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Archive for March 14th, 2011

Jedediah Bila: No Time to Give Up on the Budget

Posted by Gary P Jackson on March 14, 2011

A must read from Jedediah Bila:

Newly elected conservatives, it’s time for you all to speak up and do the job you were elected to do. We want to see courage. We want to see a willingness to tell party leaders “no thanks” if they just don’t get it, and to take heat from the media and the establishment in order to do what’s right. And you must remember to communicate with the American people and to refute false claims made by both Democrats and many in the media elite.

To those in the GOP who prefer pandering to the Left, “compromising” even when it’s in America’s worst interest, and criticizing true conservative leaders who take a stand, what exactly are your priorities?

RINOs and those interested in politics as usual, you’re out of touch. Principled conservatives in the House and Senate, get to work. There’s no time to waste.

Read it all here.

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$5 Gas Could Pave The Way For President Sarah Palin

Posted by Gary P Jackson on March 14, 2011

By Gary P Jackson

Recently Sarah Palin said Barack Obama was “scary wrong” on oil. Whitney Pitcher put together a great report that details exactly why Sarah Palin is right about this, and also points out the staggering amounts of recoverable oil and natural gas in Alaska:

As Governor Palin mentioned in her tweet, Alaska has billions of barrels of oil and trillions of cubic feet of natural gas. The Natural Petroleum Reserve in Alaska alone is estimated to have 53 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. The Arctic is estimated to have 90 billion barrels of oil and 1. 67 quadrillion (1,670 trillion) cubic feet of natural gas. For some perspective, that is 1,670,000,000,000,000 cubic feet of natural gas. Those kinds of numbers make even Obama’s deficit numbers seem small!

She also mentioned that other states have large amounts of resources as well. For example, the Green River formation in Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah is estimated to have 1.5 trillion barrels of oil–6 times as much as Saudi Arabia. There are 3-4.3 billion barrels of oil in the Bakken formation in North Dakota and Montana. Those a just a few examples of the abundance of God-given resources.

Read the rest of Whitney’s comprehensive report here.

Economies run on energy. It’s the life blood of any healthy economy. Rising energy prices cripple economies though, and hurt the poorest among us, as the price of oil determines the price of everything we buy. Since Obama has been in office, gasoline prices have already risen an unbelievable 67 percent and Americans expect $5 gasoline by July of this year. If this trend continues, we could see $10 or higher gas by July of 2012.

As Scott Conroy writes, Sarah Palin is the one potential presidential candidate who not only understands the energy issues but has hands-on experience:

As gasoline prices shot up for the 13th straight day on Monday to a new national average topping $3.50 and oil prices rose to over $106 a barrel, the cost of energy seemed poised once again to rise to the forefront of the political discourse just as the 2012 presidential campaign generates steam.

Of all the prospective Republican candidates, none may have a better opportunity to benefit politically from a nominating cycle in which gas prices take center stage than former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

[ … ]

But it would be difficult for Palin’s GOP rivals, and even her Democratic critics, to deny that energy issues fall directly into the wheelhouse of the former Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commissioner who went on to lead a state where almost 90 percent of the budget is funded by oil revenue. As Tina Fey might say, Palin can see oil pipelines from her house.

During an appearance on Fox News last weekend, Palin nodded in anticipation and smiled confidently as host Jeanine Pirro lined up a question about what the government should do about rising gas prices.

Speaking with unbridled relish, Palin replied that opening the strategic oil reserves was not the solution to the problem and reverted to her old mantra that the government should “drill here and drill now” before going into a more in-depth criticism of the Obama administration’s energy policies.

Back in ’08, our U.S. crude also was trading at about $100 a barrel as it is today for about six months, and that was right before our world economy imploded,” Palin said. “And now here we are back again, so [Obama’s] timing – his destructive timing – of locking up 97 percent of our off-shore and not allowing ANWR to be touched, not allowing domestic drilling to take place to the degree that it should, it is terrifying where he is leading us in terms of being at the mercy of foreign regimes that would seek our demise to produce energy for us.”

With analysts predicting that gas prices are likely to soar even higher amid continued unrest in North Africa and the Middle East, other prospective GOP contenders have already begun seizing on the issue, as the high energy usage summer months approach rapidly.

During an appearance at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce last week, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour accused Obama of intentionally boosting energy prices to promote a progressive environmental agenda.

This administration’s policies have been designed to drive up the cost of energy in the name of reducing pollution, in the name of making very expensive alternative fuels more economically competitive,” Barbour said.

