that should be viewed by not only Palin supporters, but by conservatives, Tea Partiers and Republicans across the greater coalition that will be working to unseat President Barack Obama in 2012 as well.

Which brings me to what I would like to focus on if I was able to attend the summit. I would hope that some of the people who read this post take an interest in discussing the role of the Palin movement in shaping the future of the Republican Party. As a lifelong Republican, a part of me laments how party insiders and the party establishment seem to be resisting candidates who stand for Constitutional conservatism, smaller government and who would like to see an end to cronyism and the disproportionate influence the permanent political class has in not only Washington, DC, but within the party itself.

Consider this post and my post about the problems in the Republican Party as my contribution to the summit.

Grizzly Fest ’11 is an opportunity for a disheartened Palin supporter like myself to move forward enthusiastically with the next step the Palin movement will be taking. Rather than wander leaderless in the wilderness like I was before Palin hit the national scene, I can take heart that because of Governor Palin’s work over the last three years, we have been motivated to form a movement that would have propelled her to the presidency had she chosen to run. Grizzly Fest represents an opportunity to unite in an effort to save our country and to continue to support Governor Palin in her efforts.

I believe our movement has grown tremendously over the last three years to the point where we could have gotten Governor Palin elected president had she ran. Although we will not get to test that theory this go around, if you believe that we are a movement strong enough to get someone elected president then you have to believe we are strong enough to effect the change necessary in both our government and the Republican Party in order to renew and restore America.

Over the course of the last three years – as a result of this blog, Blogtalk Radio and the new media interaction between Palin supporters on Twitter, Team Sarah and Conservatives4Palin, I have had the opportunity to communicate with great people like Frank Aquino, Jedediah Bila, Tammy Bruce, Roderic Deane, Ron Devito, Adrienne Ross, Thomas Schmitz, Jackie Siciliano and many others active in the Palin movement and who are actively participating in Grizzly Fest. A bi-product of being part of such a large movement like ours is that when I mention people, I miss so many others because there isn’t enough bandwidth here on Blogger to list you all.

One person who has been able to capture the essence of the Palin movement in the blogosphere is Josh Painter who put together the blogroll which is featured on his site Texans For Sarah Palin and which is the source for the Sarah Palin-Friendly Blogs which are listed on the Grizzly Fest website. It’s a great honor to see my site listed there.

This post is more than just a shameless reciprocation to the folks over at, however. It is an affirmation that we have built something that will continue to further the cause of bringing the shine back to the city on a hill. Because of Sarah Palin, we are a powerful voice instead of a bunch of broken men and women who would have been watching the end of the conservative movement three years ago had John McCain not chosen her to be his running mate.

Our futures and the future of our great nation will depend on our continuing to grow the movement and our deepening relationships among ourselves and others who will come into the fold as we and Governor Palin continue to speak out and hold Washington’s feet to the fire.

As much as I’ve gotten to know many of you who might be reading this, what really blew my mind is that I have come to know Sarah Palin supporters that I didn’t even know existed until after she decided not to run. This validates my theory that had she announced, millions of us would have poured out of the wood work much to the dismay of her detractors. The media, which has gone to contortionist lengths to mock her and downplay the level of support she has, will soon find that they will no longer be able to hide our numbers and  Palin’s effectiveness as a leader from the rest of America.

If they think she and we are gone just because she’s not running, they have another thing coming.

As our country continues to flounder economically, the Palin army has an opportunity to continue to grow and network with each other. We can stand for free market principals. Who knows, we can even be profitable in our endeavors to get into the media, pop culture or academics because of our affiliations with each other. We don’t have to go broke crusading for what needs to be done to fix our great nation. We can’t afford to wait for the government to get out of our way. We need to build our way back from the ground up.

I’m not saying this to be opportunistic. I’m saying this because it is a fundamental belief of mine that if we are going to stop the liberals, we must beat them at their own game and infiltrate the media, the culture, academia and ultimately the halls of government itself. Think about how liberal these institutions have become and then ask yourself how that happened.

Look at what the liberals did with their party after the 1968 Chicago Democratic National Convention. There’s a lesson for us. If they were able to turn the Democrat Party into the liberal party, we can infiltrate the Republican Party and make it the conservative party. In all areas, we can use our ideas and their playbook to defeat them. Look at what Andrew Breitbart has been able to do both commercially and politically. There is no reason why we need to go broke and continue to be victims of a socialist agenda while pushing forth with what’s truly right for America.

