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Palin Speaks at Liberty’s Convocation

Palin Says ‘War on Christmas’ Is Being Waged

Sarah Palin appears at Liberty University, criticizes ‘war on Christmas’

Sarah Palin Delivers A Timely Message At Liberty University Convocation

*Sarah Palin shares the heart of Christmas and her heart for America

*SP FB:  It was such an honor to participate this morning in Liberty University’s final Convocation for 2013!

*SP FB:  Liberty University Convocation (14 photos)

Donald Trump has a ‘special message’ for departing Martin Bashir

Video:  Donald Trump tells Martin Bashir, “You’re fired!”

Martin Bashir Resigns After Disgusting Palin Remarks

Bashir resigns from MSNBC in wake of vulgar anti-Palin rant

Martin Bashir Resigns After Disgusting Palin Remarks
Martin Bashir Resigns After Disgusting Palin Remarks

Please go to  and read the update on Pastor  and sign the Petition under Sign and the letter under Write.

Sarah Palin stops in southwest Virginia

*Palin’s Book Tour Going to Liberty U, Billy Graham Library & Monroe, LA

*SP FB:  Heading to Monroe, Louisiana this Saturday December 7th on our “Good Tidings and Great Joy” book tour — hope to see you there!

*SP FB:  Look forward to being back in the “Star City” – Roanoke, VA this Saturday, December 7th.

*Can’t Wait Til Christmas! (December 3, 2013 By Bristol Palin)

*Sarah Palin and the Hypocrisy of Secular Feminism

Sarah Palin to sign books in Monroe

*Sarah Palin in Monroe This Weekend for Book Signing

*We will be in Charlotte, NC, this Friday, December 6th at the Billy Graham Library signing copies of “Good Tidings and Great Joy.”

*Honored to be participating in the final Convocation of 2013 this Wednesday at Liberty University.

*It was an honor meeting Rush Limbaugh during the first leg of the “Good Tidings and Great Joy” book tour and getting a copy of his great book “Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims.”

MSNBC’s Martin Bashir ‘on vacation’ after Sarah Palin remarks

Alaska Democrats See a Palin Legacy They Can Like

Non-partisan study: PALIN boosted McCAIN ticket in 2008

SP FB:  They’re still pulling the wool over some eyes, friends. So let’s call them out yet again.

Report: You betcha Sarah Palin helped John McCain in 2008, has 2016 support base

‘THE FIVE’: Palin was right about ObamaCare ‘death panels’

Emily Osment and Billy Campbell among those falling for fake story about Sarah Palin

Palin: Americans Will Get ‘Mugged By Reality’ When Employer Mandate Hits

SP FB: They’re still pulling the wool over some eyes, friends.

* SP FB:  Back home in Alaska after a great few weeks on our “Good Tidings and Great Joy” book tour! Had to jump on Todd’s SkiDoo with Trig to eliminate jet lag.

Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas (Signed Edition)

Palin: Day 8 of “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Tour 11/20/13

Palin: Day 7 of “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Tour 11/19/13

*What I said to Sarah Palin and a report from the frontlines of the ‘Merry Christmas’ culture wars

@sarahpalinusa:  RT  “Death Panels”was no more an illegitimate bit of shorthand than “torture memos” was in Bush 41 years. And look here:

24 Nov:  Was the Christian pastor’s release part of this weekend’s “historic” deal struck with Iran? If not, why not?…

Obama Left Pastor Saeed Behind (November 24, 2013 By

SarahPAC video:  Celebrating the Season

Chuck Heath, Jr. FB:  Here’s a Christmas gift idea:

Billy Graham Library to Host Gov. Palin for Book Signing


Chuck Heath, Jr. FB:   Katie, I’m sorry things didn’t work out for you at ABC (or CBS and NBC). Good luck at Yahoo.

Video: Sarah Palin, at the Mall of America.

Video: Sarah Palin, at the Mall of America. Pt 1

Video: Sarah Palin, at the Mall of America. Pt 2

Video: Sarah Palin joins Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday 11-24-2013 (sarahnettoo)

‘I move on and I charge forth’: Sarah Palin responds to Martin Bashir’s ‘evil’ comments

Palin: MSNBC Executives ‘Condoning’ Bashir’s ‘Vile, Evil Comments’

*Palin: Media Elite ‘Pooh-Pooh,’ Laugh Off Attacks on Conservative Women

Palin on Bashir’s Apology: Next Time ‘Go Through Todd First or One of My Children’

Life – It’s Not a Matter of Science? Really? (November 24, 2013 By Bristol Palin)

Maher: Sarah Palin at 16 Was ‘Probably Pregnant But Still in Third Grade’

*Palinistas Get Surprise Call, Tweet in Texas Meetup

*Palin book tour swings through TX, OK, AR, KS, and MN before Thanksgiving break

SP FB:  Please watch this short, outstanding Neil Cavuto statement explaining “numbers don’t lie.”

November 23, 2013 – NYT Best Sellers:  Combined Print & E-Book Nonfiction –  #13:  GOOD TIDINGS AND GREAT JOY, by Sarah Palin

Sheilah Craighead Photography: Sarah Palin “Good Tidings & Great Joy” Book Tour

Gov. Palin on Fox News Sunday November 24th, 2013

*Minneapolis, MN “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Signing (19 photos)

*Thank you, Minneapolis! What a fun, festive crowd tonight at the Mall of America; I want your energy!

*President John F. Kennedy was remembered and honored today in Dallas.

*Snuck out early to the Mall of America with the girls. Tonight’s setup for our final book signing before Thanksgiving break is gorgeous!

*We’ll see you from 6-8pm tonight!

SP FB:  May this day honor the late President John F. Kennedy.

*SP FB:  (2 of 2) Shout out to Kevin Keller and his son Justin (see photo) from last night in Kansas! Justin made a cool patriotic bracelet for Piper, she loved it!

*SP FB: (1 of 2) Shout out to Kevin Keller and his son Justin (see photo) from last night in Kansas! Justin made a cool patriotic bracelet for Piper, she loved it!

*SP FB:   Kansas City, KS “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Signing (12 photos) Signing

*SP FB:  New and old friends gathered in Kansas tonight – including Robert and Shirley Hemenway (see them in the photo) whose son Ron worked for the Chief of Naval Operations at the Pentagon when he was killed on September 11, 2001.

Chuck Heath, Jr. FB:  I tried to think of a clever caption for this but I think it speaks for itself.

*SP FB: Fayetteville, AR “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Signing (8 Photos)

*SP FB:  Thank you to all the folks in Arkansas who joined us this morning and to the staff at Sam’s Club. You guys inspire me!

Palinistas Gather in Texas to Share Thoughts, See Friends

Video: • Texans Line Up for Sarah Palin • 11/20/13 •   (iizthatiiz)

Video:  • “Good Tidings” for Tyler, TX • Sarah Palin • 11/20/13 • (iizthatiiz)

Palin: Day 6 of “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Tour 11/18/13*

Sarah Palin to close Liberty University’s Fall 2013 Convocation series

*Sarah Palin to speak at Liberty University convocation The convocation is Dec. 4

*Gov. Palin: Go Colorado! Scrooges: put that in your pipe…

*Sarah Palin’s official mayoral SUV listed on eBay

*(2010) Sarah Palin Arrives in Fayetteville, AR

*Sarah Palin is in Arkansas and there are still politicians excited to have their picture made with her (photo but snark)

*Famous Face Comes to Fayetteville

Sarah Palin stops in Oklahoma to sign new Christmas book (video)

Sarah Palin stops in Oklahoma to sign new Christmas book (video)

Sarah Palin signing books in Tyler (video)

*Sarah Palin Brings Book Tour to Tyler

*Hundreds of East Texans line up early to catch Sarah Palin in Tyler

*Video Dispatches: Gov. Palin Rocks Tyler, TX

*Stud (November 21, 2013 By

*SP FB:  Some of you have asked for that Peanut Butter Carb Bar Recipe that Kathy Young gave me last night. Here’s Kathy’s recipe:

*SP FB:  Here’s yet another example of why I wrote “Good Tidings and Great Joy.”

*SP FB  Face Time with Trig

*SP FB:  (first photo) The girls surprised me in the book line last night for Trig to do some FaceTime with me from Alaska – sweet little visit amidst a sweet setting in Oklahoma.

*SP FB: Edmond, OK “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Signing (12 photos)

*SP FB:  O! K! Last night in Oklahoma, Kathy Young (see above) shared her “The Best Peanut Butter Carb Bar EVER” recipe with me – sounded so good we almost ate the Christmas card it was written on!

*SP FB:  Captured happy productivity behind-the-scenes before the book event.

*SP FB: Tyler, TX “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Signing (11 photos)

*SP FB:  Thank you, thank you, Tyler, Texas! Great to be back to see many whom I’d met at the Oil Palace after my pro-American Energy speech.

*SP FB:  A big Texas thanks to Rafael Cruz, Senator Ted Cruz’s father, for hosting us last night with other SarahPAC supporters. It’s inspiring to hear Rafael’s full-throated defense of American exceptionalism.

*SP FB:  Click the link below to read a fine response to Cher. And enjoy this pic of my brother Chuck’s beautiful wife and daughter.

First Female WH Press Secretary Calls for Bashir’s Firing

*An Open Letter To Cher…

Report: Sarah Palin Cancels Interview With Matt Lauer Over Martin Bashir Slur

*Plano Book Signing (Photogallery – jen119)

*Palinista Posts Unique Photos from Plano, TX

Today I saw Sarah, Guardian Angels, Good Tidings

*SP FB:  Today is the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s delivery of the Gettysburg Address. Lincoln’s words helped heal our wounded nation.

*Exclusive Letter—Palin PAC to MSNBC: When Will Bashir Be Disciplined?

Kurtz Blast MSNBC Bosses’ Handling of Bashir’s Scat Rant

*Sarah Palin Book Signing – “Touched By An Angel”

By Bristol Palin)

*SP FB: Pensacola, FL “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Signing  (11 photos)

*SP FB:  Had a great time meeting Floridians in the Panhandle last night! Thank you, Pensacola, for sharing your Sunshine State Christmas spirit with us!

*SP FB: The Villages, FL “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Signing (11 photos)

*SP FB:  Met some awesome Floridians and inspiring members of our Greatest Generation yesterday at The Villages.

*Hundreds Line up for Sarah Palin (Pensacola photogallery – 17 photos)

*Hundreds turning out to see Sarah Palin and Oliver North|mostcom

Sarah Palin at Books-A-Million (w/video)

*Palin: War on Christmas ‘Tip of Spear’ in Battle to Transform America

*Gov. Palin Meets Rush!

*Visit to the EIB Network Studios  (9 photos)

*SP FB:  I caught another ‘behind-the-scenes’ for you! Life in the digital age on the book tour. Here’s Rush Limbaugh’s studio…feel free to caption this one for me!

*SP FB:  Mega dittos from the EIB network headquarters in Florida! Got to meet one of my heroes today, Rush Limbaugh.

Awesome seeing so many great vets, active duty military, and their family members in Fort Benning last week. We honor their service and thank them for protecting out freedoms!

Video: “Good Tidings and Great Joy” at Fort Benning, GA

*SP FB:  Heading to Alaska’s little sister state of Texas tomorrow. We love Texas & hope to see our Sheeran cousins, aunts & uncles there!

*SP FB:  School cancels Operation Christmas Child over lawsuit threats

*SP FB:   Naples, FL “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Signing (10 photos)

Flyer for SarahPAC fundraising reception in Dallas 11-19-13

*American Grizzlies: Candid Photos from Gov. Palin’s Wausau Good Tidings Stop

Oprah Gets Called Out! (November 17, 2013 By

*SP FB:  Great enthusiasm and insistence on a united team effort to protect the heart of America was in Naples!

Governor Palin Inspires a Young Alderman at Wausau, WI Book Signing

Governor Palin: “Obama Has Failed the Golden Rule of Politics”

SP FB:  In honor of my saint-of- a-mother & her marathon-running bum hip… Enjoy! Courtesy of Aunt Katie! Thanks for the reminder that Obama has failed the Golden Rule of politics.

Sarah Palin book signing coming to Pensacola, FL (w/video)

Sarah Palin coming to Pensacola

Palin, North split by the book(stores):  Conservatives scheduled to sign new books separately in Pensacola at the same time

Sarah Palin:  Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas

Sarah Palin coming to The Villages Nov. 18

Details released for Palin booksigning at Barnes & Noble Monday

*Palin fans are happy campers at Naples book signing event

*Sarah Palin visits Naples Barnes & Noble (protest signs misreported – referred to Obama)

*Sarah Palin book signing draws hundreds, supporters and protestors (protest signs referred to Obama, not Palin)

Video: Sarah Palin book signing in Naples Florida 11/16/13

*I Dream of Sarah’s Eyes. My Experience in Naples, Florida 11/16/13.

Video: • “It Was A Fan Frenzy” for Sarah Palin in Naples, FL • 11/16/13 •

*Sarah Palin draws hundreds to book signing

Sarah Palin: Bill Clinton was right about Obama, he wasn’t ready

SP FB: Love, love, love these precious ones! (“No matter how small…”)

Survey: Palin Generates Beaucoup Bucks for Alaska Annually, Rivaling Revenue Generated by Sports Franchises

*SP FB: For information on all the upcoming book tour stops, please click here:

*Sarah Palin in Fort Benning, GA, USA

*SP FB:  See you in Florida today and on Monday!

*SP FB: Fort Benning “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Signing (14 photos)

*SP FB: Great folks at Fort Benning – we honor you! Thanks for taking the time to visit with us last night.

Palin: Day 4 of “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Tour 11/15/13

Palin: Day 3 of “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Tour 11/14/13
Palin: Day 2 of “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Tour 11/13/13

*Levin Condemns Women’s Groups’ Silence on MSNBC Host Attacking Palin

‘Ignore the Politically Correct Scrooges’: Sarah Palin Tells Christians to Stand Up for Their Faith Against Atheist Activists

*Sweet Surprise at Mom’s Book Signing  (November 14, 2013 By Bristol Palin) 

Exclusive: Sarah Palin On Obama Administration: “I honestly cannot think of a policy that is working.”

*Palin: I Compared Federal Debt to Slavery to ‘Make a Point’

*SP FB:  My daughter catching some shut eye between events… warm under her Duck Dynasty blanket.

Sharpton’s Rebuttal of Governor Palin Proven as Nonsense

*SP FB: Fort Campbell “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Signing (11 photos)

SP FB: *Thank you, Fort Campbell! God bless our active duty military and their families!

