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Archive for January 20th, 2011

Two Years Till Ceremonial Presidency Ends, Then Return To Normalcy Under Palin

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on January 20, 2011

The rebalance, or rather return to normalcy, which commenced in November 2010 with the massive reaction-or shellacking- of the Democrats will be complete in November 2012.Then we only have a couple of months to wait until America returns to the traditional conservative roots.
As well as the presidency and House, the Senate, with so many Dems up for re-election, should be safely back in Republican hands. Presuming the Supreme Court has no further changes, the situation will be as it was under Bush with Congress, the executive, the judiciary, and the majority of governorships proving once and for all that America is a right of center nation.However, so strong is the traditional political conservatism of America
that even with all those factors, if it hadn’t been for the economic crisis hitting just before the election, McCain, who had pulled into the lead, might have won.

The missteps of the untried and inexperienced Obama administration, the pull of the radical “progressive’ wing and the hubris of a badly misunderstood victory led to one of the biggest defeats in history for the policies and standing of the president, his team, who have departed one by one, and over
60 congressmen.

For all the hubris and energy of the first two years, the results have been a real unemployment rate of up to 17% instead of the 8% the administration promised (before their economic advisors also joined the revolving door). The wars continue seemingly to no purpose and the pledges to the radical left – removing the Bush tax cuts, closing Guantanamo –  remain flip flopped and unacted upon, respectively.

Effectively all the Obama administration has to show for its two years, apart from incipient inflation, is its vaunted health care bill.

The people have spoken loud and clear as to what they think about this bejewelled centerpiece which will be picked apart bit by bit and, if the courts rule against the commerce clause, it will be as neutered as the president will be for the rest of his term.

The neutered administration appears to have no legislative policy going forwards, certainly nothing that can get through the house and probably the senate to where a number of Democrats in conservative states will not want to endanger their re-election hopes.

Should Palin be the nominee the path to her election, based on nothing more than historical realities as per the map below should ensure her election.

The common sense conservative policies she represents, and in fact instituted during her successful Governorship will, in conjunction with a supportive congress see America return to prosperity and even more importantly, as an underpinning of that prosperity, a regaining of its moral compass.

Let President Obama continue on as mourner-in-chief, foreign dignitary welcomer, trade ambassador nd good speech maker, but leave the running of the country to the conservatives, whose hands rightly belong on the till of the ship of state until a new pair of hands, in a dress this time, takes over as Captain.

It will prove also that the Obama presidency was an accident of history. That so many events could come together at the same time is remarkable. Two wars not yet satisfactorily concluded, an unpopular president, a skilled orator, an unprecedented turnout in Black voters and beguiled youth – all contributed to Obama’s victory. 

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Latest Poll Shows Palin/Huckabee At 40% For GOP Nomination-Romney at 17%. Clear Sailing For Palin

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on January 20, 2011

In a new Washington Post poll
21% of respondents advised they would support Huckabee 19% Palin and 17% Romney as detailed below.

No one else got into double figures and the latest left wing media selections for the GOP of the month Thune and Daniels hardly rated at all.

The 40% shared between Palin and Huckabee-a statistical tie are the only poll results that matter at this point in time for the 2012 election. The polls showing Palin 10 points behind Obama for example, two years out are meaningless as the Reagan polling below shows.

All that matters for Palin is,should she choose to run, how well will she do in the early primaries. Clearly, despite all the massive negative left wing media attacks she is still very popular with the base (80% in polls).

Polling has also shown that should Huckabee choose not to run, a strong possibility, then Palin is his supporters next choice. The numbers then, at this point, and should Huckabee not run, are very much on her side. Even Andrew Sullivan in a moment of lucidity when the PDS uterus fog lifted, said this week that he thinks the “nomination is still hers to lose” even given the media attacks and supposed general low poll rating.

37. (ASKED OF LEANED REPUBLICANS) I’m going to read a list of possible candidates for the Republican nomination for president in 2012. After you hear the list, please tell me, if the 2012 Republican presidential primary or caucus in your state were being held today, for whom would you vote? Which candidate would you lean toward?

1/16/11 7/18/09
Mike Huckabee 21 26
Sarah Palin 19 19
Mitt Romney 17 21
Newt Gingrich 9 10
Chris Christie 8 NA
Rick Perry 3 NA
Mitch Daniels 2 NA
Tim Pawlenty 2 4
Mike Pence 2 NA
Haley Barbour 1 1
Jim DeMint 1 NA
Jon Huntsman 1 NA
Rick Santorum 1 NA
John Thune * NA
Other (vol.) 1 2
None of these (vol.) 6 5
Would not vote (vol.) * 1
No o

pinion 6 6

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Liberal Men From Mars,Women from Venus, But From An Alternate Universe Where Palin Derangement Is “Normal”

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on January 20, 2011

In a brilliant analysis by James Taranto in the WSJ, with an equally brilliant excerpt from feminist Jessica Faller, titled “Palinoia, the Destroyer. What’s behind the left’s deranged hatred” The major root cause behind the left’s madness is discussed.

The conclusion, born out by polling analysis is “Liberal women are the active, driving force behind hatred of Sarah Palin”

The basic reasons behind this,seemingly blind hatred are twofold;

Jealousy (Palin has it all whilst other women have to work, cook, clean up etc.) and, above all, abortion. The fact that Palin walks the talk on abortion is incendiary to liberal women.

That’s the liberal feminist Palin Derangement Syndrome explained. What about the liberal male PDS?

If there was any doubt amongst liberal males regarding the fitness of Sarah Palin and in fact any and all women to run for office it has been put to bed.

We have John Heilemann and Mark Halperin,in their book “Game Change” about the 2008 election, to thank for ending this age old question. Not only is Palin untruthful, an ignoramus, divisive (amongst a myriad of other faults) but she is apparently mentally unstable.

The great news is that this mental instability is not linked to any particular psychosis or neuroses, rather it is the inherent situation of her being a female and thus “post partum depressed” and also, one would infer, pre-menopausal. Thankfully the Daily Kos liberal posters have warned everyone to more or less turn away from television when Palin appears when she is post-menopausal as the image (heaven help a woman who gets old) may be too distasteful.

This now makes voting easy, no one of the female gender is by fact of birth suitable for public, especially high, office.The occasional lowly female Assemblyman (we can now dispense with Assemblyperson) might not do too much harm, especially if there are lots of male colleagues to help out or a doctor always on hand “to observe her” as the book suggests was the case with Palin.

We can now deny any woman high office,removing the danger of the concomitant 3:00 a.m. call (might be menstruating) diplomacy (time of the month) and heaven forbid, the nuclear codes (might be having irrational mood swings, or worse, be in a ” catatonic stupor”).

We can see another of Bush’s crazy decisions-as a conservative male-was appointing Condoleezza Rice as Secretary of State (not only a youngish female but a Black to boot). This in contrast to liberal Clinton’s pick Madeleine Albright who, although limited by being a woman, was clearly post-menopausal and, possibly as a sop to Hillary, not beautiful-almost as good as a man.

At least we can say that PDS transcends male/female differences-not only are men from Mars and women from Venus they are,liberals that is, also from another universe where logic doesn’t exist and pure irrational emotion is the norm.

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