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Boston Tea Party Express Event

A regular Tea Party

Boston set to party like it’s 1773

‘Fantastic Aerial Footage of Massive Crowd – Boston Tea Party

Gallery: Sarah Palin cheered, Obama jeered (photo gallery)

Hotter Than You’ Sarah Palin Rolls Into Boston


Locals flock to Boston for Tea Party rally with Palin

(Nope!  Sarah Palin-Mitt Romney, maybe.)  Mitt Romney-Sarah Palin in 2012? You betcha!

Palin Brings the Tea Party to Boston

Palin heading to the Hub (Boston)

Palin heads up Boston “tea” party (April 14)–tea–party/6776650

Palin in Beantown: The Tea Party Express Visits the Home of the First Tea Party

Palin Invokes Tea Party Origins

Palin rallies tea partiers with pre-Tax Day message near site of original Boston Tea Party

Palin urges less government, lower taxes at Boston Common Tea Party rally (video)

Palin wows the crowd

Sarah Palin cheers Tea Party ‘patriots’ in Boston; warns Obama, Dems they’ll be ‘fired’ in November

Sarah Palin draws crowd of thousands at Tea Party rally in Boston

Sarah Palin: Obama’s Policies Are “Un-American” (mixed)

Sarah Palin plans Boston rally with grassroots Tea Party

Sarah Palin readies for Boston Tea Party

Sarah Palin’s Boston Tea Party (mixed)

Sarah Palin Serves Up Some Boston Tea

Sarah Palin throws Boston tea party

Scott Brown Won’t Attend Boston Tea Party, But Sarah Palin Will

Tea Party activists gathering on Boston Common

Tea party is on guard for Hub stop (Boston)

Welcoming Palin to Boston (video)

With Palin Leading the Charge, Crowd Slams Obama at Boston Tea Party Rally

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