*Wisconsin City Sells Out of Palin Book After Visit

*Wausau, you are amazing! So enjoyed meeting with you yesterday. Thank you again for the great welcome and the delicious curds!

*Palin Book Tour Heads to Heart of Battle Between GOP Establishment, Tea Party

Al Sharpton Blasts Sarah Palin for Making Debt-Slavery Comparison

Al Sharpton Blasts Sarah Palin for Making Debt-Slavery Comparison
Al Sharpton Blasts Sarah Palin for Making Debt-Slavery Comparison

Video: “Good Tidings and Great Joy” in Wausau, Wisconsin

SP FB:  Thank you, Wausau! It was great to visit with so many patriots yesterday. Thank you for letting me wish you a Merry Christmas!

Greta Confronts Mike Tyson Over Sarah Pain Insult

*SP FB: Wausau, WI “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Signing (13 photos)

*SP FB:  Check out this story Bristol highlighted on her blog for another example of what liberty-loving Americans are up against this Christmas! (Talk about political correctness run amok!)

It’s Not Just in Big Cities (November 14, 2013 By Bristol Palin)

*Hundreds line up to see Palin at Walmart (with video)|mostcom&nclick_check=1

Sarah Palin to stop at Fort Campbell on book tour

Sarah Palin coming to Fort Benning

*Large Crowds Greet Sarah Palin In Wausau Today

*Sarah Palin Book Signing (photogallery)

*Sarah Palin makes book signing stop in Wausau

*Palin signing new book during Walmart stop

Hundreds turn out for Palin Wis. book signing

*Sean Duffy for Congress: Gov. Palin Wausau Stop Sold Out, Tons of Fans

*Palin: Democrats ‘Scurrying Like Little Rats’ for Political Cover

*Listening to the beautiful Wausau West High School Christmas CD at our book signing right now in a Wausau, WI.

*O Little Town of Bethlehem: Overflow Crowd Extends Palin Signing for Hours

‘Chief’ Mahaney retreats, Sarah Palin brings defense of Christmas to Columbus: Ohio Politics Roundup

Sarah Palin draws crowd to Bethlehem Township Barnes & Noble book signing

They Came to Adore Her: A Night in Bethlehem with Sarah Palin’s Fans (snarky – especially the pic – but with info)

Sarah Palin at Woodland Mall to promote Christmas book (w/video)


MSNBC’s Sharpton Sees Racial Tinge in Palin’s ‘Slavery,’ But Not Biden’s ‘Chains’

Palin Book: ‘Ignore’ the ‘Lamestream Media’

*SP FB:  Captured “Glam Palinesque” dinner on the road.

*SP FB: Grand Rapids, MI “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Signing (9 photos)

*SP FB:  What an honor! This photo from the Grand Rapids book signing is of a wonderful 95-year-old World War II vet who gave me a signed copy of HIS own book!

*SP FB:  See you tomorrow in Wausau, Wisconsin!

*Good Tidings and Great Joy Book Tour (Slide Show of Bethlehem PA Book Signing by Oliver Ditch)

Governor Palin Starts Book Tour With a Flurry of Interviews

*SP FB: Columbus, OH “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Signing (12 photos)

*SP FB:  Thank you to the beautiful people of Columbus, Ohio!

*Exclusive: Sarah Palin Remembers a Time When Democrats Embraced Faith

*Sarah Palin’s Coming to Town

*SP FB:  Bethlehem, PA “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Signing

*SP FB:  Good morning! Here’s another example of “political correctness” run amok – it’s another move to ban free expression of faith – this time military chaplains were banned from saying “Jesus.”

*SP FB:  See you tomorrow in Grand Rapids, MI!

*SP FB:  See you tomorrow in Columbus, OH!

SP FB:  Had a wonderful time in the beautiful town of Bethlehem, PA, this evening! Thank you to everyone who came out to the book signing and to the great staff at Barnes & Noble.  

*SP FB:  Catching up with friends in NYC today! JW Cortes sang the national anthem at Veterans Day celebrations yesterday including at Madison Square Garden.

SP FB:  Supporters of commonsense conservatism (& also critics) should read this. Tony Lee hits the nail on the head in covering the facts and the commenters in response to the article are candid and profound in sharing their thoughts.

*Sarah Palin starts ‘Good Tidings and Great Joy’ book tour

Palin fans come early, stay late for book signing in Bethlehem Township: Hundreds of Palin fans come early, stay late for book-signing in Bethlehem Township. (w/video),0,5044041.story

Sarah Palin to visit Naples on ‘Good Tidings and Great Joy’ Book Tour

Sarah Palin launches book tour in Bethlehem, Pa.

Various Further Photo’s From Gov. Palin’s Day in New York City
Palin: Day 1 of “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Tour 11/12/13 (Updated)

Palin: “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Media Blitz Roundup for 11/11/13 (Updated)

Good Tidings Tour Rocks Bethlehem, PA

Only On Brody File: Sarah Palin Warns America: Kicking God Out of Society Will Lead To Ruin

*Gov. Palin Greets Bethleham, PA and Meets Emily Awesome Again

*Rare Glimpse Into Sarah’s Turning Point in Her Faith. Jake Tapper Interview 11/12/13.

*Sarah Palin draws crowd to Bethlehem Township Barnes & Noble book signing (with photogallery)

Video: Sarah Palin Interview with Jake Tapper (November 12, 2013)  (AbsolutelyDefinite)

Video:  Governor Palin talks with CNN’s Jake Tapper about her faith

*Sarah Palin knocks Chris Christie’s ‘extreme’ look, Pope Francis’ ‘liberal’ views (CNN interview with Jake Tapper)

*SP FB:  Had a great visit with “Fox and Friends” this morning in NYC! Thank you, Brian, Steve, and Elizabeth! Here’s a behind the scenes glimpse from this morning.

*SP FB:  Once we read Todd Starnes’ coverage of one school district’s move to add a mathematical equation to a school choirs choice of songs, I knew we had to visit the community of Wausau, WI, to encourage the good citizens there to keep up the good fight!

*Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin schedules book tour stop at Woodland Mall

Meeting Sarah Palin in Columbus

*AGU:  Sarah Palin is coming to Bethlehem, PA!—Tuesday–November-12th.html?soid=1103629101939&aid=3PM6c8rTg-Q

Video: Sarah Palin Signs Good Tidings And Great Joy books Bethlehem, PA (sarahnettoo)

Video:   • Jay Sekulow with Gov. Sarah Palin • ACLJ radio • 11/12/13 •

SP FB:  I’m looking forward to being on Fox & Friends this morning.

SP FB:  “Good Tidings and Great Joy” goes on sale today! We’ll head down soon to beautiful Bethlehem, PA, for our first book signing and continue on from there.

Debt and Slavery

Video:  • Sarah Palin takes the Curvy Couch with Fox & Friends • 11/12/13 •

FOX Video: Nov 12  Sarah Palin on ObamaCare, GOP’s future, new book  Former governor of Alaska on ‘Fox & Friends’

Video:  • Sarah Palin Resists “The War On Religious Freedom” • 11/11/13 •

Video: ‘Obamacare’ The Big Lie Defined by Sarah Palin – Sean Hannity – Fox News – 11-11-13

FOX Video: Double standard for Americans celebrating Christmas?  Sarah Palin talks new book ‘Good Tidings and Great Joy’

*Palin: Christie ‘Flirtin’ with Disaster’ on Second Amendment Stance

Sarah Palin Calls Levi Johnston a Deadbeat Dad Amid Bristol Palin Custody Fight

Video:  • Sarah Palin brings Mark Levin “Good Tidings & Great Joy” • 11/11/13 •

Sarah Palin brings Mark Levin “Good Tidings & Great Joy” • 11/11/13

‘Good Tidings and Great Joy’ E-Cards

Video:  Sarah Palin One-On-One With Matt Lauer on Obamacare Rollout Debacle – Today Show – 11-11-13

Video:  Sarah Palin FULL Interview NBC Today Show. Sarah Palin Matt Lauer Interview

@jaketapper:  Interviewing @SarahPalinUSA tomorrow about her new Christmas book + more. What would you ask her? Use #PalinQs

Jake Tapper solicits interview questions for Sarah Palin; Twitter keeps it classy

*SP FB:  Building Homes for Heroes (4 photos): I met some wonderful veterans in the green room at FOX who are part of an organization called Building Homes for Heroes

*SP FB:  Behind the scenes with Sean Hannity. Tune in tonight at 10pm ET on FOX.

*Looking forward to talking to the Great One Mark Levin on @marklevinshow tonight!

@marklevinshow:  Sarah Palin is on the show today. Don’t miss it!

Video: “Sarah Palin Took Matt Lauer To The Cleaners” – Rush Limbaugh • 11/11/13 •

Palin Slaps Down NBC Spin as Matt Lauer Hopes People ‘Forgive’ President’s ObamaCare Lies

Governor Palin Pokes Fun at Matt Lauer Ahead of Monday’s TODAY Appearance

Sarah Palin on Christie, GOP: ‘No Ronald Reagan on the scene today’

Watch Sarah Palin flay Matt Lauer on ‘Today’ Slaps down NBC spin on Obamacare, GOP’s future

Video: Campaigning For Christmas – Sarah Palin – The TODAY Show – 11-11-13

Watch Sarah Palin flay Matt Lauer on ‘Today’ Slaps down NBC spin on Obamacare, GOP’s future

Sarah Palin honors spirit of Christmas in ‘Good Tidings and Great Joy’  (excerpt from book)

*SP FB:  *Celebrating vets this Veterans Day on the TODAY Show!

*SP FB: Veterans Day on the TODAY Show

*SP FB:  From backstage of the TODAY Show with my hair girl/assistant Willow!

Indy 500 Winner Parnelli Jones Discusses Friendship with Palins on SarahNET Radio

*SP FB:  I look forward to being back in Grand Rapids this Wednesday and hope to see you there so I can wish you an early Merry Christmas!

*SP FB:  It will be great to be back in the Buckeye State on Wednesday!

Palin: Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition Roundup

*Palin: China Will Be ‘Foreign Master’ if America Doesn’t Resolve Debt Crisis

*Palin: Americans Shouldn’t Have Faith in ‘Arrogant’ Church of Big Government

Will Sarah Palin have a second act? (some snark)

Gov. Palin Talks To USA Today

*Palin: Big Government Trying to Be America’s ‘Church’

Fox: Gov. Palin to be on Hannity Veterans’ Day; Unverified – CNN Live Tuesday 4 EST

*SP FB:  Look forward to being back on the TODAY Show set tomorrow morning!

*Sarah Palin tells Iowa conservatives it’s time ‘to stiffen our backs’

Sarah Palin, Mike Lee in Iowa for Faith & Freedom dinner

*Spine times two! Don’t-miss quotes: Sarah Palin, Sen. Mike Lee score at #IFFC [pics]

*SP FB:  It was wonderful to see so many inspiring and patriotic Iowans tonight at the Faith & Freedom Coalition dinner.

SP FB: Willow sent this short video around to the family last night with an enthusiastic comment, “Mom, you’ve got to watch this! It’s exactly how we feel about our baby brother, Trig!”

*SP FB:   Todd and I had a great time visiting with friends — furry and otherwise — in Des Moines tonight supporting the Puppy Jake Foundation.

You are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made (November 9, 2013  By

Why I Had To Just Re-Do My Eye Make Up (November 9, 2013 By Bristol Palin)

Video:   Sarah Palin • Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition • November 9th 2013 (iizthatiiz) (

Video: Governor Sarah Palin Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition 11/9/13 (snowlinen)

*Gov. Palin: Church of Big Gov’t Restricts Freedom, No Faith in us

Sarah Palin at IFFC Dinner Live Blog

Billy Graham’s Birthday All About ‘The Cross’

*Photogallery from Reverend Billy Graham’s 95th Birthday Celebration

*(photos) Live Link: ” Governor Palin Speaks To Faith And Freedom Conference Iowa

*PUPPIES AND PALIN: Iowa Visit Brings Help and Challenge for Husband (w/photogallery)

*Sarah Palin and Sen. Mike Lee Take Time to Visit Service Dog Trainers While in Iowa

*Photo Spread: Gov. Palin, Sen. Lee visit Puppy Jake Foundation while in IA

@TODAYshow:  Monday on TODAY: @SarahPalinUSA joins @mlauer for a live in-studio interview; she’ll also sit down with @klgandhoda

Levi Johnston Files Petition for Custody of Son with Bristol Palin,,20753924,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines

*SP FB:  Todd and I had a great time visiting with friends — furry and otherwise — in Des Moines tonight supporting the Puppy Jake Foundation.

SP FB: We are looking forward to kicking off our “Good Tidings and Great Joy” book tour in “Christmas City, USA” – Bethlehem, PA – this coming Tuesday, November 12.

*SP FB:  I’m looking forward to being back in Iowa this weekend!

Video: Governor Palin Speaking At Billy Graham’s 95th Birthday Party

(Updated) Governor Palin and Todd attend Billy Graham’s 95th birthday celebration (videos and photos)

‘Now that’s hope and change’: 95-year-old Billy Graham lights up Fox News, Twitter

*SP FB: What an inspiring night of celebration for a man who has given so much to so many!

At Rev. Billy Graham’s birthday table: Sarah and Todd Palin

Party in NC to Mark Billy Graham’s 95th Birthday

*Party in NC to mark Billy Graham’s 95th birthday

*Photo:Governor Palin At Billy Graham’s 95th Birthday Celebrations

Live blog, video: Notables gather to honor Billy Graham

*Behind the scenes: Billy Graham’s birthday

*Photo:Governor Palin At Billy Graham’s 95th Birthday Celebrations

*Birthday party for Rev Graham –

*Rev Billy Graham birthday. – Todd Palin And Trump

Sarah Palin says she doesn’t know if she would be standing without Billy Graham.Says mom transformed by him.

*Sarah Palin, Ricky Scaggs and Donald Trump chat at #BillyGraham95 in #Asheville. #avlnews

*Photogallery of Billy Graham party arrivals

*Sarah Palin arrives @ #BillyGraham95 in #Asheville. #avlnews

Billy Graham’s birthday table

“Death Panels” Are Euthanizing Patients Every Day as Doctors Make Treatment Decisions

*SP FB:  Looking forward to heading out on the first leg of our “Good Tidings and Great Joy” book tour!

*SP FB:  First Leg of the “Good Tidings and Great Joy” Book Tour

HURT: Sarah Palin knew a death panel when she saw one

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin Begins Book Tour Next Week

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania? Nice Touch, Mom!  (November 5, 2013 By )

*SP FB: Tomorrow we will announce the details  of our upcoming “Good Tidings and Great Joy” book tour scheduled to start November 12th in the beautifully named Bethlehem, PA.

