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Archive for January 10th, 2011

Playing Politics with Pain

Posted by Adrienne Ross on January 10, 2011

By Adrienne Ross –

The games people play. I hate them. And what I’ve seen the last couple days since the horrific shooting in Arizona has given me a deeper, more vehement hatred for them.

Maybe it’s my naivete. Maybe it’s the fact that I didn’t grow up immersed in the dirt of politics. Whatever it is, I simply cannot wrap my brain around people using human tragedy for political posturing. I’ve sort of sat on this since Saturday, but the churning in my stomach and the weight upon my chest necessitate that I speak up. Perhaps you’ve heard others weigh in on some of the same issues, but I must have my say…

The thought that a public official meeting with constituents could be so cruelly gunned down is unfathomable. The sound of parents mourning the loss of their nine year old girl, who wanted only to see how her government works, breaks my heart. These are just two of the victims. So many lives have been forever impacted by the evil act of Jared Loughner. I continue to pray for all involved, for as much as words, cards, and vigils are appreciated, only God can bring peace at a time like this.

I am reminded, however, during this time, of how much I have abhorred politics for most of my life. I am certainly no wet behind the ears, pie in the sky juvenile, but I must admit that I expected better of people than what I am seeing. In spite of the endless hours of news coverage, the emails, and the Facebook rants, I still cannot grasp how people could use such a tragedy to push a narrative that they know isn’t true. And surely they must know. No rational human being can justify blaming Governor Palin for the shootings that took place. No rational human being can really offer a case that Loughner–a mentally sick, unstable man–performed his evil act because Governor Palin, using a common political symbol, asked the American people to vote Congresswoman Giffords out of office. Although they played it up like they did–because it was politically advantageous–no one really thought when she posted the surveryor map months ago that she was advocating violence. They knew better then, and anyone with a shred of common sense knows better now.

However, it’s a game for these people. This is the opportunity they’ve been waiting for. This is their chance, as they see it, to silence Governor Palin–and they don’t care if doing so means playing politics with pain. They don’t care about Congresswoman Giffords, Christina-Taylor Green, the nine year old slain girl, or even the facts. They only care about gaining political advantage. Check mate! King me! Bingo! These are the words gameplayers say, isn’t it, when they have reached one of their most desired goals? Such is the case here. And that’s what turns my stomach.

Violence is real. Pain shatters. Jared Loughner is a mad man who ALONE is responsible for the carnage left at Safeway in Arizona. But good people like Governor Palin, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh are blamed.

Why is it that after the Fort Hood shooting, President Obama and journalists, among others, urged Americans not to jump to conclusions but are not urging the same restraint in this case? Instead, people rushed in to pin this one man’s heinous crime on the Tea Party and Governor Palin.

Byron York reports:

There was ample evidence, in other words, that the Ft. Hood attack was an act of Islamist violence.

Nevertheless, public officials, journalists, and commentators were quick to caution that the public should not “jump to conclusions” about Hasan’s motive. CNN, in particular, became a forum for repeated warnings that the subject should be discussed with particular care.

“The important thing is for everyone not to jump to conclusions,” said retired Gen. Wesley Clark on CNN the night of the shootings.

“We cannot jump to conclusions,” said CNN’s Jane Velez-Mitchell that same evening. “We have to make sure that we do not jump to any conclusions whatsoever.”

“I’m on Pentagon chat room,” said former CIA operative Robert Baer on CNN, also the night of the shooting. “Right now, there’s messages going back and forth, saying do not jump to the conclusion this had anything to do with Islam.”

The next day, President Obama underscored the rapidly-forming conventional wisdom when he told the country, “I would caution against jumping to conclusions until we have all the facts.” In the days that followed, CNN jouralists and guests repeatedly echoed the president’s remarks.

“We can’t jump to conclusions,” Army Gen. George Casey said on CNN November 8. The next day, political analyst Mark Halperin urged a “transparent” investigation into the shootings “so the American people don’t jump to conclusions.” And when Republican Rep. Pete Hoekstra, then the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, suggested that the Ft. Hood attack was terrorism, CNN’s John Roberts was quick to intervene. “Now, President Obama has asked people to be very cautious here and to not jump to conclusions,” Roberts said to Hoekstra. “By saying that you believe this is an act of terror, are you jumping to a conclusion?”

