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Palin to talk leadership during Ill. Fundraiser

Things we don’t hear about

16,000 women came out to hear Palin at the “Women of Joy” event

Standing with Sarah

Love-in for Sarah Palin in Canada; protests for Obama in Washington

Sarah Palin appearance and speech completely sold out in advance (Washington, ILL)

Historical Moments in Time: Sarah Palin

Historical Moments in Time: Sarah Palin

CSU releases $75K Palin contract, per court order

Palin To Rubio: “Call Me! ”

Dick Armey: I think Sarah Palin is old news

Palin and the Bushes Visit Central Florida

Reply: Sarah Palin – Don’t underestimate the people

The Light Side of Sarah Palin

The Long Knives for Governor Palin

Marginalizing Sarah Palin (Bill O’Reilly)

More Soros Money Used to Attack Governor Sarah Palin

If it Comes Down to Sarah Palin or Joe Klein Bet on Palin Every Time

Obama rewards Troopergate Chairman

Obama’s Pay for Play Palin Plunder

On her new Twitter page, Sarah Palin offers a more personal look (great pic)

Palin’s No Bumpkin

Palin’s PAC Revs Up Fundraising

Rush Limbaugh on Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck

Sarah Palin: The Heritage Foundation: The Economic Consequences of Waxman-Markey

Governor Palin’s Press Release and Photo Archive

Penn Township woman strongly resembles Sarah Palin

The New Voice of the GOP?,0,665881.story

Governor Sarah Palin: Faith, Hope, and Love of Country

We get to vote in November

Ticket Information for Sarah Palin Visit (Midland, TX)

Renaissance offers special rates for Palin visit

Sarah Gets Her Show

Want to see Sarah Palin? Take a shuttle

Sarah Palin Continues To Help Shine The Light On Obama’s Corruption (Gary Jackson)

Van Jones, ‘Green Jobs Czar’, a self-described ‘communist’ arrested during Rodney King riots

Shocker! Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers’ Running Buddy Jeff Jones Was Involved In Writing Barack Obama’s Stimulus Package!

Yuman invited to Palin’s home

Sarah Palin Fights Back

Trip Outside shows Palin’s star still blazes

Palin wins one for the Gipper

Palin Called A Spade A Spade (RCP)

Palin Derangement Syndrome Still Alive And Well

Republicans banking on 2012 election

Palin got it right

Sarah Palin’s hairdresser attempts to fill the Twitter silence

Palin’s father says daughter busy writing book

Palin’s father says daughter busy writing book (Forbes)

Stop aerial wolf hunt: 105 congressmen sign bill

Some Advice for Governor Palin

Is Sarah Palin running for president?

Palin vs. Biden

Inside Sarah’s Circle: 5. Meet David Murrow (TX4P)

FOX Poll. You Decide. Just a joke or Time for Apology?

Coulter to Palin: Run in 8 or 12 years (we need her now!) commissioners, Begich clash on gas line progress

Details released on Sarah Palin’s visit The Villages on Sunday

Notable quotables

The Future Face of the Republican Party?

Palin in Auburn Saturday to mark Alaska purchase

Gov. Sarah Palin invited to Long Island,0,1797703.story

She’s got the power (Josh Painter)

Re-elect Sarah Palin 2016!

Gov. Palin on The Michael Dukes Show pt 1 May 28, 2009

Gov. Palin on The Michael Dukes Show pt 3 May 28, 2009

Sarah Palin To Visit Iraq and The Colbert Report?

Palin to ‘Colbert’

Palin urges pragmatism on Cap and Trade

Gov. Palin on The Michael Dukes Show pt 2 May 28, 2009

Go and Vote –> Levi’s baby picture is NOT appropriate!