SP FB: The politically correct now consider it “Un-American” to protest relegating Christian faith & diversity to the back-burner! Are you ready to stand for faith and freedom, America?!


Dear President Obama, Please Save This American in Iran (November 4, 2013 By

Limbaugh: When You Attack Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee, You Attack Me

SP FB:  “Good Tidings and Great Joy” goes on sale on November 12, but you can pre-order a copy at Amazon

Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas Hardcover by Sarah Palin (Author)

SARAH PALIN to join REV. BILLY GRAHAM for 95th birthday

800 to attend Billy Graham’s 95 birthday bash

Billy Graham’s 95th Birthday Celebration Invitations Sent to Bill Clinton, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump

*Palin among guests at Graham event in Asheville

Family of Billy Graham invites hundreds to evangelist’s 95th birthday party in NC next month

SP FB:  President Obama flew in to Boston today to deliver another “ShamWow”-style infomercial for Obamacare, and it went about as well as his entourage’s snarled traffic debacle in Beantown.

PALIN: Obama ’sheer chutzpah’ of lies, blame, irresponsibility

*SP FB: Please see the link below to watch the great promo Uncle Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty did for Samaritan’s Purse’s Operation Christmas Child.

Evangelicals For Biblical Immigration Opposed to Gang of 8 Bill.  Please sign their letter! #NoAmnesty

SP FB:  A good man, flanked by teammates, shows what victory really is!

SP FB:  Goosebumps! God, thank you for America! And thank you for giving talent like this to a gracious man who can express our pride in the USA! for a Palin/Cruz 2016 Dream Ticket!

The Cruz-ing, Lee-ing and Palin-ing of Ken Cuccinelli

Upcoming Palin Events (new SPIB page that can also be accessed on the Sarah Palin Events and Palin Events Calendar pages)

Palin Rejects Piers Morgan Invite, Freaks Out Liberals by Posting Pic of Bear She Hunted

In the Driver’s Seat (October 27, 2013 By

CNN: The return of SARAH PALIN to the political arena

*CNN: Palin’s Influence Far from Diminishing

*SP FB:  Happy Birthday, Mom! We love you more than life itself. Thank you for everything.

*Exclusive: Palin’s Mother Discusses Cherished Mother’s Day Moments with Sarah

AFA Action Alert:  Air Force Academy considers removing ‘God’ from oath

AFA Action Alert:  U.S. Army threatens Christian soldiers with the brig

*SP FB: Oh dear Piers, thank you so much for all your invitations to appear on your shambolic show, including the adoring message you sent. But is it still any wonder why I’ve politely responded that I’m too busy doing, um, er… pretty much anything to accept the invite?

*The return of Sarah Palin  (with photogallery)

Piers Morgan Links to Fake News Report to Mock Sarah Palin

White House Security Official Fired After Insulting Tweets, Including Calling Sarah Palin’s Family ‘White Trash’

SP FB:  Very important update about our post on Fort Hood yesterday. Please see Todd Starnes’ new article below.

SP FB: Whether accurate or not, for some reason I found this hilarious!

CNN Anchor Spreads Fake Story Trashing Palin

‘She’s dumber than a stupid’s idiot sister’: Right Said Fred duped by faux Sarah Palin story

*Palin: Schweizer Book a ‘Slap Upside the Head’ to Media’s Blindness to D.C. Corruption

*SP FB:  Please take a look at this article by Todd Starnes about a pre-deployment briefing at Fort Hood in which troops there were told that evangelical Christians and the Tea Party were a threat to the nation!

*SP FB:  Look, I’ll keep this brief because I want to spend quality time getting kids to bed tonight. Doubt I’ll get much sleep though because the recent proof of government corruption makes me nauseated.

SP FB: Ahhhh! Made my day! Parents, don’t you know EXACTLY how this dad feels?

*SP FB:  And finally here’s Trig slumbering on his DVD player after that great day playing outdoors!

*SP FB:  Here’s Trig playing hard on the swing set.

*SP FB:  I’m grateful for those with a heart of love for those who have that extra chromosome; we refer to it as “an extra chromosome of love!”

Need to call your Representatives and urge them to oppose H. R. 1417 – Trojan Horse for amnesty

*Kevin Scholla: Sarah Palin Offers LemonAid After Republicans Broker Sour Deal

*D.C.’s ‘Corrupt Bastards Club’

*SP FB:  My op-ed at Breitbart: “D.C.’s ‘Corrupt Bastards Club'”

*Palin: Primary Republicans Who Won’t Fight Obama’s Transformation of America

Maddow: Cruz and Palin should be charged with sedition or something

Sarah Palin: GOP Needs Tough Primaries

SP FB:   Jesus Banned From Gravestones?

Sarah Palin Heading To Iowa

Sarah Palin hints at GOP primary fights in 4 states


*HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRISTOL! October 18 is Bristol’s birthday and is, coincidentally, also Alaska Day.

Video: Gov. Palin joins Megyn Kelly on the Kelly File 10-17-2013

SP FB: See the link below for some inspiration and a reminder of how to push through pain and inconvenience and not complain or make excuses.

SP FB: Love Eric’s boldness! We’ve got nothing to lose but our country if we shy away from asking tough questions.

SP FB: Please take a look at Todd Starnes’ new newsletter and sign up.

SP FB: Todd and I were proud to stand with Mark Levin and other bold, patriotic warriors in support of Steve Lonegan in the New Jersey Senate race!

*My Little Greaser (October 16, 2013 By

View: Rush Limbaugh: I walked out of my own dinner party because guests kept attacking Sarah Palin


SP FB: New Jersey, the eyes of America are on you tomorrow!

Gov. Sarah Palin on the Sean Hannity Radio Show 10-15-2013

SP FB:  Thank you to all the Wausau, Wisconsin, residents who showed up to protest a wrongheaded school directive against Christmas carols. Wausau showed that there is power in unity as we battle against Scrooges who want Christ out of Christmas.

SP FB:   Obama’s Debt Default is on His Shoulders While We Shoulder His Impeachable Offenses

*Obama on Verge of ‘Impeachable Offenses’ by Sarah Palin

Speculation Alert: Sarah Palin Heads To Iowa

Video:  Gov. Palin, Sen. Lee, and Sen. Cruz talks to Greta at the World War II Memorial 10-14-13

TMZ’s Low Blow Attack On Sarah Palin

SP FB:  Here’s something you can do to help elect Steve Lonegan to the U.S. Senate this Wednesday.

Riot Police Obstruct Veterans Protesting at World War II Memorial

Help Sarah Palin get Steve Lonegan to the U.S. Senate! #NJSen #NJ #tcot’s work to get Steve Lonegan to the Senate! Vote this Wednesday, New Jersey! Here’s the video from yesterday’s rally.

Thousands turn out for Lonegan Election Victory!

@DosMasCervezas  Two *crucial* attendees at today’s #1MVetMarch

*SP FB:  We were proud to stand with thousands of America’s vets and other patriotic Americans today in Washington, D.C.

*Palin, Levin and the Tea Party Express Rally for Lonegan in NJ

*SP FB:  The momentum is on Steve Lonegan’s side coming into next Wednesday’s election in New Jersey!

Palin and Lonegan Rev Up NJ Crowd Ahead of This Week’s Special Election (+video)

*@jamieforzato  Sarah Palin, Sens Mike Lee, Ted Cruz at WWII demonstration

*(pics) ‘It belongs to the people!’ Sarah Palin and Sens. Cruz, Lee address Million Vets March [pics]

*@ZephyrK9  Sarah Palin handing out flags #1mVetMarch

Palin to Attend ‘Million Vet March’ in DC to Honor ‘Dishonored’ Vets

Video: Sarah Palin FULL SPEECH at Steve Lonegan’s Campaign Rally – October 12, 2013

*@SarahPalinUSA Great to see “The Great One” in the Garden State! @marklevinshow

SP FB: Todd and I are going to D.C. tomorrow to honor our vets at our war memorials. We had a great time today in NJ rallying for Steve Lonegan with “The Great One” and Tea Party Express!

FULL SPEECH — Watch Sarah Palin bring the house down at Steve Lonegan’s campaign rally

*@TeaPartyExpress. @SarahPalinUSA speaking at our rally today in support of @Lonegan for Senate. #NJSEN

*@katiezez  Steve Lonegan and Sarah Palin post-rally

*@bill__hughes Got close but just short of meeting her.

*bill__hughesSarah Palin greeting the crowd at Lonegan rally.

SP FB:  Take a look at this great post by Michelle McCormick at C4P.

Who Shut Down the Government? (October 11, 2013 By

SP FB:  Friends, please see the article linked below. Consider this school teacher’s assignment which mandates that kids undertake the task of deciding the fate of characters in an exercise that can obviously be considered a numbing lesson in “death panels.” Unbelievable.

SP FB:  More info on the rally in NJ this Saturday for Steve Lonegan. Hope to see you there!

SP FB:  Kudos to Sean Hannity for his hard hitting interview with Anthony Weiner. See video of it below.

SP FB:  Looking forward to joining the “Great One” Mark Levin and the Tea Party Express in NJ this Saturday at a rally for Steve Lonegan.

SP FB:   Yesterday I posted an article about how school officials in Wisconsin told their choir director to scale down the “Jesus” songs in their Christmas program.

SP FB: Please watch this great video about Steve Lonegan & remember to vote for him on Oct. 16! We need Steve in the Senate!

SP FB:  A Silent Night in Wausau on Monday? Bet not. Can’t wait for parents to take this on.

Chinese Man Jumps From Apartment Building to Stop Forced Abortion (October 9, 2013 By

So Artsy! (October 7, 2013 By Bristol Palin)

SP FB:  In case you missed it, “60 Minutes” did an excellent segment on the waste and fraud in the Federal Disability Insurance Program.

Sign Letter to Congress:  Please Sign the Hold the Line on Obamacare Petition!


Sign ACLJ Petition:  Mr. President, Honor Our Veterans. Open Our Nation’s War Memorials.

*EXCLUSIVE–Palin Rips ‘GOP High Roller Machine’: ‘Their Money Can’t Buy Elections Anymore’

ObamaCare Death Panels Illegally Withholding Treatment

*Palin: Obama Thinks He Can ‘Furlough Reality’ on Shutdown, Obamacare Rollout

Sarah Palin: Obama has set more guards at WWII memorial than in Benghazi

Sarah Palin backs Cory Booker’s rival for Senate

Sarah Palin: Co-opting liberal positions helped kill the Bull Moose Party

SP FB:   As Neil Cavuto just noted on Fox this morning, an article in the Washington Times highlights just how petty and vindictive the Obama administration has become toward the American people during the current “shutdown.”

*Sarah Palin: ‘Barrycades’ at WWII Memorial

SP FB:   Gee Whiz, If Even Little Ol’ Me Understands U.S. Government 101 but MSM Doesn’t…

Lloyd Marcus:  Sarah Palin Endorses Steve Lonegan for U.S. Senate!

SP FB:  On October 16, New Jersey has the choice of two mayors to send to the U.S. Senate. Only one of these mayors has embraced and governed by the values of New Jersey’s state motto – “Liberty and Prosperity.”

Sarah Palin smacks Cory Booker for tweeting while Newark burned, endorses Steve Lonega

*@SenTedCruz Many thanks to Gov. @SarahPalinUSA for your friendship & the care package! We’re well-stocked for #HarryReidsShutdown

Sign the ACLJ petition:  Mr. President, Honor Our Veterans. Open Our Nation’s War Memorials.

*Palin Rips Reid: Cowboy Poetry or Kids with Cancer?

#SP FB:  Respect our vets!

Sarah Palin Endorses Steve Lonegan for U.S. Senate

@sarahpalinusa:  Hmmm, funding cowboy poetry or treatments for kids with cancer? Tough choice if you’re Harry Reid.

Sarah Palin gives Harry Reid some payback for dissing Tea Party Republicans

*SP Facebook:  My Call For Civil Disobedience Around The “Barrycades”

Sarah Palin History Tour: Forging a Leader

Sign the petition and tell Congress: Don’t Fund Obamacare!

SP FB: I don’t believe America has ever seen such a thing. The leader of the free world just followed Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s honest, visionary, and serious U.N. speech with a speech of his own in the Rose Garden. More like it, President Obama just recorded essentially an infomercial on the disastrous Obamacare rollout.

*SP FB:  Yeah. Todd bagged a moose. Dinner.

*We Want You to Fight For Us  (October 1, 2013 By

That is One Proud Momma! (October 1, 2013 By

PALIN: Netanyahu’s UN speech was honest, visionary, serious

*Palin: Republicans Who Capitulated Support Obamacare

*Family at the Girls’ Ball Game! (September 30, 2013 By Bristol Palin)

Commemorating the Government Shut Down (September 30, 2013 By Bristol Palin)

Video: Gov. Sarah Palin visits with Sean Hannity 9-30-2013

Video: Gov. Sarah Palin dropped by ‘The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson’ 9-30-2013

Video: Sarah Palin: This is governing by chaos

*Palin: I Believe Obamacare Is Unconstitutional

Video: Gov. Sarah Palin visits with Sean Hannity 9-30-2013

Sarah Palin: America Doesn’t Do Pin Pricks, Sometimes Elects Them

Video: Gov. Sarah Palin joins Neil Cavuto on Fox Biz 9-30-2013

SP FB:  Fighting for Us… #MakeDCListen

SP FB:  A friend sent me this graphic today. It says it all.

*SP FB:  New op-ed: “Flushing Critters & Retrieving 2014.” The photo at the top is me & my Dad with his antler retriever lab, Bo!

*Exclusive–Palin: Flushing Critters and Retrieving 2014 (op-ed by Sarah Palin)

SP FB:  A sign of leadership failure?

SP FB:  Please read Billy Graham’s impassioned plea to the new president of Iran imploring the release of the imprisoned pastor Saeed Abedini.

*The First Snowfall At My House Last Week  (September 29, 2013 By Bristol Palin)

*Look Who Helped Me Move the Boat (September 29, 2013 By

*Cutest Throwback I’ve Ever Seen!(September 29, 2013 By

*Jealous (September 26, 2013 (By … that my dad got this without me!

