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Republican Party of Florida Fundraiser

Palin Slams “Entitled” Occupy Wall Street Protesters…

*Photos: Palin keynotes RPOF’s Victory Dinner at Disney

Sarah Palin: Don’t Let Obama Blame George Bush for “The Fiasco They Created” (Video)

*Rick Scott: Palin has ultimate tea party cred

Palin: Don’t Let Obama Blame Bush For The ‘Fiasco That They Have Created’

Sarah Palin On Occupy Wall Street: They Should Be Occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (Video) | Politicons

*Photos – Video – Media Roundup: Governor Palin At The RPOF Victory Dinner in Florida

*Palin targets ‘crony capitalists,’ Occupy Wall Street and Obama in same speech: Former Alaska governor speaks to Republican ‘Victory Dinner’ at Walt Disney World,0,3892070.story

*Sarah Palin talks politics at GOP fundraiser

Palin slams Occupy Wall Street protesters during Fla. appearance; says they want a bailout

Sarah Palin loves Walt Disney World

Sarah Palin gives keynote speech at RPOF Victory Dinner 11-03-11

Sarah Palin To Speak At Florida Fundraiser

Sarah Palin to speak at RPOF Nov. 3 “victory dinner” fundraiser

Sarah Palin to headline Republican Party of Florida’s fundraising dinner

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