Fast forward a little more than a year, to January 8, 2011. In Tucson, Arizona, a 22 year-old man named Jared Lee Loughner opened fire at a political event, gravely wounding Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, killing a federal judge and five others, and wounding 18. In the hours after the attack, little was known about Loughner beyond some bizarre and largely incomprehensible YouTube postings that, if anything, suggested he was mentally ill. Yet the network that had shown such caution in discussing the Ft. Hood shootings openly discussed the possibility that Loughner was inspired to violence by…Sarah Palin. Although there is no evidence that Loughner was in any way influenced by Palin, CNN was filled with speculation about the former Alaska governor.

Read more here.

In truth, Governor Palin needs no defense. She has done nothing wrong. I’ll just say this: the Governor Palin I know and respect loves her God, loves her family, loves her country. She would never advocate violence of any kind. Those who are using this incident to target her and pretend she’s responsible for violence are the ones inciting violence. She has been on the receiving end of threats for a long time now, but just since Saturday’s shooting, she has been the target of even more sickening vitriol and threats. The people who so dishonestly are blaming her for the actions of Loughner are hypocrites, liars, and dangerous people, and I have heard from these people in the last few days–via email, via twitter. They make me sick.

The following YouTube video, courtesy of, exposes death wishes and threats made on Twitter. Be forewarned: the language is disgusting and the messages sick, but these are people accusing her of advocating violence. Such glaring, heart-rending hypocrisy:

See, this is the game I’m talking about. Radical haters are using the pain that families, colleagues, a state, and a nation are dealing with to promote their own agenda. They feel justified now, it seems, in their own desire to rid the planet of Governor Palin, despite the fact that there is absolutely no rationale for such thinking. Let’s take a look at their sick game, as reported by Politico:

One veteran Democratic operative, who blames overheated rhetoric for the shooting, said President Barack Obama should carefully but forcefully do what his predecessor did.

“They need to deftly pin this on the tea partiers,” said the Democrat. “Just like the Clinton White House deftly pinned the Oklahoma City bombing on the militia and anti-government people.”

The truth of the matter is this guy was no tea partier. He was a nut. As Jim Hoft writes:

The shooter was a pro-Marxist, anti-flag, anti-Constitution, anti-religious crackpot. He was hardly a tea partier. points out:

The left’s systematic ridicule of Sarah Palin and other conservatives following the Arizona shooting rampage reflects a deliberate campaign to “ultimately criminalize” conservative thought in America, according to media watchdog L. Brent Bozell.


Bozell said such efforts to blame the Tucson massacre on conservatives reflect a broader agenda.

“This is a part of a campaign to delegitimize, and ultimately criminalize, conservative thought in this country,” Bozell said. “Note how quickly The New York Times came out with an editorial calling for the Fairness Doctrine as a result of this.

“I mean, anything to pin to Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin or the Tea Party … anybody on the conservative side, to delegitimize them, that’s what they’re going to do. That’s the tactics of the far left.”

Truth always comes out. The truth is that this man has no connection to the Tea Party or Governor Palin. He is a nut, was refused by the military, and is a drug abuser. He has been in trouble with the law before and was kicked out of college because his bizarre behavior was a serious concern. His interest in Rep. Giffords isn’t something new. He has been obsessed with her since 2007. His actions weren’t the result of some so-called political rhetoric. His actions stemmed from the fact that he has serious issues that went unaddressed. His college professor and former classmates are now speaking out about how odd he was, how dangerous he appeared, and how unsafe he made them feel. But somehow Governor Palin and other conservatives are responsible? Give me a break.

Again, unlike the far-Left loons who choose to politicize pain while advocating violence themselves, Governor Palin hates violence, has stated time and time again that violence is no solution, and has no connection whatsoever to Jared Loughner. Disagree with her on issues, if you must. But enough of playing this political game of accusing her of murder, a game as sick and demented as the shooter himself.

Today on his radio show, Glenn Beck discussed communicating with Governor Palin this weekend via email. He shared these words she wrote to him:

I hate violence. I hate war. Our children will not have peace if politicos just capitalize on this to succeed in portraying anyone as inciting terror and violence. Thanks for all you do to send the message of truth and love and God as the answer.

This is the real Governor Palin. This is the person–the public servant–I support. The games need to stop. The politicizing of pain to coerce certain people to sit down and shut up will be exposed for what it is.

I stand against this reprehensible, deplorable behavior. I stand with Governor Palin.

(h/t to many truth-loving people, too numerous to name, who have been on top of this issue)

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Is The Arizona Killer A Product of Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik’s Incompetence?

