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Archive for March 19th, 2011

Happy 10th Birthday to Piper Palin from SPWB!

Posted by Dr. Fay on March 19, 2011

Today is Piper Palin’s tenth birthday.  Most of us met her through national television about 2 1/2 years ago, and since then we’ve watched her accompany her famous Mom to the RNC convention, on the 2008 campaign trail, on the Barbara Walters and Oprah Winfrey shows, to the Time 100 Gala, to DWTS, and on two book tours.  Most recently, Piper starred in the TLC “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” documentary series and flagged her famous Dad over the finish line in the Iron Dog Race.  In her spare time, she does all the fun things Alaskan children do, including snowmachine riding and taking dance lessons.

On behalf of all the authors on the Sarah Palin Information Blog, I want to wish Piper Palin a happy tenth birthday and many more birthdays to come.  May each year bring new accomplishments and new excitement as you grow into the young  woman God created you to be.  May all your dreams come true, and may your life be filled with happiness and joy.  We at SPIB wish you God’s abundant blessings on your birthday and always.

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Report From India Sarah Palin’s Speech Keeps Delegates Spellbound At India Today Conclave 2011

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on March 19, 2011

In contrast to Poltico and their continuous negative, sarcastic reporting of Sarah Palin,  Nina Rai, a correspondent for Allvoices, reported positively from India on Sarah Palin’s address to the India Today 2011 Conclave. As an educational analysis, here is part of her report, which shows Palin’s vision for America. 

Sarah Palin, the Ex-Governor of US State of Alaska and Republican nominee for Vice-President in the 2008 US presidential elections delivered her keynote address at the last session of the two-day India Today Conclave 2011 here, in New Delhi on Saturday, March 19, 2011. Her visit to India is already generating a lot of buzz in US political circles, largely due to her potential bid for the post of US President in 2012.

Palin’s dinner speech at the conclave was on the topic ‘My Vision of America’, which started around 8 pm. She was introduced at the conclave to the audience by Aroon Purie, Editor in Chief, India Today, as being the first female governor of Alaska from 2006 to 2009, a Republican Vice-Presidential nominee in 2008 and author of several books. Purie in his introduction said that Palin was someone who is the kind to touch a cord with every ordinary American, as she typifies middle class America. He even informed the delegates gathered there, about Palin’s huge fan following. “She has 1.5 million followers on Facebook alone,” he pointed out.

Sarah Palin in her speech spoke highly about India’s rich history, culture and famous gift of hospitality, which she along-with her husband Todd had the privilege of enjoying. She appreciated the opportunity of getting to see some of India’s magnificent cities and hoped that she and Todd would be able to see the monument of “Eternal Love” the Taj Mahal very soon. She mentioned the fact that when “In 2008, I had the honor of meeting Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, I expressed my admiration for India’s rich culture.” Touching upon the devastation in Japan, she said “Trust you (India) will join me in expressing solidarity with the people of Japan” and warmly praised the resilience, stoicism, humbleness and graciousness of the Japanese in the face of such a tragedy.

Some of the high points of her key note address were about her upbringing in Alaska, her vision for America as also Indo-US ties. She informed that her country was discovered in the age of exploration. It was the twin principles of optimism & respect for individual liberty, which shaped both her political beliefs and her vision for her country.

She mentioned that as Governor of her state, her goal was to clean up corruption and develop America’s rich natural resources. According to her she had seen first hand how energy development, job creation and national security were inextricably linked to each other. She said that while she was a conservationist and a great believer of the green revolution, in her opinion promotion of ‘green’ at the expense of ‘conventional, reliable’ sources was not a credible energy policy or economic policy. She opined “Our need for energy independence is only one of the strategic challenges we face today.” Many people have predicted the demise of America’s demise before, however, “it didn’t happen then, it won’t happen now,” she stated emphatically.

Palin praised India by saying “Today we speak of India as a dynamic and a very vibrant economy.” Speaking of Indo-US ties, she said the relationship between the two countries could go on to shape the course of the next century. She said that Indian entrepreneurs are investing in the US, even as US businesses were expanding in India. She even went on to express her admiration for India’s tradition of strong women leaders both at home and abroad. Comparing both the countries, she said that our ties and bonds are very deep and driven by free peoples.

Both countries empower individuals, show religious tolerance, and believe in women’s education and narrowing gender gaps. Touching upon the theme of the Conclave ‘Changing Balance of Power,’ she said that throughout the world today, it is driven by the “empowerment of the individual,” which both the countries are doing. She said her country has for long been known for its rags-to-riches stories. And now India too, is. Moreover, she said both the two democracies understood the struggle for freedom, after what they had gone through in the past. She said she was indeed thankful for the free trade that they were engaged in currently.

About her vision for America, she said America need to cut spending, which will lead to job growth, promote free markets and ordinary entrepreneurs to release creative energy. She lauded Regan’s tenure as Mayor in 1980’s. He brought many reforms then, through free economic choices, she said. Palin in-fact considered Reagan as her role model along with Abraham Lincoln. According to her “What America can show the world is what is possible…Yes, may we be free….Thank you & God bless you

With regard to problems in other nations of the world, like Libya and China, Palin declared that America can support a no-fly zone but not a direct military intervention on the ground. She also expressed the military concerns of US with regard to China and said they need to be vigilant as to what China was doing as it was stockpiling ammunitions even when they had no visible enemy in sight.