As the governor of a Gulf state, Barbour might also lay claim to having a special understanding of energy issues, but Palin for years has placed a particular emphasis on topic during her time in office and beyond.

The Alaska Gasline Inducement Act, which Palin signed into law in August of 2008, set the framework for a major natural pipeline proposal that would transport natural gas from Alaska’s North Slope to the Lower 48.

On the vice presidential campaign trail just weeks later, Palin spoke more frequently about energy issues than any other subject, and the emotional high-point of her boisterous rallies often came when she led crowds of tens of thousands of people in chants of “drill, baby, drill!

[ … ]

As she continues to mull a presidential run, Palin figures to take particular note that energy issues figure to loom especially large in the nation’s first voting state of Iowa.

The people here who are large consumers of fuel, in the trucking industry or farmers, it cuts into their profitability, and those businesses will start to ask questions about what can be done to relieve costs of high fuel,” said Polk County Republican co-chairman Will Rogers, a supporter of Newt Gingrich, who is in talks to become a paid consultant to the former House speaker in the coming weeks. “Whether it’s Sarah Palin or Newt Gingrich or anybody else that’s looking at running for president, this is a real issue for many Americans. If we see between now and January another $20 to $30 added to the price of a barrel of oil, people will be talking about it here in Iowa.

Besides being Alaska’s top energy regulator, Sarah was also the Chairman of the Interstate Oil And Gas Compact Commission. The IOGCC is a multi-state government agency that works to ensure our nation’s oil and natural gas resources are conserved and maximized while protecting health, safety and the environment.

From their website:

The IOGCC advocates for environmentally-sound ways to increase the supply of American energy. We accomplish this by providing governors of member states with a clear and unified voice to Congress, while also serving as the authority on issues surrounding these vital resources.

The Commission also assists states in balancing a multitude of interests through sound regulatory practices. Our unique structure offers a highly effective forum for states, industry, Congress and the environmental community to share information and viewpoints to advance our nation’s energy future. We stand dedicated to securing resources needed to ensure our nation’s energy, economic and national security.

We recommend books from time to time, and one I can’t recommend enough is Sarah Takes On Big Oil, written by Kay Cashmann and Kristen Nelson. This book goes into great detail describing how Sarah got things done as Governor, while dealing with the oil companies. It’s essential reading if one is to understand why a Palin presidency makes sense.

Cashman is the publisher and executive editor of Petroleum News and Nelson, the editor-in-chief, has maintained a long-time eye on Alaska government and its interactions with the state’s most lucrative industry.

Recently we pointed out that Sarah Palin is the national security candidate, the clear favorite among those who view national security as their number one concern. Given that energy is very much a national security issue, it’s the safe bet that Sarah Palin is the right person for the job.

Sarah has a two decades long history of leadership. Strong leadership. As the nation spirals out of control, we need strong leadership. We need Sarah Palin.

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Gov. Palin: Obama is mistaken. Again.

Posted by joshpainter on March 14, 2011

– by Josh Painter
For the second time in three days, Sarah Palin used Twitter to call President Obama out for his misleading statements on U.S. domestic oil reserves and production. She tweeted late Sunday afternoon:

“Pres is mistaken. Again. Claims we control 2% world’s oil & he ‘boosts production’?Who advises him?Who writes his stuff?Why won’t press ask?”

John Hinderaker explains the 2% deception:

That two percent figure is one that you hear all the time from liberals. It refers to the fact that the United States has only two percent of the world’s “proven reserves” of petroleum. This is what a character in a Nabokov novel called a “doughnut truth”–the truth, the whole truth, with a hole in the truth. Here is the hole: there is no universal definition of “proven reserves,” and “proven reserves” do not represent what Obama called “every single reserve available to us.”


Liberals like Barack Obama imply that America only has two percent of the world’s petroleum, but that is completely false. We only have two percent of the “proven reserves” that are recoverable under current “government regulations” and at current petroleum prices. We could increase our proven reserves overnight by opening up new areas to exploration and development; ANWR is just one of many examples. And our proven reserves increase every time the price of oil rises.

Under American law, there is another category of petroleum in the ground called “undiscovered technically recoverable oil.” I believe this category is also limited to areas that are legally available for development, but nevertheless, this category encompasses an enormous amount of energy…


As for “boosting production,” Obama is falsely taking credit for production growth which occurred over the last decade, even though he has only been in the White House for a little over two years, as Steve Maley points out:

Obama Administration policies had nothing whatever to do with the production buildup in late ‘09 into early 2010.