Posted by Gary P Jackson on January 10, 2011

By Gary P Jackson

When Pima County’s left wing sheriff, Clarence Dupnik, waddled out to the microphones [with bodies still lying on the ground] and started blaming the mass murder on Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, talk radio, athlete’s foot, and the heartbreak of psoriasis, we figured he was just another vile democrat stooge using the tragedy to score cheap political points and attack those who oppose the radical democrat agenda.

Now it appears the sheriff had a completely different motivation: Save his own incompetent ass!

It’s already been widely discussed that Jared Lee Loughner, the killer, has had many run in with the law. Now we have more details. The killer had been threatening various county officials, radio personalities, local bloggers, and so on. He was a well known to the Pima County Sheriff’s Department as a danger to the community.

This is the report that Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik has been dreading since the tragic event on Saturday January 8.

The sheriff has been editorializing and politicizing the event since he took the podium to report on the incident. His blaming of radio personalities and bloggers is a pre-emptive strike because Mr. Dupnik knows this tragedy lays at his feet and his office. Six people died on his watch and he could have prevented it. He needs to step up and start apologizing to the families of the victims instead of spinning this event to serve his own political agenda.

Jared Loughner, pronounced by the Sheriff as Lock-ner, saying it was the Polish pronunciation. Of course he meant Scott or Irish but that isn’t the point. The point is he and his office have had previous contact with the alleged assailant in the past and that is how he knows how to pronounce the name.

Jared Loughner has been making death threats by phone to many people in Pima County including staff of Pima Community College, radio personalities and local bloggers. When Pima County Sheriff’s Office was informed, his deputies assured the victims that he was being well managed by the mental health system. It was also suggested that further pressing of charges would be unnecessary and probably cause more problems than it solved as Jared Loughner has a family member that works for Pima County.

Amy Loughner is a Natural Resource specialist for the Pima County Parks and Recreation. My sympathies and my heart goes out to her and the rest of Mr. Loughner’s family. This tragedy must be tearing them up inside wondering if they had done the right things in trying to manage Jared’s obvious mental instability.

Read more here.

The behavior of Sheriff Dupnik in this situation has been despicable and immoral. This left wing hack was one of the first to fan the flames. Dupnik riled up the left wing kooks, which has caused them to make numerous death threats against Sarah Palin, and others, for no other reason than to try and shift blame from his own sorry self.

It’s quite obvious the Pima County Sheriff’s Department had plenty of warning that this deranged lunatic, Jared Lee Loughner, was a ticking time bomb. Not only did the sheriff’s department give false information, causing people to let their guard down, it also appears the department actively discouraged further actions against this lunatic, because one of his family members worked for the county. 


On every level Sheriff Clarence Dupnik is a disgrace. He’s a disgrace to his uniform, to his community, and to humanity. But most of all he’s a disgrace for trying to blame his own incompetence on anyone else. A decent man would resign and apologize. I wouldn’t hold my breath though. People like Sheriff Clarence Dupnik will never admit their sins.

If I were Arizona Governor Jan Brewer I would call for this disgraceful and despicable little man to resign.

Actually I would demand it.

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Sarah Palin: I hate violence

Posted by loricalabrese on January 10, 2011

On his radio program on Monday, Glenn Beck described an email exchange with Sarah Palin over Saturday’s tragedy in Tuscon.

Beck said there was no evidence that Jared Lee Loughner, the alleged shooter, was directed by political rhetoric and motivations.

“The media continues to toss blame around but they didn’t get it right,” Beck said during the program, stating that the media have “no evidence, you don’t have the full story, you don’t know what’s going on!”

He mentioned that Palin had reached out to him to ask how he was doing and they began corresponding.

Beck then went on to read parts of their e-mails and said that in an e-mail he wrote to Palin, he said, “There is a difference between a hard fought political battle and violence.”

“That’s why they are two separate terms,” Beck said. “The press and politicians know this. It’s time for politics to stop and sanity to begin.”

He also read a small portion of the e-mail Palin sent back…

Palin wrote, “I hate violence. I hate war. Our children will not have peace if politicos just capitalize on this to succeed in portraying anyone as inciting terror and violence. Thanks for all you do to send the message of truth and love and God as the answer.”

