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Sarah Palin’s Alaska

The Sarah Palin’s Alaska website also contains 5 blogs with information about the show as it happened.  

A&E and Discovery race to land Sarah Palin’s Alaska-themed reality show

Advance Screening of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” at Carmike 12 -Snellville, November 10th

An Exclusive Sneak Peek at “America By Heart” Saturday, November 20, 2010!/notes/sarah-palin/an-exclusive-sneak-peek-at-america-by-heart/46045948843

Another Exclusive Sneak Peek of “America By Heart” Monday, November 22, 2010

Are You As Strong As Sue Aikens? (

Big Ratings for Sarah Palin Premiere

Check out Sarah Palin’s Alaska in this Week’s EW

Chuck Heath, Sr. Interview – A Bit More About Bones and Other Stuff

Discovery Channel Strike Gold with ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’?

Discovery Channel Wins Bid For Sarah Palin’s Alaska

Discovery Communications Acquires “SARAH PALIN’S ALASKA” (WT)

Discovery lands Sarah Palin reality series

Everyone’s Getting Excited for the Series Finale – Even in India

Exclusive review of Sarah Palin’s Alaska: “Flippin’ fun”

Farewell and So Long!

Finale of ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ Leaves You Wanting More

(Fishing Trip) Photos: Mama grizzly Palin meets mama grizzly bear

Five Reasons to Watch Sarah Palin’s Alaska

Five Reasons Sarah Palin’s Mark Burnet Deal Will Be the Most Brilliant Tactical Move in 21st Century Politics

Follow Me There! (To Alaska!) Friday, November 12, 2010

Follow Me There… to Afognak Island!
Friday, December 24, 2010

Four Reasons Why Sarah Palin and Discovery Are a Good Fit

Free tickets to Atlanta screening of Sarah Palin’s ‘Alaska’

Get a Sneak Peek at Sunday’s Episode

How Sarah Palin Works

Huntin’, shootin’, fishin’ and dog sleddin’ – just your average day in Alaska for ‘Mama Grizzly’ Sarah Palin…–just-average-day-Alaska-mama-grizzly-Sarah-Palin-.html#ixzz18wuZt01S

In Sarah Palin’s Alaska, there are floatplanes for everyone (mixed)

Intimate portraits of ‘Mama Grizzly’ Sarah Palin with her cubs in Alaska 

Is a Sarah Palin reality show about to be reality? (Andrew Malcolm)

Is Sarah Palin’s TV Show Hurting Her Political Career? | O’Reilly Factor (Transcript of Interview)

It’s TV’s newest reality star! Sarah Palin climbs, fishes and bakes cupcakes as her new TV show debuts

Kate: “Sarah, All Hail You, Amazon Woman” 

Keep Feeling Fascination With Sarah Palin

Let’s! Go! Trippin’! Broadsheet Heads to Atlanta for Tonight’s Advanced Screening

My Quintessential SPA Element

Nielsen: 5 million watched Palin’s TLC show

Notable Marathons throughout History (

The O’Reilly Factor:  Video: Is Palin’s TV Show Hurting Her Politically?

Palin a TV star? You betcha

Palin hopes show will ‘correct some untruths’

Palin is in her element in TV’s ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’

Palin: ready for her close-up

Palin Reality Show Draws Nearly 5 Million Viewers

Palin reality show signals start of campaign

Palin’s Gold

The Palins’ Great Outdoors

Palin shoots caribou, captures hearts (mixed) 

Palin show is top TLC program 

Palin’s peak: Road to Washington runs past her house

Palin stars in reality TV. Lights, camera, White House?

Palin vs. PETA 

People Talking about Sarah Palin’s Alaska around the Interwebs

Petition drive calls for Discovery Communications to drop Sarah Palin show

Petition Drive Launched to Support Palin’s AK Series

 Photogallery:  Sarah Palin’s Alaska Photos

Photogallery: Warm TV: Palin’s Alaska | 11.04.2010

Photos:  Sarah Paln’s Reality-TV Show,29307,2029300,00.html

Quads, Bogs, and Bones
Friday, December 17, 2010

Ratings for ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ remain high

Recap of ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’: Rafting and Dog Mushing 

Recap Recap: Daily Mail

Recap: ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska — Rafting and Dog Mushing’ (mixed)

Remembering Bones

REPORT: Sarah Palin Pulls The Plug On Her Reality Show 

Rogue to reality: Sarah Palin’s Alaska TV series confirmed

Sarah Palin: Alaska TV Series On Course (23Jun10)

Sarah Palin: Between a rock star and a hard place

Sarah Palin Competes With Her Family To See Who Can Find The Most Gold! Watch! (Video and Poll) 

Sarah Palin goes hunting for gold on ‘Alaska’ season finale (Video) 

Sarah Palin is in Good Company

Sarah Palin is NOT Getting a “Reality Show! 

