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Sarah Palin Inspires Texas County Clerk to “Fight Like A Girl” For God and Country

Posted by Gary P Jackson on July 9, 2011

Natalie Nichols with Sarah Palin …. Photo Credit:

By Gary P Jackson

Here’s an interesting story from Bowie County in Northeast Texas. It seems in June, County Clerk Natalie Nichols was out of town, and while she was gone, the Commissioner’s Court voted to wipe out any mention of the prayer and Pledge of Allegiance from its records. They did this on June 13, the day before National Flag Day. That didn’t sit well with Natalie.

Here is video of Natalie Nichols telling the Commissioner’s Court how it’s going to be:

From Devonia Smith:

Inspired by Sarah Palin, a new GOP star was born over the Independence Day weekend. The day after the Fourth of July, news spread like wildfire of the spunky independence of Bowie, Texas, County Clerk Natalie Nichols, who returned from out of town to find that during her absence, (Nichols is rumored to be off at the pre-screening “Undefeated” in Grapevine), the Commissioner’s Court had voted to wipe out any mention of the prayer and Pledge of Allegiance from its records. Nichols refused to bow to that motion, and like Palin, her actions are being applauded nationally. Thus far, she, like Palin is also “Undefeated.”

Though the motion had passed with a 3 to 1 vote approval, Nichols is being heralded as a GOP heroine for thumbing her nose at both the motion and the underlying threat potential of an ACLU lawsuit. The potential of a lawsuit was stated as the reason the motion was passed – and the purpose of not recording the actions in the meetings was in a hope to hide the official record that a small county Court Commission dared to say the Pledge and bow their heads in prayer before official business. Right before Nichols read her statement of refusal, Nichols says that the County Legal Adviser actually said, “She was seeking further legal action.

Nichols is undaunted by the threat of legal action and says that perhaps the ACLU can sue to prevent the prayer, prevent the Pledge and maybe she can be forced out of her position, but Nichols feels certain no one can sue her for doing her job until then – writing down what happens at the meetings. And if any commissioners want to object to the way she does her job, why then, Nichols says she’ll write their objections down as well. But the Pledge, the prayer, those go in and as long as she is there, those will stay in.

A hint about why Nichols didn’t hesitate to challenge the court can be found in Nichol’s personal choice of heroines. A twelfth generation American, Nichols shares that, although she never voted before the last presidential election, she was “inspired by Sarah Palin and realized there were conservative, strong women out there, like myself, and that we actually could make a difference.

She went on to explain why she admired Palin, “mainly because she is a mother and doesn’t apologize for that. She’s holding strong in her convictions and she doesn’t hide her Christianity, which is very important to me.

Read more here.

Here’s an interview Nichols did when she was running for office. She says her political inspiration comes from Ronald Reagan and Sarah Palin. Listening to her speak, I remember reading Sarah Palin’s story. A PTA mom just wanting to make things better for her kids. As I listen to Natalie, I’m thinking we have a future GOP star.

Sarah Palin is important to America for a multitude of reasons, but the fact she inspires so many others to step up and be heard may be one of the most important. Sarah Palin is a living reminder that in America, if you work hard, and use the talents God gave you, you can accomplish anything.

As for Natalie, something tells me we are going to be hearing about her for years to come.

Natalie Nichols with Texas Governor Rick Perry …. Photo Credit:

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