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Archive for December, 2011

Gov. Palin Must Summit and Triumph in 2012

Posted by Ron Devito on December 31, 2011

When Thomas Schmitz, the O4P California Coordinator and US for Palin writer learned I was going to Paris to celebrate my 15th Wedding Anniversary, he asked that I take an O4P Palm card with me and photograph myself holding it to build a dossier of Sarah images in foreign countries. It would only take a few minutes. I enthusiastically agreed. Over these past three years, I’ve learned that many things with Gov. Palin are not coincidental. They are Providential.

As I printed out my Eiffel Tower ticket prior to the trip, the location for the shoot jumped out at me. On the ticket in all capital letters, was the word “SOMMET.” It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that it is French for “Summit”. Some colleagues have complained that I have a tendency to put former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin on a pedestal. Now, I was going to symbolically put her at the Summit of the tallest man-made pedestal in Europe. Putting Sarah on a pedestal? I proudly say: Guilty as charged!

After our ascent and with a flute of Eiffel Tower champagne in each of us, I begged my wife’s pardon and secured it. I had to pick the place to do the shoot. I took a few shots to the west, but they came out poorly. Then, I went to the Northwest. Let’s call it 340 on the compass, as I like to say when I’m in New York. Then, I noticed something my wife and I had just descended from the summit of just about an hour prior: the Arc de Triomphe…Providential. Summit. Triumph. Palin.

…Just prior to my trip to Newark Airport, I informed my writers about the failure of at least two GOP candidates to gather enough signatures to qualify to appear on the ballots of the Virginia primary. From Paris, I would learn that all the candidates save for Mitt Romney and Ron Paul failed to qualify. I’ll leave it to the readers to decide whether this circumstance is a result of GOP establishment chicanery to benefit Romney, gross incompetence on the part of the campaigns that failed to make the Virginia ballot, or something else. Whatever the root cause, the outcome is an absolute and unmitigated disgrace. I noted with some interest how the mainstream and conservative media seemed to fluff over this rather significant story, indicating a desire to quickly bury it. Of course, if Gov. Palin were a candidate and this circumstance befell her, we would have been treated to a deluge of articles all the way through and past Election Day on how she was “un-electable.” She would have been the lightning rod and all the other candidates would have gotten a free pass.

Now, nearly three months later, we can see the genius behind Gov. Palin’s decision. You see, all these candidates have been and continue to be vetted before the electorate, something which would not have happened if she were currently on the ticket. The clock is doing its work with every second that ticks by. Passage of time is proving that Gov. Palin’s decision does not change the simple fact that she is the best person and most qualified for the job of POTUS. She has the accomplishments; the leadership skills; the executive, command, and financial administration experience; she took on corruption in both parties in every position she held. Yes as a man, I say it’s time for a woman to take the helm – and not just any woman, but a woman who is both ordinary and extraordinary.

This is why I find it absolutely ridiculous that anyone speaks of giving Gov. Palin a second-fiddle position such as Vice President or a cabinet position. Gov. Palin is a Transformational Leader – the type who is brought in to fix broken organizations. Her place is not second. It’s first. She is to be the dominant one in any relationship. That’s why she is called a leader. Period.

Compared to Gov. Palin, the field of declared candidates is Lés Miserables. When your accomplishments are of the size, scale, scope, and frequency of Gov. Palin’s, yes you probably are a superhero minus the silly cape. Hero worship? Guilty as charged and proud of it.

Gov. Palin’s only proper place is at Au Sommet and her only proper outcome is Triomphe. Failure is not an option. One of the many things I admire about Gov. Palin: she does something right or she does not do it all. Reaching Au Sommet could mean she ultimately runs for POTUS in this cycle of back-loaded primaries. It could mean continuing what she is doing as a private citizen rooting out crony capitalism and endorsing down-tickets ala 2010. It could mean both. It could mean something else. How Gov. Palin reaches Au Sommet does not matter to me – as long as she reaches it – and Triumphs.

As we bid au revoir to 2011, here is the 2011 Master List of Governor Palin’s Accomplishments.

The 2012 Master List of Governor Palin’s Accomplishments is now open.

Gov. Palin:

Grimper au sommet!
Climb to the Summit!

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Palin in Washington Post: Take on Elites, Become Energy Independent

Posted by Ron Devito on December 31, 2011

The Washington Post today asked several key 2012 hopefuls who had declined to run what the would be campaigning on. Following is the complete transcript of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s response:

Given the concerns I have for some of the Republican field’s focus thus far, I must implore the candidates to do something that sounds self-promoting, but whatever. Candidates, please turn to Chapter Three of “Going Rogue” and read what it takes for our country to step toward energy independence. Note the lesson I share in the same chapter about taking on the “elite,” the crony capitalists and the permanent political establishment to get a job done.