Billy Graham Speaks Out for Pastor Saeed (September 26, 2013 By Bristol Palin)

Pleading for Pastor Saeed’s Release

If you can’t go to a prayer vigil, please take a few moments at Noon today to say a prayer for Pastor Saeed. Worldwide effort to

Palin: MSM Would’ve Respected Cruz Had He Worn Pink Shoes, Supported Abortion

SP FB:  Our president was delusional and contradictory when he declared in his speech before the U.N. General Assembly, “The world is more stable than it was five years ago”

*SP FB:  Piper’s getting ready for school & Ted’s still going! Encourage kids to learn US history through this & endure to do what’s right. #MakeDCListen

*Sarah Palin can hear Ted Cruz from her house; Offers Alaska-style fortification [pics]

*SP FB:  Ted & Mike are going strong for over 10hrs now. We can hear you all the way in Wasilla. DC better be listening! #MakeDCListen

@sarahpalinusa  Holy boldness! Thank you, David! RT I apologize. It’s been almost a month since I have said how much I adore

@sarahpalinusa RT Pic of daughters as he reads them Green Eggs & Ham.

Video:  Gov. Sarah Palin pays a visit to “Hannity” 9-24-2013

@sarahpalinusa:  Stay strong ! Wear comfortable shoes. As we did for Rand Paul, fortifying caribou jerky is on its way

Video:  Gov. Sarah Palin joins ‘Your World with Neil Cavuto’ 9-24-2013

Video: Susan Stimpson and Kevin discuss a powerful Breitbart piece from Sarah Palin on ObamaCare

Gov. Palin to be on Hannity tonight

*Palin: Light Up Capitol Hill Switchboards to Defund Obamacare

Ted Cruz’s Op-Ed:  The Path to Victory  

Video: Sarah Palin on her political future

Sarah Palin: Hillary Clinton ill-suited for president

SP FB:  The U.S. Senate has some arcane procedural rules, and as ordinary Americans our eyes glaze over trying to decipher them. But it’s important for us to understand that Sen. Ted Cruz’s efforts to defund Obamacare are worthwhile and doable.

Sarah Palin will guest on ‘Your World’ with Neil Cavuto Tuesday

Sarah Palin schools absurd Nancy Pelosi with awesome nursery rhyme snark

SP FB:  Link to “Mitch McConnell’s Campaign Manager: We Had Nothing to Do with Ted Cruz Oppo Shopping”

SP FB:  Recall that only Old Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard and cried t’was bare. Today millions see a $4 trillion bloated cupboard overflowing with political goodies to cut.

SP FB:  Ahhh, it’s a new season! Our first snowfall. This morning. Refreshing!

SP FB:  Here’s my nephew in Wasilla this morning enjoying the first snowfall.

*Palin: Hillary Unfit for Presidency Because of Benghazi Scandal

*Palin: Waving White Flag on Obamacare Will Not Help GOP in 2014

Video:  Sarah Palin Joins ANHQ 9-22-2013

*Palin: ‘Not Surprising’ GOP Would Turn on Cruz for Fulfilling Campaign Promises

Sarah Palin to Chris Wallace: Expose which GOPers are trying to ‘trash Sen Cruz’

*Palin: Release Names of Top Republicans Who Encouraged You to ‘Trash’ Cruz

@sarahpalinusa: We have your backs, Ted and Mike!

PALIN: Bombs away on the ‘Un-Affordable Health Care Act’

*EXCLUSIVE: Palin — Bombs Away on Obamacare; Cruz Is over the Target  (by Sarah Palin)

As Freedom Destroys Itself :Laws can’t protect a society that has lost its way. By Sarah Palin (NRO Op-Ed)

SP FB: We have your backs, Ted and Mike! #DefundObamacare

*SPFB:  And here I am doing my Annie Oakley thing.

*SP FB: This is Piper mounted shooting in Montana.

*SP FB: This is the from the Mother’s Day hunt I mentioned in the NRO op-ed

SP FB:  My op-ed at National Review Online: “As Freedom Destroys Itself: Laws can’t protect a society that has lost its way”

Sarah Palin reclaims lame ‘see Russia from my house’ line with brutal caption

Did Speaker Boehner Get a Personality Transplant from Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz?


*SP FB:  Thanks to my Aunt Billie in Texas for sending me her friend’s clever caption.

Dear Santa, Can I Get An Early Present? (September 19, 2013 By

*Momma’s Boy! (September 16, 2013 By Bristol Palin)

*He is Tooooo Smart! (September 16, 2013 By

Prince William and Kate Middleton Get a Special Gift (September 16, 2013 By Bristol Palin)

Good Riddance (September 17, 2013 By

Love This — and Duck Dynasty (September 16, 2013 By Bristol Palin)

New Documents Show IRS Flagged Groups Because Of Their “Anti-Obama Rhetoric”…

SIGN Grassfire’s petition to defund and delay Obamacare – will be hand-delivered to House and Senate!

*SP FB:  In honor of Constitution Day, I’m rereading the great document…

*Dinner with my Family (September 14, 2013 By

*My New Cover Photo on Facebook! (September 14, 2013 By

Sarah Palin sends call-to-arms tweet: ‘Bomb Obamacare’

Sarah Palin backs Defund Obamacare

SP FB:  My best wishes to the Jewish community today as Yom Kippur is celebrated.

SP FB:  Remember when President Obama promised us, “If you like your current health care plan, you can keep your plan?” That was not true, and his deceptive claim falls in line with all the other lies about Obamacare – like there’d be no health care rationing.

SP FB:  Union brothers and sisters, demand a full repeal of Obamacare, an immediate defunding, and some resignations.

Media group sues Palin for alleged use of copyrighted 9/11 photo

Palin: ‘Bomb Obamacare’

Sarah Palin: Forget Syria — It’s time to bomb Obamacare

New video from Sarah Palin: Who got it right on the death panels?

Sign the ACLJ petition to defund Planned Parenthood

Rand Paul:  Sign your petition to  say “NO!” to war in Syria!  To your Representative and both Senators

SP FB:  Enough of this foreign fiasco distraction. Get back to work. It is time to bomb Obamacare.

SarahPAC Video:  Just Sayin’

*Why Todd Palin Would Be A Better First Spouse

Referendum to Restore Gov. Palin’s ACES to be on AK Ballot

*SP FB:  Hunting (10 photos)

*SP FB:  Happy birthday Todd!

*So Precious! (September 5, 2013  By )

Madison Rising Infuses Patriotism into NFL Halftime Show

Vote in Grassfire poll!  Should Congress Give Obama Authority To Conduct Military Operations In Syria?

Sign the ACLJ Petition to Stop U.S. Assistance to al Qaeda in Syria

Leadership Flashback: The Palin Doctrine-Governor Sarah Palin’s Five Requirements for Military Action

Study: Governor Palin Generates $189 Million Annually in Alaska Tourism

C4P Flashback: September 3, 2008

*Sarah Palin jumps into Syria dispute

*“Dats Papa’s Supacub!” (September 4, 2013  By

*One, Two, Three Strikes You’re Out!  (September 4, 2013  By )

Palin Shout-Out Gives Madison Rising New Opportunities

Sarah Palin on Obama and Syria

*Governor Sarah Palin Lays Out Her Powerful Case AGAINST Attacking Syria

*SP FB:  “So we’re bombing Syria because Syria is bombing Syria? And I’m the idiot?”

‘Let Allah sort it out’: Sarah Palin weighs in on bombing Syria

SP FB:  Here’s a great photo posted on my cousin JD’s Facebook page of a reunion of Vietnam vets (3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment) in Savannah, GA.

Hilarious! Sarah Palin still living rent-free in OFA heads [screen shot]

‘Who are you rooting for?’ Sarah Palin asks Obama which side he’s on in Syria

SP FB:  Mr. President, please give America justification before you spend blood and treasure to intervene. Start with: who are you rooting for in this?

SP FB: Love it when good things happen.

*Happy 25th Anniversary Sarah and Todd Palin

“Let’s Get Austin In!” (August 29, 2013 By

Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary, Todd and Sarah!

*Happy 25th Wedding Anniversay Todd and Sarah! SarahPAC Money Bomb!!

*Where Were You When…Palin Power Half a Decade Later

Celebrate 5 Years Since Gov. Palin’s VP Announcement: Donate to SarahPAC

*Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary Todd, Sarah Palin

At the Fair (August 28, 2013 By Bristol Palin)

Leftist Blogger Snarks On Governor Palin in Desperate Call For Attention

Sarah Palin backs Defund Obamacare

*SP FB:  I’m just waiting for the guys to finish loading up gear, so I’m using the “wait time” to finish reading Mark Levin’s great new book “The Liberty Amendments.”

SP FB:  I’m there with these folks in spirit!

SP FB:  Forced enrollment in Obama’s “Unaffordable Care Act” is weeks away. This beast must be stopped — by not funding it.

‘What a blessing’: Sarah and Todd Palin celebrate Trig’s first day of school [pics]

SP FB:  First day of school!

SP FB:  First day of school!

Sarah Palin: “I was forbidden from telling the truth about Obama in 2008 campaign”

*SP FB:  So, friends…inside scoop into the “Palin World.”

‘Unflippingbelievable’: Sarah Palin outraged by DHS employee’s hate website

*Palin on Senate Run: ‘Never Say Never’

SP FB:  Link to:  Madison Rising – the Star Spangled Banner

Sarah Palin: ‘Duck Dynasty’ is what Americans ‘desire and deserve’ in politics

Sarah Palin: Sen. Begich ‘Needs to Be Replaced, but Doesn’t Have to Be Me’

*SP FB:  My pot of gold under a double rainbow.

Video: Gov. Sarah Palin goes OTR with Greta 8-23-2013

Sarah Palin: Allowing DHS employee to run hate site is ‘stupidity on steroids’

SP FB:  Congratulations to Dance to Bristol for winning the Ballerina Stakes today!

*The Cutest (August 22, 2013 By Bristol Palin)

SP FB:  So, the Federal Government, er, We The People, are employing someone at the Department of Homeland Security whose side job is running a hate website advocating ethnic cleansing and other despicable acts?!

*SP FB:  SarahPAC Photo:  “I hear ya, Noam.”


SP FB:  SarahPAC photo with Ashton Kutcher quote

SP FB:  SarahPAC photo with Duck Dynasty’s Will Robertson quote

*SP FB:  Like those 3:00 am wake up calls to join my dad duck hunting in the canoe before the school day began, it’s time our politicians wake up and hear some Duck calls from far outside the beltway.

SP FB:  Looks like the Duck Dynasty dudes aren’t the only ones speaking truth to power lately. Hollywood star Ashton Kutcher gave a heartfelt speech about hard work at this week’s “Teen Choice Awards”.

@sarahpalinusa:  Media spent more time on Obama’s new $1000 dog than evil thrill kill of Chris Lane;double standard shows LSM true colors & desire to exploit

Sarah Palin to GOP: Stand Up for Life Like ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star

Zo: GOP, 2016, Governor Palin, and the Pro-Life Message

Author Terry McMillan Calls Sarah Palin ‘Attention Whore,’ ‘Political Nobody’

*Gov. Palin: Kudos To These Duck Dudes

How Senator Palin Could ‘Rehabilitate’ the GOP

KRISTOL: A freshman Sen. Palin 2015 would be ‘interesting’

#ChristianNationLostChapters tell terrifying story of President Palin

Palin-phobia repeats first as tragedy, then as farce

Noam Chomsky Shocker: Sarah Palin Was Right

*Our Attempt at a Family Photo (August 19, 2013 By Bristol Palin)

*Making It Stick (August 19, 2013 By

*SP FB:   Franklin Graham’s Samaritan Purse again steps up to the plate to positively impact lives!

‘Waiting to Exhale’ Author Threatens to Smack Sarah Palin if They Meet

Bill Kristol: Sarah Palin Could Possibly ‘Rehabilitate’ Herself With 2014 Senate Win

Video:  Kristol wants to see Sarah Palin in the Senate

Palin: Hell is Breaking Loose and Obama’s Having a ‘Gay Old Time’

SP FB:  Our friend Parnelli Jones celebrated his birthday and the 50th anniversary celebration of his epic Indy 500 win.

GOPe Excludes Gov Palin, Reagan Conservatives from Boston Confab

SP FB:  Sent from a favorite soldier. Have a great weekend!

SP FB:  Obama Broke Up With You. Really. Totally Unfriended You…!/sarahpalin/posts/10151800095808588

Enough is Enough (August 15, 2013 By

*Flashback: Governor Sarah Palin’s February 2008 Vogue Magazine Cover Story

Video:  Rand Paul: I’d Love An Endorsement By Sarah Palin, I’m Happy She’s On ‘Team Rand’

Rand Paul on Sarah Palin: ‘What’s not to love?’

Palin says what farmers need is to be left alone

Sarah Palin in 2016 Presidential  Race is no laughing matter

About the book:  Good Tidings and Great Joy:  Protecting the Heart of Christmas By

Take action for Pro-Life Legislation!  (H. R. 7)

Cover of Sarah Palin’s new book revealed

PALIN: I respect Senator McCain’s stance on foreign threats

Sarah Palin: Christie Is Not ‘Rogue’ Enough

Governor Palin Tweets Out Some Good Reading

SP FB:  See the link below. Here’s a shout out to an intelligent, independent Texan who uses her cowgirl smarts to point out that liberal elites are “all hat, no cattle.” Thank you, Michelle!

4 Year Anniversary: Death Panels

Sarah Palin vindicated on IPAB: When media get it wrong, ‘they really get it wrong’

SP FB: Please see the article linked below. To the “defenders of the truth” in the lamestream media, I’m not sayin’, “just sayin’.”

Palin on Christie vs. Paul: I’m on ‘Team Rand’

SP FB:  Hmmm…

Video: Sarah Palin joins Eric Bolling Aug. 10, 2013

Gov. Palin: ‘I’m on Team Rand; Christie is for big government’

Report: More Dems against controversial health care panel

SP FB:   Looking forward to being on Cashin’ In tomorrow on Fox at 11:30am ET.

@ericbolling:  Morning Everybody! : Rep Ellison: Govt has a RIGHT to OUR MONEY, Sarah Barracuda takes on Obama Intel Presser, 1130ET FNC

Bolling: Sarah Barracuda takes on Obama Intel Presser

Gov. Palin to be on Cashin In Saturday

SPLC: We never made anybody shoot people, unlike that nut Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin Was Right—More Dems Ditch Death Panels

Barack Obama Makes More Gaffes than George W. Bush and Sarah Palin Combined (Rush Limbaugh transcript)

Obama wisely embraces Sarah Palin’s mortgage advice – pushes to end Fannie and Freddie

*Window into the World – Literally!  (August 9, 2013 By Bristol Palin)

*#‎Selfies‬ with my Favorite Parents!! (August 9, 2013 By

Ten Things That Sarah Palin is Lacking (Chuck Heath, Jr. Facebook post)

Chuck Heath, Jr. Lists Ten Things That Sarah Palin is Lacking

SP FB:  The whole country needs to get outside and experience the amazements God created for us to enjoy. Lake Powell on the Utah and Arizona border is so gloriously beautiful and fun and fresh.*SP FB:  Lake Powell – on the border of Arizona and Utah  (photos)

SP FB:   Hey media, now do you get it?

