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Archive for March 4th, 2011

Is Sarah running?

Posted by ehvogel on March 4, 2011

So much ink, bits and bytes have been spent on the question of whether or not Sarah Palin will run for President. We won’t know until she says so, but what will she say if the answer is no?

We all search for those who will show us the way or those who will walk alongside as we forge the way. Whether it be family, friends, colleagues or others, we look for guidance and counsel along the way to help us attain our goals.

Sarah is doing things, speaking out and going places while following a path that is hers alone. I trust that she has family, friends, colleagues and others that she relies on for counsel and guidance, as it should be. Only she and her confidants know what her goal is, but I firmly believe she has a goal in mind.

Why would anyone put up with the derision and loathing that is thrown at her as she follows her path? Who amongst us would be more than willing to cut and run after amassing a small fortune through book sales and a successful television series? What could possibly motivate us to continue to go places and speak out in spite of our financial success and the knowledge that we have secured our future and, most likely, our children’s futures?

Could it be that Sarah Palin has a higher goal in mind than that which she has already accomplished for herself and her family? I suspect so. I just don’t know what it is. All I know is that I’m sitting on the edge of my seat wondering what it will be. I can only hope that she pursues the path of leadership that I believe she is destined for. I say this because I welcome her success in leadership as an inspiration for attaining my own goals, however different than hers.

Real leadership should inspire us to believe that we, too, can aspire to greatness, on whatever scale we choose. It encourages us to move ever closer toward our goals, as it should. Whatever Sarah Palin chooses to do, she has already inspired us and I believe that she will continue to inspire us for years to come, in whatever capacity.

Cross-posted on Generational Dysfunction

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Governor Palin on SCOTUS Ruling and Westboro Baptist

Posted by Adrienne Ross on March 4, 2011

By Adrienne Ross –

Members of Westboro Baptist Church choose to exercise their First Amendment rights by protesting military funerals with insulting signs that misrepresent Christianity and display a gross lack of respect for those who have paid the ultimate price in service to their country. They disregard grieving loved ones in the name of making a point and having their voices heard.

Yesterday, in an 8-1 decision, the Supreme Court of the United States upheld these people’s rights to continue their hurtful behavior.

Rebecca Hillman reports:

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled 8-1 in favor of the Westboro Baptist Church Wednesday, in a free speech case that challenged the fundamentalist church’s right to protest at military funerals.

The father of Marine Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder, a 20 year-old killed in Iraq in 2006, filed a lawsuit against the Westboro Baptist Church after members picketed his son’s funeral. Westboro Baptist Church members protested at the funeral, and have done so at many others, to share their belief that American deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan were God’s punishment for America’s tolerance of homosexuality and abortion. Albert Snyder said the protests at his son’s funeral caused emotional distress.

No doubt it caused emotional distress. These signs have messages on them that say things like “God Hates You” and “God Hates Fags.”

Concerning this ruling, Governor Palin tweeted:

Common sense & decency absent as wacko “church” allowed hate msgs spewed@ soldiers’ funerals but we can’t invoke God’s name in public square

Her tweet was followed by a plethora of complaints from people and media outlets accusing her of not understanding or respecting the First Amendment, of disagreeing with the ruling. But Governor Palin wasn’t commenting on her view of the First Amendment or on the ruling. She was commenting on the issue of inconsistency, which she discussed with The Daily Caller.

“Obviously my comment meant that when we’re told we can’t say ‘God bless you’ in graduation speeches or pray before a local football game but these wackos can invoke God’s name in their hate speech while picketing our military funerals, it shows ridiculous inconsistency,” Palin told TheDC. “I wasn’t calling for any limit on free speech, and it’s a shame some folks tried to twist my comment in that way. I was simply pointing out the irony of an often selective interpretation of free speech rights.”

Speaking for myself, it’s sad that people who claim to be Christians would choose to protest in the manner members of Westboro Baptist are. And they have no intention of slowing down. After the Supreme Court’s ruling, as ABC News reports, they will multiply their efforts:

Leaders of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church today vowed to “quadruple” the number of protests at military funerals around the country following a Supreme Court ruling that the displays are protected under the First Amendment.

Read more about Governor Palin on this issue here at Texas for Sarah Palin and here and here at Conservatives4Palin.

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None So Blind As Will Not See Economics For Idiots-Negative Feedback Loop To Destruction

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on March 4, 2011

The following by D. Sherman Okst is so obvious that I hesitate to show it. On the other hand since, despite it being so obvious that even Blind Bob could see it, the powers that be still proceed down this crazy path I am showing it in case I am missing something so glaringly obvious which I would be grateful to anyone pointing out.