Do you really realize what is at stake? What is at stake is our republic. The gravity of today’s situation is real. We count on you to lead our nation on the right path. Please let us know you realize this. Understand how the left’s terrifyingly naive assault on American industry exposes us to the mercy of foreign regimes whose prime objective is, at worst, our permanent demise and, at best, is stripping away our freedom. God has blessed America with ingenuity, natural resources and the strength of our workforce. Let’s use them. Tell voters that you understand this. Talk about this on the campaign trail. And quit gripin’ and moaning about “inside baseball” partisan machinations and maneuvering. We have other things to worry about. Stay strong. Focus on defending our republic and how we’ll re-industrialize our most exceptional nation in order to defeat the incumbent and win for America.

As published at: Washington Post Opinions December 31, 2011

H/T Ian Lazaran, Conservatives4Palin for Story Lead

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Palin Dec.5th “Voters Will Turn To 5% Polling Santorum.” Subsequently, Dec.30th Santorum 16%

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on December 30, 2011

Conservatives4Palin explains the power of Palin. This is the person whom the left now calls “irrelevant and Sarah Who?”

“She makes a significantly better political candidate than political analyst but I think it’s fair to say the Governor absolutely called the Santorum surge in Iowa on December 2nd when she said that voters concerned about ideological consistency would turn towards the former Senator. 

On December 2nd, Santorum was averaging less than 5% in the Iowa polling and now he’s on the verge of leaving Iowa as the last social conservative standing among the Bachmann/Perry/Santorum trio, a prospect that would have been laughable in late August.”

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Eric Bolling, Fox Business Discusses IA Palin Ads

Posted by Ron Devito on December 29, 2011

Fox News’ Eric Bolling interviews Brian Lerch and Kate Obenshain. They discuss the pros and cons of the new radio ad in Iowa asking voters to write-in Gov. Palin.



Video retrieved from SarahNET

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Here Is The Radio Advert A Group Is Running In Iowa Urging Voters To Caucus For Palin

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on December 28, 2011

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The Obvious Facts Nobody is Facing In Iowa: Romney 20%, Non-Romney 68%

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on December 28, 2011

The writing on the wall; Iowa’s consistent polling 
Romney 20 % 
Non-Romney 44 %
Libertarian 24 %

Or in even starker terms: Romney 20%  Non-Romney 68 %.

One could of course divide out any of the non-Romney’s e.g. Gingrich, and get a stark result e.g. Gingrich 13% Non-Gingrich, 75% but that  of course misses the point altogether.

The point is that Romney is supposed to be the inevitable nominee, the owner of the “next in line, it’s his turn” mantle. That flies in the face of the consistent Iowa polling. Let’s face facts: what we see in Iowa is Christian conservatives 44 %,  RINO/Beltway/Mormon 20%, Unelectable Libertarian 24 %.

The rank and file don’t want Romney. He may win in New Hampshire, but the polls so far show that Iowa, South Carolina, and Florida don’t want him. 

It may be an anti-RINO feeling which may dissipate to some degree come November, but reading conservative blogs, there is a dogged determination not to vote for a RINO this time. 

If Romney does get the nomination, via the fracturing of the conservative vote, the  subsequent stay-at-home level of usual GOP voters could doom his campaign – if Trump and Gary Johnson have not done so anyway.

CONSERVATIVES4PALIN has this view of the PPP poll results:

Paul: 24%
Romney: 20%
Gingrich: 13%
Bachmann: 11%
Santorum: 10%
Perry: 10%
Huntsman: 4%
Roemer: 2%
Isn’t it time for Newt to consider taking a dive in New Hampshire by telling two-thirds of his supporters in New Hampshire to purposefully vote for Paul in New Hampshire in the hopes that Paul can deliver a crushing blow to Romney in the state? After all, wouldn’t Newt take 5% in New Hampshire if it meant that Paul beat Romney by a 36-34 margin in NH because Gingrich’s voters strategically played Mitt like a fiddle? The short-run success of the Ron Paul Revolution may help make the long-run success of the Palin revolution possible.
What continues to be amazing about the media coverage of Mitt Romney is that he will likely win fewer votes in the 2012 Iowa caucuses than the number of votes he won in the 2008 Iowa caucuses despite the fact he’s facing significantly weaker competition in 2012 than he faced in 2008 and yet the media will declare him one of the winners if he finishes in second or third place.”
There is an alternative, of course, which is for Sarah Palin to enter the race, or, as a previous posting on SPIB shows, for the voters to take the bull by the horns and, as suggested for the Iowa caucus, simply write her in.

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Dumping My “Doonesbury” Books In The Trashcan (With Photo) As He Dumps Palin

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on December 27, 2011

As Gary Trudeau’s “Doonesbury” character ends his Palin vilification campaign of over three years by symbolically taking her out to the trash the impetus was provided for me to take Trudeau’s work out to the trash as well.

Doonesbury is a relic of the 1970’s which cartoon reached its heyday in the Reagan years with an unending series of anti-Reagan strips, which basically dealt with the beloved president as a moron. 