As published on

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Can Obama Recover From Exposure Of His Supporters As Anti-Palin Fanatics Or Will They Cost Him Reelection

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on January 10, 2011

President Obama himself seems, on the whole, as a decent person, apart from the occasional foray into the inflammatory language that his base is now exposed as using e.g. ‘we will bring a gun if they bring a knife to the fight” and advising his followers to ‘get in their faces’.

It was always understood that there was an element of hatemonger’s in the ranks of the liberal “progressive” left but the degree of mass hysteria, bordering on,in not in many cases actual hysteric neuroses that has been exposed by the Arizona tragedy is stunning and appalling.

In the immediate aftermath of the shooting and with no facts, no justification, no reasons whatsoever in fact the leftist Democrat’s and their enablers in the media went berserk ascribing the event to “conservatives, The Tea Party, Limbaugh, Hannity and most of all Sarah Palin”.

The New York Daily News, in the bastion of Obama supporting liberalism even headlined that Palin herself had “Blood on her hands” in, apart from the equally obnoxious Krugman in liberal la la land, reached the absolute nadir of ethics in journalism.

Daily Kos, Firedog Lake and hundreds of other leftist propaganda mechanisms for the progressive left encouraged and incited their readers to spew forth a torrent of hate bile all in the name of somehow condemning conservative hate raising which, they raged, caused the shooting.

Over the next few days it was clearly exposed that the shooter had no allegiance to any conservative group and was not influenced by Palin (what a ridiculous idea). In fact he had been involved with Giffords well before Palin and the Tea Party were ever heard of.

At that point, with their knee jerk, feral instincts exposed, the left has started to pull back, as they have to as their argument, such as it was, has been exposed as empty rhetoric, and now are pushing the line that even if the shooter was not motivated by conservatives he lived in an atmosphere of hate which “may have pushed him over the edge”.

There certainly is an atmosphere of hate in America and it has been fostered and has grown from the soil of eight years of unrelenting vitriol, hate and ridicule which the left and their media enablers, including the likes of Letterman, have directed at the Bush administration.

Now that the left has, once again done the idiotic thing and victimized Palin whilst stirring up more hated-including death threats, they have burdened Obama’s election campaign with having to defend his administration as resting on a body of support from a great mass of intolerant, bigoted, radical, inflammatory, violence encouraging supporters.

How any campaign can survive the relentless exposure of its supporters as being amongst the worst elements in American society whilst pledging to go forward with a positive agenda for the country is a huge task which may not be possible.

Probably there will be a lift in Obama’s polling in the immediate aftermath which is a too be expected result when there is a national tragedy but as wise heads take stock and reflect of what has happened-and the real reason why, Obama may find his supporters have inflicited disaster on him as well as the overall well being of America.

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Senator Claire McCaskill Calls For Violence If Democrats Don’t Get Their Historic Tax Hikes

Posted by Gary P Jackson on January 10, 2011

It really is time for Americans to take up pitchforks.

~ Senator Claire McCaskill [D-MO]

By Gary P Jackson

In an earlier posting we started exploring the possible inspiration for left wing Marxist Jared Lee Loughner as he went on his violent rampage. In that posting we explored the violent rhetoric of Barack Obama, and how ON HIS ORDERS to “Hit back twice as hard“, union thug members of the SEIU beat a black man, Kenneth Gladney nearly to death. This and other cases of Obama’s violent rhetoric can be seen here.

Now we have democrat Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri caught on tape in December demagoging,  engaging in class warfare [an old communist trick the democrats use well] and calling for violence if the democrats don’t get their way.

From Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit:

Obama lackey Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) and her democratic colleagues held a press conference today. The liberal senator called for violence if democrats don’t get their historic tax hikes.

McCaskill told the press that if democrats were not allowed to raise taxes on the rich,

It really is time for Americans to take up pitchforks.

[ ….]

Since you mentioned deficits, Claire… We know you don’t want people to see this but your democratic colleagues tripled the national deficit two years ago and then nearly matched it last year.

Read more here.

McCaskill posted this call for violence on her You Tube Channel:

The democrats are like children. Spoiled children. Spoiled VIOLENT children.If they don’t get their way, they throw hissy fits, and call for violence.

It’s an old communist tactic to sow the seeds of discord between that “haves” and the “have nots.” It gets some elements of the public riled up. Those with poor understanding of the opportunities this nation offers, fall for it just as those poor ignorant souls did in the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, and other communist and socialist countries.

The truth is, the top 1% of wage earners do the heavy lifting for the bottom 95%.