*Palin Calls Out Media on Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac: ‘Now Do You Get It?’

Flashback: When Palin said Fannie/Freddie were too expensive to taxpayers in ’08, it was a “gaffe”

The SPLC Claims No Knowledge of Sarah Palin Map They Mentioned After Tucson

PALIN: Thanks for helping break up a corrupt establishment

SarahPAC: Moving forward…  (Posted on August 06, 2013)

Gov. Palin to SarahPAC donors: Don’t let critics or media intimidate you

SARAHPAC: Sarah Palin-Thank You For Your Support-Now On to 2014

Sweet Tooth (August 6, 2013 By

PALIN: Hey media! Stop embarrassing yourselves! Get to work!

SP FB: “Rubbing the Back of Obama”…

*Fun in the Sun (August 5, 2013 By Bristol Palin)

Time for Another C4P Money Bomb for SarahPAC!

Palin: Obama ‘stalling and stirring chaos’ with ‘phony scandals’ claim (OTR video and transcript)

McCain On Palin: ‘She Excited Our Base’ In A Way I Couldn’t

McCain: Sarah Palin “Did Everything I Ever Wanted”

Sarah Palin $460,000 Funding from PAC: Numbers Drop by More than Half

*Why Sarah Palin’s PAC Is Losing Money (mixed)

Left Still Can’t Get The Answer They want from John McCain About Palin

Poll;Governor Palin At Highest Favorable 55.17% Since 2009

*The Republican Presidential Team 2016?

*Tripp, a Lake, and Some Minnows: Three Summer Photos of Fun  (August 3, 2013 By

Stand with Billy Graham and declare,“I have hope for America because of Jesus Christ.”

Sarah Palin hasn’t forgotten president’s mocking of Special Olympics

Daily Beast Harasses Private SarahPAC Donors

SP FB: We haven’t forgotten Obama’s mocking of the Special Olympics a few years ago on Leno’s show.

SP FB:  Heh. Cool.


PALIN calls Obama ‘liar on energy’ for axing Keystone pipeline

Rush Limbaugh: I Admire Palin, Cruz for Being ‘Fearless’

GOPe Toadies Continue To Blame Governor Palin For GOP Senate Minority; Updated

SP FB:  President Obama’s claim that the Keystone pipeline would create “maybe 2,000 jobs” during its construction is such a blatant lie that even his friends at Politifact were forced to rate it false.

SP FB:  Wish I had been wrong about this one…

‘Seriously?’ Sarah Palin shreds Bob Beckel’s ridiculous claim about Alaska pipeline jobs

Video: Who does Rush Limbaugh admire in Republican politics?

Video: Rush Limbaugh: Cruz and Palin are ‘Fearless’ and Have ‘The Courage of Their Convictions’

Video: Sarah Palin chats with Sean Hannity July 30, 2013

Audio from Ag PhD radio 07-25-13 (LIVE FROM AG PHD FIELD DAY)

SP FB:  Happy 52nd Anniversary, Mom & Dad! We love you, and here’s just a little tribute…

Happy 52nd Anniversary! (July 29, 2013 By

On the Palin 2014 and Palin 2016 drum beat

Caller Wants Sarah to Lead Conservatives

Howard Dean: Sarah Palin was right about death panels! Yeaarrggh!

SP FB:  Shared link to Greenwald on James Clapper: It’s Amazing He Hasn’t Been Prosecuted and Still Has His Job

SP FB:  Medal of Honor recipient Col. George “Bud” Day passed away yesterday

*Palin: ‘Elitists’ Running McCain’s Campaign Kept Me Silent On Obama

*Palin Blasts ‘Cowardly’ Obama for Calling Admin’s Scandals ‘Phony’

*SP FB:  Piper was a great right hand man helping out at the Ag PhD Field Day in South Dakota this week. Here we are in the green room between ag events.

*SP FB:  Piper’s reward for helping me out in South Dakota was a little field trip where she proved herself much braver than her mama, and here’s the pic to prove it!

J.J. Burnes: Sarah Palin: Media slams a good woman

Sarah Palin tells Greta Van Susteren: ‘I was banned from talking about Rev. Wright’

Video:  Gov. Sarah Palin goes OTR with Greta July 26, 2013

Sarah Palin: In 2008 the McCain campaign prohibited me from talking about Jeremiah Wright and William Ayers

VIDEO: SNEAK PEEK – Gov. Sarah Palin TAKES NO PRISONERS – President Obama’s “phony scandals” remark and more, 10pm tonight OTR

SP FB:   ‘ll be on Greta’s “On the Record” tonight talking about Obama’s “phony scandals” claim.

SP FB:  Shared link to Horses, Mom, and a Great Patriotic Gift

SP FB:  Shared a link to Touching Photo, Awesome Gesture

David Kernell, Sarah Palin Email Hacker, Finally Out of Prison, Off Probation

This is a photo of Glen Doherty, one of the victims of the Benghazi attack.

*Photo’s Of Sarah Palin In South Dakota For Farm Day Event Taken With Love

SP FB:  I was honored to attend a great event today in South Dakota with farmers from all over the country. I’m heading home now, but just wanted to encourage you to tune into Greta Van Susteren’s “On the Record” tonight.

SP FB:  Cowardly Christians can’t feign shock as it snowballs. Will free people cower to intolerant radicals; where are the Daniels in the lion’s den?

Horses, Mom, and a Great Patriotic Gift (July 25, 2013  By )

*Sarah Palin to appear at Ag PhD Field Day event Thursday

Sarah Palin courts the rural farm vote

@sarahpalinusa:  The Hill: “Congress to probe lethal crash that killed SEAL Team 6 members”

Missing Stateside Is The Most Patriotic Band In America, According To Sarah Palin

SP FB:  Odd. Pelosi sees women as less than equal and thus needing government intervention.

Bam! Sarah Palin dings Nancy Pelosi for promoting culture of Julias

Wife Swap Question #4: Is Tripp Still on the Sticker System? (July 23, 2013  By

Confirmed: Gov. Palin to speak at SD farm event next week

Ag PhD Field Day

Gov. Palin’s third book will be released October 29

*SP FB:  America by Heart” is back!

*Palins Fly Fishing for Trout and Shooting Mounted


David Brooks Says Governor Palin ‘Never Showed Interest in Governing’

Wife Swap: Why I Really Didn’t Want to Be on Fashion Police (July 13, 2013  By )

Palin Blasts Begich For ‘Where Does She Live’ Quip

*SP FB:  Dad always said, “Take your kids hunting – you won’t have to hunt for your kids.” (Even if it’s something new, like Mounted Shooting! Go Piper!)

SP FB:  Alaskan Chameleon (an endangered species)…

One snit wonder: Sen. Mark Begich stuck on same pitiful Palin attack

Palin slams ‘loyal to Obama’ Sen. Begich with epic Thatcher quote, his own record [pic]

SP FB:  More on Begich’s voting record…!/photo.php?fbid=10151723955773588&set=a.10150723283643588.424640.24718773587&type=1

SP FB:  Really, Mark? Really?

SP FB:  Begich’s voting record…

Begich’s Comments on Governor Palin are as Shoddy as his Voting Record

PALIN TWEET: DOJ fueled Florida anti-Zimmerman protests

PALIN ponders Alaska Senate run, prefers to strengthen GOP

*Three Photos from the 4th of July! (July 10, 2013  By )

Take action!  A constitutional amendment making marriage legal only between a man and a woman introduced in U.S. House

Video:  Mark Levin: Sarah Palin is constantly attacked by Bushies 7-8-2013

An Acculturated Exclusive Interview: Sarah Palin Talks Pop Culture, Rock, and Conservatism

Joan Walsh Attacks Governor Palin, Then Whines When People  Respond

Sarah Palin gives shout-out to ‘most patriotic band I know’

Palin BLASTS Kerry, State for lying about his yacht getaway

SP FB:  Must I Repeat? Quit Making Things Up!

What’s your plan to salvage your dignity?’ Joan Walsh’s obsession with Sarah Palin continues

SP FB:  Happy Independence Day, America!

RedState editors defend phony Sarah Palin photo, lash out at critics; Update: Still lashing out

SP FB:  God bless the USA!!/photo.php?fbid=10151707511233588&set=a.10150723283643588.424640.24718773587&type=1

@sarahpalinusa:  RT : “America’s finest – our men and women in uniform, are a force for good throughout the world.” ― Sarah Palin

Sign the ACLJ petition to Sequester the Muslim Brotherhood!

SP FB:  It Takes a Village… to Slay a Salmon

Sign the “No-Amnesty” Petition Today!

Redstate Posts Demeaning Photoshop of Governor Palin, Denies When Confronted — Updated

Will Sarah Palin’s Return to Fox News Help Tea Party and Conservatives

Video:  Sarah Palin joins Greta July 1 2013

Video:  Mark Levin: Sarah Palin is absolutely correct 7-1-2013

*SP FB:  I sure respect Greta Van Susteren’s work ethic, independence, and ability to stay on top of so many current events that viewers count on her covering.!/photo.php?fbid=10151703527123588&set=a.10150723283643588.424640.24718773587&type=1

*Sarah Palin: Hill trying to ‘Pelosi’ immigration

*Exclusive: Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of Gettysburg

*Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of Gettysburg

Could Sarah Palin and Mark Levin Leave the Republican Party and Creating a New One Called the “Freedom Party?”

HIRD PARTY? Sarah Palin warns GOP: If you abandon us, we’ll abandon you…

*Palin: Immigration Bill Targets American Workerss-gop-if-you-abandon-us-well-abandon-you/

The Palin Doctrine

Sarah Palin hopes Rubio’s phone call from Obama ‘was worth 30 pieces of silver’

Sarah Palin floats idea of leaving the Republican Pary [VIDEO]

Palin Bashes Obama Over Snowden Manhunt: ‘The Community Organizer In Our President’ Leading From Behind

SP FB:  If you missed this Fox News special on Benghazi, please tune in when it airs again this weekend.

Video:  Sarah Palin joins Uma Pemmaraju on ANHQ 6-29-2013

Fox News: Sarah Palin on ‘ANHQ’ Saturday

Sarah Palin hopes Rubio’s phone call from Obama ‘was worth 30 pieces of silver’

Palin Warns House GOP: Don’t Betray Working Class by Passing Amnesty

@SarahPalinUSA “Obama Calls Rubio to Congratulate Him on Immigration Reform” …Hope it was worth 30 pieces of silver.

Sarah Palin: Tour groups can’t get into the White House, but look who can

Sarah Palin Addresses “Orwellian” Government At 2013 Faith And Freedom Coalition

Bush/Palin 2016 called ‘the GOP’s only chance’

Bush/Palin 2016: the GOP’s Only Chance?(??)

*SP FB:  Great job, GOP establishment…  (photo)!/photo.php?fbid=10151696618443588&set=a.10150723283643588.424640.24718773587&type=1

SP FB:  Please take a look at the article linked below to understand how the amnesty bill the Senate passed yesterday is a sad betrayal of working class Americans of every ethnicity who will see their wages lowered and their upward mobility lowered too.!/sarahpalin/posts/10151696565608588

Palin: Immigration Bill Targets American Workers

PALIN: Immigration bill is a sell-out of American workers

Palin: Troopathon Makes Difference to Soldiers

via @AGUGrizzlies: Join @SarahPalinUSA Nick @Popaditch @JedediahBila @MarkLevinShow And Others Today By Supporting #Troopathon


Sarah Palin: Tour groups can’t get into the White House, but look who can

PALIN furious White House welcomed anti-American sheikh

@sarahpalinusa:  @davidplouffe Is this all a game to you and your ilk? Your messiah’s “Transformation of America” is destruction of America.

Boehner to Fundraise with Former Alaska GOP Chair Palin Confronted

Gov. Palin: Rubio has ‘blatantly flip-flopped’ on immigration

SP FB:  Take a look at this video from Greta van Susteren about Sudan.

We Owe Sarah Palin An Apology

Palin takes aim at Obama’s anti-growth energy policy speech

Beyond Versailles: Obama to Africa, but Sarah Palin and Rand Paul bring a touch  of class

Sarah  Palin on why Americans are losing trust in government

Vote for Sarah! in the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund 2016 Presidential Straw Poll

Gov. Palin slams ‘out-of-touch’ Obama energy policy

@sarahpalinusa Up next more out-of-touch POTUS policy to weaken USA.

Sarah Palin Rallies Her Troops Against Gang of Eight Bill

Mama Grizzly Adds Roar of Leadership to Immigration Debate

Exclusive–Palin: Holes in the Border as Big as the Holes in Their Amnesty Bill (Op-Ed by Sarah Palin)

SP FB:  Holes in the Border As Big As the Holes in Their Amnesty Bill

SP FB:  Politicians wonder why we can’t trust them?

‘Flip-flops like this’: Sarah Palin calls out Sen. Rubio for supporting amnesty

‘Flip-flops like this’: Sarah Palin calls out Sen. Rubio for supporting amnesty

Marco Rubio Deserves to be Made an Example of!

A Sneak Peak for Tonight’s “Wife Swap!” (June 23, 2013  By )

Sarah Palin Included In The Top Ten “Quotable One Liners” In the “History of the World”.

A History Of The World — In One-Liners

Sarah Palin Writing Book to Defend ‘Christ’ in Christmas

Re-Visiting the Palin Doctrine: Why Gov. Palin’s Comments on Syria Shouldn’t Surprise Anyone

Sarah Palin Slams Union ‘Thugs,’ Dismisses Edward Snowden

Palin: Rand Paul Right to Question ‘Disturbing’ Use of Domestic Drones

Abolish the IRS? Gov. Palin: ‘Right on!’

Video:  Sarah Palin joins Eric Bolling on Cashin’ in 6-22-2013

Why Sarah Palin Should Be A Content Marketing Role Model

SP FB:  Be sure to check out “Cashin’ In” tomorrow at 11:30am ET on FNC, with replay at 4:30pm ET.

