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Washington Speakers Bureau Events

Governor Palin’s events scheduled by the Washington Speakers Bureau that don’t fall into categories found on other Palin Events pages  are posted here.


Video:  Sarah Palin at the SALT Conference May 11, 2012

Hedgies and Pols Descend on Las Vegas for SALT Conference

Sarah Palin at SALT Conference: “Hello One Percent! More Power to Ya!”

Sarah Palin to Keynote Annual SALT Economic Conference on Friday

SALT Conference 2012 Speakers

SALT Conference 2010:    Sarah Palin praises free market at Las Vegas convention

Crowd awaits Sarah Palin in Naples

Sarah Palin to the Ritz: You betcha I’ll be around in 2012 (Naples FL Event)

Sarah Palin elicits smiles in Naples|topnews|text|Home

Sarah Palin Visits Long Island, Talks 2012 (mixed – w/video)

On Long Island, Palin Opens Up and Plays Coy (mixed)

Sarah Palin Lashes out at Obama during Luncheon, Takes a Swing at Michelle (mixed – w/video)

Palin, on Long Island, Answers Budget and Worldview Questions

SARAH PALIN: Selects Washington Speakers Bureau for Exclusive Representation

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