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Archive for March 9th, 2011

Sarah Palin tops the Hot Air charts for 3rd survey in a row

Posted by joshpainter on March 9, 2011

– by Josh Painter
Here is how she has fared against the other prospective GOP presidential candidates:


More from Patrick Ishmael here.

Cross-posted from Texas for Sarah Palin

– JP

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Clowns, Cowboys, and a Contender

Posted by Adrienne Ross on March 9, 2011

By Adrienne Ross –

Image retrieved here

Governor Palin tweeted the following earlier:

We’re $14,000,000,000,000+ in debt, yet rodeo clowns still want to fund Cowboy Poetry Party.That must be 1 helluvahigh natl priority shindig

In case you were wondering what that was all about, let me fill you in. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is quite concerned that cuts in federal spending will lead to a devastating bye-bye to the annual cowboy poetry festival in Nevada. No need to rub your eyes; you read it right the first time.

If you’d like to actually listen to and see the Senator discussing this, here you go, courtesy of Fox Nation:

Let’s face it, folks. Some people just don’t get it. They missed the message the emergence of the Tea Party delivered, they missed the message the November mid-term elections sent, and they have obviously missed the message that we are in enormous debt as a nation.

Look, I’m an English Language Arts teacher and a poet myself. I appreciate rhythm and rhyme as much as the next person, but come on…the cowboy poetry festival?!

Governor Palin always stands head and shoulders above the rest because she always calls a spade a spade–or a clown a clown. Haters complain she’s not playing nicely enough, or biting her tongue enough, or looking the other way enough–and thank God, they’re right. She’s not. We have enough so-called conservatives and 2012 GOP potentials doing that already. We need a leader–a real contender–who is willing to call out the clowns in Congress, someone with a proven record and a commitment to fiscal responsibility. We need Governor Palin.

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Left Rants About NPR Sting But Forgets Anti-Semitic Element-But ADL Reminds Them.Finding A Way To Blame Palin Will Be Their Last Recourse

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on March 9, 2011

The left, caught out once again by their arch nemesis James O’Keefe, and oh how it must hurt  the radical leftist Kos Kids that one of their age group is so doing what they would want to do, in their wildest fantasies (for the left of course).

When the NPR scandal first broke the leftist blogs like Kos and the disgusting  Wonkette went into “it’s utterly boring” and of no consequence mode. Then when the first Schiller resigned they started ranting about how all he said, as a private person no less, was 100% true.It appears that every member of the Tea party is a racist, gun toting and and anti-Islam fanatic.

Now that Schiller number two has gone, their ranting has reached fever pitch-clearly they know they have an unspinnable situation and are trying to cover it up by appealing to their base with the venom that only the left can unleash.

Firedoglake, one of the more execrable leftist blogs is a classic of spin which is so disingenuous it makes them, and their readers look fools.

With all their rants one aspect of the original Schiller case is left unspoken-the fact that , according to the sting clip, when the “Muslims” said that NPR was a Palestinian front and that the Jews control the media he did not make any response.

Well too bad for the left that the ADL has come out strongly attacking exactly this element and has demanded that Schiller issue an apology-there is nothing the left can do to counter this Jewish groups righteous anger at the slight and their whole case is blown.

The left has only two options. Firstly to start attacking NPR-which they have commenced doing “they are weak and cave in and etc, and of course the biggest defence they could mount would be to, somehow, some way, tie Sarah Palin into their debacle. Impossible? Not for the left-when it come to Palin as the person who drives them insane, they will find a way you mark y words.

In the meantime for those on the right if they check out the Memeorandum list of comments from leftist blogs there is so much to savor-a great day.
Original post at M. Joseph Sheppard’s “A Point Of View”

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Palin Advises America Must Cut The Shackles of Foreign Oil Dependence-Analyst Discuss Options

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on March 9, 2011

Once again the American economy is under threat because of rising oil prices which stem from instability in the middle-east. Even if political matter settle down there is no guarantee that they won’t flare up again-possibly even more dangerously if radical Islamic regimes take over one oil producing country after another.

Only one public figure-Sarah Palin-has consistently made this point and called for America to take matters into its own hands,as much as possible, by opening up the Alaska oil fields, and off shore drilling wherever there are opportunities-in both cases with full respect to the environment.

A political/economic analysts,Lisa Gilmer look at this hugely important problem in depth.They lay the blame for the current situation where it belongs and off in depth analysis and positive suggestions for the future.
LISA GILMER; Senior Correspondent at:
M. Joseph Sheppard’s “A Point Of View”

There were a few interesting articles I happened upon today which make me think it is very important that countries who solely or primarily rely on oil from the middle east need to seriously find new sources including drilling LOCALLY wherever that may be.