“Bernanke’s Unstoppable, Self Reinforcing, Negative-Feedback-Loop
Our economic death spiral into the Second Great Depression
Wracked up by both parties over many decades our debt has evolved into a yearly deficit that can no longer be serviced with tax revenue and borrowing.”
“To avoid default Ben Bernanke chose to monetize the un-payable portion of our deficit. Each month about 100 billion dollars are created out of thin air to cover our government’s bills.
This has set forth an unstoppable, self reinforcing, negative-feedback-loop whereby:
  1. Debt monetization (printing money out of thin air to cover the portion of governments spending not satisfied by tax revenue and borrowing) reduces the value of the dollar.
  2. The debt monetization triggers dollars to flow out of bonds and into commodities.
  3. This increases demand, commodity prices rise.
  4. As commodities make their way into the supply chains businesses and consumers realize higher prices.
  5. Since globalization has caused wages to stagnate at 1970 levels, and with 23% unemployment, businesses try to eat increases, this in turn reduces hiring, causes layoffs and kills expansion.
  6. Consumers reduce their purchases, case in point: Wal-Mart is losing market share to the Dollar Store – that right there spells retail health (read: it’s terminal).
  7. Nations whose citizens spend 32%-52% of their entire budget on food are especially affected.
  8. In those nations where citizens spend 32%-52% of total their income on food; food riots erupt, social unrest breaks out, governments topple.
  9. Geographically speaking, many of these nations are in the Middle East where about a third of the world’s oil supply comes from – so oil production is adversely affected, the price of oil increases. Drastically increases. The empire must then send in troops and warships to protect oil assets from being wiped off the map.
  10. Oil is an integral part of everything from farming to manufacturing to transportation, therfore the prices of all goods and services rise.
  11. This of course creates more stress on our economy, which drives tax revenues down, whic creates a greater deficit, which causes idtiot Ben to lean on the print button and monetize even more debt.
  12. Like an infinite loop in some errant computer code we go back to #1 above and iterate back through this unstoppable, self reinforcing, negatively-insane-Ben Bernanke-code that we call a negative self reinforcing feedback loop.”
The entire article is worth reading the only thing missing is the solution which is replacing Bernanke/Obama in 2012-if there still is an economy worth salvaging, by a “common sense conservative” balanced budget, reduced government and government spending administration under Sarah Palin.

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When The Going Gets Going Palin’s Rivals Fall Over Straight Out Of Starting Blocks

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on March 4, 2011

I have written that of all the 27-yes 27 “candidates” for the GOP the media have touted at one time or another in their relentless “anyone but Palin ” campaign that in fact only Palin  would be able to get her message out relatively often.

That is, because the liberal media and blogosphere have shot all their arrows over the last two years or so and,to their amazement she is still standing tall, if she became the candidate there would be, relatively little they could attack her on with any credibility.Sure, they would try and use the Alinsky tactics and the repetitious “she’s so dumb/a quitter” which has become a mantra that nobody, surely, takes any notice of. Here is the truth-the left is war weary in their battle with Palin and the month “moratorium” was a sure and certain sign of capitulation.

” The people over at reported, “A liberal group, apparently frustrated with all the attention its nemesis keeps getting, is promoting “Ignore Sarah Palin Week,” urging like-minded souls to change the channel or surf to another Web page whenever the ubiquitous former governor of Alaska pops up.” They then reported the group in saying, “We’ve tried debating her, arguing with her, boycotting her, voting against her, and yet . . . she keeps coming back.”

On the other hand the putative 26 would, if any one were once safely nominated with the help of the liberal media as “a safe pair of hands centrist” be torn to shreds, as we saw with McCain, as scandals,whether true or not,as we saw with McCain, diversions outright lies and the whole 9 yards would be thrown at them and their message would be lost in the mud.

Unfortunately for their plans the candidates are tripping  up as they leave,or enter the starting blocks and by themselves are winnowing out the field.

Thune, a real media darling, gave up before he started, Daniels who was, and still is in some quarters, the subject of a real media beat up with major articles praising him, has waffled on policy, unions, morality and actually running and his balloon has deflated as quickly as it rose.

The media have so pressed Christie to run that he has become a gasbag, pontificating on other candidates,especially Palin from the vantage of his brief tenure so far. He could be well assured that if he got the nomination he would be so lampooned that even his apparent thick skin would wilt under the pressure and even one intemperate outburst would see him condemned as a “hothead’.

Huckabee has ,for reasons known only to himself, entered the media arena lately with odd comments on, of all people, Natalie Portman, America’s current sweetheart, and seems content to continue on as a Fox commentator. Gingrich has stuttered out of the starting blocks and,just as I expected, as soon as he made his announcement of an “exploratory” campaign he has been the subject of substantial criticism and satire which is only a small taste  of what will follow.

