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FOX News Contributor


Video:   Palin ANHQ [American News HQ]  June 09, 2012

Video:  Palin: Obama Doesn’t Have an Energy Policy

Gas Myths (airs SATURDAY at 3PM & 10PM on FNC)

Palin Pulverizes Obama


Sarah Palin: Mitt Romney Needs to Defend the Free Market and His Record at Bain Capital


Sarah Palin’s full interview with Hannity

TRENDING: Palin endorses Utah’s Hatch in Senate race

campaign (OTR Video & Transcript)

Sarah Palin announces endorsement of Orrin Hatch for US Senate

Sarah talks to Greta May 22, 2012


Sarah Palin: Obama Spending $20 Million to Promote ObamaCare “One of the Stupidest Things I Ever Heard of”

Gov. Palin on Greta & She Endorses Orrin Hatch

Sarah Palin Concerned Romney and the GOP Elite Don’t Have the Guts to Fight


Palin slams Romney’s ‘one-sided ceasefire’ against Obama

“The Fighting Instinct Of Mr. Snuffleupagus”

Sarah Palin Talks 2012 With Sean Hannity

Hannity Special: McCain Camp Didn’t Vet Obama; Palin Thought That Was a Mistake

Gov. Palin on Greta’s Show Tonite!  Is Our Government Out of Control?

Sarah Palin Blasts Back at Secret Service Agent Who ‘Checked Her Out,’ Says Scandal Is a ‘Symptom of Government Run Amok’

Sarah Palin Responds to Fired Secret Service Agent Who “Checked Her Out” – Bashes Obama & Dog-Eaters (Video)


Video:  Palin OTR April 19, 2012

Gov. Palin Goes On The Record

The Palin-Bolling Proposal To Lower Gas Prices

Sarah Palin and Eric Bolling’s Special “Paying at the Pump” Dominates Cable News Ratings

Gov. Palin: Obama ‘terrifyingly naive’ about energy production

Video:  Sarah and Eric – The Five – April 17, 2012

Palin’s “Paying At The Pump” Was “2nd Most Watched Show In All Of Cable TV”

Full video of Palin/Bolling ‘Paying at the Pump’ now up at SPIB

Palin says Rosen’s controversial comment on Ann Romney has stirred ‘Mama grizzlies’

Left’s war on women (Hannity Video and Transcript – 04-12-12)

Video:  Sarah Palin on Hilary Rosen’s Attacks on Ann Romney: We Will Be Silent No More!

Video:  FOX News Special: Paying at the Pump with Eric Bolling and Sarah Palin

Governor Palin’s Closing Argument On Her Fox News Special “Paying At The Pump”

Video:  Eric (Bolling) and Sarah

Eric Bolling’s Solution For High Prices at the Pump

Sarah Palin Opens Eric Bolling’s Top Secret Envelope For Solving America’s Gas Pump Problems

Sarah Palin Weighs In On The ‘War On Women’

Palin: Rosen “awakened many Mama Grizzlies”

‘Paying at the Pump’ repeat broadcasts

Palin: We are all suffering under Obama (Hannity Video and Transcript)

Palin: Rosen’s comments have awoken a lot of mamma grizzlies

Sarah Palin: ‘Mama grizzlies’ roar at Rosen

CAN’T MISS: Sarah Palin & Eric Bolling Special ‘Paying At the Pump’ TONIGHT at 10pm ET!

John Stossel and Sarah Palin April 12, 2012

Silent No More

Video:  Governor Palin Talks To John Stossel


Video:  Sarah and Sean (Hannity) 4-12-2012

Video:  Sarah Palin Outside Fox News

Video: “Paying at the Pump” (via SarahPalinAK)

Audio: Mark Levin & Governor Palin 04/12/2012

Sarah. Palin: ‘Our cause is… undoing what Obama has done’

Palin To Hannity: Hilary Rosen Outrage Highlights ‘Divisiveness That Is Represented By’ Obama

Gov. Palin: ‘We will be silent no more’

Gov. Palin Surprises Mark Levin

Governor Palin on the Mark Levin Show


Sarah Palin and Eric Bolling promo for “Paying at the Pump”

*Blog & Photos: Eric Bolling Previews Friday’s Special — ‘Paying At the Pump’

“Paying at the Pump” Solutions to Relieve Pain at the Pump Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Video:  Sarah Palin talks to Sean Hannity April 03, 2012

Video:  The 5 discuss Matt Lauer’s ambush question

Sarah Palin: I think the president’s comments on Trayvon Martin were orchestrated

Palin Believes Obama Orchestrated Martin Remarks

Governor Palin Talks With Todd Starnes About Trayvon Martin

Palin: Beware voters – the leftist media will try to play you, no matter which way the ‘ObamaCare’ ruling goes

Palin: Obamacare Ruling Will Define Election

Read Palin’s Stinging Rebuke of Obama

Sarah OTR March 26, 2012

Sarah Palin on hot mic: Obama will ‘weaken’ U.S.