‘Cashin’ In’ – Sarah Palin on FNC tomorrow, 11:30 & 4:30 ET

The Palin Doctrine

Video:  Sneak Peek: Sarah Palin on Why Americans Can’t Trust the Federal Government

*Pre-School, Pool, and Snowmachine Photos… of Fatherhood (June 21, 2013  By )

SP FB: Check out “Cashin’ In” this Saturday at 11:30am ET (7:30am AK time) on FNC, with replay at 4:30pm ET. Eric Bolling and I will talk about our federal government’s many abuse scandals.

*In Honor of My Dad (June 20, 2013  By )

*Photos of Fatherhood (June 20, 2013  By )

SP FB:  Bill Maher is free to attack me, but not my child, nor other innocent, beautiful people.

Sarah Palin: Bill Maher not free to attack my child

Palin is right: Let someone else determine Syria’s fate

Matt Towery: Governor Palin is right about Syria

Palin Is Right: Let Someone Else Determine Syria’s Fate

*Golub: Joan Walsh and Sarah Palin, a study in contrasts

Sarah Palin: ‘Why let the liberals take over the media?’

Fertility attack on Palin resembles attacks on West Bank settlers

Protect the Constitution (sign the petition) via @ACLJ

*I Interrupt My Vacation For A Word About Sarah Palin

Palin-Bashing Aficionado Finds New Purpose

Exclusive–DENIED: Sarah Palin Turned Down ‘View’ Gig Before Hosts Defended Attack on Trig

Governor Palin Tweets: Louisiana State Senator Escapes Democrat Plantation

Audience Turns Against Barbara Walters After She Defends Maher

Bill O’Reilly Showcases Palin’s CBS Smackdown

Neocon Max Boot Gets Cranky Over Governor Palin’s Syria Remarks

Women of ‘The View’ fret over Bill Maher’s Trig Palin insult

PALIN bashes CBS comparing Iranian candidates to Tea Party

*Wonderful Collection Of Tweeted Photo’s of Sarah Palin At Faith & Freedom Conference

Sarah Palin: No Tattoo, But if I WAS Going to Get One….

*Neo-cons pounce on SARAH PALIN for her Syria comments

Babs Walters excuses Bill Maher calling Trig Palin ‘retarded’

*Fox News: Welcome Back Governor Palin!

*Palin: Reporter Comparing Iranian Presidential Candidates to Tea Party ‘Put the  BS in CBS’

*Sarah Palin Rocks Pink Polka Dot Mini Skirt on Fox & Friends  (photogallery)

Sarah Palin to Hill: ‘Don’t stifle’ Ted Cruz

Sarah Palin sees the Middle East from her home

Baby, She’s Back! Sarah Palin’s Debut Back on Fox News

Sarah Palin: New book is a ‘legalese’ on how to ‘protect the heart of Christmas’

Sen. Ted Cruz Praises Gov. Sarah Palin on “Fox & Friends” for her “Fearlessness” in Advocating Conservative Principles – Video 6/17/13

*Mama Grizzly Sarah Palin bashes Bloomberg for treating New Yorkers ‘like a bunch  of little babies’ in FOX News return

@AGUGrizzlies: Ground Report @SarahPalinUSA Road To Majority With New #PICS By Jonathon Peress

Video:  Sarah Palin and Steve Doocy interview the ‘Deadliest Catch’ crew 6-17-2013

Video:  After the Show Show: Sarah Palin visits

Video:  Fox and Friends After the Show Show with Sarah Palin 6-17-2013

Ted Cruz interview on Fox and Friends with Sarah Palin as guest host

*She’s Back!  Sarah Palin Rocks Fox & Friends

*‘Snowden is not the problem,’ Palin says

Thy Gladiator: Sarah Palin We Need You Back in the Arena.

Sarah Palin gives emotional address to the Faith & Freedom Coalition

*Sarah Palin’s Triumphant Return to Fox (some snark)

Sarah Palin Returns With Fox Contract, Faith & Freedom Conference Appearance

Sarah Palin on Syria: Let Allah sort it out

Video Album (7 videos):  Sarah Palin Tackles America’s Pressing Issues by Barracuda Brigade

Video:  Sarah Palin Rejoins Fox & Friends – Talks DC Scandals, Snowden,  & Tea Party

Bam! Palin slams Tea Party-bashing CBS reporter for ‘putting the BS in CBS’

Video:  Sarah Palin & Ted Cruz Talk DC Scandals on Fox and Friends

Bam! Palin slams Tea Party-bashing CBS reporter for ‘putting the BS in CBS’

Video:  Sarah Palin on CBS Tea Party Basher Elizabeth Palmer: She Puts the BS into CBS

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah! Joan Walsh continues to expose her overwhelming envy of Sarah Palin

*Trifecta of awesome: Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin join guest co-host Megyn Kelly on ‘Fox & Friends’

‘Best Monday ever’: Megyn Kelly scores as co-host on ‘Fox & Friends’

*Sarah Palin: Our kids ‘finally think we’re cool’ after meeting Willie from ‘Duck Dynasty’ [photos]

Islamist lobby attacks PALIN for ‘Allah’ comment on Syria

Sarah Palin on Syria: ‘Let Allah Sort It Out’

Idiotic tweet of the day: Joan Walsh says Sarah Palin is impersonating Sarah Palin

SP FB:  OMG, goosebumps…I love our U.S. Military! I love patriots like these who respect our finest in uniform!

Palin Slams Gang of Eight, Warns of ‘Perhaps Armed IRS Agents’ Implementing Obamacare

PALIN stokes conservative agenda at ‘Faith & Freedom’ confab

*Palin Uses SNL to Rip Obama over Scandals: ‘Really?!’

SARAH PALIN’S REVENGE – Slams O-Care’s Death Panels in Faith & Freedom Speech (Video)

Sarah Palin on Syria: ‘Let Allah Sort It Out’

*Religious conservatives asked to back GOP plans (Palin photogallery)

*Sarah Palin: D.C. a ‘hot mess’

A SarahNET Radio Special Presentation: Father’s Day 2013! Sarah Palin’s dad, Chuck Heath Sr

Governor Palin at Faith and Freedom Coalition in D.C. – Includes Video

Video:  Rope line –  Sarah Palin’s Faith and Freedom Coalition Speech 6-15-2013

SarahPAC:  Gov. Palin’s Speech at the Faith & Freedom Coalition’s 2013 “Road to Majority” Conference in D.C. (Posted on June 15, 2013)

Video:  Sarah Palin’s  Faith and Freedom Coalition Speech 6-15-2013

May these families’ sacrifices never be in vain. God bless our troops and their brave families.!/photo.php?fbid=10151670636833588&set=a.10150723283643588.424640.24718773587&type=1

If Sarah Palin Had Become President

The Gladiator: Sarah Palin, We Need You Back in the Arena

‘As someone who’s kinda fertile myself’: Sarah Palin takes a jab at Jeb Bush

Palin: NSA ‘Couldn’t Find Two Pot-Smoking Deadbeat Bostonians’ With Terrorist Ties

Video: Sarah Palin on the rope line at Faith & Fredom event

Palin: Both Parties Responsible For Scandalous D.C.

Palin On Syria: ‘Let Allah Sort It Out’

Sarah Palin’s Still in the Game

Adrienne Ross: ‘Understanding Governor Palin’s Enemies’

SP FB:  Whether outside our homes, inside our classrooms, or alongside our courthouses, the American flag flies as a symbol of “liberty and justice for all.”

@AGUGrizzlies: Former Miss CO (@Deborah_Flora_) Honored To Intro Gov. @SarahPalinUSA At Terri’s Day

Eric Bolling: ‘Classic Sarah Palin’

Sarah Palin Her Fox News Comeback

Sarah Palin returns as Fox News contributor

Maher ‘Retarded’ Poke at 5-Year-Old Trig Palin Ripped by Mom

Sarah Palin returning to Fox News Monday morning

Greta Van Susteren: Sarah Palin will drive critics crazy

Fox News Successfully Convinces Gov. Palin To Return As A Contributor

*Sarah Palin returns to Fox News as paid contributor Mondaycessfully-convinces-gov-palin-to-return-as-a-contributor/

 @sarahpalinusa:  Sarah Murnaghan had a successful lung transplant; God bless her & docs & judge who said “yes” after death panel/HHS Secy Sebelius said “no”.

SP FB:  Congressmen Gosar (AZ-04), Salmon (AZ-05), Schweikert (AZ-06) and Franks (AZ-08) are hosting a Congressional Field Hearing in Prescott, Arizona, on July 1st to discuss the IRS and other abuse scandals …

 SP FB:  Beautiful kids being helped by beautiful hearts of those with compassion.!/photo.php?v=4982082753883

Former Governor Sarah Palin Rejoins FOX News       Channel as Contributor

Sarah Palin to Rejoin Fox News Channel

Governor Palin: God Bless Sarah Murnaghan

The 20 Hottest Conservative Women In The New Media (2013 Edition)

Sarah Palin Returns to Fox News

Reaction to Gov. Palin’s Return to the Airwaves

Sarah Palin to Bill Maher: Someone Should Flatten ‘Your Lily White Wimpy A**’

‘I hope one flattens your lily white wimpy a#*’: Sarah Palin pounds Bill Maher’s ‘hateful mockery’

Governor Palin: ‘Clapper Lied. Government Spied’

Governor Palin Smacks Down ‘Little Bill’ Maher

Joan Rivers Dishes On Celebrity Wife Swap With Bristol Palin  (mixed)

Audience Member Confronts Bill Maher After Comic Slammed Sarah Palin’s Special Needs Child

‘Teavangelicals’ Cruz, Palin, Paul, Perry kickoff 2014 drive for more conservatives

I Joined Governor Palin’s Liberty-Lovers’ Book Club

‘Palin conservatives’ do know how to reach the ‘youth vote’

Sign the ACLJ petition to abolish the IRS!

SP FB:  Thank you to all the patriots in our “liberty-lovers’ book club”! Keep the pics coming.!/sarahpalin/posts/10151659399053588

SP FB:  Rule of Law? More like “In Your Face.” Obama sends $1.3 billion to Muslim Brotherhood after lawmakers tell him he can’t. Does it anyway.!/sarahpalin/posts/10151659323033588

The GOP’s Continuing Betrayal of Its Rock Stars

HHS Secretary refuses to save dying girl; “someone lives and someone dies”

Sarah Palin gets Washington students off their butts in graduation ceremony

Sarah Palin: ‘America … So Screwed’ with Rice, Power Picks

*Bristol Palin and Joan Rivers trade lives AND children on Celebrity Wife Swap

Joan Rivers, Bristol Paliin to ‘Swap’ Lives on ABC‘s CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP, 6/23

Joan Rivers to Switch With Bristol Palin on ABC’s ‘Celebrity Wife Swap’

Sarah Palin Gets It Right: We ARE So Screwed

Yet Another Gratuitous Swipe At Governor Palin From An MSM Elite

Bristol Palin, Joan Rivers to trade lives in ABC’s ‘Celebrity Wife Swap’;tt=top%20news;plc=oklahoma%20city;tablet=o;chn=news;subc=top%20news;sect=top%20news;nid=62853487;top=news;top=top%20news;top=top%20news;top=joan%20rivers;top=melissa%20rivers;top=bristol%20palin;top=wife%20swap;top=tripp%20palin;ed=oklahoma-city-ok;uid=881786;etid=352751;pgtp=article;tile=1;pos=1;;sz=728×90,950×60,970×250,970×90;kw=;dcopt=ist;ord=675877421

Joan Rivers moving into Palin home for ‘Wife Swap’

Bristol Palin and Joan Rivers to appear together on ‘Wife Swap’

Joan Rivers trading her life with Bristol Palin in ‘Celebrity Wife Swap’ premiere

Palin daughters to swap lives with Rivers family on ABC reality show

SP FB:  Boot-stomping govt claims citizen spying never happened then pouts Congress knew all along; Congress denies. Our obtuseness = their strength…

Snoop Obama! Jay Leno, Sarah Palin zing Obama over NSA scandal

@sarahpalinusa RT @newsbusters Leno: ‘We Wanted a President That Listens to All Americans – Now We Have One’

Sarah Palin convenes liberty-lovers’ book club in support of conservative soldier [pics]

Gov. Palin: This IS a battle between liberty and tyranny

SP FB:  Show your support for liberty. Post a pic holding a liberty-loving book!!/photo.php?fbid=10151656732063588&set=a.10150723283643588.424640.24718773587&type=1

SP FB:  Invitation for Americans to roguely illustrate their stand in today’s ‘Liberty vs Tyranny’ war. Post a pic.

SP FB:  Whether you agree or disagree with this soldier’s opinions, I think we can all agree that the apparent retribution he faced for proudly reading certain authors is outrageous.

SARAH PALIN keynotes DC ‘Road to Majority’ Conf., Sat. 6/15

SP FB:  President Reagan’s words ring true still today.

SP FB:   We’re in for a helluva’ ride, America.

SP FB:  Obama Claims Ignorance

SP FB:  The government will bend the rules left and right to harass targeted taxpayers, conservative patriots, selected journalists, etc., but it will strictly exercise inconsistent and subjective rules to deny a child a shot at life.!/sarahpalin/posts/10151650308628588

Sarah Palin Slams Kathleen Sebelius For Not Intervening In Child Transplant Case

Sarah Palin: Government bends rules to target patriots, ‘but draws the line at saving a little girl’s life’

Death Panel: Secretary Sebelius Denies Lung Transplant for 10-Year-Old Girl

Rush On Sebilius/ObamCare: I lit a cigar in honor of Sarah Palin, ‘Death Panels.’ Just exactly what Sarah Palin said

Governor Sarah Palin just posted this pic on her Facebook page by

Sarah Palin speaks to graduating class of 27

Governor Sarah Palin dazzles the 26 members of the Republic High School class of 2013

Palin Tells Class of 27 Students: Small Towns Are Soul of Nation

Sarah Palin’s Rack:  The former governor has racked up an impressive record electing conservatives.

Is Sarah Palin too big for Washington?

Ahead Of Her Time

O’Reilly Describes Why the GOP Needs Governor Palin (Without Using Her Name)

*Climbing with Tripp (June 4, 2013  By

Tea Party favorite Jason Smith wins House seat in special election; Palin congratulates

@sarahpalinusa:  Mr. Smith goes to Washington! Congrats @RepJasonSmith — stay strong and true to your roots!

SP FB:  Lesson To Graduates (photo)

SP FB:  Our prayers are with Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler and her family.

