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Palin Reconsider Movement


Is Palin Making Her Move? Will She Be THE One to Topple the House of Cards?

Earthquake Movement:  ”Take a Stand”

The Goliath Project – The Moment of TRUTH in Tampa

Sarah Palin’s ‘Palin For President’ is Going After the GOP Nomination

Earthquake Billboard Ads

Group Buys Billboard Space for Palin Ads in Cedar Rapids

Sarah Palin, anyone? Durst tips hand on what he wants to occur in primary

Sarah’s rogue run?

Video:  Mark Levin – I Think Sarah Palin Would Have Made A Tremendous Candidate And I Still Do

Poll Results: Should Sarah Palin Run?

Republican race making Sarah Palin look better: GOP presidential candidates making Sarah Palin look better every day.

Donnie Johnston: Palin Towers Over Weak GOP Field

A Palin Victory Doesn’t Depend On a Date

Palin on ‘Draft Sarah’ Campaign

An earthquake for Palin

New Ad Urges Iowans to Caucus for Palin


Group Runs Sarah Palin ‘Vote Rogue’ Ad in Iowa

Palin allies run TV ads in Iowa

GOP may end up turning to Palin

Sarah Palin: If I were campaigning for president…

GOP may end up turning to Palin

Sarah Palin: If I were campaigning for president…

Sarah Palin’s Earthquake: Iowa Radio Ad: Vote Rogue

Iowa, you must think of our nation’s future!

Sarah Palin group buys ads in Iowa urging voters to caucus for her (mixed)

Iowa Radio Ad Encourages Voters To Caucus For Palin

Not authorized by Sarah Palin: Vote Rogue

It begins: Radio ad asks Iowans to caucus for Palin

Independent group urges Iowans to “vote rogue” – for Palin (CBS News – Mixed)

Sarah Palin’s Earthquake: Iowa Radio Ad: Vote Rogue

Sarah Palin’s Earthquake Ads for Iowa

If They Build It [in Iowa] Will She Come?

Respect Her Decision – Ask Her to Serve

An Independent Group Will Be Running More Palin Commercials In Iowa/Open Thread

Sarah Palin’s IOWA Earthquake – 5 COMMERCIALS (Video)

Sarah Palin – Commercial #5 – The Bear

Rush Limbaugh – Palin Is Only Five Letters That Would Be Easy To Write In, P.A.L.I.N

Brokered Convention – How Sarah Palin Or Jeb Bush Still Win The Republican Nomination In 2012

New 2012 Rules Mean Sarah Palin’s Dark Shadow Looms Over the GOP (mixed)

2012 Republican Race: The Field May Not Be Closed

Reconsider Movement: NebraskAttitude: Sarah Palin’s IOWA Earthquake – 3 COMMERCIALS  (Video)

Sarah Palin’s absence slidelines tea party

NebraskAttitude: Governor Palin, If Not You, Who? (by Shelly Dankert)

Tim Donovan:  What I Miss About Sarah Palin Not Running Is The Battle

2012 Republican Race: The Field May Not Be Closed

Yahoo News Is Asking The Question, Could Sarah Palin Still Get Back In The Race

Could Sarah Palin Still Get in the Race?

Perhaps Palin could rock the vote

PODCAST: The Meaning of Sarah Palin’s Iowa TV Commercial (with C4P promotional article)

PODCAST: The Meaning of Sarah Palin’s Iowa TV Commercial (direct link to Podcast)

Stop Telling Palin Supporters What To Do

Video:  Stop Telling Palin Supporters What To Do

Results for 3-Way Question in Hot Air December 2011 Survey: Palin 44% Gingrich 42% Romney 14%

Hot Air Presidential Survey Results (December 2011)

Video:  Mr Levy, You Called Me A Palin Drone, Ok Then I’m Voting For Sarah Palin I…

Palin ‘Run’ Ad Runs in Iowa (VIDEO)

Ian Lazaran Speaks With LaDonna Hale Curzon of Sarah Palin Radio About the Iowa Ad

Sarah Palin Mum On Endorsement Even as Supporters Hold Out Hope She Will Reconsider

Forbes: America’s Favorite Politicians in 2011 (Sarah Palin #1 in Yahoo searches 

‘Write In’ Sarah Palin Campaign Under Way: And Why Not?  If That’s Who You Want, Go For It!

