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Archive for the ‘political opponents’ Category

Patrick Archbold: Don’t be like them

Posted by joshpainter on January 10, 2011

At one of our favorite Catholic blogs, Patrick Archbold serves up plenty of food for thought in the wake of the Tuscon shootings:

As bad as TV was, the interwebs was worse. I have never seen such a river of opportunistic vitriol. People on Twitter were disgusting. I followed the #Giffords hashtag for 30 minutes in hopes of getting the latest. What I saw instead was a rapid river of hate flowing faster than I could read it.


But that was the interwebs, I consoled myself. But soon after the same hate made its way into TV and print commentary as well. Olberman, Krugman, et al. News agencies mention Sarah Palin in stories on Giffords a half dozen times for no reason. Unfathomable.


Now some conservatives are falling into a trap by using scant information to try and paint the deranged loser gunman as a lefty. Don’t do it. Don’t be like them. He may be a lefty at the end of the day, but let the facts come out. At the end of the day, even if he is a Marxist, that really had nothing to do with it. I know some see it as a defense against the loony charges that he must be a tea-partier, but don’t do it. Don’t be like them.

Integrity. It comes down to that. In the rush to be first to news, in the rush to have titillating commentary, in the rush to score political points, and in the resulting rush to defend, so many threw their integrity right out the window.

We saw the worst aspects of human nature this weekend, and not just in Tuscon.


If the disturbed individual had any politics at all, his politics are not like yours, mine or even 95 percent of the American population. His politics are clouded by insanity, which makes whatever politics he has something else entirely. As near as we can tell, he is some sort of deranged anarchist, and anarchy is of neither the political left nor the political right. Conservatives tend to see government as an institution which is necessary, but all too susceptible to being corrupted into a tool which can be used to suppress liberty. Progressives see government as the answer to most of society’s problems, as long as it is done “their way.” Anarchy, literally translated from its Greek roots, means the absence of government, which brings to mind another word we have taken from the Greeks, chaos. And with chaos, we enter into the realm of the deranged, for to sane people, insanity means a chaotic way of thinking. As more and more information about the shooter comes to light, all of the signs we are seeing indicate that he is anything but a sane individual. Insanity not only trumps, but actually warps, politics into something which is compatible with such an individual’s chaotic, distorted view of the world.

Patrick’s warning not to be like the leftists who have tried to paint the shooter as some mythical creature of the right is, in our opinion, good advice. As Sarah Palin supporters, we need to combat the reprehensible tactics being employed by the left, but we must not fall into their trap by allowing ourselves to become their mirror images. It is sufficient to contradict their lies with the truth. Clear thinking people of good character will see through their wall of lies and distortions when presented with the facts. But in our quest to get the facts out there, we should not do any distorting of our own. There’s no clear evidence that the killer has any real association with leftist groups or subscribes to leftist ideology. One of his former high school classmates has said that he was a leftist, but that was an opinion formed in the mind of a teenager, which is hardly compelling hearsay evidence. On the Pima County voter registration rolls, he is list as neither Republican nor Democrat, but rather independent.

Simply calling the murderer a leftist does not help Gov. Palin. It only reduces our arguments to the same level as those being made against her, which will not convince anyone who is trying to sort it all out. Defend Gov. Palin, and do so vigorously. Combat lies with facts. Let the leftists convict themselves in the court of public opinion. But don’t be like them.

– JP

Cross-posted from Texas for Sarah Palin


Posted in Democratic Party, media bias, political opponents, Sarah Palin | 1 Comment »

‘Obamacrat’ David Kernell sentenced to 366 days

Posted by joshpainter on November 12, 2010

– by Josh Palinter

A federal judge has sentenced the son of Tennessee state Rep. Mike Kernell (D-Memphis), convicted of hacking Sarah Palin’s e-mail, to one year and one day in federal custody, according to a report by Knoxville television station WBIR:

David Kernell was arrested in 2008 for hacking the former Alaska governor’s e-mail.

He recommended that Kernell serve his time at the Midway Rehabilitative Center on Magnolia Avenue in Knoxville, but that will be determined by the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

The judge also sentenced Kernell to three years probation.

Kernell will turn himself in at a later date.

Defense attorney Wade Davies had filed motions seeking probation at the sentencing, contending Kernell used publicly available information to guess his way into the e-mail in a prank. Prosecutors said the hacking was motivated by Palin’s status as a governor and candidate for vice president.

Last spring, a federal jury found Kernell guilty of obstruction of justice and unauthorized access in the breach of Sarah Palin’s e-mail this April. He gained access to her account in September 2008.


A former University of Tennessee student, Kernell described himself on his Facebook page as an “Obamacrat.” He was a member of UT for Barack Obama.

– JP

Cross-posted from Texas for Sarah Palin

Posted in criminal, Democratic Party, e-mail, Hate and Misogyny against Palin, political opponents, Sarah Palin | 1 Comment »

Sarah Palin’s Opponents Dismiss Her At Their Peril

Posted by Dr. Fay on January 10, 2010

Candian Arthur Milnes recounts a conversation a Queens University student had during a visit with former prime minister Brian Mulroney:
It was October of 2008 and the student, a Barack Obama fan like most Canadians, made a dismissive comment to Mulroney, well-known as the Canadian prime minister who knew and still knows our neighbors best, about then Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin of Alaska.

The student continued.

“She’s tough to take seriously, isn’t she Mr. Mulroney?”

Mulroney looked directly at his young visitor from Kingston before

“I don’t know Governor Palin,” he said, “but I will tell you this. While it does look like Obama will win in a few weeks time, I’d hardly dismiss Palin if I were you. If there has been one winner for the Republicans this year it has been her. I expect she’ll be playing a major role in her party for some time to come.”

Milnes continues:

This exchange was on my mind the other day as I walked into a bookstore and bought Palin’s new memoir, “Going Rogue.”

If truth be known, I’ve been a secret fan of Palin ever since the last American presidential campaign. While I share few of her beliefs, particularly about social matters, her meteoric rise has been fascinating to watch. She’s touched about every third rail in American politics and one has to least admire the former Alaska governor’s courage for doing so.

And this fall, as the pundits and professors arrogantly dismissed her again, countless Americans have been lining up to hear her message as she’s embarked upon a book tour to places in Middle America the elites in New York City couldn’t even spell. With the realities of office now wilting Obama’s bloom, she’s been given a second look by many millions of the so-called ordinary folks who live south of us.

Republicans, who have now lost the White House and the Congress, sure don’t appear to have any other stars on the horizon. Like the chattering classes up here, they have been so busy dismissing Palin that she has snuck her success right by them.

As the old Canadian conservative John Diefenbaker used to say when under attack by the Canadian versions of the U.S. sophisticates now dining out on Palin, “Everybody is against me – except the people.” In the run-up to the 1957 election that saw Diefenbaker and his party end 22 years of Liberal Party rule in Canada, a junior cabinet minister in the about-to-be-defeated Liberal government told a journalist that he was glad that the Canadian election had yet not been held that year. Had that happened, he intoned at a cocktail party in our capital, democracy would not have been served as his Liberals would have won every seat in our Parliament!

Diefenbaker, who wasn’t much for cocktail parties, faculty clubs or the fine-dining set anyway, did indeed win the election the Liberal had not been worried about and went on to rule Canada for almost six years as prime minister.

He goes on to recount other examples and ends with this astute observation:

Dismissing Palin is far too easy.
Her opponents do so at their peril.

Read the entire article here.

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