Palin rejects federal energy stimulus money, cuts projects

Gov Palin to Join MOPH Press Conference to Launch Operation Denali 2009

Palin calls for firm stand on North Korea

Free* Sarah Palin Poster

Gov. Palin thaws Alaska’s hiring freeze

Does Biden help Obama? Lefts Says Yes; Right Says No:

Palin Campaign Clothes Complaint Dismissed: Little Coverage in Old Media

Investigator advises dismissing Palin complaint

Alaska Fund Trust – Navy Vet Gets a Thank You (Lisa Graas)

Alaska Gov. Palin invited to ND oil convention

The Palin Seminar for Moderate Women

Palin seeks federal aid for flood-stricken communities

Costly Ethics Complaints Pile Up Against Palin (Palin should countersue)

Soldotna, Alaska Chrysler dealership Interview: Politics played a role

Good Job, Todd Palin! (also has Palin family photos)

(Another) Palin ethics complaint bites the dust

Palin Honors Veterans on Memorial Day

Governor Makes Board Appointments

Sarah Palin Honors Troops at Combat Fishing Tournament

Alaskans Growing Weary of Attacks on Palin? (WMIAR)

Frivolous Ethics Complaints: The Score Card, the Price Tag, and the Future of Ankle-biting

AK Gov. Sarah Palin Makes Eight Board Appointments (Ron Devito)

Nelson Rejected for State Senate Seat (Ron Devito)

Student named to Board of Regents

Political Adversaries Allow Politics to Cloud Judgment in Final Week

NYTimes Preparing a Hit Piece on Governor Palin?

Alaska Democrats (wouldn’t you know) blast Palin over trip to Evansville

Palin to visit Centre overflow

NRA Board Member Needs Your Help to be Confirmed as Alaska’s Next Attorney General!

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin Against Missile Defense Cuts

 Socialism, Hitler, Obama and teabagging’s big night reject Palin nominee for Fish Board Friends and foes cash in on Palin…Surprise: MSNBC’s Chuck Todd Just Doesn’t “Get It” rebuffed local fundraiser idea Palin “Focused On Advocating Abstinence,” Spokesperson Says chairman calls Palin one of party’s leaders THE RECORD: Arrested Palin Documentarian: ‘I Did Nothing Wrong’,2933,516919,00.htmlThe MSM Created Palin Family Drama UP, AMERICA! Baptist pastor beaten tazed by Border patrol 11 stitches Lauds Mobilization at Pt Thomson Equipment and Drilling Rig Components Senator Katherine Laforge support Governor Sarah Palin for President?’s nominee for Alaska Board of Fisheries draws critics’s AG nominee peppered with questions at confirmation 

Palin to Dems: Get Moving 

Alaska House Bill 35 Parental Consent Has Yet to Receive Senate Hearing

Governor Palin Argues Against Cuts to Missile Defense Budget

Governor Welcomes House Energy Committee Proposal

Gov’t views opponents of abortion, illegal immigration as possible threats

Governor Palin Comments on Dismissal of Stevens Conviction

Nominees Sought for Governor’s North Star Awards for International Excellence

Coast-to-coast tea parties put lawmakers on notice

Palin’s latest approach to Senate seat — take up appointees in order

Vanderburgh County prepares for Sarah Palin

Governor Orders POW/MIA Flags Flown for Former Prisoners of War Recognition Day

Couric To Win Award For Palin Interview

Rush Limbaugh Picks His GOP Favorites: Palin, Sanford

Governor Laments Ongoing Lack of Representation for Juneau

Palin urges Senate Democrats to fill vacant seat

An Open Letter to Sarah Palin’s Daughter’s Baby’s Daddy

An Open Letter to Sarah Palin’s Daughter’s Baby’s Daddy

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin Seeks Nominees for North Star International Awards

Alaska Gov. Palin Won’t Challenge Sen. Murkowski Next Year

NRA supports confirmation of one of its own

Rush Limbaugh Names Sarah Palin As A Favorite for 2012

O’Reilly Slams Eminem For Targeting Sarah Palin In New Song

Sarah Palin Fears a Possible Nuclear Attack on Alaska (video) Book Deal Déjà vu ( Josh Painter)

    1. CBS Says Palin Popular ‘Despite Latest News,’ But Not One Substantive Issue Discussed

AK Governor Sarah Palin Submits New Name for State Senate Appointment

Sweet: Palin hits Obama on missile-defense cuts

Palin to back Murkowski in 2010

The AP Thinks Palin Teen’s Romance Woes is News?