In Alaska, for example, some 80% of land is “Federal” land and cannot be touched. Why? More exploration and expanded responsible drilling NOW for oil and shale – and coal too – needs to happen in America and across the world.

TheUrkel’s communist islamic-friendly regime has other plans though… plans that do NOT benefit America… plans that only enrich elitist banker types.

What are these plans? TheWon (and previous presidents) cozy up to the Saudis and middle east dicatators who have the oil. Judge for yourself…

Go back to a few stories from last year. March 2010, Washington Times, EDITORIAL Obama surrenders gulf oil to Moscow:
“The Obama administration is poised to ban offshore oil drilling on the outer continental shelf until 2012 or beyond. Meanwhile, Russia is making a bold strategic leap to begin drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico. While the United States attempts to shift gears to alternative fuels to battle the purported evils of carbon emissions, Russia will erect oil derricks off the Cuban coast.
Offshore oil production makes economic sense. It creates jobs and helps fulfill America’s vast energy needs. It contributes to the gross domestic product and does not increase the trade deficit. Higher oil supply helps keep a lid on rising prices, and greater American production gives the United States more influence over the global market.”

“Cuba has rights to the area in which drilling will be conducted under an agreement the Carter administration recognized. From Russia’s perspective, this is another way to gain leverage inside what traditionally has been America’s sphere of influence. It may not be as dramatic as the Soviet Union attempting to use Cuba as a missile platform, but in the energy wars, the message is the same. Russia is projecting power into the Western Hemisphere while the United States retreats. The world will not tolerate a superpower that acts like a sidekick much longer.”
Now to July 2010 Obama’s latest assault on liberty from WND:
“President Obama’s Executive Order 13547, issued July 19, further extends federal power, embraces global governance, diminishes the rights and privileges of individuals and brings the United States into compliance with Agenda 21, Chapter 17.6, which says:

Each coastal State should consider establishing, or where necessary strengthening, appropriate coordinating mechanisms (such as a high-level policy planning body) for integrated management and sustainable development of coastal and marine areas. The National Ocean Council created by the executive order creates this mechanism – and much more.

The genius of the American system of governance created by the U.S. Constitution is the delicate balance of power between the federal government, state and local governments, and the people. The founders recognized the people as the source of power; the people came first. It was the people who organized states. The states created a federal government and through the Constitution limited the power of the new government to those specific powers set forth in Article I, Section 8. All unspecified powers were explicitly retained by the states or the people.

In the first 200 years, the United States of America produced greater wealth and prosperity than the rest of the world had produced in 2000 years. Why? Because individuals were free to pursue their own individual happiness.”

September 2010 Laura Rambeau Lee discusses above story about Executive Order 13547 at the Two if by sea:
“In an article by Henry Lamb posted on World News Daily on July 31, 2010 entitled Obama’s Latest Assault on Liberty he states “President Obama’s Executive Order 13547, issued July 19, further extends federal power, embraces global governance, diminishes the rights and privileges of individuals and brings the United States into compliance with Agenda 21, Chapter 17.6, which says:

Each coastal State should consider establishing, or where necessary strengthening, appropriate coordinating mechanisms (such as a high-level policy planning body) for integrated management and sustainable development of coastal and marine areas. …”

This executive order also intends to pursue the United States’ accession to the Law of the Sea Convention, or Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) Dr. Lamb goes on to say “This treaty would give the U.N. power to regulate activity within our territorial seas (Article 2, (3)); it would give the U.N. the power to levy taxes in the form of application fees ($250,000) and royalties; it provides no benefits that the United States does not already enjoy. Yet, the Obama administration has set up this new National Ocean Council to convince the Senate to ratify the treaty.”
In 1978 Ronald Reagan declared, “No national interest of the United States can justify handing sovereign control of two-thirds of the Earth’s surface over to the Third World.” In 1982 Ronald Reagan refused to sign the Law of the Sea Treaty or send it to the Senate.In 2004 President George W. Bush signed the treaty, which essentially would give the International Seabed Authority all of the rights over the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian and Arctic oceans and all of the oil and mineral resources they contain. The International Seabed Authority, created by The Law of the Sea Convention, consists of 155 nations, wherein the United States would have only one vote and no veto. But of course, the United States would pay the principal share of the operating costs, as we do today with the United Nations, paying close to 17% of the operating costs. Fortunately the Senate did not pursue it’s ratification at that time.”
March 2011 NewZeal points out in Must Read: Arab Communists Meet – Plan Major Changes for Middle East – from “Arab left forum” February 2011:

