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Eugene OR Event

Epic Fail: Leftist Sarah Palin Demonstration Signs

Eugene Oregon is a “hate free zone” while vile left wing nuts hold signs with “Hope She Chokes” against Sarah Palin

Leftists Wave Vile, Violent Signs At Sarah Palin in Oregon… Media Silent

Local GOP: Sarah Palin to speak in Eugene this April

Palin raises money for GOP in liberal Oregon town

Media restrictions tight during Palin visit

Palin: ‘Only a limited government can provide the best path’

Palin says she ought to fit right in in Eugene

Protests, catcalls greet Sarah Palin supporters in Eugene

A reporter’s chance meeting with Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin Appearance Sells Out In Eugene

Sarah Palin Greets a “Bold” Crowd (with video)

Sarah Palin praises Oregon Republicans at fundraiser in liberal-leaning town

Sarah Palin to Visit Eugene in April

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