Just after Christmas a report came out called …. Fleeced: The upper 1% earned 19.6% of total income before tax, and paid 41% of the individual federal income tax. “No other major country is so dependent on so few taxpayers

The most productive citizens in this country are being fleeced by the unproductive. The so-called rich are being punished for achieving the American Dream via punitive taxation. Earlier this month, and after voters repudiated Democrats’ class warfare rhetoric in November, Dick Durbin trots it out again – the class warfare card

Read this lengthy eye-opening report here.

This is all the democrats know how to do. They can’t govern, and their ideas never work, so to distract their minions they continually stir up class warfare. Their intent is to keep their supporters angry. Distract them with a villain, those “evil rich people.” Now that the American people are sick of it, and threw the democrats out of power in Congress, much like their communist and socialist counterparts before them, they are trying to incite their followers to actual violence.

As we reported at the start of the new year, Obama’s mentor and supporter Francis Fox Piven has called for violent revolution!

We may never know if mass murderer Jared Lee Loughner heard Claire McCaskill’s call to violence and took heed, but we do know that his target, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was a fiscal hawk, had called for a pay cut for members of Congress, and took the Conservative position on taxes.

In this area she was very much out of step with the radicals in the democrat party. This is one of the reasons she was “targeted” as a “sell out” and had a “bulls eye” placed on her by the far left publisher of the Daily Kos, Marcos Moulitsas.

The left doesn’t tolerate free thinking and non-conformity.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  What a joke, Senator McCaskill, that you think Americans will believe your party’s attempts to politicize the tragedy in Arizona when so many of you are on tape and in print making statements similar to the one you made about “picking up pitchforks.”  And by the way, Ms. McCaskill, Sarah Palin, whom your party wants so desperately to marginalize, is a true champion of the middle class, and the working class, and the business class.  She is the best thing that has happened to American politics since Ronald Reagan.  Run, Sarah, Run!

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Patrick Archbold: Don’t be like them

Posted by joshpainter on January 10, 2011

At one of our favorite Catholic blogs, Patrick Archbold serves up plenty of food for thought in the wake of the Tuscon shootings:

As bad as TV was, the interwebs was worse. I have never seen such a river of opportunistic vitriol. People on Twitter were disgusting. I followed the #Giffords hashtag for 30 minutes in hopes of getting the latest. What I saw instead was a rapid river of hate flowing faster than I could read it.


But that was the interwebs, I consoled myself. But soon after the same hate made its way into TV and print commentary as well. Olberman, Krugman, et al. News agencies mention Sarah Palin in stories on Giffords a half dozen times for no reason. Unfathomable.


Now some conservatives are falling into a trap by using scant information to try and paint the deranged loser gunman as a lefty. Don’t do it. Don’t be like them. He may be a lefty at the end of the day, but let the facts come out. At the end of the day, even if he is a Marxist, that really had nothing to do with it. I know some see it as a defense against the loony charges that he must be a tea-partier, but don’t do it. Don’t be like them.

Integrity. It comes down to that. In the rush to be first to news, in the rush to have titillating commentary, in the rush to score political points, and in the resulting rush to defend, so many threw their integrity right out the window.

We saw the worst aspects of human nature this weekend, and not just in Tuscon.


If the disturbed individual had any politics at all, his politics are not like yours, mine or even 95 percent of the American population. His politics are clouded by insanity, which makes whatever politics he has something else entirely. As near as we can tell, he is some sort of deranged anarchist, and anarchy is of neither the political left nor the political right. Conservatives tend to see government as an institution which is necessary, but all too susceptible to being corrupted into a tool which can be used to suppress liberty. Progressives see government as the answer to most of society’s problems, as long as it is done “their way.” Anarchy, literally translated from its Greek roots, means the absence of government, which brings to mind another word we have taken from the Greeks, chaos. And with chaos, we enter into the realm of the deranged, for to sane people, insanity means a chaotic way of thinking. As more and more information about the shooter comes to light, all of the signs we are seeing indicate that he is anything but a sane individual. Insanity not only trumps, but actually warps, politics into something which is compatible with such an individual’s chaotic, distorted view of the world.