Palin: Obama Accepted Bill Maher’s ‘Dirty Money; Has ‘Mocked’ Special Needs Kids

Hannity: Sarah Palin talks about the left’s hateful rhetoric and their hypocrisy

Video:  Sean and Sarah – March 23, 2012

Palin: Let the Vetting Begin

Sarah Palin to Obama: I challenge you to debate anytime, anywhere

PALIN/HANNITY: Obama’s mentor rebuked for anti-Semitism

Palin: I don’t know how Obama can sleep at night with Maher’s ‘dirty money’ (Hannity video and transcript)

Palin To Hannity: Obama Isn’t ‘Man Of Valor,’ No Surprise He’d Take Maher’s ‘Dirty Money’

Sarah Palin: Maher’s $1 million donation to Obama is ‘dirty money’

Palin: President’s Character Questioned for Accepting Maher’s “Dirty Money”

Palin: Obama ‘Was Not Vetted’

Video:  Sean (Hannity) and Sarah March 08, 2012

Sarah Palin Suggests a Pick for Vice President, But Doesn’t Rule Out Herself as a Choice

Palin: Rep. Allen West Should Be Considered for VP

Sarah Palin: If it were me, “I would first look to Colonel Allen West” as my VP candidate

Sarah Palin To Greta Van Susteren On GOP Primary: ‘We’re So Tired Of The Pettiness’

Palin says Lt. Col. West her choice for VP

Palin: Allen West ‘should be considered seriously for the VP’ [VIDEO]

Video: Sarah Palin on Super Tuesday (FOX News LIVE – March 3, 2012)

Video: SP March 2, 2012 (On the Record)

Governor Palin: “We Need To Replace Barack Obama With Someone Who Understands…Energy Security”

Gov. Sarah Palin Blasts Obama’s “Naive Apologies to Savages in Afghanistan”; Says “Anybody but Obama” in 2012 – Video 3/2/12

Palin floats Rep. West for VP nominee

Sarah Palin on the Movie ‘Game Change’: “Hollywood Lies Are Hollywood Lies” (Video)

Palin blasts ‘naive apology to savages’: ‘Anybody but Obama’ in November (OTR Video and Transcript – March 2, 20120

Palin on ‘Game Change’: ‘Hollywood Lies are Hollywood Lies’

Palin: Republican Establishment ‘Will Never Come to Me’

Video:  Sarah and Sean (Hannity) Feb 21, 2012

Insider Exclusive: Sarah Palin’s Personal Message to Fox News Fans

Video:  Tom (Asman) and Sarah Feb. 16, 2012

Video:  Which GOP Candidates Can Beat Obama? (Tom Sullivan Show – 01/30/12)

Video:  Sarah Palin Weighs in on the 2012 Race (Tom Sullivan Show – 01/30/12)

Video:  Jon (Scott) and Sarah Feb. 16, 2012

Video:  Eric (Bolling) and Sarah Feb. 15, 2012

Video:  Sarah on the 5 (02-15-12)

Eric Bolling Asks Governor Palin the ‘B’ Question

Sarah Palin: “I Would Do Whatever I Could…”

Sarah Palin To Eric Bolling: ‘I’m Game’ To Run For Office, ‘All Bets Are Off’ In A Brokered Convention

Sarah Palin will ‘help’ brokered convention

Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm – Thursday

Sarah Palin Surprises The Folks At The Five, Greg Gutfeld Quizzes Her AboutRed Eye

Palin Still Not Convinced

Sarah Palin Slams Obama’s Attack on Religious Freedom as “Un-American”; Vows “We’ll Fight to the Death for Our Freedom of Religion” – Video 2/14/12

Does Palin regret not running for president?