“The mass movement and militancy that we are witnessing has opened up a new horizon for the Arab world. A horizon created through the struggle of the youth and the workers of Tunisia and Egypt, and with significant and effective participation by Arab women. This raises the opportunity and the challenge for the forces of the Arab Left to unify themselves under a program for democratic and social change with two main and related tasks.
Firstly, such a program is necessary to confront reactionary internal forces attempting to exploit the mass popular awakening in Egypt and Tunisia in order to serve their own agendas which does not entail any radical change from the current status in the Arab world. On the contrary, these reactionary agendas would reproduce the same regimes albeit in a novel shape and form.
Secondly, such a program for the unification of the Arab left forces is also necessary to effectively confront the Imperialist American plots and Zionist occupation and assaults under a banner for real and effective change.
In the current revolutionary moment we are witnessing, the Arab leftist forces and parties gathered in Beirut decided to entitle their exceptional meeting The Martyrs of the Tunisian and Egyptian Revolution and the Other Arab Intifadas.”

Trevor asks: “Does this all sound like “democracy” is coming to the Middle East? … If this allowed to play out, $10 or $20 a gallon gas won’t be the big issue. National survival will be.”
So you got all that?

First the Dem-commies give “ownership” (?!?!) of oceans to the UN through “executive order” (total B.S. I say – he is not a dictator but he acts like one) while Feds continue to lock down & confiscate land across the USA and ban further drilling (while promoting Soros-owned Petrobas drilling in Brazil). Next, they cozy up to Iran and other middle east & arab dictators who now have their own leftist arab groups pushing for a combined arab power state in a goal to “confront” the USA and Israel…?

Like I said, time for USA and ALL western countries dependent on middle eastern oil to start drilling for their own… quick. TheWon regime needs to be stopped.

Trevor is right: national survival at stake.

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High gasoline prices may boost a Palin presidential run

Posted by joshpainter on March 9, 2011

– by Josh Painter
Timing is everything, as the old saying goes, and no political issue depends on timing as much as that of energy. When prices for gasoline at the pump are high, energy climbs to the top of the electorate’s list of concerns, but when prices are low, people tend not to think about it. If the price at the pump continues to climb and stays high through the summer, it will be very much on the minds of voters. And that will play to the strength of Sarah Palin’s hand, as Scott Conroy recently observed at RealClearPolitics:

It would be difficult for Palin’s GOP rivals, and even her Democratic critics, to deny that energy issues fall directly into the wheelhouse of the former Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commissioner who went on to lead a state where almost 90 percent of the budget is funded by oil revenue. As Tina Fey might say, Palin can see oil pipelines from her house.

During an appearance on Fox News last weekend, Palin nodded in anticipation and smiled confidently as host Jeanine Pirro lined up a question about what the government should do about rising gas prices.

Speaking with unbridled relish, Palin replied that opening the strategic oil reserves was not the solution to the problem and reverted to her old mantra that the government should “drill here and drill now” before going into a more in-depth criticism of the Obama administration’s energy policies.

“Back in ’08, our U.S. crude also was trading at about $100 a barrel as it is today for about six months, and that was right before our world economy imploded,” Palin said. “And now here we are back again, so [Obama’s] timing – his destructive timing – of locking up 97 percent of our off-shore and not allowing ANWR to be touched, not allowing domestic drilling to take place to the degree that it should, it is terrifying where he is leading us in terms of being at the mercy of foreign regimes that would seek our demise to produce energy for us.”


As Palin continues to generate criticism from those who frequently suggest that she has not demonstrated a thorough understanding of the issues facing the country, the energy topic could offer a prime opportunity for her to prove them wrong.

As she continues to mull a presidential run, Palin figures to take particular note that energy issues figure to loom especially large in the nation’s first voting state of Iowa.


It has not escaped Gov. Palin’s attention. She tweeted Tuesday:

Obama’s so wrong on energy/scary wrong on oil;AK alone w/billions bbls & trillions cu ft of nat gas.(Other states, too)

Her link points to this article showing the results of its latest poll, which clearly demonstrates that Americans’ attitudes about domestic drilling are very much in sync with what she has been saying for years:

With the price of gas up 39 cents at the pump in a month and heading higher amid turmoil in much of the Middle East, Americans wonder why the U.S. isn’t doing more to exploit its own oil resources.

