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Archive for March 6th, 2011

Ten Must-Have Apps for Sarah Palin Followers

Posted by ehvogel on March 6, 2011

I keep reading about this must-have app and that must-have app, so I decided to create a list for some creative entrepreneur that understands apps (my preference being Android). Here are my suggestions for 10 must-have apps for Sarah Palin followers:

1. Real time notices of Sarah Palin Facebook or Twitter postings. Sarah Palin followers just have to be the first to know about a new post.

2. Upcoming Sarah Palin media appearances. Whether it be Fox News or a simple radio appearance, real-time updates of coming appearances would be most helpful.

3. A register of new online polls regarding Sarah Palin. We like to vote for positive things regarding Sarah and need to know where to go to support her in any online poll.

4. Red Alerts for countering media bias regarding Sarah Palin and her family. We like to voice our opinions regarding Sarah to help counter any negative “hit piece” that is published about Sarah or her family. Links to comment pages would be a welcome thing.

5. Video archives of Sarah Palin appearances. We would like a depository of Sarah Palin videos that we could link to on our smart-phones to help counter real-time Sarah critics that we come across in our daily lives.

6. Sarah Palin’s favorite wild-game recipes. After all, you can only make Moose stew once in a while.

7. Sarah Palin quotes. She has coined or re-invented such fabulous terms as “death panels”, “going rogue”, “mama grizzlies”, “blood libel”, “a servant’s heart”, “lamestream media”, “refudiate” and others. We want to use these terms and would like instant access to new and existing ones, for whatever purpose. It would also be helpful to have links to the source where where she first used them.

8. Shoes. Okay, I throw this one out for all those wonderful ladies that notice another woman’s shoes. I suspect they might like to know what latest fashion Sarah is wearing on her feet, whether they be pumps or sloggers.

9. Sarah Palin media smack-downs. Okay, I know this could be included in #4 above, but it deserves its own app because we like Sarah’s feistiness and want to be the first to applaud it.

10. Smiles. Sarah Palin has one of the most magnificent smiles that has ever existed in a politician. We want to see every single one that comes across whatever media source runs it for a collective glimpse into her heart.

I could probably go on, but you get the idea. App-makers?

Cross-posted on Generational Dysfunction

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UPDATED: Teenage Palin Stalker Was in Alaska But Not Arrested by FBI

Posted by Dr. Fay on March 6, 2011

The Mirror reports that the teenage stalker against whom Governor Palin had taken out a restraining order has been arrested by the FBI in Alaska.  Governor Palin’s parents revealed this information during an interview with Newsnight.

A GUN-toting teenager who has bombarded right-wing US politician Sarah Palin with threatening letters has been arrested by the FBI in her home state of Alaska.

Stalker Shawn Christy, 19, sent her receipts for a gun he bought and told her to watch his back.

Palin, a supporter of the gun lobby, had won a six-month restraining order against Christy in October.

But her family have revealed that Christy was held in Anchorage, just 50 miles from her home in Wasilla. FBI officers have ordered him to return to Pennsylvania, 3,500 miles away.


“Not only has Sarah been threatened, but her whole family.

We sleep with the guns.” In the interview to be aired on BBC2’s Newsnight today, Mr Heath said Christy was held last month.

He had reportedly said he planned to travel to Wasilla to get the restraining order dismissed.


Mum Sally told Newsnight: “I have concerns about her safety and that of the kids.”


Politico reports that the FBI and Anchorage police deny arresting Palin stalker Shawn Christy.  However, Christy was in Anchorage in February, as reported by the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman.  Considering the teenager’s previous threatening behavior, it is still disturbing that he would choose to fly to a city within 50 miles of Governor Palin’s home.

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‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ Premieres in India on Monday

Posted by Dr. Fay on March 6, 2011

The Hindustan Times reports that Governor Palin’s TLC Alaska documentary series will premiere in India on Monday, March 7 at 10 PM :

TLC’s newest nine-week television series will star former Alaska governor and ex-US Vice Presidential controversial candidate, Sarah Palin. The politician will be followed around and seen with her husband Todd; sons, Track and Trig, and daughters, Bristol, Willow and Piper on the series, living in her home state. The show called Sarah Palin’s Alaska, will premiere in India on Monday at 10 pm.  

Apart from covering the terrain and cultural attractions of Palin’s hometown, the show will also feature quiet moments from her personal life. In each episode, extended members of her family will join Palin and share nuances of Alaska’s culture. In the first episode, Palin will be seen escaping her schedule to go salmon fishing with her husband, daughter Piper and niece McKinley in bear country.

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Governor Palin on the Premiere of Justice with Judge Jeanine

Posted by Dr. Fay on March 6, 2011

Governor Palin was a guest on the premiere of Justice with Judge Jeanine at 9 PM on FOX News on Saturday.   Judge Jeanine Pirro previewed her new show here.  Topics covered on the show included the AWOL Democrat lawmakers in Wisconsin, whether a government shutdown was likely if a budget compromise was not reached, the chastisement of the U. S. by Mexico’s President, whether cuts should be made in foreign aid, and why the current administration is reluctant to call terrorists atacks what they are. 