White House confirms it got 2 million red envelopes
President’s mail worker claims letter campaign 1 of largest in 35 years

Palin Applauds Alaska State House Passage of Parental Consent Bill

Palin rips Levi Johnston for dishing about Bristol on Tyra Banks’s show

Palin pushes for missile defense funds

Palin spokeswoman attacks Levi Johnston’s ‘lies’

Dems want new name, Palin sticking with Grussendorf

Palin drops fight with Democrats over state Senate seat

Levi Johnson Jumps On the Sarah Palin Gravy Train

Lefty Foes Attempt to Bankrupt Palin Family

Watch Sarah Palin live on CNN Live tonight:

Democrats and GOP seek to cash in on Palin

Palin on issues of national interest

Sarah Palin Strikes Back at Levi Johnston’s Appearance on Tyra Banks Show

CBS Blasts Palin in Ridiculous ‘Scandal’ Segment

The hostess with the moosest

Mark Steyn ‘Heart’ Sarah Palin: Helped Remove Vile Stench of Levi Johnston’s TV Sex Talk

Palin Isn’t Happy About Today’s ‘Tyra Show’

Get ready for the anti-Tea Party sabotage and smear campaign

Sarah Palin – What People are Saying

Palin Popularity High Despite Latest News  Hovering At 60 Percent At Home; Post-Elex Word On Extended Family, Acquaintances Apparently Not Making Dent

Sarah Palin Out, Newt Gingrich In – Keynote Republican Dinner Conflict – Power Grab or Miscommunication?

AP Uses Dem Operative to Slam Palin, But IDs Him Simply as ‘Professor’

Another leftist attack on Sarah Palin for her faith (Josh Painter)

Ted Stevens versus Sarah Palin?

Palin letter accepts stimulus funds

Palin challenges rejection of state Senate pick Grussendorf

Palin camp knocks critics

Palin names three candidates for Senate seat (Updated)

McCain Criticized For Palin Snub

Palin Urges Salazar To Expand OCS Oil,Gas Production

Sarah Palin’s father bashes Levi Johnston for interviews, parenting

Palin Visit to Evansville Includes TWO Big Stops

Palin says wood bison plan needs more study to avoid resource conflicts

Anglo American seeks Alaska mine approval

Palin sees gas drilling as step to curb global warming,0,3824210.story

Palin’s father: Levi not helping pay for baby care

Palin: Offshore drilling delay threatens pipelines (Josh Painter

Does Sarah Palin Still Matter? (Of course she does!!!)

Why I support Palin (and no, it’s not just to get on Michael’s nerves)

Governor Lauds the State House for HB 35 Requiring Parental Notice and Consent

Palin Requests Public Vote on Appointment

Legislators refuse Palin’s demand for public vote

On Palin’s clothes, idle aircraft, parking

Sarah Palin Calls Daughter’s Ex A Fame-Seeking Liar

Bristol Palin’s Baby Daddy Talks To Tyra! (no wonder Bristol dumped him)

Palin joins call for new Senate election after Stevens’ case dropped

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin Announces Two Board Appointment (Ron Devito)

Media should back off Palin and leave her alone

Palin wants open vote on Senate seat

Todd Palin says GOP spending on his wife was ‘out of control’

Using Palin

Sean Hannity brews a bigger Atlanta Tea Party

Todd Palin: McCain family ‘a class act’

Announcement of Sarah Palin’s Speaking Engagement at Swarthmore Appears to be an April Fool’s Prank

Bush Deficit vs. Obama Deficit in Pictures

Iron Todd Palin

Palin to fundraise for Murkowski?

Todd Palin: $150K on clothes ‘out of our control’

Todd Palin: Spending $150K On Clothes “Out Of Our Control”

Sarah Palin to Visit, Speak

Sarah Palin on Ted Stevens: ‘What a horrible thing he has endured.’

Sarah Palin: Compassion, Confidence, Leadership

Part Two: Angie Harmon Defends Bristol Palin’s Pregnancy, Says GOP Is More Understanding,2933,512008,00.html

Palin Will Not Be Headlining GOP Fundraiser

1 million red envelopes deluge White House
‘This is a message to a man that God hears the cry of innocent blood’

One Way or Another, Fox News; 10 p.m. Slot Will Feature a Sarah Palin Fan

Sarah Palin: Obama’s New Enemy of the People

Fox’s Van Susteren Vulnerable to Beck’s Success, Palin Ties

Tomorrow (March 31) is Red Envelope Day! Please mail yours!

More information about Red Envelope Day!

