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Polls for Palin

There may be additional links to poll information on the Latest Palin News page  Hint:  Use keyword “poll”.


Sarah Palin Outranks Entire GOP Field on Social Media

Sarah Palin smashes Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton in new polls

New Poll:  Palin Slams Bush

Hillary Decimated by Palin in Today’s Poll

Run Sarah Says 58% of Tea Party News Network Poll

Sarah Palin Could Shake Up 2016 Field – Boston Herald

Gallup Most Admired Women: Sarah Palin in Triple Tie

Smithsonian 100 Most Significant Americans: Sarah Palin 

Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin top Western Conservative Summit straw poll for ’16

Palin Smashes Clinton in Poll, Facebook Comments

Sarah Palin Tops Poll of Women Americans Want to Run for President

Poll: Sarah Palin Has Highest Favorability Rating Among GOP Primary Voters

America’s Sweetheart Once Again: Palin At 53.5% Approval

Palin Hits 53% Poll Approval Rating Bests Obama/Romney;Media Still Quoting Year Old Polls

2012 Open Convention Straw Poll (Sarah at 44 % of votes)

Palin Breaks Through 52% Support Level In Latest Poll

Elections Meter:  Sarah Palin

Veepstakes: Conservatives (Still) Prefer Palin

Poll Shows Overwhelming Support For Sarah Palin to be Mitt Romney’s Vice President: What it Means

PPP Poll: Sarah Palin Could Unite GOP

Palin Breaks Through 50% All Voters Poll Support Barrier As PPP Poll Gives Her 68% GOP Approval

Republican poll: Sarah Palin more popular than Mitt Romney

Sarah Palin more popular than any GOP presidential candidate, poll finds (usual ADN spin)

“Sarah Palin is far more popular than any of the actual Republican candidates in the race”

(Vote in poll!) Palin, West, Rubio-Top Picks in a Republican Brokered Convention?

Palin Breaks Through 50% All Voters Poll Support Barrier As PPP Poll Gives Her 68% GOP Approval

PPP Poll: Sarah Palin Could Unite GOP

Republican poll: Sarah Palin more popular than Mitt Romney

Final Poll With 95,000 Votes; Palin 41.5% Christie 23.3% Establishment’s White Knight Bush 12%

CPAC’s Enthusiastic Crowd Polled for Romney and Cheered for Palin

George W. Bush, Sarah Palin endorsements most influential, poll says

Hot Air Pre-Florida Survey Results

Gretawire Poll Results: If you were running for President, who would you prefer to endorse you and speak for you?

 Should Sarah Palin Run?

Results for 3-Way Question inHot Air December 2011 Survey: Palin 44% Gingrich 42% Romney 14%

Hot Air Presidential Survey Results (December 2011)

Sarah Palin Highest Favorables for Primary: Did Rubio Force Sarah Out of the Race?

Final Gallup Poll Shows Governor Palin With the Highest Favorable Rating Among All GOP/GOP-Leaning Independents Other than Giuliani

C4P Reader Survey Results – Overwhelming Majority (73%) Still Support Governor Palin

Total Dominance! Red State Straw Poll: Sarah Palin 52.4% Herman Cain 21.4% Ron Paul 10.2% Rick Perry 7.3%

RedState Poll; June Palin 27%/Perry21%-September Palin 50% Perry 8%

The Truth; Tea Party 50.4% Old Guard 29.5% GOP Go With Majority or Lose Soul/Election

Palin 47% Obama 47%: Turnaround & Why Marist Poll Is No Fluke

New McClatchy-Marist Poll Has Bad News For Barack Obama, Good News For Sarah Palin

‘Shock poll:’ Palin trails Obama by 5 points in new national poll

Palin Leading Obama In West Virginia 45%-42%/Dan Riehl Is An Hero

Palin+3% CNN Poll Within MOE Of Romney-Perry Static.Palin/Romney Historic Compromise Ticket?