We need to become a free market country again. We can begin with ourselves and our party. We can build from the grass roots up. We can lay the foundations of economic prosperity by putting more boots on the ground, more boots to the butts of statists and cronies and someday by putting a pair of our boots on the floor underneath the desk in the oval office.

It’s our nation. Let’s work toward making it better again. Let’s bring the words integrity and merit back into the lexicon of those who represent us in Washington and who decides government’s role in our economy. Regulating, handing out and bailing out is not free enterprise. Statism severely hinders the mobility the society needs so that individuals are not stuck in their economic status or class.

We are a lean mean fighting machine! Let’s show government that fat with taxpayer money, drunk with power and stupid with ideas is no way to go through life.

I will be talking about Grizzly Fest on my BlogTalk Radio show Wednesday Nov 2, 2011 at 11pm Et 8pm Pt. If anyone involved would like to be a guest on my show to talk about Grizzly Fest, please email me with subject line: “Want to Talk Grizzly Fest” at

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Backing the Imperfect Candidate

Posted by reagantman on October 26, 2011


Let’s be realistic. No large army of supporters which has spent three years fighting to elect our next great one is going to come running out of the wilderness yelling “Candidate X is our man and he’s going to save our nation.” The anticipated great one, Sarah Palin, has chosen to postpone her greatness for another time. The current field of candidates all bring pieces of the puzzle to the table, but are also flawed in some way. The only way to thoroughly review the candidates is to look at their positions on the issues and determine who is the closest in best articulating the conservative philosophy and then going with the least imperfect one.

Rick Perry brings a strong record on jobs, taxes and energy to the table, but his vision is a bit a sloppy and his record on immigration makes it tough to embrace him as a standard bearer. He is a good man with good credentials, but there are issues with immigration and cronyism. Michele Bachmann is a strong conservative, but she has spent more time doing what she does best – fighting for us as a Tea Party leader in Congress – than building the type of support for the presidency in the same way Palin has.

Mitt Romney is an intelligent business thinker, but he is not a core conservative. Most of all, he is a symbol of the establishment – and no matter how electable he looks on paper, conservatives are looking for someone who is not representative of business as usual. Rick Santorum is a core conservative. But, without an infusion of charisma, money and good poll numbers, it’s going to be hard to get him to the top. Jon Huntsman is a moderate, plain and simple. Ron Paul is dead on when it comes to economic policy, but his isolationism on foreign policy is way too far from where the Republican Party needs to be on issues of national security.

Newt Gingrich is a Reagan conservative and The 21st Century Contract With America makes some strong arguments. However, even if he is not establishment in the sense that some other Republicans are, he too comes with baggage. His past marital infidelity and his lack of discipline raise questions. He will have to move up in the polls and he will have to raise a lot more money if he is to be viable. Herman Cain comes in as a political outsider with some new ideas. But stumbles on the trail and questions about his foreign policy credentials makes it harder for him to close the deal as well. All the candidates seem to be missing something or other when you go through them.

Don’t look for the Palin army to coalesce around one candidate just yet after being staggered by her announcement not to run. Palinistas have always wanted one thing since day one and that is the total package. Swallowing anything less than Sarah Palin as president is going to require a lot of water and good gag reflex control. But at some time, we are all going to have to walk into a voting booth and make a decision even if it looks like there’s a name missing on the ballot. When we do pick our nominee, we are going to have to accept imperfection. This is because there is no candidate in the race that gives us the confidence that Sarah Palin would have about vision, ideas, character and discipline.

Had Palin run, some would have pointed out imperfections in her as well. We would have had to explain her resignation and point out that she, too, is human and made mistakes on the campaign trail in 2008. But, drawing a blank on what newspapers you read or what Supreme Court decisions you take issue with when you are answering other rapid fire questions successfully from a trained journalist who is intentionally working you into a “gotcha” moment is easier to accept as a voter than past marital infidelities, being unsure about one’s position on abortion or releasing a questionable campaign ad, providing tuition breaks for illegal immigrants, supporting a health insurance mandate for one’s state, staying on the bus when the regular people wanted you to come talk to them, calling for the withdrawal of all American troops from around the world or working for a president that you now want to unseat.

No human being is perfect. We can’t look for perfection in candidates. We can only look for and hope to find one who most closely represents what we believe. Will we get everything we want? No. But, with Sarah Palin in the race, we’d have come damn close.Without her, we’re going to have to look more long term.