Patrick’s warning not to be like the leftists who have tried to paint the shooter as some mythical creature of the right is, in our opinion, good advice. As Sarah Palin supporters, we need to combat the reprehensible tactics being employed by the left, but we must not fall into their trap by allowing ourselves to become their mirror images. It is sufficient to contradict their lies with the truth. Clear thinking people of good character will see through their wall of lies and distortions when presented with the facts. But in our quest to get the facts out there, we should not do any distorting of our own. There’s no clear evidence that the killer has any real association with leftist groups or subscribes to leftist ideology. One of his former high school classmates has said that he was a leftist, but that was an opinion formed in the mind of a teenager, which is hardly compelling hearsay evidence. On the Pima County voter registration rolls, he is list as neither Republican nor Democrat, but rather independent.

Simply calling the murderer a leftist does not help Gov. Palin. It only reduces our arguments to the same level as those being made against her, which will not convince anyone who is trying to sort it all out. Defend Gov. Palin, and do so vigorously. Combat lies with facts. Let the leftists convict themselves in the court of public opinion. But don’t be like them.

– JP

Cross-posted from Texas for Sarah Palin

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Did Barack Obama’s Violent Rhetoric Inspire Mass Murder In Arizona?

Posted by Gary P Jackson on January 10, 2011

By Gary P Jackson

Well, using the very same standard the left wing, and their corrupt media partners have used to smear and slander Sarah Palin, all evidence says yes, Barack Obama may have very well inspired radical Marxist Jared Lee Loughner to commit mass murder.

As we reported earlier, Loughner has been fixated on Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, one of the many victims, since at least 2007, long before the Tea Party was formed, or anyone knew who the hell Sarah Palin was.

Of course, seeing as how Loughner is against everything Sarah Palin and the Tea Party stand for, it’s highly unlikely he would have sought them out for inspiration anyway.

No, it’s more likely Jared Lee Loughner would be inspired by a fellow traveler, and a fellow Marxist, like Barack Obama.

Jim Hoft over at Gateway Pundit has compiled a short list of Obama’s “greatest hits” his strongest and most violent rhetoric:

** Obama: “They Bring a Knife…We Bring a Gun
** Obama to His Followers: “Get in Their Faces!
** Obama on ACORN Mobs: “I don’t want to quell anger. I think people are right to be angry! I’m angry!
** Obama to His Mercenary Army: “Hit Back Twice As Hard
** Obama on the private sector: “We talk to these folks… so I know whose ass to kick.“
** Obama to voters: Republican victory would mean “hand to hand combat
** Obama to lib supporters: “It’s time to Fight for it.”
** Obama to Latino supporters: “Punish your enemies.
** Obama to democrats: “I’m itching for a fight.”

Although there are undoubtedly more, we know of one case for certain where Obama’s rhetoric directly resulted in extreme violence. The “Mercenary Army” Hoft is referring to above are the purple shirted union thugs from the SEIU. As our readers know, SEIU chief Andy Stern is a top Obama adviser, and has made more visits so far to the White House than any other person. SEIU, the Service Employees Union International, is affiliated with another long term Obama supporting group, ACORN.Obama once worked for ACORN, actually training the violent street thug “rent-a-mobs” that ACORN employs.

In 2009, at the height of the heated town hall debates where America stood up and told the Obama regime they did NOT want government run health care, Obama gathered up his union thugs from the SEIU, and told them to “hit back twice as hard“!

The direct result of Obama’s violent rhetoric was the severe beating of Kenneth Gladney, a black man, at a ST Louis town hall meeting. Gladney was beaten by a large group of the purple shirted union thugs, and called a n*gg*r numerous times. Gladney was beaten so severely that he was confined to a wheel chair while he recuperated. Big Government has the nasty details of the results of Barack Obama’s direct call for violence, here.

Oh, and it gets better, an NAACP leader spoke out saying Kenneth Gladney DESERVED the beating that almost killed him because, get this, he wasn’t “black enough” and was acting like an “Uncle Tom.” You see, in the black community, and the democrat party as a whole, any deviation from the party line is simply not tolerated. You can read the details of the statement here.

You wanna hear the rest of the story? Gladney was at the town hall event,not as a participant. Instead, he was outside, having set up a small booth, selling American flags, Gadsden flags, and other patriotic goodies. That is why this American businessman was attacked for being an “Uncle Tom” and “not black enough.” I never knew being black meant you couldn’t also love your country. Someone needs to tell that to Allen West, Tim Scott, and millions more in the black community who love America dearly.