PPP: Barack Obama Trails Sarah Palin by 14 Points Among Independents in North Carolina

More Shocking Revelations About That Fox News Sarah Palin Poll

Over 45,000 Votes! NRO: Who Is The Better Conservative Standard Bearer? Sarah Palin 76% Rick Perry 24%

Obama Trails Palin By 14 In N. Carolina Indies &Palin Gains 5 Points In Rasmussen Nationwide

About That FOX News Poll

Perry’s egghead, FOX’s pollster (Hmmm…)

Astonishing NRO Poll Of 17000+ Palin Leads Perry By 24 Points

PPP Ohio: Governor Sarah Palin Highest In Favorablilty Ratings: A Key Finding

Perry Poll Decline Commences. Palin Holds Steady From Solid Base

Another Facebook “Polling”

Ludicrous Alana Goodman At Commentary; “Palin Would Get 34%” Vs. Obama

Palin Led Tea Party Block At 25%/33% In Gallup/PPP Polls Perry at 25%/27%

Palin Has Highest Favorability Rating In New Jersey & N Carolina PPP Poll Reports

Palin Has Highest Favorability Rating In Ohio And Second In Vermont Where She Improves McCain’s 2008 Result

Palin Ties For Lead in PPP N.Carolina Poll,Wins Straw Polls Handily,Bachmann Drifts Off the Pace Again

Sarah Palin Wins the Ames Corn Kernel Poll (7th paragraph from bottom)

Sarah Palin runs away with the Hot Air August Poll!  35 % prefer her over all other candidates; 66 % prefer her over Bachmann; 48 % prefer her over Perry.

Palin In Virtual Tie At Top Of GOP Candidates Whilst Bachmann Drops 12 Points To 6th Place

Sarah Palin Poll Results are In!

Poll: Fairgoers favor Palin

Gallup:  Republicans’ Ratings of 2012 GOP Contenders Steady in July

Hot Air Candidate Survey Results: August (2011)

Near 10,000 Vote Poll. Palin 46.6%/Perry 38.5%/Bachmann 5.2%/Romney 2.9%

Pew Poll;Romney 21% Tea Party Candidates 43% The True State Of GOP Nomination Ames straw poll ballot helps Perry and Palin

Polling Palin: An Unknown Known (Updated)

Polls, Cash, and Momentum: Voters Waiting on Palin and Perry?

Five-Way Statistical Tie in Presidential Primary Preference Survey in Florida

Republican Politics: Romney, Palin, Bachmann And Perry Vie For The Lead

TRENDING: Palin, Perry left off Ames straw poll ballot

GOP official: Include Palin, Perry in straw poll

Palin Still Strong in Poll

Palin second only to Romney in Washington Post/ABC News poll

Romney Leads, Followed by Palin (wait until she announces!)

6000 Vote Hot Air Poll Bachman Drops 50% Palin Rises Further.

Hot Air Approval Survey Results: July

Action figure primary

Polls, Cash, and Momentum: Voters Waiting on Palin and Perry?

Conservative’s Will Not “Split the Vote” and Hand Nomination to Romney; And Other Qs

Gallup:  Sarah Palin Evokes Strong Emotions Among Republicans

Gallup:  Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has, by far, the highest level of name recognition (97 %)

Gallup:  Palin, Gingrich, Romney, and Paul Remain Well Known

Townhall/Hot Air Poll:  Should Sarah Palin Run For President?

Hot Air’s Hot Air

Hot Air – Sarah Palin tops poll of 6,000 for GOP nomination

Palin Blitzes 6000 Vote Poll Once Again With Highest Result Yet

Hot Air Candidate Survey: 4th of July Weekend Results (interpretation askew)

75 percent of Americans in sync with Sarah on domestic energy

Sarah Palin And Polls; A Little Perspective

AP Poll: Palin is the Republican favorite

At 63%, AP reports Sarah Palin is leading national GOP field

T-shirt sales indicate Palin vs Obama in 2012

New AP/Gfk Poll; Palin Rates Higher Than Romney And Gains Net. 6 Points in One Month

Michele Bachmann Does not Equal Sarah Palin (good read)

Palin Runs Away With 6000+ Vote “Hot Air” Survey 36% to Romney 8%

Sarah Palin Absolutely Crushes All In Latest Hot Air Reader Poll

Survey: Among Republicans, Sarah Palin has highest favorability of any potential candidate

in Rises 52% Across 7 Major Polls-The Trending Graph Media Keeps Hidden

Gallup: 52% Of Sarah Palin’s Supporters Certain “No Chance They’ll Change” Romney? Only 30%

Palin Gaining Momentum in GOP Race, Remains Most Popular Among Republicans

The Economist/YouGov Poll (Sarah Palin Leads the Field)

Palin Rises 52% Across 7 Major Polls-The Trending Graph Media Keeps Hidden

CNN Poll: Sarah Palin most like Ronald Reagan

Palin Approval Up Double Digits

TRENDING: CNN Poll: Romney at top of the GOP field  (statistically tied with Palin)