50 million red envelopes is the goal!

Dan Fagan’s PDS-Induced Vision of Sarah Palin

In NY-20, Murphy Charges Tedisco Would Work for Bush, Limbaugh, Palin

NY Democrat uses Palin, Limbaugh to rally supporters

Oh my: Dem strategists set to give Palin the Limbaugh treatment

Palin Joins in Observing Seward’s Day
with Alaskans

Alaska Democrats aim to block Palin’s state Senate pick\

Greta Responds to Politico: ‘I Have Never Given Gov. Palin Advice’

‘I wish I had done as good a job in my debates’ (Josh Painter on McCain)

If Ashley Biden was Sarah Palin’s Daughter and got Caught with Cocaine, The Media Would Be On Fire

MSNBC With Subtle Framing of Sarah Palin

General Information Package — Governor Palin’s Executive Experience — Appointed Tim Grussendorf as State Senator

Smart politics for Hutchison to diss sister Sarah?

Former staffers ‘angered’ by Gov. Palin’s remark: Anonymously angered, that is… (Josh Painter)

The Politico Goes After Sarah

Sarah Palin: ‘Too Much Smarts to Hitch Her Wagon to a Mule…’

Palin picks Grussendorf for Senate seat

In defense of Sarah Palin

Meet the Team Sarah Governance Team

Stop the Forced Electroshock of Ray Sandford

Cute! Sarah Palin refuses to abandon downtown Northfield without a fight

Greta Van Susteren Rips Politico For Alleging She Advises Palin: A “Hit And Run”

My Interview With Laura Ingraham

Ziegler Piece on Palin Correct, But Late in the Recognition

Gov. Sarah Palin’s week on the blogs (Josh Painter)

What is your opinion of Gov. Sarah Palin’s choice of Wayne Anthony Ross for attorney general?

Sarah Palin, Women, & the Media

Palin Pregnancy Controversy

Palin: No one to Pray With


Palin Appoints New Attorney General for Alaska

Imagine if Sarah Palin had said such a thing (Josh Painter)

Predator control opponents hold protest rally

Palin’s stimulus case (Ben Smith)

TX GOV: KBH Mocks Perry for Palin endorsement (Josh Painter)

WaPo reporter: How come Palin needs to pray with other people?

Palin stands firm on consent

Conservatives Missed Out on Palin

Some interesting news from a not so nice source: Right-Wing PAC Behind Palin Poll Revealed

Palin, Steele and Other Conservative Christians Not ‘Normal’? More Hypocrisy from ‘Hardball’

McCain Staff Corrupt, Palin Shines

Governor Palin Named Wayne Anthony Ross as Alaska’s attorney general. (video)

New Book Moves to Reintroduce Sarah Palin to Americans

General Information Package — Governor Palin’s Foreign Policy Experience — $3.6 Billion in Exports (Ron Devito)

McCain: People voted ‘mostly for Sarah Palin’ last year

Art Harris: Alaska Palin Diary, Behind The Scenes! (video)

Wayne Anthony Ross Named Alaska AG

Governor Comments on Stimulus

Matthews: Does Palin Think McCain is the ‘Anti-Christ?’

Palin names new Alaska attorney general

Palin’s PAC: Automated phone poll wasn’t paid for by us

Gov. Palin focus of lecture for women’s history

Palin’s PAC says it’s not polling in Iowa, New Hampshire

Ethics complaint against Palin alleges conflict over snowmachine logo clothing

Palin unplugged in speech to Alaska GOP dinner

Celtic Diva: Official DNC Blogger

Blogger: Palin was ‘a walking billboard’ at Iron Dog. Palin: ‘Latest bogus ethics complaint’

Palin: Latest ethics complaint is ‘asinine political grandstanding’

The Campaign To Bankrupt The Palin Family

Palin: ‘How much will this blogger’s asinine political grandstanding cost all of us in time and money?’

