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Following Up On Soros, CREW, Palin, and Obama (Gary Jackson)

Fresh embarrassment for Sarah Palin as the father of her grandson reveals he is to pose naked for Playgirl (DNC operative lawyer continues to use Levi as a tool against Sarah Palin)

Geraldo and Ann Coulter Stick Up For Sarah Palin; Levi Johnston Milks Spotlight

Have you seen this? Levi Johnston!

Levi Johnston and Sarah Palin Book Debuts Bomb (mixed – last paragraph mostly spin)

Levi Johnston and the Middle-American Minstrel Show

Levi Johnston: Another Sarah Palin bombshell in Vanity Fair (mixed)

Levi Johnston Apologizes to Palin Family for ‘Youthful Indiscretion’,,20399773,00.html

Levi Johnston Apologizes to the Palin Family

Levi Johnston Palin Apology A Lie – Double Liar? (Video)

Johnston Takes Back Palin Apology

Lynda Resnick, Levi and Diana – Pomegranates, Pistachios and a Princess

Magazine: Levi Johnston apologizes to Palins

Money-Grubbing Smear Merchants Rex Butler and Tank Jones Target Governor Palin

The Obama backers behind Levi Johnston

Palin Fiance Levi Johnston to Film Music Video

Sarah Palin Is Right, Levi Johnston — You’re Trouble! Why Are You Lurking Around An LA Nightclub When You Aren’t 21 Yet?

Sarah Palin responds to Levi’s lies; slaps CBS

Sarah Palin’s Smoking Gun Proves Levi Is A Liar

Sarah Palin strikes back at Levi Johnston’s Trig comments: ‘Mean-spirited, malicious and untrue’

Sarah Palin supporters fire back at Kathy Griffin





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