CNN Research Poll Results

Survey: UK voters want Palin

Palin Ties Obama in Key Swing States: OH, NC, NV, MO, PA

Blogs Follow Palin’s Road Trip

Poll: Voters Like Palin-Trump 2012 Ticket

New Polls Show Sarah Palin’s Path to Victory in 2012

Poll Shows Palin Leading GOP Field

Poll: Palin leads GOP pack

Romney, Palin lead the way

Palin Leads w/ Tea, and that is Key

Mainstream Media Is Not Reporting On Incredible Trend in Palin Poll Numbers

Iowa Primary: Palin Highest Favorables; Romney, Gingrich least Favorable

Hot Air Candidate Survey Results: June Edition

Social Media Ranker – Rise in Support Matches Polling Data Rises

Gallup:  Romney, Palin Lead Reduced GOP Field for 2012

Gallup Poll: Palin Within Two Points of Romney For GOP Nomination…

GOP Gallup Poll Results Evangelicals 37% Mormons19%-It’s Palin’s Nomination To Lose

Gallup: Romney, Palin Lead A Smaller 2012 GOP Field:  Gov. Palin’s number have increased by 5 points since the last Gallup Poll

Christianity Today: Palin Stands to Gain Most with Huckabee Out

Pollsters Say Palin Can’t Win – Their Polls Say Otherwise

Palin, Pawlenty Stand to Gain with Others Dropping Out (mixed)

UT/Trib Poll: Texas is Palin Country

Palin Leads Texas Primary, even W/ Huckabee

Even the Daily Kos Pollster Shows Governor Palin Has Cut Obama’s Ohio Lead By 38% and Palin Leads the GOP Field in Texas

Palin 48.5%, Obama 48% in Ohio (Palin 51-49% W/ Assumptions)

Sarah Palin Moves into Statistical Tie for Lead in Wide-Open GOP 2012 Field

Gallup:  Palin’s support differs little by region and between liberal/moderate versus conservative Republicans; her support is higher among younger Republicans and low-to-middle socioeconomic class

There’s a reason it’s called ‘The Fix’

The Facebook Primary: Palin Most Liked, Huntsman Lags

Gallup:  With Huckabee Out, No Clear GOP Front-Runner (Palin tied with Romney for first)

Palin Catches Up With other Reps in Virginia vs Obama, Nationally

Palin’s Overall Gallup Favorable Rating Among Republican and Republican-Leaning Independents Hits a High Mark for the Year

Gallup – Romney leads GOP among elites, Palin working class

Gallup Shows Romney Supported by the Elite, Palin by the Working Class

Sarah Palin Dominates Hot Air Presidential Straw Poll (Again)

What if Poll Bias were reversed? The case for weighting.

North Carolina 2012: Obama 52%, Palin 48% (W/ Flawed Indy Data). Palin 51%, Obama 49% Speculative

Nevada 2012: Palin 50.1%, Obama 49.9% or Palin 42%, Obama 46.5% (W/O Assumptions)

Iowa Caucus Poll: Palin 33%-Huck/Mitt/Tpaw Combined 18%

Hot Air Candidate Approval results</

Gallup Poll:  Sarah Palin Leading Among Republians and Republican-Leaning Independents<

Even the Daily Kos Pollster Shows Obama Only Winning 50% Against Palin in a Democrat Party Stronghold

Hot Air April primary results: And the winner is… (Sarah Palin!)

Polling Palin: An Unknown Known

Public Policy Polling: Uhhhh-nalysis

(Sarah Palin Wins !) The Presidential Straw Poll Mar. Results!/pages/The-Townhallcom-Presidential-Straw-Poll/114013445328868?sk=app_6165549526

Sarah Palin, Donald Trump Winning the GOP 2012 Blog Primary

Elites Way Off on Palin Electability: Part 1 – The Floor

Poll stunner! Look who’s on Palin’s heels for nomination: Readers rank top picks for possible Republican candidates

PPP:  Usual top four potential Republican primary contenders in a statistical tie

Palin Steadily Rises In PPP (D) Poll,Obama Steadily Sinks In Gallup/Ras.

POLL:”If Romney Is Nominee Will You Write In Palin”. 71% Write In Palin/17% Vote Romney

Sarah Palin tops the Hot Air charts for 3rd survey in a row

Hot Air poll: March primary survey results

Sarah Palin Wins Townhall February Straw Poll

Palin Wins February Townhall Republican Straw Poll; March Voting Period Begins

Poll: Obama Loses Entire Evangelical Community   

Huckabee, Palin, Romney Tie for Lead in GOP ’12 Preferences

American Spectator 2012 GOP Straw Poll

The Presidential Straw Poll Jan. Results

Post-CPAC Poll Results: Sarah Palin is “Winning the Future”… but losing votes?