Ronald Reagan was the rare case of a candidate so closely representing the views of so many that he rose to the level of greatness. But even he, in retrospect, had flaws – granted they were seriously overshadowed by all of the great things he did while president. Greatness is defined by what you do, not by what you don’t do or can’t do. For someone like Sarah Palin, her defining greatness will not come from sitting this one out. Instead it will come from what she does in the future. In the meantime, there is no other Reagan and we must learn to accept that.

All things must be considered when making a decision. While there is nothing jumping out to cause any unity in thought on candidates amongst Palin supporters and undecided Republicans, they agree on what they don’t want. This is the main reason for not being able to settle on an alternative candidate to Palin. Unfortunately, there are enough imperfections in all the candidates to make it hard to choose.

It’s not yet time for an endorsement. Sarah Palin hasn’t endorsed anyone either. We can take a look at the more conservative candidates like Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry or Rick Santorum and consider whether or not we can live with one of them as the nominee. But that’s all we have. We can endorse now and have Palin endorse differently. We can wait to see who Palin endorses. Or, we can end up in agreement later on in the nominating process.

We can’t predict the outcome of any of that. What we can do, is be free to choose our own candidates. Without overt direction from Governor Palin (she may want us to be freed up to choose our own candidates), her supporters are beginning to migrate over to other candidates slowly while looking to Palin for “shadow leadership” on issues as they continue to support her as a voice for their beliefs. While Sarah Palin is not running for president, when she speaks at conferences or gives analyses on Fox News, she’s still dead right on the issues – which is primarily the reason her supporters are finding it difficult to accept her not running. If there was a better candidate in the field, they would have already gotten behind him or her.

There should be no mistake about the issues within the Republican Party. Regardless of whom any of us choose to support, if that candidate wins the presidency it will still be necessary to continue moving forward with Sarah Palin’s message and a concentrated effort on renewing and reforming the Republican Party. We will not defeat crony capitalism by allowing the Republican Party to go back to its old establishment ways once it regains power. We cannot accept a return to business as usual once Obama is out.

We are going to have to keep working at sudden and relentless reform long after our flawed – but better than Obama – candidate wins the presidency. Sarah Palin will help us by continuing to lead that fight. Until then, that hole will remain open until she accepts the calling to run at some point in the future or until another who has a similar potential for greatness arrives on the scene. Maybe, whoever we nominate will hear our voices.

The cause lives on.

Patrick’s World USA will not air this week on Blogtalk Radio. The show returns for its regularly scheduled Wednesday night broadcast next Wednesday at 11pm ET 8pm Ct. We invite Palin supporters everywhere to listen in LIVE to the Grizzly Fest online forum on Saturday, Oct. 29th from 2-5 p.m. ET, and to share their own ideas in their dedicated forums.

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Palin Exposes Problems in GOP by Not Running

Posted by reagantman on October 15, 2011

from Patrick’s World USA

More and more, people are starting to see that Sarah Palin’s decision to not run has left a gaping hole in the Republican field. Ever since she hit the campaign trail in 2008, the left wing media has pummeled her and the Republican establishment has been silent – and in some cases complicit. While Republican establishment types cringed behind closed doors fearing a run or weaved their fears tactfully into articles and commentaries leading up to the 2012 race, millions of regular everyday Americans were becoming fans on her Facebook page, with many of them giving time and/or money to support her. Even the most ardent of Palin supporters are finding out now that there was a lot more support for her than even they thought. Now that she’s not running, we’re learning a lot more about the GOP.

We know about Organize4Palin and the thousands of “boots on the ground” activists they had positioned to be ready to spring into action in case she did run. We have seen a massive proliferation of conservative and pro-Palin blogs and websites on the internet over the past three years. Prior to her withdrawal, it was this observer’s understanding and expectation that the media and the establishment would be astounded by the number of Palin supporters that would just come pouring out of the wood work as soon as she announced. There was nothing secret or hidden about the agenda. It was out there, wide open for the media, the Republican establishment and for anyone else who wanted to see it – unless of course they didn’t want you to see it.

By her not running, we’re finding out about the depth of her support anyway. We’re finding that Palin supporters aren’t the uneducated folks the media led us to believe they were. There were thousands of people talking to each other on the internet about her, networking and organizing for her with the kind of effectiveness that professional political consulting firms would die for. There were attorneys, business owners, writers, business owners, professional people as well as regular working people all giving of themselves in one way or another.