When asked whether we should make cuts in foreign aid, Governor Palin said we should cut foreign aid to countries who would do us harm in any way.  Her love for Israel was apparent when she affirmed that we should continue our support to that country and applauded them for their courage and tenacity.  She thought Obama should stop kowtowing to Mexico’s President and other world leaders.  And she said that the reason Obama won’t call acts of terrorism for what they are is because his worldview is different than that of most Americans.  Governor Palin described the path Obama is taking us on with his anti-oil agenda is “terrifying” and reminded us that the current increase in gas prices is similar to that just before the implosion of the world’s economy in 2008.  She found Obama’s hesitancy to confront Gaddafi or to stand up for the Green Movement in Iran while rushing to applaud the rebellion against a quasi-ally in Egypt to be “scary.” 

When asked about Kathy Griffin’s attacks on her and her family, she spoke to Griffin directly and invited her to come up to Alaska if she wanted and pick on her (in other words – “bring it on”) but to leave her kids alone.  I think she may have been slightly offended by Judge Janine’s emphasis on a pair of leopard print shoes she was wearing in a photo and which she said were borrowed from Bristol.   It was quite a departure from the serious discussion of matters of national importance.

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POLL:”If Romney Is Nominee Will You Vote/Not Vote/Write In Palin/Write In Someone Else?”

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on March 6, 2011

The liberal media and the beltway gang have let the mask slip (not that it was much of a mask) and have come out in the open as to the “safe pair of hands” who is  O.K. with the Washington elite candidate.

A massive media blitz for Mitt Romney has commenced,  as the Insiders see their opening with Huckabee/Gingrich/Daniels/Christie/Thune self- destructing, and they are preparing the GOP voters for their version of McCain for 2012. The grass roots have other ideas and the true test will come in the ballot box irrespective of how mucheffort the insiders/lib’s put into their chosen sacrificial lamb for Obama.

However, should the East/West Coast/Lib’s/Beltway denizens’ campaign succeed, and Romney is the the grass roots is “what to do on election day 2012?” It’s clear who the grass roots activists want-it’s Palin by a mile but what effect will that have in November 2012?

To gauge this to some degree, here is a simple poll which asks “Would you vote for Mitt Romney in November 2012 for president?” If not, would you write in Sarah Palin?”  “Would you write in someone else?”

Only one vote per person is allowed with this poll so it will be an accurate reflection of the responder’s choices.


If Romney Is The Nominee How Will You Vote?


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Lib Media’s Romney Swoon Commences In “Anyone But Palin” Campaign.Politico Goes All In With Four Front Page Articles

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on March 6, 2011

The liberal media have apparently decided it is time to launch their “safe pair of hands, moderate conservative Republicans best choice, the anti-Palin” candidate for the 2012 nomination. Having settled on Mitt Romney as their new McCain to oppose President Obama they will, until they see him safely nominated, give him an huge amount of positive coverage.

What seems to have triggered the media frenzy has been the apparent self-destruction of three of the possible candidates the media has been giving either solid backing to or tacit acceptance-Daniels in the former case and Huckabee/Gingrich in the latter.

With Christie denying he will run, much to the media’s disappointment and Pawlenty not registering on the polling radar-although it is noticeable some parts of the media are puffing him up a bit lately the media is now giving their full attention to their chosen one.

We have seen this game before, the end result of which of course is they will commence to tear him to shreds once the actual campaign commences in 2012 as they do everything possible to ensure Obama’s re-election.

Of course the grass roots might not play this game-as they didn’t with Romney in 2008 as the have, in poll after poll, expressed their desire for a genuine conservative candidate with the combined Palin/Huckabee support being double that of Romney’s.

Politico leads the charge with four! front page stories “Mitt scores in New Hampshire” they gush, then “Romney’s move in New Hampshire” they give an analysis of, and just to fill in the front page “Romney calls for a new  president” by Mike Allen one of their lead journalists. All this uses the putative launch of Romney’s campaign as Politico describes it with his speech in New Hampshire today.

To ensure nobody misses the point they then link to their analysis of the GOP possible candidates
“Atop the front runners”-but there is only one person examined-Mitt Romney who they gushingly commence the paean with;

“Mitt Romney sits on top of a wide-open field of Republican candidates vying for the presidential nomination.”

How they determined that Romney “sits on top” is a mystery as he, by no means is consistently ahead of e.g. Huckabee, in the polls against Obama-or Huckabee for that matter and, as stated, he is way behind the Palin/Huckabee support level. If Huckabee doesn’t run and Palin does only then will a clear picture of their support emerge.

Not to be outdone the Los Angeles Times has “A whole new Romney for 2012 presidential run” major article on Romney which they commence with “the early Republican favorite” without advising how that status was determined-but the answer is of course-favorite with the liberal media.

No matter how hard the Beltway liberals and conservatives back their RINO the voters will have the final say in the matter and right now the grass roots are not backing the media’s favorite.

Original Post At” M.Joseph Sheppard’s “A Point Of View”

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