I mention the fact that Gladney wasn’t a participant for a reason. You see Kenneth is just a businessman providing a product. At other events he had sold Barack Obama t-shirts and other left wing paraphernalia. He wasn’t at the event to be political, just to make a buck. That’s the American dream! Obama’s union thugs snuffed that dream out. They didn’t even bother to talk to the man. They just attacked. These are the sort Barack Obama inspires to violence.

If the democrats and their allies in the media want to talk about about toning down the violent rhetoric by politicians, I suggest they start with their top attack dog, Barack Obama.

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Left Starting To Change Anti-Palin Tune Now All Can See Loughner Is Unbalanced

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on January 10, 2011

It is too much to hope, of course, that the left will now admit that Palin had absolutely nothing to do in any shape or form with Loughner’s rampage. They have been foaming at the mouth crazy, attacking Sarah Palin as somehow responsible for the Arizona tragedy.  The N.Y. Daily News even had headlines that she had “blood on her hands,” in what must be the single worst “mainstream media” attempt at character assassination. They have no shame in the lengths they will go to show their utter partisanship.

Now that the facts are coming out so that to a large degree it is patently obvious that Loughner is mentally unbalanced-that’s all there is to the whole situation. The left are now starting to call for “and end to the vitriol” (taking the talking points lead from Obama), and their comments across the blogosphere are noticeably less shrill.

This is not, of course, from any newly discovered friendship and love for humanity, but simply because they have nothing to pin on Palin. That hasn’t stopped them totally, of course – they are still rabbiting on about “these sort of acts, whilst not necessarily politically motivated, can happen when mentally unbalanced people live in an atmosphere outside of them which is one of anger (caused,they advise, by the Tea party and Palin particularly) and this might push them over the edge”.

This new insight by the left is all on the surface-the hatred still bubbles underneath.  The left, under the surface, is still as rabid as ever and the new equanimity fools no one.

Through it all , and under the most terrible duress caused by the likes of Rivera and Olberman especially, Palin has maintained a quiet dignity. I have no doubt whatsoever that once the dust settles she will come out of this enhanced after those of a fair mind judge who in reality have been the ones to cause resentment and incite the furies. No doubt the left understands they have gone too far as they are already advising “Palin wins again because she is once again playing the victim hand against the “horrible ‘ left.”  If she is a victim, it is because of the “horrible left” indeed .  They have brought it on themselves by sowing the wind, and they will reap the whirlwind.

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Another Lefty Lie Shot Down: Confirmed, Arizona Shooter Fixated On Giffords In 2007 Long Before The Tea Party Was Created Or Anyone Knew Who Sarah Palin Was

Posted by Gary P Jackson on January 10, 2011

By Gary P Jackson

The lies from the left, and their attempts to smear Sarah Palin and the Tea Party, as well as blame them for the actions of a crazed Marxist gunman in Arizona, have been unraveling as fast as they can tell them, but now we have even more proof they are wrong, and frankly downright evil, for using this tragedy to try and score cheap political points, and rile up their already rabid and radical base.

We find it quite reprehensible that bodies were still lying on the ground as top democrats conspired to blame Palin and the Tea Party. But frankly, with this bunch we’ve come to expect no less.

We also reported early on that Jared Lee Loughner had run-ins with Congresswoman Giffords dating back to 2007. This was confirmed once the arrest records were released. A letter was found at Loughner’s home, marked “I planned ahead” and “my assassination“: From the arrest report:

On January 8, 2011, a search warrant was executed at 7741 N. Soledad Avenue in Tucson, Arizona, where LOUGHNER resides. Some of the evidence seized from that location included a letter in a safe, addressed to “Mr. Jared Loughney” at 7741 N. Soledad Avenue, from Congresswoman Giffords, on Congressional stationary, dated August 30, 2007, thanking him for attending a “Congress on your Corner” event at the Foothills Mall in Tucson. Also recovered in the safe was an envelope with handwriting on the envelope stating “I planned ahead,” and “My assassination” and the name “Giffords,” along with what appears to be LOUGHNER’s signature.

You can read the entire arrest report here.

The Wall Street Journal also confirms this, as well as what we have been reporting since the earliest hours of this tragedy, that Jared Lee Loughner is a far left radical. You can read their excellent background on  Loughner here.

Lets forget for a minute that Loughner fixated on Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in 2007, before there was such a thing as the Tea Party, and no one but a select few even know who the hell Sarah Palin was.

Instead let’s look at even more irrefutable facts. Jared Lee Loughner is radical Marxist. A left winger. He’s against the United States Constitution, against the United States flag. He believes the United States currency is illegal, is fixated on terrorism, and is very anti-religion. That’s the damnedest Tea Party profile I have ever seen!