Palin On Contraception Flap: “An Un-American Act Of Our President”

Video:  Sarah and Greta 02/14/12

Sarah Palin Says ‘Must We’ When Chris Wallace Shows Video Clip of HBO Film About Her

Palin reacts to HBO ‘Game Change’ imitation of her [VIDEO]

Palin Says Movie ‘Based on a False Narrative’

*Sarah Palin after Fox interview wearing her U.S./Israel flags pin

This week on Fox News Sunday: (2/12/12)

Video: Sarah Palin Says- I’ve Created More Impersonators Than Obama’s Created Jobs (Joe Miller)

Sarah Palin in a funk? Not even, she says

Sarah Palin Reacts to Whitney Houston’s Death

Video:  Whitney Houston Remembered by Sarah Palin

Sarah irked by HBO movie

*Pics – Palin Leaving Fox Studios – 2/12/12

*Sarah Palin: ‘I’m Not Convinced’ Mitt Romney Is A Conservative

Sarah Palin interview on Fox News Sunday

Sarah Palin on HBO Palin Movie: I’ve Created More Impersonators Than Obama’s Created Jobs (Video)

Palin on 2012 GOP Field

Chris (Wallace) and Sarah Feb. 12, 2012 (on FOX News Sunday)

This week on Fox News Sunday: (2/12/12) – Wallace Watch Blog – Fox News

Sarah Palin sizes up GOP race on ‘Fox News Sunday’

Santorum vs Romney: Palin hopes Rick ‘Hangs on to his hat’

Palin: Obama Would Love to Run Against Romney

Palin: Obama wants Romney

Governor Palin Talks to Greta about True Conservatives

OTR Video:   Why keep the GOP primary process going?

Sarah OTR Feb. 06, 2012

Video:  Wallace Unplugged: Monday 2/6 edition – Have a question for Sarah Palin?

Sarah Palin interview on the BillO show

David (Asman) and Sarah – Feb. 01, 2012

Governor Palin to David Asman: Let’s Keep GOP Primary Process Going

Video: Bill (O’Reilly) and Sarah Feb. 01, 2012

Sarah Palin Reacts to Romney’s Win; Says She Would Vote for Gingrich in Nevada to Even Playing Field

Sarah Palin: I’d vote for Newt in Nevada

Sarah Palin: Romney’s $17 Million in Ads Bought ‘Some False Narrative’ in Florida (Video)

Video:  (Megyn) Kelly and Sarah Jan. 31, 2012

Palin: It’s a Two-Man Race

Sarah Palin: Vote Newt In Florida Too

Sarah Palin: It’s naively idealistic for me to think anybody but Newt or Romney will win the nomination

Palin Rips Michelle Obama

Palin: Fed Up With Lies About Gingrich, Reagan

Sarah Versus the ‘Stalinists’: Palin Targets Republican Politburo

Sarah Palin: Enough Is Enough With The Attacks On Gingrich

Video:  Sean (Hannity) and Sarah Jan. 30, 2012

Video:  Andrew (Napolitano) and Sarah Jan. 30, 2012

FOX News segment with Sarah Palin abruptly cut off

Check out what Governor Sarah Palin is saying about the GOP presidential race!

Sarah Palin Urges Newt Vote in Florida, Says Gingrich Will ‘Clobber’ Obama

Palin:”Rage Against the Machine…Vote for Newt…Annoy a Liberal”

Sarah Palin: ‘Rage against the machine, vote for Newt, annoy a liberal’ [VIDEO]

Video:  Sarah Joins Jeanine – Jan. 28, 2012

Governor Palin’s Clarion Call: “Rage Against the Machine…Vote for Newt!”

Video:  Sarah Palin with Tom Sullivan 1/28/2012 “Be Tough”

Video:  Tom and Sarah – Jan. 28, 2012

Video:  Tom Sullivan & Sarah Palin January 28, 2012

Palin: Establishment Trying to ‘Crucify’ Newt

Palin: Republican Establishment “Trying To Crucify” Gingrich

Video:  Sarah Joins John Stossel  (discusses SOTU and socialism) Jan. 26, 2012

Sarah Palin in the Fight Again: Calls Christie a “Rookie” on Newt Criticism

Sarah Palin: Chris Christie Got His ‘Panties in a Wad’ After Romney’s SC Loss

Palin: Christie’s Gingrich attack shows he ‘lacks discipline’,0,5151371.story

Palin Says She Will Formally Endorse, But Not Yet

Video:  Sarah and Sean 1-23-12

Video:  The Five:  Gov. Palin’s remarks about Chris Christie’s remarks

Palin On How Much of Primary Is Left: “If You’re Barack Obama, [We] Still Have 54 States to Go”

