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There may be more recent links to news about Governor Palin’s views on the Military on our Latest Palin News page, where they are posted first.


Alaska governor visits troops in Kosovo (Boston Globe)

Anti-Palin Faux-troversy of the Day: The Black Bracelet

Ceremony honors end of deployment for Fort Wainwright’s Stryker brigade

Combat Camera Video: Gov Sarah Palin Visits Troops at Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo

Going Rogue Jacket Winner: Jacket Received

Governor Palin’s Tribute to the Troops at Colorado Christian University – May 2 2011

Governor Palin Thanks The Troops On The Colbert Report

Gov. Sarah Palin’s speech on military policy (vid & transcript)

If You Love Freedom, Thank a Vet!
Friday, November 11, 2011

In Colorado, Sarah Palin hails bin Laden’s death, praises troops:

In Honor of Those Who Sacrificed for Our Freedom
(Sarah Palin)

Latest Attempt to Smear Palin Fails Miserably (Update: Huffington Post Effectively Retracts)

News: Governor Sarah Palin Visits Task Force Arctic Eagle Soldiers in Kosovo

Palin: Accused Ft. Hood shooter should have been profiled

Palin attends 1st Striker brigade ceremony

Palin Cites Newsmax: Give Troops Good Pay

Palin dinner auction ends Friday

Palin dinner brings in $63,500 for charity

Palin donates jacket from Going Rogue to benefit military

Palin Praises Troops: ‘They Know Freedom Isn’t Free’

Palin Slams Obama’s ‘Appalling Action with Our Troops’

Palin speaks from Alaska at Yorba Linda telethon

Palin stands up for the SEALS

Palin to Visit Alaska Troops Overseas

Palin visits troops in Kosovo

Palin Visits Walter Reed: Our Wounded Warriors Unite Us …

Retraction Request: Roger Ebert

Sarah Palin Appears on The Colbert Report in Iraq 

Sarah Palin: Condolences on the Passing of Alexander Haig

Sarah Palin Dinner Date Auction Comes with Strings Attached (understandable)

Sarah Palin Supports the Navy SEALs!(their blog) 

Sarah Palin to appear on the Colbert show from Iraq! 

Sarah Palin Greets the Troops On Colbert Report 

Sarah Palin: US Troops Must Be Second To None (Facebook)

Sarah Palin Visits Troops at Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo (Video)

Sarah Palin welcomes home Strykers, including son

Tribute to the Troops with Governor Palin

Tribute to the Troops with Sarah Palin

Video Package: Gov Sarah Palin Visits Troops at Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo

Video:  Sarah Palin Visits Troops in Kosovo

Wounded Warrior Project to Benefit from Governor Sarah Palin ‘Going Rogue’ Jacket Auction



One Response to “Military”

  1. Mrs. Cyndy Gallenthin said

    Imagine You’re A Servicemember in Afghanistan And Served With Eminent Domain Papers in NJ

    1) How does a Servicemember who’s entire energy is devoted to the defense needs of our nation in Afghanistan learn that his property owned since 1951 is being taken by eminent domain?

    The first week of April 2010, LTC George A. Gallenthin III deployed to Afghanistan for Operation Enduring Freedom and yesterday, eminent domain papers arrived at our home. I notified my husband by email that his land was being taken.

    2) Imagine that LTC Gallenthin thought his land ownership was safe after legally defending over six+ years against a prior taking and winning 7-0 before New Jersey’s Supreme Court. (see attached Gallenthin v. Paulsboro (191 NJ 344 (2007)).

    3) Imagine that as she lay dying, George’s Aunt Margaret, the 87-year old widow of the original purchaser of his land foretold her grieving daughter of something bad happening to the land. Eminent domain papers arrived days later; George learned by email of her passing and her lasting worry.

    4) Imagine risking life to attend a Fallujah municipal meeting only to learn by email that terrorists in Gloucester County NJ: a) set fire to his land; b) torched his farm tractor; c) middle-of-the-night calls to his wife from a police chief for tractor papers; d) placed calls to destroy his 25-year relationship with his auto insurance company; e) Big Oil campaign donations to incumbents blocked his beneficial use cleanup plan for the environment, while other acts of grand corruption reached into the center of NJ government. Imagine acts so corrupt that no person could ever make them up.

    5) Imagine being embedded in the Sunni Triangle of Death while a NJ judge (who happened to be George’s former lawyer married to an engineer bidding on the project secretly planned on his property) granted unlimited access to his land. Access where numerous NJDEP and USACE permits were issued after officials signed as the owner of George’s land. Permits in SJPC and GCIA’s names and without George’s knowledge, consent or signature required by law. Permits destroying the use and value of his property while he served in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Permits that erased the freedom to own his property and a host of other freedoms that George defends with his life for each and every one of us.

    6) Imagine grand corruption. Taking land wanted, not needed, not blighted, a project based on hidden plans and opinions of politically connected engineers, lawyers, consultants bought and paid for with millions of public dollars and with hundreds of millions more to do the bidding of a shadow government. Imagine these acts against George are unlawful and violate his hard-fought 7-0 NJ Supreme Court decision.

    7) Imagine that New Jersey is using the awesome power of eminent domain to take some or all of LTC Gallenthin’s land while his skills, knowledge and experience are devoted to one of, if not “the” most important strategic offensive in the US Global War On Terror and since World War II.

    1) Has the State Agency South Jersey Port Corporation SJPC or its agent Gloucester County Improvement Authority GCIA been circumventing federal law which protects Servicemembers or is something worse afoot?

    2) Will New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a former federal corruption prosecutor, halt the abuse against my Servicemember husband by his state agency SJPC and its henchmen GCIA?

    3) Is real property, the cornerstone of Democracy around the world, as elusive in NJ as in the third world countries where George has deployed?

    Your support is urgently requested.

    Thank you.
    Mrs. Cyndy Gallenthin
    26 S. Bayard Avenue
    Woodbury, NJ 08096

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