While some may want to view Palin supporters as star struck fans chasing windmills, the fact of the matter is that your regular Palin supporter is a well studied, well informed voter who was much more deeply aware of the issues and the web that was being weaved to get her into the presidency than the media or the GOP establishment would want you to know. They knew how big the army was getting, and it is big.

What will hurt the GOP in the long run is that they may be losing many of these supporters who are new to the process when it would be easy to bring them into the party tent if it was more receptive to them. These potential Republican voters who are new to political activism, yet highly educated from researching issues due to their interest in Palin, are finding out along with the rest of us what the real Republican Party looks like; and they don’t like what they see.

They’re not dreamers blinded by their allegiance to Sarah Palin. It’s the media, those that didn’t want to her to win and the GOP establishment who are blinded by their hatred and fear of her so much that they refused to acknowledge the size and strength of her following and now risk alienating them because of this. The political vacuum that has been left as a result of her decision is evident in the way many conservatives are finding it hard to back a candidate; and the ones who are backing candidates are doing so with much softer support than Palin would have gotten.

Sarah Palin articulated a pure brand of conservatism that resonated completely with the values that most people agree with when polled on the issues. It’s more than just the charisma or her ability to give a great speech that fires people up. She resonates on all levels. The media and the GOP establishment preferred to ignore that rather than to embrace it.

A few fat cats ran a campaign to draft Chris Christie and party leaders acted as if there was this massive groundswell for him. The media gave this round the clock coverage until he gave the press conference to announce he wasn’t running and then it was over. There was no crying or gnashing of teeth. That level of heartache is only reserved for those with a deeply devoted and widespread following.

Running parallel to the Christie story was the far less reported one about the millions of Palin supporters and legions of activists throughout America who were clamoring for her to run. While the story of a few Republican Party insiders trying to convince Christie to run was ginned up, millions of people waiting for a Palin decision were ignored. Despite the lack of media coverage and attention from the Republican Party, the tidal wave of shock and disappointment over her announcement not to run was felt by millions of people across the country instantly because she announced her decision on the Mark Levin Show. It is, after all, talk radio and the new media where most of those who seek real news coverage go.

How this will ultimately affect the Republican Party is yet to be seen. We are already starting to see some of the effects. Reaction to what is happening with the current GOP field has not been positive. A variety of concerns are bubbling to the surface. There is the concern that establishment favorite Mitt Romney may not be able to earn the support of the Tea Party. There is the concern that even some of the more conservative candidates have glitches that prevents them from drawing the enthusiasm of the base the way Palin did. There is the concern the candidates will beat each up so badly that the nominee would be damaged coming out of the gate.

Robert Eugene Simmons, Jr. at American Thinker goes as far as to say that because Palin’s not in the race, Obama is going to win.

The calculus is fairly simple: the media and GOP establishment want Romney to be the nominee. Once a progressive is at the head of the Republican ticket, low turnout for Republicans will hand a narrow victory to Obama.

In 2008 the Democrats dodged a bullet because they hadn’t counted on a Palin VP nomination galvanizing a dispirited Republican party. Without Palin, or another charismatic authentic conservative, Obama would have swept the election in a landslide.

The activism and excitement Governor Palin brought into the 2008 campaign spilled over much more easily into the Tea Party movement following the election than it would have without her. Over the course of the last three years, she has pulled millions of people (including young people, working people, women and minorities) who have never been politically active into the conservative movement. Surely she has her standard middle class white male followers, but her support is so diverse that there are even gay organizations that support her and gays who are not into identity politics who just happened to mix in heterogeneously with the rest of the people behind her. There are Democrats who would give their left arm for such a diverse base.

Kevin Ainsworth at Conservatives4Palin points out a serious issue with the political system.

She was the one everybody was waiting to enter the GOP contest and would have been the frontrunner. Having become the nominee, thanks to your help and support, she would have probably beaten Obama and become President as you all so desperately wanted. But at what cost? People and companies donating $1 billion will want something for that money. To get the money in the first place for the campaign they would probably have put conditions on it. Let’s face it – they would not have wanted her talking about crony capitalism for a start! She would have been shackled during the election and then would not have been free to do all those things you dream about and which she believes in once she was elected.

There is a theme in Ainsworth’s article which is showing up in a lot of writing coming from Palin supporters recently following her announcement. It’s something the GOP really ought to pay attention to. The notion of “we the people” is a concept that holds incredible weight, which stands as a great sales pitch for the Republican Party to use in order to draw millions back into the tent and which presents a way to grow deep roots into the political culture by empowering those who would otherwise be cynical of a process that keeps candidates beholden to special interests.