Sarah Palin still untried

Video:  Mr.L on Sarah Palin Reconsider Ad

TV spot to air in Iowa urges Palin to reconsider candidacy:

TV Ad In Iowa Urges Palin To Reconsider (mixed)

New Ad Urges Sarah Palin To Join Presidential Race


Third-party Palin

Palin fans divided on Reconsider movement

Pro-Palin group to run ads in Iowa

I Miss You, Sarah.

Hmmm…  Hannity’s panel sounds off on newly released  Pro-Palin ad (11-29-11)

Supporters Buy Ad Urging Palin to Run

New Political Ad Includes Plea To ‘Run Sarah Run!’

Video: The “Run Sarah Run” ad has arrived  (Mixed) 

Conservatives4Palin Runs Television Ad Urging Sarah Palin to Reconsider (w/video)

New Ad Encourages Sarah Palin to Enter the 2012 Race

Supporters unveil video urging Palin to reconsider, run for president:

Pro-Palin Group Releases Ad to Roll in Iowa: Run Sarah Run! –  Video 11/28/11

Ian Lazaran Talks To Neil Cavuto

C4P-Sponsored Iowa Television Ad:  The Challenge

Video:  Fox & Friends Talk About C4P’s Upcoming Iowa Ad

Pro-Palin Group to Launch Iowa Ad

TV ads to run in Iowa encouraging Palin to reconsider


Pro-Palin Group to Air TV Ad Urging Her to ‘Reconsider’ a 2012 Bid

Sarah Palin Supporters to Run Ad in Iowa Urging Her to Reconsider Decision Not to Run for President

Sarah Reconsider ad to air in Iowa


TV Ad Asking Sarah Palin to Reconsider On Tap in Sioux City

We Now Have The Resources To Run The Palin Reconsider Television Ad In The Sioux City, Iowa Market Next Week

How Sarah Palin’s followers are rebranding for the future

The Power of Sarah

The “Reconsider” Iowa Television Ad Is Now Complete

American Needs Sarah Palin

Gov. Palin’s Office Responding to Letters Gov. Palin’s Office Responding to Letters

QUICKclip: Eric Bolling still pines for a Sarah Palin candidacy

Palin fans hoping ex-Alaska governor will reconsider 2012 presidential run

Sarah Palin: The Reluctant Candidate

There’s No Conflict in Respecting Palin’s Decision Not to Run and in Asking Her to Reconsider

Consideration of Reconsideration

The Reconsider Project

Candidate Visits to Iowa (check out September visits and sidebar candidate list)

The Republican dark horse

Video: Mark Levin Jumps On The Reconsider Bandwagon?

Video:  Mark Levin – Sarah,Sarah Palin, Where Are You

Sarah Palin and the ‘vacuum on the right’

A Late Candidate Whose Chances May Be Improving

Was The “Earthquake” Achieved? 10.3 Total Magnitude on Saturday

Eric Bolling: If Palin Would Be In The Race She’d Be Leading All The Polls

Peg’s Letter to Governor Palin

Psst! Palin’s speech was better

Letters and Rumors and Chuck Heath, Jr.