@AGUGrizzlies: Todd Palins Stars Earn Stripes Partner @jwcortes: Overwhelming Joy in Service to Others

Sarah Palin & Me – A Tale of Two Commencement Speakers

SP FB: Inspired by Republic (photo album)

SP FB:  Was honored and inspired by the community of Republic, WA today.!/sarahpalin/posts/10151644823093588

Gov. Palin: ‘To The Tigers of 2013 – Thank You’

When Destiny Meets Destiny

A Medieval Tale: King Obama & Queen Pelosi vs Ye Commoners

Sarah Palin speaks at Republic High School Graduation  [Washington State] June 1, 2013  (w/videos)

*Sarah Palin Speaks to Republic High School Class of 2013 – And Brings Them a Gift

*Sarah Palin visits Republic, Washington (photos)

Full video of Governor Palin’s commencement speech at Republic High School

*SLIDESHOW: Sarah Palin Speaks At Republic High School Graduation

Highlights from Governor Palin’s Speech at Republic High School Graduation

Gov. Palin Imparts Her Wisdom On Republic, Washington Seniors

Governor Palin: ‘Seattle Weekly,’ You Miss the Point; Small Town America is the Soul of Our Country

*Palin: No Google Glass Tryout for Former Alaska Governor

*Sarah Palin speaking Saturday at Republic H.S.

Sarah Palin Keeps Media Sleepless in Seattle

‘Small town America is the soul of our country’: Sarah Palin shreds media lapdog’s ‘elitist card’

*Two Boys, Two Smiles, One Mountain (May 31, 2013  By )

Life, Death, and Life! (May 31, 2013  By )

She Warned Us, Didn’t She?

Sarah Palin Refuses Interview With Google Glass-Wearer

SP FB:  Small town America is the soul of our country…

Waitng for Sarah

*Smore-Tastic! (May 29, 2013  By

New Scandal: The IRS Harasses People Who Adopt (May 29, 2013  By

Hope You Had a Happy Memorial Day! (May 27, 2013  By )

Schism between establishment and Tea Party Republicans to widen for 2016

*Indy 500 passes midway point

Why are liberals so rude to the right?

*Palin: Obama Scandals Trample On Sacrifices of America’s Soldiers

Alaska’s populist, Sarah Palin-era oil tax gets the ax

Remember when I went to the North Slope with Governor Sarah Palin?  I met the amazing Sue Aiken who lives there alone 9 months out of the year (the rugged 9 months!)

*Todd Palin Speaks to Breitbart Sports About Indy 500: ‘America at Its Best’

Sarah Palin Donates To Jason Smith’s Campaign In Missouri Special Election

*Pacers and Racers… Todd and Sarah Join In Indiana Fun!

Palin Derangement Syndrome strikes libs at Heat-Pacers game

Sarah Palin: Indy 500 Photos

My brief interview with Sarah Palin about the NBA and other stuff

NBA interview with Sarah Palin at Pacers game

*Open Thread (with photos of the Palins at the Indy 500)

*Governor Palin (and First Dude) at the Pacers Game, UPDATE: Another Interview, Miami Herald

*Palin Wins Over Racing Fans at Indy 500

SARAH PALIN’S Memorial Day message: Restore our nation

*Gov Palin Meets, Greets at Indy Marriott Hotel Bar, Records Memorial Day Message

John McCain has only himself to blame for Ted Cruz being in the Senate

*Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is in Indianapolis for the Indy 500

Indianapolis Star Interviews Palins at The Brickyard

Governor Palin’s IRS Tweet Confuses the Left

Sarah Palin calls for resignation of Eric Holder

Gov. Palin Unleashes Her Awesome Humor On The IRS

Governor Palin Tweets Administration’s Scandals

Sarah Palin: Let’s fund White House tours with Lois Lerner’s salary

@sarahpalinusa:  Refuses to resign? Then fire Lerner ($170k annually) = WH open to tours this summer #sequestersolutions  (8:34 PM – 24 May 13)

Sarah Palin says it’s time for Eric Holder to go … and Huffington Post and Tavis Smiley agree

Murkowski, McCain, and Media Apparently Missed SarahPAC’s Response to the Palin-Senate Draft

@sarahpalinusa:  #ObamaScandalMovies All Quiet on the West Wing Front  (1:57 PM – 24 May)13

@sarahpalinusa The IRS is closed for the day, feel free to use your phones.   (12:14 PM – 24 May 13)

@sarahpalinusa: Sequester = a four-day weekend at the IRS. (12:13 PM – 24 May 13)

Strassel: IRS Scandal’s Roots in Obama’s 2008 Campaign; Attacked Clinton, Edwards, Too

@sarahpalinusa:  Where is the apology and resignation of your attorney general, Mr. President?   (10:58 PM – 23 May 13)

SP FB:  Where is the apology and resignation of your attorney general, Mr. President?

PALIN – It’s time We, the People told Obama ‘enough is enough’

Palin shout out to CNN’s Jake Tapper, Jewish day school grad

SP FB:  (talking points cartoon)!/photo.php?fbid=10151626121628588&set=a.10150723283643588.424640.24718773587&type=1

SP FB:  Obama Administration Talking Points!/photo.php?fbid=10151626120033588&set=a.10150723283643588.424640.24718773587&type=1

Exclusive — PALIN: Going Rogue in the Wrong Direction by Sarah Palin

‘You got Palined!’: Sarah Palin endorses Jake Tapper’s ‘integrity and professionalism’

SP FB:  IRS official to plead the Fifth to avoid embarrassment or burden?!/sarahpalin/posts/10151625008573588

SP FB:  There’s something different, certainly refreshing, about Jake Tapper.

HS Student’s Tenacity Wins Gov Palin Graduation Speech

@sarahpalinusa:  With a broken heart, America reaches out to the brave souls of Moore, Oklahoma. Our prayers for strength are with all of you.

‘Duck Dynasty’ nation needs Sarah Palin

Quigley: ‘Duck Dynasty’ Nation Needs Sarah Palin

Citizen Petition: “I Support the Boy Scouts’ Ban”

Liberals Find Photo of Someone Holding Umbrella for Governor Palin.  Hysteria Ensues.

Umbrella Etiquette

Why Andrew Breitbart Walked into the Fire with Sarah Palin

*SP FB:  One last blast of Alaska winter today!/photo.php?fbid=10151619341908588&set=a.10150723283643588.424640.24718773587&type=1

@sarahpalinusa:  “IRS Asks Iowa Pro-Life Group What They Pray About” …This is just surreal.

Chuck Heath, Jr: ‘Dad, what’s up with Benghazi?’

*State doesn’t plan to seek costs in Palin case

Sarah Palin to Obama: ‘When it rains it pours, but most Americans hold their own umbrellas’

Sarah Palin to give commencement address to 27 seniors at small Washington St. high school

Bauer high on Palin for Senate

Ballot Test: Palin Leads

SP FB:  Scandalous Hat Trick

SP FB:  Jason Smith for Missouri’s 8th Congressional District

Sarah Palin, Tea Party save America

*Sarah Palin to speak at small-town Washington school

*Sarah Palin to speak at Republic HS graduation

*Sarah Palin speaking at Republic High School graduation–207448431.html

*Sarah Palin to deliver high school commencement address in Republic, Wash.

*Sarah Palin on TV host offer: ‘Never say never’

Sarah Palin would win Senate nomination: poll

Draft Palin group releases poll showing her ahead in Alaska Senate primary

@sarahpalinusa: Buck stops w/you,Mr. President. It’s 3am, you missed the call. Last time we saw such misuse of power Hillary was asking the questions in ’74

Sarah Palin Says ‘No’ to Mark Burnett for TV Talk Show

PALIN: The same corrupt IRS will be enforcing ObamaCare

@sarahpalinusa Gosnell verdict is a step closer to fundamentally restoring America’s destiny as an exceptional nation with the unalienable right to life.

One More Cute Photo of the Boys!  (May 13, 2013  By )

Two Boys in Glasses (May 13, 2013  By

Me? Star Struck? (May 13, 2013  By )

Palin: ‘Corrupt’ IRS Also Tasked with Enforcing Obamacare

A Very Palin Mother’s Day

After heart surgery, Chuck Heath, Sr. grateful for prayers (Updated)

*Momma’s Boy! (May 12, 2013  By

*A Photo of Mom and Me Bear Hunting for Mother’s Day (May 12, 2013  By

*Happy Mother’s Day (Plus a Secret on Mothering) (May 12, 2013  By )

*SP FB:  Happy Mother’s Day from Almost Top o’ the World…Mt. McKinley in the background…

*Exclusive: Palin’s Mother Discusses Cherished Mother’s Day Moments with Sarah

SP FB:  “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world”—

Sarah Palin tweets Mother’s Day message, salutes military mothers separated from children


Poll: Alaskans Want Sarah Palin to Run for U.S. Senate

Governor Sarah Palin already 36k plus likes to her post

Palin World Keeps Distance from Senate Buzz

*Sarah Palin responds to the news of IRS targeting conservative groups

SP FB:  Let the Light Shine

*Palin:  “We See the Corruption at the Heart of Big Government”

@sarahpalinusa Levin was right all along. Another example of the Obama admin’s #whatdoesitmatter embarrassing mess they’ve put us in

@sarahpalinusa Thank you for revealing documents our govt tried to hide, Stephen Hayes, Jonathan Karl & others in media exposing the truth about Benghazi.

BOMBSHELL: Mayor Sarah Palin Denied Police Protection To  Family, Resulting In Their Murder (be sure to read last paragraph)

Dan Savage Wishes Palin Gets Cancer

Sarah Palin among those to pay tribute to vets killed in Vietnam War  (w/video)

Photos:  Buckeye, AZ – Cost of Freedom Tribute Event

*Gov. Palin Visits Buckeye, AZ

*Youngster on Twitter Shares Her Picture Taken With Gov. Palin

*Gov. Palin Honors Heroes, Meets Public in Buckeye, AZ

*Photo’s/Articles Sarah Palin Speaking at Vietnam Memorial Ceremony Buckeye Arizona

Dramatic Polling Evidence Proves Palin Twice Gave McCain Huge Poll Boost

Sign The Petition To Investigate Benghazi! …

SP FB:  Please join me and brave Vietnam veterans as we remember those fallen heroes who gave the last full measure of devotion to our country on Thursday, May 9th at 6:00 pm in Buckeye, Arizona, at Earl Edgar Field, 500 South Miller Road 85326.

Sign the STOP the UN Gun Ban Petition!

Palin to House GOP on Internet Sales Tax Bill: ‘No New Taxes’

Sarah Palin: Taxed Enough Already?

SP FB:  Taxed Enough Already?  This new tax increase – the internet sales tax – must be stopped in the House.

The 7 Most Despicable Ways Liberals Have Attacked Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin Hammers Republicans Who Voted For New  Internet Tax


@sarahpalinusa  House GOP, please get it together…

SP FB:  More new taxes? How can we be divided on new taxes?

Frank Rich Rehashes False Racism Smear Against Governor Palin

Sarah Palin Visits Kentucky For Fundraiser]

Sarah Palin Addresses 2013 NRA Convention

Palin: Obama Must ‘Renounce’ Pentagon’s ‘Un-American’ Proselytization Policy

The Palin Bashers – Where Are They Now?

Dan Savage Wishes Cancer on Sarah Palin

*At ‘heavenly’ Derby, Sarah Palin says she bet on Frac Daddy, of course

*Sarah Palin to NRA: Media Obama’s ‘reliable poodle-skirted cheerleader’

*Photo’s From Sarah Palin’s Day At The Kentucky Derby

At ‘heavenly’ Derby, Sarah Palin says she bet on Frac Daddy, of course

Mr. L: Assclowns On The Left & Right & Sarah Palin Is Still In The Fight

Sarah Palin’s tobacco dip shows anti-bullying advocate Dan Savage the ‘upsides of oral cancer’

*Palin’s memorable pot shots (photogallery)

*SP FB:  Todd and Willie …!/photo.php?fbid=10151595471703588&set=a.10150723283643588.424640.24718773587&type=1

*Sarah Palin Attends Kentucky Derby

*Alaska connection in Kentucky

 * The Palin’s Meet Willie Robertson

*Sarah Palin blasts President Obama and ‘elite media’ at NRA convention in  Houston – gets standing ovation

Sarah Palin rails at Barack Obama for ‘exploiting tragedy’ in US gun control debate (headline mixed)

Palin tells US gun owners: Don’t give up (snarky photo choice)

Video:   Sarah Palin tells NRA convention: Obama ‘exploits gun tragedies’

*Palin fires up NRA crowd:  Former governor hits Obama for using Newtown  families

Sarah Palin tells NRA convention leaders that DC exploits shooting tragedies to  limit freedom

‘Emotion is not leadership’: Sarah Palin tweaks Obama, Bloomberg in NRA speech

*NRA seeks to highlight its ’armed and fabulous’ women

Palin to NRA: Media Allow Obama to Exploit Tragedies to Push Gun Control

Rick Moran: Palin Shows She Can Still Capture ‘The Moment’

Palin: Media allow Obama to exploit tragedies:  ‘It’s not just self serving. It’s destructive, and it must  stop’

*Sarah Palin rocks NRA crowd in Houston, receives standing ovation

*Sarah Palin fires up crowd at NRA Convention in Houston  (NRA blog)

Watch Sarah Palin’s freedom-loving NRA-ILA Leadership Forum Speech

Sarah Palin Blasts Leaders in Washington for Exploiting Tragedies in Order to Limit Freedoms of Law-Abiding Citizens

*Palin fires up NRA crowd, hits Obama for using Newtown families

*NRA convention: Palin slams Obama over gun control, threatens to chew snuff

NRA convention 2013: Sarah Palin and culture war

*US for Palin Frame Grabs from Gov. Palin’s NRA Speech

*Roadrunner Photos:  Sarah Palin

Video:  Sarah Palin Full NRA Speech 5-3-2013!

Video:  Sarah Palin NRA Leadership Forum 5-3-2013

NRA Video:  2013 NRA Annual Meetings: Sarah Palin


Sarah Palin, husband attending fundraiser in Ky.

Sarah Palin to attend fundraiser in Lexington Sunday

*Sarah Palin to attend fundraiser in Lexington Sunday

‘Please bring your speculum’: Andrew Sullivan’s looking for a personal assistant

Fresh off win, NRA holds convention in Houston

LaDonna Hale Curzon Calls Out NetFlix For Palin Hit

Letter of Support for Sarah Palin and Her Comments on the Media

Video:  Sarah Palin NRA Full Speech 2013, Quotes Shakespeare, Threatens To Chew Tobacco

Palin fires up NRA crowd, hits Obama for using Newtown families

*Sarah Palin gets standing O from NRA crowd (mixed)

Palin Flaunts Tobacco On Stage at NRA Conference

* ‘Emotion is not leadership’: Sarah Palin tweaks Obama, Bloomberg in NRA speech

Video:  Sarah Palin’s SMOKING HOT NRA Speech ~ “Don’t make me do it…”!