Sarah Palin: Santorum should stay in the race

Sarah Palin: Newt Gingrich now GOP ‘front-runner’

Video:  Sarah’s missing 37 seconds 1-21-2012 Kelly interview

Video:  Governor Palin Talks To Megyn Kelly About South Carolina 1-21-2012

Video: Sarah Palin on South Carolina Republican Primary

Video: Kelly and Sarah 1-21-12

Video:  Sean and Sarah Radio 1-19-12

Video: Gov. Palin on Hannity Radio January 19, 2012

Palin: ‘If I had to vote in South Carolina … I would vote for Newt’ [VIDEO]

Palin Launches Her Own Version of Operation Chaos, Urges SC to Vote Newt

Palin: ‘Dumb arses’ in media ‘overplayed their hand’ with Gingrich

Palin on Perry: ‘Strong, tenacious, big heart’

Palin says she’d vote for Gingrich in SC primary

Palin returns fire on Newsweek for calling Obama critics ‘dumb’

Sarah Palin Slams Newsweek for Giving Cover Story to ‘TrigTruther’ Andrew Sullivan

Video:  Sean and Sarah 1-17-2012

Video: Sarah Palin rips Michelle Obama

Sarah Palin Breaks Down What Undecided South Carolina Voters Really Think of the Candidates

Video: Sarah Palin Not Ready To Endorse Yet


Sarah Palin takes it to Michelle Obama

Video:  Jeanine and Sarah Jan. 14, 2012

Sarah Palin says “first dude went rogue” with Gingrich endorsement

Video:  Sean and Sarah Jan. 11, 2012–R0XY

Sarah Palin on Todd’s endorsement: First Dude went rogue

Sarah Palin: Mainstream Media and Barack Obama Want Mitt Romney as Nominee

Palin: Will Be Thankful If Bachmann Drops Out And Goes Back To Congress


Video:  Jeanine and Sarah Jan. 07, 2012

Exclusive Interview: Bristol Palin and Tripp: We Belong in Alaska

Video: Sarah Palin Has No Regrets, Reveals Which Candidate MSM & Obama Want to Face

Video:  Sean and Sarah 1-4-2012

Video:  Bret and Sarah 1-3-2012

Palin on ‘Draft Sarah’ Campaign

Neil and Sarah Jan. 03, 2012

Sarah Palin Loves Tim Tebow Video Robert Littal Presents BlackSportsOnline

Palin On Michele Bachmann: It’s Not Her Time

Sarah Palin Likes Santorum, Won’t Endorse Him, Not Bachmann’s Time, Huntsman Should Get Out, Draft Palin Write-Ins A Possibility (VIDEO)

Palin says critics should ‘just shut up’ about possible Trump third-party bid

Sarah Palin To Donald Trump Critics: ‘Shut Up About It’

Sarah Palin: I’m so pro-Tebow!

Sarah Palin Loves Tim Tebow Video Robert Littal Presents BlackSportsOnline

10 years of OTR at 10pm: Going to the North Slope with Governor Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin calls Obama’s Christmas card with Bo ‘odd’,0,260145.story?track=rss

Sarah Palin: “Not Too Late” To Jump In Race For Presidency

Palin: It’s Not Too Late For Someone to Jump In

Governor Palin on FOX Business with Eric Bolling 12-19-11 (SP-EB-12m19d11y)

Sarah Palin: I’m not ethusiastic about any candidate yet

Palin’s Pick is Not Presidential

Governor Palin on FOX News 12-18-11 (sp-sb-12m18d11y)

Palin Warns GOP Candidates: Quit Attacking Each Other and Focus on Obama (Hannity Video and Transcript – December 7, 2011)

Sarah Palin: “Barack Obama Is a Phony & America… Is Not Going to Put Up With That” (Video)

Sarah Palin: Barack Obama is a phony!