Sarah Palin’s message to the Special Olympics

Governor Palin encourages Alaskans to follow ash fall advisory plans

After lengthy buildup, Redoubt finally erupts

(Alaska) Legislature in review, week of March 23

Palin ally denies politics behind stimulus decision

Palin Holds Firm Against Democrats on Stimulus (Jim Brown)

Governor to Begin Interviews for Senate

Brand Palin is Struggling (see Ron Devito’s excellent rebuttal in the comments below the article)


Limited options  Negotiations difficult under AGIA’s outline

Sarah Palin’s shock at Obama’s comment about Special Olympics

Is Sarah Palin Conservative Enough? (Josh Painter)

It’s never too early to start the 2012 polling

Sarah Palin – 2012 – Yahoo Group

Criticism of stimulus plans puts Palin on defensive

Respondents (Alaskans) say Legislature should not pursue remaining stimulus funds

Palin Hits Obama on ‘Special Olympics’ Joke

Sarah Palin: Barack Obama’s Special Olympics gaffe on Leno was ‘degrading’

Sarah Palin “shocked” at Obama’s Special Olympics joke

Palin slams Obama on special Olympics (a mother’s perspective)

Study touts benefits of Susitna hydroelectric project

Will the real dimwit sit down?

Predator control is neither unethical nor unscientific

Ankle-Biters Saddling Palin With Hundreds of Thousands in Personal Debt

Palin criticizes Obama for Special Olympics quip

Governor Palin Looks Forward to Public Discussion on Stimulus Funds

Governor Palin Announces Board Appointments

Governor Palin’s Comments on President’s Remarks on Leno

Palin calls new ethics complaint baseless
The Savaging of Sarah Palin and the ‘Uncouthness’ of Barack Obama

Needs positive comments: Palin’s legal debts
pile up ‘SUBSTANTIAL’: Governor may create fund to pay the bills.

Sarah Palin attacks President Obama over ‘Special Olympics’ crack on ‘Tonight Show with Jay Leno’

Palin turns down the Obama money

Evansville Preparing for Palin’s April Visit

FYI by Greta van Susteren

Sarah Palin Rejects Stimulus Money

Sarah Palin’s take on the Special Olympics

Palin says she will not accept 45-percent of federal stimulus package

Palin turns down almost half of stimulus funds

Sarah Palin vs. Barack Obama: The 2010 money race begins

Sarah Palin Forced to Appoint Pro-Choice Judge (both nominees were pro-choice)

Greta: John Coale is NOT a paid advisor to Palin

Sarah Palin invited to visit Auburn

Palin latest GOP governor to reject stimulus funds

Palin to interview ‘some’ applicants for Senate

Palin turns down millions in federal stimulus funding for Alaska

History, not the media, is against Sarah Palin (not so)

Financial Aid Available for Adults Returning to School

Palin offers concession on gas taxes, blasts Portfolio article

The MSM’s 10 Favorite Republican Hating Republican Pundits: A Guide

Coming Soon to a Conservative Candidate Near You: Sarah Palin

Palin: Thanks, but no thanks

The Protecters of the Palin Brand (Mixed)

Tickets Available To See Sarah Palin On The Big Screen

Palin defends natural-gas pipeline strategy

Palinphobes and the audacity of type

Governor Sarah Palin may visit Auburn this summer

Palin affirms support for AGIA license with TransCanada

Governor Expresses Confidence in AGIA

Letterman Out of Line With Bristol Palin Jokes?,2933,509623,00.html

Palin pipes up on pipeline

Mathematical Literacy and Pi Day

Palin Mourns the Loss of Elmendorf Airman

GOP looks to Palin for inspiration

Bristol Palin’s Ex-Fiancée Hopes For Reconciliation

Bristol Palin’s ex: I’m not mature enough to marry

Palin to Keynote GOP Fundraising Dinner

2012 Watch: Palin to Keynote Senate-House GOP Dinner

Palin Keynotes Major Fundraiser

Governor Palin on Levi: “Over My Dead Body”

Senate Democrats reject another Palin pick (Democrats playing politics) say Palin can repair relationship with lawmakers Palin on judicial appointment process: ‘There may be reasonable steps that could be taken to improve it.’ Banquet Attendees Will See Palin in Person

Palin aka Mama Grizzly

O’Reilly to Eminem: Palin attack was “crude”

Overflow tickets being sold for Palin’s Indiana trip

Golden Valley Electric CEO meets with Palin administration officials

WND JOKE OF THE DAY Did you hear the one …Sarah Palin’s moose-hunting trip

Palin’s Ex: Need to ‘Mature’ Before Marriage

Levi Johnston, Father of Bristol Palin’s Child, Confirms Marriage Off; Reunion? ‘We’ll See’

Democrats prepare for possible open House seat

Who is qualified? Who gets elected?

