Sarah Palin Information Blog

Sarah Palin Web Brigade

Gridiron Dinner

Gridiron Club reluctantly bows to age of Twitter

Palin, Frank to Speak at Gridiron Dinner (typical NYT spin)

Governor Palin’s Speech at Gridiron Dinner

Sarah Palin closes in on the White House

Sarah Palin’s standup routine at Washingtons GridironClub



Hu’s The Communist: Sarah Palin Knocks ’em Dead At Annual Gridiron Dinner

Palin, Frank entertain Gridiron guests

Palin leaves them laughing as she pokes fun at media, McCain, Obama and more at Gridiron roast

Sarah Palin at the Gridiron Dinner. Excerpts, Photos

Sarah Palin, Barney Frank at Gridiron Winter dinner

Sarah Palin – Barney Frank smackdown: Lots of laughs, no low blows

Sarah Palin Is Funny, Barney Frank Is Boring

Sarah Palin To Speak at Gridiron Dinner

Tonight: Journos’ Gridiron Dinner with Palin and Rep. Frank

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