In its greed and lust for power, the Republican Party has chosen to alienate these voters by using the politics of crony capitalism and big money donors as its strategy for gaining and holding power. Some will contend that this is a reality of modern politics and that trying to win elections by rejecting this formula is a death blow for any wannabe candidate who seeks elected office on a populist message based on the will of the people as exercised through grass roots activism. Accepting this, though, means that you don’t believe that the Palin model is doable with the right amount of effort and support, nor do you believe that the fight by regular people to have a say is worthwhile.

Even worse, accepting the electoral model status quo means accepting the systemic problems that allowed socialism and progressivism to flourish in the first place. As long as the system favors the powerful over the little guy instead of balancing it for all, the pool of disenchanted poor and working class who respond to everything with knee jerk emotions will be a recruiting haven for liberals, statists and socialists.

For decades, Americans have sat at the broken red light waiting for someone else to fix it. When Palin decided that she would run that light and millions followed her, the notion of “sheep no more” was born.

Just as frustrated motorists will all join in running the broken red light as soon as the front guy goes, so will frustrated citizens join a political movement that aims to buck the status quo if there is a trustworthy leader with the right support to follow.

The establishment has become like those cars that won’t run the light and we poor saps who get stuck behind a bad nominee will end up having to lay on the horn for another four years until either Palin runs next time around or someone else realizes that neither Obama nor an establishment Republican is willing or able to fix it.

“Unless there is a radical change in policy — implemented by  a new president — the US may be transformed into an Europeanized business model that saps entrepreneurship and shifts the ownership of wealth from the ordinary citizen to oligarchs in industry and banking like the cabals who pull the strings in the EU,” Bernie Reeves writes at American Thinker.

The Republicans have alienated a large voting bloc by being silent or even complicit in their criticism of Palin for running that metaphorical red light. They should be capturing that enthusiasm and bottling it for future electoral victories. My late father said “the older you get the dumber you get.” How the Republican Party mutated into the party it is today, especially after Ronald Reagan invigorated it and handed it a new generation of voters, leads me to believe that my dad was right.

Despite whatever reason Palin decided not to run (whether it be for the security of her family or simply because she feels she can make more money while being more successful effecting change as a private citizen), there surely was no encouragement for her to decide the other way coming from the Republican establishment. Rather than go to Wasilla, they went to Trenton instead. They chose to shun her and fear her rather than to embrace her as the catalyst necessary for reviving the party and bringing in new members.

If everyone, including the party establishment, got behind her early on and stood up for her, she may have felt more of the calling. Instead, she may be thinking “why bother” knowing that she would be out there swinging in the breeze if she had run and won the nomination in a party that continues to be hostile to her. If they really knew how big of a voting bloc they were ignoring, they wouldn’t have insulted our intelligence by treating her and her followers like they were lightweights.

It wouldn’t be fair to blame the Republican Party outright for Palin’s decision to not run. It was her decision after all. But, it’s not unreasonable to blame the Republican Party for their absence while her supporters and the more fair minded (many of whom vote Republican) were out there defending her.

It’s fair to be critical of the party for not being more encouraging toward her and for not working harder on creating a political environment where more people like her feel more confident about running for political office. Maybe by not running, she will end up being more effective in bringing about change when her absence in the race makes the Republican Partys’ heart grow fonder and they realize that without her there, the RINO dishes keep piling up in the political sink and the conservative ones are still spotty.

We must understand first and foremost that the progressive movement has flourished for decades in an environment created by crony Republicans whose only real difference with the Democrat Party is that they prefer crony capitalism over crony socialism. For them it’s not about big government versus small government; it’s about who gets to run the government. While the center right cronies exchange power back and forth with the center left cronies each election cycle, “we the people” get left holding the bag even though it’s “we the people” who they keep getting to pull the levers or press the touch screens for them.

The days of just waltzing into the voting booth and voting Republican may be over if serious changes are not made in regards to what the Republican Party really stands for and the types of leaders it really wants to support. We may have to pull that lever this one last time just to get rid of Obama, but once Obama’s gone it has to be time for a serious discussion about whether the GOP wants to return to just business as usual without the socialism or if in fact they can be serious about executing the will of “we the people.”

We can believe all we want in small government and individual empowerment and responsibility. But, until we reform the GOP and assume the power necessary to effect change within the party, we will never be able to reform Washington and assume the power necessary to effect change within our government.