Sarah Palin on the GOP Candidates (December 7, 2011)

p-b-12m7d11y (Sarah Palin on FOX Business with Eric Bolling – 12/07/11)

Sarah Palin on Hannity Calls President Obama a Phony; Will Support GOP Nominee

Palin: Santorum GOP candidate with ‘ideological consistency’

Governor Sarah Palin on Sean Hannity’s Radio Show 12-2-2011

Palin: I Know What Cain Is Going Through (Hannity 12-01-11 transcript)

Video:  Sarah Palin on Hannity 11-17-2011 Part 1

Video: Sarah Palin on Hannity 11-17-2011 Part 2

OTR Video: Palin’s Take: 2012 GOP Field

Sarah Palin on 2012 Presidential Race Part 1

Sarah Palin on 2012 Presidential Race Part 2

Sarah Palin On The Record 11-15-11 (P_G11m15d11y)

Fox News claims Gov. Palin will reveal her 2012 pick tonight

Fox News: Gov. Palin to Reveal 2012 Pick on Greta Tonight

(We hope she reconsiders.) Who in the list below is most likely to get endorsed by Governor Sarah Palin? (Gretawire poll)

Fox News to air one-hour special on Iowa caucuses Friday night

Palin Disapproves of ‘Pettiness’ in GOP Debates (Hannity Video & Transcript – October 20, 2011)

Hannity Video: Sarah Palin on GOP Candidates, Part 1

Palin: ‘Ironic’ That Obama Praised for Gadhafi’s Demise

Sarah Palin Talks to Hannity on 10-20-2011

Sarah Palin To Hannity: The Left Is Being Hypocritical When It Comes To Gaddafi

Palin Praises Ron Paul For Foreign Policy Position On Libya

Palin on debate:  Wanted more substance, Newt did best

Contentious Debate Didn’t Yield GOP Front-Runner, Palin Says

Palin: Gingrich won the debate

Former Governor Sarah Palin ‘On the Record’

Governor Palin on “On the Record” with Greta Van Susteren on October 18, 2011 (Posted on October 18, 2011)

Video Governor Palin Talks to Greta Van Susteren 10-18-2011

OTR Video:  Palin’s Take: The Debate and the Candidates

Palin: We’re Still Looking for the Candidate Who Will Rise to the Top, Be the Frontrunner … Gingrich Would Clobber Obama (OTR Video and Transcript)

Palin: Gingrich Would Clobber Obama

Sarah Palin Praises Newt Gingrich, Goes After Rick Perry

Sarah Palin returns fire at Fox News commentators

Video:  Governor Palin on Hannity Show — October 6 2011

Palin Explains Decision Not to Run for President: I Can ‘Wake Up Americans to What Is Going On in Our Country’ (OTR video and transcript)

OTR Video: Palin:   Why I’m Not Running t

Gov. Palin’s 10/05/2011 Greta Van Susteren interview

Gretawire: Could Governor Sarah Palin be running for President ?

Palin Goes after FOX News

Sarah Palin on ‘Freedom Watch’ with Judge Napolitano on 9-29-2011

Sarah Palin Says She’s Holding Her Cards Close

Palin: I never said Herman Cain was the flavor of the week

Sarah Palin: You Could Say Herman Cain Is the Flavor of the Week (Video)

FOX Video:  ‘Maverick’ Palin vs. ‘Quasi Reality’ Show

Palin: GOP Infighting Playing Into ‘Liberal Handbook,’ Problem Is Obama’s ‘Socialist-Leaning Failed Policies’  (OTR video and transcript – 09/27/11)

Sarah Palin Says There’s ‘Still Time’ to Get in ‘Unconventional’ Race

Video:  Sarah Palin on ‘Hannity’ Part 1

Video:  Sarah Palin on ‘Hannity’ Part 2

Video:  Rhetoric of Class Warfare

Palin Blasts Obama Vacation: ‘What Does He Really Do? … 2012 Can’t Come Soon Enough!’ (OTR video and transcript)

Palin Blasts Absentee President Obama: ‘What Does He Really Do? … 2012 Can’t Come Soon Enough!’

Full Sarah Palin interview on Greta

Former Governor Sarah Palin ‘On the Record’

August 18, 2011 – Palin: President Is ‘Tone-Deaf’

Fmr. Gov. Sarah Palin on the Economy, 2012 Presidential Race

Gov. Palin talks with Megyn Kelly 8/18/2011

Governor Sarah Palin news ! (and I didn’t know this when I posted the announcement about her OTR at 10pm tonight)

TRENDING: Palin: Obama ‘very tone deaf’ with vacation

Palin to Hannity: I May Run

Palin in Iowa: ‘Anything in a Debate is Fair Game’

Governor Palin’s Appearance on “Hannity” at the Iowa State Fair on August 12, 2011 (Posted on August 12, 2012)

Sarah Palin on ‘Hannity’ Part 1 on 8-12-2011

Sarah Palin on ‘Hannity’ Part 2 on 8-12-2011

FOX Video:  Who’s the GOP Frontrunner?