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

A Decade Of Opinions: What Readers Said In Our Year-End Polls

AP poll: Palin’s favorable rating highest in almost a year

Approval Numbers: Palin vs. Obama. Reality asserts itself

Calling BS on a bogus poll

CBS poll: 57% of Americans reject ‘Palin did it’ media spin on Arizona massacre

CNN poll of Republicans: Huckabee 22, Palin 21, Romney 21

42.5% and 58% of the Samples for the Washington Post and NBC News GOP Primary Polls Are Comprised of Independents, Respectively

Governor Sarah Palin’s Endorsement of Governor Rick Perry

Hays poll: Parnell 72 percent positive; Palin 55 percent

How to cook a political poll

Is Alaska big enough for celebrity Palin?  Is Governor Sarah Palin Still the Frontrunner for GOP Nominee for President in 2012? Poll Before Governor Bobby Jindal’s Speech Says She Was; Now it is Certain


New poll: Palin remains popular in Alaska

Newsmax-Zogby Poll: Palin Tops GOP Field for 2012

The Numbers within the Numbers 

Obama Neck and Neck with Romney and Palin in New 2012 Poll

Palin and Paul Lead in Kentucky

Palin Crushes Huckabee in Righty Blogger Poll: Whom Did I Vote For?

PALIN LEADS POLLS! The Coming of the Second American Revolution

PALIN POWER   Sarah Palin has Rocked the Political Landscape   CBS Poll now Tied

Palin: the moderate choice?

Palin tops Huck, Romney in Kentucky

Palin Wins Kansas Presidential Straw Poll

Poll: ‘Americans View Palin as More Sincere and Believable After Watching Speech’

Poll Chart Shows The Exact Point Palin’s 2012 Victory Run Began

Poll: 55% of Republicans think GOP should be more like Palin

Poll: Palin favorability highest with 2012 GOP voters

Poll: Palin ‘Gets’ It

Poll: Palin’s support still strong among GOP

Poll: Romney, Palin tie for 2012 GOP prez nod

*Poll:  Sarah Palin is the future leader of the GOP 

Polls favor Palin for President

Polls Show Palin Retains Support

Poll: Virginia Voters Prefer Palin to Obama

Poll:  What’s Next for Sarah Palin?

Remember How The Left Said Palin’s Career Was Over Because of Her Post-Tucson Speech? Poll Shows It Helped Her Among U.S. Voters

Romney’s Stock Rises with Public, but Palin Reigns Among Republicans


Sarah Palin Easily Wins 3rd Politico Poll Over Obama & Biden

Sarah Palin Leads Latest Iowa 2012 Republican Presidential Polling 

Poll Alert: Hays Research Alaska Survey on Sarah Palin

Poll Alert: Rasmussen 2012 Republican National Primary Poll 

Poll: Edwards done, Palin may be starting

Poll: Palin still darling of conservatives

Poll: Sarah Palin Respected More Than Oprah Winfrey

Poll: Sarah Palin Will Be the 2012 GOP Nominee 

The Pulse of Politics by Louis Harris: Analysis and Critique of Tea Party Supporters

Remembering Terri Schiavo: A Five-Year Anniversary Marked By Cruel Bigotry

Sarah Palin Easily Wins 3rd Politico Poll Over Obama & Biden

Sarah Palin leads for president in West, South – Harris Poll–Harris-Poll

Sarah Palin Leads Latest Iowa 2012 Republican Presidential Polling

Sarah Palin’s Popularity Grows, Poll Finds 

Shifts in Palin’s numbers

Shocker polls: That Sarah Palin-Barack Obama gap melts to 1 point

The Tale of the Polls

2008 Election:  Pollster Report Card

WaPo poll: Huckabee 21, Palin 19, Romney 17 (mixed)

What the Conservative Republicans Think

Zogby: Sarah Palin Front Runner For 2012 GOP Nomination

5 Responses to “Polls for Palin”

  1. carl arasi said

    Why did she not run?

  2. I support Sara Palin!!!!!!

  3. beth hanun said

    We support you Palin.
    101 BH dv.

  4. Great info on polls, resources, and info on Sarah Palin running for 2012!

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