They favor drilling in territorial waters, 67%-29%, according to a new IBD/TIPP poll. That is up from 61%-30% from last May and 64%-25% when Republicans touted drilling in the 2008 election as oil topped $147 a barrel.

There’s also been a solid shift toward drilling in Alaska’s Arc tic National Wildlife Refuge, with support at 54%-40%. That’s up from 49%-43% last year.

A solid 65%-21% favor tapping federal shale reserves in states like Colorado, Wyoming and Utah, off just slightly from May.

“Americans understand we rely heavily on oil imported from the Middle East and the recent events cause concern and uncertainties in their minds,” said Raghavan Mayur, president of Technometrica Market Intelligence, which conducted the poll.


Though most Americans relate to the energy issue as an economic one, Gov. Palin has often pointed out that energy trancends the economy. It is a national security issue. Our military depends on a stable source of petroleum products to fuel jets, tanks, trucks and many of its ships. When that supply is interrupted, the military can’t move. That’s why our national strategic petroleum reserve exists. It’s there for the military to draw from if its supply is suddenly cut off or significantly reduced. It’s not there to tap every time prices get near or above the four dollar level, something Sarah Palin understands, but President Obama does not.

Energy security is one more reason why our nation sorely needs a national energy plan which draws on “all of the above” sources, but includes a serious commitment to explore and produce much more oil and natural gas domestically. Besides, we could use the jobs which would be created, addressing another key concern on the minds of the electorate.

Sarah Palin’s opportunity of a lifetime may have just pulled up to the gasoline pump, and it has to weigh heavily on her decision to run or not to run. No other candidate for 2012 knows this issue as well as she, and it’s a club she can use to beat up on an incumbent president who has done nothing to reduce energy prices or increase domestic production, so beholden is he to the green lobby. High oil prices are knocking on that door of opportunity she has spoken of, and her time to make history may be waiting on the other side.

Cross-posted from Texas for Sarah Palin

– JP

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Flashback: John O’Sullivan: Conservative Snobs Are Wrong About Sarah Palin

Posted by Gary P Jackson on March 9, 2011

Jolly, rib-tickling stuff. But, as it happens, I know Margaret Thatcher. Margaret Thatcher is a friend of mine. And as a matter of fact, Margaret Thatcher and Sarah Palin have a great deal in common.

~ John O’Sullivan, former special advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

By Gary P Jackson

As the Republican elites continue to trash talk, I thought now was a great time to look back at a piece written by John O’Sullivan for the Wall Street Journal in December of 2008:

Being listed in fourth place for Time magazine’s “Person of the Year,” as Sarah Palin was for 2008, sounds a little like being awarded the Order of Purity (Fourth Class). But it testifies to something important.

Though regularly pronounced sick, dying, dead, cremated and scattered at sea, Mrs. Palin is still amazingly around. She has survived more media assassination attempts than Fidel Castro has survived real ones (Cuban official figure: 638). In her case, one particular method of assassination is especially popular — namely, the desperate assertion that, in addition to her other handicaps, she is “no Margaret Thatcher.

Very few express this view in a calm or considered manner. Some employ profanity. Most claim to be conservative admirers of Mrs. Thatcher. Others admit they had always disliked the former British prime minister until someone compared her to “Sarracuda” — at which point they suddenly realized Mrs. Thatcher must have been absolutely brilliant (at least by comparison).

Inevitably, Lloyd Bentsen’s famous put-down of Dan Quayle in the 1988 vice-presidential debate is resurrected, such as by Paul Waugh (in the London Evening Standard) and Marie Cocco (in the Washington Post): “Newsflash! Governor, You’re No Maggie Thatcher,” sneered Mr. Waugh. Added Ms. Coco, “now we know Sarah Palin is no Margaret Thatcher — and no Dan Quayle either!

Jolly, rib-tickling stuff. But, as it happens, I know Margaret Thatcher. Margaret Thatcher is a friend of mine. And as a matter of fact, Margaret Thatcher and Sarah Palin have a great deal in common.

[ …. ]

Mrs. Palin had four big occasions in the late, doomed Republican campaign: her introduction by John McCain in Ohio, her speech at the GOP convention, her vice-presidential debate with Sen. Joe Biden, and her appearance on Saturday Night Live. With minimal preparation, she rose to all four of them. That’s the mark of a star.

If conservative intellectuals, Republican operatives and McCain “handlers” can’t see it, then so much the worse for them.