FOX Video:  Sarah Palin on ‘Hannity’ Part 1

Sarah Palin on ‘Hannity’ Part 2

Tea Party ‘Terrorists’? Palin Fires Back (Hannity video and transcript)

FOX Video:  Debt Deal Shaking Up 2012 Race?

FOX Video:  Tea Party ‘Terrorists’? Palin Fires Back, Part 1

FOX Video:  Tea Party ‘Terrorists’? Palin Fires Back, Part 2

Palin Hits Back at Biden for Saying Tea Party Acted Like ‘Terrorists’ During Debt Debate (OTR Video and Transcript)

Palin Smacks Down Biden (w/video)

Video:  Palin vs. Biden’s ‘Terrorist’ Tea Party Comments

Video:  Governor Palin’s 7/26/2011 interview with Greta Van Susteren

Video:  Sarah Palin on Follow the Money (July 26, 2011)

Palin Blasts ‘Obama Drama’ in Debt Debate: ‘It’s the Spending, Stupid … The President Does Not Know What He’s Doing’ (OTR video and transcript)

Palin Skewers ‘More Obama Drama’ on Debt Crisis: ‘It’s the Spending, Stupid … the President Does Not Know What He’s Doing’

Sarah Palin Talks Tough on Debt Ceiling, Reveals Timeframe for 2012 Decision ( Hannity Video and Trancript

Sarah Palin Sounds Off on Debt Crisis:  Former Alaska governor reacts to GOP’s proposed debt plan (Hannity Video – July 13, 2011)

The Curious Absence of Gov Palin from Fox News

Governor Palin on “Fox News Sunday” with Chris Wallace on June 5, 2011

Gov. Sarah Palin’s June 5, 2011 Chris Wallace interview pt 1 of 2

Gov. Sarah Palin’s June 5, 2011 Chris Wallace interview pt 2 of 2

Exclusive: Sarah Palin on U.S. Economy, National Bus Tour (FNS Transcript)

Palin ‘On the Record’ from Her Tour Bus – the Entire, Uncut Interview ttp://

Gov. Sarah Palin’s May 21, 2011 Jeanine Pirro interview

Gov. Sarah Palin’s May 19, 2011 Greta Van Susteren interview

Gov. Sarah Palin’s May 18, 2011 Hannity interview

Gov. Sarah Palin’s May 18, 2011 Eric Bolling interview

Sarah Palin’s 5/11/2011 interview with Martha MacCallum

Gov. Sarah Palin’s 5/6/2011 interview with David Asman

Sarah Palin — Hannity 4/19/2011 interview

Our Entire Raw, Unedited Interview with Former Gov. Palin (OTR Video – May 19, 2011)

SarahPAC video:  Governor Palin on “On the Record” with Greta Van Susteren on May 19, 2011

 Palin Has the ‘Fire in Her Belly’ for Possible White House Run, But … (OTR Video and Transcript – May 19, 2011)

Palin: White House’s Decision to Invite Common Lacked ‘Class and Decency and All That’s Good About America’ (OTR Video and Transcript – May 11, 2011)

Sarah Palin ‘Still Seriously Considering’ Presidential Run | Hannity  (video and transcript) Sarah Palin ‘Still Seriously Considering’ Presidential Run | Hannity

FOX News Video:  Sarah Palin Rates 2012 Candidates

FOX News Video: Will Palin Jump Into Presidential Race? Part 1

OTR Video:  Palin Raps Common, the White House


FOX News Video:  Sarah Palin Blasts Obama’s Energy Policies

Palin on Trump-Obama-Birther Controversy: Media Trying to Make ‘Curious Americans Sound Kind of Crazy’ | On the Record (video and transcript)

Palin Launches Blistering Attack on Obama’s ‘Leadership’

Video:  Sarah Palin on ‘Hannity,’ Part 1:  Former Alaska governor on potential 2012 bid, Donald Trump

Video:  Sarah Palin on ‘Hannity,’ Part 2:  Former Alaska governor on potential 2012 bid, Donald Trump