It’s “we the people” who should be able to decide who our nominee is and which direction the Republican party should go. This means challenging the establishment and reforming the party in such a way that it can embrace candidates like Palin instead of allowing them to feel like their family’s security is at stake or that the shackles of running for office outweigh the freedom of earning money on the open market. There is only so much crap even deeply committed patriots are willing to put up with before they say no to running. As a result, we get leaders with glitches instead of leaders with principles.

Some see the GOP as a party of the circular firing squad. Others see it as a party of blue bloods who keep shooting themselves in the feet to prevent themselves from running toward a more non-conventional candidate who just happens to have her pulse on the real feelings and desired direction of the American people. Because of this, we will once again go through the exercise of nominating someone who bores us to death but who is less of a statist than the other guy.

There’s a reason why the party establishment fears reform candidates like Palin or refuses to give “we the people” the appropriate say. All the big money that goes into funding the supposedly pro-capitalism party comes from people who are afraid that they can’t succeed without having their hand on the till in one way or another. They build their crony networks which in turn corrupts the capitalist system because they operate under the assumption that you can’t beat city hall. If they won’t allow people like Palin to change this, they will be right in their self-fulfilling manifestation of why it has to be that way.

Let’s face it. If you try to build a business on your own these days you either have to grease the system or beat it in order to be successful. Try beating the Federal government’s regulatory agencies, the IRS and the EPA and tell me whether or not it’s easier to just divvy up with the boys. You can understand why cronies do it. You just can’t understand why they won’t fix it. Therein lies the frustration and the finger pointing. The cronies are too comfortable to change and the American people are growing impatient with their being intransient.

The Founding Fathers would be beside themselves with grief if they were here now to see how badly our system of government has deviated from their intentions. The system that is supposed to be working with us now works against us. Many of us know that if it was the way they intended it to be, we’d be free and prosperous. That’s worth fighting for. That’s worth building a movement around. The call for restoration and renewal is not a slogan. It’s a clarion call for a political party that would like to be able to win elections again with the support of the people rather than with contempt for the people.

Socialism doesn’t work. It doesn’t have a source renewable revenue source. It drains from the rich and then collapses when the rich are no more. Crony capitalism doesn’t work. It keeps the wealth and power in the hands of a few at the expense of the many. Cronyism is born of cynicism. So is socialism. Some become exclusive members of the system and some work to collapse it. There is another alternative: fix it, renew it and restore it. This is where “we the people” come in. This is the alternative the Republican Party needs to offer if it is to avoid going the way of the Whigs.

Limited government, personal responsibility, a strong family unit, a belief in God and free market capitalism will work only if people are willing to stand up for it the way Sarah Palin has been standing up for it. There are millions of us out there. The idea that we can grow wealth across along socioeconomic lines in a free market economy is not a fantasy. A rising tide will lift all boats. Sarah Palin tells us that sudden and relentless reform is the only way to make this happen.

By not embracing this sudden and relentless reform, the Republican Party acts against its own best long term interests. Sarah Palin and her ideas are a meal ticket for the Republican Party. Her base would be an instant source of membership growth, if only the party would listen. Imagine how great the Republican Party would be if it embraced its Reagan roots and was in sync with Palin in fighting for energy independence, smaller government and an end to crony capitalism.

Everyone keeps bringing up Sarah Palin as a possible third party candidate. You want to know why? She is a third party. Her movement is big enough to put real numbers on the board had she decided to run that way. But she’s smart and she’s patriotic. She would rather give the Republican Party more time to reform itself appropriately than hand the election to Obama by splitting the vote.

Only time will tell where the Republican Party will go following Palin’s withdrawal from the race. Had there been a better candidate or even a comparable alternative, her supporters would have flocked to that candidate by now in much the same way Reagan supporters flocked to her in 2008. “We the people” know what we want and whether it’s Palin or someone who represents what she does, that’s the candidate “we the people” are looking for.

With her absent from the Republican field, we are getting to see a lot more about the current state of the GOP. Although she is still out there fighting for the cause, you can tell that by not having her plank in the race, the structure is weakened. What we’re not hearing in the debates from that 9th podium behind which stands no candidate is louder than what we are hearing from the other 8. The GOP establishment might have been scared of the spider, but they may just find out that there a lot more bugs now that the spider is not there.