Huntsman is being attacked by a New Hampshire GOP bigwig before he even gets one foot in front of the other, Romney  has been ceaselessly sniped at by the rightist activists but left alone by the media. Nothing is more obvious than that he is the “McCain” and the GOP would nominate him at their peril. Surely nobody believes that the erstwhile media darling Barbour, another who self destructed before getting out of the starting blocks, would last 5 minutes after getting the nomination before the ridicule and chants of “racist” would begin?

In the meantime Palin sails blithely on, ignoring the media, who have done her a substantial favor with their “Palin free month” which served the dual purpose of her being able to speak without too much distortion ensuing and letting the public see exactly what sort of mad campaign the media has been running against her.

The field is doing its self-winnowing and it is clear that if the Palin/Huckabee support amongst the grass roots coalesces behind Palin then she is unstoppable-both by the “26” and the left wing media.

Original post at “M. Joseph Sheppard”s “A Point Of View”

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Regarding My Sarah Palin Fanaticism

Posted by Shane Vander Hart on March 4, 2011

palin-Iowa-GOP-5I think I touched a nerve…

Craig Robinson responded to my post yesterday regarding the focus group that The Iowa Republican pulled together.  He wrote:

This group of Palin fanatics includes by (sic) friend Shane Vander Hart.  Shane finds it necessary to try and discredit anything that might be construed as being negative towards the former Alaskan Governor.

I admire Shane’s steadfast support and fascination with everything Palin, but his insistence that the recent group of Iowa caucus goers that assembled for David Lightman of McClatchy newspapers is some sort of conspiracy against Palin is complete nonsense.

I’ve been pretty up front that I’m a supporter, but to call me a fanatic?  Gee I love being labeled.  As far as finding it necessary to try and discredit anything that might be construed as being negative?  Anything?  There are tons of stories, polls, speeches, interviews both positive and negative that I could cover, but I don’t.  I don’t because I have plenty of other interests as well.  The Register poll and TIR were on my turf so I addressed them.  Yes I went after Jonathan Martin’s story about “anonymous sources in Iowa” complaining about her visit to Iowa last fall.  I did so because it was false.  I also have zero tolerance for “anonymous sources” who want to behave like teenage girls leaking gossip to the press.

I love backhanded compliment about admiring “my support and fascination with everything Palin.”  I give the snark two thumbs up, but I have to confess something to Craig and you my readers.  I never watched Dancing With The Stars with Bristol Palin, so I’m not quite sure I’ve earned the fanatic label.

But yes if I critique a couple of items in the news in Iowa about Sarah Palin, go ahead and call me a fanatic if it makes you feel better.

Regarding McClatchy I pointed to a narrative that I believe is being put forth.  Here is what I wrote:

The Iowa Republican was asked to pull this focus group together for McClatchy Newspapers who happens to own Anchorage Daily News.  I’m sure there’s no agenda whatsoever!  Because they *certainly didn’t* demonstrate any type of agenda or bias while Governor Palin was in office.  While Kevin Hall and Craig Robinson may not have planned to contribute to a narrative, but McClatchy won’t mind running with it.

McClatchy has a public record of liberal bias and if you don’t believe there is a larger narrative about Sarah Palin going on in the media, well then you haven’t been paying attention.  Here is one such example at McClatchy owned Anchorage Daily News.  Do I think Craig Robinson has an agenda?  No, and you know what?  I also don’t think he is an establishment Republican hack as I have seen some call him.  I can even recall coming to his defense.

I do agree with Craig on this.  If Sarah Palin is going to run she does need to play in Iowa.  I’ve said so on numerous occasions.  I also agree that she has a ton of work to do in Iowa if she does run.  I also believe that she can’t bypass the press (at least not completely) if she does run.  I also think that she has a ton of organizational work to do if she does run.  I’m not completely convinced that she is going to run, but I think that she will.  While she can’t wait too much longer, I don’t believe that Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin absolutely need to get into the race before this summer.  I do believe she (and any other candidate) needs to participate in the Iowa Straw Poll.

So while I foresee backing her if she does decide to run (that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who is a regular reader here); I believe the road to winning the nomination will be very difficult with a crowded field.  I just don’t buy the meme that she’ll be the end of the party or that she is unelectable.  She hasn’t even started campaigning yet.  The voters will decide and if she runs and wins the nomination I believe she’ll have just as good of a shot as anyone of beating President Obama.  It’ll be difficult, but if we are really looking at $5.00/gallon gas and if unemployment is still high in 2012 he’s vulnerable regardless who runs against him.

But hey, don’t listen to me because I’m just a Palin fanatic.

Shane Vander Hart is the founder and editor-in-chief of the Caffeinated Communications Network (Caffeinated Thoughts, Caffeinated Theology and Caffeinated TV).  He keeps his eye on the 2012 Presidential Race from his home near Des Moines, IA where they are already starting to trip over candidates.  Feel free to friend him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter.

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