Biographical details on Alaska Sen. Murkowski

Couric wins award for Palin interviews; Update: Why not the Biden interview? Update: Video added

Is Bristol Palin fair game?

2 lawmakers seek review of pipeline license

State law gives Palin no choice but pro-choice

Governor Sarah Palin to visit Vanderburgh County

Palin introduces bill to band together utilities along the railbelt

Palin signs stimulus agreement

Sarah Palin’s Challenge: Escape the Drama

Palin Rep Says Bristol’s Baby Daddy Can See His Son

Governor Palin Continues Earmark Reform

Palin sought more choices for filling Elton’s senate seat


Palin Certifies Transportation Projects

Sarah Palin graphic biography sells out at US bookshops

Sarah Palin for President

Palin plans Outside political trips: Political action committee will cover her expenses.

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin Coming To Evansville?

Sarah Palin’s daughter breaks off engagement

Palin’s priorities unlikely to advance

Former VP candidate Palin coming to Evansville

Palin plans 2 events in Indiana,0,4008140.story


Couric’s ‘Special Achievement’ for Needling Palin   [Tim Graham]

Sarah Palin: Just Like a Circus

General Information Package — Governor Palin’s Executive Experience, Fiscal Discipline and Conservatism — Extending Motor Fuel Tax Suspsension by Ron Devito

Group Raising Money for Palin White House Run

Video: Sarah Palin Delivers Alaska State of the State Address – Institutes Hiring Freeze

Couric’s ‘Special Achievement’ for Needling Palin

Palin Supports Bill to Combat High Energy Costs

Governor Names Fishery Council Nominees

Gov Supports Extending Tax Suspension on Motor Fuel in Alaska

Governor Confident Lawmakers Can Meet Voter Mandated Deadline

Palin Receives, Solicits Applications for Vacant Senate Seatt

Palin Recognizes Fort Richardson Soldier’s Sacrifice

Conservative bloggers want Palin for 2012

General Information Package — Governor Palin’s Executive Experience — Four Board Appointments

Palin seeks more candidates for open Senate seat

Adult cells are behind much of stem cell success so far

Palin needs to block any bill boosting wages

Palin wants more choices for state Senate appointment

Palin: Talk of special session not warranted

More charges filed in Palin e-mail hacking case

More charges filed in Palin e-mail hacking case

Palin Hacker Facing Obstruction, Fraud Charges

Palin Hacked

Governor Palin Comments on Personnel Board Settlement

Alaska’s First Stimulus Project Announced

Christen Named to Alaska Supreme Court

Student accused of accessing Palin e-mails

Palin, Blago on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Connecticut. group files to back Palin for president

Palin bill would unite 6 utilities

Menard remembered at memorial as a tireless public servant

Sexy Sarah Palin—Did Alaska Governor’s Looks Undermine Her Political Appeal?

Heartache: Palin appoints former Planned Parenthood board member to Supreme Court µ§

Tabby T: We Shall Overcome

USF researchers find Sarah Palin’s beauty may have cost the GOP ticket votes


Rural affairs adviser responds to Tucker’s criticism of Palin µ§

Palin sends Railbelt energy plan bill to Legislature µ§

State Sen. Kim Elton to take Interior Department post µ§

Palin Introduces Railbelt Utilities Legislation µ§

Obama Doesnt Go Anywhere Without His Teleprompter µ§

Kitchen pest is a hero to scientists meeting in Chicago µ,0,4669447.story§

Legislation for Assets of Railbelt Utilities µ§

Governor Palin Orders Flags Lowered for Mayor Menard µ§

Developmental Disability Awareness Month  µ§

Trisomy Awareness Month  µ§

Certified Government Financial Manager Month   µ§


Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Month µ§

The Official 2012 Draft Sarah Committee Group kµ§

Run Sarah Run Palin 2012 µ§

Obama can’t break the teleprompter habit, either

Transportation projects get Palin’s endorsement

Racing’s Last Frontier (focuses on Davis, mention of Todd)

Rethinking Palin, Closing the Book on Gitmo



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