In retrospect it is obvious that the Yale-ite Trudeau carried all the pretensions and condescension of this elite group into his vehicle. It was particularly gratifying to toss his book of his first Yale work into the dustbin.

“When I was a child I spake as a child” and “if you are not a socialist as a youth you have no heart, if still a socialist as an adult you have no head” are my excuses for having been a keen Doonesbury reader as the bunch of compendiums heading into the dustbin of history attest.

Actually our quid pro quo leaves me ahead in the game as not only do I expunge years of misdirection but, by removing the “Palin” he created, which has little to do with the real Palin behind, if and when she runs he will have to create a new “Palin” personality as the “you betcha” caricature he dumped will not be of any use as a satirical vehicle. 

No doubt the “mature”, older gravitas wielding Palin will be depicted in some more aggressive manner, but that will in itself be a tribute to her power and the fear the left has of her-which lies at the root of all the years of hatred against her.

And why not donate the books to a library? Because the danger of mind infection of the innocents would be a reality I would not wish to assume responsibility for. 

Especially as Trudeau, as a major representative of the left, which has left the poor Iraqi people at the mercy of the bombs, shares the blame with the Obama administration.

Goodbye to all that.

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Palin GOP’s “Only Insurance Trump Won’t Run And Ensure Obama’s Re-election”

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on December 27, 2011

Now that Trump has left the GOP which leaves the door even further open for him to run as a third party candidate, the GOP faces inevitable defeat if it nominates Romney. The details of a possible electoral college scenario are set out at the link.

With Gingrich as the nominee I believe that Trump might not run, as I would be confident Trump would not consider Newt to be “a stiff.” But given Newt’s current front runner status nationwide, the fact that Trump still left the GOP gives one pause.

The only potential candidate who would almost certainly stop Trump from mounting a run – and really, can any honest observer see a path to electoral college victory for the Republicans under those circumstances – is Palin. Trump clearly respects Palin as a person and her political point of view. If she ran, he would most likely not only not run but would likely throw his substantial personal voting support and finances behind her.

In a wide ranging interview with Greta Van Susteren,  Donald Trump made it very clear that under certain circumstances he would run for President under a third party banner:  “if I don’t see the right person running, I would certainly consider it.”

Trump advised he saw the GOP “self-destructing,” with the Republicans having a “death wish and making terrible mistakes.” These include specifically Cong. Paul Ryan’s “suicidal” health care reform plan “which never should have been released -he should have made Obama bring out a plan first.  This is a disaster for the Republicans for 2012.”

Trump advised that “if I had my choice I’d love the Republicans to run someone fabulous – I don’t see that happening yet.” He advised that “since I decided not to run at this time, no one is talking about China,” which is a major issue for him, and for America, as he sees it.

Pressed on whether he would get back in the race, he pointed out that, unlike Perot, he never declared he was a candidate, and there is “plenty of time to decide – I would make the decision based on who is running and if they (the GOP) put up a stiff, if they do, I would certainly consider running in a three-person race where I would probably do better than in a two-person race.”

He was highly complimentary about Sarah Palin, who he called a “patriot who loves America,” but stopped short of endorsing her at this point.  He appreciated her sharing his concern about the economic threat that China poses to America especially.

Presuming by “a stiff” Trump means Romney as the Republican nominee, and if the economy is still mired in recession, which is the other key factor for him, then a self-financed, high-profile “man of the people” campaign would mean certain defeat for the GOP.

Trump has made the options for the Republicans totally and starkly clear – either run with Romney and turn possible defeat into certain defeat, or run with Palin and presumably remove the third party threat. Palin might win or might lose, but Romney will certainly lose under the Trump scenario.

Michael Potemra at NRO almost gets it right but one of the commenters hits the nail on the head:

“You clowns miss the whole point. Sarah Palin is insuring that Trump doesn’t run as an independent should she run for president.”

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Happy Birthday, Tripp!

Posted by Dr. Fay on December 27, 2011

Click on photo to view slideshow.

Tripp Easton Palin made his television debut on  Greta van Susteren’s show when he was less than two months old.   Since then, this beautiful child has appeared with his Mom,  Bristol Palin, on People and In Touch magazine covers, accompanied his Mom to practices for Dancing With the Stars, and starred along with his family in Sarah Palin’s Alaska.  He is currently living in Los Angeles with his Mom and starring in the reality series they are filming with Chris and Kyle Massey.

On behalf of all the SPIB authors, I want to wish Tripp a very happy third birthday.  May your life be filled with God’s blessings, and may all your dreams come true.

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Happy Third Birthday, Tripp Palin

Posted by Ron Devito on December 27, 2011

Happy Third Birthday, Tripp.

A lot has happened in Tripp’s three years. He’s seen his mother, Bristol cast with Kyle Massey for a TV show, Dance with the Stars and starred along with his mother and grandmother in Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

The staff at US for Palin wish Tripp a life filled with happiness, love, and prosperity.

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