* @NRA@SarahPalinUSA speaks about freedom at #NRAAM Leadership Forum

Video: Governor Palin Addresses NRA-ILA Leadership Forum

*Palin fires up NRA, Sports Nice, Um …. Well, You Know!

Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck & Hannity are all speeding toward Houston — with guns: NRA Convention to be Fox News heaven

Netflix Plays a Sarah Palin Hashtag Game, Gets Burned

Netflix under fire for tweet mocking Gov. Palin

Former Palin Adviser to Be Cardinal Dolan’s Spokesman

Netflix Tweet Making Palin-Nazi Parallel Costs Them


NRA will broadcast Gov. Palin’s keynote address Friday

Actual Liberal Columnist Headline: ‘How Sarah Palin Is Right About Washington’


*Did Netflix just call Sarah Palin a Nazi? (Photos)

Netflix Joins Left’s Sarah Palin Hashtag Twitter Game with ‘Moon Nazis’

Live-Streaming of Governor Palin’s NRA Speech Friday

Live Coverage from NRA 2013 of Palin, Cruz, and more

PALIN to OBAMA: Rescind threat against religious GI’s

Absurd: Netflix rep denies Palin-mocking tweet, then claims ‘no reflection on our position’

Governor Palin to President Obama: ‘Clear This Up Today, Right Now’

SP FB:  President Barack Obama had better clear this up today, right now.

‘Tea Party’ group drafts Gov. Palin for Senate, but does she want the job?

Why Sarah Palin Supports Rand Paul

USCCB hires Sarah Palin advisor as Cardinal Dolan’s spokesperson—UPDATED

“Tweet  like a girl: Sarah Palin blasts ‘DC a–clowns’ at ‘pathetic’ Correspondents’ Dinner” (scroll down for this)

Great Idea: Dolls for Downs (April 28, 2013  By )

Four Award Winning Journalists who Agree with Governor Palin’s #WHCD Sentiments

Pinning the Tail on D.C.’s ‘Assclowns’

FLASHBACK:  Sarah Palin Takes D.C. By Storm

Tweet like a girl: Sarah Palin blasts ‘DC assclowns’ at ‘pathetic’ Correspondents’ Dinner

‘No, you are!’ Journos pitch snit fits over Sarah Palin’s WHCD ‘assclowns’ tweet

*Palin Slams DC ‘Assclowns’ for Throwing ‘Pathetic’ ‘#nerdprom’

Governor Palin: ‘Yuk it Up Media and Pols’ (Updated)

SP FB:  Yuk it up media and pols.

Video:  Sarah Palin speaking on Abortion!

*Picture – Sarah Palin – Women’s Resource Medical Centers of Southern Nevada – April 26, 2013

*Gov. Palin Brings Message of Hope, Life, Human Dignity to Las Vegas

*Pictures And Comments Of Sarah Palin At Shareholders In Life Fundraiser Las Vegas

*The 28th Annual Shareholders in Life Banquet & Silent Auction – Friday 26th April 2013

Women’s Resource Medical Centers of Southern Nevada Hosts 28th
Annual Shareholders in Life Banquet & Silent Auction April 26–silent-auction-426

Event Details:  Shareholders in Life Fundraising Banquet & Silent Auction, with keynote Sarah Palin

WRMCSN Hosts 28th Annual Shareholders in Life Banquet & Silent Auction

Shareholders in Life Banquet & Silent Auction (Event Website)

Sarah Palin: It’s ‘not surprising’ that Obama is at Planned Parenthood today

Palin Unmasks Obama’s ‘Radically Pro-Abortion’ Chicago Record

Sarah Palin: Women Don’t Need Abortion, Obama or Planned Parenthood

*Sarah Palin to speak next month at Las Vegas fundraiser  (April 26)

Video:  Jan Brewer and Sarah Palin at Phoenix’s ‘Strike Out Child Abuse Walk’

Video:  Mr.L: Why Sarah Palin vs. Bush/Clinton Showdown in 2016 Must Happen

*Palin Hammers ‘Radically Pro-Abortion’ Obama for Planned Parenthood Speech

Tonight, Governor Palin Advocates Life While President Obama Lauds Planned Parenthood’s Death Agenda

SP FB:  There is no such thing as a coincidence.

The President Makes History (April 26, 2013  By )

SP FB: I love inspirational people like my sister Heather!

Traveling Tribute comes to Buckeye with Special Guest Sarah Palin

Traveling Tribute comes to Buckeye with Special Guest Sarah Palin

Judge denies Palin request for fees in lawsuit

Czech Republic remind the Internet that Chechnya is a different country – Sarah  Palin Boston bombings spoof

Sarah Palin: Who ordered the removal of Bible reference from gun-scopes?

SP FB:  Who’s giving the order?!/sarahpalin/posts/10151577371273588

SP FB:  The ‘Co-Exist’ Bombers!/sarahpalin/posts/10151572018668588

Reality Czech (mixed)

The 2013 TIME 100:  Rand Paul (by Sarah Palin)

Governor Palin Calls Out Anti-Christian Tactic

Trig Palin at Five

Sarah Palin Parody Mistaken for Real News

Down Syndrome Basketball Player Highlighted by ESPN, Palin Continues to Thrive

3 Photos: Dancing Skies (April 19, 2013  By )

Palin Praises Rand Paul for Fighting DC Establishment in ‘Time 100’ Tribute

Governor Palin’s ‘Time 100’ Tribute to Senator Rand Paul

SP FB:  My tribute to the clear-sighted Senator from the Bluegrass State, Rand Paul…

*Gov. Palin Celebrates Trig’s 5th Birthday

*SP FB:  Trig Photo

*SP FB:  Pretty spring day to celebrate Trig’s 5th birthday!!/photo.php?fbid=10151569134133588&set=a.10150723283643588.424640.24718773587&type=3&l=c68c53ead0&permPage=1

*Happy Birthday, Trig!! (April 18, 2013  By )

*No beauty school dropouts in this family! Proud mom Sarah Palin celebrates as  daughter Willow, 18, graduates from hairdressing course

Palin, Levin Won’t Support Any Lawmaker Who Votes for Gun Control

SP FB:  Prayers are with everyone in Boston today.!/sarahpalin/posts/10151564331273588

SP FB:  Please see the link below for why the latest gun control bill should be filibustered and defeated. I can not and will not support politicians who support any more limits on our Second Amendment rights.!/sarahpalin/posts/354586174653012

SP FB:  Here’s good advice from another commonsense conservative in the same vein as my advice last week.!/sarahpalin/posts/119630078233272

Fred Barnes, The Weekly Standard Executive Editor (talks about Sarah Palin at about 24:09)

Video:  Q & A FRED BARNES- FEB 20, 2013

Gov. Palin Says “Secure The Border First

Palin, Brewer talk immigration reform

Video:    Jan Brewer and Sarah Palin at Phoenix’s ‘Strike Out Child Abuse Walk’

Video:  Jan Brewer and Sarah Palin lead Phoenix walk to ‘strike out’ child abuse

*Video/Pictures/Tweets Sarah Palin In Arizona/ At Strike Out Child Abuse Walk

Planned Parenthood Admits How Pro-Abortion They Are (April 12, 2013  By )

*SP FB:  100% skewed White House priorities: The Blue Angels’ wings get snipped, but the White House party with the 1% rocks on…

*Chuck Heath, Jr. FB:  “I’m so sorry to hear that the Navy Blue Angels and the Airforce Thunderbirds have been forced to cancel their performances this year.!/photo.php?fbid=499264426797311&set=a.408839512506470.93361.394403993950022&type=1&theater

SP FB:  Remember to sign up for the Hope & A Future’s Strikeout Child Abuse Walk this Saturday at 3pm in Phoenix, AZ. I hope to see you all there!!/sarahpalin/posts/466532696750742

*SP FB:  Willow!/media/set/?set=a.10151557627568588.1073741831.24718773587&type=1

*SP FB:  Kids: Follow Your Dreams, But Be Practical To Be Employable…

SP FB:  “We’ve forgotten what belongs on Page One.”!/sarahpalin/posts/561172097236179

*SP FB:  Photo:  “Dear MSNBC,  if our kids belong to you, do your kids belong to us too? If so, cann we take them hunting after church in our big pickup truck?”!/photo.php?fbid=10151556199088588&set=a.10150723283643588.424640.24718773587&type=1

DEVITO: ACES Purpose Is To Give AK Fair Value For Oil Pumped And Encourage Investment

Flashback: Palin Predicts Obama Admin. Using Health Care to Curb Second Amendment Rights

Gov. Palin Predicted Tie-In Between Obamacare and Gun Control

Exclusive–Palin Advisers: ‘Unconscionable’ Mainstream Press Exploited Thatcher’s Death for Smears

Governor Palin’s Staff Takes On Exploitation of Thatcher’s Death

SP FB:  Dear media, *sigh*… where did you guys go to journalism school to learn it’s doggone ok to just make things up?

*Join My Family in Arizona This Weekend As My Sister Graduates! (April 9, 2013  By )

@sarahpalinusa:  First it was “You didn’t build that.” Now it’s “You didn’t birth that.” *Sigh* Govt, stay out of our cribs. #kidsbelongtous

@sarahpalinusa:  Dear MSNBC, if our kids belong to you, do your kids belong to us too?  If so, can we take them hunting after church in our big pickup truck?

SP FB:  A big shout out and congratulations to Lt. Renaye Lavin of Wasilla and her fellow officers in the photo below.

SP FB:  This photo is from THIS MORNING in Wasilla! Tons of new snow. Tons.

SP FB:  Please join Gov. Brewer and my family at Hope & A Future’s Strikeout Child Abuse Walk this Saturday at 3pm in Phoenix, Arizona.

SP FB:  Not For Turning

Governor Palin Posts on ‘Wasilla High School Prom Royalty’

UPenn prof who criticized Sarah Palin’s physical appearance bemoans ‘invective’ on Twitter

Palin Keynotes Terri Schiavo Gala: All Life Has ‘Worth That’s Immeasurable’

Sarah Palin: Americans ‘need to get outraged’ over green energy losers like Fisker

Classless Coulter Gets Her Facts Wrong

Ann Coulter Steps in It

POLITICO Writer Sinks to New Low

Palin & Brewer Participating in Hope & a Future’s 4th Annual Strikeout Child Abuse Walk

These PDSers Just Can’t Help Themselves

The Grocer’s Daughter

SP FB:  We’re deeply saddened at the loss of Margaret Thatcher.

SP FB:  CNN: it’s no wonder your ratings still aren’t matching competitors. American viewers are smarter than you assume, and we simply want truth in reporting.

Governor Palin: Apparently MSNBC Doesn’t Think Your Children Belong to You

@sarahpalinusa:  Apparently MSNBC doesn’t think your children belong to you. Unflippingbelievable.

SP FB:  May we never forget.

En Flipping Fuego! Sarah Palin blasts MSNBC’s ‘All your children belong to us’ spot; Calls out CNN’s ‘Crossfire’ hypocrisy

Governor Palin: MSNBC’s ‘Unflippingbelievable’ Take On Your Kids

Lessons To Learn From Mark Lamont Hill’s Chance Meeting With Gov. Palin

SP FB:  Once again, the American public lost when the Obama  administration attempted to pick “winners and losers” in the free market.

@AGUGrizzlies: Ground Report On @SarahPalinUSA Event From AGU NJ State Coordinator @Bill__Hughes

Easter at the Palin House: 5 Photos (April 4, 2013  By )

Event Photo’s/Tweets:Sarah Palin At Terri Schiavo Fundraiser With Catholic Archbishop; Links To Media Reports of History Of Schiavo

Gov. Palin: Terri Schiavo’s story strengthens our resolve to fight for life

Mom Is… (April 5, 2013  By )

Sarah Palin: Americans ‘need to get outraged’ over green energy losers like Fisker

Kevin Scholla Reports on Gov. Palin’s Terri Schiavo Speech

Sarah Palin Is Still ‘Loaded for Bear’

SP FB:  I say it IS time we furlough the political consultants, the permanent political class, and the politicos who’ve been part of the problem that got us into this mess.

SP FB:  Today is World Autism Awareness Day.!/sarahpalin/posts/10151542370913588

*SP FB:  Easter in Alaska (5 photos)!/media/set/?set=a.10151539854793588.1073741830.24718773587&type=1

SP FB:  SUSTAINABLE POWER SOURCE!/photo.php?fbid=10151539848893588&set=a.10150723283643588.424640.24718773587&type=1

Fun at the Cabin: 5 Palin Family Photos (April 2, 2013  By )

Easter with Tripp (April 1, 2013  By )

*Palin Video Features Unlikely Sources of Praise

Misogynistic Comedian Who Called Sarah Palin a Cunt & Dumb Twat Headlining
Fundraiser for Georgia Democratic Party

*Attack on Palin and SarahPAC Misses the Mark

Sarah Palin’s 2010 Support For Marco Rubio, Endorsement Was In the Works

Sarah Palin went rogue against Don Young (R-AK) long ago

Man who harassed Palin lawyers sentenced

Sarah Palin PAC: “Loaded For Bear”

Stop the Federal Power Grab of Our Elections

SP FB:  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of the SEAL Team Six member who died last night during a training accident.

SP FB:  Trig (12 photos)

SP FB:  Happy Good Friday!

Governor Palin: Happy Good Friday!

Sarah Palin: A grateful nation will never forget

*Sarah Palin’s 2010 Support For Marco Rubio, Endorsement Was In the Works

Sarah Palin went rogue against Don Young (R-AK) long ago

A Saturday From Hell…

*Attack on Palin and SarahPAC Misses the Mark

If You’re Taking Flak, You’re Over the Target

Sarah Palin’s ‘Loaded for Bear’: Mama Grizzly roars again  (mixed)

Celebrating Easter with CBN

Please sign the No National ID Card Petition!

SP FB:  Higher gas prices & more carbon emissions… all for the sake of reducing carbon emissions. Welcome to #ObamaLogic.

Sarah Palin PAC video: ‘Loaded’ for 2014

*I am Palin, hear me roar

SP FB:  Higher gas prices & more carbon emissions… all for the sake of reducing carbon emissions. Welcome to #ObamaLogic.

Why I Won’t Be Seeing Any Jim Carrey Movies Anytime Soon (March 28, 2013  By )

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