John O’Sullivan is executive editor of Radio Free Europe-Radio Liberty in Prague, and a former special adviser to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. His book, “The President, the Pope, and the Prime Minister” (Regnery) is available in hardcover and paperback.

You can read the rest of the article here.

It seems the Brits have a better nose for what makes America great than do the GOP elites, as British Historian Paul Johnson recently told the Wall Street Journal:

I like that lady—Sarah Palin. She’s great. I like the cut of her jib.

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British Historian Paul Johnson: “I like that lady—Sarah Palin. She’s great. I like the cut of her jib.”

Posted by Gary P Jackson on March 9, 2011

By Gary P Jackson

Brian M Carney recently interviewed eminent British historian Paul Johnson for the Wall Street Journal. Among other things, Johnson talks about the tea party movement and Sarah Palin.

Pessimists, he points out, have been predicting America’s decline “since the 18th century.” But whenever things are looking bad, America “suddenly produces these wonderful things—like the tea party movement. That’s cheered me up no end. Because it’s done more for women in politics than anything else—all the feminists? Nuts! It’s brought a lot of very clever and quite young women into mainstream politics and got them elected. A very good little movement, that. I like it.

Then he deepens his voice for effect and adds: “And I like that lady—Sarah Palin. She’s great. I like the cut of her jib.

The former governor of Alaska, he says, “is in the good tradition of America, which this awful political correctness business goes against.” Plus: “She’s got courage. That’s very important in politics. You can have all the right ideas and the ability to express them. But if you haven’t got guts, if you haven’t got courage the way Margaret Thatcher had courage—and [Ronald] Reagan, come to think of it. Your last president had courage too—if you haven’t got courage, all the other virtues are no good at all. It’s the central virtue.”

Read the entire interview here.

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Sarah Palin The National Security President

Posted by Gary P Jackson on March 9, 2011

Governor Sarah Palin observes flight operations aboard the USS Stennis

By Gary P Jackson

The latest Gallup polling has some very interesting statistics.

While it shows Sarah Palin in a dead heat with Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney, it also shows that Huckabee is up a tad in support, while Mitt Romney is faltering. Looking at a period from September 25,26, 2010-February 18,20, 2011, Huckabee gained two points, Romney lost three points, and Sarah’s supporters have stayed rock solidly the same.

Were it gets interesting is when you break down voters into sub-groups.

Looking at Republican leaning independents, Sarah and Romney are tied for the lead. Huckabee, however trails behind them by six points, and Newt Gingrich, who is also included, is behind by eight.

While Huckabee, for reasons we can’t even fathom, has a lead among Conservatives, Sarah leads among “moderates” and liberals. Mitt is is a statistical tie with her.

Sarah also leads among young voters between the ages 18 and 49, voters who make less than $90,000 a year (which is most of us) and those without a college degree, though Huckabee is statistically tied with her on non-college grads.

One statistic that caught our attention was about church goers. Those who attend church weekly like Huckabee the most. Those who only attend church monthly like Mitt, with Sarah and Huckabee right behind. What really caught our eye was the ones who seldom or never attend church. Sarah wins that group, with Mitt well back of that. Huckabee is eight points back, and Gingrich is a full 18 points behind.

This tells me that Sarah Palin appeals to independents and centrists more than the rest of the field. Something I’ve maintained all along.

You can read the full details here.

On the issues, Gallup shows a mixed bag. One thing is clear though, among Republicans and Republican leaning independents, Sarah Palin is the chosen national security candidate.

I suspect Huckabee wins on social issues because of his religious background, though I’m puzzled as to why Romney wins with people who think the economy is the main issue. I suspect they haven’t researched Mitt’s record very well. Romney trails Huckabee a full twenty-one points on social and moral issues.

Now I know when most people think of Sarah Palin, they think of energy policy. Sarah has a long record of pushing for energy independence, and has spoken to energy regulation. She’s also talked extensively about economic issues. People forget that Sarah Palin was a budget hawk in Alaska. She tackled the tough stuff: balancing budgets, taking on pension issues, and so forth, in good times.

Sarah has also been outspoken on Israel, on many occasions.

With all of that said, Sarah has spoken to foreign policy and national security in-depth. She’s generally tied our fiscal policy to national security. She’s most certainly tied energy independence to national security.

Sarah has spoken forcefully on Iran, Egypt, and Libya.

Sarah was was proven right on Egypt and Iran, on multiple occasions. She has been influential on Libyan policy as well.

As Obama has proven to be a completely inept leader, having lost the world, it’s been Sarah Palin who has been the voice of reason and clarity.