A Letter to Governor Sarah Palin

Palin Reconsidering? (mixed)

Breaking: Sources Tell Dr Gina Louden Sarah Palin Is Reconsidering a Presidential Run

Dr. Gina Loudon & Lee Davis chat about Sarah Palin possibly “reconsidering”

Open Letter of Reconsideration to Governor Palin

Sarah Palin Supporters Meet Online to Discuss Life After Her Decision

Governor Palin Tried to Call into Grizzly Fest

*It’s Not That Sarah Palin Should Reconsider, It’s That She Must

Making A Case For Sarah Palin’s Earthquake

Sarah Palin’s Earthquake Promo

2012 Electoral College Map Shows Realistic 3rd Party (Palinite) Victory Path

Where Gov. Palin Leads We Shall Follow

(Video) RUSH At His Best: Dems Know Palin Can WIN…Means What She Says..NOT Afraid of Them

Moving Forward

The aftermath of Sarah saying NO

After Six Months in Iowa, a Sarah Palin Mega-Volunteer Comes Back to North Texas

For Sarah Palin Supporters

Sarah Palin Highest Favorables for Primary: Did Rubio Force Sarah Out of the Race?

Is Sarah Palin really out of the race?

Can You Feel the Earth Move Under Your Feet?

Video:  Mr.L: We Are All Kingmakers Now

Sarah Palin, the ‘We The People’ President – Encouragement and Observations from England

Final Gallup Poll Shows Governor Palin With the Highest Favorable Rating Among All GOP/GOP-Leaning Independents Other than Giuliani

Sarah Speculation

Letter to Governor Palin

C4P Reader Survey Results – Overwhelming Majority (73%) Still Support Governor Palin

Video:  Sarah Palin’s Earthquake – Phone Calls to Bob & Mark in Alaska

Sarah Palin Says US Due for a Woman President

Sarah Palin: US due for a female president

The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla: Jackie Siciliano of Team Sarah joins Kevin

The Aftermath of Sarah Saying NO

Palin to run as independent? ‘Not out of the realm of possibility’


Sarah Palin’s Earthquake

Ain’t Too Proud to Beg? Draft Palin Movement Launches on Facebook

Palin Supporters Are A Force To Be Reckoned With

Palin Explains Decision Not to Run for President: I Can ‘Wake Up Americans to What Is Going On in Our Country’ (OTR video and transcript)

The Sarah Palin “not-running” announcement came during Mark Levin’s radio show

Palin says no 2012 bid

Palin’s Not Running: ‘I Can Be More Effective’ Helping to Elect Others

Video:  Sarah Palin Talks About Not Running on the Bob and Mark Show

The Palin movement isn’t retreating, it’s reloading

Pitch-Perfect Palin

Sarah Palin Talks About Not Running on the Bob and Mark Show

The Next Chapter: Following the Maverick

Restoring America Together

OTR Video: Palin:   Why I’m Not Running

Gov. Palin’s 10/05/2011 Greta Van Susteren interview

Statement on 2012 Decision Wednesday, October 5, 2011!/note.php?note_id=10150321133893435


Regarding Sarah Palin: “Tell ‘Em You’re With Tina Fey”

Gretawire: Could Governor Sarah Palin be running for President ?

“Still a Possibility:” Sarah Palin May Enter The Race

Christie Out.  Palin In?

Yes, Virginia, There Is A Path To The WH For Sarah Palin

*Christie’s out, Is Palin In?

With Christie out, all eyes turn to Wasilla

What Can We Do To Help Governor Palin Right Now?

Christie Takes a Pass; A Palin Decision Forthcoming

Christie says ‘Not My Time’–All Eyes Now on Palin

Keep an Eye on Wasilla: Is Palin Nearing a Decision?

The Fighter

Sarah Palin-affiliated law firm made early-state deadline inquiries

*What Works for Sarah Palin – Less Time in Front of Media Before the Primaries?

What Sarah Palin Really Said About A “Drop Dead” Date

Sarah Palin: To run or not to run

Sarah Palin Says She’s Holding Her Cards Close

Palin: Wait a While Longer

*Palin ‘on the Verge’ of a Decision About Presidential Run

Could This Be the Week Sarah Palin Gets in the Race?

Waiting for Sarah Palin (monologue)

Audio: Waiting for Sarah Palin

Palin ‘On the Verge’ of Decision on Presidential Bid

The Tea Party needs a Palin candidacy as a unifying force

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