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Author Archive

Reports: Sarah Palin buying $1.6M Arizona house with a gorgeous view – to the White Hous

Posted by Devonia Smith on May 23, 2011

Reports: Sarah Palin buying $1.6M Arizona house with a GORGEOUS  VIEW –  to the White House!

Jennifer Parks, ABC, spotted the home that speculation says may be the future $1.6 million Palin campaign compound in north Scottsdale, Arizona. On four acres, a local realtor describes it as “a low-key area” with almost 8,000 square feet,  a breathtaking view and plenty of privacy.  (Take a peek inside the  possible Palin  GORGEOUS! compound in the video)

The head of Arizona’s Republican Party and his wife are hopeful, reminding Parks, that Palin’s daughter, Bristol, already lives there. Parks reports that that couple thinks the Valley is “exactly the place for Mama Grizzly to launch her 2012 bid for the presidency.”

Not everyone will feel that supportive. Remember, it was Barbara Bush who said   that she hoped Sarah Palin would stay in Alaska … (looks like Barbara may be very disappointed!?!?)  Continue reading …

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Sarah Palin: Obama is only ‘our temporary leader’ Israel is our lasting friend

Posted by Devonia Smith on May 22, 2011

“I’m going to call him a temporary leader,” said Sarah Palin, today, on Fox, speaking of President Obama during an interview with Judge Jeanine, “because my goal is to make sure that President Obama is not reelected in 2012.”

Palin rolled her eyes at President Obama’s Israeli foreign policy, adding “America is on the wrong side of history.”

There’s a solution to Obama’s “flirting with disaster,” suggests Palin, “We the people need to rise up, saying we’ll take a stand for Israel. We’ll be on their side,” no matter if our ‘temporary leader’ sides with terrorists and demands Israel negotiate with terrorists.

Palin supported Prime Minister Netanyahu’s outright and much publicized rejection of President Obama’s call for Israel to move its borders back to pre-1967, pointing out the audacity of President Obama …Continue reading on Sarah Palin: Obama is ‘our temporary leader’; Israel is our lasting friend – National Political Transcripts |

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Sarah Palin: Four early indicators why the “Mama Grizzly” still growls

Posted by Devonia Smith on March 22, 2011

From an almost overnight birth of political stardom, today, Sarah Palin’s meteoric rise continues. Some think her staying power  has proven she is as  unstoppable as a “Mama Grizzly”.

Sarah Palin made her debut in national politics with her acceptance speech for the GOP Vice Presidential nomination as running mate with John McCain in 2008.  In the first speech, applause lines offer  indicators about which Palin ideals  had enough appeal to capture, keep and  grow the loyalty of millions. Since that speech,  Palin’s name has remained in the forefront of national politics – echoes of her voice remain an American victory roar;  and no one has yet to  silence one tweet. Fact:   No  matter how hard poor Weiner, and others, tried to get Sarah to shut the “tweet” up, Palin would not, has not and will not.

In retrospect, the top four lines of Sarah Palin’s first national speech
may explain what appears to have become a political ascent no one can “repudiate”:

4. “God bless America!”: A phrase that speaks of patriotism, love for America and love for God is not to be taken lightly in its value nor  power – if your life, as Sarah’s … Continue reading at

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Palin: Obama’s ‘terrifying anti-oil agenda will bring our country to its knees’

Posted by Devonia Smith on March 7, 2011

Amid today’s reports that “The national average for self serve unleaded gas is $3.50 a gallon,” Sarah Palin warns that President Obama’s “naive and destructive and terrifying anti-oil agenda is going to bring our country to its knees.”

In a passionate challenge that Obama must “tap into our domestic energy sources,” Palin went on to denounce Obama saying, “His agenda must be stopped!”

Instead of tapping America’s natural energy resources, opening drilling, or speeding up approval of shallow and deep water drilling applications, Fox News reports that  “the Obama administration is considering releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to help Americans facing a spike in oil prices as a result of unrest in the Middle East, Obama Chief of Staff William Daley said Sunday.”

Not even a court order to expedite permits for drilling can deter the Obama administration’s determination to thwart drilling in America. Since the BP oil spill in the Gulf, only one permit has been approved by the Obama administration. As for the court order? The Obama administration is appealing.

Resolution 140, from the House of Representatives is a bi-partisan effort to leverage  pressure  from both Democrats and Republicans on the Department of Interior for speedy action on approval of both shallow and deep water drilling applications. That pressure has yet to budge Obama’s “naive and destructive and terrifying anti-oil agenda.”  There is no sign Obama intends to allow permits to go forward.