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The Time is Gone

Posted by reagantman on October 5, 2011

-from Patrick’s World USA

The time is gone, the song is over, Thought I’d something more to say. -Pink Floyd “Time”

Without the one who could fully renew and restore our nation in the White House, we continue to risk our futures on candidates who are unproven or who may give it their best efforts to fix things only to have them ruined down the road when the parties exchange power again. As conservatives, we have never relied on the government to be our provider. But the time is gone when we can truly return our government to its Constitutional roots.

Monstrous government can be made smaller. Regulations can be rolled back. Policies can be implemented to undo what Obama has done. The next president will have that task. But have no illusions. The days of small Constitutional government aren’t coming. There may be years of smaller government followed by years of bigger government, but that’s the cycle of our political system. We must look at our own lives and our own families and decide how we are going to move forward now.

It’s about the money. No, not Sarah Palin’s money, our money. While we are conservatives who have never believed in government doing things for us, we must accept the fact that our government will always at some level be a hindrance rather than part of the solution to our efforts to fully defend ourselves from the flaming arrows of life’s controllable misfortunes.

If we are to survive in the America we know and love, we must create it and nurture it in our own corners of the world. This means a continued faith in God and a perpetual effort at bettering ourselves spiritually and financially.

This writer intends on perservering in my professional life toward a goal of being financially well off enough to be able to solve earthly problems and to secure myself against the ravages of taxation, bureaucracy and regulation. Seeking wealth is not an exercise of greed. It is an exercise of self defense. I encourage all my readers to learn all they can about success and to go after it.

Sisyphus was no fool. Neither are we Palin supporters. We are fully aware that our political fate is to roll the rock to the top of the shining city on a hill only to have it keep rolling back so that we can undertake the effort again and again. We must accept this life knowing that the only solutions are to accept this political reality and to move forward with faith in God and a love of self improvement. It’s not the kill. It’s the thrill of the chase that keeps me going.

The Sarah Palin chase is over, but no one can ever take away the thrill. We fought like banshees to defend her from the haters and the media. I actually thought we did a great job. But in the end, it was the abuse to her family and her desire to protect her family from any more abuse which was the thing that weighed her against running. I was wrong. The smear campaign did work. Sarah could have fought with us by her side, but in the end it wasn’t Sarah she was concerned about. It was her kids.

Some day I hope that Sarah Palin comes back and destroys the mainstream mafia and the sick evil people that I can’t stand living in the same country with. But I couldn’t blame her if she just amassed a bunch of wealth and told everyone to go screw off.

I love my country. But like someone who has an addicted or troubled family member, there are times when you can’t kill yourself for that person. You can love them. You can do what you can to help them. But you can’t lose yourself to their disease. I cannot lose myself to the disease our country is afflicted with.

It’s time to move forward and get on my with my life. Blogging and supporting conservative causes will always be in my blood. I will do it when I have the time. My time must be spent more wisely now. I made extra time to support Sarah Palin and the cause because it has always been a business decision.

I’ve always believed that I could be successful without her, but I also believed that the road to that success would be made right if I could live in a country where you earned based on your merit and you were not stopped by bureacratic roadblocks at every light, every tax form, every permit form, every legal ruling and every idiotic law that environmental whackos have enacted to raise the costs of everything and that crony lawyers have put into place to keep themselves fat at the trough of tort law.

Good luck everyone and may God be with you. There’s a hard road ahead. We’re on our own now.

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A Strategy Suggestion For Palin Supporters

Posted by reagantman on October 1, 2011

We don’t know what she’s going to do, but we know what we can do.

Governor Palin told Judge Napolitano that she’s keeping her cards close to her chest. No one, except Todd and possibly key people involved in the filing process, knows what cards she holds. Unless anyone high up in the Palin army outside of her most inner circle have been sworn to any secrecy, the army has no information. There are millions of us (if you count her Facebook followers) who are ready to stand in support of her should she run, yet we are faced with the prospect she may not.

So here’s my suggestion. We don’t know what she’s planning, but we sure as heck know what we can do. While there are some among us who think she’s not running, some who may be considering back up candidates and others who think she is, the various opinions within the Palin army may differ somewhat with the exception of one: we all want her to run.

Differences aside, there is one thing all of us can do. Capitalize on the mass sentiment among her followers that they want her to run. This blogger is proposing that we write loudly and in great numbers not to speculate on what she’s going to do, but to encourage her with our support.

We know she knows how we feel. But if we speak up more and let her know loudly and clearly that we have her back and we are ready to swing into action for her immediately, it is this writer’s hope that our support will encourage her even more to run.