As we move closer and closer towards 2012 and the contest at hand, we must remember that although economic issues will be front and center, the world is more complex than that. In order to have a strong economy, we must have a strong leader with experience and a record of performance not only on economic issues, but but on all of the issues.

Energy independence will be the key to our economic well being and our national security. In fact, as much of our foreign policy revolves around our energy needs, I’d say becoming energy independent, through Sarah Palin’s strong all-of-the-above policy of using oil, natural gas, clean coal, nuclear, AND alternatives [that actually work] is a sound plan, not only for national security, but economic security as well.

Single issue voters bother me as much as “One-Note-Johnny” candidates. The President of the United States doesn’t have to be an expert on everything, that’s what their Cabinet and advisers are for, but they do have to have a solid grasp on the most important issues facing the nation, and the world.

While several candidates may look and sound good on this issue or that, Sarah Palin is the one candidate who has not only shown that she has a solid grasp on all of the issues, she also is the only one who has the solid record of positive achievement to back that up.

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Sarah Palin Wins Townhall February Straw Poll

Posted by Gary P Jackson on March 9, 2011

By Gary P Jackson

For the second month in a row, Sarah Palin win’s Townhall’s online straw poll. Sarah won January’s straw poll a little more decisively, however, Townhall added several names to the poll for February. You can start your March voting now.

This is not a scientific poll, however, it has two levels of security, e-mail verification as well as a random code that must be entered, making it pretty much impossible to spam.

The results are below:

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What Governor Palin’s Participation in Tribute to the Troops (for which she will receive no fee) Says about 2012

Posted by Adrienne Ross on March 9, 2011

By Adrienne Ross –

As I reported here, Governor Palin is speaking at the Tribute to the Troops fundraiser on May 2nd. Originally, she was to keynote the Patriots & Warriors Gala on the same date, but the Pacheco Foundation allowed Palin-haters to shut down their efforts for our military.

Not only is the Governor still helping our troops, she’s doing it without accepting a fee. Kyle Glazier of The Denver Post reports:

This time, the former Alaska governor, vice presidential candidate and reality-television personality is scheduled to speak at “Tribute to the Troops with Sarah Palin” at Colorado Christian University.

John Andrews, who leads the Centennial Institute think tank at the Lakewood college, said the school has a signed contract for the event and is prepared to deal with any publicity — positive or negative — that the conservative star might bring with her.

“Her staff has told us to expect an interesting ride, in terms of static,” Andrews said. “We know what’s down that road, and we are eager to go there.”


Andrews said the Tea Party icon will not receive a speaking fee for her appearance at CCU. Palin’s fee sometimes exceeds $100,000, the Washington Speaker’s Bureau said last month.

Andrews said he doesn’t think security concerns derailed the Pacheco Foundation event and that Colorado came off “not looking great” because of a “perception that someone important could be chased away.

“Certainly, there is a warm welcome for her on our campus,” Andrews said.


All ticket proceeds from Palin’s Lakewood appearance will support the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, a national nonprofit group benefiting the families of fallen soldiers, Andrews said.

Andrews said the fact that Palin’s eldest son is a veteran made her a great choice for the event. Track Palin served in Iraq in 2008-2009.

Read the full article here.

When Governor Palin was scheduled to speak at the Patriots & Warriors Gala, speculation ran rampant that this meant she isn’t running for president since she would have to miss the Republican presidential candidates’ debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California to participate in the military fundraiser. Of course, her commitment to the fundraiser signified only that she wouldn’t participate in that particular debate.

Once the fundraiser was canceled, people obviously thought this meant she would debate other 2012 hopefuls that day. Now that she has opted to participate in the Tribute to the Troops instead, politicos are once again abuzz with predictions that she isn’t running. Today, Tim Crawford, treasurer of her political action committee, SarahPAC, puts those speculations to rest. Katrina Trinko writes:

Sarah Palin’s decision to deliver a speech in Colorado the same day as the first GOP presidential primary debate does not signal that she will not run in 2012, says an official with Palin’s PAC.

“It has nothing to do with a decision [about running for president in 2012]. The Governor said the other day that she will make a decision about that in the coming months,” Tim Crawford, the treasurer of Palin’s PAC, told National Review Online.

Once again, the only thing her decision to fundraise on May 2nd rather than participate in this leftist media-run debate reveals is that at this point she’s more interested in our military than doing the conventional thing to prove something to talking heads who have only their own interests in mind.

(h/t Josh Painter)

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