Video:  3-5-11 Sarah Palin and Judge Jeanine Part 1 of 2

Video:  3-5-11 Sarah Palin and Judge Jeanine Part 2 of 2

Palin: Obama Doctrine Is Still Full of Chaos and Questions | On the Record (Video and Transcript)

FOX News Video:  Palin on Obama’s ‘War’

FOX News Video: Sarah Palin Talks About Geraldine Ferraro

Flashback: Ferraro’s Last Interview – A Trailblazer Meets Palin Http://

On the Record Video:  Palin Reflects on Libya, Trip to Israel

On the Record Video:  Palin and the Vicious Double Standard

Palin Speaks Out on the U.S.-Backed Mission in Libya, Israel, Bill Maher … and a Being ‘Tempted’ to Run in 2012 | On the Record (March 23, 2011 Transcript)

Sarah Palin ‘On the Record’, Parts 1 and 2: Her New Book, Detractors, World Views and More,2933,576508,00.html

Video:  Sarah Palin, Judge Napolitano 3/11/11

Sarah Palin Talks Wisconsin Union Battle, Julianne Moore Playing Her in HBO Movie | Hannity (video and transcript)

Sarah Palin on Cutting the Budget, Reforming Entitlement Programs | O’Reilly Factor (video and transcript)

FOX News Video:  GOP Victory in Wisconsin? Sarah Palin Weighs In, Part 1

FOX News Video:  GOP Victory in Wisconsin? Sarah Palin Weighs In, Part 2

Video:  3-5-11 Sarah Palin and Judge Jeanine Part 1 of 2

Video:  3-5-11 Sarah Palin and Judge Jeanine Part 2 of 2

Sarah Palin on the First Big Move for the Palin Camp in 2011

FOX Business Video:  Sarah Palin on Obama’s Role in Unions

FOX Business Video:  Sarah Palin on States Taking on Spending Cuts

Video: How Sarah Palin Would Slash the Budget

Sarah Palin to Bill O’Reilly:  Don’t interrupt!

Palin Crushes Time Magazine Over their ‘Lies’

Video:  Sarah Palin on Egypt and the Tea Party (Freedom Watch)

Video:  Sarah Palin on Egypt and the Tea Party (Freedom Watch)

Video:  Palin on the Muslim Brotherhood

Sarah Palin Talks Spending, 2012, Santorum’s CPAC Comments | Hannity (Video and Transcript)

Video:  Sarah Palin on Governors’ Efforts to Tackle Debt

Video:  How Would U.S. be Different With Sarah Palin as President? (Mark Levin)

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Beck and Palin: “Violence is Not The Answer”

Chatting with Sarah (Bill O’Reilly);jsessionid=13EC8364773158CD19EC16791698061A?pid=28728

Chris Wallace: Palin Off Camera

CNN falls, Palin rises

The Dogs Bark But The Fox Moves On

Finding the Answers: Glenn Beck’s Interview with Sarah Palin: January 13, 2010

Former Alaska Gov. Palin Not Ruling Out 2012 White House Run–white-house-run/

Fox adds a brunette to blonde weaponry against the President (mixed – Sarah’s statements were certainly NOT “vacuous”)

Fox hired Palin for her ratings power

Front-Runner Sarah Palin Has VASTLY Improved (complimentary in a roundabout way)

Glenn Beck Interviews Gov Palin

Glenn Beck on his Interview With Governor Palin

Governor Palin Debuts on O’Reilly Factor

Palin draws a crowd as Fox News employee

Governor Palin’s FOX News Debut

Governor Sarah Palin (On The Record Video)

Gov. Palin signs with Fox News?; Updated: More From WaPo’s Howard Kurtz(C4P)


How The White House Plans To Deal With Sarah Palin The FOX Pundit

Mika Brzezinski Mocks Palin’s Founding Father Answer; Then Says “Lincoln” was Her Favorite!