With regard to a question on whether she would fight for US Presidential post in 2012, responded by saying there were a lot of gals out there, who would make good presidential candidates, thereby deftly avoiding a direct answer. The India Today Conclave 2011 came to a close with a gala dinner hosted for all the guests and dignitaries by the hosts”

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Gov. Palin Carries Reagan’s Torch to India

Posted by Ron Devito on March 19, 2011

Governor Palin carried Reagan’s torch to India as she closed the India Today Conclave 2011 with a keynote speech about her support for free market principles, individual freedoms, strong female leaders, economic and foreign policy, our pioneering spirit, and her record.

“I appreciate getting to see some of your magnificent city,” Gov. Palin said. “This is my first time to India and I hope it won’t be my last.” Gov. Palin promised her husband Todd that on their next trip, they would visit the Taj Mahal – “that eternal monument of love.”

“My country was discovered in the age of exploration,” Gov. Palin said. “My country was discovered when the Western Europeans were looking for routes to yours.” She made reference to the ancient spice routes and the Silk Road. “When I had the honor of meeting your PM, I expressed my admiration for India’s rich culture,” Gov. Palin said.

Gov. Palin took a moment to remember Japan and reminded everyone that life is precious and fragile. She said we could “learn from the resiliency and humble cooperation” displayed by the Japanese in the wake of the double natural disaster that befell them.

In discussing her past, Gov. Palin said that “optimism and respect for individual liberty shaped both my political beliefs and my vision for my country.”

She spoke about Pioneer Peak, which is visible from her kitchen window. It’s a constant reminder that “Alaska is the last frontier,” and the state’s pioneering spirit shaped her. “There is no limit to what you can achieve with hard work,” Gov. Palin said.

Gov. Palin outlined her vision of what government should be, which dates back to her days as one of Wasilla’s city council women 20 years ago. “Government should be about laying infrastructure, not planning and distributing wealth,” she said.

“As governor of my state, my goal was to clean up corruption and develop our rich natural resources…the push for ‘green’ at the expense of ‘conventional, reliable’ sources is not a credible energy policy or economic policy. I’ve seen firsthand how energy development, job creation and national security are inextricably linked,” she said.

Our need for energy independence is only one of the strategic challenges we face today. She spoke about the need to pursue an all-of-the-above approach to energy development.

Some 30 years ago, India was a weak, “developing country….Today we speak of India as a “dynamic, vibrant economy,” Gov. Palin said.

“Our countries are half a world apart geographically, but connected by so much in common,” Gov. Palin said.

“America’s demise has been predicted before. It didn’t happen then. It won’t happen now,” as she spoke optimistically about our nation’s future.

“The relationship between our countries could shape the course of the next century,” she said. “Indian entrepreneurs are investing in the US, even as US businesses expand here.”

“I admire India’s tradition of strong women leaders – at home and abroad…..The ‘Changing Balance of Power’ throughout the world today is driven by the empowerment of the individual,” Gov. Palin said.

“America has long been famous for our rags-to-riches stories. Now India is, too,” she continued.

“Friends, our two democracies understand the struggle for freedom….What America can show the world is what is possible…Yes, may we be free!” Gov. Palin said concluding her speech.

During the question and answer session that followed, Gov. Palin spoke about foreign and economic policy, and 2012.

When asked if she would support free trade, even at the cost of American jobs, Gov. Palin courageously said “yes,” and did not mince words. “We are thankful for free trade we are engaged in,” she said. Gov. Palin opposes bailouts and government picking winners and loses. If a business fails, a new one will rise to succeed the failed one. “Free trade is a hallmark of one who would believe in the free-market entrepreneurial system,” she said.

On Libya, Gov. Palin said “we can support no-fly zone” and that we do not need to commit American troops there. “There would have been less dithering, more decisiveness” in my approach to Libya, she said. Gov. Palin supports economic sanctions and strong diplomacy to bring peace to the region with military action as a last resort.

Gov. Palin also cautioned that the “United States needs to be vigilant as to what China is doing.” She expressed her doubt that China’s military build-up is for a defensive posture.

On the relationship between Pakistan and India, Gov. Palin said, “we will not put up with innocent people being harmed by terrorists.”

Regarding the mainstream media, Gov. Palin said “you need boldness to set the record straight. You can’t necessarily trust the mainstream media to accurately report on your record, accomplishments, and values.”

On 2012, Gov. Palin said, “It’s not impossible for a woman to become the President of the U.S. In fact, I think it’s time …” Gov. Palin said that a decision on 2012 is still in the future and she is waiting to see who will “offer themselves up in the name of service.” When asked what her husband’s title would be, she said, “well Todd’s buddies call him all sorts of things, but he would be First Gentleman.”

Gov Palin supports economic sanctions to pressure terrorist havens and supports the Reagan principle of “peace through strength.” She said that waste and fraud in military budget should be chopped, but Gov. Palin believes in strong military and strong national defense, which would be her first priority.

“I am thankful that I came of age in the era of Ronald Reagan. He believed in the power of of the individual, not collectivism,” Gov. Palin said. Abraham Lincoln was also one of Gov. Palin’s role models, as was Margaret Thatcher, though Thatcher was not mentioned today.

“I am a proud Republican because that is the party of Lincoln and Reagan”.

When the a commentator was asked why he found it so important to cover Gov. Palin, the commentator responded, “Sarah Palin is India’s friend.”

At the close of the Q&A session, Gov. Palin was presented with a gift.

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Gov. Palin Live: “My Vision for America”

Posted by Ron Devito on March 19, 2011

Live stream is not embeddable. Click image to open video in new tab or window or click here.

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