Use the hashtag #RunSarahRun in your tweets. Write blog posts to encourage her to run. Use your animals as props if you have to. Let’s get the message out any way we can that we are 100% behind her should she make that big decision.

This is her decision. She has family and career considerations that override what anyone else outside of her immediate circle can tell her. But if the calling is loud, and if she has already decided or is in the process of deciding to run, she will know that she count on millions of Americans to support her.

We are not a conglomeration of special interest groups looking to capitalize on her candidacy. We are not gadfly voters who just vote Republican in support of the candidate for whatever particular ballot is up for a vote on any election day. We are not a fan club. We are Americans who have lost their country and we want our country back.

The interest is this: we know that Sarah Palin can lead us back to a free enterprise system which encourages self reliance and relies on the rule of law. We’re not looking for handouts. We are looking for opportunity. Sarah Palin has the resume, the experience, the political philosophy and the recognition needed to run for president. The rest of us don’t. If there was someone else among us who better fit the bill of what America needs, we’d be supporting them, not her.

This is not about putting her up on the pedestal. Without us, she can’t win. But without her, we can’t win either. Without a desire to renew and restore America, we are just the same electorate we were in 2006 when we paid no attention to the progressives burrowing underneath the surface ready to strike and snag our country out from under us in 2008.

We are the movement. We believe in small Constitutional common sense government. There are enough Americans out there that want to work hard to be successful, to own homes and raise families. There are enough Americans out there who want to run businesses or reap the rewards of hard work in industries that are right now too tightly regulated to expand into or to grow. We don’t want to all end up on a social welfare program where we beg our government for hand outs and rely on our government for our health care.

We’re scared.

We’re scared that everything we have been taught growing up is going to go by the wayside. I’m unemployed. A friend is losing his house. Another is homeless, living out of a hotel. My former boss is keeping the company that laid me off afloat with Elmer’s glue and bubble gum because the economy is so bad. He doesn’t know if it will survive. We are paying over $3.00 a gallon at the pump. Food prices are subtly and slowly going up. The country is going to hell in a hand basket.

The rich are not getting richer. The number of million dollar income earners is dropping each year, which started at the tail end of the Bush administration continues under Obama as his policies only compound the problem. The median household income has also been falling since the mid 2000’s. Businesses are being wiped out by regulations and the tax structure. I could go on and on. Just read this and you’ll see what I mean.


Some will say we have other candidates who are committed to repealing Obamacare, enacting deregulation, opening up energy production and lowering taxes. In any other election at any other time in our history, most of these candidates would be fine. This writer is a lifelong Republican who would have no problem supporting the eventual nominee. But do I believe if the nominee is someone other than Sarah Palin that I can be as confident and optimistic in the outcome? No.

If Sarah Palin doesn’t run, ending the Obama regime and moving back toward what our country was before we were awakened by the socialist monster that stepped out of our political closet will be better than what we have now. It would be the end of the nightmare for sure. Life would go on.  But, would it be the dream? No.

I’m going to be able to get a job again if Palin doesn’t run. I’ll still have a business opportunity that my partner and I are working on that could result in my being able to work in the business full time at some point within the next year or so. But because there is no capital in the market, finding investors and business capital is going to require perseverance far beyond that required of aspiring entrepreneurs in the past.

If we’re going to have a fertile environment in which to pursue the American dream, it will require all of us to work hard. Obama is the excuse why we can’t be successful. Remove that excuse and we can move forward. But why not move forward, struggling, working hard, recovering from the damage of the last two presidential election cycles with hope and optimism like we did when Ronald Reagan brought us out of the last political disaster?

Sarah Palin is that hope and optimism which we need to keep us going when the snow pushes back the foot that slows from exhaustion. She is not the “messiah.” She is not going to put gas in our car or pay our mortgages for us. But, she can inspire confidence and motivation by giving us that feeling everyday that things are getting better. It will be up to us to make it happen. But being confident that we have a competent president beholden to no one but the American people is the only way for it to work. So write loudly and let Governor Palin know how we feel.

If the sound of “Run, Sarah, Run” keeps getting louder and louder every day; if the anchors who interview her on television keep asking her if she’s running; and if she hears us crying out for her to help us, just maybe she will help us save our country and go down in history as not only the first female president, but as the greatest president we’ve had since Ronald Reagan.

Sarah, the next time you’re at a rally and you hear people desperately calling out your name, listen to the tone in their voices.

Palinistas, lets let Sarah hear our voices.

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