Murdoch clarifies Palin’s role at Fox

Obama’s bump was smaller than Palin’s

Out of office, Palin reaching new heights as media superstar

Palin, Fox continue long media trend for conservatives

Palin Fox News Ratings Sky High: The Nielsen ratings are in and former V.P. hopeful Sarah Palin hit the…

Palin: I am Thrilled to be Joining the Great Talent and Management Team at Fox News; Update: Palin to Appear on O’Reilly Tuesday Night

Palin is framing the debate. “my common sense v your bullcrap”

Palin: Obama State of the Union ‘Lecturing’ vs. ‘Inspiring’ America (Hannity Transcript),2933,584162,00.html

Sarah Palin on How to Undo Obama’s ‘Socializing of America’ (Hannity Transcript),2933,589803,00.html

Palin Responds to ‘Run, Sarah, Run’

Palin Says ‘Absurd’ Not to Ponder Presidential Bid

Palin Says She’ll Write Another Book; “Team of Rivals” Is Her Favorite

Palin’s Debut on FOX Nation Draws 4 Million Viewers (Updated)

Palin Signs On As Contributor for FOX News

Palin signs on with Fox News (WaPo)

*****Palin Star Power***** A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

Palin ‘thrilled’ to join Fox News (Politico)

Palin to appear on Fox News Sunday; first Sunday show sit-down

Palin to Debut as Fox News Contributor Tomorrow on O’Reilly (Updated with Promo Video)

Palin to Join Fox News as Contributor (FOX News)

Palin to Obama: Stop the Fingerpointing (On the Record transcript),2933,584246,00.html

Palin, Visible and Vocal, Is Positioned for Variety of Roles

Sarah Palin calls out Obama for his “Credibility Gap” 

Sarah Palin displays her pitch-perfect populism

Sarah Palin Draws Huge Audiences As Fox Contributor

The Sarah Palin factor

Sarah Palin: FOX News contributor (The Swamp)

Saran Palin Fox News Sunday Interview 

Sarah Palin Joins FOX News As a Political Commentator (SPIB)

Sarah Palin Makes Her Debut on Fox (NYT – mixed)

Sarah Palin: Michael Steele ‘doing a great job’

SARAH PALIN: Nothing More Important Than God and Faith

Sarah Palin Reacts to Obama’s SOTU on Hannity

SARAH PALIN: Reid’s Remarks Unacceptable

Sarah Palin: Relationship with God is Most Important

Sarah Palin Says No One “Should be Offended” by Tebow Pro-Life Super Bowl Ad – Video 1/28/10

Sarah Palin’s debut at Fox News is Intelligent and Eloquent

Sarah Palin’s Fox News Debut A Ratings Hit

Sarah Palin’s Fox News Debut On The O’Reilly Factor (w/videos & transcript)

Sarah Palin signs on as a commentator with Fox News (BBC News)

Sarah Palin signs multi-year deal with Fox News (USA Today)

Sarah Palin takes Fox News commentator job;_ylt=A0LEVIYSbUxLZ0EB3isPxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTExamxoMWc5BHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMgRjb2xvA3JlNAR2dGlkAwRsA1dTMQ–

Sarah Palin Talks Health Care, Tea Party Movement on ‘Glenn Beck’ (March 18 transcript),2933,589665,00.html

Sarah Palin Talks to Greta Von Susteren On The Record 01/28/10

Sarah Palin to appear regularly on Fox News (WaPo)

Sarah Palin To Contribute To Fox News (Business Insider)

Sarah Palin to Contribute to Fox News (New York Times)

Sarah Palin to debut as Fox News contributor on Bill O’Reilly’s ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ (New York Daily News)

Sarah Palin to Fox News: Former Alaska Gov., 2008 GOP VP nominee, inks multi-year deal (New York Daily News – mixed)

Sarah Palin “We Don’t Want To ‘Chill’ On His Health Care Plan… We Want The Thing Killed!” 

Silly leftists, “mandation” is indeed a real word

The State of President Obama’s Union (On The Record Transcript),2933,584121,00.html 

State of the Union Coverage Plans: Cable Networks

Sunday morning: ‘Face the Nation’ goes to Super Bowl; Sarah Palin on ‘Fox News Sunday’; Hillary Clinton on ‘State of the Union’

Thoughts on Palin’s Fox Debut (Adam Brickley)

TRANSCRIPT: Fox News Sunday Interview With Sarah Palin

Sarah, the Point Guard!

Time Out With Sarah Palin!,2933,582987,00.html

Why FOX news is yet another smart move by Palin


FOX’s New Face

Governor Palin Joins FoxNews (FoxPromo 2010-01-11)

Sarah Palin Takes Fox News Commentator Job (Associated Press)

WATCH: Palin Urges GOP-Tea Party Merger, Re-Commits To Convention (HuffPo – mixed) 

Welcome To Fox Governor Palin (FoxNews 2010-01-11)

What Do You Want to Ask Sarah Palin?


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