Sarah Palin Jokes About Her Diva Image on ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’

Sarah Palin Kicks up Dirt in ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’

Sarah Palin Loves Hard Work 

Sarah Palin near deal for reality show

Sarah Palin plays TV tour guide in her home state Sarah

Sarah Palin’s Alaska (Facebook) 

Sarah Palin’s Alaska (TLC)

Sarah Palin’s Alaska (Twitter)

Sarah Palin’s Alaska (Website)

Sarah Palin’s Alaska

Sarah Palin’s Alaska 

Sarah Palin’s Alaska and Sarah Palin’s America

‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ breaks TLC record with 5 million viewers for premiere

Sarah Palin’s Alaska documents life in Alaska through the eyes of Sarah Palin

‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska:’ 8 cities to reportedly hold advanced screenings of show

Sarah Palin’s Alaska:  Family Photos

‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ Family Photos — Bristol, Todd, Tripp & More! (includes photogallery and  poll)

‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ features miner friend, no Kate Gosselin

‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ gets Nov. 14 start date from TLC, you betcha!  ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ Goes to Discovery

Sarah Palin’s Alaska Has The Ingredients To Be A Big Hit

Sarah Palin’s Alaska’: I saw it last night in Atlanta and here’s the scoop!

Sarah Palin’s Alaska’: Lessons in Manliness an Intolerance (Done Right)

Sarah Palin’s Alaska:  Logger for a Day

Sarah Palin’s Alaska meets Snellville, GA 

Sarah Palin’s Alaska: Out Here Being Free

Sarah Palin’s Alaska Photos

Sarah Palin’s Alaska Photos

Sarah Palin’s Alaska: Politics Lurk Beneath the Surface in TLC Show

‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ premiere review: ‘Mama Grizzly’ fishes, climbs mountains, protects her young

Sarah Palin’s Alaska: “Shoot to where it’s going, not to where it’s been” 

Sarah Palin’s Alaska Slideshow (TLC)

‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ Sneak Peak: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Sarah Palin’s Alaska (Team Red): It’s All About The Outdoors

Sarah Palin’s Alaska, TLC: US TV review

Sarah Palin’s Alaska Top Series Premiere for TLC

Sarah Palin’s Alaska travelogue show heading to A&E or Discovery Channel (HillBuzz)

Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ Up 11% with Kate Gosselin  

Sarah Palin’s Alaska: Why do liberals care about this show?

Sarah Palin’s family moments now on a TV show (SPAlaska premieres in India on Monday)

Sarah Palin’s hunting episode angers PETA, delights Ted Nugent – see clips–delights-Ted-Nugent—see-clips/7832211

Sarah Palin’s TLC Show Gets Premiere Date (Nov 14)

Sarah shoots caribou, while military shot down Palin-hating comedian with boos. Bristol responds. 

Sarah Palin’s Reality Show Debuts

Sarah Palin to host her own TV show – Sarah Palin’s Alaska–Sarah-Palins-Alaska

Sarah Palin to Host Alaska Reality-TV Series (People Magazine),,20354193,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines

Sarah Palin Tries her Hand at Logging on ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’

Sarah Palin TV show? Alaska through her eyes  A  

A Screening of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” on TLC

Sign! Voice Your Support for Discovery and Gov Palin’s New Doc on Alaska

Sneak Peek of this Sunday’s Finale!

The SPAlaska Adventure Is Coming to an End, But Yours Is Just Starting

SPAlaska:  What We’re Doing and Why We’re Doing It

Sue Aikens Interview: Life at Kavik River Camp (

Thank you for Watching Sarah Palin’s Alaska with Us!

TCA: ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ Gets Premiere Date on TLC Documentary series to debut Nov. 14 at 9 p.m.

TLC banks on ‘genuine’ people for its reality-driven lineup

TLC Enters 2010-11 Upfront With Record Ratings and Robust Programming Slate

TLC Slates 2010-11 Highlights

TLC to air Palin’s Alaska series 

Tonight’s NYC Open House

Two Stars of Tomorrow’s Episode: The Butte and Chelatna Lake (

USSA Condemns Anti-Hunting Group’s Targeting of Sarah Palin

Video:  Alaska, Here We Come! 

VIDEO: Kate Gosselin Calls Camping With Sarah Palin ‘Cruel & Unusual Punishment’ 

Video: PREVIEW: Sarah Palin’s Alaska: Gold Mining

Video:  Sarah Palin – Follow Me There

Video:  Sarah Palin’s Alaska- Palin and Gosselin Camp Out 

Video: ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ – 12/5/2010 – Palin shoots a caribou

Video: Sarah Palin’s Alaska- Panning for Gold

Video: Watch Kate Gosselin Lose It During Palin Camping Trip Want to be one of the first to see the premiere episode?

Watch Sarah Palin shoot a reindeer

While You’re Tuning In Tonight… ( 

Working Your Way Thru College

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