Recently several of  Palin’s Reagan speech ‘Don’t tread on me’ top applause lines regarded her energy position. From the applause, many Americans agree with her. Following is a transcript of the relevant lines from that article:

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Sarah Palin to WI public workers: Don’t ‘kowtow to union bosses’ who use you

Posted by Devonia Smith on February 19, 2011

Late Friday night, Sarah Palin posted a Facebook open letter or message to union workers in Wisconsin, offering them “another option”, reminding  those teachers and public employees that they didn’t “have to kowtow to the union bosses who are not looking out for you, but instead are using you ” and that “as goes Wisconsin today, so goes the country tomorrow.”

To the teachers  protesting in Wisconsin,
Sarah spoke as only the daughter and child of a “family of teachers; my grandparents, parents, brother, sister, aunt, and other relatives worked, or still work, in education, ”  and as a mother whose  “own children attend public schools” could – straight from her servant’s heart.

Many have cast aspersions at  Sarah Palin’s education because Palin  is an American  product of American public education; however … Continue reading : Sarah Palin to WI public workers: Don’t ‘kowtow to union bosses’ who use you

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Obama honors Sarah Palin’s short ‘n’ tweet advice on Iran (video)

Posted by Devonia Smith on February 13, 2011

Today, President Obama honored Sarah Palin’s short and tweet  advice following the overthrow of Mubarak in Egypt. That’s another testament to the confidence that  Palin fans have in her keen common sense mastery of  presidential policy directives.

In a  mere 140 character Tweet, Sarah Palin challenged both the sitting American president, Barack Hussein Obama and the national media.

Certainly, Palin has   demonstrated the executive  power of  the value of  just a very few words, well placed – from her tweet to the president’s ear.  Continue reading on Obama honors Sarah Palin’s short & tweet advice on Iran (video)

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Tucson shooting fears reason event featuring Sarah Palin canceled

Posted by Devonia Smith on February 5, 2011

Denver Gala cancels Sarah Palin in fear of another Tucson

It’s easy to imagine the kind of palpable hate rhetoric and personal attacks that the SKP Foundation experienced when a simple article, “Sarah Palin’s Reagan speech: ‘Don’t tread on me’ top applause lines”, published only hours ago, has already generated an onslaught of hate comments from the far left.

Canceling this event out of fear sets a dangerous precedent. Americans cannot and must not give in to this, a kind of left-wing domestic terrorism, designed to keep the opposition down and silenced. This is the time when freedom lovingmen and women take a stand or sit down and shut up.

Continue reading on Tucson fear causes Sarah Palin gala cancellation in Colorado – National Political Transcripts

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Hellooooo SPI!

Posted by Devonia Smith on February 5, 2011

Thank You (in my best Barack Obama voice) adding a double Palin wink ;;!

I do so much appreciate the warm welcome.  Yesterday I read each and every one  and tucked them right under the electric blanket with me, next to my heart, to ward off the last  shivers of  a rotten  cold that I wouldn’t wish on the most left-wing liberal. (Hmmm, well, if I’m  honest….) Please know that I know that your gracious  welcome is more a testament to the faith each of you have in your beloved Fay, than in me; however, give me time and I’ll do my best to deserve her honor and yours.

This morning, I watched Sarah Palin’s last evening’s speech and was blown away. Then I focused on the top applause lines of that speech and ever so slowly transcribed them into a list.  Ahem, it’s a loooong list. It’s my opinion that applause lines are telling moments of unity of purpose, thought and spirit – so they always get my attention.

Following is a quick blurb and as quick as a blink you can be there. Warning: The libs have beat you to the article and even now,  they are battering Palin brutally as I type. May all their keyboard disintegrate with every Palin-hateful tap…

This morning, the video of Sarah Palin, as keynote speaker last night in California, for the Young America’s Foundation, at a banquet honoring the 100th birthday of Ronald Reagan, has been released.  In that speech, Palin acknowledged that  Ronald Reagan was “one of a kind” without one replacement. She   added,  “there’s a whole army of patriotic Davids out there, across this great country, ready to stand up and to speak out in defense of liberty. And these Davids aren’t afraid to tell Goliath ‘Don’t tread on me!’ And then she got a goin’…

Sarah Palin’s Reagan speech: ‘Don’t tread on me’ top applause lines Video – Devonia Smith, National Political Transcripts |

I’ll leave you with this thought and my  genuine appreciation for your patriot hearts. Each of you are part of the merry army and victory is in sight: “Sarah is gathering a merry army as she marches through the political forest, robbing the rhetoric of the left of its sting, out manuevering the efforts of all  “the king’s men”, as well as  the king’s media, to keep her down. Fearless, Sarah is loved by the populace and despised by the establishment.” Sarah Palin & Obama ‘I will …

My bests til later,

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