That production growth is due almost entirely to a handful of large deepwater fields, notably BP’s Thunder Horse, which came on production during that time frame.

”First oil” came on June 14, 2008. Since then, Thunder Horse has steadily ramped up its production by bringing on new wells. In March 2009, Thunder Horse produced close to 250,000 barrels per day (40,000 m3/d) oil equivalent in oil and natural gas from seven wells.

So Thunder Horse by itself accounts for almost all of that abrupt ramp-up in oil production.

Does Obama deserve credit?

Thunder Horse sits in 6,200 feet of water. The leases date from 1988 (Reagan) and 1994 (Clinton). The discovery well was drilled in 1999, and the platform was set in 2005, during the George W. Bush Administration.

Due to the Deepwater Moratorium/Permitorium and the shutdown of the Offshore Leasing Program, we have essentially stopped looking for the next Thunder Horse.

Instead, half the available rig fleet sits idle due to a lack of permits. The BOEMRE’s current permitting backlog is comprised of 270 shallow-water and 52 deepwater wells. The Obama Adminstration threatens to reject seven of the outstanding deepwater permits rather than comply with Judge Feldman’s order to approve them or show cause within 30 days.

Production elsewhere in the U.S. has also increased, but no thanks to Obama’s policies. It is industry ingenuity and competitiveness that has led the production growth, in the Bakken Shale of North Dakota, the Eagleford Shale of South Texas and in the Permian Basin of West Texas. This increase is driven by technology (horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing) and by product prices. None of these areas are primarily on Federal lands; they have excelled in spite of hostile Federal policies, not because of them.


On Friday, Gov. Palin also criticized Obama’s false claims about domestic energy.

Cross-posted from Texas for Sarah Palin

– JP

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POLL:”If Romney Is Nominee Will You Write In Palin”. 71% Write In Palin/17% Vote Romney

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on March 14, 2011

The poll “If Romney Is Nominee Will You Vote/Not Vote/Write In
Palin/Write Someone Else?” has closed after being open for a full
week and produced this remarkable result as illustrated below.

An astonishing (rounded up to) 72% voted for “Write in Palin”. This rate of bleeding, if it held true across America on election day, must send a strong message to the GOP establishment as not only would Romney, or any RINO, lose but the down tickets would be decimated.

Key states such as Florida/Indiana/North Carolina were lost, in the most difficult of conditions for the GOP in 2008 by below 3%.To have any chance of gaining them back, and losing anyone of them would effectively mean the 2012 election would be lost, the party simply can’t afford to have the write-in/stay at home vote potentially as large as this.

This poll adds further credence to the growing popular wisdom that it is better for the Republicans to run a candidate who is a genuine conservative. This will ensure the base turns out and will assist the down ticket candidates.

To run with a Romney, a Dole like figure at best, would, according to this poll ensure not only a loss at the top of the ticket but potential substantial losses further down. Here is, from the Boston Globe, an analysis of Romney’s lack of coattails in his own Massachusetts-heading the presidential ticket would make this effect nationwide with disastrous consequences.
Romney keeps control of the state GOP not only to secure convention delegates, but also as a base to influence the New Hampshire presidential primary. But in 2010, New Hampshire Republicans noticed that they swept all key offices while the Mass. GOP had a meltdown. When they learn Romney was “the invisible man’’ in this fiasco, and realize that in 2004 Romney lost legislative seats during his time in the governor’s office, some will say: “The emperor has no coattails!’’

Palin would on the other hand keep down ticket losses-if there are any, at a minimum, and could potentially win the election as set out here.

The poll produced voters from across a wide spectrum of conservative supporting and other sites including Texas4Palin/Conservatives4Palin/This site/Sarah Palin Information Blog/Team Sarah/Yahoo Buzz/Facebook (Palin’s site)/Twitter/Conservative American.

The fact that so many sites were strong Palin supporters is exactly the point.Given her millions of followers (as Facebook alone indicates) if they wrote in/stayed at home in even a substantial percentage that this poll indicates there are major problems for the GOP. The vehemence from the Palin supporters in their comments as to their actions strongly supports this scenario.

282 votes is a substantial indicator.The poll was set up so
there could be only one vote per person. All votes were
monitored by watching Feejit so if anyone cleared the cache
and tried to vote multiple times it would have been picked
up.However,even if there were a few instances of multiple
voting which had slipped through the massive result for
writing in Palin is a clear indication of what might happen if
she is not the nominee by her own choice.

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