Contrast this with Sarah Palin and the Tea Party. One of Sarah Palin’s strengths over most politicians is she believes the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, as our founders intended it to be. Obviously she loves our flag, and frequently displays flag inspired jewelry. And since the left has been saying she is some sort of religious extremist [another lie] it’s kind of hard for them to have it both ways.Sarah Palin and Jared Lee Loughner couldn’t be farther apart in ideology if they tried.

No, the truth is, Jared Lee Loughner, the disturbed Marxist who committed mass murder Saturday in Arizona was on his path of death and destruction for years. If he was “inspired” by anyone, it’s more likely that it came from his own people, the democrats.

We’ve already posted some of the very heated rhetoric from left wingers and we’ve barely scratched the surface. We’ve compiled quite a number of statements from high ranking democrats calling for the death of political opponents. We’ve also got statements from high ranking democrat politicians, including the President of the United States, urging their supporters to commit acts of violence on their behalf, if things don’t go their way.

In the coming days we will be exposing all of the violent rhetoric from the left. The exact sort of talk that would have inspired a radical like Jared Lee Loughner to go through with his long term plans.

The left wing and their media partners started the lie, now we are going to end it, and show the American people who the real violent radicals in this country are.

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Daily Kos Blogger: CongressWOMAN Giffords Voted Against Nancy Pelosi! And Is Now DEAD To Me!

Posted by Gary P Jackson on January 10, 2011

By Gary P Jackson

As reported earlier, Marcos Moulitsas, the publisher of the far left hate site: Daily Kos, targeted Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords as a “sell out” and put a “bulls eye” on her, using very heated rhetoric.

We can now report that Daily Kos blogger “BoyBlue” who lives in Congresswoman Gifford’s district, went on a wild rant because the Congresswoman voted against Nancy Pelosi as House Minority Leader.”BoyBlue” posted his disturbing rant on Thursday, January 6, roughly 48 hours before the Congresswoman was gunned down by left wing crank Jared Loughner.

Tell me these people aren’t extreme and insane. The vote “BoyBlue” refers to was the opening vote for the newly sworn in 112th Congress. The very first vote was to elect a new Speaker of the House, and a democrat Minority Leader. As Republicans have an overwhelming majority, the results of the vote were a foregone conclusion, with John Boehner getting the nod. Frankly, so was Pelosi’s election as Minority Leader.

In a Washington Times story we included in our Thursday [January 6] news round-up, 19 democrats voted against the very unpopular Nancy Pelosi. It was the worst showing for a party nominee since 1923. From what I’ve read, Congresswoman Giffords voted for Congressman John Lewis.

Now again, one has to ask what kind of wing-nut goes off against their Congresswoman over a a vote for leadership?

Evidently a Daily Kos blogger!

BoyBlue” goes on and on ranting about the “THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS” of dollars he sent Congresswoman Giffords. He goes off on Jesse Kelly, her 2010 Republican opponent, and uses the vile “teabagger” slur as well. It goes downhill from there as you can see below in screen grabs courtesy of our friends at

After surviving a suicide attempt, when his “spouse” left him, and recovering from the wounds, this guy goes crazy because after  he worked for Giffords and raised a claimed amount of “over $100,000” as well as maxing out his own donations, the Congresswoman had the gall to vote in a manner he didn’t approve of. Incredible. And extremely disturbing.

You can see from the comments section that “BoyBlue” was on a tear.

After reading this, I can’t for the life of me understand why Markos Moulitsas ever let this get published. “BoyBlue” is obviously someone who is deeply disturbed and needs real help, not a blogging position at the Daily Kos.

Of course, the reason we are using screen grabs rather just linking to this poor disturbed blogger’s post is because Moulitsas scrubbed it from his website once he realized people weren’t buying his attempts to smear Sarah Palin and the Tea Party and blame them for the Arizona murders carried out by left wing mad man, Jared Loughner.

Again, courtesy

It’s hard to see any good coming from the senseless mass murder in Arizona. But if there is one thing good that may come from the left’s vile attempts to blame someone else for what one of theirs has done, let it be that reasonable human beings will take the time to go read the pages of the Daily Kos, the Huffington Post, and the Democrat Underground, and experience for themselves the vile, deranged hatemongering that goes on there. These are some sick puppies.

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